Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans-The Best Men’s Jeans for Summer

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We’ve talked a lot on here about the best brands for men’s denim, including favorites like Mott and Bow, and it’s always worth mentioning another brand that makes some of the best men’s jeans: That’d be Buck Mason, of course. If you keep up with the blog and if you’ve been shopping around for a pair of lightweight, durable, dependable and summer-ready jeans, then you’re in luck today. The Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans are everything you could hope for in a pair of summer denim, and then some. As a guy who wears denim more often than not, even in the summer heat, I’m always looking for men’s stretch jeans that offer up comfort and cushioning without overdoing it. That’s where Buck Mason’s Maverick Jeans enter the equation.

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Built with 1 percent stretch for just enough mobility, it’s the Natural Wash Maverick Jeans that have caught my eye this season in particular. Fear not, though: This isn’t a pair of blindingly bright white jeans. These jeans have a natural wash finish, unlike cotton denim that’s been dyed with rich indigo. So, they’re more of an “off-white” or beige than anything, and that’s great news indeed if you’ve been meaning to switch up your denim rotation ever so slightly. Plus, they’re made with Buck Mason‘s guarantee of quality and durability, and that’s just the start of what makes these some of the best men’s jeans for summer.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans

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Believe it or not, the Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans are reasonably priced for the quality and versatility you’re getting (they’ll run you $145 at Buck Mason), and the specs are certainly on-point as far as the best men’s denim for summer is concerned. Again, the 13oz. denim weight isn’t overly heavy nor overly flimsy, and touches like nickel hardware and a button fly amp up both the hard-wearing construction and classic appeal of the Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans. The fit also strikes a happy medium between modern and timeless. It’s a slim-straight fit, neither too skinny nor too relaxed, with a mid-rise finish and a tapered cut from the knee down.

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All of these touches come together seamlessly to make what’s perhaps your new favorite pair of denim to wear with, well, anything. The Natural Wash finish means these slim men’s jeans pair up seamlessly with one of the best T-shirts from Buck Mason, not to mention a Buck Mason polo or a rugged Buck Mason denim shirt. And last but not least, you can certainly rock the Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans with a classic summer blazer from Buck Mason when the occasion calls for something a bit more polished. When you want jeans that work 24/7, all summer long, in plenty of style situations, you want a pair of the best men’s jeans for summer from Buck Mason.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans


The Friday Read: A Huckberry Giveaway, New Myles Apparel Swimwear & A Caldera + Lab Review

We’ve certainly got lots of ground to cover as we dive into another edition of The Friday Read (your weekend guide to the best menswear sales, reads and more), so let’s not waste another second. I’ll start off my weekly recap by drawing your attention to the frankly incredible Huckberry One-Bag Travel Giveaway running this weekend. From now through August 1st at 11:59 p.m. PST, all orders placed are in the running for this Huckberry giveaway, and here’s the scoop. The insanely cool Huckberry One-Bag Travel Giveaway provides you with some exceptional gear, to say the least. You’ll get a One-Bag Travel Kit worth $1,300, featuring the Black Diamond Stonehauler Bag (of course), a Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo and the exceptional Proof Rover Pants, the Proof Meridian Pant, the Myles Apparel Everyday Shorts (more on the brand in a second!) and the much-loved Naglev Unico Hikers. On top of that, you’ll also get an AirBNB certificate worth $500. It’s all the gear you need for an incredible weekend getaway, so why not pick up a favorite Huckberry essential and give yourself a chance at winning?

That’s not the only exciting thing I’ve got my eye on this weekend in the menswear world (and beyond). A word to the wise: The time is now to buy a breezy cabana shirt, seeing as I wrote about my favorite cabana shirts at Maxim this week. It’s similar to a style I’ll be wearing this weekend to stay cool in the Brooklyn heat. For another prime menswear pairing, consider picking up the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants via my blog post guide to, well, your new favorite pants. And if you could use something to listen to along the way, consider hitting “Subscribe” on my twice-weekly music, menswear and craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief. I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy in there. We’re just getting started this weekend, so let’s talk more shopping, grooming and menswear below. Cheers!

