The Sunday Sale: It’s Your Last Chance to Get 40 Percent off these Durable TAFT Leather Boots

TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

These classic leather boots are a standout deal right now from TAFT.

Here’s the thing about shopping for the best men’s boots for winter (and beyond) — if you don’t act quickly enough at times, you’re liable to miss out on what could be your new favorite boots. Don’t believe me? Witness the TAFT Last Chance sale section, your final opportunity to get standout deals — in this case, a remarkable 40 percent off — on the best boots for men, made to last season after season. And today’s Sunday Sale pick is a real winner: The TAFT Dragon Boots blend rugged appeal and timeless style, plus excellent functionality, and you really can’t beat the fact that these boots are 40 percent off right now. I’ve got a pair of TAFT Dragon Boots myself, and have been more than pleased with the blend of the tread outsole, the sleek profile and the rugged leather. These are boots to wear with jeans or with tailored wool trousers in equal measure (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — keep scrolling for the full specs). And if you’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on a pair of hyped TAFT men’s boots, or if you’ve simply been curious about the brand, you’re in luck today.

SHOP: The TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

TAFT men's boots

A sleek design and textured leather make these boots casual, rugged and yet sharp as can be.

The brand uses European leathers and hand-cutting & painting to get the sort of detailing other shoe brands can only dream about (just check out the best-selling TAFT Jack Boots, for instance). And since TAFT launched in 2013, it seems the brand has built a cult following that sometimes makes its stylish men’s boots tough to come by. All of this is to say, when you can get a pair of the best boots for men on sale for 40 percent off, and in plenty of sizes, you should hop right on it. Of course, the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust are a terrific deal at full price, too: They’re made with Stead Waxed Commander leather for unique texture and durability — they’re fully waterproof. How’s that for some bang for your buck? Waxed laces and a full leather lining are touches that ensure a comfortable fit and premium quality.

That rich brown leather also makes the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust a fine candidate to wear with herringbone wool trousers and a classic Oxford shirt when you have to get back into the office. And when you clock out, wear them with your favorite pair of dark blue denim and a classic pocket T-shirt during warmer weather. Yes indeed, the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust are simply that good — and simply that much more affordable via the TAFT Last Chance sale section. Can’t get better than that, can you? No, sir.

SHOP: The TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust


Style Pick of the Week: Overland Gabriel Shearling Sheepskin Jacket

Overland men's jackets

Your new favorite winter jacket might just be … this one.

Let me jump right into today’s Style Pick of the Week with some words of wisdom, so to speak: If you’re not familiar with Overland men’s jackets (and more), then your entire winter wardrobe might just be about to change. That’s because Overland is taking things to the next level as far as crafting the best men’s winter jackets is concerned, and that echoes through its entire product line — including the refined-yet-rugged Overland Gabriel Shearling Sheepskin Coat shown above. As we cruise through the end of February, perhaps you’re still shrugging off the impacts of a long-running winter, or battling through yet another snowstorm. And if you want to shake up your outerwear game with both style and function in mind, you can hardly go wrong with one of the best shearling jackets for men. Overland really is one-of-a-kind in that regard, a family-owned company launched in the 1970s in New Mexico that now makes some of the finest men’s jackets (and women’s jackets, and more!) on the planet. Heck, Overland has grown into a company with 16 stores and of course, one heck of a rotation of the best jackets for men, period. But back to the Overland Gabriel Shearling Sheepskin Coat, of course. It’s an updated take on the trucker jacket, fashioned with a super-warm shearling sheepskin interior.

SHOP: The Overland Gabriel Shearling Sheepskin Coat

Product Image

Classic trucker jacket design meets luxurious shearling sheepskin.

As one might expect, crafting a jacket like the Overland Gabriel Shearling Sheepskin Coat, using that sort of incredibly premium material comes with a price tag ($795 at Overland). However, it’s the sort of investment that’ll pay off in spades. Think of this like a winter upgrade over your traditional jean jacket, with the same serious style points available to you. In my mind, you can wear this rugged trucker jacket just like an indigo denim jacket, starting with slim black jeans and a thermal henley for added winter warmth. You can also layer it over a classic fisherman’s sweater for even more comfort in the cold, while everything from burgundy corduroys to slim blue jeans are up for grabs here. If you want to go ultra-refined, considering pairing it with wool suit trousers and classic moc toe boots for eye-catching winter style. Details like flap chest pockets and slanted hip pockets complete the classic trucker jacket design. This is the sort of jacket you can wear on wintry park strolls or market visits, or to battle the elements as you enjoy an outdoor beer garden brew. When you find one of the best jackets for men, period, you should wear it as often as you can.

