The Sunday Sale: Get 20 Percent Off This Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket

You very well might recognize the famed and much-loved brand featured in today’s Sunday Sale, and that’s great news, indeed. It might seem like an unusual time to recommend that you buy one of the best bomber jackets around, but when the jacket in question is the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket, and when that jacket is 20 percent off via the excellent Taylor Stitch Workshop, well, it’s a deal that’s not to be missed. You very well recognize Taylor Stitch from other blog features, including a look at some of the best men’s summer pants, plus my recommendation on a sub-$100 Taylor Stitch shirt, but the brand really doesn’t just do one thing well: They do plenty of men’s style essentials very well across the board, and I’m not just saying that. If you’ve tried the brand, you know. If not, well, a 20 percent discount on one of the best men’s bomber jackets is a great way to get up to speed with what the San Francisco-based brand is all about.

It helps that this rugged men’s bomber jacket retails now for below $240, a downright steal when you consider how well it’s made. Now, this seems to be the case with nearly every other launch in the Taylor Stitch Workshop, but it’s especially true of the brand’s outerwear. These pieces are so essential and well-made, it’s wonder that they retail for 20 percent off and even lower, particularly when you take a closer look at the cool-as-can-be Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket. It won’t ship until mid-September, but that’s even better: You’ll be primed and ready to layer up with your new favorite bomber jacket come early fall. And my oh my, what a piece you’re getting with one of the best men’s bomber jackets.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket in Waxed Navy - Classic Men's Clothing…

Your new favorite bomber jacket has all the proper specs you’d expect from a brand like Taylor Stitch, after all. Taylor Stitch’s West Coast roots and San Fran presence both mean that they haven’t cut corners when it comes to weather-ready performance. The Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Waxed Navy is made with a 5.5oz. waxed cotton from famed purveyors Halley Stevenson, a U.K. heritage company that makes some of the hardest-wearing fabrics on the planet. Wool and acrylic ribbing at the cuffs and collar helps with a warming, yet not sweltering, finish. And of course, the brand’s signature organic cotton vintage SF map print lining gives the Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Waxed Navy a cool and one-of-a-kind finish. And yet, this all rolls into an easy-wearing, versatile jacket that’ll prove more than adequate for the in-between weather that tends to roll through town between September and October.

The excellent thing is, you can wear this jacket casually (with a rugged Taylor Stitch henley) and with a bit more polish in mind (say, atop a Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt). It’ll resist wind and rain nicely, and when you’re not wearing it on the road, it certainly shouldn’t prove too bulky to pack up. And again, it’s quite helpful that it retails for 20 percent off right now. Shop in advance, stock up accordingly and then layer up come early fall with what I’d certainly call your new favorite bomber jacket. Happy shopping and good luck out there, folks.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts

Best men's shorts this summer

As far as gearing up for summer is concerned, I hope you’re ready — and I hope you’re ready to dive in with some of the best shorts for men at the forefront. The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts, ladies and gentlemen, are the very shorts you need for summer’s many adventures on land, on the trail and in the water. You likely won’t find a more versatile pair of men’s shorts on the market at the moment, but would you expect anything less from a brand that manages to get a heck of a lot right? From the best heirloom leather jacket to a classic Oxford shirt and your favorite chinos, Taylor Stitch simply manages to knock it right out of the park with the best menswear essentials around, and that’s not just hyperbole.

If you can believe it, the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are a far cry from the shorts you’ve probably grown accustomed to wearing across the past year-and-change during the pandemic. They’re not an old pair of athletic shorts, nor are they too stuffy or stiff, like even some chino shorts tend to be at times. Here’s what sets apart regular shorts from the best men’s shorts to buy this summer: Fabric and design, two areas in which San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch assuredly excels.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts 

Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts

The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts, for starters, blend organic cotton with nylon and spandex, plus a DWR finish. That means they’re durable yet lightweight, made to move with you and repel water. In short, that also means that these are some of the best adventure shorts, too. It’s remarkable what these rugged men’s shorts have been designed to do, another hallmark that sets Taylor Stitch apart. They feature front slash pockets, like you might find in a pair of chino shorts, but those pockets have drainage holes for water — who’s up for a quick dip at the local watering hole? Plus, an elastic waistband and drawcord provide the comfort and stretch you need from some of the best shorts for men this season.

