#OOTD: A New Way to Dress in Casual, Everyday Spring Style

Gather ’round, step on up and ready your spring style essentials — the time is nigh to talk about easygoing, casual spring style. The sort of outfit that really covers all your bases, at least in a casual sense. The sort of outfit you’re going to look forward to wearing as often as you can. And the sort of #OOTD that just makes sense for a lot of us fans of classic, straightforward style. You’ll see pieces like a classic striped tee, a great pair of everyday men’s chinos and some minimal grey leather sneakers that add refined polish any day of the week. The rest of the ensemble also features pieces that can easily be broken out and worn on their own, particularly as temperatures continue to get hotter. Before then, I think you’ll like where we’re going (namely, check out the classic chambray workshirt being used as a necessary top layer). All the building blocks are there in terms of an outfit that screams spring. We’ve got pieces that can be worn all year in other outfits, brought together in one laidback, casual and cool #OOTD. Wear it on a breezy Friday, wear it for a bit of Saturday day-drinking and wear it for Sunday brunch — not all in the same wekeend, of course. Want to chime in on the conversation? Head to The Style Guide Facebook page. Chat then!

Ever wondered how to layer your chambray shirt and still look great this spring? Well, here you go!

The Chambray Shirt: WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt, $98 — A crisp, rugged chambray shirt that doubles as a bit of an outer layer when worn over a striped tee — perfect for a breezy spring night.

The Striped Tee: Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Tee, $55Taylor Stitch doesn’t mess around with fabric quality, even when it comes to a basic T-shirt. The use of mercerized merino makes this classic striped tee durable and ready for extra layers over top.

The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Earth, $98 — We love the 365 Pants for their blend of jean-like durability and chino-like comfort — you get a pair of pants that can be dressed up or, in this case, dressed down.

The Sneakers: Oliver Cabell Low Top 1, $173 — What says spring more than a pair of minimal low-top sneakers, particularly in a unique shade of grey leather? This initial run of sneakers from Oliver Cabell is excellent.

The Socks: American Trench Merino Activity Socks with Silver, $16.98 — Let’s say it’s still just a bit breezy out there — leave the no-show socks at home, and throw on the Merino Activity Socks from American Trench instead. You get more ankle coverage (it’s a thing) and you get sporty, casual style, too.

The Watch: Timex Weekender Chrono Watch, $77 — Not to be forgotten, a NATO strap watch, especially an affordable casual watch from Timex, is the one to wear with this outfit. The color is spring-ready, too.

The Tote Bag: Nisolo Lori Leather Tote, $95.98 — If you hadn’t guessed it by now, this outfit was designed with more casual ventures in mind — I.E. Lounging on a patio crushing session IPAs. Carry the beer in the Nisolo Lori Leather Tote, my friend.

The Pomade: O’Doud’s Standard Pomade, $18 — While you could certainly accessorize with a stylish, vintage-inspired ballcap here, maybe you’ve freshened your ‘do for spring. The O’Doud’s Standard Pomade can help with a new look, sir.

If this #OOTD doesn’t get you excited to kick back outside with a beer or two, then I just don’t know what to tell ya. The WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt is as classic and stylish as it gets, with the potential to layer quite easily over the Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Tee. And those two pieces, combined with the equally essential  Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, are going to nicely complement crisp leather sneakers from Oliver Cabell for an easygoing springtime look. Don’t sleep on the value of comfortable socks, either — the Merino Activity Socks from American Trench are going to get the job done in terms of style, too. Of course, an affordable casual watch from Timex certainly helps to cement the nature of this outfit,  along with the grab-and-go Nisolo Lori Leather Tote. Want to top things off in a new way? Ditch the ballcap (for now) and style your hair with a bit of O’Doud’s Standard Pomade — all things considered, this ensemble has everything you need for a great spring day.

Cheers, my friends!




Across the Pond, Part 2: A Family Trip to Ireland, Scotland and England

Paying homage to bands like The Killers at Royal Albert Hall in London — leg two of a Hayhoe family adventure! My picks for the trip included versatile Allen Edmonds Chelsea boots and a great Grayers jacket.

