The Sunday Sale: Shop The Last Day of Filson’s Spring Sale

Filson Spring Sale 2023

Folks, as I often say, building out your wardrobe of rugged style essentials sometimes comes down to a few crucial reminders. Those reminders today? Be sure to shop early, shop often and shop with efficiency in mind — and specifically, be sure to shop the last day of Filson’s Spring Sale right now.

Now, we talked about this over on the blog as recently as Friday, but again, it’s worth jogging your memory when the rare chance comes through to save 30 percent at Filson. Deals like this certainly don’t come around that often, and better still is the chance to save on gear you can actually wear right away, like the Filson Ranger Anorak.

Best spring rain jacket for men.

That jacket is very likely one of the best spring rain jackets — for your commute, for adventures off the grid and for everything in between. And yes, that rugged spring rain jacket is 30 percent off, dropping it below $200. Yes indeed, there are deals aplenty to be had at Filson’s Spring Sale, but I’ll say it one more time: Today’s the last day to shop! Go forward and amp up your spring wardrobe now, my friends.


Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder 365 Chino Pants – Spring and Summer’s Perfect Everyday Pant

Best men's chino pants.

Don’t step into a new season — or step out for your next casual or tailored pursuit — without the proper attire, my friends. It’s easier to knock it out of the park than you might think, whether you’re heading to the office, to a wedding or to a casual day around town, cold beer in hand. The solution lies in some tried-and-true classics, as in a pair of the best men’s chino pants.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should round out the rest of your ensemble with something as equally hard-wearing, stylish and classic, like one of the best Oxford shirts or even your favorite denim jacket, but I’ll leave that to you: Let’s talk chino pants right now, shall we?

And like clockwork, the good folks at Huckberry have precisely the pair you need. They hail from the always well-stocked Huckberry New Arrivals section, and the Flint and Tinder 365 Chino Pants do something that’s nearly impossible: They take a tried-and-true classic (the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants) and improve upon them in a way that’s classy, versatile and effortlessly sharp.

Best chino pants for men.

Of course, the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are as dependable as can be in their own right, with a five-pocket build to rival your favorite denim and yet, the crisp cut of a chino pant. But, here’s the catch: The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants aren’t quite classic chinos, although they’re darn close (plus, highly affordable and stylish). The key here with this new pant? The streamlined design of chinos, with front slant pockets and what Huckberry calls a “clean, tailored look.”

The Flint and Tinder 365 Chino Pants only get better from there, thanks to a performance stretch cotton blend that delivers mobility and lightweight comfort, even in the heat. The best chino pants, after all, should help you stay polished no matter what, and again, Flint and Tinder certainly knows how to deliver on that front.

The fabric itself is also garment-dyed for softness, while the Flint and Tinder 365 Chino Pants come in four crisp colors, including Earth (my personal favorite). And for good measure, you’ll find your new favorite chino pants in both Slim and Straight cuts. You’ve just taken the guesswork of what to wear to your next spring or summer shindig, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Weekend’s Best Menswear Sale at Filson and The National’s New Album

Filson 2023 Sale

Folks, welcome back to another momentous Friday Read — and I truly mean “momentous,” because there’s plenty going on around these parts. For starters, there’s the deal promised in today’s headline: Filson is running a 30 percent off sale now through Sunday (an exceptionally rare occurrence), one that I talked about yesterday on the blog.

Of course, a reminder is always in order when it comes to the best menswear deals, and you’ll find plenty up for grabs right now from the legendary Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter. I can think of no better way to start the weekend than by saving on rugged Filson menswear — can you?

Well, perhaps there’s one other way I’d recommend you start the weekend: Cruise on into the days ahead with some fresh new tunes, courtesy of a new album from my favorite band: Ohio-born indie rock heroes The National. “First Two Pages of Frankenstein” is the group’s first full-length LP in four years, one I’ve been hotly anticipating for weeks on end (of course!).

I’ve talked about the band plenty on this site over the years — and you’ll surely recognize them if you follow me on Instagram. And four years ago this very weekend, I trekked out to Los Angeles to see the band play live (as good a reminder as any that I need to get back to L.A. sooner rather than later!).

In the meantime, the emotion, the passion and the introspective nature of The National helps guide me in my own life and in my many freelance writing pursuits, and for that, I’m undoubtedly grateful. I’ll even be writing up a review of The National’s new album over at Atwood Magazine this weekend, so stay tuned for my full take on what promises to be another outstanding record.

