See Now, Buy Now: Taylor Stitch’s New Light Wash Jeans Are a Summer Must-Buy

Rugged slim jeans made from extraordinary fabric — pre-fund your pair ASAP.

There’s no question about it, we sure do love Taylor Stitch here on The Style Guide. And as long as they keep making limited-edition, seriously stylish gear like the Slim Jeans in 24-Month Wash, that certainly won’t change any time soon. This American-designed and American-crafted brand makes rugged style essentials with timeless touches that every guy can appreciate — again, the Slim Jeans in 24-Month Wash check all those boxes. As the brand says, there won’t be another pair like ’em, and that’s why you should certainly do your best to pre-fund these slim light wash jeans like, now. Right now. Ya dig? What makes these slim jeans so special, and so worthy of adding to your list of summer style essentials? They’re truly one-of-a-kind, made with Cone Mills White Oak selvage denim — it’s arguably some of the best denim in the world, and it really won’t be around for long (RIP, Cone Mills). So, if that’s not enough to get you on board, how might your opinion change? Maybe the stellar fit and on-point design details? Maybe the versatility of the Slim Jeans in 24-Month Wash?

Seriously, if these stylish light wash jeans are anything like the rest of the Taylor Stitch arsenal, you’re going to find plenty of use for ’em. The slim fit and medium rise makes the 24-Month Wash jeans more than agreeable in terms of styling with outfits that lean more casual (think a rugged henley and stylish suede chukkas), or more dressed-up. That is to say, the Slim Jeans in 24-Month Wash can be worn with a lightweight navy blazer, a crisp white Oxford and stylish brown leather dress shoes once they make their way to you (you’ll have to wait until July, unfortunately!). But once the waiting is done, I’m sure you’re going to love the stellar craftsmanship and unique fabrication that comes with these jeans — they’re more than worth the  money, and more than worth counting down the days on your calendar.

Are you on board with picking up the Slim Jeans in 24-Month Wash? How would you style ’em? Let me know in the comments! 


#OOTD: Here’s What You Need to Wear This Memorial Day Weekend

If the impending long weekend — Memorial Day weekend, to be precise! — snuck up on you, fear not! We here at The Style Guide are coming in hot with a new #OOTD geared to help you take on the weekend (and the rest of the summer) in versatile style that works for just about any circumstance. Traveling up the coast to see friends and family? Hopping on a plane to squeeze in a quick vacation? Lounging around by your pool or patio (or an apartment rooftop)? Picks like a classic navy polo and slim grey chinos are going to work wonders no matter the situation — as are some classic-yet-casual leather Oxfords and a go-anywhere watch with a significant nautical bent. In fact, this #OOTD really embodies what Memorial Day is all about — kicking back with family and friends, recognizing all that we have to be thankful for … and looking classic while doing it. The same stylish navy polo we outline below can pull double-duty under a khaki blazer at the office — with the same slim grey chinos, mind you — and it can also work with a rugged denim jacket and tan chinos, plus leather sneakers, for a nice dash of high-low style. But first things first — let’s use it as the building block for this stylish Memorial Day outfit. Enjoy the long weekend, my friends!

An #OOTD that works for plenty beyond just Memorial Day — trust me.
  • The Polo: Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Polo, $58 — Here’s that timeless navy polo we talked about. Laidback enough for a holiday BBQ, cleaned up enough for dinner and drinks the rest of the summer. Job well done, Flint and Tinder.
  • The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos in Ash, $98 — Classic grey chinos that are polished than jeans and not as casual as shorts — the Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos work well if it gets chilly out this coming weekend, too.
  • The Shoes: Sperry Gold Cup Crepe Leather Oxford, $199.95 — Leather Oxfords with the styling potential of a dress shoe and the comfort of a pair of sneakers — perfect for spending a lot of time on your feet traveling, cooking out or exploring a Memorial Day vacation hang.
  • The Belt: Levi’s Premium Icon Leather Belt, $48 — As I always say, don’t sleep on accessories when traveling or dressing for a holiday weekend. The Premium Icon Leather Belt adds rugged appeal to a classic ensemble.
  • The Watch: Alsta Nautoscaph II Watch, $895 — If you’re going to be spending time on the water this weekend, the durable Alsta Nautoscaph II Watch is ideal. And if not? It’s still going to look great for Memorial Day weekend.
  • The Sunglasses: Raen Optics Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses, $195 — The Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses from RAEN Optics blend retro flair with modern quality — the perfect pair of shades to wear all Memorial Day weekend.
  • The Grooming Essential: Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic, $26 — Keep your face in top shape to start summer with Ursa Major — handy no matter what your plans might be this weekend.
  • The Finishing Touch: CIVIC Merino Boxer in Heather Black, $55 — Always an essential no matter what else might be on your packing list or in the rest of your ensemble, these comfortable, functional and sustainably made CIVIC Merino Boxers are an underrated style essential.