SHOP: The Overland Gabriel Shearling Sheepskin Coat

The Friday Read: The Best Early Spring Menswear, A New T-Shirt and Grand Seiko Watches

PAIGE men's denim

PAIGE makes stylish casual gear and denim for the modern man, no questions asked.

Is it ever too early to start talking about spring style? It might feel like it at present, as the country thaws out from some seriously nasty winter weather, but it always pays off to be prepared as far as matters of style are concerned. That’s why the new PAIGE Denim Spring 2021 Collection caught my eye earlier this week. The L.A.-based denim brand (previously featured on the blog) specializes in toeing the line between cool and casual with ease. They’ve perfected the art of the best denim for men in expert washes and colors, plus breezy shirt jackets, easygoing button-downs, buttery soft T-shirts and some of the best outerwear for spring. You really could get dressed head-to-toe in PAIGE men’s denim, so consider this an endorsement as we head into the weekend.

My own weekend will include even more time in the Florida sun, as has been the case the past few weeks, with beer from Point Ybel Brewing stocked plentifully in the fridge here in Fort Myers. A tip: I love the Little Sanibel Table Beer, made with French Saison yeast and Mosaic hops for bright, citrus-y flavor and aroma, plus  a crisp and refreshing finish. Can you tell I’m looking forward to a happy hour brew later?? In the meantime, I’m going to stay busy working on my Saturday newsletter for The Style Guide In Brief. If you don’t yet subscribe, now’s the perfect time to get acquainted with my twice-weekly newsletter on menswear, music (usually of the indie rock variety) and craft beer, or coffee, or whiskey. On Tuesday in fact, I wrote about Scottish synth pop stars CHVRCHES. Best of all, it’s free! Head here to subscribe and kick off your weekend the right way. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a few more shopping and reading picks below. Thanks for being here!

Tomorrow's Laundry

A monthly subscription designed to bring you basics that aren’t so basic.

  • We talked above about the best men’s denim and other pieces to wear for spring, but what if you just want to upgrade your basics rotation for casual spring days at home (or on the road)? Better yet, what if you want to upgrade to luxury basics for men that’ll change the way you think about the humble T-shirt? Enter Tomorrow’s Laundry, one of my favorite recommended picks for today. For $68 a month, you get basics like two super-premium T-shirts or a stylish French Terry hoodie in modern or classic fits, with access to a team of stylists to curate your Tomorrow’s Laundry Essentials Club. Laidback lounging or on-the-go adventures just got a whole lot more comfortable and stylish.
Mad Rabbit Tattoo - Mad Rabbit Tattoo Butter

No matter how many tattoos you’ve got, Mad Rabbit’s essentials are going to come in handy.

  • Let’s go beyond just luxury men’s basics, shall we? Or perhaps, let’s talk about something that’s ever-so-slightly related. If you’re a tattoo aficionado or have been thinking about getting (safely) inked up, maybe you want to show off those tattoos while wearing, say, a T-shirt from Tomorrow’s Laundry. How to best ensure your tattoos look their best, no matter how large they are or where they are on your body? That’s easy. Mad Rabbit Tattoo has a trio of tattoo essentials designed to enhance your tattoos and repair your skin in the process. From a tattoo balm to tattoo gel, consider giving Mad Rabbit Tattoo a look — they definitely helped my last tattoo heal up nicely! Cheers.
Grand Seiko SLGH005

A heritage watch that’s perfectly suited to be worn every single day.

  • Alright, I’ve got a reading pick for your enjoyment this fine Friday. For, I wrote about a seriously cool new Grand Seiko watch, a timepiece inspired by lovely Japanese Birch trees. How does that translate into an heirloom-worthy watch? You’re going to have to read on to find out. Of course, if you’re feeling splurge-worthy, you can also shop Grand Seiko watches in the meantime.
  • Let’s close things out with one more reading and shopping pick, shall we? You know Taylor Stitch from over the years on the blog here. Perhaps you even know the Northeast retro athletic gear purveyors at Tracksmith. So, you should assuredly head to GearMoose to read all about the Taylor Stitch x Tracksmith Park Bomber Jacket, one of the best men’s jackets for spring — I’ve got the full scoop for you.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little more hopeful now about all things spring now that you’ve checked out some PAIGE men’s denim or considered a (truly) splurge-worthy Grand Seiko watch, ehh? I know that’s how I’m feeling. That being said, I’ve got one last recommended style read for you: My piece on how to wear a chore coat can be easily customized for late season chills and breezy early spring days in the weeks ahead, so go on and make it your own today. Cheers to the weekend, stay safe and thanks for reading!