The Good

Try Caldera + Lab ASAP

  • Still on the hunt for some of the coolest swim trunks for men this season? I think you’re in luck, because the new Myles Apparel Swim Collection just dropped, and it’s got two standout swim trunks for guys up for grabs. There’s the Sutro Swim Trunk, a tailored and remarkably James Bond-esque pair of refined yet functional swim trunks, the kind that 007 himself would be proud to wear. You’re also able to snap up the Seacliff Swim Shorts, which are a neat hybrid short meant to be worn both in and out of the water. The sub-$80 pricing is agreeable, the versatility is much appreciated (I love the fact that you can wear the Sutro Swim Trunks to the beach bar), and the functionality is top-notch. Surf’s up, folks. Best of all is the fact that you can get 10 percent off with the code MYLES10. Happy shopping!

Shop the Myles Apparel Swim Collection ASAP

  • Here’s a fun way to close out today’s Friday Read. In search of some unique summer headwear, the kind that’s fashion-forward yet functional and just a bit unique? Step right up and head on over to The Manual to cruise through my guide to the best bucket hats for men, a nice way to switch up your headwear as you soak up some sun and surf.

Just this past Monday, I talked about where you should be shopping, and what you should be buying, right now. The answer is obvious, but it’s also worthy of closer inspection. It’s San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch, long one of my favorite menswear brands. I wrote all about the five best menswear picks to buy at Taylor Stitch, and you’d surely do well to check them out in a hurry. That’s all I’ve got for you today. One last fun reminder: If it’s weekend listening you seek, there’s my newsletter The Style Guide In Brief, but I’d also urge you to consider following me on Spotify. Here’s a playlist for all those WFH days and weekend hangs ahead. Cheers and thanks for reading!

The Thursday Buy: You Need the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Your Daily Wardrobe

Folks, when the going gets tough, when it feels to hot to wear pants, when you feel like your summer wardrobe is on the fritz, well, that’s when you need a pair of the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants. I’d be willing to bet that if you read this site on the regular, you don’t need me to sing the praises of Flint and Tinder, the excellent in-house brand dreamed up by the fine folks at San Francisco-based Huckberry. They’ve long been one of my favorite retailers, and indeed, one of the best places to buy menswear online, and that only becomes more clear by the day. So, that’s a great place to start if you’re thinking about buying the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants — and yes, I mean right now, as hot as it might be. That’s because the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants aren’t your average pair of chinos. They’re certainly part of any well-regarded list of the best shopping picks at Huckberry, but it goes beyond that.

We’ve certainly talked in the past about what makes these some of my favorite pants, but consider this a refresher – and again, even in the summer heat. The remarkable Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are a Huckberry best-seller for good reason, starting with the fact that they’re built as tough as jeans, with the styling potential of chinos. It’s the five-pocket design and yet polished build that stands apart from the pack. That versatility makes them easily wearable in situations where it’s too casual for jeans, but you still want to feel comfortable (and look great). Heck, go ahead and buy two pairs for $175 then thank me later.

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

Particularly in the summer months, I’m a huge fan of the Salt colorway, which sits nicely at the intersection of off-white and bright white (which might be a bit too fashion-forward based on the situation. Beyond that nice and summer-ready option, they come in a dozen colors, each as wearable as the next with other Flint and Tinder essentials. You’ve also got your pick between Slim, Straight and Tapered fits. I’ve tried out both the Slim and Straight fits, and even the Straight fit is nicely cut, and not overly baggy.

The 8oz. cotton blend fabric, with just a hint of stretch, is also breezy enough for summer, but dependable enough for fall and winter. That makes them a true pair of four-season men’s pants, a rarity for under $100. Remember though, you can buy two pairs for $175 and save a bit of extra cash. Plus, the versatile design pairs well with everything from a Flint and Tinder T-shirt (right now) to a chambray shirt layered over your favorite henley (in the fall and winter). If you haven’t yet tried out the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, consider this the perfect time to take the plunge. You’ll stay polished and stylish, even in the heat — I guarantee it. If you’ve tried out some of these pants, let me know in the comments. Stay stylish!

