The Sunday Sale: Save 30% On the Most Rugged Men’s Gear Right Now at Howler Brothers

Best rugged gear to buy now.

What sort of gear do you reach for when you get out into the wild? That could be the best outdoor menswear you layer up with on a day hike, or on a camping trip, or on a winter market stroll… or even just the coolest menswear you rock on an evening trip to your favorite brewery.

When yours truly takes on those pursuits, I look for comfortable, dependable, hard-wearing gear that’s easy to move around in and versatile as heck — this is where Austin-based Howler Brothers enters your wardrobe. Better still is the fact that the Howler Brothers Last Call section is newly stocked with the most rugged menswear for guys.

We’re talking 30 percent off the best rugged menswear on the market, especially fan favorites like durable flannel shirts, super-soft hoodies, one of the best quilted jackets for men and more. OK, make that much more, because destinations like the Howler Reserve Collection also stock exclusive designs for solid prices, too. Keep in mind that sizes are going very, very fast, though.

Best rugged men's style essentials.

Across the board, the brand specializes in gear you can wear from day to night, especially in casually rugged situations (think a winter park stroll, followed by a few drams at a snug whiskey bar). Best of all is the fact that, again, the best rugged gear for guys is now at least 30 percent off at Howler Brothers. Your winter wardrobe will surely thank you later.

Style Pick of the Week: Satchel & Page Leather Bomber Jacket – Most Stylish Men’s Leather Jacket

Best leather bomber jacket for men.

From time to time, it can feel great to splurge on a hard-earned menswear pick-up from one of the best leather goods brands on the market — a purchase like one of the best leather bomber jackets. Sure, a leather bomber jacket isn’t an absolute, 100 percent wardrobe must-have in the same manner as, say one of the best winter puffer jackets or a stylish pair of snow boots, yet you should still give it a fair shake. After all, it comes from the same brand that makes your favorite weekender bag (that’d be Satchel & Page, folks).

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

When you find the right one — like the luxe, impossibly cool and extremely well-made Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket — it’s a mighty fun, incredibly wool wardrobe investment. And every so often, it’s also fun to shake things up and spend — wisely, of course! — on one of the best leather jackets for men. Again, this handsome, refined, stylish shearling bomber jacket isn’t a true necessity, but the Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is an awfully hard style splurge to pass up (if you ask your Brooklyn style writer, that is).

Best shearling bomber jacket for men.

The Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is made with care the right way, the old-school way, using some of the finest materials and processes on the market. The materials and processes that go into the Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket include *drum roll please* beautiful French Calf leather throughout, vegetable-tanned to get better with age. Beyond that, the handsome Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket features a Spanish wool shearing collar — a luxe upgrade to a retro touch — and is lined with brushed cotton tartan lining.

Stylish men's leather jacket to shop now.

Of course, the Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is a splurge, as we talked about earlier, at nearly $700. You should also pay close attention to the company’s sizing notes. Yet, if you think this jacket checks the proper boxes for you — and if you think it’ll hold up and get better the more you wear it! — then the instantly iconic Satchel & Paige Leather Bomber Jacket is a worthy investment this season (and beyond).

The Friday Read: Off to The Great West With Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey 10th Anniversary

Folks, thanks for joining me on another fine Friday as we roll into the first weekend of the holiday season and the first weekend of December. I’m rolling into ot with a dram of whiskey in hand, of course, but it’s not just any selection from my bar cart. This weekend, I’m visiting the stunning beauty of Wyoming with the one and only Wyoming Whiskey — what a locale and what a trip so far!

I’m here as part of the many freelance writing pursuits I undertake these days, specifically writing about spirits for Maxim, just one of a few trips I’ve undertaken as of late — if you follow me on Instagram, you know I just wrapped up a Caribbean and Florida Thanksgiving vacation, but this jaunt is particularly special.

It’s a special trip out to Jackson Hole and Wyoming ranch country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wyoming Whiskey, a distillery with rugged roots and a focus on all-American craftsmanship (not unlike so many of your favorite brands I talk about here at The Style Guide, naturally). While I can’t bring you all with me out to Wyoming, you can indeed order Wyoming Whiskey for yourself at Drizly to get it delivered to your door in the meantime. How about that, my friends?

