See Now, Buy Now: The Lisboa Francisco Flannel Works with Your Entire Winter Wardrobe

A unique flannel shirt that bucks the lumberjack-type trend.

Don’t have a warm, cozy and stylish flannel shirt in your winter wardrobe? Particularly as we approach the end of November (and Thanksgiving!), it’s pretty critical that you get that taken care of. And in that regard, the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt is going to be the flannel shirt of your dreams. OK, that’s high praise … but it’s true, at least in some senses.  And if you’ve been keeping up with the blog — I sure hope you have! — you’ll know that we’ve been slowly but surely shifting our attention toward winter style essentials, the type of classic and timeless pieces that are going to keep your warm in style this season.  And hey, if you need a SUPER last-minute shirt to wear for Thanksgiving this year? Give the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt  a shot. Rest assured, this isn’t your average flannel — the Navy Clay Plaid color and pattern is much more unique than a standard red-and-black flannel, for starters. The Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt also takes a bit of a different approach than your typical flannel workshirt, cut slim to wear on its own or beneath a navy herringbone blazer for more dressy style. The organic cotton of the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt is also brushed for softness — no scratchy texture here, no sir.

And when you feel like switching things up from a classic Oxford shirt or a timeless chambray shirt, the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt  is a unique option that pairs with slim tan chinos, your favorite pair of broken-in denim, or navy corduroys in equal measure. If there was such a thing as a “grab-and-go” shirt, the type of shirt you throw on and then forget about, it would be the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt. It’s as suited to layer over a thermal henley as it is to wear with a textured knit tie, slim blue denim and classic chukka boots to the office. Don’t believe me? Well, then … you simply must try the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt for yourself.

Are you going to add the Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt to your wardrobe this winter?


#OOTD: How to Dress for a Warm, Stylish Winter Weekend

We’ve talked in past weeks on the blog all about how to dress to really get out there and explore for fall and winter, from the best way to wear a henley to how to wear an Oxford shirt to the office (and beyond. Today though, we’re taking a different point of view — namely, we’re covering exactly what to wear on that first really chilly, really snowy fall or winter weekend, the kind of weekend where you don’t want to (or can’t!) leave the house … and it’ll be here before you know it, trust me. More specifically, we want you to be ready when it does … even if being ready involves bundling up in cozy essentials like the Faherty Brand Blanket-Lined CPO as you hunker down around the fire, book in hand. But as I always say, just because the day is spent inside with your significant other (or totally on your own), doesn’t mean you should dress like a slob. Far from it — this #OOTD is all about how to dress casually and cozily while keeping style in mind. Witness the Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley, as stylish a layering piece as it gets, along with the pleasingly slim Grayers Athletic sweatpants. Heck, we’ve even got a stylish casual watch in the mix. Throw in warm house shoes, a trusted book and your favorite tunes via a stylish Bluetooth speaker, and you’ve got your fall and winter day or evening plans taken care of. Again, this look is a slight upgrade over your normal off-duty garb, and that’s something worth applauding. With the holidays coming up, I’d even say you should feel comfortable wearing this cozy ensemble around family at the cabin or after a day on the slopes. It’s that stylish — find it below, then feel free to connect with me on Twitter if you end up wearing any of these winter style essentials.

All the gear you need to stay cozy, warm & stylish this winter.

  • The Overshirt: Faherty Brand Blanket-Lined CPO, $168.98 — It helps fight the chill when your stylish winter shirt is also a jacket, and it helps even more when it’s done in rich indigo. a la this handsome Faherty Brand piece.
  • The Henley: Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley in Natural, $62 — Feel free to layer whatever you’d like underneath your stylish indigo overshirt … but for my money, the Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley  is the way to go.
  • The Stylish Sweatpants: Grayers Athletic Palmer Fleece Joggers, $88 —  Hey, every guy needs a pair of easygoing pants that aren’t jeans or chinos … or pajama bottoms.  The slim, surprisingly stylish Grayers Athletic sweats seen here are a major sweatpants upgrade.
  • The Watch: Timex Archive Waterbury United Watch, $120  — Ever so slightly rugged and ever so slightly refined, the Timex Archive Waterbury could turn into your go-to everyday leather watch.
  • The Stylish Slippers: Giesswein Andau House Shoes, $98 — Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these house slippers channel a bit of menswear thanks to the charcoal boiled wool upper. A much more stylish pair of slippers than you might be used to — and fitting for padding around your house or cabin.
  • The Evening Cocktail: Naked Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky,  About $33  — I’ve had the chance to try this Naked Grouse whisky over these past few weeks, and it’s got a flavor and richness to it unlike any other spirit I’ve had. A nice way to unwind in front of a roaring fire.
  • The Audio Essential: Cavalier Portable Speaker, $254.98  — Life is about the simple pleasures, like listening to your favorite band (*cough* The National *cough*) on a chilly fall or winter evening, whiskey in hand. This stylish portable speaker upgrades the experience.
  • The Finishing Touch: Bespoke Post Dwell Box, $45 — Complete with a cozy blanket and some nice incense, the Bespoke Post Dwell Box is the right way to complement a day or night in.

