The editor and founder wearing two favorite brands — Todd Snyder and Mott & Bow.

Disclosure: The-style-guide.com occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products or services. Posts contain affiliate links, from which a small commission might be received. All opinions are my own. 

Welcome to The Style Guide! The Style Guide is for men who want to dress better every single day — no matter the season or situation. Editor and Founder Beau Hayhoe curates expert personal style suggestions, deals & steals, helping guys tackle the in’s and out’s of menswear and the best men’s gear for home, the open road and beyond. 

This site first operated as Siblings with Style from August 2013 to April 2015, featuring a combination of men’s and women’s outfit posts, style suggestions and “his-and-hers” features. It’s gradually transitioned over time to the site you see now — one fashion PR pro/men’s style writer/ex-journalist’s take on men’s style trends, deals, steals, outfit suggestions, the very best style essentials, up-and-coming brands — virtually anything under the umbrella known as #menswear and great men’s gear. I’m Beau and I live in Brooklyn, NY, where I enjoy live tunes, great beer and a nice menswear shop visit (often in the same day). I’m a graduate of Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) and a lover of all things men’s style. I like continental and classic takes on modern staples, and my goal is to one day own the Bond peacoat. In my spare time, I attend GQ Insider events, and I’ve also written for the Men’s Health MVP Network (more on that below).  At my day job, I handle all things social media for a number of clients at Coyne PR.

New to the menswear game or a seasoned vet? Settle in and stay awhile — The Style Guide features occasional product reviews, online shopping picksweekly style suggestions and reading roundups, among lots of other content for beginners and old pros.  You’ll also find an ever-growing lineup of brands & companies that provide awesome style and accessories for the modern man via the Approved Brands page. Throughout the site, my goal is to combine an eye for style and a nod to current trends with the need for a budget (most of the time) — and, lest we forget, a zest for having fun and exploring brands big and small.

For more of my style-related writing, check out  my bylines at GearMoose.com, Dappered.com and Effortless Gent.

In the past, my work has appeared on sites like Genteel Flair, VOUCH Mag and GearHungry. Have a question, a site suggestion or the need to say ‘Hi’? Follow me on social media (@BoKnowsClothes) or shoot me an email via the Contact tab above — I promise I’ll write back!

Stay stylish,


GQ Insider

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  1. Hi Beau,
    It’s Joanna, the co-founder of Grayers. Thanks for getting in touch with us on Facebook. Let’s catch up on email. Mine is joanna@grayers.com
    Look forward to hearing from you again.


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