See Now, Buy Now: The Mott and Bow Stone Jeans are the Grey Jeans You Didn’t Know You Needed

Best grey jeans for men.

Just when you think you’ve got your wardrobe of everyday menswear essentials figured out, I’m here to ask you if, well… what if there’s something else you might consider adding? Something like the best grey jeans, which are every bit as reliable as your favorite blue jeans, not to mention other pairs of the best jeans for men in your wardrobe, be they olive or tan or black. This is where NYC-based Mott and Bow, a consistent favorite of the blog — and of shoppers, at least according to Mott and Bow reviews — should be your go-to source. A quick business note, though: First-time Mott and Bow customers can get 10 percent off with the code beau10, if you feel so inclined to dive into a pair of the best grey jeans (or, again, any other pair of jeans or chinos from the brand). Why grey jeans — like the Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans — and why now?

Well, that’s a great question, and that’s why I’m here, after all (I’ve been wearing Mott and Bow jeans since 2015, believe it or not). As I’ve mentioned, Mott and Bow makes some of the best classic blue jeans, and yet, they’ve nearly got the market cornered on soft, high-quality Italian cotton denim in a range of other colors, too. The Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans fall right in line with the brand’s other styles in terms of comfort and quality, in a color that’s just different enough.

Best straight leg jeans for men.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans feature a classic fit — not too baggy, not too slim — that’ll work on most body types. But beyond that, the three shades of grey offered here (Light Grey, Medium/Dark Grey and my personal favorite, the straightforward Medium Grey) are not all that far off from wearing blue jeans. They’re also more readily wearable than black jeans, especially if you’re not the type of mix black jeans and brown boots, for instance. The Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans feature a 17 percent stretch rating, through the use of 2 percent elastane and 98 percent cotton.

I’ve found that Mott and Bow men’s jeans stretch and move with you, without losing their shape. These jeans should prove extremely soft, according to the brand, and quite ready for daily wear at the office and into the weekend. I’d pair up your new Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans with the classics this winter, like a stylish brown leather watch, a rugged shawl cardigan for added warmth and a timeless henley. That being said, the Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans also work well with office-ready picks, including a stretch dress shirt and a lightweight stretch wool blazer. When you’re looking for comfort and style that’s just different enough from the ordinary, get yourself some slick grey jeans — your wardrobe looks even better already.


The Sunday Sale: The Billy Reid Winter Clearance is the Best Way to Get On-Sale Menswear Now

The best on-sale winter menswear.

Keeping a weather eye out for the best menswear sales of the moment requires practice, but when you get used to scouring the Web for deals on standout gear, it actually becomes all that much easier — like with the Billy Reid Winter Clearance, for instance. It’s a rare sale, in that gear is moving quickly, not to mention the fact that it won’t be around for very long. Hopefully, you’re well-aware of what Billy Reid has going for him as a designer and a brand. Based in Alabama, Reid is known for upscale takes on classic Americana, like wool shirt jackets and some of the best five-pocket pants for men, not to mention the widely loved and highly popular Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. Covetable gear picks like these are just part of what makes the Billy Reid Winter Clearance such a rare and yet highly covetable event — and luckily enough for all of us, now is a great time to pick up some gear you can wear right now, and then on through spring.

Score the best menswear deals at Billy Reid

Take up to 60 percent off today

We’re talking deals of up to 60 percent off via the Billy Reid Winter Clearance, including everything from a handsome plaid topcoat to the classic Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt (marked down 60 percent). You can also score 50 percent off stylish men’s sweaters and 30 percent off the iconic Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt. To say the least, you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you. I’m going to wrap up today’s post and let you have at it, because there’s plenty of opportunity to sort through the best deals in the Billy Reid Winter Clearance — happy shopping and saving, folks.

Style Pick of the Week: Myles Apparel Tour Pants – The Best Performance Pants to Wear Anywhere

The best men's performance pants to buy now.

These days, there’s hardly a scenario where comfort and style don’t go hand in hand, seeing as you’re probably spending a bit less time at the office and a bit more time at home or on the road, dressed casually. This is where you need a pair of pants made with both utility and style in mind: A pair of pants like, well, the Myles Apparel Tour Pants, which just so happen to hit the sweet spot as far as the best performance pants for men are concerned. They’re a perfect hybrid when you need a classier option that sweatpants, yet want the comfort of a pair of stretch jeans or chinos.

