Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Donegal Cable Crew – Most Rugged Sweater for Winter

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There’s never a bad time to bolster your winter menswear rotation with one of the best winter sweaters, and if you can embrace a piece that’s both classic and yet decidedly on trend at the same time, then I say that’s all the better. Enter the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew, a burly and hard-wearing sweater to rival any one of the best men’s sweaters you might already have in your closet. Fisherman sweaters have never really gone out of fashion, serving as a classic reminder of when such sweaters were worn on the high seas and knitted primarily in the Aran Islands.

These days, brands like Buck Mason — already purveyors of one of the best men’s winter parkas and some of the best winter menswear deals — use modern fabric blends (like merino wool with nylon) to give sweaters like the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew some added punch. The result is a durable and dependable sweater that looks every bit like the classic icons your grandfather (and Hemingway) appreciated so much, yet with performance for 2022 in mind. The thick knit of this sweater is primed for frigid temperatures these days, and at a sub-$200 price, it’s not hard to see why the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew has been a hot seller.

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The textured fabric and rugged knit of the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew make it as inspired a sweater as you’re apt to find these days, the kind you can easily wear with other favorites from Buck Mason, naturally. Take the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew and pair it with slim, dark Buck Mason men’s jeans and your favorite pair of leather boots for a tried-and-true combination that works at the office on a casual Friday or for a weekend brewery trip. Better still, the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew works when worn with an Oxford shirt (again, at the office) or atop — or beneath! — a more rugged flannel workshirt. It should be cut with enough room to layer, which is a great thing considering it’s knit thickly enough that you’ll want to reach for it when winter is at its worst.

The Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew features hand-linked panels, a careful process that extends the life of the garment beyond just sewing these panels. All in all, it’s precise-yet-rugged design touches that make the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew one of the best men’s winter sweaters, far and away. It’s pricier than your standard V-neck or crewneck sweatshirt (the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew retails for $198 at Buck Mason), but it’ll go a long way towards making your winter that much warmer and more stylish. Consider adding it — or any one of Buck Mason’s stylish sweaters for men — to your wardrobe before it sells out.

The Friday Read: The Taylor Stitch Winter Clearout, Huckberry Gifts & The Best Boot Socks

Taylor Stitch's Coldweather Clearout Can Save Your Winter Wardrobe -  InsideHook

It’s time to kick off the weekend in fine form once again with some of the best winter menswear, and plenty beyond that, which you should expect from our weekly Friday Read roundups. I’ve been doing the Friday Read in some form since 2015, crazily enough, and it’s a big one in particular here in Brooklyn for your friendly neighborhood style writer: Today, believe it or not, is my 30th birthday! I started this blog from my bedroom in my college house back in 2013, and I’m stunned and amazed on a daily basis at the support and the readership here and on social media (give me a follow on Instagram!), not to mention ongoing interest in my other writing work at more than a few top menswear outlets. So, right off the bat: A massive THANK YOU for reading and supporting my work! I’ve already had a wonderful start to my birthday with a few incredible days in Florida with my family exploring Disney World (yes!) and the incredible Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which you no doubt saw if you, again, follow me on Instagram — what a way to kick things off!

Now, to business and to one of the best weekend menswear sales, yes? Sure thing, I don’t see why not. To get your weekend going, head to the Taylor Stitch Winter Clearout to take an additional 25 percent off Taylor Stitch Last Call items. It’s as simple as that, and it only runs until Sunday. Go right ahead and get on it, folks.

So, that’s but one way to make sure the weekend gets rolling in the right direction. As for me, I intend on doing the same, starting with a day off around the borough heading to some of my favorite spots, like Prospect Park and Threes Brewing, plus the famed Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop. Beyond that, the weekend is only set to get better: Saturday night, I’m trekking into Manhattan to see the one, the only, famed Philly rock band The War On Drugs at the iconic Madison Square Garden! I wrote about my love of the band in my music and menswear newsletter, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to keep the weekend moving along in such rocking fashion. As for the rest of your weekend, here are a few other choice reading and shopping selections from yours truly. Thanks once again for your support and readership! Cheers!