Although we had a break of a few days for more regularly scheduled content here on The Style Guide — such as our Style Pick of the Week — we’re back with a full recap from last week’s lengthy, busy and incredible Hayhoe family trip to Ireland, Scotland and England! Following an overnight flight to Dublin, we spent time at the Guinness Storehouse, the Cliffs of Moher and Galway before making our way to Edinburgh and then London. In fact, you can (and should!) check out part one before getting into part two. Do you have any experience with traveling to any of these countries? If so, hopefully you agree with the day trips we took and the sights we saw — not to mention the menswear I packed! Traveling with versatility and weather-ready durability in mind was the name of the game. And with Dublin and Edinburgh in the books, I packed up my  WP Standard Leather Messenger Bag and grabbed a coffee (or two … or three) to start the day.

Upon our Following our arrival in London on Wednesday, I knew that layering up for the chilly weather would continue to be critical. I threw on a ruggedly stylish piece from Taylor Stitch — the tough Heavy Bag Henley from the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Collection. Made from upcycled cotton and featuring that tailored fit we all know and love from Taylor Stitch, this rugged men’s henley was perfect for London. The combo paired up quite well with my Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket — the tough waxed cotton and handy front snap button pockets handled the demands of hauling around everyday carry essentials as we explored the city and shopped at famed department store Harrods. I stayed on time throughout with my Timex x Todd Snyder MS1 Maritime Watch,  this time swapped out for a brown leather watch strap from Form-Function-Form (two watches in one!).

Wearing a Todd Snyder flannel — teamed with black Abercrombie & Fitch denim and Allen Edmonds Chelsea boots — for a bit of rock n’roll-inspired style at Rough Trade Records.

Major highlights included some excellent time spent Thursday evening at the  legendary Rough Trade Records— the venerable label’s Brooklyn outpost is one of my favorite spots back in NYC, and visiting the London location was just as much of a treat.  To stay comfortable and light on my feet, my sleek Allen Edmonds Liverpool Suede Chelsea Boots held up throughout our stay in London (which also included a Friday night viewing of revered American musical “Hamilton” in London’s West End!). The next time your travels take you across different countries in the chilly early spring weather, reach for durable outerwear, easy-to-wear boots and warm, essential layers from brands like Taylor Stitch

Wearing Donegal trousers and Chelsea boots in a nod to cold weather in the U.K. — the perfect outfit for exploring the world of Harry Potter!

Earlier on Thursday in London, I once again focused on warm layering via my Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket, paired up with JackThreads Donegal Trousers and the durable Allen Edmonds Liverpool Suede Chelsea Boots for a bit of sharp, mobile style. I completed the combo with a rugged, classic shawl-collar cardigan from Life/After/Denim. Great menswear and a day in London? How could it get any better? Oh, that’s an easy answer. We spent an incredible and very, very worthwhile day on our feet via the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, celebrating the making of Harry Potter! It’s a must-visit for any Harry Potter fan (and the place was positively packed with them throughout the day!). This extraordinary book and film series has left an indelible mark on my life — it’s been a family staple since I was in first grade, from Halloween costumes to summertime reading to midnight movie theater showings, all the way to a recent trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter earlier this year! Needless to say, I was so thrilled to be on the tour, as were my mom, dad and sister.

With Thursday in the books, it was nearly time to cap off our trip — not before a last day of exploration in one of my new favorite cities, however! I stepped into the durable Todd Snyder x P.F. Flyers Grounder Hi-Tops, featuring classic looks and plenty of comfort for a long day on my feet. My outerwear pick was an easy one — the Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket continued to function admirably in the chill of London, and my Timex for J. Crew Field Watch helped me stay on time in rugged, casual style (always a must!). For an evening viewing of “Hamilton,” I changed into my Thursday Boots Wingtip Boots in Cognac Suede. yet I found my sneakers worked quite nicely for a day about town. If you haven’t yet seen “Hamilton,” I’d say it’s worthy viewing even for non-Broadway buffs. Minus a few key geography and name changes to appeal to a mainly British crowd, the production gets everything right — it’s simply stunning.

