The Friday Read: Horse Soldier Bourbon, The Best Fall Jeans & A New Bonobos Sweater

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon | Third Base Market and Spirits | Third  Base Market & Spirits

This Friday caps off a very special, very busy week, one notable in more ways than one (and one notable beyond even one of the best whiskies for fall and winter as seen above). From Monday through Wednesday of this week, I traveled to the beautiful state of Kentucky with NYC’s Magrino PR for something well beyond just a whiskey tasting. I was on hand in the rolling hills of Somerset, Kentucky with the Horse Soldier Bourbon team for groundbreaking festivities (and my, were there festivities) related to the new Horse Soldier Farms facility, a sprawling, $200 million planned expansion of the Horse Soldier Bourbon brand — you might have read about the trip in my newsletter earlier this week. It was a momentous trip filled with patriotism, community and faith, all principles of the remarkable Horse Soldier brand. If you want a taste of the brand, you can get their excellent whiskey delivered to your door, but it’s about so much more than whiskey.

Founded just about three years ago by a group of Special Forces veterans — horse soldiers and Special Forces members who served bravely in Afghanistan and elsewhere — the company operates a lovely tasting room in Florida and distills product in Ohio with partners, but the Somerset facility is going to become a true destination in every sense of the word, with a massive lodge, cabins, a chapel, an amphitheater and much more set for the beautiful space tucked away in Somerset’s rolling hills. In fact, it’s not far from where members of the Horse Soldier team were training when terrorists attacked the U.S. on September 11th. It was a true homecoming celebration packed with tons of significance and emotional moments, capped off with a night in Louisville and a special ceremony at the Frazier History Museum welcoming Horse Soldier Bourbon to the famed Kentucky Bourbon Trail. I’ll have much more to say on the trip and on the groundbreaking soon, but it was an incredible, passion-filled trip (right down to the breathtaking stay at Louisville’s 21c Museum Hotel), and I couldn’t have been more honored to be on site for such a special occasion. For now, I’ve got some other deadlines to knock out yet this weekend (as I sip on my new favorite bourbon, of course), but I’ll still take you into the weekend with my normal guide to menswear’s best reads and buys. Happy shopping!

  • So, here’s a shopping pick to get your weekend started off right. In fact, I can vouch firsthand for the durability and versatility of classic slim blue jeans from Mott and Bow, seeing as I wore two pairs throughout my trip to Kentucky. These jeans are packed with helpful stretch and washed just enough to give them plenty of comfort right out of the box, so consider giving Mott and Bow (and the site’s free shipping and returns) a shot heading into fall. They are the best fall jeans, after all.
  • Fall is nothing if not the season for taking care of chores and taking care of business, literally, and that involves everything from splitting wood to hauling brush to simply pouring up some more Horse Soldier Bourbon as you sit around the bonfire. Whatever your pursuits might be this season, my guide for The Manual on the best barn coats for doing chores is sure to keep you warm and toasty in rugged style.
  • Here’s one more for you today when it comes to fall layering. Bonobos, long one of my favorite brands, has also long been known for its stylish and slim chinos. That notoriety levels up a step further though when it comes to one of the best sweaters, too. I wrote about said sweater on the blog earlier this week, so be sure to gear up accordingly, folks.

That’ll wrap up my trio of picks for the best menswear you can shop this weekend, but allow me to provide you with one more recommendation: It always pays off to get a nice discount on a Taylor Stitch leather jacket, and you can read all about how to do that here. I’ll let you go forth and shop stylish menswear, sip excellent whiskey and plan your Bourbon Trail getaway. Enjoy it, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: This Rugged Down Jacket from Huckberry Is Your New Go-To Fall Layer

At times when it comes to your favorite fall gear picks, it’s best not to overdo it. What I mean to say is, sometimes, you just need a grab-and-go jacket, one of the best jackets for fall, to throw on without too much fuss. When your fall days, especially the weekend, could involve everything from park strolls to brunch to yard work or a brewery visit (much better than yard work, right?) shouldn’t you have a jacket — like the essential Proof Graphene Down Jacket — that you can wear through blustery breezes and fall weather all the while? Yes, that’s absolutely right. As dreamed up by the good folks at Huckberry (Proof is one of the in-house brands of the famed retailer), the Proof Graphene Down Jacket is nearly too good to be true, blending plenty of bells and whistles into an unassuming-yet-tough design. This rugged down jacket is hard-wearing yet packable, lightweight yet warm, and a little bit of everything in between.

