#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Denim Jacket

We always try to cover a lot of ground when it comes to our #OOTD series, from how to wear boots during the summer to the best way to style your chambray shirt. It all comes down to, as always, taking your favorite pieces and mixing up the formula, the fit and the styling. Such is the case with today’s featured #OOTD, my friends. It starts with a tried-and-true menswear essential — the rugged denim jacket — and features unique, summer-friendly styling touches, like the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt and go-anywhere classic suede chukka boots. These are items that work well on their own, and yet look even better blended into one ensemble. The resulting look is a different way to wear a piece (the stylish denim jacket) that you know and love. Between the laidback trousers and a pair of retro-inspired sunglasses, you’ve got an outfit that screams casual versatility, from brunch to the market to your favorite coffee shop. If you really want to beat the heat? Ditch the rugged denim jacket and wear the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt on its own — I’ll let you be the judge of how you ultimately want to make this #OOTD work for you, though.

Your favorite denim jacket, worn in an unexpected way.

  • Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket, $168 — Here’s the trusty, stylish denim jacket we mentioned earlier. The centerpiece of this outfit, the solid fit and pleasing mid-wash make it a winning summer layer.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt, $125 — Beat the hot weather with the Hawthorne Shirt from Taylor Stitch, complete with short sleeves (to rid yourself of excess heat) and a seriously cool pattern.
  • The Pants: Life/After/Denim Harbor Pants, $148 — One way to stay casual and breezy this summer? The Harbor Pants from Life/After/Denim, featuring a tapered fit, a cotton-linen blend & a drawstring waist.
  • The Boots: Astorflex Greenflex Boots in Dark Khaki, $145 — We talked a couple weeks ago about how to wear boots this summer, and if you want to dip your toe in those waters, the Astorflex Greenflex are a great way to start. Fear not: These classic chukka boots are relatively light and very easy to wear.
  • The Socks: American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks, $12.50 — I’m an advocate of investing in classic items you love to wear — and that’s why I love the classic style and comfort of the Mil-Spec Sport Socks. With a no-fuss design & an array of color options, they’re the perfect complement to this #OOTD.
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Weekender, $98 — Reach for a rugged, stylish casual watch to balance out the go-anywhere nature of this outfit. The Horween Leather Weekender from Timex checks all the right boxes.
  • The Sunglasses: Taylor Stitch Legend Sunglasses, $175 — Sure, you could reach for classic Aviator sunglasses with this ensemble, but the Taylor Stitch Legend Sunglasses are much more visually interesting and just … cool.
  • The Grooming Essential: Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream, $18 — I love me a vintage-inspired ballcap as much as the next guy, but the Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream will give your ‘do and your look a little something extra.

So, what exactly makes this outfit different from another summer #OOTD? Well, if you start with a timeless outer layer (in this case, the rugged denim jacket from Flint and Tinder), you can mix and match as you please. You’re ready for a breezy summer night or an in-between summer day in equal measure, especially when you pair the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket with the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt for versatile layering. Easygoing pieces like the Harbor Pants from Life/After/Denim drive home the breathable, cool nature of this outfit. And both the American Trench Mil-Spec Socks and classic chukka boots like the Astorflex Greenflex add a dash of everyday style. Throwing on a rugged, casual timepiece like the Horween Leather Weekender from Timex keeps this outfit firmly in casual territory, while a grooming must-have like the Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream takes your ‘do to the next level — to say the least. So, what’s your takeaway from this week’s #OOTD? Which piece is your favorite, at that? Join the conversation on Twitter.

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See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Point Shirt Is the Versatile Layer You Need Now

A versatile shirt and overshirt from Taylor Stitch — all you need for multiple seasons of layering.