We wrapped up our London visit with a quick morning stop at the iconic Royal Albert Hall, site of many a famed live show — including a 2009 live concert DVD by one of my favorite bands, The Killers (click here to read more about my concertgoing experiences following this excellent band!). As you can see at the top of the page, I did my best to layer up against an unexpectedly chilly London day, complete with snow flurries. My ever-versatile Allen Edmonds Liverpool Suede Chelsea Boots did the trick when it came to footwear, while a new pair of Scotch and Soda denim (in the excellent Ralston fit) worked just fine for my final day in this great city. Much like the rest of the trip, I just had to throw on my Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket to get around (luggage and all) in style.

The long flight back brought our trip to a close — it was a whirlwind, between an overnight flight to kick off leg one, then exciting day trips, plenty of pints of Guinness and great times in three different countries! And there’s nothing like seeing a famed, emotional and impactful musical like “Hamilton” — particularly in London. I’m really grateful to see plenty of new sights all along the way — the Irish countryside is beautiful, so much of Scotland is packed with amazing history, and London probably has as much cosmopolitan charm and modern flair as any city on the planet. To see all of that in just one trip, complete with some quality family time (and the requisite menswear I packed) was a lifetime chance, to say the least! I’ll definitely back — sooner rather than later!

Until the next trip, check back here tomorrow for a new #OOTD post. Thanks for reading! And if you’ve got questions on how to pack for your own overseas trip, feel free to hit me up on Twitter.


Style Pick of the Week: Red Wing Merchant Boots

Right off the bat, just know that rugged leather boots — like the Red Wing Merchant Boots as seen above — aren’t going anywhere just ‘cuz we’ve now moved into March. No, there’s hardly a wrong time for a pair of stylish leather boots, as we so often say here at The Style Guide. In last week’s Style Pick, we dove into why you needed to pre-order some classic dress shoes from Taylor Stitch, but let’s return once more to durable leather boots — perfect even in March. Red Wing has gone to great lengths to up its style game over the years, and pieces like the handsome Merchant Boots exemplify that approach nicely (along with the brand’s coveted 1000 Mile line). The Mohave leather in a rich and unique color helps set the Red Wing Merchant Boots apart from the rest of the pack, as do touches like a steel shank and Goodyear welt construction for absurd durability. Brass eyelets also provide the type of durability you’d expect from a pair of classically styled boots like the Red Wing Merchant Boots. And speaking of classic style … a simply designed pair of plain toe leather boots can work with a heck of a lot of spring style essentials, to say the least.

Indeed, the Red Wing Merchant Boots can be styled in straightforward, classic fashion — think faded blue denim and a crisp Oxford shirt — or in ways a little more office-ready (an unlined navy cotton blazer, charcoal chinos and a light blue chambray shirt ought to do the trick). Therein lies the magic of a timeless pair of leather boots like the Red Wing Merchant Boots — they’ll go with plenty of gear you already love to wear (for instance: Slim tan chinos, a short-sleeve henley and a denim jacket, for one). That easy-to-wear styling potential makes the price tag of $320 a little more bearable, and when you consider their versatility and durability (especially when dealing with spring rain), that’s all the more applause-worthy. When rainy spring weather hits, you can throw on these boots in place of your typical suede chukkas, and be ready for just about anything. And the Red Wing Merchant Boots are only going to get better with age, another key benefit to investing for the long-term. So, to recap: Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you need to shelve your boots entirely. Far from it, in fact. If I were you, the Red Wing Merchant Boots would have a permanent place in my footwear rotation in the months ahead.

How about you? Do you like the look of the Red Wing Merchant Boots?

The Friday Read: A Family Trip Abroad, The Shinola Canfield Watch and Spring Essentials

TGIF, yeah? All things considered, it’s certainly a different Friday for The Style Guide — namely, I’m writing this post from sunny London this morning, on the final leg of a Hayhoe family trip across the United Kingdom! Leg one took us from Dublin (and the Guinness Storehouse!) to Edinburgh (and spots like the Edinburgh Castle), and today finds me enjoying an English breakfast and coffee before citywide exploration. Needless to say, I could get used to this — no doubt about it. If you missed leg one of the trip, you can catch up with Wednesday’s trip post before you dive into today’s Friday Read. We’ve got tips and tricks about keeping your watch in the best possible shape, and today’s post also features a look at the next watch in which you should invest — maybe? Or, save your dollars and join me at the pub for a pint later! Again, I could get used to hanging out in the U.K. for a while. For now, follow along with my adventures on Instagram if you so please, and enjoy the day!