It’s got lots going for it, starting with a design that seemingly blends the classic Harrington jacket (note the stand-up collar) and the simple build of a bomber jacket. Plus, the specs are everything you need in a durable fall jacket. The Proof Graphene Down Jacket gets its name from the lightweight yet remarkably tough Graphene fiber used throughout the lining, which manages to regulate your temperature and yet has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. This isn’t the sort of puffer jacket to easily cut or rip, that much is true.

The Proof Graphene Down Jacket also packs a punch with its exterior construction, too. Try on the jacket and breathe easy knowing that it’s coated with a 100 percent DWR finishing, then filled with down inside that durable graphene lining for plenty of comfort. The Proof Graphene Down Jacket also lands right in the fairway in terms of versatility: Take your pick between Olive or Navy, and then pair either color with everything from your favorite pair of blue jeans to tan chinos or durable Huckberry work pants.

Layering options abound, from the potential to throw it on over your favorite henley as you head out the door, or the ability to team it with a chambray shirt for casually cool, day-to-night style. It’s also priced quite agreeably (the Proof Graphene Down Jacket retails for $168 at Huckberry), given that you can wear it to the office, out on seasonal adventures and pretty much anywhere in between. When fall starts to roll through in earnest — as it’s doing now! — make sure the Proof Graphene Down Jacket is on your shoulders.

See Now, Buy Now: This Bonobos Merino Wool Sweater is the Top Sweater to Wear All Fall

As far as fall style essentials are concerned, I should hope that you’re well-stocked by now. If not, well, there’s just enough time to start layering up the right way, and these days, it often starts with one of the best men’s sweaters. Heading to the office and want to change up your look without investing in a new blazer? Get the sort of stylish sweater you can wear with ease atop your Oxford or chambray shirt. Looking for an easy grab-and-go layer to throw on with trusty work-from-home pants? Again, here’s where the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater enters the equation (and your wardrobe). It’s the latest from a retailer that’s always prided itself on innovation, be that through its perfectly fitting men’s pants, its range of handsome Italian tailoring or an always well-stocked selection of the best seasonal menswear.

When temperatures start to drop without stopping, something like the wear-with-anything Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater is going to be your best friend. It all starts, as you might expect, with the use of merino wool, a fabric I simply can’t get enough of. If you read the blog regularly, you might recognize the fact that merino wool is moisture-wicking (yet warm), plus anti-microbial and, in the case of the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater, very easy to wash and wear repeatedly. That’s unlike other more expensive sweaters, like cashmere, which calls for professional cleaning more often than not. No sir, the hit list of positives surrounding the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater only keeps growing.

So, the fabric in and of itself makes the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater highly covetable (as does the agreeable price — it retails for $99, a heck of a steal for a sweater you can wear more than once weekly). What’s that, you say? Wearing the same sweater more than once? Absolutely. Take your pick from multiple color options, including Heather Green, and rest easy knowing you can wear the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater to the office (atop a white Oxford shirt with tan chinos) or at home alongside tailored sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee. Talk about cozy fall weekend comfort, right? Plus, the details are exactly on-point, just as one might expect from a lauded retailer like Bonobos.

Ribbed stitching helps accentuate your shoulders, and it also adds an unexpected touch at the cuff and collar. The best part about all these design details might just be the fact that you can do so much with the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater, from the office to a fall weekend and back. And at that highly agreeable price (again, $99 at Bonobos), you very well might want to pick up more than one. Do yourself a favor and layer up in style this fall.

