The Sunday Sale: Take Nearly 40 Percent Off These Suede Chelsea Boots at Bespoke Post

Score these rugged-yet-refined Chelsea boots for under $100 at Bespoke Post.

If you’ve taken a look at your rotation of rugged winter boots and the like, perhaps you’ve spotted a bit of a glaring hole: A pair of the best Chelsea boots, preferably with a bit more refined and dressy construction than your trusty winter snow boots, yet with a bit more durability than your favorite dress shoes. After all, a guy’s got to get dressed up in the dead of winter sometime, right? And that “sometime” is right now via today’s Sunday Sale, which lifts the curtain on some of the best men’s Chelsea boots of the moment.

Indeed, the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots, funny name and all, represent one of the best deals you can get on Chelsea boots for winter right now, and they’re up for grabs (but not for long!) via Bespoke Post. Snag them for nearly 40 percent off via the always well-stocked Bespoke Post Sale section — you might be surprised what else you find on sale there, but let’s stick with the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots for now, shall we? (On a side note, I’ve also written about my top Bespoke Post sale picks elsewhere on the blog). But back to these boots: Two handsome and easily wearable color options, a rugged Brown and an eye-catching Green, are available, so take your pick and let’s get rockin’.

The great thing about Bespoke Post, for starters, is that the NYC-based company stocks and sells excellent brands big and small (in addition to its rotation of Bespoke Post subscription boxes), and you’d sure be hard-pressed to find a better pair of Chelsea boots under $100 this instant.

SHOP: The Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots 

One of two excellent colors in which you can score your new favorite Chelsea boots.

They’re made in Portugal using handsome 100 percent suede and built with a sleek profile, the sort that would work well with slim blue jeans or olive chinos in equal measure. That dressy-but-versatile design also lends itself to plenty of pairing options on your top half, from a rugged flannel shirt to a thermal henley and an unstructured blazer. Think high-low style that befits these casual times, but whatever you do, get the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots on your feet ASAP.

Now, these classic suede Chelsea boots are best worn when you’re not dealing with plentiful snow drifts, but the flexible outsole should still provide solid traction on cobblestone streets as you search out a heated outdoor dining space. Be sure to treat them with waterproofing spray for even more wearability this season. Of course, you’ll have to act quickly, because at a price like this one ($99 at Bespoke Post), I’d wager that the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots won’t be around for much longer.

SHOP: The Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots 

Style Pick of the Week: Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

Your new favorite jacket for winter, with all the quality you need from Bonobos.

Folks, it’s around that time of winter where you might want to give your outerwear rotation a bit of a shot in the arm with one of the best men’s winter jackets, right? Well, do I have a Style Pick of the Week for you today: The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket is one of the coolest jackets for men out there right now, seamlessly merging classic good looks, comfort and warmth. Plus, it’s an exceptionally versatile jacket that pairs up mighty nicely with, say, Bonobos chinos (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as I say). The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket checks all the right boxes as far as your new favorite winter jacket, and again, it’s the perfect way to freshen up your outerwear rotation right now.

And lest you thought that Bonobos only excelled at making some of the best men’s pants, well, you’d be right to rethink what you thought you knew about this NYC-based menswear brand. It’s the kind of winter jacket that toes the line between form and function very nicely — it’s got classic bomber jacket styling potential without going too far into high-fashion territory. Keep on scrolling for more, folks.

SHOP: The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

Product Image

One of two seriously cool colorways you’re getting from Bonobos here.

For one thing, it really does what all of the best winter jackets for men should set out to do — provide warmth and comfort without any fuss. The wool exterior is a perfect match for the quilted nylon interior. The nylon quilting is going to deliver warmth and even a cool bit of visual interest. The fit of this classic bomber jacket for men should also provide plenty of room for layering, even if you go with an Oxford shirt underneath a rugged crewneck sweater for durable winter warmth.

