See Now, Buy Now: Step into the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants for Your Next Adventure

One of several colors of the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants that are going to make your day — heck, your fall and winter — a whole lot better.

Do we love — I mean, really LOVE — Taylor Stitch here at The Style Guide? Assuredly. We’re back again today with the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants — some things are just too good to pass up.  The Chore Pants are assuredly a hot seller, so I hope for all of our sakes’ that they’ve got your size handy. Why are the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants so essential? If you’re the type of guy who gets out and about in the country, from doing yard work to exploring a small city to covering plenty of ground on a day hike, there’s one pair of pants that’s going to help you do it all … you guessed it, that would be the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants.  There’s not quite a pair of pants like them on the market, what with their blend of durability, function and that classic Taylor Stitch fit and styling potential. It starts with the rough-and-rugged Mt. Vernon duck canvas, a positively beastly fabric that still allows ease of movement, thanks in part to the double-knee reinforced construction. Make no mistake, the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants don’t mess around, no matter what color you pick ’em up in. And from the very agreeable price (just $78 when on sale, or $98 at full price), the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants are surely worthy of consideration.

I’m partial to the excellent Chore Pant in Washed Camel, a pleasingly rich color that’s not too far off from your favorite pair of chinos. Of course, the Washed Olive Chore Pants are similarly crafted and equally versatile, especially with rugged tan leather boots and perhaps a striped henley. Oh, and we’d be remiss to not mention the excellent Chore Pants in Washed Navy — the point is, there’s not a wrong color to buy when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants. Either way, you’re getting standout construction and toughness, plus a tailored fit that’s polished enough for post-hike drinks and mobile enough to help you get around on fall adventures with ease. Did we mention other handy and thoughtful design details, like the front slash pockets, angled for easy entry? The Taylor Stitch Chore Pants are simply packed with touches like those. Seriously, there’s not a pair of adventure-ready pants out there that provide as much versatility and style as the very excellent Chore Pants from Taylor Stitch.  Let me know in the comments or via The Style Guide Facebook if you plan on picking up a pair for cold-weather adventures.

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2017 Men’s Style Holiday Wish List

My friends, the above title says it all — it’s time, once again, to dive into the men’s style holiday wish list of your, well OK … my dreams). This wish list of the best men’s gear has become a yearly ritual dating way back to when The Style Guide first launched (as Siblings with Style, no less), and it’s always one of my favorites (Editor’s note: Check out my first-ever holiday wish list from  back in the day while we’re on the topic). Why? Well, if you read our regular list of the best seasonal menswear — entitled *ahem* The List … you know that it can be fun to dream a little about what’s going to end up in your closet. And that’s no more true than when it comes to what Santa might be leaving for you under the tree. After all, it’s December and the clock is ticking. Rest assured that we’ll also be publishing gift guides on what to buy for the women (and fellas) in your life in the coming weeks. It’s all covered! Let me know on Twitter what’s on your holiday wish list, and thanks for reading! 

Shinola Runwell Chronograph — $750

An unbeatable watch from a brand that nails the perfect balance between rugged, casul and yet refined style.

Another year, another stylish Shinola watch on my holiday wish list. Can you blame me? Shinola makes well-crafted timepieces with sensible design and just a bit of rugged edge. It must be my Michigan roots, but I truly appreciate this brand and how they’re focusing on bringing industry and a bit of an economic uplift to Detroit. So yes, the Shinola Runwell Chronograph is a stunner in my book.
Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in Navy Donegal — $278
Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket

A well-tailored, well-made jacket from Taylor Stitch that would be a heck of a Christmas gift.

Truly, it seems like Taylor Stitch can do no wrong — that’s even the case when it comes to handsome, winter-ready tailoring like the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in Navy Donegal. It’s on this wish list precisely because it’s a change of pace from tan herringbone or grey flannel when it comes to cold-weather tailoring, and it features that classic Taylor Stitch fit and quality. Santa, any thoughts?
GrowlerWerks Copper uKeg — $169

A seriously cool way to keep your beer fresh and in good condition.

It’s definitely the craft beer fan in me — and the abundance of excellent brewpubs and breweries in Brooklyn and beyond — but the stylishly and effectively designed GrowlerWerks Copper uKeg is certainly a handsome addition to one’s apartment (including mine, potentially!). Perfect for keeping a rich stout or porter fresh through winter, ehh?
Audio Pro T3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker — $249

A unique way to upgrade your listening experience in terms of design and style.

Here’s yet another device that plays right into my interests (and perhaps yours, too!). The crisply designed Audio Pro T3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker adds just enough sleek style to any apartment or home, and this cool home speaker is able to move where you move, from your home office to your back deck to your workshop. As for me, I’d use the Audio Pro Bluetooth Speaker to crank some tunes by my favorite band, The National. Who else is with me??
Taylor Stitch Link Stitch Sweater in Oatmeal Alpaca — $145

A new sweater offering from a revered brand — absolutely perfect to add to a holiday style wish list.