  • It’s never too early to start shopping for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones, whether you check out my SPY guide to the best Valentine’s Day gifts or better still, shop the always well-curated Huckberry Valentine’s Day Shop. It’s got gifts for every sort of adventure partner in your life, and that’s something I appreciate. I know whoever you’re gifting will feel the same way, so start shopping!
  • Now, last but certainly not least, here’s something to help you step into your weekend — literally, at that. Here on the blog just yesterday, I wrote all about the best men’s boot socks to upgrade your favorite pair of winter footwear. They’re courtesy of the sustainably made accessories brand Arvin Goods, and consider my Arvin Goods review a highly positive one: You need these socks on your feet. Head here to read the full dispatch.

So, that’ll wrap up today’s birthday edition of the Friday Read (not something that happens all that often, I can assure you!). Here’s to a stylish and warm winter weekend, approaching NYC snowstorm and all. Again, thanks so very much for reading and for supporting my work! Lastly: CHEERS!

The Thursday Buy: Arvin Goods Is Making the Best Socks to Wear with Your Favorite Boots

Crew Sock - Performance — Hemp Biofiber – Arvin Goods

Stepping out to face winter weather can be quite the process some days, sure, but you can’t step out the door if you’re not wearing a pair of the best boot socks. That’s right: Before you can lace up your favorite pair of leather boots for winter, you need some of the best men’s boot socks in tow, hence why we’re here today to get you up to speed with the latest and greatest at Arvin Goods. You might recognize the brand from past Arvin Goods reviews on this site, specifically when its no-show socks were sold at Huckberry, but here’s a refresher as you get ready to lace up your rugged winter boots again. They’ve grown steadily over the years with an uncompromising focus on sustainability, turning a notorious industry into one that’s slowly but surely becoming more eco-friendly. How does Arvin Goods do it, and how does it all result in some of the best men’s socks on the market? Let’s take a closer look, and then we’ll get into what makes the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks your next go-to pair.

Right off the bat, the good folks at Minnesota-based Arvin Goods — who also make a nice rotation of stylish, sustainable headwear — use the right materials, including recycled or discarded fabric scraps repurposed into new, comfortable socks. They’ve outlined it in great detail on their Responsibilities page, noting how the process uses almost no water and at the same time, keeping old textiles out of landfills. It’s a pretty innovative and eco-conscious approach, one that makes Arvin Goods one of my favorite sustainable brands of the moment (up there with rugged outdoor apparel brand Outerknown, of course). But back to what we were talking about earlier — the best men’s boot socks, right?

All of this sustainability and a continued focus on excellence results in, well, terrific socks for your feet and your wardrobe. The Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks are made from a blend of recycled wool, polyester and acrylic, giving them some stretch and some give while still keeping your feet toasty without overheating. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but that’s what the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks do when worn day in and day out. You can also get multi-packs from Arvin Goods, including the brand’s classic crew socks, but I’d suggest getting at least two of, heck, each color of the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks — you’re going to be wearing boots all winter, yes? Might as well do it the right way in terms of your sock rotation.

Ribbed stitching offers support and a stay-upright fit, and the reinforced heel and toe is precisely what you need from socks that are going to be worn with heavier, durable leather boots. On top of that, the three colors in which you can snag the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks are about as reliable as it gets, and able to be paired stylishly with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans or better still, a pair of the best men’s chinos when you wear boots to the office. Thanks to their Portuguese-made construction, the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks will run slightly pricier than your average pair of socks, but again, the fit, comfort, quality and warmth here is fair above average. Any time you need to wear socks with boots, any time at all, keep a pair of the Arvin Goods Recycled Wool Boot Socks close by. Your feet will thank you.

