The Thursday Buy: Gear Up for Your Next Road Trip With the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit

As you plan out your last summer road trip or gear up for a fall getaway, the right everyday carry essentials can be crucial — crucial, if overlooked all the same. That’s not the case anymore with Satchel & Page, though. A longtime favorite of the blog, the brand specializes in everything from the best waxed briefcase to the most durable everyday carry bag on the market, and you can add the handsome Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit to that list, too.

Gone are the days of packing your toiletries in any old kit and calling it a day. The right accessories go a long way in terms of safe storage and easy packing, and the more you upgrade your travel style — say, with one of the best travel watches, for instance — the cooler you’re going to look and feel. If it sounds simple on the surface, that’s because, well, a little goes a long way, and the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit drives home that point quite nicely indeed.

Best leather dopp kit for men.

It’s the kind of everyday carry essential that’s become a specialty for the heirloom-focused brand, made with fine Italian leather and fashioned with a lifetime guarantee. To say the Texas-based company has gone above and beyond with the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit is an understatement. It’s even finished off with a waterproof, navy blue nylon lining for durability and a nice touch of stylish contrast.

Frontier 30 728x90

It doesn’t hurt that the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit is perfectly compatible with any one of the best leather bags also made by the small-batch brand — add one of the best dopp kits to your rotation, and you surely won’t need any other EDC essentials for your next weekend getaway or summer vacation. And while the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit is an investment at $175, it’s the sort of upgraded travel essential you can feel very good about owning — and again, that’s an understatement.

See Now, Buy Now: The Huckberry x Billy Reid Dover Hoodie Is Your Next Wardrobe Upgrade

Best men's hooded sweatshirt

There are certain style essentials you might think you’ve got covered in your wardrobe, like one of the best hooded sweatshirts. But what if I told you there’s always a chance to step things up a bit in a way that’s super-premium and super-unexpected in terms of design and quality? Yes indeed, that’s what we’re all about here at The Style Guide, and that’s the very idea behind the standout new Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie, an absurdly cool, extremely well-made and highly stylish hooded sweatshirt for fall.

Sure, we might currently be in the depths of August, but by the time autumn rolls around, you’ll already have your new favorite hooded sweatshirt on lock – and my oh my, what a hooded sweatshirt you’ll have on hand for breezy fall days. It makes perfect sense that the good folks at Huckberry and Billy Reid would team up on a premium update to a laidback style staple.

After all, Huckberry specializes in rugged-yet-versatile menswear for nearly any occasion, and Billy Reid focuses on fresh updates to American classics.

Best new hooded sweatshirt for men.

In that sense, the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie hits the mark perfectly. Sure, it’s got the same look and feel as your go-to weekend hoodie, but with plenty of design touches that make it so cool, you could even wear it to the office on a casual Friday — yes, seriously. Of course, it goes without saying that the handsome elbow patches and leather pull tab detailing set the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie apart from the pack in a major way, and it only gets better from there.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie is made from soft, super-comfortable terry fabric, complete with herringbone twill detailing for a classic Billy Reid touch. Beyond that, it should prove easy to layer the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie atop everything from a classic long-sleeve tee to an Oxford shirt for a touch of high-low, office ready style.

To be clear, the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie is a splurge at just a shade under $250 ($248, to be exact), but either the timeless Dark Midnight or Grey color options will prove endlessly versatile this fall. When you want to shop the best hoodie for men on the market, look no further than the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie — it’s as easy as that.

The Tuesday Steal: Get These Retro Runners For Under $100 At Huckberry Right Now

If you feel like summer is slipping away from you, and if you feel like you’re still in need of a few of the best menswear picks for summer, you’re in luck today — in fact, consider yourself very lucky indeed. That’s because, as ever, the Huckberry Sale section has precisely everything you need — and then some — for the rest of the season, including a pair of the best men’s sneakers as shown above.

HELM Boots

That’s not all: The stylish men’s sneakers in question retail for under $100, and that’s quite the nice deal for the retro-inspired Shoe The Bear Jansen Sneakers, indeed. Hopefully, you’re well-acquainted with the Huckberry Sale section, a place where you can find, well, everything from the best on-sale shorts to, yes, a set of retro-inspired men’s sneakers like the Shoe The Bear Jansen Sneakers. The Danish brand manages to check all the right boxes, delivering a set of fresh yet throwback-minded kicks in cool colors for a nice deal (35 percent off, to be exact).

Best summer sneakers for men.

