The Sunday Sale: This Stylish Billy Reid Short-Sleeve Shirt Can Be Yours for 30 Percent Off

Best men's summer shirt.

I’ve talked on the blog recently about the idea of repetition — of going back to the drawing board and finding styles that work for you consistently, and if some of those men’s style essentials happen to be on sale from one of the country’s best menswear designers? Well, that’s all the better, and that’s the case with the ongoing Billy Reid Summer Sale and today’s pick, one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts for summer.

Satchel and Page

Now, you’ve (hopefully!) read about the Billy Reid Summer Sale here on the blog, and you’ve also (hopefully!) read about the counterpart to today’s stylish shirt: The long-sleeve edition of the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, but it’s the Billy Reid Short-Sleeve Tuscumbia Shirt that takes the top prize today.

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer.

The Billy Reid Short-Sleeve Tuscumbia Shirt is, most notably, just about 30 percent off right now, which brings the price down substantially without sacrificing any quality or style (it’s made in India from 100 percent cotton, after all). Plus, the Billy Reid Short-Sleeve Tuscumbia Shirt features both a rich blue colorway and a nice, visually striking pattern, the kind you can use to break subtle, classic chinos, dark blue jeans or navy chino shorts nicely.

Satchel and Page

And yes, it bears repeating that the Billy Reid Short-Sleeve Tuscumbia Shirt features a classic, regular fit — and again, it’s 30 percent off. It sounds to me like you’ve found your new favorite shirt for the rest of summer.


Style Pick of the Week: Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers – The Best Loafers for the Rest of Summer

Best loafers for men.

There are certain times in a guy’s summer pursuits when he’s got to step things up just a notch beyond more casual men’s style essentials, like, say, wearing the best summer sneakers. Yes indeed, there are times you’re going to want to step out in fresh, refined style — possibly wearing one of the best summer blazers — and when you do so, you’re going to want to be wearing a pair of the best summer loafers for men.

Although it’s the end of July, you’ll still have ample time to wear the set in question today: The Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers, as sold by my good friends at Huckberry.

You very well likely know Astorflex for making some of the best men’s chukka boots or some of the most affordable sneakers for men, sure, but they’re so much more than that. The Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers are a particular step up for the brand, using all of the Italy-based, family-owned company’s penchant for fine detail and craftsmanship. It starts with the use of soft European leather and environmentally friendly construction, and the Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers only get better from there.

Best loafers for men.

The Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers are also built on a weather-resistant rubber outsole for surprising durability from a leather loafer, while the sleek profile is dressy, sharp and as versatile as it gets. The Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers feature a cleaner design than boat shoes, allowing you to style them with, say, your favorite summer suit or some of the best chinos for men in refined fashion.

And although they’re priced at a slightly higher clip than more casual boat shoes or loafers (the Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers will set you back $195), you’re getting both options — in terms of rich leather colorways and versatility. You could even team the Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers with stretch chino shorts and your favorite summer polo the right mix of refined and casual summer style. Don’t take my word for it, though: Make the most of the rest of the season by stepping into the Astorflex Patnoflex Loafers.

The Friday Read: The Todd Snyder Summer Sale, Tag Heuer’s New Watch & The Best Corduroy Shorts

My friends, it’s proven another busy, whirlwind week, and we’ve got plenty of ground to cover in today’s Friday Read, so let’s get right to it. I’m going to start things off in proper fashion, of course, by recommending one of the best menswear sales to shop right now: That’d be the Todd Snyder Summer Sale, which offers standout savings on some of the best menswear essentials around.

You won’t want to miss those savings, and you’d also do well to check out yesterday’s post on the best new polo to shop for the season at hand. These are the sort of style picks I’ll be shopping for on my own this weekend as I kick back and relax in Brooklyn (helped along by plenty of coffee and craft beer, of course). Be sure to follow along on my Instagram to keep up with the fun — the rest of today’s Friday Read is below, of course. Cheers, folks!

  • Now, I’m a huge fan of a refined, versatile watch, which is why it was such a treat to write up my latest feature for Maxim — head over to the site ASAP to read about and shop the new Tag Heuer Carrera Red Dial, with words by yours truly. Talk about a stunner of a timepiece, ehh?
  • A guy’s wardrobe assuredly needs options when it comes to summer style, and that includes your rotation of stylish, lightweight shorts. With that in mind, I wrote all about a retro style pick that’s made a major comeback as of late: The best corduroy shorts for the season. Head over to SPY to check ’em out, my friends.
  • I mentioned it earlier, but consider this a proper introduction to one of the best men’s polos from one of the country’s best menswear designers — Todd Snyder, of course. Check out yesterday’s blog post ASAP, folks.

If you ask me, those picks will round out today’s Friday Read nicely, will they not? Here’s to starting your weekend in style — be sure to check back here for this weekend’s Style Pick of the Week, too. Cheers!

The Thursday Buy: Todd Snyder’s Made-in-L.A. Polo Is the Coolest Summer Style Move to Make Now

Best polo for men this summer.