Looking forward to a chilly winter season, like me? Then I’d wager that you and I both could use the rugged Taylor Stitch Link Sweater, a new offering from a brand that specializes in the kind of stylish layering essentials any guy would be happy to receive this winter. Seriously, I could see the Taylor Stitch Link Sweater working perfectly when layered with a stylish field coat or a classic denim jacket in equal measure … taking notes, Santa?
Flint and Tinder Crossback Work Shirt — $138

A fitting winter shirt that’s rugged, durable and worthy of a Christmas list for you … and maybe someone else?

The Flint and Tinder Crossback Work Shirt is certainly a more accessible piece in terms of rugged winter style for this wish list when compared to, say the Shinola Runwell Chronograph at the top of the list. It’s no less essential and well-crafted, though — it would do very well when worn atop the Taylor Stitch Link Sweater with burgundy corduroys, for starters. Yes indeed, the Flint and Tinder Crossback Work Shirt is a winner when it comes to prime layering. Sounds like a top holiday wish list pick to me.
Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots in Tan Harvest — $300

Finely made leather boots … that I sure hope Santa leaves for me under the tree, ehh?

Stylish leather boots — especially the much-hyped, long-coveted Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots — nearly always end up on my style wish list. That’s certainly true this year, as demanding NYC winters call for rugged, classic men’s boots … like the Red Wing Iron Ranger. Will this year be the year? We shall see, we shall see …
John Woodbridge & Sons Vintage-Style Football — $125

A cool home decor addition? Assuredly. A bit silly? Maybe. But still cool nonetheless? Oh, yes.

Now, is it essential that I receive this stylish John Woodbrige & Sons Vintage-Style Football? No, not really. That’s why it’s on the holiday wish list, though! This vintage leather football is a bit silly, to be sure … but it looks cool and adds a touch of rugged appeal to any space — I can see it resting nicely on my windowsill or in a bookshelf for a stylish home decor touch. Does the John Woodbrige & Sons Vintage-Style Football make your wish list?

Taylor Stitch Oxnard Shirt in Sun-Bleached Chambray — $125

Another shirt from Taylor Stitch? Certainly — all of the brand’s gear is worthy of a wish list!

To be sure, do I have enough rugged Taylor Stitch menswear in my wardrobe to last me quite a while? Why, yes … yes, I certainly do. Will that stop me from adding the Taylor Stitch Oxnard Shirt to my holiday wish list? Assuredly not. The Oxnard Shirt is a well-crafted, versatile shirt, ready for layering now with a rugged henley and wearing with rolled chinos and stylish leather sneakers come spring and summer. So, it ends up on this list!
Alright, folks — what’s ending up on your holiday wish list? Which of these picks couldn’t you live without? The Shinola Runwell Chronograph is a true stunner in my eyes, as is the Taylor Stitch Link Sweater, an excellent men’s layering essential. Of course, I can’t pass up the GrowlerWerks Copper uKeg for the season, either. Let me know in the comments what you’re asking for (and hoping for) this Christmas.
Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

#OOTD: This Is the Right Way to Wear a Blazer This Winter

Finding the right blazer for winter presents some challenges. You want to nail the fit and the quality, for one. But you don’t want to shell out high triple-digits for a stylish winter blazer (as you might find at a retailer like Bonobos or J. Crew nowadays). So, what’s a guy to do? That’s what today’s #OOTD is diving into — and our featured blazer, the Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat — is a heck of a perfect blazer for cold weather, and it’s certainly one of the best men’s blazers you can snag now. That it checks that critical box while also providing quality and a great fit (plus an agreeable price) is simply too good.  And the great thing about a tailored-yet-casual jacket like the Hutton Sportcoat is the ease with which it pairs with your other favorite men’s style essentials, from a Taylor Stitch Everyday Oxford to classic khaki chinos and stylish leather chukka boots. You  know what’s even more critical when it comes to the Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat? That all-important winter fabric and texture, geared for warmth and seasonally apprpriate style.  So, ready to change the way you think about your winter blazer? That’s great, ‘cuz I’m ready to get after it. Good luck out there!


The Blazer: Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat (Huckberry Exclusive), $195  — Ahh, yes — the Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat that we previously discussed. As classic a winter blazer as it gets, Grayers has nailed the perfect balance between classic and casual tailoring.

