See Now, Buy Now: This Corridor NYC Shirt is a New Seasonal Favorite

Cool stripes, cool fabric and a cool color — what more do you need for spring?

Finding the right shirt for spring and summer can take some time and patience. It’s all about nailing the proper fabric, the proper fit, the proper construction and … y’know what. Hold the phone. Because there’s one shirt that nails that checks all of those boxes quite nicely, and it’s the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt. Made from seriously cool 100 percent cotton, the Raindrop Stripe Shirt is pricey, yet essential, if you’ve yet to find a shirt you can wear consistently this spring and summer. Which brings me to my next point. The right short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer should be easy to wear on its own, particularly with seasonal essentials like slim tan chinos and leather loafers. However, it should also be easy to layer — leave the bulky flannel at home in this instance, because the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt is going to layer up quite nicely underneath a cotton denim jacket or a slim rain jacket in equal measure.

And it’s got plenty going for it in terms of looks, too. The raindrop stripe pattern is unique and eyecatching, all the better to stand out against neutral spring style staples like light khaki chinos and white sneakers. And the construction is all business, too. Corridor NYC builds its pieces carefully and in small quantities, which means the $185 price tag is perfectly agreeable when you consider the work that’s gone into the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt. Helpfully, the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt is far from a novely short-sleeve shirt, too. That is to say, the cool striped pattern stands out in a way that’s stylish and understated, all the better when it comes to wearing it to a music festival, a backyard BBQ or a bar crawl. Yes my friends, the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt is the spring shirt you really, truly didn’t know you needed.

Are you going to be picking up the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt? Let me know in the comments! 


Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket

A French workwear silhouette meets the kind of quality and style that only Taylor Stitch can provide.

There are certain spring style essentials that, until you see ’em, you didn’t know you needed ’em. What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking, my friends, about the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, a stylish spring jacket that sits neatly in the middle of that tricky intersection between style and functionality (not to mention throwback looks and modern wearability). Yessir, the Ojai Jacket has tons going for it — would you expect anything less from Taylor Stitch? Surely not. Like most stellar, stylish Taylor Stitch menswear, the Ojai Jacket nods to the past yet works for the modern man (ahem, you!). How so? It’s an updated version of a French workwear jacket, with a deep indigo color and 100 percent cotton construction to match. They’ve even done it up in premium Japanese sateen that should age nicely over time — all the better, since you’re going to want to wear the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket as often as you can this season. Lower patch pockets give this jacket the look and feel of a casual patch-pocket blazer, making it wearable with everything from a classic blue Oxford and slim tan chinos to dark blue denim and a grey slub T-shirt. The Ojai Jacket really is that versatile. It practically solves nearly all of your spring outerwear problems — heck, you could even layer it under a classic rain jacket (see this option from Triple Aught Design) and still get to and from the office in sleek (and dry) style.

Natural Corozo buttons and beautiful Japanese fabric lend a premium air to this jacket.

As one would expect with nearly any item from the endless bevy of Taylor Stitch menswear, all the details are considered on the Ojai Jacket. Corozo ring-back buttons add durability and a dash of premium quality — the brass pin and ring on the back of each button are quite neat, not to mention handy for your everyday carry essentials. A single chest pocket even gives you space to carry your favorite pen — because every guy should have a favorite pen, right (For the record, mine is the Fisher Space Pen). At any rate, the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is a spring jacket that’s just going to get the job done. The deep indigo color pairs well with faded light wash denim for some high-low contrast, it matches up with chinos in shades from olive to grey to light tan, and it looks at home alonside a crisp white tee, a classic light blue chambray shirt or a (slightly) more formal white Oxford. With just those building blocks along, you can make plenty of excellent spring outfits using the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket as a stylish starting point. Ya dig? Good.

Let me know on Twitter how you’d style the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket this season (and beyond!)

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The Friday Read: David Byrne, Athleisure to Shop Now, and Your New Spring Jacket

Style Guide readers, listen up. It’s Friday! And we’re nearing the end of April. That means you should hopefully be well-stocked in the way of spring style essentials, things that we’ve even discussed this week — take the perfect white T-shirt, for instance. Or a casual spring weekend look that’s going to show you how to wear stylish sweatpants. Need some new sneakers? This blog has you covered there, too: Yours truly wrote about the best men’s high-top sneakers to buy now. What are you up to this weekend? It’s weekend two of Coachella, which I will … admittedly not be attending. We’re just one week away from another festival that’s much more up my alley, Cincinnati’s Homecoming festival as hosted by my favorite band, excellent indie rockers The National. My amazing girlfriend Laura and I will be attending, and I positively can’t wait! In the meantime, I’d recommend you look toward this weekend with a few choice reads. Want to connect? Check out The Style Guide on Facebook. TGIF!