I’m always an advocate for putting your best foot forward, even if you happen to be lounging around the house catching up on Netflix or diving into your favorite book. And when the situation also calls for staying warm and cozy, well, you’re not going to find a better blend of the two than with the rugged Faherty Brand Blanket-Lined CPO and the equally rugged, warm Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley. While you could easily swap in a pair of slim stonewashed jeans if you wanted to, the Grayers Athletic sweats are comfortable without being sloppy. The same can be said of the boiled wool house shoes as seen above — another upgrade from traditional fuzzy slippers. And when you’ve got the whole day in front of you at home, it helps to stay on time — that’s where the exceptional Timex Archive Waterbury United Watch is going to come into play. The rest of your accessories are as essential as can be when staying in for the day, from a stylish Bluetooth speaker to the warmth of the Bespoke Post Dwell Box. And if you happen to be looking for a cocktail to enjoy in the midst of this? Best go with a new, beautifully done whisky from Naked Grouse. Tell me: How do you dress for a day or night in? Do you agree with this #OOTD?

The List: Shop These Thanskgiving Menswear Deals to Get Ready for Winter

We’re getting you ready for Thanksgiving (and beyond!) with a cozy, weekend-ready sweater.

Looking for stylish gear to upgrade your Thanksgiving? Or your fall and winter wardrobe in general? It’s all taken care of in today’s edition of The List. Whether you find yourself prepping for a weekend of hosting or a weekend of holiday travel, you need to look good (and likely stay warm) while you’re at it. That’s where men’s style essentials like the Howlin Birth of the Cool Sweater come into play. Timeless, essential, perfect for Thanksgiving and perfect for Black Friday — and every other winter style scenario upcoming. Prepare accordingly, enjoy the week — oh, and happy shopping!
Howlin Birth of the Cool Sweater — $170

Classic, understated & ready for winter layering.

You know those cozy, stylish sweaters your grandpa always wore around the holiday season? Like at Thanksgiving? Well, this rugged winter sweater from Howlin is your own version of that.
Deus Ex Machina Smart Shirt — $114

Nothing wrong with an understated, subtly stylish shirt for the season.

Able to be worn with a tan herringbone blazer & classic corduroy pants for a more formal Thanksgiving, this stylish fall shirt also does well when worn with perfectly faded denim for an afternoon of football viewing & turkey sandwiches (yep!).
Quoddy Wabanaki Chukka — $270

These chukka boots have “Thanksgiving weekend”‘ written all over ’em.

Y’know the trusty, classic chukka boots you’ve likely got in your closet for long holiday weekends? These are that pair.
Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Wool Beach Cloth — $178

The Long Haul Jacket you know and love, done up in a beautiful cold-weather fabric.

The Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is a personal favorite for the way it blends rugged style and innovative design — like the Wool Beach Cloth fabric here. Layer it with a classic sweater for winter (after it pre-funds, that is).
Timex Archive Waterbury United Watch — $120

A watch that nods to the past and yet looks decidedly stylish in the present.

In short, this Timex Archive watch is dependable, rugged and able to pair visually with more textured fall and winter layers for Thanksgiving & beyond (like your favorite flannel shirt and dark indigo jeans).
Cavalier Portable Speaker — $254.98

One of the best ways to take in the sounds of your favorite band — offered in a stylish package, too.

I’m all for upgrading your home or apartment in accordance with your aesthetic — and the Cavalier Portable Speaker is assuredly a stylish home audio upgrade for the holidays.
Naked Grouse Blended Scotch Whiskey — About $33

A truly excellent whiskey that I can guarantee is different than anything in your beverage cart right now.

This time of year calls for something a little more rich, distinctive and cold weather-friendly — and when you don’t fancy sipping on a porter, there’s Naked Grouse. The perfect companion to a great book, a roaring fire and some casual Thanksgiving weekend essentials.
Bespoke Post Ember Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)

The essentials to fuel an outdoor weekend adventure.