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch The Jack Shirt in Black Everyday Oxford, $98 — Think mixing black and blue is a no-no? The handsome, stylish Oxford shirt that is the Jack Shirt from Taylor Stitch should dispel that notion — it’s a crisp, classic men’s Oxford.
The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos in British Khaki, $128 — In keeping with the classic nature of this #menswear ensemble, reach for, fittingly enough, a classic pair of men’s chinos made with versatile, travel-ready touches. Taylor Stitch does it again.
The Boots: Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boots, $198 — Because we’re tackling how to wear a blazer for winter, durable leather chukka boots are going to be an absolute must — the Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boots manage to be sleek and functional at the same time.
The Socks: American Trench Breton Stripe Socks, $14.50 — Why are there two pairs of American Trench socks in the above grid? Well, you get two for $14.50 — a stylish pair of socks to complete this outfit sounds pretty good, right?
The Belt: Levi’s Indigo Roller Belt, $48 —  Didn’t know that Levi’s made stylish men’s belts? The Indigo Roller Belt is unique in terms of color and texture, just what you should be looking for when it comes time to step out in style.
The Watch: Alsta Nautoscaph II Watch, $879 — Looking for an investment-level watch? The sharp, durable Alsta Nautoscaph II Watch is ready for anything — including being paired with a stylish winter blazer.
The Pomade: Rudy’s Shine Pomade, $22  — Because this look is ready for a holiday party or a day at the office in equal measure, a slick-looking haircut is a must — style it with Rudy’s Shine Pomade.

Are we now more acquainted with the best blazer to wear this winter? I think I’m ready for the season. The cold weather-ready nature of the Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat makes it a perfect winter tailoring choice, and it’s reliably complemented by the classic Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt — don’t be afraid to mix black and blue, folks.  The Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos are also a winning part of this look, giving you the style and flexibility to navigate slippery terrain with the durability of the Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boots. The Alsta Nautoscaph II Watch is also a perfect winter watch pick, mixing a tough design with sleek, dressy-yet-casual style. Accessories like the Indigo Roller Belt and the American Trench Breton Stripe Socks help tie things together, too. Ready to step out in style for winter? You’ve got this, I know it. Just rock the Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat, and you’re in business.

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Turkey Time: Heading to Florida for Thanksgiving

Seeing nothing but great vibes over a sunny Florida weekend spent cheering on MSU and hanging with family!

My friends, as you very well know … this past weekend was Thanksgiving! And that brought with it another chance to venture down to my adopted home of Fort Myers for an excellent long weekend with family (and another classic Style Guide road trip, of course). I was last in Florida for a Memorial Day weekend visit — and my folks also made their way north this October — but Thanksgiving in Florida is always a special treat, combining the traditions of family and home with beautiful weather (as I’ve found out these past few years). With my parents moved into a new house and the promise of a lovely weekend, I hit the road on Tuesday in prime fall travel style — of course, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw how I dressed for Thanksgiving in style. And if not, today’s the prime chance to dive in! Save me a second helping of turkey, will ya?
Holiday 2017

Versatile gear for a road trip to Florida.

My trip began in earnest on Tuesday afternoon, as I jetted out of work early hauling my favorite men’s style essentials, starting with the handsome, durable WP Standard Large Messenger Bag. From trip after trip — down to Nashville and out to Portland — it’s proven a durable, effective way to haul my everyday carry, and that was certainly the case here (including the latest issue of Gear Patrol for some in-flight reading). For a day at work and a quick cab ride to the airport, my Flint and Tinder All-American Jeans were reliable and comfortable, yet work-appropriate — as was my Flint and Tinder Texas-Made Oxford, a well-fitting shirt that perfectly nailed business casual style. The next time you’ve got to get to a flight from the office, I’d also suggest you throw on a pair of classic Astorflex suede chukkas — as I’ve written about before on the blog, they combine comfort, sustainability and effective style in spades. The combination was versatile and casual, perfect for an evening arrival in Florida and a few brews with a delicious home-cooked meal. With that, it was onto the rest of a long and very enjoyable weekend!

Holiday 2017

Laidback gear for a laidback start to a Florida trip.

After a surprisingly quick and relaxing flight, this Thanksgiving weekend was off and running. Any trip to Florida is always an excellent excuse to break out standout casual style – for a relaxing Wednesday around Fort Myers, that meant reaching for a Grayers striped polo and versatile cotton-blend shorts from Reef, plus my trusty-as-ever Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoes (always a warm-weather favorite). Reef’s shorts do a more-than-serviceable job when it comes to offering mobility and comfort, perfect for getting around Fort Myers. I complemented the look with classic aviator sunglasses from James Dean Eyewear – is there a better icon to emulate when it comes to ultra-stylish sunglasses? I’d say not, especially when it comes to battling the Florida sun.

I also threw on my reliable Huckberry Explorer’s Cap and the sharp Electric California Carroway Leather Watch, a consistent favorite for travel and everyday style. The next time you find yourself needing to dress in casual style for warm weather, step into versatile shorts, a striped polo and leather boat shoes that are more city-ready than dock-friendly. It’ll pay off! With that combination, I was more than ready to keep my vacation going.