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch University Stripe Oxford is a New Essential

As far as the best men’s shirts are concerned, Taylor Stitch nearly has the market cornered, and it’s been that way for a good while now. The San Francisco-based brand, which you can also find my Shop By The Style Guide, has built a fervent following through attention to detail, solid construction, great fits and constant innovation. The latest result of the brand’s chase to build one of the best shirts for men? The Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford Shirt in Navy University Stripe. It’s one part preppy, one part classic and plenty wearable and stylish any way you slice it.

The brand has got a knack for doing plenty of different things the right way, be it the best adventure shorts or an investment-level jacket, and it certainly helps that they’ve long been making one of the most classic men’s shirts to pair with style staples new and old. The Jack Shirt from Taylor Stitch is very easily the stuff of legend, and the kind of shirt you build a brand around (Taylor Stitch launched, after all, with a focus on making the perfect men’s shirt). They’ve definitely cleared that high bar with the Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford Shirt in Navy University Stripe, and it’s just the latest, coolest pattern to get the “Jack” treatment, if you will.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford Shirt in Navy University Stripe

The Jack Oxford Shirt checks off a few critical boxes as far as what you need in your Oxford shirt. It’s designed to be worn tucked in or untucked, making it ideal for business casual situations (tucked in, paired with tan chinos) or worn untucked with an expertly crafted pair of Taylor Stitch denim. Crucially, the Jack Shirt from Taylor Stitch is built from a substantial but not overly heavy 6oz. 100 percent organic cotton, giving you some sustainability plus style. The Jack buttondown collar, another staple of this design from Taylor Stitch, is nicely sized and has a bit of a roll to it, like classic Oxford shirts.

Beyond that, the navy university stripes call to mind that classic all-American style of decades gone by, and yet, it’s a shirt that looks as fresh as anything out there today. The buttondown collar is a way to bring your suit down a notch (I’m thinking of a classic patch pocket khaki cotton suit, worn with a knit tie to an outdoor summer wedding). However you choose to rock it, the Jack Shirt from Taylor Stitch, especially in a preppy stripe pattern with natural buttons, is a suitably stylish way to cap off your next summer #OOTD. In fact, as far as shirts that make or break an outfit go, this one definitely helps take your look from good to great.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford Shirt in Navy University Stripe

The Tuesday Steal: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale Has the Best Menswear Deals Out There

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Who doesn’t love a standout sale on the best menswear essentials, right? I know I sure do, and that’s where we’re headed in today’s version of The Tuesday Steal. (For those new to this, the Tuesday Steal is an occasional substitute for our regular Tuesday #OOTD series). So, let’s get down to business. I’ve talked about the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale quite a bit on the blog, including in last week’s Friday Read. It’s always worth revisiting and diving in a bit deeper when a brand does so many things so well (like making its own pairs of the most affordable men’s sunglasses, for starters).

What exactly is on offer through the excellent and fast-moving Huckberry Annual Summer Sale? Well, my friends: I’m very glad you asked. I’ll get right to the point, in the interest of giving you as much time as possible to shop the best deals on the best menswear, after all.

Shop the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale ASAP

You don’t want to miss this

Know that a plethora of your favorite Huckberry picks, including Flint and Tinder, are up for grabs, with discounts of up to 35 percent off. Prices like that don’t come around very often, and that goes for staple pieces like the Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket (it now retails for $121.98, compared to $188) and the much-loved Astorflex Patnoflex Leather Loafers. This sale has something for everyone, but it’s not going to run forever. Head over to Huckberry ASAP to shop the jam-packed, fun-as-can-be Huckberry Annual Summer Sale — you’ll find what you’re looking for, and I have no doubts about it.