Helpfully, the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are available in three versatile and cool-as-heck colorways: Navy, Rust and bold Tiger Camo. If there’s one thing your shorts need this summer in addition to functionality, it’s style points: The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts deliver, folks. Last but not least, the 8-inch inseam should hit above or at the knee for most of us, and you can still rock these if you’re a bit taller and want shorts with some room to move. From A to Z and top to bottom, the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts deliver the goods, and then some. Would you expect anything else from Taylor Stitch? Surely not. Summer’s here, and it’s time to get out there.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts 

The Friday Read: Father’s Day Weekend, Summer Style Essentials & Timex x MadeWorn

My friends, welcome to another lovely summer Friday here in Brooklyn (and hopefully, wherever you happen to be, as well!). It’s a momentous weekend for several reasons, chief among them the fact that it’s Father’s Day weekend — perhaps you might be interested in shipping Dad a last-minute or post-Father’s Day gift from the always-outstanding Huckberry x Coors Golden Hour Series as shown above? After all, what could be a better gift for Dad than rugged menswear inspired by the spirit of creativity and cold beer? Plus, who doesn’t love a refreshing Coors — call it a guilty pleasure — on a hot summer’s day? That’s what I thought. Head to Huckberry to shop the full Huckberry x Coors collection and perhaps pick up some gear for yourself, too.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, and although I won’t be with my dad, I’ll actually be heading back down to sunny Florida early next week — just in time for an extended Father’s Day visit! I hope you’re able to spend quality time with loved ones, and safely, wherever they might be. I’ll also be staying busy this weekend, with some editing and writing for The Manual coming up for me on Saturday. I’ve also been working on some new Maxim stories (one of which is below!), and my latest Huckberry Journal entry is coming up soon, too. So with all that being said, I’ll be plenty busy.

It’s a change of pace from last weekend, when I trekked upstate courtesy of Eddie Bauer to put some stellar Eddie Bauer hiking gear to the test getting around the Catskills from the cozy confines of the Getaway Eastern Catskills outspot. As it were, you can read all about my trip — and subscribe! — at my twice-weekly music-menswear-craft beer newsletter called The Style Guide In Brief. I publish two times a week, and believe me when I say there’s something for everyone, from indie rock to rugged menswear. For now, I’ve also got a few items I think you’ll enjoy heading into the weekend. Enjoy the day, enjoy time with family and enjoy a proper summer weekend!

  • Hey now, here’s a fun one for both yourself and potentially for Dad as an added bonus or a little post-Father’s Day gift. Or actually, well, one heck of an upgraded Father’s Day gift. It’s the new Timex x MadeWorn collaboration that’s really caught my eye as of late, so much so that I covered it for Maxim. The collaboration pairs up the legendary watch brand with the vintage-revival team at MadeWorn, led by artist Blaine Halvorson, and the results really are something else. Shop Timex now to get your new favorite watch after reading my guide.
  • Call this one another fun gift for Dad or for yourself if you’ve been investing a bit in new records across the past few weeks and months. Urban Outfitters stocks and sells some of the best record players out there, the kind of easy and affordable pick-up that can add some color and a whole lot of great sound to your living room, your den or Dad’s home office, easily. A pro tip: Let him know the gift is on the way with a homemade certificate, and then buy a record or two for him to spin when it arrives (Urban Outfitters also sells records!). Easy as that!
  • I talked in my last Friday Read about another undeniably cool gift for Dad, or for anyone really: A new Sean Connery Framed Print from UNCRATE. Well, how about adding this exclusive Steve McQueen Boxing Print to your shopping cart from the always-well-stocked UNCRATE Supply Shop? It’s bold, it’s rugged, it’s iconic and it’ll make a heck of an impression hanging on any wall.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read, and hopefully, you’ve got just enough time to check off a few very last-minute Father’s Day shopping pick-ups. What’s your favorite from the above, either for Dad or for yourself? I personally think the exclusive Steve McQueen Boxing Print is pretty epic, but that’s just me. Last but not least, if you want some shopping suggestions for yourself, check out my guide on how to wear a camp collar shirt this summer. That’s all for now, but you can check back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and you can also hit “Subscribe” over at The Style Guide In Brief for more new content from me. Cheers to the weekend, folks!