And of course, the two color options (the sharp Black-and-White Herringbone or the more fashion-forward Heather Oatmeal) provide something for everyone when it comes classically cool looks. Side-entry hip pockets also double as front-snap pockets for your everyday carry essentials, yet this jacket still looks sleek and sharp overall. Of course, it wears extremely well with other staple pieces, be it Bonobos chinos  or Bonobos blue jeans (both worthy of your consideration). At the end of the day, the Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket is going to turn what you thought of this pants-centric brand upside down, and in the best way possible.

SHOP: The Bonobos Wool Bomber Jacket

The Friday Read: The Best Bluetooth Radio, New Mack Weldon Gear & The Best Leather Jackets

Tivoli Audio Model One

Ever since making the jump to full-time freelance writing back in July of last year, my days have started off a bit differently than when I “clocked in” (logged into Slack, that is) during my old full-time job. Namely, and especially on a Friday like today — and the day after my birthday, no less! — I take it easy to start the day, reading a book, snapping some Instagram photos and of course, playing my Spotify playlist on the seriously cool Bluetooth radio shown above. That radio would be the Tivoli Audio Model One, and it’s perhaps the best Bluetooth radio I’ve seen — I can’t vouch for Tivoli Audio enough, what with classic, cool designs plus crystal-clear sound quality that’s at once booming and yet nuanced. In fact, I reviewed the Tivoli Revive for Maxim, but I love the fact that you can get the Tivoli Audio Model One at UNCRATE, and it’s with some laidback tunes that I’m rolling into the weekend. How about you? We’ve got a jam-packed Friday Read to send you on your way if you keep scrolling, too.

 But back to this week — it’s been a busy one as I file stories for The Manual and Maxim (one of which you’ll read below!), among others, and of course, it was all in the midst of my “birthday week,” too! Heck, when I started this blog back in the summer of 2013, I had no idea it’d become part of my “career” as a freelance writer, and I certainly didn’t know if it would make it to 2021! How about that?

Things looked mighty different this year than last year, or any other year, for that matter, but I spent my day reading a new favorite book about The Replacements, strolling through Prospect Park and enjoying a beer or three at the heated outdoor bar that is The Rusty Nail in Brooklyn. Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday! I certainly made the best of it it, and I’m grateful to be able to celebrate in small ways this year — with better days ahead, no doubt. But today, and this weekend, it’s back to work on content for this blog and elsewhere, powered by coffee and the soulful stylings of The National. With all that being said, I recommend you get your hands on the Tivoli Audio Model One to provide the right soundtrack for this weekend (and beyond). Cheers and thanks for reading!

Mack Weldon review
Wolverine BLVD Collection
  • I’ve got another recommended winter style tip for you, one meant to shake up the doldrums of these days with classic looks and top-notch functionality in mind. I’m talking, naturally, about Wolverine men’s boots for rugged seasonal appeal. To get more specific, I’m recommending you pick up the Wolverine BLVD Cap Toe Boots, a highly versatile, rugged-yet-dressy leather boots you can wear with slim blue jeans or perhaps even some Mack Weldon performance pants and a stretch casual shirt for dressier days at home or on the road. How about it, ehh? And yes, you can also get free shipping on Wolverine boots right now.
  • The headline, of course, mentions the best leather jackets, so without further ado, here’s my latest Maxim guide on the coolest leather jackets to buy now. Of course, I had to feature a Buck Mason leather jacket, plus a refined and versatile leather jacket from The Jacket Maker. Talk about standout winter layering and timeless style.

I talked above about the leather jacket you should be wearing right now, but what about your refined winter topcoat from Todd Snyder and how to wear that particular piece? That’s what this #OOTD covers: How to wear a topcoat this winter. Stay right here on the blog to check it out, then layer up in style accordingly. That’s all for today, folks — enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!

The Thursday Buy: The Bonobos WFHQ Pants are the Best Pants to Wear at Home Right Now

Product Image

Casual, comfortable, seriously cool pants to wear to work from home or hit the town (safely!).

Folks, perhaps you’ve noticed something through the start of 2021 so far: You’re still spending plenty of time at home, and youre still in need of the best casual menswear to wear, well, at home. After all, a guy can only wear sweatpants for so long, no matter how stylish they are. Enter today’s edition of The Thursday Buy, featuring the best pants to wear to work from home.