Think of the Shoe The Bear Jansen Sneakers like a well-timed footwear refresh, and the sort of kicks you can wear with everything from your favorite light wash jeans to rolled chinos — at the office or on the weekend, and anywhere at all. That’s because the retro silhouette of the Shoe The Bear Jansen Sneakers is both on-trend and yet timeless, and it’s crisp enough to dress up ever-so-slightly or dress down.

HELM Boots

What more could you want — in terms of both looks and specs — from a pair of sub-$100 sneakers made with a recycled nylon and recycled suede upper, right? Case in point: Take the Shoe The Bear Jansen Sneakers (in a cool-as-can-be Taupe color) and team them with olive chinos and a classic Oxford shirt (untucked, of course) at the office. Then, keep the Shoe The Bear Jansen Sneakers handy on the weekend to wear with stretch chino shorts and your favorite pocket tee. Thanks to these fresh kicks, looking great and saving money just got even easier.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up for Breezy Nights with the Buck Mason Linen Fatigue Shirt

Best lightweight overshirt for men.

As we cruise evermore quickly towards the end of summer and the start of early fall, let’s turn our attention towards your selection of the best early fall menswear, shall we? It’s been a consistent theme as of late here on the blog, and when you find a brand that can help you in the current season — and the one coming up, a brand like Buck Mason — you’d do well to gear up accordingly. Here’s where one of the best men’s lightweight overshirts enters the equation.

Taft Boots

As breezy nights pick up and as you get ready to hit the road for one last getaway, arm yourself accordingly for bonfires and BBQs with the Buck Mason Linen Fatigue Shirt, one of the best overshirts for men and a crucial pick for cooler days and nights.

Of course, this rugged linen overshirt is still lightweight enough to pull double duty both in August and then into September (if layered accordingly). Naturally, you should expect nothing less from a brand that crafts everything from one of the best men’s Oxford shirts to a stylish henley for men.

Best overshirt for men.

Helpfully, the Buck Mason Linen Fatigue Shirt carries on the brand’s tradition of taking tried-and-true, all-American style staples and updating them for today’s modern man. It’s inspired by fatigue shirts and gets the details right, using a point collar, sturdy front-button chest pockets and a full-fitting cut so you can easily layer the rugged, durable Buck Mason Linen Fatigue Shirt over, say, a Buck Mason T-shirt.

It also doesn’t hurt that this dependable overshirt is made from a mid-weight linen, so it’s a bit more substantial than other linen fabrics, yet not too stuffy for late summer (nor too light for early fall).

THICK Body Wash 300x250

The Buck Mason Linen Fatigue Shirt should wear plenty easily over a breezy cotton tee or even your favorite Buck Mason henley, and it doesn’t hurt that this overshirt can work casually (with faded jeans and the aforementioned Buck Mason T-shirt) or a bit more formally (with, naturally, Buck Mason chinos at the office).

Sure, the Buck Mason Linen Fatigue Shirt is pricier than a standard buttondown shirt at $175, but given the fact that you can wear it at home or on the road, as a lightweight jacket or a casual blazer replacement, it’s worth the higher price tag — layer up and see for yourself.

The Sunday Sale: Save More Than 30 Percent on the Best Men’s Chinos at Todd Snyder

Best chinos for men.

When the time comes to stock up on the best men’s style essentials, you need to be prepared — by scouring the market and doing your research, sure, but also by identifying some crucial ways to shop and save on the pieces you’re going to be wearing the most this season. Take a pair of the best men’s chinos, for instance.

The chino is a step up from your favorite pair of denim and from your go-to weekend joggers, wearable at the office or on the road or around town — and mark my words when I say Todd Snyder makes some of the best men’s chinos. The real kicker? Todd Snyder’s Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chinos are now on sale for more than 30 percent off, and of course, you’ll find them in the well-stocked Todd Snyder Sale section.

The Todd Snyder Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chinos lean more towards the realm of a pair of the best men’s jeans, thanks to the five-pocket design — which makes them slightly more casual, but no less versatile — and because you’re shopping one of the best menswear designers in the country, you can be sure the quality and versatility is on-point, to say the least.

In fact, you can even team up these stylish men’s chinos with one of the best Todd Snyder polos right now, then keep on wearing those same chinos on into fall and winter with the proper layers. The specs, all the while, remain outstanding.

Case in point: The Todd Snyder Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chinos are made from a stretch cotton blend that’s also been garment-dyed for even more comfort right out of the box. And crucially, your new favorite chinos also come in a wide range of colors to suit every style. Even the back belt loop patch is high-quality and features the Todd Snyder logo. If you want a pair of the best men’s chinos to buy now and wear through fall and winter, go right ahead and shop these — and be prepared to save.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt – The Best Shirt for Men for Early Fall

Best early fall shirt for men.