In fact, the Myles Apparel Tour Pants — coming from a brand that already makes one of the best performance hoodies and offers up some of the best deals on performance gear — are akin to a more modern take on chinos or five-pocket pants, and this is very good news indeed for you, my friend. And if you’re still coming around on the idea of swapping out your classic blue jeans for a pair of stretch performance pants, know that you can try Myles Apparel for free at home for seven days before you buy. How’s that for practicality, functionality and style? Another bonus: You get free U.S. shipping on orders over $100.

The best stretch five-pocket performance pants for men.

The specs on the Myles Apparel Tour Pants are exactly what you need if you want to ease your way into looking sharp and yet feeling comfortable all day long. They’re made with a quick-drying stretch woven twill fabric, all the better to keep you cool on day hikes, your commute or long weekends on the road. It only gets better from there with the Myles Apparel Tour Pants, because — even more incredibly — they’re made to resist wrinkles and stains, not to mention water (thanks to the Durable Water Repellent finish). You’re also getting a plethora of pockets for everyday carry essentials with the Myles Apparel Tour Pants, including a hidden phone pocket and a zip passport or wallet pocket.

Plus, the front pockets themselves — cut with a slanted finish for easy access — are nicely oversized to allow for maximum EDC storage. Even the waistband on the Myles Apparel Tour Pants features a special touch: A stay-grip design that keeps your shirts tucked in for a clean finish. If it seems as if Myles Apparel thought of everything with these pants, it’s because, well, they certainly did. The Myles Apparel Tour Pants are also available in a whopping nine colors, all the better to suit any palette. And the quick-drying stretch fabric means these are an easily wearable pair of four-season pants, whether you rock ’em now with your favorite henley or whether you keep them close at hand to wear with an American-made Oxford shirt come spring and summer. The only thing you’ve got to worry about now? Picking out your favorite color.

The Friday Read: Billy Reid Early Spring Menswear, The Best Men’s Sweats & A Suitsupply Review

Best early spring menswear picks.

You see that man at the top of the page on this fine late February Friday? That’s none other that one of America’s best menswear designers, Billy Reid — the man with the plan to help you dress sharply wearing some of the best early spring men’s style gear this season. You’re in luck heading into the weekend and into a new month, seeing as the Billy Reid Spring 2022 Menswear Collection just hit online stores, and that’s nothing but a great thing for you. In fact, because you can still shop deals from the Billy Reid Winter Clearance while at the same time scoring picks like the best crewneck sweatshirt & more, I’d say it’s really a windfall. Do yourself a favor and start planning accordingly for spring.

I’ll be shopping some of those picks this coming weekend, but right now, I’m kicked back and relaxing on yet another Florida trip, this one nicely timed for a bit of a mid-winter getaway. Already, I’ve had the chance to catch up with family and sip on new Point Ybel Brewing beers, and there’s more of the same on the agenda this weekend. Be sure, as ever, to follow my Instagram to keep up with all the fun, and be sure to check out a few more reading and shopping style picks for your weekend below. Cheers!

Best new whiskey.
  • OK, here’s a fun one if you’re a fan of some of the best whiskey on the market, not to mention… ice cream. Yes indeed, ice cream. Incredibly, I’ve had the chance to test out a product that blends the best of both worlds — ice cream from famed California ice cream purveyor McConnell’s, infused with fine Texas bourbon from Garrison Brothers. If you want a sweet treat for yourself or for your next dinner party, track down a pint or two here. Like I said, it’s the best of both worlds. Naturally, you can also get Garrison Brothers whiskey delivered to your door with Drizly.
Best custom suiting for men.
  • Finding yourself in need of a new suit for a special occasion coming up, like an early spring or late winter wedding? If you’ve got some time (say, about a month or so?) before that big event, consider heading to Suitsupply and checking out the Suitsupply Custom Made Program. Last fall and this winter, I had the chance to get fitted for a new custom suit made from beautiful navy tropical wool, and I reviewed it for Maxim this week. Time to look sharp, my friends!
  • Last but not least, since it’s the weekend and I’d say some laidback lounging is in store for you, consider upgrading your athleisure rotation with a pair of the best men’s sweatpants. There are even pairs tailored and stylish enough to wear outside the house, and that’s why I wrote all about the best men’s sweats over at Fatherly. Happy shopping, folks!