Shop the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale

The List: These are the Five Best New Menswear Essentials to Buy From Taylor Stitch

With a brand like Taylor Stitch, the San Francisco-based makers of some of the best menswear essentials on the market, it’s always a joy to see what’s new and what’s next from the retailer. Checking out the site’s well-stocked digital shelves is an adventure, and in the best way possible. Long story short, if you want some of the best men’s style picks for any season (this one included, as well as the fall and winter), there’s a great chance you’ll find it at Taylor Stitch. That being said, it can be awfully tough to narrow down any list of top Taylor Stitch style picks, so I’ve gone ahead and picked out the five best new items to buy right now at the much-loved retailer. The rest is up to you. Happy shopping!

Shop These Stylish Taylor Stitch Picks Right Now

Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Whiskey Suede — $638

Perhaps you’ve already gone ahead and pre-funded this standout suede leather bomber jacket. If not, well, know that the time is now to save on one of the best leather jackets for men on the market. It’ll be worth the wait: Trust me.

Taylor Stitch Unlined Chukka Boots in Butterscotch Weatherproof Suede — $298

Looking for the best pair of classic chukka boots to team with, say one of the best leather jackets for men? Well, you’ve found it courtesy of the ridiculously well-made Taylor Stitch Chukka Boots. Wear them now with light wash jeans and a Taylor Stitch T-shirt, then keep rocking them into the fall with your suede leather bomber jacket .

Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Smoke Oxford — $125

Taylor Stitch was founded with a focus on making the best shirts for men, and they’ve lived up to that goal quite handily over the years. The Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt shown here is made from an organic, garment-dyed cotton in a new and ever-versatile colorway. It’s your new go-to daily shirt, easily.

Taylor Stitch Easy Shorts in Navy Herringbone — $98

If an Oxford shirt sounds a little too hot right now, cool off on your bottom half with these easygoing, aptly named Taylor Stitch herringbone shorts. The fabric is soft and breathable, the fit is nice and tailored, and the style points are top-notch. They could just be the best men’s shorts for summer.

Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt in Roped Indigo — $105

Just like that suede leather bomber jacket shown above, the rugged and endlessly wearable Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt is another standout from the much-loved Taylor Stitch Workshop. Available on sale right now (as long as you pre-fund it), it’ll arrive right now in time for fall layering.

OK, folks. How’s that for some of the best new men’s style gear at Taylor Stitch? If you ask me, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as far as your new favorite menswear is concerned. The San Fran brand really does have something for everyone, be it an incredibly cool suede leather bomber jacket, the durable and easy-to-layer Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt or the cool-as-can-be classic chukka boots shown above. If you end up picking up any new Taylor Stitch pieces, be sure to let me know in the comments or give me a follow on Twitter. Cheers, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: Get a Deal on the Best Dress Shoes for a Summer Wedding at FRYE

There’s really no time like the present to start shopping again for the best men’s dress shoes. Perhaps that’s what brought you here in the first time: That noble quest of once more dressing for the real world, be it meetings or cocktail hours or, perhaps most importantly, a summer wedding. Travel is returning, outdoor weddings are getting back into full swing, and your calendar very well might be filling up. Let me take care of one thing for you: The FRYE Grant Oxfords are, hands-down the best dress shoes to wear to a summer wedding.

I’ve got even better news — namely, these stylish leather Oxford shoes are classic, versatile and on sale for nearly 35 percent of. Head on over to FRYE, illustrious American makers of some of the best boots and the best men’s dress shoes for more than a century, and you’ll find the FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes marked down to under $200 from $298. So, that’s the deal you’re getting today. And what about the shoes themselves? Absolutely primed for summer wedding season. Throw in the FRYE Leather Care Kit and they’ll last and last. It helps that they’re pretty stylish shoes to start with.

SHOP: The FRYE Grant Oxfords

The really excellent thing has got to be the fact that, like all remarkably durable shoes, the FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes are crafted with care from premium materials. Premium doesn’t even begin to cover it, in fact. The Grant Oxfords are made with natural tumbled buffalo leather with a high-shine finish. Skip the rental pair of dress shoes or a cheaper purchase from a fast-fashion outlet. The FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes are every single thing you need in classic brown leather lace-up dress shoes, and then some. Plus, that price tag (remember, under $200 right now at FRYE) is but another winner in my book.

