See Now, Buy Now: The Iron & Resin Penton Henley Is The Ideal Winter Base Layer

As good as it gets when it comes to a road-ready henley that can carry you through winter.

The Iron & Resin Penton Henley is, simply put, the henley you didn’t know you needed in your winter wardrobe. That’s why we’re back with today’s See Now, Buy Now entry — that is to say, if you don’t yet have a rugged long-sleeve T-shirt in your layering arsenal for this chilly winter weather we’re experiencing, the Penton Henley is the piece to buy, well, now.  It’s certainly among a host of rugged style essentials we love here on the blog, and that puts it in good company.  Iron & Resin makes dependable gear for those who live life on the road, specifically on a motorbike, but that doesn’t mean the Penton Henley is exclusively for guys who clock hundreds or thousands of miles. Heck, with its lightweight cotton French terry and raglan stitching, it’s the kind of piece that would suit any guy who appreciates versatile layering potential. Love wearing your favorite henley under a rugged winter blazer? The Penton Henley can work there. More of a guy to team a henley with a denim jacket or a classic field jacket?  Here comes the Iron & Resin Penton Henley  to save the day.
Holiday 2017
The two-button henley collar is more unique than you’re going to find on a typical henley, making it slightly more dressy and visually interesting (almost like a cooler band collar shirt). And the Olive Green colorway on the Iron & Resin Penton Henley is suitable for both fall and winter, able to be worn with everything from a navy shirt jacket to a tan herringbone blazer. Don’t forget to pair up the Iron & Resin Penton Henley with your favorite pair of broken-in blue denim and some classic suede chukka boots (two pieces that can work at any time of year, lest we forget). So, there’s no time to waste when it comes to picking up the Iron & Resin Penton Henley — how would you wear this bad boy? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page!

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#OOTD: Wear Your Crewneck Sweater The Right Way This Winter

OK, ladies and gentlemen … let’s get down to business today on The Style Guide. In the case of today’s #OOTD series entry,  that means we’re taking a style staple you know and love — the classic crewneck sweatshirt — and showing you how you should be wearing it this winter. Of course, there are all kinds of ways to wear the right crewneck sweatshirt, including with classic dark denim and a sturdy set of winter boots. We’re sticking along much the same lines today, yet drawing some inspiration from across the pond. That’s right … you know who can wear the heck out of a stylish crewneck sweatshirt? Mr. David Beckham. He’ll take a piece like the Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt as seen below — OK, perhaps not that exact sweatshirt — and he’ll wear it pieces much dressier (like sharp leather Chelsea boots). So, that’s the direction in which we’re headed today. For what it’s worth, we’ll also be throwing on pieces like a great winter jacket and a casual pair of blue jeans … for that full Beckham effect. If you’ve got any thoughts on the below #OOTD, I look forward to hearing ’em over E-mail or at The Style Guide Facebook page!

Feel free to pair your crewneck sweatshirt with classic (and slightly dressier) style staples.

The Sweatshirt Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt, $78 — Here’s possibly the perfect crewneck sweatshirt we’ve been talking about — slim-fitting, well-crafted and easy to layer & wear. Job nicely done, Flint and Tinder!

The Jacket: Baro The DeMarco Jacket, $262 — Perfect for layering over a rugged crewneck sweatshirt (you guessed it!), the weather-read Baro DeMarco Jacket can more than readily work in spring atop lighter layers, too.

The Denim: Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans, $118 — Dark, sharp blue denim, like the Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans, are foolproof with any outfit — especially ensembles that feature a mix of casual and tailored pieces.