As we always talk about here on the blog when it comes to men’s style essentials, it can often feel counterintuitive to talk about gear that’s slightly out of season — yet, that’s perhaps the best time to consider stocking up. That’s what I mean when it comes to the rugged Taylor Stitch Point Shirt,  a tough organic cotton shirt that doubles as a lightweight jacket and will come in handy now … and later on come fall. It’s yet another essential that bears considering for your closet from Taylor Stitch, a brand that’s nearly at the top of your author’s personal rankings.  So, why the Point Shirt from Taylor Stitch, and why now? Is it the blend of organic cotton and hemp, made for durability and sustainability? Is it the cool Olive Drab color of the Point Shirt, wearable with everything from summer-friendly light wash denim to fall-ready black denim? Is it the patch front pockets and matching cats eye buttons on the Taylor Stitch Point Shirt that give it the feel of a classic overshirt? It’s all of the above, my friends.

The design expertise of Taylor Stitch means that you’re getting all of the great quality and durability, plus the stylish fit you expect from this lauded menswear brand. In short, that means you can layer the Taylor Stitch Point Shirt over everything from a white slub tee now to a long-sleeve grey henley when temperatures start to get chilly at a fall football tailgate. Yes sir, multi-season versatility is the name of the game when you’re looking at the Point Shirt from Taylor Stitch — the Olive Drab color is the perfect foil to either tailored navy shorts and white canvas sneakers now, or dark blue denim and classic suede chukka boots in a few months. And with that on-point fit and durable construction, the Point Shirt from Taylor Stitch is about as good as it gets, season after season. Invest now, wear now, and continue reaping the rewards later on. That’s what you get with Taylor Stitch.

Are you picking up the Point Shirt from Taylor Stitch soon?

Style Pick of the Week: Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee

More than just your average T-shirt, this Huckberry number features custom artwork.

I’ve shopped for my fair share of T-shirts over the years, and I’ve got to say: The search for the perfect T-shirt can be a tricky one (to say the least). There might be a solution if you’re looking for an upgraded, visually interesting and easy-to-layer T-shirt, though: That’d be today’s Style Pick of the Week, the Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee. It’s an upgraded T-shirt in each and every way, and that’s why it’s nearly essential that you pick up an Artist Series Heavyweight Tee now, featuring engaging artwork and a summer-ready fit.. We’re all about style moves that take the average or the everyday and amp it up a  little bit, from the classic white T-shirt to an expertly faded pair of light wash denim, and the  Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee is the perfect addition to your (hopefully growing) list of summer style essentials. And if you’re not normally a T-shirt guy — or conversely, if you feel like you’ve got too many tees in your wardrobe — why should you consider picking up the Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee? It’s quite simple, my friends. Like all Huckberry essentials, with the Heavyweight Tee you’re getting durability, quality & great design — all in a tee that you can wear on its own or layer up under a classic chambray or Oxford shirt.

Another option from the Huckberry Artist Series — and a pretty darn cool one, to boot.

Helpfully, the Artist Series line features something for everyone in terms of colors and custom prints, from the retro-minded Wolf Print Tee shown at the top of the page to the Huckberry Van Tee seen here. Each tee is made in the States using 100 percent carded cotton (that’s the good stuff) and dialed in with the exacting fit you’d expect from the fine folks at Huckberry. The positives keep on rolling, too — each Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee is enzyme-washed for softness, meaning that each Heavyweight Tee feels like you’ve owned it for years right from the first wear. That quality could just make the Heavyweight Tee your new favorite T-shirt, especially when it comes to wearing it with a rugged denim jacket or beneath an easygoing cotton shirt on cool summer nights. Add slim khaki chinos (like these Abercrombie & Fitch chinos) plus some white canvas sneakers (like these TOMS sneakers) and you’re all set for your next outdoor concert. Those are the kind of style moves you should be searching for across these next few weeks — pieces that elevate your look from “just a T-shirt and jeans” to something more: A unique tee worn well (and available at an agreeable price!). That’s what the Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee brings to the table — unique design, cool looks and standout wearability. The Wolf Print Tee is my personal favorite, ideal to wear with your favorite pair of broken-in denim and some suede chukka boots to grab a beer at your local brewpub.

Do you dig the vibes of the Huckberry Artist Series Heavyweight Tee? Which one would you pick, and how would you style it? Get at me on Twitter. 