The Thursday Buy: Faherty Brand’s Short-Sleeve Henley is the Best Summer T-Shirt to Shop Now

Best short-sleeve henleys for men

If you’ve been hunting for a summer shirt for men that strikes a happy balance between rugged, casual and versatile, then I’m here to tell you that the Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley is your new seasonal style move. If you’ve read the blog, you know Faherty Brand makes rugged winter shirts as well as spring bomber jackets, but the NYC-based, coastally inspired brand also does a bang-up job of making the best summer menswear, too. They’ve got plenty of options for style enthusiasts and newfound fans alike, including the Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley, which toes the line between overly casual and overly rugged quite nicely.

Think of it this way: As we all ease back into the world, you’re going to need casual menswear staples that are cooler than a T-shirt but not as buttoned-up as a dress shirt. One of the best men’s henleys is here to fill that gap quite handily. Now, Faherty Brand has something of a specialty in this area — witness the fact that it makes both stretch Oxford shirts (to wear with your favorite blazer) as well as rugged flannel shirts (to layer atop a Faherty Brand henley when the weather takes a turn). And although it’s more casual than both of those categories, the Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley isn’t to be trifled with. It’s as solidly built as it gets, and the fact that it retails for $78 is a nice bonus, too.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley

Best short-sleeve henley for men

Like all of the best short-sleeve henleys for men, it meets some crucial criteria. What exactly are those criteria? I’m glad you asked, my friends. The Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley is made from a blend of cotton and polyester, both ideal for comfort and breathability on hot summer days. It also features a more relaxed, rather than skintight, fit. This is also ideal for breezy summer style. Faherty built this shirt from the ground up with all the proper considerations in mind.

This is very good news for all of us eager summer style shoppers. Of course, a great summer shirt isn’t much without great looks, right? Helpfully, the Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley comes in six colors, ranging from Faded Denim to a crisp White. Each option provides more than enough wearability for the modern man about town (that’s you!). And the Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley really is a henley you can wear all around town, be it with chino shorts and white leather sneakers or a rugged denim jacket and olive chinos. When the time comes to head to the beach, your new favorite henley is an ideal layer to team with your favorite swim trunks, cold beer in hand. It’s clear that hopefully, you need this classic men’s henley in your wardrobe. Choose wisely, folks.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Short-Sleeve Henley

See Now, Buy Now: This Filson Feather Cloth Shirt is the Perfect Shirt for Summer Adventures

Filson Feather Cloth Shirt

If you want one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer adventures, well, folks, you’ve come to the right place. The shirt in question today is the Filson Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt, a shirt that’s both rugged and well-built, yet breezy and lightweight. Yes, it can do all of that at once, which makes it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men at this moment. It’s especially handy if you value a shirt you can wear from sun up to sun down without missing a beat (more on that in a second). Now, if you read the blog, you know that Filson doesn’t settle for anything less than the best, whether that involves crafting the best summer travel jacket or one of the best workshirts for men on the market. That’s also the case, as you might expect, with this Filson Feather Cloth Shirt.

 Think of this dependable, lightweight short-sleeve shirt as the perfect style move if you want something buttoned-up (literally), yet also breezy and casual. It’s the sort of rugged shirt you can throw on to head out on a day hike or wear as you pack up the cooler to head out of town. And even when it’s brutally hot outside, the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt is going to be the light-as-air shirting option you can turn towards time and again.