Best American whiskey to drink now

Stay tuned for more at Maxim on my trip — and stay tuned for regular blog content this weekend, including tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week — but just know that the significance of these trips isn’t lost on me. I’m always ever so grateful to travel the world, to write about new and exciting menswear, whiskey and luxury brands, and to meet seriously cool, talented people all along the way. To me, that’s worth toasting today (and every day). Thank you for being here and for reading! And cheers to Wyoming Whiskey, of course. Have a great weekend, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: The Huckberry Fall Style Guide Has the Best Menswear to Buy This Season

Best new fall and winter menswear

Trends come and go, seasons change but one thing remains the same: The best men’s style essentials just remain, well, the best men’s style essentials, time and time again. That’s the idea behind the Huckberry Fall and Winter Style Guide, yet another standout selection of the best new menswear for guys, packed to the gills with picks to improve, revamp and upgrade any menswear wardrobe. Of course, I’d wager you know Huckberry very, very well indeed if you read the blog, be it shopping for the best new winter boots or searching for the best waxed trucker jacket, of course.

Best Red Wing boots for men to buy now.

But what if you could get that same sense of classic, rugged, hard-wearing style curated in one helpful offering? That’s where the endlessly shoppable Huckberry Fall and Winter Style Guide can come in mighty handy. Be it a vibrant puffer jacket, some of the best men’s boots, a seriously cool Fair Isle sweater or just about any other winter style pick, the Huckberry Fall and Winter Style Guide has it all.

Sherpa Blanket & Drink Coozie. Hibernate with the brand new Peaceful Bear Sherpa Puffy Blanket & Beverage Coozies. Proceeds support the ongoing conservation projects in the parks.

That might sound like hyperbole, but it’s not a stretch to say that no matter what your heart desires or your wardrobe needs, the Huckberry Fall and Winter Style Guide has every single base covered. It’s a great way to strike the balance between on -trend and timeless, no matter which category you shop, and I truly mean that — trust me! Dive on in and see for yourself today.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up in Style With Faherty’s Best-Selling Legend Sweater Shirt

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

We’re just coming off shopping for the best Cyber Monday deals, to be sure, but there’s still ample time to shop one of the best men’s winter shirts — after all, ’tis the season to stock up on the best new menswear, right? And if you’ve felt that your winter wardrobe could use a shot in the arm via a highly versatile, highly rugged yet soft and stylish men’s shirt, you’re in luck today.

10% off Florsheim with code: LNK10

In fact, the good folks at New York City’s Faherty Brand are already well-known for offering deals on the best men’s shirts, but today’s offering is a bit different: Sadly, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt isn’t on sale, but it’s just as worth your time, consideration and cash. Let’s count the ways in which the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a winning winter wardrobe upgrade, shall we?

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

Yes indeed, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a best-seller at the family-owned brand for a reason, and you might say it knocks it out of the park every step of the way. Crucially, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt uses some of the most versatile fabric on the market. It’s made from a soft, stretchy knit blend with plenty of viscose and elastane — in short, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt looks like a flannel shirt but moves with you like a cozy sweatshirt (it is a true “Sweater Shirt,” to be sure).

It’s relaxed enough to wear atop one of the best men’s henleys or your favorite graphic T-shirt, yet it’s soft enough to the touch to wear on its own.

Mack Weldon

Of course, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt comes in an astonishing array of cool colors, each enough to add a serious shot of style to your winter shirting rotation. It’s one of the best men’s shirts for a reason, given that you can wear it as a mid-layer beneath a waxed winter jacket in cold weather, or as a simple overshirt on brisk fall or breezy spring days.

No doubt about it, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a shirt for all seasons, but more than anything, it’s one of the best shirts for men this winter. You’ll have to pony up nearly $180 to score the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt, but given its versatility and quality, it’s well worth the purchase price.

The Tuesday Steal: Get Up To 40% Off The Best Huckberry Gear Today with this Cyber Week Deal

Best Cyber Week Huckberry deals

Yes, it’s true: There are still plenty of Cyber Week deals out there for the taking from some of the best menswear retailers on the market, making this an extra-special edition of the Tuesday Steal. Let’s dive right in with ongoing Cyber Week deals from Huckberry — if you’re not too tired out from Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, that is.