The Friday Read: Mo Pop Festival, The Best Camping Gear And the Best Shaving Cream for Men

Come along with me, plug in and enjoy yet another Friday Read as we kick off the last weekend in July, Style Guide readers — how crazy is that?? I’ve loved spending time everywhere from Grand Rapids to Detroit (and the tasty Batch Brewing!), and I know there are so many more adventures ahead. Starting, of course, with this weekend! The always-excellent Mo Pop Festival takes place at the city’s West Riverfront Park, and we’re thrilled to be able to see a diverse slate of acts, from Bon Iver to Alvvays (a favorite of both of ours!). Wondering what I’m packing? For starters, I’ll be wearing my Filson Feather Cloth Short-Sleeve Shirt! You can stay tuned on my Instagram for more, as always.

Elsewhere on the blog, it’s really been quite the month. We’ve covered a ton of stellar menswear as of late, if I do say so myself. From the best denim jacket to buy now to a stylish polo for summer adventures — and plenty of summer style shopping suggestions — I hope you’ve found this month’s content enlightening, engaging and yes, helpful. With all of that being said, I’ve got a flight to catch — and some tunes to enjoy! Have a great weekend.

  • Alright, folks — there’s still time to shop the Mid-Year Clearance Sale from a preferred brand around these parts, Todd Shelton. This New Jersey-based, classically designed and carefully constructed brand makes everything from easy-to-wear T-shirts to standout denim to classic chambray shirts, and I’d recommend you shop their sale now.
  • Planning one final camping trip or out-of-town getaway? Might I point you in the direction of this recent #OOTD featuring the best camping gear to wear now? From a tough waxed overshirt to essential Danner hiking boots, you really can’t go wrong.
  • If you’re on the hunt for your perfect shave, I’d implore you to read my latest GearMoose feature, covering the best shaving creams for men. Get to it ASAP!

We’ll closing the books on another week here — what’s in store for you this weekend? Whatever your plans might be, I recommend you check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week — you certainly won’t regret it.

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See Now, Buy Now: The La Paz Ribas Henley Is Your New Favorite Summer Tee

An underrated, brand-new style essential for your consideration.

The idea of timeless menswear essentials certainly gets thrown around a lot on this site, from the perfect white T-shirt to a classic Oxford shirt. And now, today, I humbly submit another menswear essential for your reading (and shopping) pleasure — the rugged short-sleeve henley. Specifically, the La Paz Ribas Henleyit’s quite possibly your new favorite summer tee, and that’s saying a lot.  What makes the Ribas Henley so darn stylish and so darn cool? It’s simple, really. The short-sleeve henley finds its roots in sporting heritage, and like so much of menswear that’s designed with function in mind (from the M-65 jacket to the moto jacket to five-pocket denim), that means it looks even better when worn during the everyday. How so? Well, it’s tough and instantly recognizable, for one. And the three-button placket and tailored-but-not-too tight fit of the La Paz Ribas Henley make any guy look good.

It also comes down to the unique green color found on the La Paz Ribas Henley, too. The shade of green seen at the top of the page is surprisingly summer-friendly, able to be worn with pieces like slim light wash denim and suede chukka boots as easily as it can pair with a lightweight navy blazer and slim tan chinos. That’s the kind of rugged versatility you’re getting with the La Paz Ribas Henley — that makes it a menswear essential, without a doubt. And the Portuguese-made construction of the Ribas Henley gives you high quality at a surprisingly affordable price. All of those positives add up to one must-have for the rest of summer. And when it starts to get chilly in the early fall? You can (and should!) layer the La Paz Ribas Henley underneath a classic chambray shirt — to be worn alongside equally classic dark denim and brown wingtip boots, of course. That’s the kind of dependability you should be looking for all the time, but particularly when it comes to picking up pieces (like the La Paz Ribas Henley) that’ll help you get through the rest of the summer in style.

What are the chances you’ll be picking up the La Paz Ribas Henley? More than good? Let me know via Twitter, and thanks for reading! 