That’s going to close the books on this weekend intro. I hope you’re able to kick back and relax with, perhaps, some bourbon from Garrison Brothers while reading about new sweats or a custom suit (or both). As for me, I’ll soak up some Florida rays for all of us. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the Best Men’s Casual Jacket to Shop Now

Best casual jacket for men.

There are certain casual style essentials where it’s nice to treat yourself and really step things up with the “best of the best,” so to speak, and that’s where Mack Weldon can do wonders for your wardrobe. Specifically, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is one of the best casual jackets for men, the kind you can incorporate into just about anything you’re doing, day in and day out, in these increasingly, well, casual times. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with the New York City basics brand, known for making everything from one of the warmest men’s henleys to one of the most comfortable flannel shirts — not to mention a wide selection of some of the best-reviewed boxer briefs on the planet. The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, recently launched as part of the brand’s mix-and-match, innovative, go-anywhere Daily Wear System, ties everything together as a polished-yet-casual outerwear option, ideal for everything from Zoom calls to coffee meetings to laidback Fridays back in the office.

The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the kind of jacket your laidback wardrobe very well might be missing, made with a water and wrinkle-resistant lightweight poly fabric you can easily layer over your favorite Mack Weldon henley alongside classic blue jeans — or else, the Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants.

Best casual everyday jacket for men.

Taken altogether, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket checks all the right boxes as far as the best casual jackets for men are concerned. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, and the hidden interior pocket is ideal for keeping your look streamlined and your everyday carry essentials safe. Versatile color options are also the name of the game with the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, which comes in a crisp black as well as Charcoal Heather and Total Eclipse, a sharp navy shade you could wear to the office with tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt (in place of your favorite cardigan, perhaps). The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is seemingly simple on the outside, yet ready for just about anything — including long days on the road.

You can team the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket with just about any other basics in your wardrobe, be they joggers or jeans or chinos, plus this laidback jacket works great with everything from graphic tees to one of the best men’s polos from Mack Weldon. It’ll set you back $128, but when you consider that the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket could become a jacket you wear casually most days of the week — especially if you work from home — then that price is certainly worth it. As ever, if you want one of the best jackets for men — and more — Mack Weldon is the place to go. Shop accordingly, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The American Giant Roughneck Pants are the Most Versatile Everyday Pants on the Market

Best everyday pants for men.

Every guy’s wardrobe should be rounded out by a variety of pants, should it not? Be it the best men’s jeans or something with a little more hard-wearing edge, a guy’s got to have options (and yes, I’m talking well beyond PJ bottoms or even sweatpants, too). What if you could get the versatility of classic blue jeans, the toughness of work pants and the ability to rock those same pants from day to night? That’s what you’re getting with the American Giant Roughneck Pants, some of the most versatile everyday pants for men on the market at present, seriously.

If you read the blog or if you’ve scoured any American Giant reviews as of late, then you know the brand has a penchant for taking solid basics and making them even more sturdy, wearable and classic, be it the USA-made Oxford shirt of your dreams or the best men’s thermal shirt. Maybe you’re also aware of the fact that the brand makes some of the best casual jackets for nearly all occasions, too, but let’s get back to the durable, tough and smartly designed American Giant Roughneck Pants, which check off all the right boxes in your search for real pants once more.

Best work pants for men.

Available in both Slim and Straight cuts — the Slim are nicely tailored and not too skinny in the slightest — the American Giant Roughneck Pants sit right in the middle of work pants, jeans and chinos, and that’s not a bad thing at all. When you really think about it, the utility of the American Giant Roughneck Pants makes perfect sense, seeing as they’re made to fill that void if you’re searching for the best pants for men. They feature a riveted five-pocket design for a sturdy build, plus cotton canvas construction for a rugged finish. Custom metal hardware makes the American Giant Roughneck Pants stand out ever so slightly, but these stylish work pants have a more tailored, clean look than other reinforced work pants.

That means you can wear the American Giant Roughneck Pants to the office in more casual situations (say, on a day where you can wear an Oxford shirt, sans blazer, for instance). If your office isn’t quite that casual, save the hard-wearing yet comfortable American Giant Roughneck Pants for the weekends and for casual weeknight outings (brewery visits and a concert or two at a small club come to mind). They can do it all, like your favorite pair of blue jeans, yet you should also be able to really bear down and get work done (or just retrieve some firewood and pour another dram of whiskey) when the time comes. For a USA-made pair of pants available in three wear-with-anything shades, the $150 asking price isn’t too bad in the slightest. Gear up with the American Giant Roughneck Pants and get the job done, whatever it might be.