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants are the Winter Pants You Need Now

As crazy as it might seem, there are times you need to level up your winter menswear even further beyond what you might have previously planned — this is where Filson enters the equation with some of the best men’s pants for winter, of course. Long a trusted heritage gear purveyor (and one of my long-running favorite brands, as many a Filson review indicates), Filson continues to amp things up when you need it the most. This goes for staple pieces like a winter-ready down shirt jacket, and of course, the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants. It’s practically the perfect point in winter to wear these extremely rugged, hard-working pants, as you very well might be in the throes of a polar vortex right now. Here’s where the remarkable Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants can help you out in a big way, especially if snow shoveling or the rest of your outdoor-centric to-do list just can’t wait.

Perhaps you’re already well-aware of the durability and hard-wearing benefits of the Filson Dry Tin Pants, which are truly unstoppable in most conditions. The key here is both the 100 percent dry finish Tin Cloth cotton, which is then souped up with 8-ounce Alaskan Guide Flannel fabric on the interior. It’s the best of both worlds, turned into a pair of the best men’s pants for winter.

Now, the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants have proven a surprisingly hot seller despite a higher price tag than other pairs of Filson men’s pants, including the excellent Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans. They retail for $225 at Filson, a fair price when you consider they’re a durable pair of work pants designed to take on snow and wet conditions. The flannel lining of the aptly named Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants should add another layer of comfort and warmth, especially if you wear them in frigid conditions with, say, a Filson merino base layer. You very well might not need it with these tough Filson work pants, though — they’re just that exceptionally well-made.

Particularly when the conditions call for it, like a day in the field or the garage, the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants are going to work exactly as hard as you need them to work. But if you feel like adding a bit of casually rugged style to your off-duty pursuits, you could even team these flannel-lined pants with a thermal henley and a waxed trucker jacket for a casual night out on the town grabbing beers at your local watering hole. And if the day involves everything from a wintry park stroll to an afternoon coffee, then I say you should give the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants a shot, even moreso if you’re wearing dependable Filson leather boots. Winter days are going to be a whole lot more manageable with your new favorite pair of winter pants — trust me.

The Tuesday Steal: The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is the Best Men’s Shirt to Buy Now

Blanket Shirt | Men's Shirts | Outerknown

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best sustainable menswear and gear, hopefully, you’re familiar with the brand we’re diving into today. If not, you’re in for a real treat. Outerknown, the men’s and women’s style brand founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, has long been a favorite brand of mind when it comes to gear that balances the rugged with the versatile, and beyond that, it’s pretty remarkable that they’re perhaps one of the most sustainable style brands on the planet. That brings me to the real reason we’re gathered here today: The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is, quite simply, one of the best men’s shirts you can buy now, and that makes it a prime candidate for today’s Tuesday Steal.

Now, you can get the best sustainable menswear from the Outerknown Outerworn Collection (pre-owned), but it’s always nice to invest in a brand-new shirt made the right way. And of course, the list of positive attributes for the Outerknown Blanket Shirt goes on and on, but let’s start with the durable, eco-friendly construction. It’s made from 100 percent organic cotton, removing harmful chemicals from the production process and still delivering a richly crafted, dependable shirt with a tight twill weave. It only gets better from there.

Naturally, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is a crowd-pleasing favorite, with well over 600 Outerknown reviews on its site that point towards quality style, reliable construction and standout design. For what it’s worth, I’ve got two Outerknown shirts of my own, and my Outerknown review is that, yes, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is worth every penny. It’s more expensive than a bargain-bin shirt, to be sure (it retails for $148 at Outerknown), but it’s more than worth it. The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is soft to the touch out of the box but as rugged as thicker cotton flannel shirt, and it’s also a nice hybrid between, say, a regular Oxford shirt and a flannel overshirt. That is to say, you can wear the Outerknown Blanket Shirt as both a shirt jacket or a regular shirt, layered up over your favorite henley or worn buttoned up on its own beneath one of the best men’s trucker jackets.