SHOP: The Filson Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt

Filson men's shirts

The magic of the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt lies in the, well, feather cloth fabric that Filson uses. It’s but one of the many standout fabrics the legendary Pacific Northwest retailer has made its own through the years. In this case, it’s lightweight 100 percent cotton that clocks in at just 3 oz., all the better for plenty of dependably breezy style. It’s also heavily pre-washed, giving it an even lighter, more comfortable feel. Throw in the fact that it’s made with two handy front-button chest pockets — for your everyday carry essentials — and you’ve got a rugged short-sleeve shirt that you can wear all day long, even atop a T-shirt.

 It’s also available in a range of fun summer colors, including the colorful Green and Gold Plaid option shown at the top of the page. When you want a dependable shirt to wear all summer long on adventures aplenty, consider the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt your new go-to move: It’s as dependable as it gets, no matter how high temperatures climb.

SHOP: The Filson Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt


#OOTD: How to Wear a Camp Collar Shirt This Summer

Want a new way to dress for summer? One that’s unexpected and yet pretty cool and unique? It all starts with finding one of the best camp collar shirts out there. Camp collar shirts first began appearing on runways once more a handful of years ago, and they’re now made by brands big and small, including the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason. Think of it not so much as a trend more as a new American style staple, the kind that you can just as readily wear to the office now as you can to a summer BBQ. It might take some getting used to wearing a camp collar shirt as opposed to a polo or even a breezy Oxford shirt, but it’s a cool and somewhat bold style move worth making. It’ll turn heads in a good way, and it’s every bit as comfortable and lightweight as your favorite T-shirt, seriously. That’s especially true of the Buck Mason Camp Shirt we’ll be talking about today, which is about as classic a take on the style as it gets.

A cool camp collar shirt signals the feeling that summer is here, that the sun is shining and that cold beer and great times await. And if you want to go a bit more bold and wear your Buck Mason Camp Shirt underneath a blazer on a short, casual Friday at the office, then you can do that, too — it’s summer after all, and we’re all getting used to really dressing again in our own ways. If you want to wear it more casually, a la the #OOTD below, then I’d suggest you do that, too. The point is, the best camp collar shirt can do even more than you might think at first glance. That’s great news for your summer style.

Best way to wear a camp collar shirt

  • The Camp Collar Shirt: Buck Mason Breeze Linen Camp Shirt, $95 — Now, this shirt has been talked about before on the blog, but it’s worth revisiting. It’s a breezy and effortlessly cool summer style move.
  • The Pants: Faherty Brand Stretch Terry Pants, $148 — Keep the casual summer style vibes flowing with these comfortable stretch pants, which wear like chinos (perfect for the office) but feel like sweats (ideal for weekend hangs).
  • The Loafers: Astorflex Patnoflex Travel Loafers, $175 — We’re back once again to talk about a pair of the most stylish men’s loafers. These are made to travel easily and can work at the office, happy hour and anywhere in between.
  • The Belt: Billykirk No. 117 Mechanic’s Belt, $105 — Wearing a stylish leather belt might feel odd these days, but it’s an essential that you need in an #OOTD like this. Billykirk makes one of the best men’s belts, too.
  • The Watch: Shinola Runwell Automatic Watch, $1,095 — Splurge and treat yourself to one of the best leather dress watches for men. It’s just the right way to go as we re-enter the world.
  • The Sunglasses: Maui Jim Castles Sunglasses, $300 — If you haven’t thought about your accessories in a good while, why not go all out and pick up a pair of the best sunglasses for men to really drive home the cool, stylish nature of this #OOTD? I’m all about it, folks.
  • The Grooming Essential: MANTL Age Defense Moisturizer, $21.98 — Refresh your mug to head back out into the world with this hydrating daily moisturizer, my friends.
  • The Everyday Carry: Mission Workshop 500D Drift Tote, $265 — There’s a reason this versatile and rugged Mission Workshop tote keeps popping up on the blog, and that’s because it’s got the carrying capacity for whatever your day requires, from sun up to sun down.