  • A relevant read at any time of year, my pals at The Manual came up with this excellent guide on how to keep your luxury watch in pristine condition — even the biggest watch fans among us might need a reminder every now and then, ehh?
  • Speaking of fine timepieces, who can argue with the need for a slim, sleek watch from the likes of Shinola? My latest feature over at GearMoose covers the exceptionally refined Shinola Canfield Watch — read up and stay on time, my friends!
  • Lastly, I think the time is now ripe to revisit a recent edition of The List, whereby we looked at the best men’s gear to buy to get ready for spring. And, well, that about says it all. Who’s pumped to really get into the season, ehh?

Coming to you live from London, we’re wrapping up today’s Friday Read. Join us for the Style Pick of the Week tomorrow, as always.

Cheers, my friends!


Across the Pond, Part 1: A Family Trip to Ireland, Scotland and England

Layered up in an Abercrombie & Fitch coat to down quite a few pints at the historic Guinness Storehouse!

Greetings, Style Guide readers! Welcome to the first of two posts covering a pretty momentous occasion — a Hayhoe family trip all the way across the pond to Dublin, Edinburgh and London! It’s something of a family tradition to take a big trip every year, from a 2015 cruise to Greece to more recent trips to Disney World and Universal Studios, and the first leg of this trip has once again brought the opportunity to travel in versatile fashion, complete with spring style essentials galore.  It kicked off with a Friday evening flight out of NYC (leg one brought the rest of the Hayhoe family up north from Florida), and I had to dress in comfort for the long flight across the Atlantic. So, I aimed to pack light in a stylish weekender bag — again, versatility is key when hitting the road.

With cold weather on tap, some of my picks for the first leg of this trip (starting with a Saturday morning arrival in Dublin) centered around grab-and-go style. My WP Standard Leather Messenger Bag proved a nice carry-on, and among other outerwear picks, the Abercrombie & Fitch 2-in-1 Lightweight Jacket (as seen above) helped me go from the office to the airport easily. I also packed my waterproof Thursday Boots Wingtip Boots in Cognac Suede, complete with functionality and sleek, refined style (ideal for packing light in that regard). I’d recommend other easygoing essentials for travel and post-travel transitions, too. For instance, I layered up with a classic Todd Snyder x Champion Crewneck  andSweatshirt, my exceedingly comfortable, mobile Proof Nomad Pants (shop those here), the durable Todd Snyder x P.F. Flyers Ground Hi-Tops and my excellent Timex for J. Crew Field Watch. I topped it off with my trusty Huckberry Explorer’s Cap that I frequently bring with me on my travels. It was an early start to the morning in Dublin, but we made it a point to tour this excellent city via bus (complete with requisite enjoyment of Dublin’s food and drink scene). Of course, a trip to the famed Guinness Storehouse was very much in order — it’s been a dream of mine to visit this hallowed brewery, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Our late afternoon took us everywhere from Trinity College to the famed Temple Bar, complete with dinner at rollicking rock bar Darkey Kelly’s (get the bangers-and-mash for the full experience!).

A waxed cotton jacket from Grayers proved the perfect outer layer for a day at the blustery Cliffs of Mohe, as did a trusty cap from Goorin Brothers.

Sunday once again dawned early, taking us out to the famed Cliffs of Moher for a lovely, breathtaking day trip (complete with cold, blustery winds off the sea). I wrapped up in my Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket atop a classic shawl-collar cardigan from Original Penguin, along with the Grayers Arrowcrest Thermal Stitch Crew — these picks were warm and classic for a day in the rugged countryside. On my bottom half, a pair of JackThreads Donegal Trousers nodded to Ireland in a subtle and stylish way, while my Thursday Boots Wingtip Boots in Cognac Suede offered up durable, all-day comfort and style. My Timex for J. Crew Field Watch was tough, sharp and field-ready — nothing better that you might need in a timepiece. The combination proved ideal for venturing around the cliffs and taking in the Gaelic sport of “‘hurling” (via an afternoon in a Galway pub, accompanied by a good number of pints of Guinness, of course).