What’s a guy to do when he wants to strike the perfect balance between laidback and casual, yet classy? The answer: Look towards classics that are easygoing yet polished, like one of the best men’s polos. Better still, look to a designer like Todd Snyder — a master at reinventing American style classics — to deliver one of the best polos for men in a way that’s refined and yet still cool-as-can-be.

The Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey Polo checks all the right boxes, starting with the extra sort of care and attention to detail you get from a polo that’s made in the States. Los Angeles is also a prime source for quality knitwear production of all sorts, and this stylish men’s polo certainly fits the bill.

Best men's polo for summer.

Crucially, the Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey Polo uses soft 100 percent cotton for breezy style in the summer heat, yet the relatively tailored fit makes this polo a polished option for everything from a casual Friday at the office to a summer evening BBQ – yes, it can do all of that (and then some).

Satchel and Page

Plus, timeless and easy-to-style colors like a sharp White or crisp Navy make the Todd Snyder Made-in-L.A. Jersey Polo a solid option any day (or night) of the week. It’s a pricier step up than your average polo shirt at $98, but hey, it’s Todd Snyder we’re talking about here — this is one summer style move that’s worth the price. Happy shopping, folks.

See Now, Buy Now: These Sunski Sunglasses Are Less Than $60 at Bespoke Post

Best men's sunglasses for summer.

When opportunity strikes — in the world of shopping for stylish men’s accessories, that is — you need to be prepared, which is where today’s See Now, Buy Now entry comes into play. If you’ve checked the thermostat as of late, you know we’re still plenty deep in the thick of a hot, hot summer, and that’s all the more reason to shop the best men’s sunglasses (because I’m sure you could use a new pair).

The pair in question is a real style deal, as sold by my friends at NYC lifestyle brand Bespoke Post, and it only gets better from there. To get right to the point, the Sunski Makani Sunglasses are simply some of the best sunglasses for men, available for under $60 and packing a serious punch when it comes to both style and accessibility. To make ’em yours, keep on scrolling, my friends.

Best summer sunglasses for men.

You’ll find them readily available, of course, in the well-stocked Bespoke Post New Arrivals section, which features everything from the best men’s sunglasses to well-designed home goods, men’s gear and much more. Of course, there are other, more expensive frames available through Bespoke Post, but that doesn’t mean the Sunski Makani Sunglasses cut any corners when it comes to both quality and style.

The Sunski Makani Sunglasses feature blue-tinted lenses and classic-yet-fresh circular frames, all the better to shake up more subtle summer style ensembles (like a simple pocket T-shirt and stretch chino shorts), as well as more tailored looks (including a get-up featuring the best summer blazer).

The Sunski Makani Sunglasses also feature recycled polycarbonate frames for a sustainable touch, a welcome addition when it comes to any pair of the best men’s sunglasses. They’re an ideal summer style move for a heck of a price, so you know what to do: Add ’em to your cart via the Bespoke Post New Arrivals section now.

The Tuesday Steal: Tecovas Just Launched Its First Slip-on For Under $200

Curating a wardrobe filled with clothes you love to wear (but not too many clothes!) sometimes requires keeping a weather eye out on the market — finding brands you can trust, and then trusting those brands when they enter new territory. Take Tecovas, a personal favorite of your Brooklyn style writer and makers of some of the best dress boots for men.

Well, they’re entering unfamiliar territory and yet doing so with a focus on making some of the best men’s shoes: Meet the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on, the brand’s first-ever slip-on and a downright steal (a true Tuesday Steal!) for under $200. It’s a unique style for a brand best known for making some of the best leather dress boots — a go-to pair of mine, in fact — and it’s a nice way to change up your footwear rotation in the summer months, to say the least.

Best summer slip-ons for men.

Crucially, the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on features all the same hallmarks of the brand’s rugged, durable and yet easy-to-wear boots, starting with an impressive focus on craftsmanship. That means using materials like bovine, which will wear nicely over time, or water-resistant suede, plus Blake stitch construction — critical for that durability but arguably more streamlined than Goodyear welt construction.

To make matters even better — yes, better — the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on is low-profile enough to wear with rolled chinos or light wash jeans, but also casual enough to wear with your favorite summer shorts. And of course, the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on is a downright steal — hence the inclusion in our Tuesday Steal series — for under $170. There’s plenty of time to make ’em your new favorite summer slip-ons.

See Now, Buy Now: It’s The Last Day to Shop More Than 1,300 On-Sale Items at Huckberry’s Summer Sale

I’m of the opinion that when it comes to building a great wardrobe, or figuring out the menswear essentials that work best for you, it’s all down to one thing: Repetition. That’s why I’m repeating myself ever-so-slightly to start the week, and I’m directing you to once again shop the Huckberry Summer Sale.

As you might have read on the blog over the weekend, Huckberry’s Annual Summer Sale only runs through today — yes, today as in Monday — and it’s packed with a stunning array of gear you can actually wear the rest of this summer (unlike other sales, which tend to feature menswear from last season).