Well, my friends. Are you ready for the rest of summer, and a stylish one, to boot? It’s all about shaking things up ever so slightly, be it packing up a Mission Workshop tote — instead of a backpack — or opting to wear your new Buck Mason Camp Shirt instead of a classic polo. The rest of these picks toe the line between the comfort we’re used to now (witness the comfortable stretch pants from Faherty Brand) and the cool style you need this summer (as in, some of the most stylish men’s loafers on the market). Add in other considerations, like a pair of the best sunglasses for men and a much-needed, stylish leather belt, and your accessories are top-notch, too. Finish it off with an essential men’s moisturizer, and I’d say you’ve just put together one of the coolest looks possible for whatever heads your way this season. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay stylish out there!

The List: Shop the Best New Gear for Summer At Huckberry This Week

Best summer gear to buy from Huckberry

Ahh, yes. The summer season is well and truly upon us, and with it comes the chance to stock up on your new favorite menswear from Huckberry. The lauded San Francisco retailer, long a top brand on this blog (and plenty of other places) has all the gear you need for hot summer days and nights aplenty. I’ve talked plenty in recent weeks about my favorite gear picks from Huckberry, but it’s always wise to revisit what the brand is stocking in its very, very well-curated digital shelves. With that in mind, get that credit card at the ready, as I always say, and start shopping for the best summer style essentials out there.

This Week’s Top Huckberry Gear Picks

Wills Mercerized Cotton Tee — $42

Best summer T-shirts for men

Huckberry is, perhaps not surprisingly, a great place to go to stock up on the best men’s T-shirts. This all-important style essential is a surefire seasonal staple, and Wills does it right with this premium cotton tee.

Wellen Easy Chino Shorts — $68

Best casual shorts for men

Folks, it’s an exceptionally hot one out there most days this summer, so a pair of the best casual shorts for men should be very high on your summer shopping list. These sustainable shorts are an easy and breezy style move.

OluKai Mio Li Sneakers — $130

Olukai sneakers for men

Cap off that pair of the best casual shorts for men and one of the best men’s T-shirts with a pair of stylish everyday sneakers. These are both sporty and yet wearable with chinos or light wash denim, which is just too good to be true. Or is it?

Marine Layer Stretch Twill Windbreaker — $155

Best lightweight jackets for men

Now, not every single day is going to call for a stylish lightweight jacket like this one. But when the time comes and summer winds pick up, you’ll be glad you picked up with eye-catching windbreaker… right? Yes, yes sir.

Flint and Tinder Summer Jeans — $148

Best light wash jeans for men

Just as not every day is going to be well-suited to layering up with a jacket, well, you might not find yourself wanting to wear slim light wash jeans every day. But when that time does roll around, these are the Flint and Tinder jeans to throw on.

Shinola Runwell Quartz Watch — $595

Shinola Runwell Quartz Watch

Perhaps you want a new leather dress watch to wear back to the office or to that summer wedding. As ever, the much-loved Shinola Runwell Quartz Watch is perfect for each and every dressy occasion.

Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Polo — $98

Best polos for men

If you keep up with the blog, perhaps you’re familiar with the seriously breezy and lightweight style you get with the Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Polo. If not, consider this a fine introduction to one of the best polos for men.

Garrett Leight Brooks X 10th Anniversary Sunglasses — $395

Best men's sunglasses for summer

The best sunglasses for men are worth investing a little bit more cash in, don’t you agree? These Garrett Leight sunglasses in particular should pair up quite nicely with every single other pick on this list, guaranteed.

Jones Sports Co. FC Weekender Duffle — $175

Best men's duffle bags

Jones Sports Co. has a 50-year heritage of making some of the best weekender bags out there, especially this handsome and yet rugged duffle bag for guys who want a compact carry for an active lifestyle. Start planning that next trip ASAP.

Fair Harbor Anchor Swim Shorts — $68

Last but certainly not least, let’s take a look at some of the best men’s swim trunks for this season (and beyond). They’re sustainable, stylish and well-priced — what’s not to love, right?