Wherever your Memorial Day weekend takes you, I’m convinced that you can’t go wrong with picks like a timeless navy polo and a go-anywhere pair of pants like the ever-versatile, practically essential Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos. Casual leather Oxfords are a nice substitute for classic white sneakers, particularly if you happen to be traveling or if your activities take you somewhere a little more dressy. And on the accessories front, the small details surely matter — the Premium Icon Leather Belt is a solid choice for long weekend style, as is the nautically inspired Alsta Nautoscaph II Watch; yet again, if you happen to be heading to the water, you just can’t go wrong. I’d urge you to both pack and wear the well-made CIVIC Merino Boxers, and I’d also urge you to stock up on the 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic from Ursa Major. Stylish shades shouldn’t be a Memorial Day weekend afterthought, either — the Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses from RAEN Optics take care of business in that regard. That’s about all you need for the weekend, right? Stylish shades, slim chinos, a classic navy polo and the right accessories. Let me know on Twitter where you plan to take this outfit for Memorial Day weekend, folks.

Thanks for reading!




The List: Shop for Memorial Day Weekend (And Beyond) With these Summer Style Essentials

My friends — we’ve rolled right through May quite smoothly and stylishly, haven’t we? It’s now on to Memorial Day weekend, which brings with it two things: 1) The proper start of summer and 2) The need for a bag packed full of summer style essentials (if you’re hitting the road this upcoming weekend, that is). Our #OOTD series will cover what to wear for Memorial Day weekend, but this edition of The List is all business — simply shop away.

Standard Deviation Beta Denim in Light Indigo — $98

A slim, light wash pair of jeans that are neither too slim nor too light in color.
A pleasingly light (but not too light!) wash, with a slim fit and an agreeable price — that’s a summer essential in my book.
Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots — $269
Tough boots that are still worth keeping around for the summer.
Don’t you dare think about stowing your stylish boots for summer — there’s still a time and a place for the rugged-yet-easy-to-wear Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots. Try ’em with light wash jeans and a short-sleeve henley.
Mollusk Surf Shop Benetau Windbreaker — $180
A bit of retro styling and a whole lot of durability through spring and summer rain.
Rather than throwing on a flimsy, store-bought poncho when it gets rainy or chilly on the water this summer, reach for a stylish rain jacket — the retro-tinged, cool-as-heck Benetau Windbreaker from Mollusk Surf Shop. Mission accomplished.
Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Slim Fit — $98
Done up in a tailored Slim fit, these are your new pair of everyday, go-to pants.

The fine folks at Flint and Tinder don’t skimp on quality or standout construction — take the recently upgraded Flint and Tinder 365 Pants. The versatile Earth color on these stylish pants for summer make ’em a big-time winner.

Taylor Stitch The California Shirt in Blue Everyday Chambray — $118
As classic as it gets. A worthy essential any time — but especially with summer approaching.
What are you wearing with your Flint and Tinder 365 Pants? The always-classic, never-not-in-style Taylor Stitch California Shirt in Blue Everyday Chambray. The best chambray shirt for men? Possibly? You decide.
Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Polo — $58
Crisp, classic and easy to wear — the perfect summer polo.

Yep, more gear from Flint and Tinder. To wit: Looking for a stylish summer polo that’s going to be affordable, durable and versatile no matter what? The Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Polo is your pick. Try it under a khaki blazer with rolled light wash denim and leather loafers.