Visit Todd Snyder New York

Plus, the rich brown leather will shine right up if you use the excellent, aforementioned FRYE Leather Care Kit, a must-have if you’ve got multiple weddings on the docket this season. The FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes feature a sleek profile that you can also wear with dark blue denim for business casual office settings, but it’s that “outdoor summer wedding” environment where these will really shine. The contoured comfort footbed will add some spring in your step for that wedding reception, and the classic design of the FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes means you can wear them on the plane with chinos and a breezy polo to make packing easy. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether these are the best men’s dress shoes under $200, but they sure seem like a safe bet to me (to say the very least!).

SHOP: The FRYE Grant Oxfords

Visit Todd Snyder New York

Style Pick of the Week: Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses – Most Affordable Men’s Sunglasses

My friends, the headline says it all as to why we’re here today for another Style Pick of the Week. We’re in the midst of a brutally hot summer that shows no signs of letting up, so why not treat yourself to some of the best sunglasses for men, and a highly affordable pair, at that? A guy’s got to keep his vision on-point in the heat, after all. Thankfully for you and me both, the Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses really live up to the hype as far as affordable sunglasses are concerned. They strike that tricky balance between easy to buy (the Huckberry Cruisers retail for $45 at the most) and easy to wear (they manage to be both highly durable and highly stylish).

Satchel and Page

In short, they’re exactly what you might expect, in the best way possible, as far as sunglasses from Huckberry are concerned. It’s as if the lauded San Francisco retailer, long one of my favorite brands, has managed to put a bit of everything great about the company into the Huckberry Cruisers. For stylish guys everywhere, and for guys who want to shield their eyes from the sun without spending a ton, this is great news. These shades are just the latest in a stylish run of Huckberry-branded gear that also includes hats and luggage, and again, it helps that these are the most affordable sunglasses on the market. Scroll on to find out more, folks.

SHOP: The Huckberry Cruiser Sunglasses

The Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses manage to do the impossible as far as the best men’s sunglasses are concerned. They blend top-notch functionality, including polarized, scratch-resistant lenses and durable frames, with the kind of cool, easygoing style you need for summer. The frames are lightweight and surprisingly sporty, yet the oval lens shape and notched nose bridge calls to mind classic Persol sunglasses. It’s design touches like these that give the Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses a leg up on the competition. This classic and crisp design means you can also rock these Huckberry sunglasses with everything from a tailored suit to a polo or T-shirt and slim chino shorts.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll also keep coming back to that remarkably low price, the kind of price at which it’s normally impossible to find a pair of shades like the Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses. And yet, the good folks at Huckberry have you covered: Take your pick between six frame and lens combinations, including the old-school, yet modern, Tortoise blend shown above, or the instantly iconic Gloss Cola Huckberry Cruisers. No matter the style you pick up (and you should certainly pick up at least one), the Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses are the ultimate in terms of style and accessibility on the eyewear market. The most affordable sunglasses for the rest of summer can be yours today.

SHOP: The Huckberry Cruiser Sunglasses

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale, A New Getaway Bag & The Best Hazy IPAs

It might just feel like another sweltering summer weekend, but believe me when I say it’s not just another sweltering summer weekend. How so? Well, the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale is taking place, and like all things to come out of the hallowed digital halls of the famed retailer, it’s packed with some of the best gear and the best prices you’re going to find anywhere. Huckberry boasts that the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale gives you thousands of deals at up to 35 percent off, which is truly astounding when you consider the versatility and range you’re getting. It nearly goes without saying, but this is one of the best menswear sales of the moment, and not to be missed. It also happens to be the perfect way to start a breezy and laidback weekend, so be sure to kick back and start adding a few items to your cart.