Holiday 2017

Dressed in tailored-yet-casual style from Todd Snyder and Banana Republic.

Although the weather sure is different in Fort Myers than my home state of Michigan when it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s just as enjoyable and fun-filled to celebrate Thanksgiving there – so I had to dress for the occasion accordingly. And the traditions stay the same, from watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to enjoying plate after plate … after plate of family recipes. I opted for style that was crisp and polished, yet breezy. Enter a tailored Todd Snyder dress shirt – a Christmas gift from my parents last year! – plus a comfortable, mobile pair of Banana Republic’s Rapid Movement Chinos. Believe me, that extra stretch came in handy after a few helpings of Hayhoe family Thanksgiving.

In the footwear department, I stepped into a pair of classic Sebago Legacy Penny Loafers, a Florida-ready option that offered dressy style and a bit of comfort in the heat. To cap off this tailored-yet-laidback ensemble, a stylish leather watch from MVMT Watches proved dressy, sharp and yet appropriate for the occasion. On the eyewear front, the new Esquire Oliver Sunglasses from Liingo Eyewear have been a favorite these past few days – courtesy of the brand, I’ve been testing out a new pair with excellent results! These glasses are simply designed, well-made and just a bit refined – ideal to wear on Thanksgiving, don’t you think? My #menswear look gave me just enough versatility and comfort to enjoy a relaxing day filled with delicious food and great times with family – that’s what it’s all about, I’d say.

A classic Abercrombie & Fitch tee, plus Mack Weldon boardshorts and more essential gear.

I still had quite a bit of time to savor a relaxing vacation in Florida, too. So, on Black Friday, I took not to the mall or the Internet – alright, I definitely did do some shopping – but to the water! Enjoying the Florida sun is something that, well … you simply can’t do in New York City too often, so I relish the chance to hang out by the pool as much as possible. For the occasion, I packed a pair of Mack Weldon Board Shorts, my reliable Huckberry Explorer’s Cap and some pool-ready Reef Rover Low sneakers (not to mention my trusty James Dean Eyewear aviators). Does anything top relaxing by the water with a refreshing brew? Over Thanksgiving weekend, no less? There’s not much better, man.

Saturday brought with it the start of a beautiful Florida weekend – definitely warmer than NYC, to say the least. A highlight of the day? Watching a winning effort from my beloved alma mater, Michigan State University, as they beat Rutgers to close out their college football season. With a family full of Spartans, from my grandfather all the way down to me, it’s a welcome treat to take in a great game – and I did so in style with my Tailgate Clothing team shirt (which I’d also recommend you wear to your next football tailgate).

Holiday 2017

My breezy Bridge & Burn Stringer Dune Shorts helped keep me cool, while my Johnston & Murphy Allister Sneakers were a team-friendly pair of footwear (Go White!). And to suitably cap off my ensemble, I positively had to put on my Jack Mason team watch – they’ve got a plethora of options, likely including your favorite team. What better way to cheer on your alma mater? Yet again, it was another banner Saturday in Florida – yet, the weekend still wasn’t done!

Dressed to travel back to NYC, once again featuring Abercrombie & Fitch and slim DSTLD denim.

Luckily, I had a final day of relaxation in the Florida sun! My take on casual Florida style started with a pair of DSTLD Slim Jeans in Light Wash, which have served me quite well week after week this fall season. I also threw on a casual, easygoing Abercrombie & Fitch Garment-Dye Oxford Shirt, as reliable a stylish travel shirt as it gets.  I complemented the look with a stylish leather watch from MVMT Watches, plus my comfortable and travel-friendly Astorflex Greenflex Chukkas, once again. And for dependable travel style hauling my everyday carry essentials, I had to reach for a stylish weekender bag in addition to my WP Standard Large Messenger Bag .Of note: My pick of choice this time around was my dependable Voyager Waxed Weekender from the revamped Boarding Pass NYC — formerly Owen & Fred! As expected, the entire combination helped me get around with style and durability in mind (but not before some excellent Florida brews and bites).

It was — once again  — a trip that was over too soon, but no matter how many or how few days I spend with my family, it’s always refreshing and energizing to get away from NYC and enjoy a lovely holiday. I already feel like Christmas in Florida will be here sooner than expected. And as it were, I’m actually headed back to Florida this coming weekend for the 97X Next Big Thing music festival! I positively can’t wait to take in some great tunes and see my sister once again. In the meantime, we’ll have you covered when it comes to all things #menswear this week, including a new #OOTD and plenty more.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


Style Pick of the Week: Nisolo Andres Boots

Nisolo Andres Boots

Your new favorite pair of black leather boots? It’s very likely, my friends.