  • It’s a bit lengthy, but offers up a neat, deep and intriguing profile of music icon David Byrne, with a career that’s thrived on innovation and doing things uniquely his own way.
  • If you haven’t yet checked it out, the best athleisure lines to shop right now are … well, most importantly, they’re all approved by yours truly. And they’re all the right mix of casual, sporty and easygoing. Read more at The Manual.
  • No matter the season, I’m a big fan of the recently launched series The Endorsement. It only makes sense that the latest iteration covers the essential spring jacket you just gotta buy now — the Baracuta G9. It’s as simple as that, folks.

We’re keeping things short and sweet today, folks. Cheers!



See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee is the Perfect White T-shirt

A close-up look at your new favorite T-shirt.

It’s an elusive #menswear staple that’s often talked about and often imitated, but rarely perfected. We’re talking, Style Guide readers, about the perfect white T-shirt.  What’s more, we’re talking about a stylish white T-shirt made by one of our favorite brands, the always on-point folks at Taylor Stitch. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee is going to be a spring and summer go-to with darn near any style combo you dream up — as we always talk about in our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series, that type of versatility is to be recognized and applauded.  And you can rest assured that as long as you start off your ensemble with the perfect white T-shirt, the rest of your wardrobe will follow in equal measure. But why the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee, and why now? Allow me to explain.

The right T-shirt for spring and summer features an exceptional fit — not too tight, not too baggy, with shoulders and sleeves that hug your frame. Without a doubt, Taylor Stitch T-shirts (including the Triblend Tee!) do that quite nicely. And then there’s the crisp white color — wearable with everything from your favorite pair of light wash denim and some classic high-top sneakers to combos that call for a bit more layering. For instance, you can take the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee and throw it on underneath a classic chambray shirt for easygoing weekend style — just add slim tan chinos and white sneakers. It goes without saying that the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee is going to look quite crisp underneath an unconstructed navy blazer at the office, too. Add in the fact that the price via Taylor Stitch is quite agreeable (just $45 for the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee!) and you’ve found a shirt that’s going to work handsomely in the months ahead. So, does that sound like the perfect white T-shirt to you? I think it does. Check out The Style Guide on Facebook for more #menswear insights. 

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#OOTD: Upgrade Your Sweatpants with Spring Style Essentials

Today’s #OOTD post gets right down to it when it comes to spring weekend style. It’s even a bit more dressed down than the seasonal Saturday (or Sunday) ensemble that we talked about earlier this month — we’re diving right into how to wear stylish sweatpants this spring. Yes, you read that right. Stylish sweatpants. The style world is growing more casual by the day, but that doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy when dressed down (and we mean, way down). Your basics, the kind of clothes you grab and throw on to get out the door, can feature just as many small, simple style details as your favorite work week ensemble or more slightly more polished pieces (like your new favorite pair of spring chinos). The trick comes with not treating the sweatpants quite as much like sweatpants — no athletic logo tees or sneakers here. Just a pair of well-fitting sweatpants, accented with a slim T-shirt, a pair of throwback-inspired kicks and a classically rugged chambray shirt. As long as you accent ’em with pieces that go anywhere, your tailored sweatpants won’t look out of place at a laidback brunch spot or a brewery … or just on your couch. The choice as to how you wear this #OOTD is all yours. Thoughts? Questions? Hit me up on Twitter.

A stylish pair of sweatpants can go a long way to helping you take on your weekend in comfort AND style.

The Sweatpants: Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants, $89  — There’s nothing fussy about the Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants. Just a classic pair of sport-inspired sweats made the right way.

The Chambray Shirt: WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt, $98  — A chambray shirt takes this casual ensemble into territory that’s slightly more sharp — but still cool and classic.

The T-Shirt: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee in Green, $45 — A deep, dark green Taylor Stitch T-shirt adds just a bit of color to this outfit, along with visual interest. Wear the chambray shirt buttoned up or open to show it off.

The Sneakers: Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid, $185 — If you want a pair of sneakers that are a big-time upgrade from your average pair with an athletic logo, the Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid are exactly it.

The Socks: Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks in Navy, $11 — Well-made socks with no crazy patterns or wild colors are an underrated style accessory. The Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks get the job done.

The Watch: Szanto Vintage Dive Watch 5201, $275 — Your stylish casual watch should be as similarly no frills as your socks and your classic sneakers — the tough Szanto Vintage Dive Watch is your best bet.