The Boots: Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots in Tan Leather, $170 — Just like Mr. Beckham, mash up this mostly laidback outfit with the Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots, which pack a serious punch with classic dark denim or a tailored suit.
The Belt: Tanner Goods Standard Belt, $84.98 — If you know me, you know I recommend never, ever skimping on accessories — like the Tanner Goods Standard Belt seen here.
The Watch: Huckberry Seiko Dive Watch, $319.98 — Because this outfit is filled with rich neutrals, from a broken-in crewneck sweatshirt to sharp blue denim, a tough dive watch with a sporty vibe works just fine.
The Socks: CHUP Reindeer Socks, $24.98 —  Have just a little bit — seriously, only a bit — of fun with this outfit thanks to patterned, winter-friendly socks from CHUP.

The Beanie: BANKS Stripe Insignia Beanie, $25 — A stylish beanie cap is practically a winter essential, and the BANKS Stripe Insignia Beanie injects just a bit of visual interest into this outfit.

I hope that #OOTD did the trick in terms of how to wear a crewneck sweatshirt this winter — a well-fitting, well-made piece like the Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt is practically the ideal building block off of which to incorporate more tailored staples. And those tailored staples would happen to be? Why, a crisp-yet-functional jacket like the Baro DeMarco Jacket, plus bulletproof jeans like the Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans — are you still with me here?  Subtly stylish accessories like the CHUP Reindeer Socks and the sporty BANKS Stripe Insignia Beanie add just enough visual interest to this outfit. On your wrist, the Huckberry Seiko Dive Watch keeps the focus squarely on the rest of this outfit’s key pieces — lest we forget though, you need a versatile belt to round it all out. My friends, the Tanner Goods Standard Belt is that piece. And with that, we’re all set with this week’s #OOTD! What’d ya think? Let me know in the comments below.

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A Happy Birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney Road Trip Style

Now, if that’s not the cheesiest headline to ever appear on the pages of The Style Guide, then I’m not sure what is. But it just about sums up this past weekend — I hit the road down to Florida for a great birthday weekend with my family, trekking around Walt Disney World in the process! The Florida sunshine was a welcome retreat from chilly New York City, where I spent a Brooklyn birthday last year (did time really fly that fast!?). The weekend included days spent at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios — a particular Disney World favorite — plus, a topsy-turvy afternoon drinking around the world at Epcot (yes, they serve beer at every “country” within Epcot!). Talk about an action-packed weekend, filled with travel style and just enough warm-weather #menswear to keep me powered up for my return to a cold NYC winter today.

The right casual gear for a casual weekend in Florida. Bring on the sun!

With warm weather on the horizon, I packed up my  Saddleback Leather Rounded Leather Duffel with lightweight gear aplenty, a welcome change from the rugged style essentials I’ve had to break out in the snow around Manhattan and Brooklyn these past few weeks. Unlike my January trip to Philadelphia to see The Killers, it was all about warm weather style, thankfully — so, I layered a Mack Weldon Silver Pique Polo underneath my Life/After/Denim Collegiate Cardigan for a day at the office and a Thursday evening flight to Orlando. As has proven the case with past trips to Florida — including a December Christmas trip — my classic suede chukka boots from Astorflex worked quite well at both the office and the airport. The next time you need comfortable-yet-polished travel shoes, reach for timeless suede chukka bootsOh, and on the denim front? You’ll hardly find a better pair of classic men’s jeans out there than the perfectly faded Abercrombie & Fitch Langdon Slim Denim, a true four-season staple in my book. And if you tend to wear a ballcap when you travel, as I do, there’s really nowhere the casual, well-designed Huckberry Explorer’s Cap can’t go.

Because I like to stick with classic style staples, I also threw on my Timex x Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Weekender — that’s a watch that’ll take you from the office to the airport in casual travel style, no problem. I also had to bring along one of my favorite books as of late, the stellar and moving “Imagine Me Gone” — it’s an emotional read that’ll definitely stick with me, and I can’t recommend it enough. All of that gear left me more than prepared to enjoy a night in Orlando before heading to Disney World the very next day. Still with me? Good deal.