I’ll certainly be coveting a few pieces from that sale (OK, more than a few) as I stay busy and try to stay cool with various writing pursuits. If you haven’t already subscribed to my music and menswear newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, I’d hop on over and do that in advance of tomorrow’s Saturday dispatch (if you follow me on my music Twitter account, you know it’s absolutely one of my passions). I’ll also be quite busy researching and planning stories for the likes of Maxim, AskMen and Fatherly, so keep an eye out for those bylines from yours truly, too. Of course, it’s not a summer weekend without a little fun in the sun, so I plan to down a cold beer or two at a favorite brewery, like Threes Brewing. What’s on your weekend to-do list? I can think of at least a few items, starting with the rest of my picks for today’s Friday Read. Cheers to summer, my friends — stay cool!

The Easy Goer 
  • I mentioned earlier that I’d be staying busy writing for Maxim and other sites, and I’ve certainly done that heading into this weekend. Now, if you read the blog, you know that Mack Weldon makes some of the best men’s basics and plenty more. But what if I told you they were going a step further in that approach and really creating an entire system of easy-to-wear, mix-and-match menswear staples? I talked in last week’s Friday Read about the Mack Weldon Daily Wear System, but I got to take another dive into it this week for Maxim. Give it a read and start shopping, folks.
Herschel Supply x Birdwell Promo
  • How’s this for some stellar everyday carry gear for your weekend? I’m talking, of course, about the new collaboration between Herschel Supply Co. and Birdwell Beach Britches, a perfect blend of old-school beach gear like totes and T-shirts, done up in classic colors and made from the very fabric that Birdwell popularized in its first board shorts in the 1960s. You’ve got to see it to believe it, so head over again to Maxim to gear up for that next coastal vacation.
  • Here’s one for all the craft beer lovers reading my blog (and a word to the wise: I talk about craft beer in my twice-weekly newsletter, too!). Beyond just my newsletter, I wrote for Fatherly — a terrific lifestyle site for parents and guys of all ages — about the best hazy IPAs for summer. Trust me, these belong in your beer fridge, and I think you’ll find something to enjoy among my list of eight favorites. Cheers!

How’s this for a quick summer closer to your weekend guide? Hopefully, you’re paying more attention these days to how and where your stylish sneakers are made. If that sounds like you as a consumer, you’d do well to read my guide to the SeaVees Seachange Sneakers, some of the most sustainable sneakers on the market. They’re the right pair to wear when you want a set of knockaround kicks that look great, can take a beating and are made with eco-conscious materials in mind. With that being said, it’s time to launch in the weekend. Thanks for reading!

The Thursday Buy: The SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers are Sustainable and Stylish

What’s better than a pair of the best men’s sneakers? How about a pair of sneakers that just so happen to be, as the headline says, stylish and sustainable? That’s the case with the SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers, a fresh set of durable, casual men’s sneakers that happen to look great and wear with ease. They’re also eco-conscious, and that makes them a winner on all fronts in my book. You’ve certainly got plenty of options when it comes to the summer sneakers you’re lacing up, so what makes these so special?

It’s best to start from the ground up, especially seeing as we’re working our way through July and you need some new, fresh kicks in a hurry. SeaVees has always been an arbiter of California cool, right up there with Vans as far as timeless, long-lasting sneakers are concerned — you certainly can tell that from one look at the SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers, which are about as low-profile and classic as it gets.

SHOP: The SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers

The SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers feature an outsole made from recycled rubber, but it’s the fact that the sneakers also feature the brand’s signature herringbone outsole tread pattern that has me most impressed. They’re also available in some pleasingly versatile earth tones, like the “Seaweed” colorway shown above, but that’s far from it.

As you might have guessed, your new favorite sneakers are sustainable in many respects for a reason. SeaVees partnered on some of the best sneakers for men with Sea Change, an organization dedicated to tackling climate change and supporting organizations confronting these problems head-on. These sneakers are stylish and sustainable, and that’s not just lip service. The recycled cotton canvas of the SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers is another eco-friendly touch, as is the fact that these stylish men’s sneakers are lined with textile made from recycled plastic bottles. It gets even better, if you can believe it. The SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers retail for just $85 at Huckberry right now. Lace up your new favorite pair of sneakers for summer and feel great about doing it, folks.

SHOP: The SeaVees Legend Seachange Sneakers