The Bag: Filson Grab n’Go Tote, $125 — How are you going to carry all those weekend essentials? You know, your growler and sunglasses and blanket for that park picnic? The Filson Grab n’Go Tote.

The Ballcap: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $40 — The reliable ballcap that every guy needs in his arsenal just might be the Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, and that’s all there is to it.
See, wearing stylish sweatpants doesn’t have to be sloppy or overly complicated. Just do it up the right way with standout basics — which will, of course, work in a ton of other seasonal outfits. Again, let me know in the comments below what you think of our picks for styling the Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants.



Online Shopping Picks: Buy a Pair of the Best Men’s Sneakers for Spring Right Now

It’s time to take stock of your collection of stylish men’s sneakers. We’re well into spring here, so if you don’t yet have a pair of versatile kicks on your feet or in your wardrobe, it’s time to start shopping. Coming from a guy who absolutely loves rugged leather boots, it can be a bit of a weird transition to stow those away and reach instead for lightweight sneakers. Fear not, though — we’ve got plenty of picks in today’s shopping roundup to tickle your fancy. Whether you seek old-school high-top sneakersclassic white canvas sneakers or a modern pair of trainers, the right pair of sneakers is out there just waiting for you. I’d wager you’re going to need more than just one pair, though. Classic spring sneakers can (and should) be swapped in for dress shoes or leather loafers in plenty of spring style situations, including ones that are a bit more out-of-the-box (like at the office with a blue Oxford, tan chinos and a navy cotton blazer). That’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. Your sneakers are going to see a lot of work on casual weekend outings and spring brewery trips, too. And with something as straightforward as a slim pair of dark denim and a grey pocket tee? That’s where any one of these pairs of sneakers are going to excel. Read on and see for yourself, my friends.

#1. Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid in Khaki — $185
Classic design and classic construction makes a great pair of sneakers.

Rancourt & Co. stays in the game when it comes to quality sneakers — seriously, they’ve been making theirs using time-tested methods for decades on end. That approach has led to a sneaker with modern styling potential — the Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid — to go along with classic construction. Done up in a spring-friendly khaki color (the ideal complement to light wash denim and a white henley), these are an upgraded take on your standard music festival kicks. But really, you can wear the Carson Mid wherever you want.

#2. SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll — $62.98

Easygoing and easy to style — SeaVees nails it.

That classic pair of white sneakers that every guys needs in his closet? The SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll fit the bill perfectly. Crafted with the sort of laidback California cool that SeaVees has down pat after more than five decades in the sneaker business, these are the type of sneakers you can wear on your flight … and then right to the beach. And provided you keep them in good enough shape, they can pull double-duty at the office, too.

#3. Oliver Cabell Renes Trainer — $198

A slightly futuristic (yet classic?) pair of leather trainers.

For every pair of easygoing white sneakers, it seems you can find something a little sharper. If that’s what you seek, the Oliver Cabell Renes Trainer is the way to go, easily. A recent entry into the sneaker market, Oliver Cabell is all about quality materials and streamlined design, hence the Italian rubber sole and use of beautiful Italian full-grain leather. The Renes Trainers also boast a slim profile, perfect for matching up with olive chinos, a white Oxford and a navy blazer any day of the work week.

#4. Levi’s Woods Canvas Sneakers — $60
Your favorite denim brand is making a pair of sneakers that are remarkably easy to wear alongside said jeans.

There are times when a guy just needs to wear, well, sneakers. You know. Just plain, simple, stylish sneakers that aren’t too fussy or expensive. That’s where I’d argue the Woods Canvas Sneakers come into play, folks. Made by arguably the most classic denim brand out there, the Woods Canvas Sneakers are an ideal set of casual kicks. Think muted colors, a wearable silhouette and the ability to be paired up with beat-up Levi’s jeans, a crisp heather grey tee and a bomber jacket. I think I just found your new favorite bar crawl outfit.

#5. SeaVees Monterey Sneaker — $68

A seasonally appropriate shade of green that’ll pop just enough against spring neutrals.

If you tire of wearing black, white or navy sneakers consistently and want to add a little color into the mix, the eye-catching SeaVees Monterey Sneakers are the right way to go about it. Available in a shade of green that’s spring-friendly but not too bright, the Monterey Sneakers are another casual option done right by SeaVees. Wear these with chino shorts and a grey cotton polo (plus a stylish casual watch) for a few rounds of patio or rooftop beers. At least, that’s what I’d do.

#6. YORK Athletics Mfg. Featherweight Sneakers — $115

Sporty sneakers that bring a lot of athletic-inspired style to the table.