The Tuesday Steal: Pre-Fund the Best Leather Jacket At Taylor Stitch Right Now

Every year at about this time, there’s a rumbling you can hear in the distance. It’s the sound of the Taylor Stitch Workshop consistently churning out some of the best deals on the best men’s style essentials, and at competitive prices compared to any brand on the market. And today, the Tuesday Steal in question really does hit the mark quite nicely: It’s the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket in Whiskey Steerhide, a truly exceptional, handsome and well-crafted jacket that’s worth pre-funding right now through the aforementioned Taylor Stitch Workshop. For those not familiar with San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch, the brand has more than a decade’s worth of experience perfecting everything from men’s shirting to chinos, and over the years, that expertise has extended into the world of some of the coolest outerwear on the planet. Its field jackets and flannel shirts are stellar in their own right, but the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket is a consistent favorite that never ceases to amaze. There’s lots to love in terms of pre-funding, too: You’re getting your new favorite leather jacket for 20 percent off when you pre-fund it, and although you’ll have to wait until January for it to ship out, it’s about as worth it as it gets.

This handsome and timeless jacket has plenty going for it, including the fact that it’s handmade in San Fran by the leather jacket experts at Golden Bear. It’s a match made in heaven, one that puts craftsmanship on full display. The Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket is made with 3.5oz. full-grain steerhide leather that should prove supple yet durable. It should also feel somewhat lighter than a thicker leather jacket from a brand like Schott (although Schott is certainly worthwhile as you search for the best leather jacket on the market!). It’s fully lined and features Thinsulate insulation, all the better for matching the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket up with a thermal henley or a lightweight sweater to avoid too much bulk. Any which way you look at it, the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket, right down to the antique brass zippers and the articulated shoulders for ease of movement, is the perfect merger of form and function. It’s an iconic take on the moto jacket that you’ll have for years and years to come, which only makes it a better deal right now through the well-stocked Taylor Stitch Workshop.

Head to the Taylor Stitch Workshop right now

Deals on the best new menswear await

The List: Buy the Best American-Made Casual Menswear at Goodlife Clothing

Goodlife Clothing: Men's & Women's Clothing Made in USA

There comes a time in your seasonal wardrobe refresh — like right now, as you shop for the best fall style essentials — when you’ve got to up the ante a bit. Be it finding a rugged new henley or one of the best men’s hoodies, there’s on reason to let your casual menswear fall by the wayside this season. That’s where Goodlife Clothing comes into play. The brand, which just opened a colorful NYC store last month, specializes in some of the best American-made menswear, focusing on quality knitwear and basics, from henleys to T-shirts, sweats and outerwear. Heck, as the brand itself says “Goodlife is unique to each of us, a state of mind, and a way of living by those who appreciate and understand true style and quality.” Sounds pretty great — and pretty stylish, does it not? Better still, they also offer a T-Shirt Club subscription service, in case you can’t get enough of the brand’s T-shirts (and believe me, you won’t be able to — I’m wearing one as I type!). You’re also going to love the Goodlife Loop program, which repurposes excess textiles and returned garments by transforming them into insulation for housing. What’s not to love about that, right?? If you seek the best made-in-America menswear to upgrade your casual wardrobe, you’re going to love what Goodlife Clothing is doing.

The Best Men’s Style Essentials to Buy Right Now From Goodlife

Goodlife Sun-Faded Scallop Hem Henley — $98

Goodlife’s henleys are a cut above the rest, from the sun-faded slub cotton fabric to unique details like the flattering curved hem. This midweight henley will feel comfortable as can be right out of the box, so get ready to layer up with your favorite flannel shirt or a Goodlife sweatshirt.

Goodlife Supima Scallop Crew — $68

Goodlife T-shirts are about as high-quality as it gets, made with American-grown Pima cotton for a soft finish and excellent structure. The curved hem is yet another flattering detail every guy should appreciate, and hey, can you ever have enough stylish T-shirts in your rotation?

Goodlife Denim Shirt — $175

Here’s the kicker — Goodlife Clothing isn’t just about the best men’s casual basics. In fact, they’ve come through with a perfectly rugged denim shirt you can wear all fall and winter. Note the higher price tag, owing to the use of rich indigo denim, plus the fact that this shirt is made in Portugal.

Goodlife Loop Logo Terry Hoody — $135

Your search for one of the best men’s hoodies for casual, cozy fall weekend style is complete, thanks to this ultra-soft, well-made version from Goodlife. The Clay color is perfectly at home this fall with your favorite pair of faded blue jeans.