WP Standard Vintage Messenger — $295
A leather bag that’s quite simply worthy of your hard-earned cash.
You can always, always count on WP Standard to make stellar style essentials — this Vintage Messenger is like a mobile work of art that’ll get better with age.
Levi’s Aberdeen Belt — $38
Just your average leather belt? Not quite. This one is made by the makers of your favorite denim.
Every guy needs a stylish leather belt he can reach for time and time again — the Levi’s Aberdeen Belt is the perfect complement to your favorite pair of light wash denim (Editor’s note: Click here for a pair of light wash jeans to buy now).
Redux Courg: Type A Watch — $319.98
A tough-as-nails timepiece that was practically made for summer.
Redux watches, simply stated, mean business. The Redux Courg: Type A Watch is a stylish casual timepiece fit for laidback patio beers or some serious off-road exploration in the warm months ahead.
Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos in Ash — $98
Perfectly cut chinos to wear with your perfectly cut chambray shirt — for Memorial Day and beyond. Ya dig?

Stylish grey chinos are an underrated, secret style weapon. Wear ’em just like you might a navy or khaki pair, yet revel in the knowledge that you’ve added more versatility to your wardrobe with these Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos.

Have any feedback on the latest edition of The List? What’s your favorite pick? I’m all about stylish boots for summer, so I can’t get enough of the Red Wing Heritage Rover Boots. Feel free to chime in via The Style Guide Facebook page. Cheers!



Style Pick of the Week: WP Standard Vintage Messenger

A ridiculously high-quality bag that’s going to break in very nicely over time.

Looking for a new everyday bag? One made with serious heritage quality and timeless style in mind? One that’s going to seriously amp up your everyday carry essentials? My friends, the WP Standard Vintage Messenger is that very bag, on all fronts. It’s, simply put,a beautiful leather bag that’ll age well and show character — it’s a fine complement to the rest of the WP Standard line, which features my favorite chambray shirt and my favorite rugged denim jacket (as seen on my Instagram), plus my favorite leather belt. Seriously, folks … WP Standard gear like the Vintage Messenger is absolutely no joke when it comes to style and substance. It’s a tricky balance in the ever-shifting world of fashion, which emphasizes disposable goods and the latest trends now more than ever. Yet, the WP Standard Vintage Messenger eschews all those entirely in favor of, well, just plain standout construction and superb quality. The Vintage Messenger is inspired by antique postal bags, so it’s certainly well-suited for everything from a weekend trip upstate to a cross-country trip to Portland to your daily grind. The handsome, durably crafted WP Standard Vintage Messenger really can do it all in matters of style and functionality, and the vegetable-tanned leather is going to take on a life of its own over time — that’s a very good thing indeed. 

It’s always impressive when a brand can build out a full set of products that truly complement each other — in this instance, the remarkable WP Standard Vintage Messenger fits right in with the brand’s handsomely crafted T-shirts, chambray shirting and outerwear. It’s also a surefire fit with your other summer style essentials, which means that you should take every opportunity to take it with you on summer adventures aplenty. External pockets and an interior laptop pocket give you plenty of space for everything you might need to bring with you, whether you head into the office or get dressed to work remotely. Again, the style and substance of the WP Standard Vintage Messenger tells a story all its own, especially when you bring this bag with you to a business casual day at the office or a weekend afternoon coffee run. That’s really what the best men’s accessories should do, right? Tell stories and speak for themselves in terms of style. In short, that’s why you need the WP Standard Vintage Messenger in your life, my friends.

Will the WP Standard Vintage Messenger be part of your next summer trip or your work commute? Tell me why at The Style Guide Facebook page. 

The Friday Read: A Rugged Men’s Henley, Favorites from Shinola and A Michigan Weekend


Snapped by my amazing girlfriend Laura — a heck of a talented photographer — exploring Detroit recently. I layered up with my Grayers Edgeware Cotton Moto Jacket!

We made it to Friday, and another Friday Read— cheers! For me as of late, the week’s end has been especially fun and meaningful — Friday has often meant a trip back to the Midwest (to The National Homecoming festival, for instance), or back to my home state of Michigan (like Detroit, shown above!) to see my lovely girlfriend, Laura! And that’s the case this Friday as well — we’re heading north to Mackinaw City to experience a bit of early summer fun “up North,” as we Michigan natives like to say. What does the weekend have in store for you? Whatever the case might be, I hope it’s packed with some #menswear shopping, some craft brews (or your beverage of choice), and great times with family and friends. As for me? Well, I’ve got a flight to catch. But you should feel more than free to stick around and make yourself at home. You’ll enjoy this week’s style reads, and you’ll certainly get a kick out of tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Thanks for reading!