Friday proved a relaxing day to kick off the weekend, with an evening trip to Hollywood Studios on the docket — tal;k about a heck of a fun day! To get around in laidback style and kick off a warm Florida weekend, my trusty-as-ever Huckberry Explorer’s Cap and James Dean Eyewear Aviators kicked off my ensemble on the right note in terms of accessories, as did the Timex x Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Weekender, a stylish short-sleeve Taylrd Clothing shirt and a durable pair of chambray shorts from Canvas by Lands’ End. The combo kept me cool and stylish, while a pair of sporty Frank and Oak sneakers also helped finish off my outfit quite comfortably. From the fast-paced Tower of Terror to the fun-as-heck Rock n’Rollercoaster, Hollywood Studios has long been a huge favorite of mine! It never gets old — seriously! And when you dress well (or try to dress well), that’s quite the way to start off a weekend — delicious dinner at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano included, too. How could the weekend get better? Well, that’s where a great day Saturday comes into play — at Epcot, no less!

Saturday was a day I’d been looking forward to for quite some time — what’s better than a Saturday at Disney World, after all? Well, attempting to drink your way around the world at Epcot makes it even better, right? A fun day and a fun weekend was made all the better by delicious brews and beautiful weather — even if I couldn’t quite polish off a beer at every stop. In suitably fun and laidback fashion — as seen at the top of the page — I threw on an occasion-friendly vintage “drinks” shirt, featuring recipes of old-school cocktails — it’s a personal favorite when the weather hits the right temperature, to say the least. To stay cool as I hydrated in the heat, my Bridge & Burn Stringer Dune Shorts are a Florida style staple that I always throw on when the thermostat climbs, and Indigo Denim Sneakers from The Hill-side proved more than effective at helping me power through a long day on my feet (just as I wore on my Florida Christmas trip). On my wrist, I had to go with a new-yet-classic standby — the visually interesting Timex x Todd Snyder Blackjack Watch, featuring a neat design and a striking blend of colors, the ideal accessory to go along with a pair of cool Electric California sunglasses. Is there a better way to shield your eyes from the sun while knocking back brews than with a cool set of shades? Hardly. Was the day at Epcot — followed by a delicious Disney dinner in “Mexico” — a smashing success? I’d say it was! That brought the next round of this vacation up — my birthday itself!

Holiday 2017I spent Sunday at one of my favorite places, perhaps the best place (other than Disney or Brooklyn) to spend a birthday — the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I dressed for the day in a casual graphic tee from Banana Republic, plus my mobile Mack Weldon Active Shorts and my trusty brown leather sneakers from Frank and Oak. I topped it off with my Timex x Todd Snyder Blackjack Watch once again, along with my James Dean Eyewear Aviators — I left my Wizarding robes at home (kidding!), but still enjoyed the day. We capped it off with a delicious steak dinner at STK at Disney Springs, a suitably upscale way to close out the day (for dinner, I threw on my United By Blue Wenlock Chambray Shirt, of course).

Complete with some excellent men’s style gifts from my parents and family (including a few premium tees from Todd Snyder — coming soon to Instagram!), I was more than thrilled to spend an amazing birthday with my family in an amazing place. Spots like Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter never get old or any less fun — at least, that’s what I think. Are you heading to Florida soon? How are you dressing for the trip? Let me know in the comments!

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Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket in Chocolate Beeswaxed Canvas