A cotton mac coat and easy-to-style Chelsea boots were critical for getting around Edinburgh.

Monday brought our stint in Dublin to an end, but it also brought with it the next stop on this grand Hayhoe family adventure — Edinburgh! To hit the road, I grabbed my Abercrombie & Fitch 2-in-1 Lightweight Jacket and paired it accordingly with a pair of crisp five-pocket trousers from Original Penguin. For a dash of refined travel style, I stepped into the sleek Allen Edmonds Liverpool Suede Chelsea Boots, a perfect pair of footwear for slipping on and off to get through security. To mix things up on the accessories front, my sporty-yet-classic Timex x Todd Snyder MS1 Maritime Watch was a versatile move.  Exploring Edinburgh on foot proved to be quite the adventure, from stops at Edinburgh Castle and a stroll down the Royal Mile to an underground ghost tour. Yes, the vaults under the South Street Bridge are quite haunted … if you ask me. The haunted tour called for a few much-needed and revitalizing stouts at the famed BrewDog Edinburgh, a great brewery and quickly growing brand that champions beer for the people with a no-frills attitude. With rock music on the speakers and industrial furnishings throughout, it was my kind of place. We capped off the day with dinner at No. 1 High Street, a traditional Scottish pub that served up an excellent steak and ale pie and sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

For a chilly Tuesday and a small group day trip to St. Andrews (home to the famed Old Course and many legendary British Open moments), tough style proved to once again be quite helpful. We stopped along the way in the village of Fife and the Falkland Palace, then capped it off with an afternoon in St. Andrews (helped along by fish and chips, plus Guinness — yes, even in Scotland). Stops at both the famed golf course and the stunning St. Andrews Cathedral were definitely in order on a chilly but sunny day. My Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket was the perfect outerwear move, especially when layered atop the Fitted Merino Turtleneck from Knit Project. I complemented the ensemble with a stretch-filled pair of the Abercrombie & Fitch Langdon Slim Denim, alongside my reliable (and still kicking!) Thursday Boots Wingtip Boots in Cognac. Both my Timex for J. Crew Field Watch and an excellent, warm Goorin Brothers cap complemented my outfit — packing with  versatility in mind is helpful even when it comes to your accessories.


So, that wraps up parts one (and OK, two) of this trip! How about that? It’s admittedly been a challenge so far dressing with a lighter packing list than normal — tough outerwear has been the name of the game, as have versatile trousers and ultra-dependable, weather-ready footwear. Oh, and as to the sights, sounds, food and beverage we’ve enjoyed? Nothing short of world-class. We’ve still got plenty more in front of us — as we speak, we’re en route to London for the final leg of this European adventure. You can expect our regular Friday Read coming up on Friday (of course), followed by the good ol’ Style Pick of the Week and then, a full trip recap of our third leg on Monday. Get excited!

Thanks for reading!


#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Spring Jacket

Does it feel odd that we’re throwing around phrases like “new favorite spring jacket” already? It does to me — I feel as if a surge of New York winter could return at any moment, and yet … here we are, talking all about styling a classic bomber jacket for the month of March. Upgrading your outerwear game is as crucial in March (and April) as it is during the more extreme cold of winter — the Baro Dean Jacket, as seen below, is a terrific first step when it comes to dressing in casual style and protecting yourself from rainy weahter this season. Hopefully, you’re going to like the rest of today’s #OOTD on The Style Guide, too. It’s packed with pieces that are critical to crossing over from winter. Y’know, pieces like a rugged Taylor Stitch henley, a standout pair of slim light wash jeans, and some investment-level leather boots (remember, don’t shelve those boots just because winter’s done!). Yes indeed, spring style essentials are the name of game today. Most importantly, crossing over from one season to another doesn’t have to mean you immediately replace the gear you know and love — it’s all about finding new ways to wear those picks (like the classic henley that helps hold down today’s outfit). Have questions, comments or feedback? Hit me up after the post, or follow along with my incoherent ramblings on Twitter.