The Thursday Buy: This Todd Snyder Fisherman’s Sweater is the Winter Sweater You Need Now

Todd Snyder Fisherman's Sweater

A seriously unique and seriously cool winter sweater, to say the very least.

If I know one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you really can’t go wrong with Todd Snyder menswear, from the NYC designer’s take on a classic bomber jacket to one of the most affordable crewneck sweatshirts on the market and of course, a winter-ready flannel shirt. That’s just the tip of the menswear iceberg, as it were, because today’s Thursday Buy takes you inside yet another Todd Snyder winter style pick: The Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, one of the best men’s sweaters for winter, easily. This classic winter sweater is a rugged and yet ever-so-slightly “fashion forward” take on the traditional fisherman sweater, and your seasonal wardrobe will be all the better for it (note that you can also get this rugged winter sweater in a seasonally friendly Kelly Green, sans colorblocking).

It breaks up the silhouette into a colorblocked take on the classic style, and it’s going to shake up your cold-weather layering game in the best way possible. That’s because it’s just different enough from the everyday — and right now, you can purchase it for nearly 20 percent off (at the time of this writing, that is!). When you want  a unique way to layer up and fight the cold, you want this Todd Snyder fisherman’s sweater, because it won’t let you down when as far as winter warmth is concerned. It’s an investment at more than $230, but again, it won’t let you down.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater

Todd Snyder menswear

Another iteration of the Todd Snyder Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, and in a vibrant color for cold winter days.

So, I know what you’re thinking: Why invest more than $200 in a winter sweater? Well, as you might know with Todd Snyder, you’re getting plenty of quality and bang for your buck. In the case of the Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, it’s made from 100 percent lambswool, the sort of warming and winter-ready fabric of choice for blustery winter days and chilly coastal mornings. As the brand so sagely notes, the cable knit design is even inspired by fisherman’s ropes, hence the name (and the rugged appeal, of course). The diamond knit design also represents the small fields of Ireland’s Aran Islands. How cool is that?

A classic winter sweater with history and heritage, to boot? Sign me up. Your new favorite winter sweater is one you can wear as simply or as stylishly as you please, whether you prefer to throw it on over an indigo thermal shirt with canvas work pants or layer it atop a favorite flannel shirt. When you invest in the Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater, you’re assuredly investing in the best.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Colorblock Cable Fisherman’s Sweater

See Now, Buy Now: The Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots are the Best Boots to Wear Now — and Into Spring

Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots

A durable-yet-dressy addition to the Wolverine line of stylish men’s boots.

Have you ever come across a pair of rugged leather boots that seem to fit in with your lifestyle so well, you’ve got to have ’em in your wardrobe and on your feet instantly? The Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots could certainly be the next pair of boots to fill that void in your collection, and having tested them out myself since the launch of the Wolverine BLVD Collection, I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. Think of the Wolverine BLVD Collection as a more refined and yet no less versatile and rugged offering than Wolverine‘s main line, particularly the much-loved Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection. You also likely know and love Wolverine leather sneakers, so it should come as no shock that the brand can really do it all.

These durable leather boots are ever-so-slightly more dressy and more easily wearable with, say, wool trousers or classic chinos, yet there’s no denying they carry on the Wolverine pedigree quite handsomely. And here’s the thing about the Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots: They’re the type of rugged yet easily wearable boots you can throw on now (with classic dark denim and a shawl cardigan) and keep wearing on into spring (when you should pair them with your favorite light wash denim and one of the best men’s T-shirts). Don’t believe me? You best try ’em out yourself. Oh, and here’s another kicker — among many that we’ll cover shortly — you can get free shipping on orders of $120 at Wolverine right now. Sounds pretty great, yes?

SHOP: The Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots

BLVD Cap Toe Boots

One of seven stylish colorways in which you can pick up the BLVD Cap Toe Boots from Wolverine.

The Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots — priced quite nicely at $199 via Wolverine — carry on that same tradition and commitment to quality, starting with the fact that these timeless leather boots feature a relatively sleek profile and hand-burnished leather. These Wolverine men’s boots also feature a sheepskin lining for maximum comfort and just enough warmth on cold winter days — these boots won’t leave your feet out in the cold. The rubber outsole is toned-down and not overly bulky, yet still provides excellent grip on slippery streets. And the Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots are also built with Goodyear welt construction, meaning they can be resoled after plenty of wear. Throw in the fact that seven leather colorways are up for grabs, and you just might want to get more than one pair (I personally love the Tan option shown here). Wear ’em with slim blue jeans and a refined winter topcoat for outdoor dining or a safe seasonal road trip, then keep the Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots handy come spring — you won’t regret it.

SHOP: The Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots

#OOTD: How to Wear a Denim Shirt for Men This Winter (And Beyond)

As the calendar rolls along, perhaps you’ve realized that you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to the men’s style essentials you’re wearing, not to mention your layering and your #OOTD ideas. That’s precisely where the Todd Snyder Italian Two-Pocket Utility Shirt in Denim enters the equation, complete with the sort of rugged style that’ll make you forget about the same two or three shirts you’ve been wearing off and on this winter (hey, we’ve all been there). Take care to mix and match the right essentials, and you’ll find this look is even more versatile than you first thought. The Todd Snyder denim shirt is transformed into a reliable layering piece with the addition of one of the best pocket T-shirts as your base layer, and it’s all topped off with a waxed canvas jacket that’s simply primed for standout style, plus plenty of winter warmth. You can choose work pants or denim on your bottom (we’re going with rugged work pants, as you’ll see below), but one thing you can’t skimp on is a pair of the best winter boots for men — don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there.

When you put the pieces of this look together, you’re ready for safe day trips out of town, weekends at a cabin retreat, outdoor brewery visits or socially distanced cocktails in the depths of winter. And when it comes time to ditch that jacket, take off your boots and fire up your computer, the rest of these pieces will keep on working for you. When you need a change of pace in your shirting rotation, look to this #OOTD )(and one of the best denim shirts) to get you set on the right path. Keep on scrolling for the full look, folks.

A rugged denim shirt should be your new go-to layering move.

  • The Denim Shirt: Todd Snyder Italian Two-Pocket Utility Shirt in Denim, $198 — The right denim shirt is one that’s burly and rugged, made to be layered with ease. This Todd Snyder denim shirt checks all the proper boxes, folks.
  • The Base Layer: Dehen 1920 Pocket Tee, $58 via UNCRATE — Winter weather can be unrelenting, which is why you need to add another layer here in the form of one of the best T-shirts for men (and it’s perfect to wear on a Zoom call underneath this denim shirt, too).
  • The Waxed Jacket: Buck Mason Dry Waxed Canvas Highland Jacket, $275 — The real key here is this blanket flannel-lined chore coat for rugged outings aplenty. You can also read more about this waxed canvas jacket here.
  • The Pants: Filson Dry Tin Cloth 5-Pocket Pants, $135 — Thinking about picking up a pair of Filson pants after reading this post, perhaps? These rugged Filson Dry Tin Cloth Pants are perfect for yard work, day hikes, brewery beer garden visits … you name it.
  • The Boots: Blundstone Super 550 Boots, $200 — These Blundstone boots are a stone-cold classic, with decades worth of heritage, comfort and rugged style built right in. Step out accordingly, my friends.
  • The Socks: Mack Weldon Boot Crew Socks, $14.50 — The good folks at Mack Weldon make some of the best boot socks for men — these should provide all-day comfort and solid style.
  • The Watch: Timex Navi Land Fabric Strap Watch, $140 — Rugged and affordable is the name of the game when it comes to Timex men’s watches, and the Timex Navi Land Watch can take a beating & look great, all at once.
  • The Hat: Barbour Carlton Beanie, $50 — Cruise through Huckberry to pick up one of the best men’s beanie caps, then stay nice and warm all day long.

If you ask me, I’d say you’re more than ready for whatever winter throws your way — that is, if you follow the guidelines above. The right denim shirt, in this case, a refined-yet-tough Todd Snyder denim shirt, works as well outside the house and in the field as it does when posted up in front of your computer (remember, that’s where one of the best pocket T-shirts enters your #OOTD). The Buck Mason waxed canvas jacket is going to provide crucial warmth and durability for excursions in and out of town (or just another round of beers underneath the brewery garden heat lamps, right?). Your Filson Dry Tin Cloth Pants can pull just as much double duty as your favorite jeans, so wear ’em as often as you please this season.