Yes, that’s right: I went there. In fact, the Bonobos WFHQ Pants are not only a great pair of pants to wear to work from home, but they’re also a stylish pair of everyday pants the rest of the time, too. Would you expect anything less from Bonobos, after all? The brand has been a longtime favorite of the blog (dating back to 2015!) and it’s pretty ideal that they’ve come through in the clutch with some of the best casual pants for men. The Bonobos WFHQ Pants check all the right boxes in terms of comfort and style, from the elastic waist to the tapered-but-not-tight fit. It gets better, though (keep scrolling!).

SHOP: The Bonobos WFHQ Pants

Bonobos pants review

Just the right amount of stretch and style from Bonobos.

The list of positive attributes of the Bonobos WFHQ Pants goes on and on, starting with the versatile color options in which you can get these hybrid chinos (seriously, that elastic waistband is as clutch as it gets). Pick these pants up in colors like Olive or Charcoal, then pair them up with everything from a Bonobos henley to a classic Bonobos Oxford shirt — they’re just that wearable.

The tapered cut is also highly agreeable, meaning that they’ve got more room through the thigh and leg without being overly baggy. Heck, the four-way stretch fabric makes them more like sweatpants than stuffy dress pants, and the price ($118 at Bonobos) really isn’t bad at all when you consider that they could become your new favorite pair of everyday pants in these times. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your WFH style with ease in a  pair of the Bonobos WFHQ Pants.

SHOP: The Bonobos WFHQ Pants


See Now, Buy Now: This Freemans Sporting Club Thermal Shirt is the Best Winter Base Layer

Best men's thermal shirts

A rugged, classic thermal shirt to keep you warm on winter’s coldest days.

As we reach the end of the first month of 2021, I’d implore you to consider how your menswear rotation is looking right now, and then I’d implore you to upgrade it in a crucial way with the latest entry in this site’s See Now, Buy Now series. How about it? Specifically, let’s talk about one of the best thermal shirts for winter, the sort you can wear all on its own, layered beneath a shawl cardigan or throw on underneath your favorite flannel shirt (for starters, that is). The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee is the answer to all your winter layering needs, no questions asked. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

If you read the blog regularly, you’ll recall that we’ve talked about how New York City’s Freemans Sporting Club makes everything from one of the best pocket tees to one of the best chore coats, but what about when the thermostat plummets and you need something reliable on blustery winter nights? Enter the Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee, the kind you can wear day after day after day. Whether you call it one of the best men’s thermal shirts or just a critical base layer, you’ve gotta have it (keep scrolling for more).


SHOP: The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee

Freemans Sporting Club review

Sturdy construction and a tailored-but-not-too-tight fit make this an ideal base layer or solo long-sleeve thermal tee.

The specs really are what set this rugged thermal shirt apart, including the fact that it’s made with pre-washed, 100 percent waffle knit cotton (ideal for layering with breathability at the forefront). The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee  is also made in Vancouver, Canada, home of other respected, classic athletic goods makers like Reigning Champ, so you can be sure it’s up to snuff. The Indigo color is highly versatile, whether worn with tan chinos and a grey flannel shirt or on its own with grey denim and your favorite pair of leather boots. The bottom line is that if it’s sold by Freemans Sporting Club, it’s more than good enough to earn a spot in your winter wardrobe. And with cold winter nights on the way, you assuredly need one of the best thermal shirts for men — kind of like this one, in fact. Happy shopping, folks.

SHOP: The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee

The Foster Slipper


#OOTD: How to Wear a Bomber Jacket This Winter

It’s with one of the best men’s bomber jackets at the forefront that we’ll kick off today’s #OOTD, and not a moment too soon for the demands of winter weather and winter layering. In fact, the Bonobos Quilted Bomber Jacket shown below checks all the right boxes interms of versatility, wearability and warmth, and it’s exactly the kind of jacket you might not have known you needed this winter. We’ve talked about how to wear a bomber jacket for fall, to be sure, but this look updates things for winter just enough. Even with such a stylish and versatile jacket like this one, the supporting cast is still crucial, and that’s why you’ll see timeless picks like a classic chambray shirt and a rugged merino sweater, all the better for blending winter warmth with comfort and style.