For now, I’ve got some new tunes to play, and of course, some shopping to take care of over at Filson’s Spring Sale. Stay stylish, stay plugged in and thanks for reading, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: Save 30 Percent On the Best Menswear At Filson

Best spring rain jacket for men.

As I’ve talked about often here the past few weeks, building out your menswear wardrobe — even for the enthusiasts among us — still requires a bit of advance preparation. After all, by the time spring rain rolls into town, you’re hopefully already outfitted with one of the best spring rain jackets, right?

And how does one best prepare for spring’s worst? By shopping the best menswear deals early and often, and from brands you can trust — a brand like Filson, which is running a true rarity these days: The Filson Spring Sale. Sounds too good to be true, right? Bear with me, my friends.

Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter Filson, rather incredibly, is offering 30 percent off some of the best heritage menswear, now through Sunday. Yes indeed, that’s right: Now is the time to shop and save on Filson men’s style essentials, the likes of which haven’t quite seen discounts in some time (if ever!).

The great thing is, this sale — again, through Sunday! — includes plenty of current in-season essentials, from the downright useful Filson Swiftwater Rain Jacket to the summer-friendly Filson Dry Tin Cloth Shorts. While there are some exclusions (like the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket), there’s more than enough on hand when it comes to the best spring menswear to justify jumping wholeheartedly into the Filson Spring Sale.

Best spring work pants for men.

You’ll find picks both more easygoing and more rugged, like the essential Filson Dry Tin Five-Pocket Pants, which are more than suitable for yard work or going off-grid, yet cool enough to wear back in town (if they’re clean, that is). It’s also tough to pass up a deal on Filson bags and accessories, including 30 percent off the go-anywhere Filson Dryden Briefcase.

And one last thing: There’s no real catch when it comes to the Filson Spring Sale, other than that the sale ends this Sunday (April 30th!), and that inventory in some key styles is moving fast. Either way, you’ve got your sights set on high-quality wardrobe upgrades while saving a few bucks in the process. Go to it, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket is a Rugged Spring Layering Essential

Best shirt jacket for men.

If you’ve been reading the blog over these past few weeks, you know that we’re all about utility and rugged appeal this time of year, when the weather is still a bit breezy and the right layers (and indeed, the right spring style essentials, period!) can go a long way. Naturally, that’s where one of the best spring jackets enters the fray, with the right design and durability to work for your wardrobe for a long, long time in the weeks ahead.

Best men's shirt jacket for spring.

And as you search for that proper spring jacket or shirt jacket, there’s an under-the-radar brand deserving of your time and hard-earned cash: That’d be New York-based Sea Culture, an independent, family-owned brand with a knack for making breezy, hard-working, classic menswear that draws plenty of inspiration from breezy days on the coast and warm, starry nights around a bonfire.

Best spring shirt jacket.

Attention to detail and craftsmanship, plus a focus on the classics, are the name of the game at Sea Culture, founded by Dan Tagliamonte — they now offer everything from one of the best men’s henleys to breezy shorts and of course, this shirt jacket (and much more).

It all comes together in the Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket, a rugged men’s shirt jacket ready for cool spring nights — and even suited for your fall wardrobe. But let’s focus on what makes this stylish shirt jacket ready for the season at hand, shall we?

Of course, we’ve talked plenty about the best shirt jackets for men over the past handful of weeks, but picking up a new-yet-classic dependable, multi-season jacket is never a bad bet, is it? And the Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket boasts the right specs to work well for your right now (atop a sustainable Sea Culture T-shirt) or when cooler weather rolls around again later this year. It starts with 100 percent cotton canvas construction, a durable touch that elevates the Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket above your typical buttondown.

Plus, it’s packed with plenty of pockets for plenty of utility, including two interior pockets, exterior slash pockets and a button chest pocket, all well-suited for your everyday carry.

The Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket, with its reliable yet soft cotton canvas build, is the sort of shirt jacket that gets better with age, breaking in the more you wear it — and for days on the coast and nights back inland, I’d wager you’re going to be wearing this classic “shacket” a heck of a lot. Give Sea Culture a look and get ready for the rest of spring in style.

The Tuesday Steal: Save on the Best Leather Goods and Everyday Carry Gear at Satchel & Page’s Warehouse Sale

Best leather weekender bag for men.

Investing in the best is one of the more fun parts of building out your wardrobe of menswear essentials, and that goes for even the picks you’re not using every single day. Take one of the best leather weekender bags for men: They’re a bit more uncommon in the market, but when you find a brand that builds its bags the right way, it’s worth investing in.