The theme of the week here on your favorite Brooklyn style blog has been how to dress in style for early fall, and with good reason — soon enough, breezy weather will be upon us, and it always pays off to gear up early with the most rugged menswear on the market. You’re in luck, because legendary heritage outfitter Filson is welcoming a crop of the best new menswear that gets better each and every day, and that’s especially true when it comes to crafting one of the most classic, best shirts for men.

If you’re searching for the sort of men’s style essentials you can shop now — in the depths of August — and then wear come September and October (and beyond!), the Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt is your best bet, to say the very least. It’s a Filson icon for a reason, and like, say, Filson’s Waffle Thermal Crew, it’s an early fall style pick you won’t want to leave home without.

Crucially, the Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt helps you bridge the gap between summer and fall, and it all comes down to construction and quality. It’s been described by Filson as an “all-season workhorse,” and a lightweight 5oz. cotton that’s still durable and yet breathable speaks to that claim quite nicely.

The Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt is also made with pleated shoulders for ease of movement — and layering, when weather starts to turn colder on you. For now, you should keep an eye on the Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt — a number of classic colors are up for grabs, with vibrant, classic patterns on the way later this fall. It’s never too soon to stock up on the best men’s style essentials, and my friends at Filson have you covered.

The Friday Read: Le Alfre Oxford Shirts, The Western Rise Warehouse Sale & Olivers Apparel Shorts

Best new Oxford shirt for men.

Do you ever get the feeling like your menswear wardrobe could use a bit of a shot in the arm (aside from my standout style picks, that is)? If so, the launching point in today’s Friday Read is right up your alley. Back in May, I had the chance to connect with Brandon Snower, founder of upstart, classic-meets-modern New York outfitter Le Alfré.

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

Over beers at Brooklyn’s Wild East Brewing, we had the chance to chat menswear and to catch up about his one-man operation, a brand shaking up the world of men’s shirting and loafers right here in Manhattan. Perhaps you’ve seen the brand over at Gear Patrol or elsewhere on the World Wide Web — if not, read on, my friends.

Best modern Oxford shirt for men.

The idea behind Le Alfré is simple: Take the classic buttondown shirt and mix it up a bit, using a cool contrasting collar — like an old-school banker’s shirt — but doing it in a fun way with fresh colors and the best material in the business. The result is Le Alfré, making some of the best men’s shirts on the market at a 66-year-old Portuguese shirtmaker meticulously researched by former Wall Street man Snower himself. His operation is also focused on sustainability through ethical production processes and it helps that these modern Oxford shirts are sharp yet easy to dress up or dress down.

I’d urge you to take a look today if you want a stylish men’s shirt that’s as ready for the office as it is for, well, a happy hour brewery hangout. We’ve got plenty more to cover in today’s Friday Read, and this won’t be the last time you hear about Snower’s brand, either. Here’s to the weekend ahead, folks!

Most versatile shorts for men.
  • Looking for a refresh when it comes to both your activewear and loungewear rotation? You’re in luck, because as of yesterday, the fast-selling, highly versatile and extremely well-made Olivers Apparel All Over Shorts — a true fan favorite for guys on the go — are back in stock in a variety of colors and sizes. These durable, moisture-wicking, water-repellent stretch shorts can pull double-duty as some of the best workout shorts or heck, just a pair of the best lounge shorts, if you so choose. Consider them an easygoing alternative to the Olivers Apparel Compass Pants, which you can also wear, well, just about anywhere you please.
  • Speaking of a summer wardrobe refresh, your luck just got even better if you want to stock up on versatile, durable gear that works for hot summer days, weekend getaways and even a work-from-home Zoom call or two. That’s because the Western Rise Warehouse Sale — running through the end of the month is giving you up to 50 percent off select styles. The brand, known for its performance shirting for men and dependable stretch pants, doesn’t often offer its gear on sale, so this is one to shop early and often.
  • In the spirit of getting ready for early fall — as we’ve talked about time and time again here on the blog — you should never be caught off guard when the season hits. That’s where my latest guide for comes into play, seeing as I’m talking about the best sweaters for the season ahead. Shop now, my friends.

I’ll leave you with one last early fall style recommendation, my friends: If you want to lace up in style in the weeks to come, you’d do well to check out my post on the best men’s boots from TAFT. The rugged-yet-refined TAFT Rome Boots are dressy and versatile, ready for the office or a visit to your favorite whiskey distillery in equal measure. That’ll do it for me today, folks. As ever, check out my Instagram to stay connected to the latest in my neck of the woods. Cheers!