Head to Huckberry to shop the best Cyber Week gear deals now

Save up to 40% off sitewide

With a lauded retailer like Huckberry (where you can find everything from the best men’s boots to rugged waxed trucker jackets, stylish sneakers, refined sunglasses and more), variety, time and a careful eye for quality and savings are of the essence. In short, no matter what you might want — and no matter what’s on your shopping list — I’m willing to bet this last round of Huckberry Cyber Week shopping deals has something for you (and for anyone on your holiday gifting list).

So, with that being said, I’ll leave you to it: Head to Huckberry to get up to 40% off men’s gear, style essentials and more. A word to the wise: Huckbery’s Cyber Week promos end today (yes, today!) so shop carefully on everything from chinos to flannel shirting, home goods and more.

See Now, Buy Now: Save 30% Today Only On This Rugged Filson Jacket

Most rugged jacket for men.

My friends, we aren’t quite done yet with the best Cyber Week menswear deals from plenty of your favorite brands, including revered retailers that rarely offer up styles for sale. One such revered retailer might be Filson, longtime Pacific Northwest gear purveyors, and a brand that doesn’t run all that many sales (try two a year).

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

That’s what makes today’s deal on one of the best jackets for men so essential, and so short-lived. So, here goes: Today only, get 30% off the Filson Vintage Wash Moleskin Work Coat. Yes, that’s right: Today only, and 30% off up for grabs.

Best men's rain jacket.

Oh, and that’s not all. You can also score 30% off the Filson All Season Rain Coat in Root, a wise choice if you need one of the best rain jackets for a more temperate climate (check out that jacket above). Once again, that stylish men’s rain coat (made from the brand’s rugged, weather-ready Shelter Cloth) is 30% off as part of Filson Cyber Monday deals, and you can only get it today.

Most rugged men's work jacket.

If you ask me, those are two seriously rugged wardrobe upgrades worth making, especially the Filson Vintage Wash Moleskin Work Coat, what with its pre-washed construction, hard-wearing yet soft cotton build, cool Dark Navy color and four everyday carry pockets. Heck, why not buy two new Filson men’s jackets right now, ehh?

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

So, to sum it up quickly so you can get back to shopping Filson Cyber Week deals: Save 30% today only on two of Filson’s best jackets. Good luck out there, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Shop the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals From Taylor Stitch Before They’re Gone

Friends, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, is it not? It’s certainly as wonderful a time as any to do a little shopping, like stocking up on the best menswear deals at Taylor Stitch during what just might be the best weekend of the year (for shopping and turkey time, of course). It’s certainly the case if you’re a menswear enthusiast and want to save on the best men’s style essentials — period — at one of your favorite brands for a very limited time.

The deal in question is about as good as it gets: Through today, get 20% off sitewide at Taylor Stitch for Black Friday weekend style deals, and get $20 back in store credit for orders over $100. That’s not the only thing Taylor Stitch has cooking. For Cyber Monday, you can get 30% off sitewide, and $30 in credit on orders of more than $100, at your favorite menswear brand.

Best menswear deals for Black Friday.

If both of those deals sound too good to be true, that’s because, well, they normally are — it’s not every day Taylor Stitch menswear goes on sale. In fact, the famed brand — known for everything from one of the best flannel shirts to the rugged Taylor Stitch Moto Collection — doesn’t normally offer much of its line at a discount at all, aside from the always cool, always innovative Taylor Stitch Workshop.

If you ask me, that means you’ve got your work cut out for you when it comes time to shop for the best on-sale menswear, including 20% off sitewide for Black Friday and a whopping 30% off sitewide for Cyber Monday at Taylor Stitch. Now’s the time to shop, stock up and save — act accordingly this holiday season, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket – Save 20% for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Best shirt jacket for men.

When the opportunity comes up to shop and save on some of the best menswear on the market, there’s no time to waste — strike while the iron is hot to get the best deals on your favorite menswear brands, yes? And when one of those brands is a refined retailer that doesn’t often discount its top styles — a brand like Billy Reid, for instance — it’s all the more important. So, let’s dive into today’s Style Pick of the Week.