If the product title of today’s Style Pick of the Week is a bit too much bfor your take in all at once (Chocolate Beeswaxed Canvas, oh my!), rest assured that we’ll give you plenty of time to process just how great the Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket really is. It’s certainly among my favorite rugged style essentials this season, I can tell you that much. And it’s that time of year where we’ve all got to batten down the hatches, trude through snow and slush and sleet, and simply get on with things — without missing a beat in terms of style or substance. That’s where, once again, Taylor Stitch has outdone itself with its Rover Jacket. We sure do love Taylor Stitch for gear from top to bottom, from the brand’s Slim Chinos to the layering-ready Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt, and the Rover Jacket is definitely a tried-and-true silhouette that’s received a nice upgrade this season. It’s the same look that you know and love — and perhaps already have in your closet — done in a way that’s sure to fight winter weather and look absolutely stunning in the process. The beeswax cotton canvas exterior is some of the toughest stuff around, able to keep you mobile and adventure-ready while also fighting nasty winter storms. That water and wind-repellant functionality is crucial stuff, believe me.
Holiday 2017Small touches like a classic moleskin collar and lining put the Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket within the realm of outerwear you might find in the Scottish Highlands or simply … hiking through your local park. Either way, there’s hardly a tougher jacket out there that looks this great. Brass armpit grommet vents give you mobility and dexterity for climbing, hiking, scaling rocks or tipping back a few pints at your local pub. The Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket is absolutely fit for pairing with gear for either setting, be it tough chore pants and durable work boots or something more casual (think brewpub-ready gear along the lines of faded slim denim and classic leather chukka boots). Any way you look at it, the  Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket is yet another piece from a brand that’s taking up more and more real estate in my closet by the day — how about you? Will the  Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket be your next purchase? Chime in on Twitter if so!

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Holiday 2017

The Friday Read: High-End Sneakers, What to Wear for the Polar Vortex and Boston Calling

It’s time to grab your favorite brew, kick back and throw on your favorite band — it’s Friday, after all. And of course, that means the Friday Read is here to welcome you back into the weekend with open arms.  I’m certainly glad the week is done — namely, that means this dispatch is coming to you from sunny Florida, where I’ve jetted south to spend the next few days with my family at Walt Disney World for a birthday weekend! On the docket? Well, other than warm-weather #menswear aplenty, we’ve got plans to visit Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, and Saturday is the day where I’ll be taking on the fun (yet infamous?) challenge of imbibing at every single “country” around the world at Disney’s Epcot. It won’t get too out of control, I presume. Either way, I’m planning on recapping it all on the blog here on Monday, and you can follow along in real time on Instagram, too. Let me know what’s on your plate this weekend via the comments or The Style Guide Facebook page. Let’s get to it!

  • can always be counted on for affordble, easy-to-wear style that comes through in the clutch. That’s the case with its new and ongoing series “The Endorsement,” which breaks down one stellar item and brand in a particular category — in this case, we’re talking high-end sneakers to buy now. Not bad, ehh?
  • Have you dealt with your own version of the polar vortex yet? If not — or even if you just want to stock up on #menswear for the next one — these are my standout picks for what to wear for the polar vortex, via The Manual. Enjoy and stay warm!
  • Perhaps you’ve seen this by now, but one of everyone’s favorite action heroes, Tom Hardy, apparently dropped a mixtape back in 1999 that, well, might be worth listening to? For what it’s worth, I don’t think “dropped a mixtape” has ever been taped here on the pages of The Style Guide. Onward!
  • The search for the right winter jacket can be taxing and frustrating, so I’d hope that this site’s ongoing See Now, Buy Now series can lend a little relief. On that note, the Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket might just be a perfectly durable, perfectly tough and perfectly stylish coat to buy this very instant. Start the weekend right, yeah?

That’ll close out today’s Friday Read. Enjoy the weekend!


See Now, Buy Now: The Knickerbocker Mfg. Peg Coat Is Your Next Winter Jacket

A durable, classic-looking jacket that gets a lot of cool details right.