There are your regular, everyday boots — which we certainly know and love here at The Style Guide — and then there are supremely stylish men’s boots like the Nisolo Andres Boots, today’s long-awaited Style Pick of the Week. I’m definitely a fan and a proponent of rugged leather boots, especially in the fall and winter months, and it’s refreshing to find a pair of classic leather boots that deliver in terms of both looks and functionality — Nisolo absolutely gets that right when it comes to the Andres Boots. We — and by we, I mean your editorial team of one — love the work being done by Nisolo on all fronts, from stylish boots to the durable, handsome Nisolo Leon Weekender, If  you’re not yet familiar with the brand, I’d advise you listen up … and possibly get your credit card handy when it comes to the Nisolo Andres Boots. Notably, these boots combine a sleek silhouette with weather-ready capability via a water-resistant leather upper. Are they among my picks for the best men’s boots for winter? You betcha. And if you’ve been paying attention to the classic boots normally featured here on The Style Guide, they’re unique in another way, as well … namely, the Nisolo Andres Boots are done up in black leather, a change of pace from my *ahem* “obsession” with rugged brown leather boots. So, if you’re on the hunt for a stylish pair of black leather boots, give the Andres Boots a fair shake, my friends.


A slim profile, quality construction and plenty of weather-ready functionality from the Nisolo Andres Boots.

The Andres Leather Boots have a ton going for then, and again, that’s coming from a guy who’s much more partial to brown leather boots. It’s helpful, then, that Nisolo Andres Boots also come in … you guessed it … handsome brown leather. But for style that’s sleek, sharp and just a bit more ready to wear with sharp tailoring this season, the Nisolo Andres Boots in black leather should be your pick. The Andres Boots are certainly a unique change of pace, combining the silhouette of a crisp dress shoe with the tough outsole of a boot — and that means you can wear these with slim black denim, grey corduroys or navy wool trousers in equal measure. The Andres Boots are also the sort of footwear that’s going to elevate even more casual outfits, like a crewneck sweater and broken-in denim. And when you want to navigate slippery terrain to head to the office, layer up with a tan herringbone blazer, grey flannel trousers and … the Andres Boots, but of course. Are you a newfound fan of the Nisolo Andres Boots or a longtime Nisolo supporter? Let me know in the comments below — enjoy fall and winter, my friends!

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The Friday Read: Shop These Cyber Monday Deals While They’re Around

OK, Style Guide readers —  Black Friday has come and gone, but plenty of deals (including Cyber Monday deals) abound! Can you believe it? And is there a better time to shop for your favorite men’s style essentials? It’s, of course, also a great weekend for plenty of other reasons, the least of which is a great weekend with family on tap (and a Florida visit for me!). I hope an excellent weekend is on the way for you, too — that’s what matters the most. In the meantime, it’s a ripe season for shopping #menswear deals aplenty, from now through Cyber Monday (and even a bit beyond that). So, I’ve rounded up deals from brands both known and lesser-known, all for your shopping and reading pleasure.  They’re in no particular order, but you can find a heck of a lot of great sales going on below — remember to put down your phone from time to time, though. Follow along with my Florida adventures on Instagram, and be on the lookout for a full blog post coming on Monday. Without further ado, let’s get shopping!