The fact that the sale gives you up to 45 percent off the best menswear essentials is impressive in its own right, as is the array of stylish menswear on tap from the lauded San Francisco and Austin retailer. If you haven’t yet shopped this sale, rest assured that there’s still just enough time to get everything from the best men’s shorts to your new favorite T-shirt — and so much more, assuredly.

A few of my favorites? Of course, it’s tough to pick just a few, but I’m all about Wellen’s stylish swim trunks, a pair of the best men’s shorts from Flint and Tinder, and some of the best summer slip-ons for easygoing style. Act now to make each of these picks yours, because time is of the essence. Stay stylish, my friends!

The Weekend Sale: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale Features the Best Menswear Deals Around Right Now

Huckberry Summer Sale 2022

When a once-a-season sale rolls around, especially one jam-packed with some of the best menswear and best gear of the moment, it’s in your best interest to shop that sale — of course, if you read the blog, you know this too well. The sale in question today? It’s an impressive one, and notably, it only runs for one more day — it’s the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale, boasting up to 45 percent off some of the most rugged menswear and gear on the market. Again: The Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday, so it’s high time for you to start shopping (if you didn’t hop right on it earlier this week, that is).

Shop and save now at Huckberry

These deals run through July 25th

Of course, we’ve talked plenty in the past about how rare it can be to get deals on the best in-season gear — as in, gear you can actually wear once it arrives on your doorstep. As one would hope, the Huckberry Summer Sale features plenty of gear picks that hit the mark, including fan favorites like the much-loved Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, plus some of the best men’s T-shirts and even some stylish summer slip-ons for your next breezy vacation.

It’s worth repeating that the Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday — in the spirit of giving you plenty of time to shop, I’m going to wrap up this post, folks. Stock up, save and get ready to take on the rest of summer in style: I’ll see you out there.

Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts – The Best On-Sale Shorts for the Summer Heat

Best summer shorts for men.

It doesn’t take much to recognize we’re in the midst of some intense summer heat, the kind that calls for — among other menswear essentials — a pair of the best shorts for men. That much might be obvious, but when you get the chance to shop a set of shorts as well-made and much-loved as the famed and highly stylish Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, it’s time to step up to the plate and add ’em to your cart.

Here’s where it gets even better: Your new favorite pair of summer shorts just so happen to be on sale right now for about 30 percent off via the Huckberry Summer Sale — to say you should act quickly is an understatement.

Of course, these shorts have plenty going for them aside from the sale price (which only lasts until Monday!). Crucially, the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts are made from the same material as the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, a staple of the Huckberry lineup that blends the style of chinos with the comfort of five-pocket pants and the durability of stretch cotton fabric.

Mack Weldon

Versatile doesn’t begin to cover it, and you get that same set of much-loved features from the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, right down to the easily wearable 7-inch or 9-inch inseam (both of which should work for most guys). Plus, you’ll find the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts in a wide array of colors and sizes, enough to suit every style and body type. And yes, once again, now through Monday, the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts are on sale for about 30 percent off. Your next go-to summer style move awaits, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Summer Sale, The Best Outerknown Menswear & A New Shinola Watch

Best summer menswear deals.

Folks, is it hard to believe it’s already (almost) the end of July? Summer is rushing by, yes indeed, and although I might be on the road this weekend — in lovely Portland, Maine, as you might have seen on my Instagram! — there’s no time to waste when it comes down to getting dressed in style this summer. Case in point: Today’s featured sale in our Friday Read, the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale. It runs through Monday and offers you up to 45 percent off the best men’s style gear of the season, and it won’t be the last time you hear about it this weekend. I can guarantee you it’ll give you the best chance yet to step into summer in style — and yes, there’s still plenty of time to dress well in the heat right now.

As for me, well, as I said, the weekend rolls along as I check out a beloved Northeast city in this intense heat wave. With that being said, here are just a few key style reads to get your Friday rolling the right way. After all, the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale awaits, so let’s get right into the rest of your weekend, yes? Yes indeed. Cheers!

  • Here’s one weekend kickstarter I think you’re going to love, especially if you’re a boating enthusiast, and especially if you’ve had your eyes on a stylish Shinola men’s watch. Head over to Maxim to read my take on the newest Shinola watch, one that’s more than ready to hit the high seas, thanks to its sailing-minded functionality. Your new favorite timepiece is up for grabs, folks.
Most sustainable style for men.
  • We’re not done talking about the best men’s style deals quite yet, my friends. Make your way over to Outerknown — the sustainable style brand founded in part by legendary surfer Kelly Slater — to shop a plethora of the best menswear deals in all manner of categories for the rest of this season (and beyond).
  • How about one more pick to jumpstart your weekend, yes? I’ll take you back over to Huckberry to shop the perfect mix of rugged, casual and throwback-inspired gear: The Huckberry x Coors partnership harnesses Huckberry’s principles of rugged adventure and plenty of fun, and it does so with serious style in mind. I’ve got you covered with yesterday’s blog post, my friends.

I’m going to wrap things up here in the spirit of keeping you on your toes — and in the spirit of giving you time to shop plenty of covetable menswear via the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale. Good luck out there and stay cool, folks!