Rounding out this list, we’ve got a pair of sneakers for the more athletically minded fellas among us. While the YORK Athletics Mfg. Featherweight Sneakers aren’t fully made for working out, they’ve got more sporty style than the rest of this batch. That works out nicely if you want a pair of sneakers that work for quick weekend outings or comfortable travel in equal measure. And hey, the Featherweight Sneakers live up to their billing when it comes to kicks that are both comfortable and stylish.

So, do you have a favorite pair of sneakers from the above list? Are the athleisure-inspired YORK Athletics Mfg. Featherweight Sneakers your pick? Or perhaps you’d go with something like the SeaVees Monterey Sneakers are the ones to get — and wear with everything from a henley and light wash jeans to chino shorts and a slub polo. The streamlined Oliver Cabell Renes Trainer offers a bit more modern style alongside business casual combos like dark blue denim and a navy cotton blazer, while the Woods Canvas Sneakers from Levi’s are a unique offering from a lauded denim brand. If something even more classic tickles your fancy, the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll ought to get the job done nicely. However, my personal favorite might be the Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid, a classically constructed pair of sneakers with the versatility you can only get from high-top kicks. Let me know your favorites in the comments below, or on Twitter.

Happy spring sneaker shopping!





Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket

The next addition to your spring wardrobe — check it out below.

The topic of today’s Style Pick of the Week is a brand you very well might recognize — Relwen. Makers of superb outerwear fit for nearly every situation, from casual weekends (see the Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket) to the more field-ready (enter the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket). If you’re a fan of those two unique silhouettes, then today’s stylish spring jacket is certainly going to work out nicely. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket — it’s quite possibly your new favorite spring jacket. The Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket isn’t just any lightweight spring jacket to throw on — it’s packed with that critical combo of styling potential and weather-ready durability that you need this season particularly. The CPO-style design is quite likely different than any other jacket you’ve got hanging in your closet currently, which is part of what makes the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket so cool and essential. Seriously. It’s got the styling chops to hang with your other favorite spring style essentials — take light wash denim, canvas high-top sneakers and a classic white T-shirt, for starters. Feel free to match the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket with other, slightly more office-ready looks; a blue Oxford shirt, slim tan chinos and clean white sneakers ought to do the trick. So, we know it’s got the looks you need. What about the performance? Believe — at least based on the specs — the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket can hang.

The waffle-knit lining in this jacket adds just the right amount of warmth when it comes to spring layering.

It starts with the perfectly spring-friendly cotton-nylon construction — easy enough to layer on a breezy day, sturdy enough to retain its shape and silhouette through lots of repeated wear. Believe me, I think you’re going to find that the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket is the right kind of jacket for the season; it looks great with classic picks, like a light blue chambray shirt, and it works well with laidback staples (like the classic white T-shirt we mentioned earlier). Add in a plethora of pockets, including two slanted hip zipper pockets and two front-button snap pockets at the chest, and you’ve even got enough room to handle all of your everyday carry essentials. Plus, the waffle knit lining at the shoulders provides some needed insulation for cooler spring (and even summer) nights. Pleated elbows and shaped cuffs are also design touches you don’t often find on other jackets — the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket has everything considered quite nicely, one could say. For me, that makes it a darn-near essential spring jacket — what say you?

Feel free to leave your feedback or comments on Twitter about this essential spring jacket, my friends. Thanks for reading! 


The Friday Read: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Affordable Watches and Spring Weekend Style

The only thing standing between you and the weekend is today’s edition of the Friday Read. Well, not quite. Perhaps you’ve got a day on the old job ahead of you as power right on through into mid-April. If you missed the happenings this week at everyone’s favorite menswear blog (The Style Guide, of course), then we’re here to fill you in. We talked the best way to wear chukka boots this spring, and we also talked about one of the best pairs of spring chinos to buy now. So, there was certainly a lot going on in terms of style this week. Elsewhere in Brooklyn and beyond, I’m way excited to welcome my amazing girlfriend Laura to the borough and to the Big Apple for the very first time! While we’re here, she’s a marvelous photographer (and a wonderful human!), and you’d do well to check out her photography work. We’ve got lots on the docket, including exploring Prospect Park and Central Park, plus grabbing a classic NYC brunch and record shopping at the legendary Rough Trade in Brooklyn. And of course, it’ll be business as usual here on the blog, complete with tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. For now, I’ll leave you to start your weekend with these choice reads. Thanks for supporting The Style Guide, and we’ll catch you on the flip!