  • In need of a new, rugged henley for spring and summer? This classic henley from Faherty Brand ought to do the trick — it’s our most recent Style Pick here on the site.
  • The fine folks at Shinola excel — and I mean, simply EXCEL — at producing all manner of beautiful lifestyle goods that anyone can appreciate. With that in mind, I picked out my five favorites from Shinola for The Manual! Shop now, will ya?
  • The fine art of crafting stylish men’s shoes is something I’ve always found fascinating — the folks at Gear Patrol tend to agree on that front. I found their recent interview with John Lofgren (maker of everything from high-top sneakers to durable boots) to be seriously cool.
  • Now that we’re ticking toward Memorial Day, you’re probably wondering … what should I wear? Rest assured that we’ll have a full ensemble coming next week, but in the meantime, you should certainly check out this #OOTD (from the blog!) on how to wear stylish shorts this summer. Cheers!

Ready for the weekend? I know I sure as heck am. Can’t wait! Thanks for sticking around, and be sure to check out my Instagram for the scoop on all of this weekend’s Michigan adventures.


See Now, Buy Now: The Victory Sportswear Classic Runner Is Your New Must-Have Sneaker

A retro-inspired pair of runners that manage to look decidedly modern nonetheless.

If you don’t have a pair of the best sneakers for men in your closet — or on your feet — by now, what are you thinking? That’s a blunt question, of course, but the Victory Sportswear Classic Runners are thankfully here to solve any sneaker shopping woes you might be experiencing this spring and summer. There’s a wave of retro sneaker inspiration sweeping the menswear world at the moment, mainly focused on chunky sneakers made by designer brands, sneakers that are meant to look, well … ugly. Thankfully, the Classic Runners aren’t a designer set of sneakers, nor are they ugly. They’re just an affordable pair of spring and summer sneakers that can be worn darn near any way you please in the months ahead. They’ve got handmade, New England pedigree — similar to sneakers from fellow Style Guide favorite Rancourt & Co. — and they’ve got comfort, good looks and style to burn. All positives if you’re looking to round out your list of spring style essentials with a pair of classic men’s sneakers.

Quite simply, the Victory Sportswear Classic Runners are a must-have set of sneakers for the spring and summer, and all the fun you’re going to have out there. They’re a bit more visually interesting — actually, a lot more visually interesting — than classic white sneakers, so they’re a neat alternative if you want to switch up your sneaker game. And the specs are on point, too. The Victory Sportswear Classic Runners feature top-shelf pigskin suede, plus sporty mesh panels, for construction that’s refined and yet still laidback. Heck, even the outsole is made with carbon rubber — all the better for added durability as you wear the heck out of these sneakers. Oh, and that’s another positive — the Victory Sportswear Classic Runners feature styling potential that’s unlike any other set of kicks in your closet. Wear these with slim light wash jeans, a white henley and a military pilot watch for easygoing off-duty style. Then, turn right around and pair up the Classic Runners with a navy cotton blazer, dark denim and a grey pocket tee for classic, casual office style. Sneakers that work at the bar and in your cubicle? Sounds like exactly what you need for spring and summer.

Will the Victory Sportswear Classic Runners be joining your rotation anytime soon? 

#OOTD: How to Dress for a Laidback Spring (Or Summer) Friday

We’ve been slowly but surely getting into the heart of spring and summer style here on The Style Guide, and that means one thing: Focusing on warm weather essentials that are going to help you conquer even the most tricky seasonal style situations. Think of a decidedly casual spring or summer Friday in the office (or perhaps … working from home?). What are you wearing? A one-size-too-large polo and khakis that probably don’t fit as well as they should? Not if this #OOTD has anything to say about it. Even when it comes to “Casual Friday,” there are ways to rise to the occasion while still keeping things toned down and office-appropriate. For instance: We’re ditching the polo or overly casual graphic tee in favor of a stylish short-sleeve shirt from Style Guide pals Taylor Stitch, and we’re swapping those khakis for slim light wash denim and classic suede chukkas from a timeless brand (that’d be Red Wing Heritage). Along the way, we’ll accent this ensemble with durable accessories, including a stylish casual watch and a work week-friendly leather messenger bag. This ensemble just gets it done if you happen to work in an environmen that, like so many offices nowadays, leans more and more laidback. Rethink the way you dress for summer … starting right now.