There are some menswear essentials that just jump out at you right away for their unique looks, classic design and rugged sense of style. The Knickerbocker Mfg. Peg Coat is certainly one such jacket, made with both quality and enduring style in mind. It’s got the sort of classic appeal that’s tough to find out there nowadays — maybe that’s because it’s crafted in America, for starters. The Peg Coat plays off classic military coats, what with its strong profile and crisp navy color — two welcome touches in a world filled with overly technical silhouettes. In fact, the Knickerbocker Mfg. Peg Coat could just be your new favorite winter coat, too — trust me on that. It’s the type of tough jacket that you’re going to find yourself reaching for a whole lot this season, built from the ground up with ridiculously warm melton wool and featuring felled seam construction. In short, that means you can grab it and go, throwing it on with ease over style staples like a rugged henley and classic slim chinos, no matter how cold it gets out there.

The Knickerbocker Mfg. Peg Coat also comes packed with handy extras that cement the brand’s approach to pproper construction and craftsmanship, like the welt handwarmer pockets lined with brushed denim for a touch of warmth. The shawl collar provides both rugged good looks and protection from winter’s chill, while the tailored fit is everything you need in a great winter coat. Again, it’s durable, it’s easily wearable with plenty of pieces already in your closet, and it’s both casual and yet slightly dressy (feel free to wear it as a blazer replacement over a classic Oxford shirt & knit tie combo). How about it? Will the Knickerbocker Mfg. Peg Coat be keeping you warm this season? Let me know in the comments!


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#OOTD: How to Wear a Flannel Shirt to the Office This Winter

You know the classic flannel shirt for its rugged good looks and dependable protection from the cold, but what if I told you there was a way to wear your new favorite flannel shirt to the office? Yes, my friends … it can be done.  The right flannel shirt, ideally in a more tailored cut and featuring a classic-yet-office-friendly pattern, is out there just waiting for you to snap it up. Specifically, we’ll talk all about the Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel Shirt today, a performance-minded flannel that just so happens to fit all of the above qualities we discussed — starting with that crucial tailored fit. We’ll team it up with reliable slim chinos, durable leather boots and other quality pieces that’ll look sharp on Casual Friday and sharp at the bar for happy hour. After all, it’s always helpful to dig into new ways to wear upgraded classics, especially when the doldrums of winter start to hit. Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page what you think of the below #OOTD, and let’s get to it!

The Flannel Shirt: Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel Shirt, $110 — Here’s the tailored flannel shirt we mentioned above, made with soft fabric and featuring four-way stretch for easy layering and sharp looks.

The Sweatshirt: Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt, $78 –Yes, a rugged crewneck sweatshirt can also work at the office — you just need to pair it with the right pieces.

The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants— These classic slim five-pocket pants also happen to be made with a bit of stretch for ease of movement.

The Boots: Red Wing Merchant Boots in Ebony, $260 — Take your notions of Red Wing Heritage as a work boot-only brand and flip ’em — the Red Wing Merchant Boots are tough and yet also office-ready.
The Belt: Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt, $100 — Keep your accessories simple yet refined — the Ezra Arthur Belt perfectly fits the bill.
The Socks: CHUP Reindeer Socks, $24.98 — Invest in the best — or some of the best — with these winter-friendly socks that nicely blend comfort and style.
The Watch: LTHR Supply Co. T1.1 Watch, $199.98 — The right watch can go a long way to pulling together an outfit — in this case, the LTHR Supply Co. T1.1 Watch is dressy and stylish, the perfect complement to this high-low outfit.
The Wallet: Taylor Stitch Minimalist Billfold in Brown, $98 — Keep this look appropriately streamlined with a slim wallet from the good folks at Taylor Stitch.

That’s going to wrap up today’s #OOTD in fine fashion, I’d wager! When you step out in a tailored flannel shirt, you’ve given yourself a nice base in terms of mixing and matching with pieces that are both rugged and sharp at the same time. The Red Wing Merchant Boots nod toward tough outdoor style, while classic slim chinos pull things together on the business casual side of the equation. The cool and slightly cheeky CHUP Reindeer Socks  add a dash of fun to this outfit, while the Ezra Arthur Belt also acts as a sharp business casual accessory. Should you find yourself in need of a striking, visually interesting watch, the LTHR Supply Co. T1.1 Watch is also suitably sharp. And again, the Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel Shirt is quite the way to start off an outfit, featuring a cool pattern and excellent fabric. Is this a look that you’ll be trying out? Let me know in the comments!