A durable bomber jacket and tough leather boots, mashed up with light wash jeans in the spirit of spring.

The Bomber Jacket: Baro The Dean Jacket, $120.98 — With a simple silhouette, an easy-to-style color and the durability to stand up to spring showers, the Dean Jacket is your spring style centerpiece.

The Henley: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Henley, $68 –Made from upcycled cotton in that tailored fit you know and love from Taylor Stitch, the Heavy Bag Henley is a new, stone-cold classic.

The Denim: Flint and Tinder Pacific Wash Jeans, $128 — Can’t give up denim? Lighten things up for spring with the suitably slim, suitably light Pacific Wash Jeans from our buds at Flint and Tinder.

The Boots: Red Wing Merchant Boots, $320 — Just as you might find it hard to shelve your denim, putting away your rugged leather boots is no easy task. The sharp Red Wing Merchant Boots are here to ease your pain.

The Belt: Filson Leather Belt, $85 — The Filson Leather Belt — simply named but remarkably well-crafted — could be the last brown leather belt you buy for a good long while.

The Socks: Arvin Goods Casual Socks, $12 — With a focus on sustainable production and clean, retro-inspired styles, Arvin Goods makes comfortable socks to complement any #OOTD — especially this one.

The Watch: Shinola Runwell Watch, $550 — Complement this straightforward outfit with a rugged, casual timepiece from the hitmakers at Shinola — the Runwell is a certified classic (in the modern sense, at least).

 The Cap: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $40 — Before I leave the house most weekends, I throw on my Huckberry Explorer’s Cap. You should do the same, yes?

And that’s the capper on this #OOTD — who’s all geared up for spring? Keeping it casual and classic doesn’t mean you have to sacrific style or functionality — the Dean Jacket is a prime example of a cool way to take on a blustery spring day. Plus, it fits in with other pieces you assuredly already have (like a rugged henley from Taylor Stitch and slim Flint and Tinder jeans in a pleasingly spring-friendly light wash). What would this #OOTD be without some ever-present boots, though? The Red Wing Merchant Boots will get better with each and every wear this season (and well beyond), as will the Filson Leather Belt — seriously, that’s the way the brand made it. And the coveted Shinola Runwell Watch is another stunner, adding rugged edge to a perfectly weekend-ready ensemble. I also think you can’t go wrong with the Huckberry Explorer’s Cap; who agrees with me there? Most importantly, in what style situations would you rock this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading,

See Now, Buy Now: The Talisman Jacket from Triple Aught Design Is Ready for Spring Rain

Remarkable durability and standout construction, all done with a blend of classic and sleek style in mind.

There are times where a lightweight, more packable rain jacket isn’t quite going to cut it — be it an off-trail adventure or a daylong outing (maybe with some shopping and a brewery trip thrown in), you need the right gear for the job. And well, my friends … the right gear for the job just so happens to be the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket, a positively beastly coat and the latest See Now, Buy Now entry on ye olde Style Guide. For when times get tough and rainy, the Talisman Jacket should prove an able-bodied companion to reach for at a moment’s notice. Dramatics aside, Triple Aught Design focuses on streamlined styles packed with functionality — case in point being the Talisman Jacket. The woven and waxed cotton canvas shell can certainly stand up to similar jackets in the category, creating an outer layer that’s breathable yet waterproof. And as luck would have it, the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket is made in the good ole U.S.A — who can say no to that extra attention to detail, right?


Heck, even the hood is durable to a fault — it’s made of Ventile, perfect for putting up when the rain really starts coming down. Snapdown pockets give you crucial space for your everyday carry, and a fit that’s slightly more relaxed offers the chance to layer the Talisman Jacket up as you please. As for me, I’d keep it simple: A classic grey crewneck sweater, slim dark jeans and tough leather boots. Oh, and a rugged casual watch. Aside from that, this jacket just looks classic as heck, yet small touches like slanted stitching on the snap pockets lends the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket a bit more of a modern flair. As one might say, it’s just the full package. No questions asked.