Does your Thanksgiving entail a rugged outdoor adventure or tradition of some sort? Grab the Bespoke Post Ember Box in advance.
Faherty Brand Slub Cotton Pullover — $114

Give the pullover another try with this laidback layering move.

The casual, cool and laidback fall and winter weekend piece that’s going to layer with ease over a classic chambray shirt or Oxford shirt.
Duck Camp Midweight Shirt — $79.98

The durable, adventure-ready shirt to wear this holiday weekend.

You surely need an array of rugged, tough shirts in your winter wardrobe — for layering over a cozy henley or a thermal shirt on a chilly holiday weekend, the Duck Camp Midweight Shirt is the one to buy.
Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt — $89

The right belt to pair with your Red Wing boots.

The makers of your favorite boots are now making a standout belt — the Pioneer Belt is likely the one leather belt you need rigt now.
BucknBear Knives Damascus Drop Point Utility Knife — $99

You won’t need a high-quality knife … until you need a high-quality knife.

Hey, the Damascus Drop Point Knife is the type of piece you won’t need until … you need it. As mentioned above. Perfect for fall and winter yard work, or Thanksgiving weekend chores.
OK, we’re all wrapped up and ready to keep this holiday week going. Any new additions to your shopping list? I love the Quoddy Wabanaki Chukka Boots and think they’re perfect for whatever this long weekend throws your way. Thanks for reading!

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket

A remarkable coat from a standout style purveyor in Billy Reid.

Do you ever pick a jacket out of a lineup and think to yourself … “Whoa. That jacket is AMAZING.” Such was the case for yours truly with the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket, a truly stunning early winter coat that just might be one of the best men’s winter jackets — believe you me. It’s made with the kind of care and attention to detail that can only come from a designer who’s honed his chops getting all the small details right, from making the perfect American-made Oxford to developing a rugged pair of beautiful selvedge denim. Of course, the Bond Peacoat is a prime example of this approach, as is the new Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket, the kind of jacket you’re going to want to wear every single day of the week. True to form, it blends a rugged, old-school appeal with an edgy sort of style that wouldn’t look out of place at a cool speakeasy or a rock concert — seriously a piece like the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket can very nearly do it all. Heck, the outer shell is water and wind-resistant, so it can take on highland hikes as readily as it can take on a gourmet dinner-and-drinks date.

Lined with faux fur and featuring a stand-up collar.

That’s relatively unique among weather-ready winter outerwear, but again, no one said the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket  was trying to blend into the crowd. The stand-up collar adds a bit of an edge, similar to the classic Harrington jacket, while the rich Navy color is dressy and yet rugged all at once. To keep a long story short, the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket is going to wear easily with beat-up moc toe leather boots, indigo denim and a thermal henley … and then you can turn right around and wear it in place of a blazer atop a classic Oxford shirt-knit tie combo at the office. For maximum adventure potential, the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket even features water-resistant flap and button closures — make no mistake, this is a jacket for the modern man, done up in homage to classic field coat styles. What does that mean for you? It means it’s going to live up to the name, the billing and yes, the price tag (nearly $700). When you consider how far you can go when wearing the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket though, I’ll think you’ll consider it a fine purchase. Who else is on board with that?

The Friday Read: Your New Favorite Winter Boots, How to Host a Party and the Best Fleece Jackets

Simply gorgeous boots that pack a punch when it comes to winter functionality.

Lately as we kick off every Friday Read — our weekly recap of the things to know in men’s style — we’ve been spotlighting a standout series of winter style essentials. That continues today with the beautiful, investment-worthy Yuketen Maine Guide Boots, exclusive to our pals at Huckberry. There’s really not a pair of rugged leather boots quite like these ones, what with their handmade construction, an eight-layer midsole and the use of Horween leather. Again, the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots belong on your list of fall weekend essentials. As it were, that’s why we’re here today. I’m coming off a weekend to remember back in my home state of Michigan, deep in the woods near Big Rapids, celebrating my best friend Mr. Chris Spyke’s bachelor party! A rustic log cabin and plenty of beer & chicken wings proved the perfect way to acknowledge the occasion (and if you follow me on Instagram, maybe you saw I broke out my Huckberry Duck Boots)! At any rate, it was an amazing and refreshing weekend deep in the Michigan wilderness, complete with a light snowfall — what could be more perfect? For now, I’ve turned my attention back here to Brooklyn.  This weekend, I hope to visit one of my favorite menswear shops, the well-appointed Modern Anthology, and I’m also looking forward to venturing out to UpNorth, a Canadian-themed bar in Bushwick (this cold weather is really getting into me). What’s on your weekend agenda? Besides checking out the below Friday Read, shopping for some men’s style essentials & reading our Style Pick of the Week? Get it all started here. Thanks for reading!