The List: Upgrade Your Winter Wardobe with these Men’s Gear Picks

Can you believe we’re powering through January already? And can you believe it’s time for yet another edition of The List? As we transition and upgrade your wardrobes, I hope you’re finding these picks for winter style essentials handy — and I hope you like today’s version just as well. From a rugged Western shirt from our pals at Taylor Stitch to an investment-level Shinola watch and a handy travel dopp kit set, I guarantee there’s something for everyone here. Or at least, something to add to your #menswear wish list. Who’s ready to get started?

Shinola Guardian Watch (Grey Dial) — $675

A crisply designed watch from a brand that’s a Style Guide favorite.

Don’t have a Shinola watch in your rotation? Neither do I, but a guy can dream. The Guardian Watch is striking, classic and worthy of a bit of your hard-earned cash.
Fulton & Roark Dopp Kit Gift Set — $99

All the grooming essentials that you — or some other stylish guy — might need.

Want all your grooming essentials in one place? Want a way to keep track of ’em? Better yet, want a set that’s as gift-ready for someone else as it is for you? The Fulton & Roark Dopp Kit Gift Set is the way to go.
Taylor Stitch The Western Shirt in Upcycled Chambray — $118

A sustainably made denim shirt, yet another product done right from Taylor Stitch.

Taylor Stitch makes some of the best casual men’s shirts out there — I’m sure of that. If you’re unsure, try out the sustainable and stylish Upcycled Chambray Denim Shirt. Bingo.

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Duffel — $299.95

The toughest-looking bag in your rotation — if you pick it up today, that is.

Want a bag that, quite simply, doesn’t mess around at all? Like, at all? The ridiculously durable, tough-looking Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Duffel is the bag all your outdoor pursuits need now.
Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Vibram Sole Camp Boots — $354

As dependable and reliable a pair of winter boots as you’re apt to find this season.

USA-made boots with classic moc toe construction and a unique Vibram sole for added traction? That sounds like the perfect pair of winter boots to me — Oak Street Bootmakers nearly cornered the market here.
Taylor Stitch Wool Explorer’s Shirt — $148

Another dependable-as-heck piece of menswear from Taylor Stitch (and Huckberry!).

When Huckberry teams up with Taylor Stitch — as they’ve done on the durably crafted Wool Explorer’s Shirt — the results are bound to be excellent, not to mention more than worthy of The List.

Grayers Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket — $195

A surprisingly durable jacket that’s more than ready for winter weather.

Don’t sleep on the Edgeware Coated Cotton Moto Jacket just because it’s not a heavy winter parka — the sleek, stylish Edgeware Moto Jacket is perfect for winter layering when done right (say, with a classic men’s henley?).
Sir Jack’s Pewter Trench Flask and Funnel — $79

A sturdy flask that’s perfect for slipping in your pocket on winter weekend adventures.

What better way to indulge in your favorite spirit than with a neat flask made exclusively for Bespoke Post by Sir Jack’s? Simply put, none better.
MAAPILIM Beard Softener — $27

Your key to getting the beard you want this season.

Keep your beard soft and lookin’ mighty fine this winter with the handy-to-have MAAPILIM Beard Softener — a small step to add to your grooming routine.
Life/After/Denim Mohave Shirt — $188

A cool, richly colored shirt that’ll stand out subtly this winter.

From interesting fabrics to cool patterns and durable construction, Life/After/Denim nearly always gets it right — that’s the case with the Life/After/Denim Mohave Shirt, certainly.
Well, my friends … we’ve just wrapped up another edition of The List here. What’s newly added to your men’s style essentials for the season ahead? I’m going to recommend the Wool Explorer’s Shirt from Taylor Stitch. Let me know your own picks in the comments below — stay stylish!