A breezy, West Coast-inspired short-sleeve shirt pairs up nicely with suede chukkas and casual office essentials.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt in Navy Poplin, $98 — This isn’t like Dwight Schrute’s short-sleeve shirts. The California Shirt in Navy Poplin is tailored and classic — perfect for the office.
  • The Denim: Standard Deviation Beta Denim in Light Indigo, $98 — These slim Standard Deviation jeans strike a nice balance between being overly faded or overly heavy (like indigo selvage denim, for instance).
  • The Belt: Levi’s Aberdeen Belt, $38 — Leave it to Levi’s to make a stylish leather belt that’s neither too casual nor too dressy — again, the perfect middle ground for a Friday in May … or June, or July, or August.
  • The Chukka Boots: Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka, $230 — Ditch the dress shoes for a day — the comfortable, durable and casually stylish Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka just works.
  • The Socks: Arvin Goods Crew Socks, $10 — One of the best parts of spring and summer? Rethinking your sock wardrobe. Gone are those heavy boot socks — enter these crew socks, cut shorter for casual style and a cool breeze.
  • The Watch: Redux Courg Watch, $319.98 –Don’t worry about matching your watch strap to the color of your belt or shoes here — the Redux Courg Watch means business, in the most rugged and laidback way possible.
  • The Bag: WP Standard Vintage Messenger, $295 — The handsomely crafted WP Standard Vintage Messenger has more than enough space for your laptop and every single one of your everyday carry essentials.
  • The Sunglasses: Komono Luca Sunglasses, $119.95 — Sunglasses are a somewhat underrated finishing touch, and the right pair — like the Komono Luca Sunglasses — add just enough casual flair to a cool ensemble.

The key to pulling off a dressed-down Casual Friday ‘fit starts with … well, fit. The California Shirt in Navy Poplin from Taylor Stitch is a prime example of the right way to do a short-sleeve shirt at the office. It can be worn untucked thanks to a length that’s just right. The fit is nicely tailored, the fabric is classic and the stripes are a spring-friendly (or summer-friendly) touch. Yes, the California Shirt in Navy Poplin is but one element that puts this #OOTD over the top. Pleasingly faded light wash denim works quite well alongside the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka, thanks to the casual vibe of both pieces. Levi’s serves up the rugged Aberdeen Belt, which contrasts in a cool way with the Redux Courg Watch for style that fits in at the office and at happy hour. I’d be willing to bet that no one else in your office has the Komono Luca Sunglasses, which is what makes ’em such a cool pick for this particular #OOTD. And when it comes time to hit the road — both heading to and leaving the office — the WP Standard Vintage Messenger should certainly come in more than handy. To recap — you can make a short-sleeve shirt work at the office in a casual setting, as long as you nail the fit and fabric. Again, the California Shirt in Navy Poplin from Taylor Stitch checks off all the right boxes. It’s up to you to power through the work day now.

Folks, what do we think of this #OOTD? Will you be trying this slightly bold look out at the office this summer? 

The List: Roll Into Summer with the Best Men’s Style Essentials to Shop This Season

Do you feel ready for summer yet? Not quite? Maybe? That’s why we’re going to help you get into shape today (in terms of clothing, that is). Our ongoing series The List is focused on the best summer style essentials your money can buy, from an essential casual T-shirt to an investment-worthy suede jacket for chilly nights and long bonfires. Rest assured, these picks have you set for road trips and work days and cookouts aplenty. Shop on.