The same can be said for those Blundstone men’s boots, which are easy to slide on and yet hard-nosed when dealing with the demands of a wintry environment. The right boots are nothing, however, without some of the best boot socks for men, geared to give you comfort and good looks all day and night long. And for performance that simply won’t quit, go with the Timex Navi Land Watch on your wrist. Talk about a tough-as-nails timepiece, ehh? Top it all off with one of the best men’s beanie caps, then start planning where your next cold-weather pursuit will take you this season. Stay safe out there, my friends.

The List: Shop the Best New Men’s Style Essentials from Todd Snyder This Week

Image result for todd snyder menswear

The best menswear picks of the moment from one of the country’s best menswear designers, Todd Snyder.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and take a look at the latest and greatest from famed NYC menswear designer Todd Snyder. A personal favorite of the blog (and of my past work at sites like GearMoose and The Manual), you likely recognize plenty of Snyder’s gear picks, from his Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirts to premium pieces like his made-in-New-York field jacket. These are classic, refined yet accessible gear picks for the modern man, and while it’s sometimes tough to find a deal on, say, a Todd Snyder x Timex watch, there are plentiful picks for the taking when it comes to the best men’s style essentials from Todd Snyder right now. And heck, you can start wearing these pieces now and into spring. Enjoy today’s edition of The List and stop by my Twitter to let me know your favorites.

The Best New Menswear to Shop at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder + Alden Indy Boot in Tobacco Reverse Chamois Leather — $600

Todd Snyder + Alden Indy Boots

Rugged winter boots to wear with everything from blue jeans to a wool suit — keep ’em handy for spring, too.

It only makes sense that a revered brand like Alden would team up with Todd Snyder on an update of the classic Alden Indy Boots (so named for, yes, Indiana Jones). These are some of the best boots to wear this winter (what’s left of it, anyway).

Todd Snyder Italian Two-Pocket Denim Utility Shirt — $198

Todd Snyder Italian Denim Utility Shirt

A tough and classic denim utility shirt for seasonal layering.

If there’s one thing Todd Snyder does well, it’s rugged menswear like this classic denim shirt. Wear it atop your favorite thermal shirt now, and then over a pocket T-shirt come spring.

Timex + Todd Snyder Maritime Sport MS1 Watch — $179

Todd Snyder + Timex Maritime Sport

A durable and classic sport watch you can wear from winter into spring.

Looking for one of the most affordable men’s watches on the market? Look no further than the fruitful, stylish Timex + Todd Snyder partnership, folks. Wear this one now and into spring.

Todd Snyder + Champion Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt in Mossy Brown — $98

Todd Snyder + Champion

A classic pocket sweatshirt in a unique color and an ideal layering weight.

The Todd Snyder + Champion collection, as mentioned, is the stuff of legend as far as quality and durability is concerned, and this sweatshirt comes in a versatile color to wear from winter into spring & summer.

Todd Snyder Sutton Pique Sportcoat in Navy — $598

Todd Snyder Sutton Sportcoat

A classic cotton sportcoat that’s polished and yet versatile enough to wear with a T-shirt.

A classic navy sportcoat? In these casual times? Hey, you’ll have to get dressed again eventually, and this could be the perfect jacket for your next Zoom call, too.

Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Made in the U.S.A Raw Selvedge Jeans — $268

Todd Snyder Raw Selvedge Jeans

Some of the best selvedge jeans on the market? Quite possibly — try and see for yourself.

Are you a newfound fan of selvedge denim or looking to get in the game? Best check out these Todd Snyder selvedge jeans, featuring durable, U.S.A.-made construction.

Todd Snyder Knit Chore Coat — $348

Todd Snyder Knit Chore Coat

A tough chore coat to wear exactly as you please this season — and the next.

Todd Snyder makes gear that moves seamlessly from one season to the next, like this rugged chore coat, made from cotton and modeled after a French workwear jacket. Team it with your Todd Snyder selvedge jeans and a thermal shirt now for expert style.

Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Five-Pocket Chinos in Barley — $148

Todd Snyder chinos

A casual, cool pair of chinos to wear with a T-shirt or an Oxford shirt.

The great thing about Todd Snyder menswear is the way in which the designer bridges the gap between casual and tailored. Take these versatile five-pocket chinos, which look like jeans but are crisp enough to wear to the office or out on the town.