  • It’s official — the fleece jacket is back, and better than ever. When it comes to cozy, essential  casual style — especially for the holiday season — you’d do worse than to read my roundup of the best fleece jackets over at GearMoose.
  • Our friends at Esquire, ever focused on refinement for the modern man, tell you how to host a party this winter. Not a pregame, a real party. I hope to try out that pre-batched Manhattan recipe soon!
  • Is there any season in which a pair of casual blue jeans won’t work? Nope, there’s truly not. That’s why I’m sharing once again my take on a new favorite pair of jeans from my pals at Huckberry. They’re laidback, they’re comfortable, and they’ll work as readily at Thanksgiving dinner as they will on a weekend coffee date. Cheers!
  • I talk often about the best men’s style essentials, especially for transitional weather. In that same vein, you won’t misstep if you read my guide to the best men’s winter boots, as compiled for The Manual.

OK, that’s going to give you the go-ahead to get started on your weekend. Looking for one last thing to read before you go? Check out this go-to fall and winter layer from Buffalo Jackson.  Better yet, get yourself a new field watch to wear it with. Alright, I’ll leave you to it — have a great weekend!


The List: Warm Up This Season with the Best New Men’s Gear

The jacket on the left is one of the best new men’s style essentials you can snag now … trust me on that.

Now, before we get into today’s edition of The List — covering all the best new men’s style gear to shop now, naturally — you’re probably wondering … “Who makes that gorgeous  bomber jacket up top?” The answer, my friends, is none other than our friend, lauded American menswear hero Mr. Todd Snyder. And it’s just one of the favorites I’ve got on my shopping list this week. What about you? Let’s get into it in 3 … 2 … 1.

Golden Bear + Todd Snyder Shearling Collar Bomber — $895

One heck of a bomber jacket.

An instantly iconic jacket that’ll stand out in all the right ways this fall and winter.
Laco Paderborn Original Pilot Watch — $1,071

A stunning watch to wear for work or play this fall and winter.

Want a watch that’ll pair seamlessly with the aforementioned bomber jacket? Reach for this stylish pilot’s watch — it’s not often that we feature a truly investment-level watch on the blog, but Laco has outdone themselves.  Beautiful.
Rancourt  & Co. Wolf Boots — $395

Stunning fall boots (multiple colors available) for your next snowy trek.

Some of the best boots money can buy, and a favorite of the blog. Simply put, the Rancourt & Co. Wolf Boots deserve your hard-earned cash this fall. Absolutely on any list of the best men’s winter boots, right?
Howler Brothers Harker Flannel Shirt — $89

The cozy weekend flannel you didn’t know you needed, right?

Call this stylish flannel shirt what it is — a terrific option to have in your wardrobe in terms of color, cut and fit.
Billy Reid Corduroy 5-Pocket Pants — $165

Durable construction and excellent quality overall, yes?

Classic corduroy pants from a lauded American designer? Sign me up, yessir.
Taylor Stitch Democratic Jeans in 24-Month Wash — $128

Perfectly broken in jeans made from exceedingly rare denim.

These hard-to-find, very covetable Taylor Stitch jeans (as seen in this post here) can be scooped up for a limited time only. It’s nice to shake things up from dark denim in the fall, too.
Far Afield Wilson Long-Sleeve Shirt — $120

Another pleasingly casual flannel for cold weather.

This brushed cotton flannel shirt, a favorite at Bespoke Post, should be cozy, comfortable and exceptionally warm on fall and winter weekends.
Filson Ballistic Nylon Dryden Briefcase — $175

The dependable everyday bag that’s going to help you step easily into fall and winter.

Yet another rugged everyday bag from the good folks at Filson. The perfect bag for fall? And winter? Maybe, just maybe.
Chicago Comb Co. Leather Sheath — $19.98

A small-but-useful everyday carry essential.

It’s the underrated style essentials that can make the biggest difference in your life — seriously. This unique leather sheath is unexpected, but pretty darn cool.
Flag and Anthem Watson Western Shirt — $59.50

Going all in on stylish fall flannel shirts today.

Casual, washed for a lived-in feel, and cut in that cool way that only classic Western shirts can be — this Flag and Anthem shirt is a new personal favorite.
Aymara James Sweater — $150

The next addition to your shelf (or dresser drawer) of sweaters, folks.