Style Pick of the Week: Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt

A tough flannel shirt that acts as a valuable exterior layer for chilly winter weather.

Welcome, my friends, to another Saturday and another edition of the Style Pick of the Week. First things first: Patagonia isn’t normally a brand that pops up on the pages of The Style Guide here, but … as you know, we love rugged style essentials. That’s where the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt enters the equation: It’s about as durable, rugged and winter-ready as it gets in terms of a flannel shirt. Overshirts and shirt jackets are a layering favorite of this writer for their versatility and grab-and-go style. Wear a rugged overshirt with a thermal shirt, a long-sleeve henley or as an extra layer atop a chambray shirt … that’s just the tip of the style iceberg. The specs of  the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt are the real winner here, featuring organic cotton flannel and a design that nods just enough to vintage style without going over the top. A straight hem makes the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt more like a jacket than a typical shirt, something that’s a positive when it comes to that versatile layering we mentioned earlier. The Fjord Flannel Shirt certainly looks like the type of classic shirt your dad might have worn in winters past — or heck, maybe he still does? And you should, too (at least, I think so).

Either way, the Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt is a style you should consider adding to your wardrobe, if only for the potential to throw it on over your favorite broken-in tee-and-jeans combo as you grab a morning coffee on a casual weekend. It’ll also work for more functional pursuits — hiking, camping, maybe even some yard work (followed closely by a few much-needed beers, yes?). How to style it for the rest of your downtime? It’ll certainly work well with slim faded blue jeans or grey selvedge denim, plus tan leather captoe boots, and that’s just a start.  In short, the Insulated Fjord Flannel Shirt is the kind of rugged layering piece you need in your wardrobe, even if you don’t think you need it. Ya dig? And the real kicker? Patagonia is a brand that’s continually upping its game in terms of sustainability and style in equal measure — as is the case with this fine layering essential. Can you see yourself wearing the Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: Stylish Flannel Shirting, The Naked and Famous and The Best Men’s Gym Shorts

We’re rather quickly flying through January — tough to believe, right? This month has been packed with some stellar highlights in NYC and beyond, chief among them a weekend Philly trip to see The Killers. Hopefully, your year is off to just as action-packed of a start — what are your men’s style resolutions, and are you sticking to ’em so far? Feel free to let me know on Twitter.  Hopefully, some of the advice on this blog has been helpful, including a new way to wear classic denim, shopping picks for stylish long-sleeve T-shirts and my latest weekly pick for a new flannel shirt to buy now. It’s the time of the season to upgrade your wardrobe, at least just a bit, and taking a good look at classic staples reimagined is as good a place to start as any. In the meantime, we’ll talk a bit about the world outside of menswear — including (gasp) a bit of music and a bit of T.V. time in today’s edition of The Friday Read. Read on, kick back and enjoy the weekend!

  • Did you catch last week’s Style Pick? It’s got you covered when it comes time to pick up a stylish flannel shirt — specifically, Mizzen+Main definitely delivers the goods.
  • On a music-related note, The Naked and Famous, one of my favorite bands, are back out on the scene again with new, stripped-down versions of some of their biggest hits, including the anthemic “Girls Like You.” Plug in now — what do you think?
  • Admittedly, I don’t watch as much as TV as I should in terms of what’s new and now — but Quartz actually argues that there might be TOO much TV out there, by the numbers at least. Read up and let me know your thoughts!
  • The new year — which is rapidly flying by — is all about getting into the spirit of change in matters of both style and lifestyle. With that being said, if you’ve resolved to hit the gym more, you still should keep your looks in mind. On that note, I rounded up the best men’s gym shorts over at GearMoose — go out there and get that PR now.

It’s time to call it a day (or at least, time to turn my attention to other pursuits before the weekend hits). Enjoy yours, come back for the Style Pick of the Week tomorrow and cheers!