Flint and Tinder Graphic Tee in Vintage Black — $38
An easygoing tee with a subtly stylish logo.
There’s nothing wrong with working a little visual interest into your T-shirt rotation — the Flint and Tinder Graphic Tee is subtly stylish and very well-made.
Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Sand Suede — $848
Your answer as to what to wear to a late-night bonfire, an early morning hike … and everywhere in between.
Lest you think you won’t be needing a stylish jacket any time this summer … you will. And for my money’s worthy, the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is a perfectly rugged and casual piece for chilly mornings and nights aplenty.
New England Outerwear 2-Eye Chukka Moc — $270 
Durable moccasin-style boots that were practically made for lazy summer days.
There’s something about the classically preppy design of the 2-Eye Chukka Moc from New England Outerwear that would feel right at home when worn to backyard cookout … and maybe a sunset boat ride.
Taylor Stitch Minimalist Billfold in Canyon — $98
Is it possible for a wallet to be … handsome? With this Taylor Stitch billfold, it is.
When you reach for your wallet to pick up the tab on your next date this summer, make sure you reach for a well-crafted wallet like the Taylor Stitch Minimalist Billfold.
Levi’s Leather Moto Trucker Jacket — $498
Team up your slim Levi’s jeans with this badass leather moto jacket.

Full-grain black leather, a slim fit and classic detailing make this Levi’s leather moto jacket a beautiful and investment-worthy outerwear choice. Now all you need is a rock show to see.

Allen Edmonds Montauk Plain Toe Chukka Boots — $227.50 (When On Sale) 
Perhaps the best chukka boots your hard-earned dollars can buy this summer.
There’s quite literally not a thing wrong with these stylish suede chukka boots from Allen Edmonds. From the durable crepe sole to the simple, classic silhouette and construction, you’ve just found your new summer boots. Seriously.
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ’53 Compression Watch — $1,195
A heck of a watch, with the construction, performance and price tag to match.
Want a watch with an eye-popping price tag … and stunning quality? The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ’53 Compression Watch delivers on both fronts. Talk about an investment-level timepiece.
Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans — $225
Richly crafted jeans made with heritage quality.
Beautifully made light wash jeans in an agreeable cut are going to be a style secret weapon of sorts the next time you feel like going casual and laidback this season.
Well, that’s closing out this edition of The List.  Of the above picks, which ones can’t you get enough of? I love both the ruggedly casual style of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ’53 Compression Watch and the investment-worthy quality of the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket. Feel free to chime in on Twitter, and thanks for reading!

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Bliss Henley

A blend of both rugged appeal and old-school cool make the Bliss Henley a surefire summer style essential.

Don’t have a short-sleeve henley in your summer style rotation yet? Let’s fix that today, folks. Wary of adding another tee to your overstuffed T-shirt drawer? Fear not, because the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley sets itself apart from the bevy of other tees in your rotation thanks to its rugged style, its enduring versatility and the fact that it’s got, well, quite the “cool” factor. A rugged men’s henley is the T-shirt upgrade you didn’t know you needed … to say the least. A classic henley features visually interesting details, quality construction and go-anywhere appeal for summer — the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley certainly checks all those boxes. And a shirt like the Bliss Henley is the one to splurge on as summer quickly approaches. A stylish henley is a shirt that darn near every guy just looks great in — no matter your age or fitness level. It’s got a classically cool appeal that nods to sporting heritage and yet teams nicely with all manner of spring and summer style staples — see, doesn’t the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley seem like a solid purchase already? Better yet, it channels the laidback cool at which Faherty Brand excels … yet it’s wearable in plenty of other locales aside from the beach and the boardwalk. Chalk up another win for the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley.

The specs and construction of the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley aren’t to be slept on, either — hence the rather high price tag. Rest assured, Faherty Brand doesn’t skimp on quality fabric or design. The pleasingly light wash indigo-dyed cotton jersey fabric is substantial enough to rest easily underneath a rugged denim jacket (alongside slim tan chinos and white sneakers), but it’s also durable enough to work on its own when paired up with slim grey denim and classic suede boots. Shell buttons add a bit more dependability and visual interest to the Faherty Brand Bliss Henley, too. Did I mention the fit is tailored, yet not too tight? Perfect for flattering any guy’s frame. It’s also got a nicely lived-in feel, thanks to the garment-washed finish — it’s going to look and feel like it’s been a summer style essential for years, right out of the box. That’s the type of gear that  Faherty Brand does so well, and it means that the Bliss Henley is a worthy pickup, no matter how full your T-shirt drawer might be at the moment. How’s that for a must-buy menswear pick this season?

Thanks for reading!