As you’ll soon see, this is a go-anywhere #OOTD that you can mix and match at will — switch out the jacket and wear the sweater atop the chambray shirt on its own, or lose the sweater and wear the Bonobos Quilted Bomber Jacket atop your classic chambray shirt. With men’s performance pants offering up plenty of stretch, and with rugged leather boots along for the ride, consider this look one you can wear to the office or on the road with ease. It’s all yours for the taking, so layer up in style with my guide on how to wear a bomber jacket this season.

It all starts with a rugged-yet-classic bomber jacket and the proper menswear picks for winter alongside it.

  • The Bomber Jacket: Bonobos Quilted Bomber Jacket, $148 — This quilted bomber jacket is rugged and yet easily wearable with business casual style staples, and the quilted construction should keep you plenty warm.
  • The Sweater: Todd Snyder Italian Merino Waffle Crew Sweater, $198 — Choose carefully when it comes to layering with one of the best men’s sweaters out there, an expertly crafted piece to wear all season long.
  • The Shirt: Proof Strong Shirt, $128 — This rugged, classic chambray shirt is the kind you’ll want to wear as often as possible, and it plays quite well off your Todd Snyder merino sweater.
  • The Pants: Western Rise Evolution Pants, $149 — For the guy who values comfort and style on the go, it’s hard to top these water and stain-resistant travel pants from Western Rise, made with stretch fabric and featuring plenty of durability.
  • The Boots: FRYE Murray Chukka Boots, $298 — Keep the classic vibes going with these rugged leather chukka boots that you can wear with anything (but especially your Western Rise pants).
  • The Watch: Centric Instruments Lightwell Field Watch Mark III, $200 — This crisp, clean, classic leather watch is both dressy and casual at the same time, making it ideal to wear alongside your Bonobos bomber jacket.
  • The Belt: Billykirk No. 288 Center Bar Belt, $99 — Make sure your accessories are on-point with one of the best leather belts for men, the perfect way to round out this ensemble.
  • The Grooming Essentials: Huron Starter Kit, $20 — Score an easy-to-use trio of the best men’s grooming picks for a new year, and keep your face and skin in fine form despite challenging winter weather. Better still, you can subscribe to the brand to get deliveries as often as you like.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

For essential winter style and warmth, it really is all about getting the details right, and that’s particularly true when it comes to how to wear a bomber jacket for men this winter. Of course, the Bonobos Quilted Bomber Jacket is quite the way to kick off an #OOTD, what with its tough quilted construction and casual styling potential. On top of that, it’s highly versatile — witness the fact that you can layer a Todd Snyder merino sweater atop a classic chambray shirt for the kind of ensemble that works on the office, out on the road or layered up to enjoy a beer at an outdoor beer garden. To really drive home the “wear anywhere” nature of this look and the Bonobos Quilted Bomber Jacketa pair of men’s performance pants toe the line between road-ready and office-friendly.

The same can be said for your rugged leather chukka boots, all the better to get around with style and dependable good looks in mind. Close things out the proper way with the right accessories, including a classic leather watch for sharp, easily wearable style. Naturally, one of the best leather belts for men helps finish off this outfit quite nicely, and a the best men’s grooming picks makes it easy to keep your skin in great shape this winter. Put all the pieces together properly, layer up in style and get out there this winter. And if you really like this look and want to talk more menswear, head to Twitter and give me a follow.


The List: Shop the Best Winter Menswear and Gear at UNCRATE This Week

UNCRATE Supply Shop

The best menswear and gear is up for grabs this week at UNCRATE. Shop accordingly.