If you ask me, I think gearing up for summer just got a whole lot easier and more stylish with Huckberry, did it not? The brand really does have you covered from A-to-Z, whether you want some of the best men’s swim trunks, a splurge-worthy pair of the best sunglasses for men or a tried-and-true standby like the Shinola Runwell Quartz Watch. If you’ve got any favorites from this list, you can let me know in the comments or give me a follow on Twitter. Cheers and happy shopping, folks!

The Sunday Sale: Get These Everest Isles Swim Trunks for Under $100 at UNCRATE Now

Best swim trunks for men

As we roll through June, perhaps you’ve realized something: You’re in need of a new favorite pair of swim trunks, the kind of pair that blends style and functionality with ease. Well, folks: Meet the Everest Isles Swim Trunks, available for under $100 at UNCRATE right now as part of today’s Sunday Sale. What a deal, right? Yes, yes indeed. And it’s also worth mentioning that the UNCRATE Surplus Shop is one heck of a place to go to get some standout menswear deals in general. Case in point: Not all that long ago here on the blog, I talked about the best men’s sneakers for summer, a pair that just so happen to be under $60 at UNCRATE. The deals, they keep on rolling.

If you’re familiar with the well-stocked UNCRATE Surplus Shop, then perhaps you’ve had your eye on those finely crafted sneakers. But let’s keep it more beach-friendly today with a pair of the best men’s swim trunks, the kind that you’ll definitely appreciate all summer long. I’ve tried out a set of Everest Isles Swim Trunks myself, and I was struck by how lightweight and easy to wear they happened to be — they’re streamlined in terms of fit and fabric, a huge bonus for the guy on the go (that’s you!).

SHOP: The Everest Isles Swim Trunks

Best men's swim trunks

It just so happens that the Everest Isles Swim Trunks, in addition to being stylish and cut above the knee for maximum mobility, are also sustainable. They’re made with regenerated nylon that’s both durable and yet easy on your legs (they also incorporate other reclaimed materials salvaged from the ocean). That means they’re a pair of stylish men’s swim trunks you can feel good about wearing. And again, let’s not forget that they clock in at under $100. Even the small details are on point, which helps justify the fact that you’re still investing in this pair of swim trunks. Take the laser-engraved, corrosion-resistant cordage ends to prevent fraying — talk about a great feature.

The elasticated waist and athletic fit are flattering on most body types, as are the two sleek color options: Black or Silver. Either should pair readily with summer style staples like a classic Sunspel T-shirt or a timeless men’s polo for hours of fun in the sun, beer in hand. And because they’re cut like tailored shorts, you can even wear the Everest Isles Swim Trunks to grab a bite to eat after a day on the water without missing a beat. Throw in this stellar deal, and once again, you’ve just found your new favorite pair of swim trunks.

SHOP: The Everest Isles Swim Trunks

Style Pick of the Week: Sunspel Riviera Polo

If there’s one thing you can count on in this life, it’s that the menswear of James Bond (as seen above!) is as timeless, modern and yet classically cool as it gets, all at once. That’s certainly the case with today’s Style Pick of the Week, the Sunspel Riviera Polo, as sold by UNCRATE and as worn by everyone’s favorite secret agent. If you’ve followed James Bond since Daniel Craig took over before the legendary “Casino Royale,” perhaps you recognize, say, the T-shirt worn by James Bond, also made by Sunspel (and featured in this rugged, versatile #OOTD, too).

HELM Boots

It helps that now, you can head to UNCRATE to get the equally legendary Sunspel Riviera James Bond Polo, the type of polo shirt that’s as comfortable as your favorite T-shirt and even cooler than you might expect. It retails for $135, but if you ask me, it’s more than worth the price. After all, the UNCRATE Supply Shop is packed with the coolest menswear and gear imaginable, and what better way to step into a summer Saturday than with some new picks, like your new favorite polo? And because it’s too hot out at the moment to wear James Bond’s Danner boots from UNCRATE, this stylish men’s polo is the next best thing (and that’s an understatement).

