The Friday Read: Playlist Friday with Guest Blogger Laura Henschke!

Folks, we’re shaking up the Friday Read today with a special post from a very special someone. Take it away!

Well, hello, Style Guide readers! I’m Laura — I’m Beau’s “main squeeze” and also run my own blog with some style and beauty segments as well as general life musings. I do my own blog segment every Friday called Playlist Friday where I curate a playlist with music I’m into.

When your handsome and humble editor (Editor’s note: Aww, shucks!) approached me to do a guest post with a playlist for his blog, I was all about it! The theme of today’s playlist? Vibes, dude, summer vibes! (If ever you were on Vine, you’d get that reference. But if not, click the link). Anyway! Here’s a collection of songs that give me summer feels. Please be advised that some of these songs include swear words and other “inappropriate” content. Enjoy!

The Only Heirs – Local Natives
Beau and I are both huge fans of this band. When we first met, we would talk about their music all the time. I’d like to say he used them as an excuse to talk to me! (He’d admit to it!) But this song just gives me an airy, summer-y, warm feeling. I’m so ready for their new material coming this year!

Guru – Coast Modern

OK, this band is called Coast Modern – they exude summer! Everything they do is really fun, funky, and makes you want to drink Pina Coladas all day.

Ice Melts – Drake, Young Thug
Oh, Drizzy. I love me some Drizzy! Honestly, he can’t go wrong in my book. I could probably make this playlist all Drake (hmm, idea for a future Playlist Friday?) But who doesn’t love a good, fun hip-hop song for a summer day out? I know I do!

Bloodshake – Peace
This song was released way back in 2013. I was obsessed with it then, and I still am! Guitars like this give me a fun, summery feel that I can’t help but shake it to. You’ll know what I mean when you listen!

Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands
Future Islands were a band that Beau introduced to me. We recently saw them live at The National Homecoming Festival in Cincinnati and it was the craziest and most fun performance I’ve ever seen. This is, hands down, their most popular song but I can only attribute that to the fun nature and beautiful message behind it.

Sangria Wine – Pharrell, Camila Cabello
This is a new release from Pharrell. Everything he does is so unique and fun! I mean, even the title has summer written all over it. This song makes me want to be on a beach drinking sangria. I won’t lie, it’s a pretty sexy song! I dig it.

Obvs – Jamie xx
Jamie xx is always a fun add to any playlist. This song is all instrumental and pretty chill, so it’ll be nice for relaxing in the summer heat with a drink in hand.

Surprise Hotel – Fool’s Gold
This one’s a long one, running almost 7 minutes. But it’s a fun song and I can imagine myself jamming it at a summer BBQ.

Narcos – Migos
I can’t tell whether I’m putting this on here to be funny, or because I really enjoy it. I’ve been having that inner debate about Migos for a long time now, but I’m starting to think I actually like it. This is just a fun song with a great beat. No one can lie and say Migos doesn’t get stuck in your head — no matter what song it is!

Kids Turned Out Fine – A$AP Rocky
Wow. This new A$AP Rocky album is incredible! ICYMI — Rocky released his album, “Testing,” last week and it’s SO good. This is one of the tracks that stood out to me. It’s slow, it’s cool, and the whole album in general is going to be part of my summer rotation.

With that, we’ll bring this edition of the Friday Read to a close! Like what you’ve heard? Head to Twitter (follow Laura OR Beau, or both!).

Cheers to Friday and happy listening!


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