  • Taylor Stitch — Alright, y’all …. let’s do it. When it comes to stylish, rugged menswear, Taylor Stitch doesn’t mess around. They’re one of my favorite brands for the way they combine quality and timeless style with a bit of an edge; that’s perfect in my book. There’s virtually no way to go wrong when shopping around at Taylor Stitch for Cyber Monday. We’re talking 30 percent off at Taylor Stitch on Monday, with $30 credit to any second purchase through Jan. 9, 2018! Plus, you can get up to 30 percent off the brand’s Favorites of Fall, featuring some real heavy hitters, including a few colors of the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants. I’d steer you toward some tried-and-true classics like the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt, the handsome (and brand-new) Jack Shirt in Navy Jacquard and … if you dare … the remarkable (and remarkably expensive) Long Haul Jacket in Sand Waterproof Suede. Oh, man. Happy shopping!
  • HuckberryEveryone’s favorite menswear site — at least as far as this writer is concerned — has a full suite of stylish men’s holiday gifts on sale, including plenty of affordably priced gifts under $50. If you’re still reading this, you shouldn’t be — the brand is even offering as much as 55 percent off the site’s top seller (including cozy picks like the Glerups Camp Shoes and luggage like the travel-ready Raden A22 Carry, perfect for winter travel). I’d say you should start shopping Huckberry today, ehh?
  • Bespoke Post: Just like my pals at Huckberry, Bespoke Post is simply a tremendous online retailer for guys who love quality and style in every facet of their lives. From apparel (like the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt, a personal favorite) all the way through to treats for the coffee lover (I.E. The Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle), there’s something for everyone — including yourself.  I’d seriously urge you to shop the Bespoke Post Holiday 100, where you can get free shipping on orders over $45 — yep, $45. Go to it, folks!
  • Kibble Pet: OK, here’s a fun one for all you animal lovers out there. And really, who doesn’t love our furry friends!? Customers can buy one, get one item 50 percent off using code BARKFRIDAY, or they can get free shipping on all travel kits (available only at with the code HOLIDAY17. And as with all Kibble Pet purchases, for each product sold, Kibble Pet will donate one product to animal shelters and dog rescue organization. How amazing is that!?
  • MVMT: The crisp, minimal watchmaker is offering up to 20 percent off all the way through Monday.
  • Bonobos: This deal has been going on since last Tuesday, but you can snag up to 25 percent off of an order of $150-plus, or 30 percent off an order of $250-plus, (available in-store through Sunday).
  • Fourlaps:  Need new fitness gear? You can — and should — look to get 30 percent off all running gear, including the brand’s Bolt Shorts, Smash Tees, Dash Tanks and Silver Charge Tees, through Monday
  • Thursday Boots: The Style Guide favorites (read my Thursday Boots review!) are donating $20 per pair of shoes purchased to one of four charities, including the Red Cross Hurricane ReliefUnited Service OrganizationsNational Breast Cancer Foundation or K9s for Warriors. Just pick up your pair through Cyber Monday and select your organization at checkout.
  • YOOXFor Black Friday, you can get up to 60 percent off top brands, including super-sharp designers like Lanvin and Gucci.
  • Parachute: Get 20 percent off everything with the code SALE17 at checkout or in-store. Note that the exceptions are Digital gift cards and gift card sets, with donations going to Nothing But Nets. Oh, and the sale ends Monday, November 27 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • Standard Deviation DenimThe smart, stylish denim brand is offering 40 percent off sitewide, plus free shipping through Tuesday (next Tuesday!) with the promo code HOLIDAY2017.
  • TOMSThrough Sunday, the brand is offering 25 percent off select styles & an extra 25 percent off markdowns with the code THANKFUL.
  • Banana Republic: The brand with something stylish for every guy will offer 50 percent off regular-priced items for both women’s and men’s collections from Wednesday through Sunday both in stores at any Banana Republic retail location and online at! The brand is also offering Cyber Monday promotions from Sunday through Monday, where all available online products including sales items will be 50% off when purchased through
  • M.Gemi: The luxury-minded shoemaker is offering $50 off every pair in stores on Black Friday and $50 off every pair online on Cyber Monday.

  • TRNK Club: Note that most items on the site are marked down up to 30% off, and the sale runs through Cyber Monday. 

  • Sunski SunglassesThe brand is holding a Black Friday sale through the 25th, offering up to 30 percent off the entire site. And on Cyber Monday, you’re also looking at up to 35 percent off the site.

  • Black Lapel: Along with the purchase of a select custom suit (their most popular product category), customers will receive a free custom shirt and an accessory like a tie or a pocket square to help complete their new outfit — that’s a heck of a deal, yes?

Alright, that’ll do it for today’s Black Friday sales roundup — what are you looking forward to most about this holiday shopping season? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments — thanks for reading!


Holiday 2017

The List: Here’s All The Gear to Buy This Coming Cyber Monday

Hey there, Style Guide readers — let’s get right into the latest edition of The List! Namely, we’ve got Cyber Monday and holiday shopping right (literally, RIGHT) around the corner. So today, we’ll walk you through the best menswear to buy on Cyber Monday … and far beyond that, of course. We’re talking the best winter gear for men and we’re also talking some Cyber Monday deals, folks. It’s prime time to start adding gear to your own holiday wish list, too. And for all those tricky-to-buy-for folks on your list (including … yourself), maybe these picks for the best men’s gear will jumpstart your brain a bit. As always, quality and affordabiltiy are top of mind — let’s get after it.

Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket — $188
Flint and Tinder

Available in an array of neutral colors, this shirt jacket calls to mind throwback style.

Looking forward to bundling up around the fire this holiday season? The handsome, pleasingly rugged Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket is the stylish shirt jacket to buy now via Huckberry.
Hardcore Hammers Carpenter’s Hatchet — $45
Hardcore Hammers

Just what you need to take care of yard work or get some extra firewood ready. Be careful!

What is late November and early December if not a time for stoking the fire and perhaps getting to work around the yard a bit? The Hardcore Hammers Carpenter’s Hatchet should get the job done (and you can sign up for Bespoke Post while you’re shopping there!).
Taylor Stitch Longwing in Natural Shell Cordovan — $698

A remarkable pair of stylish dress shoes from Taylor Stitch. A little early holiday gift, maybe?