Spend any time perusing the pages of this here blog, and you’re bound to come across gear picks at UNCRATE, from James Bond’s Danner boots to the best wool hiker boots around. But let’s really get into it as we roll through winter and you deal with weather that’s not exactly all that nice (if you’re in a warmer climate, you should still stick around — never know when you’ll need a gear upgrade!). At any rate, the relatively new year still calls for the best menswear for hanging at home and getting out on the road, and that’s what you’ll find at the well-appointed UNCRATE Supply Shop. You should also check out my picks for the UNCRATE Surplus sale section, but let’s get right to the rest of my selections ASAP. Cheers, folks!

Danner Arctic 600 Chelsea Boots — $200

Danner Arctic 600 Chelsea Boots

Some of the coolest and most affordable winter boots you can buy.

Want some of the most versatile men’s snow boots, the kind that combine crazy futuristic style with a standout price and modern materials? You’ve just found ’em, all thanks to Danner.

Barbour International x Steve McQueen Shawl Sweater — $220

Barbour International x Steve McQueen

Possibly the coolest cardigan for men that you’ll buy for some time.

Looking like a style legend doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t come cheap, but that’s what makes this rugged shawl cardigan, inspired by McQueen’s wardrobe and his love of Barbour International, so darn cool.

Bread & Boxers Organic T-Shirt — $35

Bread & Boxers Cotton T-Shirt

Pick up a classic white T-shirt or get a multi-pack of organic cotton T-shirts for layering in all seasons.

Can you get away with wearing something as simple as one of the best men’s white T-shirts underneath, say, your Steve McQueen cardigan? In my book, you sure as heck can.

Timex Q Reissue Rose Gold Watch — $189

Timex Q Reissue Watch

The sort of retro cool timepiece you’ll want to wear all the time.

The good folks at UNCRATE have a knack for stocking and selling the best watches for men, some at wild prices (more on that in a moment!), and yet, they also stock some of the most affordable men’s watches, like this Timex Q Reissue (a personal favorite).

Triumph & Disaster Gameface Moisturizer — $55

Triumph & Disaster men's grooming

The right menswear and the right moisturizer to help jumpstart your routine.

The seriously cool thing about UNCRATE is that in addition to all that you see here, they also stock and sell the best men’s grooming essentials on the planet, including one of the best moisturizers for men (in incredible packaging, too).

National Athletic Goods Warm-Up Sweatshirt — $125

National Athletic Goods Warm-Up Sweatshirt

A rugged and easy-to-layer take on the classic crewneck sweatshirt.

Now, I previously wrote about this classic crewneck sweatshirt right here last year on the blog, but it’s back again today because it’s a great example of the type of timeless, modern menswear you can find all over the place at UNCRATE. Layer up accordingly this winter, folks.

Barbour International Duke Jacket — $415

A tough new jacket that’ll soon become an essential.

Back again with more rugged Barbour International menswear, I see? Yes indeed, and for good reason. The Barbour International Duke Jacket is a sleek-yet-rugged biker jacket to wear anywhere at all this season.

Hard Graft Overhead Bag — $1,100

Hard Graft Overhead Travel Bag

Quite simply one of the best men’s travel bags you’ll ever buy.

Now, as you can see, the thing with gear stocked and sold by UNCRATE is that it often doesn’t come cheap — to say the very least. Take one of the best leather travel bags, shown here — invest in it now, then use it for every trip on your bucket list.

Outerknown Ambassador Jeans — $128

Outerknown Ambassador Jeans

Go right ahead and pick up your new favorite pair of men’s denim.

If it’s the perfect pair of men’s jeans to wear with your Barbour International Duke Jacket  that you’ve been searching high and low to find, then these slim black jeans are your best bet.

Sunski Andiamo Sunglasses — $89

Sunski Andiamo Sunglasses

Just about the best sunglasses for men your hard-earned cash can buy, folks.

Let’s talk about some of the most affordable men’s sunglasses out there, shall we? These retro men’s sunglasses are wearable even in the winter, but they’ll look their best when worn with spring and summer style picks.

Whenever you dive into an incredibly well-stocked and incredibly cool online store for men like the UNCRATE Supply Shop, it’s always, well, tough to narrow down any roundup of the best gear for men in any season, let alone winter. That’s because, as you can see, UNCRATE is packed with top-notch gear across the board, be it some of the most affordable men’s sunglasses, the perfect pair of men’s jeans  or even a classically rugged and cool Steve McQueen cardigan.