#OOTD: How to Dress in Versatile Style For the Rest of Summer

As we power through the rest of summer, I’d say there’s no better way you can dress than with versatile, comfortable off-duty style in mind. It’s one thing to throw on a classic Oxford shirt and a lightweight navy blazer to head to the office, but it can sometimes be another matter entirely to want to look good when you’re off the clock. That’s what we’re tackling today on The Style Guide — an outfit with a few different layers for a few different looks, each as suited for a casual patio lunch as for a rooftop summer party. It comes down to a colorful, cool base — in this case, the La Paz Ribas Henley — plus other equally versatile and rugged picks (I.E. Slim dark denim and classic SeaVees sneakers). In short, I think you’ll find you already own a lot of these pieces, but we’re wearing them today in a way that allows you to go a few different places, from the ballpark to the bar and back home (for instance). Throw a tough everyday bag into the mix, and you could even wear this to your co-working space or to your favorite coffee shop to knock out some writing (Just me? Ahh, well).  As always, you’re going to look great. Let’s get to it!

Pieces that you know and love, worn in a way that you’re going to love.

  • The Shirt: Filson Feather Cloth Short-Sleeve Shirt, $68 — You could just as easily throw on a classic chambray shirt here, but I think the color and durability of this Filson shirt makes it a winner.
  • The Henley: La Paz Ribas Henley, $58 — The rich green color and unique short-sleeve construction makes the La Paz Ribas Henley a nice, lightweight layer — it’s a visually interesting combo underneath a short-sleeve shirt, too.
  • The Denim: Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in Cone Mills Standard, $98 — Ever tried to find that dependable pair of everyday dark denim? The Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans should check that box for ya (also available in a less-slim Democratic fit).
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Standard, $78 — The great thing about this ensemble is that you could wear it with everything from classic suede chukka boots to, well, the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll.
  • The Belt: WP Standard Officer’s Belt in Natural, $78 — If you follow me on Instagram, surely you’re aware of the fact that I love my WP Standard Officer’s Belt. Small, rugged design touches like this really can elevate an outfit!
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Chronograph, $118.98 — A tough Timex chronograph watch meets a beautiful Horween leather strap? Sounds like the perfect casual watch to me.
  • The Hat: Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo, $45 — In this case, throwing on a ballcap really is your call — but if you’re going to go extra-casual, might as well reach for the eye-catching Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo.
  • The Everyday Bag: J. Stark Prospect Briefcase, $295 — Here’s that durable, rugged everyday bag we talked about from J. Stark. Use it for your laptop, use it for a magazine (I myself like Gear Patrol!) or use it for other essentials — the choice is yours.

    That’s another #OOTD all wrapped up nicely, right? Right. The basics make for nice versatility no matter the occasion, from a BBQ to a baseball game to a summer road trip. Layering up a rugged Filson short-sleeve shirt with a cool base layer like the La Paz Ribas Henley also gives you some all-day versatility — simply take off the short-sleeve shirt if it gets too hot. You can also never go wrong with everyday dark denim, especially a pair that’s going to break in nicely and get better with every wear. On the footwear front, you’re also aiming for versatility and cool, breezy style with the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll — a classic sneaker pick if ever there was one. I also absolutely love my tough leather belt from WP Standard, and I think you’re going to love yours, as well.  On the accessories front, the perfect casual watch from Timex  truly is an essential pick to go along with this casual, unique look (it’s not every day you see a henley layered under a short-sleeve shirt, after all). Before you step out the door, throw on the Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo and grab the J. Stark Prospect Briefcase — both of those underrated accessories are going to help you go a long way in any summer style scenario. And that’s all I’ve got for you today, folks! Cheers.

See Now, Buy Now: The Myles Apparel Seacliff Boardshorts are the Summer Swim Trunks You Need

The new boardshorts that amp up your beach wear to another level.