Goodlife Linen Shirt Jacket — $225

In need of another dependable layer for fall, perhaps the kind you can throw on over one of the best men’s hoodies when chilly fall weather hits? Well, here’s the one you need right now. Best of all, it’s available in a range of cool, neutral colors.

Goodlife Essential Twill Pants — $135

Round out your collection of the best basics for men with these rugged twill pants, built with both durable fabric for fall-ready comfort and a drawstring waist for plenty of mobility. Team them up with one of the best men’s henleys for casual fall style pursuits aplenty.

So, are you sold on stocking up on the best new fall menswear from Goodlife Clothing? The brand does it all, and exceptionally well at that, using soft fabrics and durable construction to get all the details right, be it one of the best men’s henleys, a pair of rugged twill pants, one of the best men’s hoodies or something as simple and subtle as a classic scallop hem T-shirt. If you end up taking the plunge, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

The Sunday Sale: Stock Up On Rugged Fall Menswear with the Howler Brothers Last Call Section

40% off Howler Brothers Entire Fall Collection | Cool Material

It’s rare to find a brand that practices what it preaches as much as Howler Brothers. The Austin, Texas-based brand, found at retailers like Huckberry as well as online at its own store and in Austin at its own outpost, is all about seizing the spirit of adventure. It’s made all the better by the best deals on menswear in the Howler Brothers Last Chance section, the reason we’re here for today’s Sunday Sale. What makes this brand so special? Reader, I’m glad you asked. So named for howler monkeys that founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian encountered during a jungle adventure in Costa Rica, the brand is about blending form, function and rugged appeal. They mix technical fabrics — suited for fun on water and back on land — with silhouettes like puffer jackets, shirt jackets, short-sleeve shirts and more. It’s vibrant, it’s Southwest-inspired and yet, Howler Brothers menswear works just about anywhere there’s a good time to be had and stylish memories to be made.

In fact, the Fall 2021 Howler Brothers Collection — packed with technical shirts, cozy hoodies, colorful short-sleeve shirts and much more — is about seizing the day and taking on whatever life throws at you, in style (naturally). And yet, it’s the fast-selling Howler Brothers Last Chance section that’s particularly of interest (at least to this writer). Right now is actually a great time to get discounts on last season’s menswear and much more, believe it or not, be it the rugged Howler Brothers Harker’s Flannel or the go-anywhere Howler Brothers Stockman Stretch Snapshirt. Helpfully, prices tend to drop well below $50 or $60, and well below that, throughout the technically minded, rugged-but-modern Howler Brothers Last Chance section. What will you add to your rotation today? Be sure to let me know on Twitter.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt – The Most Rugged Shirt For Fall Right Now

There are certain fall style essentials you come across in your search for the best menswear that make so much sense, it’s a wonder you didn’t have a closet packed full of ’em before. Be that the best boots for men, a rugged henley or today’s Style Pick of the Week, when you know, you really know. And if you’ve been a fan of San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch for as long as I have, then you assuredly know the brand is practically made to deliver cold-weather gear that’s so spot-on, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the best brands for men on the market. That leads us to the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, just the latest and greatest addition to a truly action-packed line of Taylor Stitch shirting that’s up for grabs right now. If you’ve been waiting to buy one of the best flannel shirts for fall, for instance, now is the time, and it’s simply got to be the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt. This year’s edition is everything you’d expect from the long-running brand, which hasn’t taken its foot off the gas in about a decade when it comes to making menswear essentials across the board (think selvedge denim, Oxford shirting, T-shirts and more).

The Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is among a number of styles the brand returns to time and again, including the popular Taylor Stitch California Shirt (perfect to style with a blazer or on its own, untucked), and the Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford Shirt. Each are certainly suited for everyday wear, but when the temperature really starts to drop, well, it’s the undeniably cool, rugged and ridiculously soft and wearable Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt that belongs in your wardrobe and on your shoulders. It’s a winning formula playing off a classic flannel work shirt — note the chest flap button pocket and the contrasting chest patch pocket on the other side, for starters. But truly, you can make the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt all your own this season.