But of course, the basics are all right there for the taking, including something as subtly stylish as one of the best men’s white T-shirts. The next time you need crisp and timeless gear to go the distance, get to the UNCRATE Supply Shop (and let me know what you think over on Twitter).

The Sunday Sale: Take 30 Percent Off This Classic Winter Henley from Bonobos

Bonobos Jetsetter Henley

One of four essential colors in which you can score this classic Bonobos henley.

Perhaps if you’ve taken stock of your wardrobe as of late, you’ve realized you’re missing a crucial piece of winter gear: One of the best men’s henleys for versatile layering and standout style. Wearable with everything from a refined suede jacket or as a base layer underneath your favorite flannel shirt, I’ve got just the classic men’s henley for you in today’s Sunday Sale. I’m talking, of course, about the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley, which is now on sale for 30 percent off at BonobosIf you follow the blog, you’re well aware that Bonobos has been running a standout winter sale for weeks now, with prices starting as low as $38 on everything from men’s chinos to rugged basics like one of the best henleys for men.

These are deals that can’t be beat, especially if you’re a fan of the NYC-based brand’s updated takes on classic menswear staples. That’s what makes the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley so essential, seeing as it’s available in a range of neutral colors (from Navy Blazer to White) while also retaining that classic Bonobos quality and attention to detail.

SHOP: The Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley

Bonobos menswear

Pick up this rugged-yet-refined henley in Charcoal for ideal winter layering and laidback style.

Of course, this piece is one of the best henleys for men for a reason, and it’s all the better that the price tag now drops below $50. If I were you, I’d get at least two, then pair them with ease alongside everything from tapered Bonobos joggers to classic Bonobos chinos. But what exactly separates the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley from the pack? It’s simple really, and it starts with Peruvian cotton that’s been blended with sustainable REFIBRA lyocell for a soft handfeel and plenty of eco-conscious style (it’s a blend of upcycled cotton and wood pulp). This is a rugged henley for men that can go just about anywhere you want it to go, whether you layer it under your favorite winter blazer for a Zoom meeting during the week or team it with the aforementioned tapered Bonobos joggers for cozy weekend style and comfort. And if you feel like mixing in, say, classic men’s blue jeans and a refined cashmere cardigan, well, you can certainly make it happen with the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley. It’s selling fast, and at a discount like that (again, 30 percent off at Bonobos), it’s not hard to see why. Make it yours today.

SHOP: The Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley


Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt

Faherty Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt

A well-made, comfortable and yet rugged flannel shirt from Faherty Brand.

Folks, the theme of this month has been new menswear for a new year, and what better way to keep that all going than by checking out the best new men’s style for 2021 at Faherty Brand, ehh? The soulful, laidback and ever-stylish California brand focuses on exceptional fabrics, easygoing silhouettes and the kind of versatility that makes these picks a sharp-yet-subtle solution if you’re in search of, say, one of the best flannel shirts for winter. And folks, the Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt is back, it’s better than ever and it’s a perfect weekend style move as our latest Style Pick of the Week. What do ya say, ehh? Every guy can use one of the most rugged flannel shirts out there, yet the Stretch Seaview Flannel also blends a hearty dose of casual comfort and go-anywhere versatility. The fit is ideal for wearing all on its own or layering atop a henley or a slub pocket tee (kind of like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt), so it’s got plenty going for it — to say the very least. If it’s one of the best flannel shirts for men you seek, it’s quite hard to go wrong (again, to say the least!).

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt 

Faherty Brand Review

Take your pick between seven cool and iconic patterns for winter style from Faherty Brand.