Here’s perhaps the ultimate splurge gift for yourself … or someone else … this season. Even when it comes to stylish men’s dress shoes, Taylor Stitch makes some of the best. Perfect for a holiday party, no?

Stock Mfg. Co. Red Buffalo Plaid Flannel — $79.98

Stock Mfg. Co.

An ideal shirt to wear a ton as it gets colder.

Stock Mfg. Co. comes through with what could be the perfect fall shirt — yes? I think so. Buy this one now, then wear it all through December. Oh, and check out my other tips on how to wear a flannel shirt while you’re at it.
Beckett Simonon Alba Sneakers — $149
Beckett Simonon

I see your stylish dress shoes … and I raise you durable, handsome sneakers.

These Beckett Simonon sneakers … wowza. If ever you’ve wanted to invest in a stylish pair of leather sneakers without paying an arm and a leg … the Alba Sneakers are the way to go.
Zodiac Sea Wolf Super 53 Compression Watch — $1,195

Your next splurge purchase … or someone’s lucky holiday gift, ehh?

We said you should add to your holiday style wish list early, right? The Zodiac Sea Wolf Super 53 Compression Watch is gorgeous, well-made and … quite pricey, as it were. It’s a rugged, casual watch to place as a gift under the tree (wink, wink).
CIVIC The Jack Shirt in Olive Merino Chambray — $128

A chambray shirt for holiday parties and casual weekends … significantly upgraded.

Everyone loves a stylish chambray shirt, right? The CIVIC Jack Shirt takes that staple piece and does it up in travel-ready fabric, ideal to wear on a Christmas road trip (planning ahead is key, folks!).
Levi’s Wool Engineer’s Coat — $198

A remarkably durable coat made with premium wool — ideal for winter layering.

Levi’s does more than just make stylish denim — they make essential winter outerwear like the workwear-inspired Wool Engineer’s Coat. Plus, the brand offers free everyday shipping on purchases of more than $100. Best get to it, yes?
Bespoke Post Bloom Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)
Bespoke Post Bloom Box

Making a great cup of coffee is as easy as picking up the Bloom Box.

Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee, ehh? The Bloom Box gives you plenty of morning coffee essentials … including the coffee itself. Get ready to kick back with your morning paper around a crackling fire with a nice cup of joe.
Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans — $195
Billy Reid

Remarkable fall and winter trousers that are as easy to wear as slim denim.

Can Billy Reid do anything wrong? These slim Moleskin Jeans are practically as nice as your best pair of trousers, yet they feature the design of your favorite pair of jeans.
Flint and Tinder Soft Washed Oxford — $98

A premium Portuguese cotton fabric that’s washed for softness? Sounds like a great shirt to me.

Stylish fall shirting is the name of the game for Flint and Tinder, and the Soft Washed Oxford belongs in your closet this season — or perhaps, nicely gift-wrapped for the fellow #menswear lover on your list?
 Grayers Bayswater Fleece Shirt — $98

A durable shirt that’s also a jacket, in keeping with today’s focus on stylish fall shirting.

Is the Bayswater Fleece Shirt more of a shirt? More of a jacket? Who’s to say — but it’s an essential winter layering piece either way.

That’s going to wrap up this Thanksgiving holiday-centric edition of The List — do you have your credit card ready for Black Friday? What’s your favorite pick from the above? I personally love those Moleskin Jeans from Mr. Billy Reid. Feel free to weigh in on Twitter — thanks for reading!


#OOTD: How to Wear Chelsea Boots for Fall and Winter Weather

Ahh, yes — we’re back for another #OOTD here on The Style Guide, and here’s the even better news: We’re really digging into tailored menswear for colder weather. You’re going to love it, or your money back. Stylish men’s Chelsea boots are an essential that shouldn’t be slept on, even if you haven’t yet shopped around for the perfect pair yet.  They’re a style of shoe that’s at once sleek and refined, yet edgy — there’s a reason rock stars love these boots. Now, we’ve previously talked the best pair of Chelsea boots to buy for fall, and we’re upping the ante a bit here today. The Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots are just the ticket, and they’re potentially among the best men’s Chelsea boots. Specifically, we’re looking at how you can wear your new favorite Chelsea boots with a bit of tailored edge. So, think a stylish cardigan, slim wool trousers and of course,  a classic dress watch. You’re going to recognize plenty of other winter style essentials in this #menswear look, too — from an American-made cashmere scarf to surprisingly stylish men’s socks. If that all sounds great to you, then read on. Let me know your feedback in the comments, and I’m always up to chat on Twitter! Talk soon.

Sleek Chelsea boots done up in refined, sharp fashion. Perfect for fall and winter, no?