And yet, what if I told you there were some savings to be had when it comes to some of the best men’s leather goods? That’s where the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale rises to the occasion, and that’s where you’ve got the chance to save a few bucks (10 percent, to be exact) on the Satchel & Page Gladstone Weekender Bag (and more beyond that, of course).

Hopefully, you know Satchel & Page from reading this very blog, and from the brand’s penchant for making one of the best leather jackets and one of the best men’s weekender bags (at full price as well as on sale). And if not? Well, shopping the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale is one of the best ways to get an intro to a new brand while saving some hard-earned cash in the process.

Over at the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale, you’re going to find leather goods and accessories that are truly worthy of the price, and truly worthy of the heirloom designation. Take the Gladstone Weekender or any of the brand’s Italian leather briefcases: They’re made with Gold-rated, vegetable-tanned leather with a pleasant thickness that can stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

And the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale is also transparent about what’s on offer: These selections have been lightly used, but should arrive in excellent condition — that approach is all the better, seeing as you’re going to put your own stamp on these beautifully made leather bags and accessories.

Details like tobacco suede linings and rich, antique brass hardware put the handsome leather goods in the Satchel & Page Warehouse Sale a cut above the rest, too. And again, although these bags are pre-owned, it’s rare to find a discount on a future heirloom when it comes to the best leather goods for men. Shop accordingly, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Taylor Stitch Just Released the Perfect Denim Jacket for Spring Weather

Best denim jacket for men to buy now.

For as much as the world of the best men’s style tends to move quickly and shift from season to season, there are still reliable standby picks you can expect to deliver over and over again, as sure and steady as the changing seasons. Take one of the best men’s denim jackets. Everyone from truckers to outlaws to workers in the dusty old West have found a variation on the rugged denim jacket to be useful over the years, so it’s hard to improve upon a classic, right?

Well, Taylor Stitch has gone and improved upon the timeless style yet again, with the introduction of the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — and it’s even an improvement over the already much-loved Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket that fans of the San Francisco brand have come to admire over the years.

Indeed, this latest variation — here in time for breezy spring days, of course — is a sight to behold, and you’ll find it stocked accordingly (for now, at least) in the Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section. It appears alongside a selection of expertly cut, expertly washed shirts, zip hoodies and shorts, but it’s the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle that we’re here to discuss today, yes?

Best denim jacket for men to buy now.

Now, if you’ve tried out a variation of the brand’s take on the trucker jacket, you know a few things: It’s cut using chest sizing, with higher armholes for a tailored fit. It also features custom vintage San Francisco map interior pocket and handsome antique hardware, plus rounded flap pockets for your everyday carry essentials. And naturally, the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle features these same design touches, but it’s the fabric that sets this rugged denim jacket apart from the pack.

The Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle is made from washed indigo waffle fabric, a 10 oz..100 percent organic cotton material that will develop a patina to rival your favorite waxed jacket along the way. Helpfully, one of the best denim jackets for men also boasts zig-zag front placket and back collar stitching for added durability.

And the length on the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Waffle should hit just about at your waistline, making it a nice pairing alongside everything from Taylor Stitch chinos to dark blue denim for a unique twist on the double-denim look.

Not every denim jacket is going to break in quite like the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket, which should more than justify the slightly higher ($188) price tag — make no mistake, you’ll want one of the best men’s denim jackets in your corner for plenty of breezy spring and summer days on the horizon.

The Sunday Sale: Save 40 Percent On This Durable Huckberry Chore Coat for Spring

Best chore coat for men to buy now.

Any rotation of spring style essentials, at least according to this Brooklyn style writer, should feature pieces that occupy a versatile, dependable middle ground — pieces that can pull double or triple duty as needed, like one of the best chore coats for men. And that’s where we find ourselves this fine Sunday, diving into the Wellen Maker’s Chore Coat at Huckberry — that it just so happens to be 40 percent off right now (marked down to $118 from $198) is icing on the cake.

While the rugged chore coat has roots in real-life workwear (like jackets worn by French painters and field workers), today’s chore coats are a little cooler, more streamlined and as ready for weekend park strolls and brewery visits as they are for a laidback day at the office. The Wellen Maker’s Chore Coat lives up to that versatile billing quite handsomely, carrying on Wellen’s penchant for sustainable production along the way (it’s made from 98 percent organic cotton, with helpful 2 percent spandex for added stretch).

Best men's chore coat for spring.