Menswear deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday abound, but the discount up for grabs at Billy Reid is worth your time and hard-earned cash. You can get 20 percent off orders of $400 or more, 30 percent off orders of $800 or more, and yes, 40 percent off orders of more than $1,200. Sure, that’s quite a hefty chunk of change to drop, but allow me to present one of the best men’s shirt jackets for consideration all the same.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

The Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket, normally $498, is a rare weekly style pick in the pages of this blog that’s actually on sale, and on sale only for a very limited time. Like I said, pay close attention to plentiful deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the menswear space, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. In fact, the Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket is worthy of buying at full price — it’s the perfect go-between in place of a blazer, given its luxe design — but that 20% discount is too good to pass up.

Crucially, the Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket is made from an exceedingly handsome, warm wool blend in a rich color that wears well with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans or else, with burgundy corduroys and some of the best wingtip boots (to name but one outfit idea).

The Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket also has plenty of other stylish design details in the mix, including the use of embossed leather under the collar, plus a leather locker loop. And for good measure, yes, your new favorite shirt jacket is now 20 percent off at Billy Reid. Do yourself a favor, shop some of the best men’s style deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and then thank me later. Cheers and thanks for reading!

The Friday Read: The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals On Gear, Men’s Style Essentials & More

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday menswear deals.

My friends, first off: Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yesterday was a joyous, relaxing occasion filled with great times with family and friends, excellent food, delicious whiskey and beer and perhaps a game of touch football and a solid nap. All the classics, all the time, right? And now, to business at hand. Perhaps you sprang out of bed this morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to shop the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals — especially from a rugged, fan-favorite retailer like Huckberry, as seen at the top of the post.

If this holiday weekend is for one thing besides, of course, extreme gratitude, it’s for shopping for the best menswear and gear deals — OK, it’s not all about shopping, not in the slightest, but it’s now a traditional part of the way things go, right? I, for one, am very thankful to all those who read my blog, who trust my opinions on matters of style and who seek out the best menswear brands and deals after reading about ’em here. It’s just that simple!

So consider this my way of saying a HUGE thank you to longtime and newfound readers — this blog was started nearly a decade ago in my college bedroom, and I’ve come a long way, I think!

With that being said, here’s another way of saying thanks: Your Brooklyn style writer has put together this site’s largest-ever collection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and from more than 50 of your favorite retailers. Be it Todd Snyder, Taylor Stitch, or the good folks at Bespoke Post, Buck Mason, Filson or Huckberry, there’s a GREAT chance that if it’s a brand you love — and a brand you’ve read about here on the blog — there’s a Black Friday shopping deal (or a Cyber Monday shopping deal!) that’s yours for the taking. I’ll leave you to your holiday shopping, your discount dashing and your enjoyment of a leftover turkey sandwich. Let’s go to it!

Shop More Than 50 of the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Right Now

  • Duke Cannon: Shop and save on rugged men’s grooming essentials with a variety of great-smelling bundles from the fan favorite Minnesota company.
  • Eddie Bauer: Take 50% off sitewide, with some inclusions, at the famed outdoor gear retailer through Cyber Week.
  • Everlane: Get up to 50% off select styles at the transparent, stylish menswear retailer through the weekend.
  • Faherty Brand: Take 25% off nearly everything (on orders of more than $250) at the rugged, modern retailer, then get an extra 25% off sitewide through Cyber Monday.
  • Free Fly Apparel: Shop and save with 15% off orders of more than $100, 20% off orders of more than $200, and 25% off orders of more than $300 at the rugged performance brand.
Best Black Friday Filson deals
Best Huckberry Cyber Week deals
Best luxury audio brand.
Best Cyber Week outdoor gear deals.
Best Taylor Stitch Black Friday deals.

Well, folks, if you’ve made it this far… perhaps you’d do well to circle back through those deals one more time, yes? Keep in mind that most of those discounts above, be it on everyday carry essentials from WESN or watch deals from Shinola, run through Monday, so keep it locked here as you shop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Once again, my friends: THANK YOU for reading this blog, for trusting my style opinions, and for giving The Style Guide a shot every single day. Cheers and enjoy the holiday weekend!