Todd Snyder Cotton Silk Cardigan in Navy — $268

Todd Snyder Cotton Silk Cardigan

One of the most refined men’s cardigans you’re apt to find these days.

Much like that pair of Todd Snyder selvedge jeans shown above, this is a premium investment piece that’ll assuredly pay off for layering now and into spring. That’s what you get with one of the best cardigans for men, after all.

Todd Snyder Long-Sleeve Japanese Nautical Stripe Tee — $128

Todd Snyder Long Sleeve Japanese Nautical T-Shirt

A cool long-sleeve T-shirt to layer with a navy cardigan or rock all on its own.

For layering right now and wearing on its own into spring, get this classic, nautically inspired long-sleeve tee. It’s a basic that’s not so basic, and that’s a great thing indeed.

We might be drawing ever closer to the end of February, but so many of these Todd Snyder men’s style picks, from five-pocket chinos to Todd Snyder selvedge jeans or one of the best cardigans for men, can pull double-duty now and into the next season. These pieces are ones that’ll last and last — and last — and while you’re spending more on ’em right off the bat, those investments will pay off. Of course, offerings like the Timex + Todd Snyder partnership or the ongoing Todd Snyder + Champion collection nicely blend affordability and rugged appeal, too. What are your top picks from Todd Snyder these days? Chime in below or on Twitter to let me know.

The Sunday Sale: Buy One of the Best Winter Peacoats from Overland for 40 Percent Off

Overland men's jackets

Layer up for the rest of winter with ease and style in mind, thanks to this refined wool-blend pea coat.

Just when you thought you might have made it to the other side of winter (for now), well, it comes roaring right back, does it not? That’s why you need one of the best men’s pea coats for navigating the chill, the snow and the harsh environs of winter, and that’s why we’re back once again with another edition of The Sunday Sale. The pea coat in question is the highly stylish, refined and great-looking Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat, and here’s the kicker: You can get your new favorite pea coat for 40 percent off at Overland right now. If you’re not yet familiar with Overland, well, you will be soon enough. The company launched in New Mexico in the 1970s with one outpost and a focus on sheepskin outerwear, home goods and more. Today, Overland has 16 stores across the country, and still focuses on selling the best jackets for men (and women) — that makes the Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat a downright steal for the price if you want a finely crafted pea coat to carry you through a long winter into spring.

SHOP: The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

An easy-to-layer fit in a versatile color with handsome leather detailing. What’s not to love?

The specs are truly what set the Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat apart from the pack, including the expertly crafted wool-and-alpaca blend that makes up this coat. Alpaca fibers are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, while wool is a classic, hard-wearing winter fabric. The jacket is lined in polyester, so be sure to layer up (as you usually would on a cold winter day) with something like a classic crewneck sweatshirt and your favorite Oxford shirt for versatile, go-anywhere style.

As you might expect, Overland doesn’t stop there. The leather trim stands out stylishly with the collar flat or popped up against the cold. The fit is plenty agreeable for layering, although you might want to size down if you need a trimmer fit. Either way, you’re assuredly getting one of the best pea coats for men on the market, made by a classic heritage brand. The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat doesn’t come cheap, but here’s your reminder that once again, you can get this coat for 40 percent off right this very instant. How’s that for a deal on your new favorite pea coat, ehh? Not bad at all.

SHOP: The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

Style Pick of the Week: DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag

DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle

DISCOMMON goes above and beyond when it comes to crafting this seriously cool, durable weekender bag.

Thanks for joining us for another look at one of the best bags for men via this Style Pick of the Week, and one that couldn’t have come at a more critical time if you’re looking to upgrade your everyday carry plus your rotation of the best men’s gear for winter adventures and well beyond. In this case, it’s the DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag that’s going to amp up your gear rotation in fine form, seeing as it’s one of the best weekender bags for men, period. And whether you use it to (safely) hop on a plane or train, or whether you throw it in the back of your car on a long weekend getaway, it’s one of the best bags for a winter getaway, no questions asked.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with DISCOMMON, now is as crucial a time as any to get up to speed on a brand that’s making the best everyday carry gear and so much more for your daily routine and off-grid excursions. DISCOMMON touts itself as a brand that’s a “cure for the common output,” and one look at pieces like the DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag is enough to turn anyone into a believer. The company’s product design and executive team has root at cool-as-heck companies like Oakley, so you can be sure no corners are cut in making the most rugged gear for guys across multiple categories. But back to this rugged and futuristic-looking weekender bag, right?