Crucially, the Wellen Maker’s Chore Coat boasts truly functional chore coat touches, like a button flap chest pocket for your everyday carry, plus large patch pockets at the waist — again, all the better to store your everyday carry essentials. There’s also a left chest patch pocket, and those pockets are adorned with Wellen’s distinctive wave stitching. Yes indeed, the Wellen Maker’s Chore Coat also delivers in matters of style, whether you pick up the dark olive Tobala Green color or the handsome Natural version.

As Huckberry shows, this durable chore coat can be worn in the shop or garage, or out on a coastal vacation with ease — that’s what the best chore coats should be able to do in this day and age, and the Wellen Maker’s Chore Coat checks off all the proper boxes — and then some — for a very agreeable 40 percent off. Get to it, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Ranger Anorak – Spring’s Best Rain Jacket for Men

Best men's rain jacket for spring.

Well, my friends: We aren’t quite yet out of the woods in terms of spring rain and foul weather, so that’s where some of the best men’s spring gear is going to come in mighty handy. If you read the blog, you’re well aware of the fact that a heritage outfitter like Filson is the place to go for the best spring style essentials, picks that will serve you well even if you deal more frequently with a city commute than days in the backcountry.

Either way, a pick like the rugged, rough-and-tumble Filson Ranger Anorak is sturdy, substantial and tough yet easy to wear — and it’s all part of the jam-packed Filson New Arrivals section, here just in time to outfit you for whatever spring adventures are still on your list.

Helpfully, the Filson Ranger Anorak carries on all the hallmarks of the brand you’ve come to know and love, whether you recently shopped the Filson Warehouse Sale or whether you’ve had some trusty Filson gear on hand for years now. With the Pacific Northwest outfitter, fabric is everything and the water-resistant waxed cotton of the Filson Ranger Anorak gets the job done, and then some.

Inspired by, as the brand says, vintage Arctic gear, this rugged anorak streamlines and lightens things up a bit, with design inspiration also coming by way of mountaineering and WWII-era artic smocks.

Best anorak for men to wear now.

Colors like Dark Navy and Olive Drab give the Filson Ranger Anorak a classic look and feel, but the Expedition Orange colorway (with contrasting white detailing) is also a standout touch if you like your outerwear with just a touch of flair on drab days. There are helpful touches like a front snap-button pouch pocket, plus a front kangaroo-style pocket, while the drawcord waist offers maximum coverage in rainy, windy conditions.

Plus, the double-layer back on the Filson Ranger Anorak adds durability, while the large drawcord hood turns this hard-wearing anorak jacket into a true foul-weather companion. For good measure, the Filson Ranger Anorak offers room to layer other essentials you need on a brisk day, from a rugged Filson henley to your favorite lightweight flannel shirt.

Luckily, Filson has each of those picks in spades, but it’s the Filson Ranger Anorak that’s going to offer up supremely effective coverage this season. Act accordingly and shop now, my friends.

The Friday Read: Exploring Ireland with Glendalough Gin

Well, my friends: As hard as it might be to believe, considering that I was on the road in Minneapolis last weekend in pursuit of a whiskey-centric freelance writing story well, I’m on the road once more — but this time, the trip is a little more far-flung. I’ve been in Dublin and the rolling hills of Wicklow, Ireland since Tuesday as part of my freelance writing adventures, this time with the exceptional Glendalough Gin. While Glendalough also makes excellent whiskey, this venture is covering the process of obtaining botanicals for its gin, with a trek through the lush hills of Wicklow to complete the foraging experience.

I can’t share too much beyond that right now, but it’s been a wonderful trip to one of my favorite countries on the planet — complete with a day on Wednesday in Dublin visiting some of the city’s best bars and sipping Glendalough Gin in the process.

For a trip with such variety — from cocktail bars in Dublin to the wilds of Wicklow — I packed a few versatile favorites, like classic Mott and Bow blue jeans and a new pair of waxed Flint and Tinder pants from my friends at Huckberry. For your next trip abroad, I’d suggest you do the same!

And while I’ve covered the worlds of Scotch, Irish whiskey and bourbon, I’ve only lately begun dipping my toes (as a writer, that is!) in the world of high-quality gin. It’s one of many experiences in my freelance writing work for which I’m endlessly grateful, with the chance to expand my world and my comfort zone each and every day.

I’ve got a bit more time in Dublin yet before returning to New York City for what promises to be a lovely spring weekend, so in the meantime, be sure you’re keeping up with my pursuits over on my Instagram. Cheers and thanks for reading!