The Thursday Buy: Step Out in Style This Early Fall with Wellen’s Organic Cord Shirt

Best men's shirt for early fall.

As far as the best style essentials for men are concerned, I’m of the opinion — as you know if you read the blog — that it’s never too early to get ready for a new season, especially when the season in question is early fall (surely, one of the best times of year for menswear). And of course, you should stay at the ready by shopping your favorite online menswear shops early and often, like Huckberry.

We’ve talked about on-sale summer style essentials from the famed retailer here as of late, but today’s fall style pick is a crucial one — it’s the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt, a refreshed take on the classic buttondown that you’re going to love wearing this fall. You’ll find, it of course, in the Huckberry New Arrivals section, which is positively packed to the gills with some of the best early fall menswear.

Your new favorite fall shirt is available right now in seven cool, fresh colors and patterns, and perhaps better still is the fact that the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt retails for under $100, a nice steal when it comes down to shopping for the best shirts for men.

100 percent organic cotton construction and a made-in-India design drive home the modern-yet-timeless nature of the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt, and the fit should prove easy to wear this shirt all on its own or beneath your favorite henley this fall. Again, it’s never too early to prepare properly with style essentials aplenty for fall, and the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt checks off all the right boxes.

See Now, Buy Now: Lace Up the Stylish TAFT Rome Boots to Get Ready for the Season Ahead

Best leather boots for men.

We’ve been talking this week on The Style Guide about how to get ready for early fall in style — and trust me when I say it’s never too early to gear up the right way. Among the right ways you can outfit yourself with the best men’s style essentials? Get started early and often by shopping for some of the best boots for men from a brand that knows plenty about how to get ’em right — the brand in question is TAFT, a personal favorite of mine when it comes to rugged, dependable style.

In fact, the brand toes the line nicely between rugged and refined, offering up some of the best men’s boots at agreeable prices given the quality and style points on offer. Take, for instance, today’s featured pick: That’d be the TAFT Rome Boots, as versatile a set of stylish men’s boots as you’re apt to find these days. What makes them so essential for early fall (and beyond)? It’s, well, quite simple, really.

To kick things off, you’ll find that the TAFT Rome Boots are a true fan favorite, rated at 5 stars through more than 1,400 reviews. How’s that for positive customer feedback as you shop for the best boots for men, ehh? It comes down to more than that, though. The TAFT Rome Boots blend a textured full-grain leather upper with a sleek cap toe design, resulting in a set of go-anywhere men’s leather boots you can dress up (with a navy wool suit for fall) or dress down (with your favorite pair of blue jeans, for instance).

THICK Body Wash 300x250

The TAFT Rome Boots also feature resoleable Blake construction for durability and longevity, while rubber inserts on the sole add even greater dependability through fall and winter weather. Although the TAFT Rome Boots aren’t quite a pair of boots you’d want to rock in the snow or in inclement weather, the rich leather and sleek, easy-to-style profile make them some of the best boots for men to shop now.

And at under $300, I think you’ll find they’re fairly priced for how often you’ll want to wear them this season. Here’s to shopping for fall style picks early and often, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Filson’s Waffle Knit Crewneck is the Most Rugged Shirt Under $100 Right Now

Most rugged fall shirt for men.

There are times when a menswear essential — like one of the best thermal shirts, for instance — is so well-made, it actually ends up being a heck of a deal even when not on sale. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, take the gear produced by legendary heritage outfitter Filson — they’re a favorite of the blog, and known for making everything from one of the best lightweight shirts to the most durable weekender bag on the market.

That list now includes the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal, which very well might be one of the best shirts for men under $100 to shop right now. It’s part of Filson’s Fall Standouts Collection, an offering of the most rugged menswear on the market that just so happens to arrive right as early fall menswear starts to ramp up in earnest.

When it comes down to it, the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal really is quite the steal when you consider its dependable specs and hard-working style points. It’s the kind of base layer you can wear with a trusty Filson waxed jacket or your favorite denim jacket, and you can also treat it as an essential layer beneath, say, a Filson flannel shirt. It’s also a prime time to shop the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal — by the time cool weather rolls around in earnest, you’ll be ready to layer up with ease.

Between the 12oz. thermal-knit cotton — for warmth that won’t cause you to overheat — to details like ribbed knit cuffs for a solid fit — the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal is certainly the best menswear deal to shop if you value rugged, dependable cold-weather layering. It’s never too early to prepare properly for fall, and for under $100, the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal can help you do just that.