Can you dig the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket? How would you wear it this spring? 

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather

Absurdly stylish and well-crafted brogues, available right this very minute for pre-order.

It seems I say this nearly every day, or at least every week, but Taylor Stitch appears to have outdone themselves again. The brand always delivers on items that are somewhat unexpected, especially its spring-ready Telegraph Collection. Our pals in San Francisco blend a classic design touch with a bit of rugged edge, all wrapped up in a line of suiting and accessories that’s got plenty of timeless appeal. So it goes with the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather, a stunning dress shoe from a brand that cut its teeth making rugged menswear essentials like leather boots and chambray shirts. Yet, the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather carry on the brand’s focus on quality and style quite nicely. Another great part about the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather? They fit right in with other TS essentials, no questions asked. Made from beautiful Espresso full-grain leather — a nice departure from tan or light brown dress shoes — these handsome brogues cover all your bases in terms of an utterly classic dress shoe that you’ll have for years and years to come. It starts with handmade construction in Mexico, and it carries through to small touches like the sheepskin lining for a clean fit and plenty of comfort. Goodyear welt construction means you can keep these ridiculously stylish Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather around for a heck of a long time, too. That durability is going to be crucial, because you can wear these stylish men’s dress shoes with nearly anything (aside from shorts, I’d say).

Rolled denim and chunky socks? No problem, these Taylor Stitch dress shoes were made for it.

Seriously, Taylor Stitch hit the nail on the head with this pair — it’s somewhat rare to find a pair of dress shoes that look just as great with cuffed dark blue denim (see above) as they do with one of the brand’s expertly crafted Telegraph Suits, but that’s what the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather achieve. They’re only going to get better with age, but the toughest part about the entire process isn’t breaking ’em in … it’s waiting for them to arrive. Yes indeed, these bad boys should ship out just in time for summer wedding season — I’d imagine they’ll look mighty fine with a navy linen suit and a knit tie at your first outdoor shindig when the thermostat climbs. For now, I’d wager you’ll want to devote plenty of thought as to how to style the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather; this is a classic pair of footwear that again drives home that Taylor Stitch ethos: They always outdo themselves.

Will the Taylor Stitch Brogues in Espresso Leather be putting a dent in your bank account? How would you style them?

Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: A Trip Abroad, Pitchfork Music Fest and Men’s Travel Essentials

It’s perhaps the biggest capper to a week of this entire year, because we’re taking The Style Guide on the road tonight for a huge Hayhoe family trip across the pond! Now through the 17th, the Hayhoe family will be trekking all around Europe — Edinburgh, Dublin and London, along with plenty of day trips, sightseeing, excellent food and craft beer in between. Notably, the trip will be capped off by an evening viewing next week of legendary American musical “Hamilton” in London’s West End! Talk about a stellar way to end a trip. If you’ve got any suggestions, tips or places we should hit up, feel free to let me know on Twitter — it’s as easy as that! And you can of course catch all the action on Instagram , too. I for one am excited to head to Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, plus the inimitable Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. And in London, I surely won’t be able to pass up a trip to the legendary Rough Trade Records. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though! Look for more content from the trip starting on Monday, then continuing throughout the week. In the meantime, let’s enjoy today’s Friday Read, and be sure to swing back around tomorrow for an all-new, very stylish Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!

  • So, shall we take a look at the 2018 Oscars? Specifically, at the best and worst of the 2018 Oscars? Let’s. Are you a big movie buff? Which films stuck out to you over this past year? Chime in via the comments below!
  • Spring brings a lot of us out of our winter hibernation — are you feeling ready to get back on the road and see some new sights? I know I am. To that end, I wrote about 20 travel essentials for men over at GearMoose. Cheers and enjoy!
  • For its eclectic mix of acts, its focus on new and emerging talent and plenty of attention paid to current “left-of-center” stars, I admire the Pitchfork Music Fest — have you had the chance to check out the Pitchfork Music Fest 2018 lineup? It’s been unveiled slowly but surely here over these next few week.

We’re keeping it short today — that’s a wrap on this week’s Friday Read, my friends. Thanks for joining us!