The best men’s flannel shirts have a few things in common, and yet this particular shirt rises above the rest. It’s made with soft organic cotton infused with stretch fabric for comfort and layering in these quarantine times. Better still, you can pick it up in one of seven cool and eye-catching patterns, including the classic Blue Rose Gingham seen above. The button chest pocket adds to the shirt’s more easygoing feel, giving it the sort of look that pairs easily with a thermal henley or a graphic tee for a pop of visual interest. And because it’s tailored but not overly tight, you can readily layer it up or wear it on its own, especially untucked with expertly faded denim or tan chinos. Throw on your favorite pair of leather boots and call it good (or rather, get out there and get a growler of local, brewery-fresh beer, yes?). The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt  checks all the proper boxes these days, to say the very least. Make it yours and make it work for you.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt 

The Friday Read: The United By Blue End-of-Season Sale, Filson x Popeye & Men’s Grooming Essentials

United By Blue apparel

Looking towards a better future and telling you all about the United By Blue End-Of-Season Sale.

Folks, it’s been a HECK of a few weeks to start the year, has it not? It’s odd, at times, to be sitting down to write about men’s style as the Twitter doomscroll occupies the other part of my computer screen and my brain (I talk about this more in my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief), but in the spirit of dressing better in the new year and hopefully having some fun along the way, I’m going to keep rolling right along with today’s Friday Read. Let’s start things off with a quick shoutout to one of the best ongoing men’s style sales right now: The United By Blue End-Of-Season Sale, as the headline so sagely mentions. It’s a great place to get discounts on rugged men’s gear, and I love the brand’s Responsible Flannel Shirts and really, the entire line of United By Blue men’s apparel. It also helps that the company removes a pound of trash from oceans and waterways with every product purchased. How’s that for ethical and sustainable style, ehh? Not a bad way to roll into the weekend.

Oars + Alps review

The latest Oars + Alps launch is made to refresh your grooming routine this winter, ASAP. Use the code BEAU15 to get 15 percent off.

I want to also quickly shout out another item of note, this time focused on some of the best men’s grooming essentials out there. The men’s grooming picks in question come from Chicago-based Oars + Alps, which works with NFL star DeAndre Hopkins and recently launched its Anti-Everything Pads. In short, the next time your face needs a pick-me-up as you power through another day working from home, use these exfoliating pads to freshen your skin, fight razor bumps, battler dark spots and more. Sounds like a crucial addition to your lineup of men’s grooming picks. Of course, you can use the code BEAU15 to get 15 percent off your order right now. So, with those two picks leading off your weekend, here’s the rest of the Friday Read below. Cheers, folks.



Just two of the best new men’s style picks of the moment, all via the PAIGE Winter 2021 Menswear Collection.

HOMMEFACE men's skincare

An easy way to upgrade your skincare routine in one fell swoop.

  • I talked earlier about Oars + Alps men’s grooming (again, use the code BEAU15 to get 15 percent off your order!), but let me also mention another men’s grooming pick I’ve been loving as of late. After all, taking care of skin during the winter months is critical, and it’s all the better if you can find a do-it-all product that works in a hurry. I’m talking, of course, about the HOMMEFACE Intense Hydration Soothing Cream, which moisturizes and repairs, all at once. It’s a new favorite, and I can’t recommend it enough.
Filson x Popeye

Get your hands on this collaboration while you still can, folks.

  • Here’s another fun menswear release this week. If you follow the blog, you know that I love classic menswear at Filson, and what better way for the lauded heritage brand to bring its focus on rugged gear to the forefront than through the Filson x Popeye collaboration? Yes, that’s right: Filson x Popeye (as in, Popeye the Sailor Man!). Popeye’s the perfect sort of character to wear Filson, what with his toughness, his swashbuckling love of adventure and his time on the high seas. The brand even debuted the collaboration (featuring everything from a wool cap to a durable hoodie) with a livestream concert from Lake Washington on the Filson Instagram. It gets better, though. In fact, you should head here to read more about the history of Popeye. That’s what makes the Filson x Popeye partnership so cool, and I personally can’t get enough of it. Happy shopping, folks.

So, that’s going to bring today’s action-packed Friday Read to a close. What will you be shopping this weekend? Perhaps the Filson x Popeye has caught your eye, or else the fantastic United By Blue End-Of-Season Sale? Let me know what’s caught your eye over on Twitter or via my Instagram. In the meantime, here’s to health, safety and a weekend craft beer or two. Cheers!