The editor and founder wearing two favorite brands — Todd Snyder and Mott & Bow.

Disclosure: The-style-guide.com occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products or services. Posts contain affiliate links, from which a small commission might be received. All opinions are my own. 

Welcome to The Style Guide! The Style Guide is for men who want to dress better every single day — no matter the season or situation. Editor and Founder Beau Hayhoe curates expert personal style suggestions, deals & steals, helping guys tackle the in’s and out’s of menswear. 

This site first operated as Siblings with Style from August 2013 to April 2015, featuring a combination of men’s and women’s outfit posts, style suggestions and “his-and-hers” features. It’s gradually transitioned over time to the site you see now — one fashion PR pro/men’s style writer/ex-journalist’s take on men’s style trends, deals, steals, outfit suggestions, up-and-coming brands — virtually anything under the umbrella known as #menswear. I’m Beau and I live in Brooklyn, NY, where I enjoy live tunes, great beer and a nice menswear shop visit (often in the same day). I’m a graduate of Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) and a lover of all things men’s style. I like continental and classic takes on modern staples, and my goal is to one day own the Bond peacoat. In my spare time, I attend GQ Insider events and write for the Men’s Health MVP Network (more on that below).  At my day job, I handle all things social media for a number of clients at Coyne PR.

New to the menswear game or a seasoned vet? Settle in and stay awhile — The Style Guide features product reviews, online shopping picksweekly style suggestions and reading roundups, among lots of other content for beginners and old pros (head here for a further synopsis).  You’ll also find an ever-growing lineup of brands & companies that provide awesome style and accessories for the modern man via the Approved Brands page. Throughout the site, my goal is to combine an eye for style and a nod to current trends with the need for a budget (most of the time) — and, lest we forget, a zest for having fun and exploring brands big and small.

For more of my style-related writing, check out  my bylines at GearMoose.com, Dappered.com, Effortless GentGenteel Flair, VOUCH Mag and GearHungry. For other lifestyle musings, head here for my Men’s Health MVP Network posts on a variety of topics.  Have a question, a site suggestion or the need to say ‘Hi’? Follow me on social media (@BoKnowsClothes) or shoot me an email via the Contact tab above — I promise I’ll write back!

Stay stylish,


GQ Insider

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  1. Hi Beau,
    It’s Joanna, the co-founder of Grayers. Thanks for getting in touch with us on Facebook. Let’s catch up on email. Mine is joanna@grayers.com
    Look forward to hearing from you again.


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