Any list of summer style essentials should likely include a stylish pair of swim trunks, right? Like the ones seen above from Myles Apparel, I’d wager. Even if you’re not a frequent beachgoer, you should still take care to dress appropriately when stepping off the boardwalk onto the beach. It’s as essential as what you’re packing in your beach bag and the sunscreen you’re putting on — truly. And that, my friends, is where the functional-yet-stylish Myles Apparel Seacliff Boardshorts come into play. These aren’t the baggy boardshorts you wore as a kid or back in college — the Seacliff Boardshorts are a new breed of men’s swim trunks, equally as good-looking as they are durably crafted. It’s a surprising combo that should make your search for a stylish men’s swimsuit considerably easier, ehh? It all starts with the quick-drying, four-way stretch material that gives these more performance-minded features than the baggy floral numbers a lot of us wore growing up. Trust me — the  Seacliff Boardshorts are anything but that. The 7-inch inseam should work well for most guys, although taller fellas will want to search for something with a longer inseam (Bonobos does a nice job of that, my friends). Still with me? Still interested in the  Seacliff Boardshorts?

Good stuff. There’s really no downside to picking up a pair of the Seacliff Boardshorts, seeing as the striped pattern is a menswear-minded pattern that stands out in a sea of gaudy, bright colors at the beach. That’s exactly what you’d expect from Myles Apparel, too. The brand offers a clean, minimal and durable interpretation of everyday staples (probably why they’ve named their signature shorts the Everyday Shorts!), so it only makes sense that the Seacliff Boardshorts would blend nautical inspiration and performance in one package. The point is this: You don’t need to worry about much when your shorts are as stylish as the Seacliff Boardshorts — simply pack up your cooler, throw on a rugged henley and some stylish slip-ons, and go.

Do you think the Seacliff Boardshorts are a summer must-have? Let me know on my Twitter page. Thanks for reading! 

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo

A premium polo for premium wearing occasions.

One step outside is all it takes to remind you that we’re still slogging through summer — but as we always say here on the ole blog, that’s no excuse to not dress in style. And so it goes with today’s Style Pick of the Week, one that you should certainly add to your list of summer style essentials: The Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo. You very well might recognize it from a recent edition of The List, and it’s back today with good reason. For one, it’s a warm weather style upgrade that looks more polished than average — the Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo really can be worn just like your favorite T-shirt, pairing up easily with chino shorts and white sneakers on weekend days aplenty. Yet, it’s also got that classic Billy Reid sensibility. The Alabama-based designer takes American style staples and classes them up a bit, and the Ombre Stripe Polo is the latest addition to those ranks, what with its tailored cut and mother-of-pearl buttons. It’s also fairly priced for a premium polo — make no mistake, the Ombre Stripe Polo is certainly the sort of polo you could wear with a suit or a lightweight khaki blazer. Yep, that’s right — I’m suggesting you rock this stylish polo shirt with a suit! It can (and should) be done).

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a designer like Billy Reid, who makes classic pieces that are neither too fashion-forward nor too stuffy. That’s why the Ombre Stripe Polo can be worn like a T-shirt (with light wash jeans and white canvas sneakers) or like a more tailored dress shirt (with a navy cotton blazer and tan chinos) — it’s just that well-made and that well-designed.  You should certainly be looking to add more versatile style staples like the Ombre Stripe Polo into your warm-weather wardrobe — there’s still plenty of summer left to bust out a few unexpected menswear moves. You could even break out the Ombre Stripe Polo as an alternative to a tank top when heading to the beach — it’ll work more serviceably to wear with a tailored pair of swim trunks and some stylish slip-on sneakers for a few post-beach drinks. That’s just one of the many ways in which the  Ombre Stripe Polo from Billy Reid can help you stand out in a sea of baggy, flourescent polos this summer. Get yours while you’ve still got time, and then get out there.

The Friday Read: The Best Denim Jacket to Buy Now, Grimm Artisanal Ales and Sunday Brunch Style

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here on the blog, even outside of regular menswear writing pursuits and #NYFWM. Last weekend, I was excited and thrilled to be back in my home state of Michigan to celebrate the wedding reception of two great friends (congrats to the Vissers!). Of course, you probably saw that if you follow me on Instagram (wink, wink). It was a lovely evening complete with some fun dancing and plenty of Bell’s Oberon in the Michigan heat.