SHOP: The DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag

Best weekender bags for men

A weekender bag unlike any you’ve ever seen before — yes?

Leave it up to DISCOMMON to come through with one of the best weekender bags for men, built with full-grain grey leather from a family-owned tannery. This makes this bag highly durable and rugged, yet entirely unique, and the innovative build is complemented by touches like the #Dumpslot, a simple yet incredibly handy access pocket for placing valuables in one fell swoop as you roll through airport security. The bag, on that note, should be perfectly sized for air or train travel, too (it runs 20 inches long, 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide).

The DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag really is the ultimate blend of form and function, featuring custom-designed DISCOMMON hardware, a foam-lined laptop pocket and ballistic nylon material on the bottom to aid in hard-wearing toughness. Easy-access zipper pockets are also placed in what you might call an uncommon position (as the brand says, where the hand naturally falls), so that gives the DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag another advantage over traditional bags. Ultimately, if you want to round out your rotation of the best men’s gear for winter, you can’t go wrong with this rugged, innovative weekender bag.

SHOP: The DISCOMMON Weekender Duffle Bag

The Friday Read: The Best Beckett Simonon Boots, A New Bulova Watch & A New Winter Blazer

Beckett Simonon boots review

The coolest new suede boots (and water-repellent, at that!) for your seasonal wardrobe.

Folks, it’s time that we step right into another Friday Read, is it not ,and I’ve got some of the best boots for men up for grabs. It’s another cold winter weekend across much of the country (I happen to be on a Florida getaway at the moment, sorry!), but I’m still plotting out my winter wardrobe when I return to the Big Apple. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s got to mean some of the best men’s boots from a luxurious-yet-accessible brand like Beckett Simonon. And it just so happens that the incredible Beckett Simonon Gallagher Boots are made from water-repellent suede, a nice way to step out in winter rain or even light snow while still keeping a bit of refined style on lock.

Heck, these are even boots you can wear with jeans and your favorite field jacket, if you really want to keep it rugged & casual-yet-cool. Go with Beckett Simonon boots, and they won’t let you down. That’s the best way I can recommend you kick off Friday, but a few choice reads and shopping picks below ought to help, ehh?

HELM Boots

As for me, I’ll be enjoying another Florida weekend in the sun (this you know, if you follow me on Instagram), filled with some relaxing pool and beach hangs, plus local craft beer from Point Ybel Brewing — my favorite brewery in town — and some choice reads. I’m working my way through “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey, as it were, and I can’t recommend it enough. Entertaining and enlightening the whole way through so far.  But back to the rest of today’s Friday Read below — check out the coolest new watch on the market, read about the best loungewear and roll into the weekend with ease.

Devil Diver main view

I covered this seriously cool new watch from Bulova for Maxim this week.

  • Speaking of the best new watch for men, well, here it is. Want to really upgrade your watch game in a way that’s functional yet stylish, and with utterly classic roots? Then the revamped Bulova Devil Diver (featuring a water resistance up to 666 feet) is for you. Good news is, I covered it for Maxim — see for yourself here. Yes indeed, call it one of the best men’s watches of the moment or call it just a darn fine retro throwback, but get it on your wrist either way.
Mack Weldon Tech Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

A well-fitting cashmere sweater made with an infusion of tech fabric for comfort and versatility.

HELM Boots

Alex Mill menswear

The perfect casual jacket for your next day of remote work.

  • Let’s keep things rolling with one last recommended shopping pick, this time from New York City’s own Alex Mill. The up-and-coming brand is making perfectly casual men’s style staples, including this stylish winter blazer that’s incredibly easy to throw on over a T-shirt for your next Zoom meeting or happy hour. When things do start to turn around, you can wear the Alex Mill Double Face Knit Blazer atop a crisp white Oxford shirt at the office. How’s that for a winter shopping pick, ehh?

So to refresh before we let you roll into the weekend, we covered everything from a stylish winter blazer to the best sweater to wear at home, as far as shopping picks are concerned. We also dove into the best new watch for men, and you should assuredly head to Maxim to read my take on it. Lastly, do yourself a favor and check out a rugged fleece trucker jacket for expert casual winter style. As always, you can swing back through the blog tomorrow for our Style Pick of the Week. Make it a great weekend, folks!