The Outerknown Blanket Shirt also has plenty going for it on the style front, seeing as it comes in a remarkable array of richly crafted colors and patterns. There are a whopping 46 color and pattern options in which you’ll find the Outerknown Blanket Shirt, enough to satisfy both more adventurous and more subdued style palettes. It’s the kind of shirt to be worn casually, untucked with a pair of sustainable Outerknown men’s jeans, but you can also team it with tailored chinos if the mood strikes you. No matter the option you select, and no matter how you choose to style it, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is an undeniable winner when it comes to sustainable fashion. It’s your new favorite shirt, without a doubt.

See Now, Buy Now: The Hestra Utsjo Gloves at Huckberry are the Best Winter Gloves Around

It can be intimidating to glance at the thermostat and realize how bone-chilling the cold can be these days, at least in Brooklyn, but this is where the best winter gloves will more than serve you well. If you live in a more temperate climate, perhaps consider yourself lucky that you needn’t be worried about bundling up with, say, a full allotment of the best gear for winter from the style-minded purveyors at Huckberry. And yet, here we are today with a deeper look at an exceptionally cool, exceptionally rugged pair of gloves, the Hestra Utsjo Gloves. They’re made with heritage quality and long-lasting performance top of mind, to say the very least, and they’re going to save you from many a frozen day this winter.

Are they some of the best gloves for men? Yes, you could certainly say that. And having tried a pair in the process of a Huckberry review or two back in the day, I’m confident they’re just what your winter ensemble needs. In fact, I wouldn’t leave it to chance any longer if you want gloves that blend style and performance, because that’s what family-owned Hestra has been all about for decades upon decades now: The best winter gloves, made with care and great looks in mind.

What’s the Hestra secret, and how can they continue to make the Hestra Utsjo Gloves to such exacting, durable standards? It’s all in the approach, starting with the fact that Swedish-based Hestra relies on its knowledge of leather craftsmanship dating back to 1936. It’s that same approach that makes even modern and highly rugged yet stylish men’s gloves like the Hestra Utsjo Gloves so essential to your winter wardrobe. Nordic elk leather is lined with insulating yet not-too-hot fleece, while insulation courtesy of Primaloft provides warmth that’s also not overly stifling. All together, it’s a nuanced approach that makes the Hestra Utsjo Gloves worthy of consistent wear in frigid temperatures.

And the Hestra Utsjo Gloves now feature touches like smartphone-enabled fingertips on the thumb and index finger. You can also snag your new favorite leather gloves in a variety of leathers, ensuring you’re going to look great no matter which pair of Hestra Utsjo Gloves you select. Use these gloves as the finishing touch when you step out to grab a Hot Toddy wearing one of the best men’s peacoats, and keep them close at hand when you’ve outfitted yourself with a rugged down parka, too. Be it hitting the trail or heading to the office, the best gloves for guys are simply essential, and the Hestra Utsjo Gloves have everything you need (and then some).

The Sunday Sale: This Rugged Outdoor Watch is 20 Percent Off at Huckberry Right Now

Marathon Watch WW194026 Swiss Made Military Diver's Automatic Medium Size  Watch with Tritium (36mm, Rubber Strap) : Marathon: Watches

There are certain deals that seem too good to pass up, especially when it comes to scoring a discount on one of the best men’s watches — that’s why you’ve got to see it to believe it yourself in the Huckberry Sale Section. The deal in question? I’m glad you asked, as it’s yet another fitting entry when it comes to the best menswear deals of the moment. Right now, you can take 20 percent off the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch via the always well-stocked, covetable and seriously cool Huckberry Sale Section. That 20 percent discount (as of the time of this writing, at least) brings the watch down in price to about $840, from its previously lofty retail price of $1,050. So, that price drop now makes it one of the best men’s watches under $1,000, does it not? I’d have to say so, and I hope you feel the same way.