The Aymara James Sweater, to me, evokes bitterly cold, snowy mornings at your cabin or lake retreat — or in the city. The point is, it’s rugged and handsome enough to wear anywhere. One of the best sweaters for winter? Maybe.
Topo Designs Classic Duffel — $99.98

This weekender bag is the difference between a good trip and a great trip.

A functional, understated bag can be an underappreciated part of your lineup of fall style essentials. Not so with the Topo Designs Classic Duffel.
Alright, we’ve wrapped up this week’s edition of The List — what are you adding to your own personal wish list? I’m personally a big fan of lacing up the Rancourt & Co. Wolf Boots and getting out there this fall and winter. Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How To Dress for Thanksgiving This Year

Let’s get down to business — what’s your favorite holiday? Is it Thanksgiving? And if so, do you have any idea what to wear for Thanksgiving this year? This #OOTD answers at least one of those questions for you … you can figure out the rest. It’s a tricky holiday, in that it still calls for your best men’s style essentials, yet tailored to the situation. Perhaps you might need to add a stylish blazer to the below ensemble, or even *gasp* a tie. Conversely, maybe you need to ditch the handsome Aymar James Sweater (the centerpiece of our outfit) in favor of going solo with the Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford and some classic five-pocket pants from Faherty Brand. And there are other considerations at play — perhaps you’re heading to visit family, or you’re meeting your significant other’s parents (gulp), or you’re just spending leisurely downtime with friends. Regardless, the situation calls for truly classic fall style essentials that can spring into action when the rubber meets the road. Specifically, that’s where a pair of footwear like the Rhodes Dean Boots come into playin this ensemble (as you’ll see below). They work for holiday travel, they work for Thanksgiving itself, they work for Black Friday shopping, and they’re refined and stylish enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone you run into at the bar on Wednesday night. How are you tailoring this #OOTD to make it work for you? Let me know on Twitter— enjoy the holiday, my friends!

Just one way you should dress for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • The Sweater: Aymar James Sweater, $150 — If it’s too warm to layer up where you are, ditch this stylish sweater in favor of the shirt on its own. If not? The Aymar James Sweater could be a new favorite.
  • The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford, $98 — Assuredly, a classic Oxford shirt is timeless all year around. But this Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford is especially fitting for a nice holiday outing.
  • The Pants: Faherty Brand Comfort Twill 5-Pocket Pants, $148 — Just as you can wear these stylish five-pocket pants in a fashion that’s a bit more rugged (see this #OOTD), you can also dress ’em up a bit for Turkey Day.
  • The Stylish Leather Boots: Rhodes Dean Boots, $220 — A handsome profile, beautiful leather and that cool cap toe detail make these dressy enough for Thanksgiving and laidback enough for a bar visit the night before.
  • The Socks: Anonymousism Zigzag Crew Links Socks, $24 — The little details go a long way, and stylish socks (sans holes!) are a must when padding around the house once you’ve taken off your Rhodes Dean Boots.
  • The Belt: Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Leather Belt, $89 — Trust me, considering the length of time you’ll have the Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Leather Belt, it’s worth buying in advance of Thanksgiving.
  • The Watch: Laco Aachen 42 Watch, $369 — A special holiday calls for a special watch — this  handsome leather watch from Laco checks all the right boxes.
  • The Gift for Your Host: Bespoke Post Over Easy Box, $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post) — Meeting your significant other’s parents? Staying with friends? Just heading home to family? This Bespoke Post box right here is a fun and welcome Thanksgiving host gift.

Now, who’s excited for Thanksgiving dinner yet? I know I am. And I hope you’re excited to dress in style for the day. If you see chilly weather in the forecast, there’s no better route to go than layering up with a rugged sweater like the Aymar James Sweater — it perfectly complements a classic Oxford shirt for easygoing-yet-polished style. And since you’re going to be relying on comfort for your lower half, the Faherty Brand Comfort Twill 5-Pocket Pants are sharper than sweatpants, but fit and feel like denim. And again, if you see inclement weather ahead — or if you simply love a stylish pair of leather boots — you can’t possibly misstep with the excellent Rhodes Dean Boots a wining style to wear for Thanksgiving and through the holidays. In the way of accessories, I’d say Thanksgiving is a holiday where you should swing for the fences — getting the chance to wear my dad’s Rolex (Hi, Dad!) one year drove home that point nicely. So, the beautiful Laco leather watch shown above gets it right. The same can be said for your newly upgraded leather belt: The Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Leather Belt. If you don’t eat too many extra helpings of Thanksgiving dinner, that is.  And to top things all off? Step into stylish socks, then show up with the Bespoke Post Over Easy Box.  Your perfect Thanksgiving weekend awaits with this #OOTD. Thanks for reading!