I wore my Thursday Boots Statesman Dress Shoes (shop them in this post!) and a charcoal Awearness Kenneth Cole suite, along with a crisp Todd Snyder dress shirt. We capped off the weekend by visiting Belle Isle Park, home to the Belle Isle Conservatory and Aquarium (again, as seen on my Instagram!). It was a beautiful day to explore and get outside, even in the heat — it’s a good thing that we capped off the day with a trip to Batch Brewing Company in Detroit, located near the West Side Industrial area and featuring easily drinkable beers like the Berggasse 19, a Vienna lager with some rich flavor. In the meantime, I’m hoping your week is closing out nicely — I’ve got some brews to enjoy, and some menswear to write about. The rest of your Friday Read is below!

  • Haven’t been keeping up with our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series here on the blog? Then let me get ya updated on one of my favorite recent entries — last week, I told you all about how the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket can work as the perfect summer layer, able to pair with a rugged henley and chinos or an Oxford shirt and slim chino shorts in equal measure. Read the post here.
  • It’s hard to find but delicious to drink — I’m talking, of course, about the coveted Lambo Door Double IPA from Brooklyn’s own Grimm Artisanal Ales. I’m looking forward to checking out their brand-new, permanent East Williamsburg location very soon, but for now, I’d say I’ll have to make do with re-reading my latest feature for GearMoose covering this excellent & uniquely crushable brew.

  • I’m all about upgrading your style in unexpected ways for everyday situations — take Sunday brunch, for instance. Your focus should be on dressing in a way that’s casual and comfortable, yet also distinct and versatile — hence, my latest feature on what to wear for Sunday brunch over at The Manual! Who else wants a Bloody Mary now?
  • Not in the mood to pack away your boots even as the thermostat climbs? Then, the OluKai Nalukai Boots, as covered in last week’s Style Pick of the Week, are the lightweight option you need to buy now, and wear now.

Loyal Style Guide readers, thanks for sticking it out until the end today! Join us again tomorrow for a brand-new Style Pick of the Week, and let’s all try to stay cool out there. Until then!


See Now, Buy Now: The Viberg Service Boots are the Best Boots You Can Buy Right Now

A rugged pair of boots you would do well to invest in now — yep, even in summer.

In spite of the heat of the summer, we’re back at it today on The Style Guide, and yes, you’re absolutely right that I’m calling for you to buy some of the best men’s boots around, the Viberg Service Boots … despite the fact that it’s July. You’re likely more interested in the best sneakers to wear right now, but that doesn’t mean your favorite leather boots should be relegated to the back of your closet. No, sir. As a a matter of fact, you’d  be surprised at how investing in a pair of quality footwear can pay dividends months down the line — such is the case with the rugged construction and standout durability of the Viberg Service Boots. But I digress. Why are the Viberg Service Boots some of the best boots on the market right now? Well, the quantity can be scarce as heck to find — that’s gotta mean something, right? It also comes down to quality, construction and toughness — something Viberg as a brand offers in spades (in fact, you might recognize Viberg from my Instagram).

At any rate, if you haven’t yet given the brand a chance, now is as good a time to start as any. The handsome, beautifully made Viberg Service Boots feature U.S.-sourced, oil-tanned roughout leather that’ll age very, very nicely over time. And on another note: The wheat color looks plain great with plenty of your favorite style essentials, everything from indigo denim to olive chinos. In terms of other specs, the resoleable stitchdown construction on the Service Boots also lends them an extra touch of durability and quality that really can’t be topped. The Viberg Service Boots are finished off with brass tacks from England, plus a heavyweight insole from Spain and some pretty stylish, rugged leather across the board. In my humble opinion, that makes the Viberg Service Boots an absolutely essential purchase … even in the middle of July. That’s all there is to it!

Are you going to be investing in the Viberg Service Boots soon?