It’s the specs on the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch that make it so impressive and downright essential if you need one of the best men’s adventure watches. The case on the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch is sized at 36mm, a more old-school touch that ensures it’s not too cumbersome to wear on your wrist. And the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch features a tough stainless steel case and a hard-wearing sapphire crystal dome on the dial. As to the dial itself, it’s easily legible in adverse conditions thanks to MaraGlo paint on those dial markings. And as Huckberry says, thanks to its “robust construction,” the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch is water-resistant all the way down to 300 meters. It’s one of the hardest-working, toughest watches on the market (complete with a ready-for-anything silicone rubber strap), so you’d do well to add the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch to your watch collection right now at 20 percent off. Happy shopping — thank me later, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat – The Best Winter Blazer for Men

It always helps to have a reliable rotation of the best menswear brands in your closet when you need to get dressed in style in a pinch, especially through the frigid days of winter (at least where I am, in Brooklyn). Today’s menswear brand in question is a longtime favorite here on the blog: The great folks at San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch, purveyors of several “best-in-class” menswear picks, including a new essential you might not have considered from the brand. That new essential? One of the best blazers for men, or rather, one of the best sportcoats for men, and one that’s done up in a handsome plaid pattern for winter.

You already know you can turn to the West Coast retailer for a little bit of everything, including a jam-packed rotation of the best jackets for men, but this recent introduction takes things up a notch in terms of refinement and tailored appeal. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat is precisely the upgrade you need when the situation is more formal than simply throwing on one of the best shirt jackets, for instance. You might normally turn to Taylor Stitch for more casual menswear offerings, but the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat proves they can do slightly more formal selections with just as much quality top-of-mind. Of course, they haven’t overdone it, though.

The Sheffield Sportcoat in Coal Slub Check | Taylor Stitch

That’s a difficult balance to strike, but it’s one that Taylor Stitch manages to finetune correctly with the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat. Take the construction, for instance. The elegant yet classically “Taylor Stitch” sportcoat features a poly-cotton lining and minimal padding for a fit that’s tailored yet modern without overdoing it. It’s cut to move with you, not restrict you, as a heavily padded suit jacket or blazer might do. And the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat perfectly fits the definition if you want explore the difference between a sportcoat and a blazer. The Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat features a plaid pattern reminiscent of when sportcoats were actually worn in the field — like hunting jackets — while a traditional blazer is solid in color (among other differences). In this case, it’s more technical, but it’s always useful to know the difference, ehh? The patch pockets on the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat also nail the “casual-yet-refined” vibe perfectly.

Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat is one of the best men’s winter blazers (or rather, sportcoats), able to be worn seamlessly with Taylor Stitch chinos or a pair of the best blue jeans for men and your favorite winter boots. This blazer, with its modern fit and winter-friendly wool fabric, also wears well at the office with the aforementioned blue jeans and leather boots, or with corduroy pants and a crisp white Oxford shirt to hit the town. The Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat can go anywhere you’d normally wear a regular blazer, or anywhere you want to project an air of casual, stylish and slightly rugged confidence. That makes it a must-buy winter jacket, does it not? Here’s to dressing for the rest of winter in style with the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat.

The Friday Read: Buck Mason’s Rare Winter Sale, The Best Men’s Hair Spray & a New Shinola Watch

Buck Mason Early Access—The Gettin's Good Sale (Up to 60% off) :  r/frugalmalefashion

Folks, welcome to Friday and another edition of the Friday Read, which’ll have you outfitted and ready for the weekend in no time. Speaking of getting outfitted for the weekend, well, that photo above says it all. Buck Mason, one of my favorite brands and purveyors of some of the best winter menswear around, is holding a very, very rare sale, featuring up to 60 percent off some of the company’s essential gear via the recently launched Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale (get it while you can, my friends). It’s even better than the well-stocked Buck Mason Last Chance Section, since these are deep discounts on a wide array of menswear. If you’ve had your eye on, say, one of the best men’s cardigans via the lauded retailer, now’s the time to shop. The Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale is a must-shop for your weekend — I’ll leave you to it, but please do keep on scrolling to kick off your weekend the right way.