The Tuesday Steal: Get An Extra 30 Percent off At the Grayers Winter Menswear Sale

Grayers brand review.

There are certain, well, certainties when shopping around for the best seasonal menswear, like the fact that the season is, eventually, going to start to wind down. But that’s where, you the discerning menswear shopper, are in luck, because that’s the best time to buy versatile gear you can wear into early (or even late!) spring. Enter the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale, one terrific source to get an extra 30 percent off your favorite winter menswear with the code EXTRA30. Deals like these don’t come around too often, as I say, and they certainly tend not to stick around for very long, either. Perhaps you already recognize Texas-based Grayers (so named for the preppy grey flannel pants, or “grayers,” worn at boarding schools back in the day). as the makers of one of the best shirt jackets for men.

Better still, you might know the brand as the purveyors behind the well-stocked Grayers Last Call sale section, an always-reliable source for the best menswear deals of the moment — and another great place to go if you don’t find anything you like in the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale. On that note though, I should think it’s going to be mighty hard not to find anything you enjoy among the best men’s winter style moves. Still with me? Keep on scrolling.

Best winter menswear on sale.

Within this frankly outstanding (and yet fast-moving!) menswear section, you’ll find rugged shirt jackets, some of the best henleys for men and plenty more picks you can start wearing now and keep on rocking through blustery spring days. Beyond that, the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale also offers stylish men’s chinos, stretch corduroy pants and an array of classics from the nicely designed, super-soft Grayers Athletics line.


Many of these deals might seem too good to be true, with prices falling well below $100, but again, that’s what makes the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale a popular one these days. Heck, at last check, you’ll even find a classic men’s corduroy blazer for under $150. How’s that for one of the best menswear sales out there, right? If you end up finding something you like — no, love — within the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale, be sure to drop a comment below. Cheers and happy shopping!

See Now, Buy Now: This Refined Todd Snyder Peacoat Is a Seasonal Style Splurge

Best men's peacoat for winter.

There are plenty of ways to outfit yourself for chilly winter weather, but there’s hardly one more classic, refined and yet modern than wearing one of the best men’s peacoats. In fact, although it’s a sharp style move for guys everywhere these days, the iconic peacoat — like the frankly incredible Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Peacoat shown above — has humble beginnings on the high seas, worn by naval officers to keep them warm in adverse conditions. The peacoat is a reliable style move in much the same way today, but the catch is this: You can find one of the best peacoats for men online and have it heading to your doorstep in mere minutes. This particular peacoat is coming your way courtesy of one of the country’s best menswear designers, with all the specs and style points you might expect. Todd Snyder himself has a deep knowledge of menswear history and style, and frequently references classics like the peacoat, the crewneck sweatshirt, the flannel shirt and more.

What does it all mean to you? It means that the remarkable Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Peacoat is the right outerwear choice now, while winter continues to stick around. This peacoat is utterly classic in every way, made from super warm wool with 10 percent cashmere, a bit more elegant than the peacoats worn on ship decks — but no less warm.

Best winter peacoat for men.

The Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Peacoat features a classic six-button, double-breasted design, the better to keep out weather and wind. Chest handwarmer pockets are crucial if you’re not on the high seas, while the collar itself can be flipped up to block wind. Yes indeed, the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Peacoat is modeled after the best of ’em, with the price tag to match (it’s $898 at Todd Snyder — this is the last peacoat you’re going to need to buy for a while). The length on the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Peacoat is cut to hit at the top of your thighs, so you can wear it over a Todd Snyder flannel shirt for an extra-warm winter layering ensemble.

Satchel and Page

You can — and should — style this durable, classic peacoat over a throwback crewneck sweatshirt for more laidback weekend outings, too (it’s kind of like the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, in that regard). Any which way you wear it, but especially with tailored dress trousers and a timeless cardigan, the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Peacoat is going to keep you warm in utterly classic style. I can’t think of a better way to get dressed for winter than that.

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 70 Percent Off the Best Men’s Jeans & More at the DSTLD Outlet

Best on-sale men's denim.