  • I’m all about experiential vacations that go beyond the ordinary. Such is the case with a new chance to stay in the old, famed Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery in the beer-friendly town of Milwaukee. That sounds like a trip I can get behind — my pals at The Manual have the full scoop.
  • Who can resist an affordable, stylish watch? The great folks at have done their best to round up the best affordable watches for men, so give that a read before you make your next timepiece purchase. For my money, I think this affordable Timex watch as covered here on the blog might  be your best bet for casual weekend style this season.
  • Looking for an easy way to give your spring weekend style a shot in the arm? Just add a simple, easygoing and yet versatile layer like the Grayers Dalton Terry Crew (last week’s Style Pick of the Week entry). It really gets no better, folks. Wear it with light wash denim, white canvas sneakers and a slub T-shirt for off-duty style that just gets a lot of things right.
  • Lastly, let’s talk one more dose of shopping today. Are you in need of new high-top sneakers for spring? Of course you are. My latest post for The Manual covers that topic precisely. Not a bad read, if I do say so myself!

That’s going to do it for today’s Friday Read. Enjoy the weekend and follow along with my adventures on Instagram and Twitter.



The List: Shop All of the Best Spring Menswear Right Now

How’s your list of spring style essentials coming along? Nicely? Not so nicely? Either way, we’ve got more great men’s style gear to help you out with your seasonal shopping in today’s edition of The List. We’re talking a little bit of everything today, from the Oxford shirt you need now to an essential travel tee — yes, the perfect travel tee exists (and it’s the first pick in today’s post!). At any rate, read on below, chime in on these picks at The Style Guide Facebook page, and good lookin’ out!

PROOF The Passage Tee — $42

A versatile-as-heck tee in a versatile fabric.

Made from anti-odor, stretch-filled cotton in three versatile colors, the Passage Tee from PROOF is as close as it gets to a 24-hour T-shirt. And yes, I might have just coined that phrase.

Abercrombie & Fitch Athletic Slim Officer’s Chinos — $72

Classic chinos made from classic fabric — it doesn’t get any better.

Leave it to the revamped Abercrombie & Fitch to make chinos using fabric that first originated during production of military uniforms. These are the real deal, in a classic-yet-modern fit.

Taylor Stitch The Jack in Blue Everyday Oxford — $98
An exceptional Oxford in a terrific cut.
Here’s that classic Oxford shirt we mentioned earlier — of course, it’s made by Taylor Stitch in a perfect fit using high-quality fabric. Wear this shirt with slim tan chinos and white sneakers.
CIVIC Frank Chinos — $128
Neutral chinos that combine sustainability and style with ease? Sign me up.
What are you going to wear on your bottom half if you’re wearing a Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt on top? Why, these sustainable, stylish CIVIC Frank Chinos (from the partner brand of the TS folks). Nicely done, right?
SeaVees Huntington Middie in Elmwood — $108
Part sneaker, part chukka boot, and all ready for spring.
Because spring isn’t just about going with bright colors, this perfectly in-between Elmwood shade as found on the SeaVees Huntington Middie is a good happy medium. Wear ’em with an off-white short-sleeve tee and slim light wash jeans.
Beltology Radius Woven Belt in Olive — $60
A durable, casual belt that adds texture to spring outfits aplenty.
Stylish chinos are no good without a stylish, unique belt like the Beltology Radius Woven Belt, agreed? Agreed.
Abercrombie & Fitch Cable V-Neck Sweater — $68
A throwback-style V-neck sweater that looks at home on the boardwalk, at the beach or aronud a bonfire.
With a mix of preppy style and retro sporting vibes, this V-neck sweater isn’t your average spring layering piece. Wear it over that versatile Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt alongside easygoing chinos for an upscale weekend brunch.
Taylor Stitch The Westport Shirt in Indigo Hemp — $198
Another stellar piece from TS that’ll pull double duty when it arrives on your doorstep.
We’re again talking durable, classic layers with the Westport Shirt from Taylor Stitch — part shirt, part jacket and available now for pre-order. Get ready to wear this over a slub white tee on chillier-than-expected summer nights.
AVI-8 Exclusive Hawker Watch — $98
The right watch to transition into spring — trust me.
Is there such a thing as an ideal watch for spring and summer? There sure is. It’s a versatile NATO strap watch like the AVI-8 Hawker Watch. Bingo.
Relwen Sailcloth Tanker — $298
A durable jacket in a timeless silhouette.
You could mix and match a full outfit from the picks in this edition of The List — at least, I think so. The throwback-inspired Relwen Sailcloth Tanker is the badass jacket you didn’t know you needed for spring.
So, that’ll wrap up our latest list of spring style essentials for you to shop and buy now. As in, right now. What was your favorite? I personally love the Westport Shirt from Taylor Stitch — it’ll be worth the wait once you pre-order it, believe me.
As always, thanks for reading!