With the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, which only seems to get better each year, well, it really does live up to the hype. It’s the use of hard-wearing yet still soft, relatively breathable 9oz. brushed organic cotton flannel (in a custom twill weave developed exclusively for Taylor Stitch) that sets this durable, rugged shirt apart. The Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is soft right out of the box though, with a fit that allows you to layer it over an equally rugged Taylor Stitch henley or even beneath, say, a Taylor Stitch cardigan (yes, the brand really does do it all). It could be your new favorite flannel shirt for that very reason, and it’s only going to get better and feel softer the more you wear it. It also helps that the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt comes in some seriously cool fall colors, like the rich Forest Plaid shown here.

Shop your new fall flannel shirt ASAP

This Taylor Stitch shirt is the right way to go

That particular Forest Plaid pattern wears nicely with everything from indigo or black denim to olive chinos for a bit of monochromatic style. Cat’s eye buttons also help make the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt feel like a true overshirt versus a flannel shirt, yet another versatile and easily wearable touch that separates this shirt from the pack. Last but not least, the rugged Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is made to be layered, yet also features a nicely tailored fit, so it’s not like a baggy workshirt of days gone by. Yessir, this unbelievably cool, comfortable and rugged flannel shirt just gets the job done this season. Make it yours now.

The Friday Read: The Best Adventure Sunglasses, The Best High-Top Sneakers & New Aether Apparel Gear

Score 25% Off Designer Outerwear From Aether Apparel

Who’s ready to gear up for yet another fall weekend? I’ve got just the brand to help you do that, at least in my estimation. Whether your fall adventures involve a day hike, brunch, college football or yard work (I know, I know), the new Aether Apparel Fall Collection is packed with rugged gear for excursions near and far. These are durable, dependable pieces made with technical fabrics and plenty of style points, always worth adding to your own fall style rotation (call ’em the best fall style essentials if you must). It’s similar to the gear I’ll be wearing as I scout out Brooklyn beers, enjoy some college football and pack for a very exciting getaway early next week (be sure to follow me on Instagram for full details).

Yes indeed, I’ll be hitting the road to Kentucky next week for two days of special events with Horse Soldier Bourbon, as the veteran-founded brand breaks new ground on a distillery and offers up a tour of its current operations. It’s a trip perfectly timed with fall weather and fall whiskey, and I’m ever so grateful for the invite. Of course, I’ll be staying busy in the days before and after writing for sites like Fatherly and AskMen, so check out my bylines there, too. In the meantime, here are some top weekend gear picks from yours truly to keep the season rolling in fine fashion.

  • If you’ve been searching for some of the best adventure sunglasses, the type of sunglasses you can wear on the trail or on a run, and then to a brewery (to name but a few fall pursuits), then Nathan Sports has you covered. The Nathan Sunrise Sunglasses retail for just $50, blend stylish elements like a classic tortoise finish with polarized lenses, and look great for work or play. Don’t sleep on these durable outdoor sunglasses for the season ahead, my friends.
  • Speaking of my work at Fatherly, here’s a story I certainly feel is worth your hard-earned time and cash. The cult favorite basics brand Entireworld, known for its colorful sweats and T-shirts and founded by Scott Sternberg of Band Of Outsiders, is sadly going out of business. Fear not, because you can still score some stellar deals on the best basics, and I wrote all about the best on-sale clothing at Entireworld right now. Happy shopping, folks.
  • The headline says it all in today’s post, but right now truly is the season to step out in some transitional footwear, also known as the best high-top sneakers (in my opinion). Where can you find said sneakers? Why, via my latest roundup for The Manual. Time to step out in style, my friends.

I’ll let you cruise on into the weekend right now with those helpful style tips and shopping picks top of mind, but before I let you go, allow me to make one more recommendation: The best Chelsea boots from Nisolo are going to go a long way towards getting you around town in sustainable style. Read this blog post from yours truly for the full scoop. With all that being said: Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!

The Thursday Buy: Oak Street Bootmakers Delivers Some of the Best Men’s Boots to Lace Up Now

Is there a better time than right now to buy some of the best men’s boots for fall? Not quite, and that’s why it’s in your best interest to start carefully researching, shopping and, well, buying, because breezy, crisp seasonal weather is rolling through in earnest. And the boots in question at the moment are just what the doctor ordered this season, to say the very least. The Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots (an exclusive edition at Huckberry) blend everything you need in a standout pair of fall boots, from the classic silhouette to the rich, premium materials, making ’em some of the best men’s boots to shop this very instant. There’s no time to waste, after all, as we tick through the middle of October. Perhaps you’re looking forward to park strolls or outdoor beer garden visits, or even a return to the office. These stylish suede boots are everything you could want for all of those pursuits and then some (there’s a reason they’re exclusive to Huckberry — they’re some of the best boots, period).

The Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots are made with all the care and attention to detail one might expect from a product exclusive to Huckberry, and that’s great news for stylish shoppers (like yourself!) everywhere. For more than a decade, Oak Street Bootmakers has been making some of the finest boots and shoes right here in America, with heritage passed down through multiple generations (founder and current Design Director George Vlagos apprenticed alongside his father, an Illinois cobbler by way of Greece). It’s that family history and attention to craftsmanship that lends itself so nicely to some of the best boots for men, and the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots live up to that legacy.

The difference really is in the details with the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots, from the rugged brass eyelets to the use of durable, handsome-yet-rugged full-grain roughout leather from the Charles F. Stead tannery in England. This leather is going to get better with age, especially as you wear them consistently throughout the fall. The trench boot silhouette, as you can see above, is neither too bulky nor too slim, making these a pair of boots you can wear with jeans (dark blue or black should style up mighty nicely). And yet, the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots are also wearable with olive chinos or burgundy corduroys, all owing to that rich, versatile shade of roughout Stone Waxy Mohawk roughout leather.

If it’s your new favorite boots you’ve been looking for, you just might have found ’em. They’re also made with Goodyear welt construction, meaning they can be resoled and quite literally revamped after years of wear. And here’s another thing about the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots: You really will have them for years, which should help justify the higher price tag (they’ll run you $462 at Huckberry). It’s always worth it to have a pair of boots in your closet that you can count on, and the seriously dependable, highly stylish and effortlessly classic Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots are the ones to buy now.

SHOP: The Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots

See Now, Buy Now: Pact Organic Is Making the Perfect Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for Casual Fall Style

product image 3

If you thought style only applied to those times you’re actually getting dressed to, y’know, leave the house and head out into the real world, think again. Style can apply to casual days at home, and that’s where one of the best men’s long-sleeve T-shirts comes into play. Think of it like this: You’re upgrading your work-from-home style (and your weekend style) in a big way with Pact Organic, and more specifically, with the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee. And if you thought of your long-sleeve T-shirts as an afterthought, something to be thrown on in a hurry and then forgotten about, think again. Pact Organic, also makers of one of the best men’s lightweight overshirts, has pulled out the right stops to make this stylish long-sleeve T-shirt much more than just a basic tee, starting with the introduction of both slub cotton fabric and the helpful pocket, which makes this more visually interesting and suitable to wear on its own than just a standard T-shirt.

It also ties in with Pact’s dual approach: It’s both stylish and sustainable, and that’s a major bonus if you could use a little of both in your life. The Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee is made with organic cotton and crucially, what it’s made without is just as important: It’s made without toxic chemicals and crafted using 91 percent less water than a traditional T-shirt. Yes, that’s right: 91 percent less water. It’s a remarkable innovation and it all comes together to make one of the best T-shirts for men, especially with fall layering season in full swing. It gets better from there though, so stick with me.

product image 4

It’s all in the details with the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee, and those details definitely hold up under scrutiny. Is this the kind of long-sleeve shirt you can wear with tailored joggers at home? It sure is, and yet, it’s also the kind of shirt you can wear out of the house with your favorite pair of blue jeans, perhaps layered underneath a rugged shawl cardigan or your favorite chambray shirt. But crucially, the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee is a great reminder that getting dressed nicely needn’t be reserved simply for fall outings like leaf-peeping or Oktoberfest beer sampling. This sustainable long-sleeve shirt, especially in the ever-versatile Maritime Navy colorway, is a new casual style staple, guaranteed.

Shop Paige

And of course, the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee should fit nicely (true to size, neither too relaxed nor overly tight), making it ideal for comfortable lounging or seasonal outings aplenty. The next time you want to harness casual, laidback style with sustainability in mind, turn towards Pact and the never-not-comfortable Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee.

Get your new favorite weekend T-shirt right now

Pact Organic delivers sustainability and style