It’s getting increasingly harder to find a pair of the best jeans for men on sale at a great price, right? Well, yes and no — depending on where you look, that is, and that’s where the DSTLD Outlet Sale comes into play. It’s not so much a sale as it is a rotating selection of the best denim for men, plus T-shirts, leather jackets and more, priced at as much as 70 percent off. Yes indeed, that’s no typo: You can find your new favorite jeans and more for as much as 70 percent off. Why go with DSTLD, though? Well, if you read yesterday’s Style Pick of the Week, you’re well-acquainted with a DSTLD review that shouts out the brand’s finer qualities: Durable denim with a hint of stretch (1 percent, to be exact), offered up in fits ranging from Athletic Taper to Skinny, not to mention a full selection of the best men’s basics. It’s stellar stuff, as I said (and as many other DSTLD reviews note!). and best of all, you can shop the DSTLD Outlet right now to save some of your hard-earned cash.

The DSTLD Outlet is a great example of what happens when you dive into the complicated world of shopping the best men’s style sales. It can be easy, after all, to shop the best men’s deals on outerwear, for instance, or the best on-sale menswear in several categories, but quality on-sale denim is hard to come by. This is where LA-based DSTLD comes into play, with a focus on modern styles and crisp, modern fits and finishes, like simple, inky blue slim jeans and super-soft T-shirts. You’ll have to try out a pair of the best denim for men to see for yourself, but the excellent DSTLD Outlet Sale is your best bet to get things started.

Style Pick of the Week: DSTLD Athletic Taper Jeans – Best Everyday Blue Jeans for Men

Best blue jeans for men.

If you’ve checked out the blog any time in recent months, you’re probably well aware of the fact that I’m a big advocate for the versatility of a pair of the best men’s jeans, yes? You just can’t beat the office-ready, date night-approved, wear-with-anything utility of classic men’s blue jeans, and that’s where DSTLD — our featured brand — comes into play (and into your wardrobe, naturally). But first, some quick news: Now through February 22nd, you can get 60 percent off everything sitewide with the code SALE60. 60 percent off some of the best men’s jeans? You better believe it. I’ve tried the brand over the years (in this roundup of the best rugged fall gear) as well as in recent weeks, and I’m here to say, if you want a new pair of the best jeans for men, the good folks at Los Angeles-based DSTLD have just what you need. It’s right in the name, after all: They’ve quite literally “distilled” your wardrobe into the best men’s basics around, including handsome cashmere sweaters, minimal tees and of course, the go-anywhere DSTLD Athletic Taper Jeans. If I had to sum up my DSTLD review in one word, it’d be: Stellar.

What makes the DSTLD Athletic Taper Blue Jeans so stellar, specifically? For starters, they’re a classic silhouette made modern — like a more polished version of straight-leg jeans, hence the taper through the leg (yet room in the seat and thighs). They’re not rockstar skinny, they’re not overly baggy — yes indeed, the DSTLD Athletic Taper Blue Jeans fit just right, and the laundry list of positives (and positive DSTLD reviews) only grows from there in your search for the best jeans for men.

Best classic men's blue jeans.

The DSTLD Athletic Taper Blue Jeans boast a nice, sturdy-yet-stretchy fabric blend, thanks to the use of 94 percent cotton, five percent polyester and one percent elastane. I’m partial to the Dark Wash Resin, a rich indigo dye that’ll only get better with age. And yet, for fans of other shades of denim, the crisp and classic DSTLD Athletic Taper Jeans also come in colors like Faded Black and Jet Black for more variety. Whatever you’re looking for in your new favorite pair of jeans, be it a crisp, slim pair of black jeans to wear to a rock concert, or sharp blue jeans you can wear to the office with an Oxford shirt, the DSTLD Athletic Taper Jeans are the pair for you.

The well-designed, well-made DSTLD Athletic Taper Jeans will set you back $128, an agreeable price compared to other premium men’s jeans brands (like another personal favorite, Mott & Bow). Keep in mind that the brand also offers complementary picks to go along with your purchase of some of the best jeans for men, like buttery-soft tees and one supremely cool, rugged chambray shirt. Best of all, the DSTLD Athletic Taper Jeans are the sort of jeans you can buy now and then wear into spring (and summer, if you’re bold). If you want to refresh your denim rotation, turn to DSTLD, folks.