For those of you who aren’t quite dropping everything to shop Buck Mason just yet, well, I’m with you — at least in spirit. That’s because this weekend, I’m heading somewhere extra layers aren’t really needed: I’m trekking down to breezy, sunny Florida to kick off my 30th birthday week (weekend?) and spend some time at Disney World with my family! I couldn’t be more excited to safely trek down there, and if you’d like to keep up with all the fun (and get some style tips in the process), you can — and should go follow me on Instagram. For now, I’ve got a few more stories to tidy up before the weekend, so I’ll leave you with some more reading and shopping tips below. Cheers to Friday, folks!

  • If you’ve been keeping up with the blog as of late, then you’re well aware that I’m a big fan of Detroit-based Shinola and its full array of some of the best men’s watches. That includes the remarkable new Shinola Bronze Monster (as I wrote about here), as well as the stunning, recently launched Shinola Forged Carbon Monster Automatic. This watch is truly a sight to behold, featuring light yet tough construction. What’s more, you can head to Maxim to read my full dispatch on this stunning watch.
  • Looking for a way to revamp your hair this winter, all the while avoiding hat hair on cold days? Then you’re in luck — if you read my latest AskMen guide on the best men’s hair sprays. Yes, that’s right: Hair spray for men is very much available, with the quick and easy potential to revamp your ‘do the right way. Check out that guide and let me know what you think.
  • Here’s one in case you missed out on the fun on the blog this week. It’s always wise to shop the latest and greatest Billy Reid menswear, especially when those layers are both rugged and refined, like this Billy Reid shirt jacket I covered just yesterday. It’s time to layer up in style, my friends.

So, that’ll wrap things up in fine form as we head into the weekend. There’s lots to read and shop if you peruse the pages of this blog and my other bylines, but I’d urge you — more than anything — to shop the exceptional Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale for the best deals on the best winter menswear and much more. If you do end up picking anything up, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and cheers to the weekend! 

The Thursday Buy: This Billy Reid Shirt Jacket is the Rugged & Refined Winter Layer You Need

I always say that it pays to have brands you can trust in your rotation of the best men’s style essentials, brands that don’t miss a beat when moving from season to season. As it turns out, Billy Reid is one of those brands, a reliable company that delivers some of the coolest menswear as dreamed up by one of the country’s best menswear designers. And as luck would have it, the Billy Reid New Arrivals section is packed with some of the best winter gear for guys, including one of the best shirt jackets for men. Billy Reid already has you outfitted for those occasions when things turn more formal, including a selection of the best men’s shirts for all occasions.

And I’m more than willing to bet you also know Billy Reid from the frankly incredible, widely coveted and fast-selling Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, which just so happens to be the type of heirloom piece you’d do well to buy now and wear often. But let’s talk more about the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket, one of the best men’s shirt jackets to wear when situations toe the line between rugged and refined.

Where does the magic come from with the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket? It starts with the warm and winter-friendly wool-blend exterior, reinforced with nylon and polyester for durability and stretch. It’s then filled with an insulating poly fill made with recycled polyester for an extra shot of sustainability. So, the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket delivers when it comes to comfort and performance. But it’s the small details where Billy Reid elevates things even further. Whereas more technical shirt jackets might use a cheaper style of button, here, the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket uses antique brass hardware and a handsome leather locker loop, the sort of touch you can use to display this handsome and functional shirt jacket on a coat rack rather than tossed in the laundry room.

These touches make the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket more of a style piece than a performance move. I’d shy away from wearing this on long, grueling hikes and reserve this rugged-yet-refined shirt jacket for park strolls and brewery beers. The rich dark navy plaid pattern makes the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket a superb style move when worn atop one of your favorite henleys and some slim blue jeans, and you can even wear the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket atop one of Billy Reid’s denim shirts for the ultimate blend of durability and style points. To shake up your winter layering, get the handsome and ever-versatile Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket — you won’t regret it.