SHOP: The Sunspel Riviera Polo From UNCRATE 

Sunspel Riviera Polo

The Sunspel Riviera Polo is a masterclass in how to make one of the best polos for men, and then in how to keep making it so consistently through the years. Available in Navy — the same polo worn by James Bond — as well as Grey Melange, Black and White, it’s an iconic offering done up in a crisp silhouette that’s neither too baggy nor too tight. It features a custom mesh fabric for the utmost in breathability, and this classic men’s polo is also cut to be worn untucked, like Bond himself would wear it.
Mack Weldon
If I could give you some advice, I’d urge you to go right out and snag the Sunspel Riviera Polo before the next James Bond movie, “No Time To Die,” is released this fall (as UNCRATE notes, the cool Heather Grey Melange colorway is a limited-edition offering that calls back to “Casino Royale”). At the end of the day, there are limitless chances to wear this classic polo, including with your favorite pair of pants — preferably tan chinos or off-white jeans — to summer cocktail parties and casual-yet-polished days at the office. Act now, add this James Bond polo to your rotation, then watch as compliments befitting of a secret agent roll your way.

SHOP: The Sunspel Riviera Polo From UNCRATE 

The Friday Read: Filson for Father’s Day, Sean Connery Artwork & The Best Father’s Day Gifts

Best gifts for Father's Day 2021

Thanks for joining us for another very special edition of the Friday Read, where I wrap up the week in style and send you off into the weekend with some choice menswear picks. There’s truly no time like the present to shop for the best Father’s Day gifts for men, including the excellent and well-appointed Filson Father’s Day Shop. I’ve long been a fan of this Pacific Northwest heritage brand and its rugged and exceptionally durable gear, and perhaps your Dad or the father figure in your life feels the same way. Be sure to check out a few of my picks for the best Filson gear, including plenty of Father’s Day gifts under $100 from the lauded outfitter. Dad’s going to love what you get him either way, I guarantee it. I personally l love the Filson Polo Shirt and the rugged Filson Travel Pack, so be sure to stock up accordingly.

You’ve still got plenty of time to shop for Father’s Day, so I’d also recommend taking a look at my favorite Father’s Day gifts from Huckberry — to name but a few picks on this site. I’ll certainly be planning ahead and doing some shopping of my own, but I’ve got another major item on my agenda this weekend. I’ll be hitting the road on a solo getaway to upstate New York courtesy of Eddie Bauer!

 The legendary outfitter was kind enough to outfit me with some new Eddie Bauer men’s gear for my trip, which will take me to a solo mini-cabin getaway at the Getaway Eastern Catskills. It’s an innovative approach to taking a trip in these times, and I can’t wait to put my Eddie Bauer picks to the test across the weekend. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to catch up with the latest from my trip! For now, here’s everything else you should be reading and shopping this weekend.

Sean Connery Framed Print at UNCRATE

The Art Of Shaving Father's Day Gifts

Best Father's Day gifts from Bespoke Post

  • Let’s talk about one more of the best Father’s Day gifts, this time from Bespoke Post. Now, I talked earlier this week on the blog about the best Father’s Day gifts from Bespoke Post, but consider this yet another reminder that they’re a really excellent spot to shop if you need an affordable, stylish gift for Father’s Day. The Bespoke Post Shield Box comes to mind as another excellent grooming gift for Dad, featuring five SPF-focused products to “shield” his mug from the sun. Pretty ideal, yes?
  • Let’s close things out the right way: With a bit of a reward for all of that hard work you just put in shopping. Treat yourself with one of my  more recent Maxim features, one that’s nice and patriotic for the summer season: Read more about (and stock up on!) the Southern Comfort Americana Bottle, launched recently by the famed brand. Cheers to the weekend, indeed.

I’ve got one last style pick before we head into the weekend. In fact, it’s yet another heirloom-worthy piece that could be ideal for either yourself, your Dad or anyone who values one of the best leather weekender bags in their travel rotation. Head here to this blog post to read all about the incredibly cool and well-made Satchel & Page Gladstone Weekender Bag. It looks to me like it’s time to pack up and hit the road. Again, cheers to the weekend and best of luck with that Father’s Day gift shopping, folks!