The Chelsea Boots: Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots, $230 — Here’s the centerpiece of this outfit — a pair of stylish, sleek Chelsea boots. Crafted from rich, dark brown leather and featuring no-frills styling potential, the Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes couldn’t have come into your wardrobe at a better time.

The Cardigan: Mollusk Surf Shop Jeffrey Sweater in Cloud Grey, $180 — What better way to offset a pair of refined Chelsea boots than with a slightly rugged, stylish shawl collar cardigan? This is the kind of classic cardigan that a fella like James Bond might wear.

The Shirt: Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, $159.98 — Quite simply, Corridor NYC makes astonishingly beautiful, classic shirting right here in NYC — the Check Flannel Shirt is a nicely tailored, dressy complement to this ensemble (and it features a winter-friendly wool blend).

The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers in Navy Donegal, $178 — While you can really wear your favorite Chelsea boots any way you want, slim wool trousers — especially the handsome Telegraph Trousers from Taylor Stitch — are a perfectly tailored move.

The Scarf: American Trench Cashmere Scarf in Red Flecked, $180 — Although you could certainly throw on a slim topcoat to finish off this outfit, a cashmere scarf from American Trench is a cool way to layer up in style while adding visual interest to a classic shawl collar cardigan.

The Socks: Anonymousism Boucle Mix Socks, $18 — As I always say here on this blog, don’t sleep on stylish accessories — particularly well-made socks from Anonymousism. Simply designed, well-made and stylish, the Boucle Mix Socks are a refined finishing touch.

The Watch: About Vintage 1815 Chronograph, $349 — What’s the one small accessory — besides stylish socks — that can both define an outfit and add quite a lot of style to said outfit? A classic men’s dress watch. This vintage-style About Vintage Chronograph is sharp and refined.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Standard Belt, $104.98 — Last but not least, we can’t forget a simply designed, durable men’s belt — especially not the excellent Standard Belt from Tanner Goods.

That’ll about do it for this tailored men’s style ensemble — do you have a better idea of how to wear Chelsea boots this season? The Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes are an excellent starting point for a sleek and tailored #OOTD — at least, that’s what I think. This look gets even sharper when you throw in winter-ready, dressy staples — take the Telegraph Trousers from Taylor Stitch, for instance. And similarly weather-ready shirting, like the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, also helps you get the job done in terms of seasonal dressing.  Lest we forget, a classic cardigan is going to act as a reliable stand-in for a classic blazer. That combo will be all the warmer with an American-made cashmere scarf and stylish Anonymousism socks, too. Of course, you can’t leave a stylish dress watch off your wrist, and that’s where the terrific About Vintage Chronograph is going to help you stay on time in style. What’s your take on this #OOTD? Will the Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes be finding their way onto your feet this season? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


See Now, Buy Now: The Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. Is Your Next Style Upgrade

Inspired by the Rolex Submariner, this pleasingly rugged, versatile timepiece could become an everyday go-to.

Our See Now, Buy Now series here on The Style Guide covers a lot of ground — we’re continuing that today with a durable timepiece that could maybe, just maybe … become your new favorite everyday watch. Give thanks for that on this day, of all days (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!). But back to the business at hand. We’re talking about the exceptional Vague Watch Co. Black Sub Watch from our friends at Huckberry, a heck of a stylish casual watch with plenty in the way of functionality. Adding to a growing (or just-starting) watch collection can be a daunting task, what with the need to seemingly fill so many different categories in terms of your everyday watch. Luckily for the watch lovers and novice collectors among us, the Vague Watch Co. Black Sub Watch makes things substantially easier. For one, the Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. has that elusive blend of rugged good looks and straightforward style. In short, it’s an easy-to-wear accessory alongside more casual outfits (think a slim shawl collar cardigan and classic blue denim) or more business casual ensembles (including a classic winter blazer).

And the Black Sub Watch draws quite helpfully on a style that’s still just as wearable now as it was decades ago — the Rolex Submariner. Yet … it’s far, far more accessible in terms of price. Again, those style points are just critical, though. The Black Sub Watch can be worn day in and day out — that’s the sort of versatility you need when building a watch collection, my friends. That unique wearability even extends to the strap on the Black Sub Watch. It comes packaged with either a natural leather strap or a black NATO strap, a  two-for-one deal that only helps you look better in more style situations. You can wear the Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. out for beers with buddies as easily as you can wear it to the office with an American-made Oxford — if that doesn’t qualify as your favorite everyday watch, I’m not sure what does.

Are you a fan of the Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. ? Let me know if you’ll be picking it up as a post-Thanksgiving or Black Friday treat! 

Thanks for reading,


Style Pick of the Week: Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt

A refined shirt that’s hearty and versatile enough for plenty of wearing occasions through fall and winter.

There are brands that make nice #menswear right here in America, and then there are brands like Corridor NYC — making its line of stylish men’s shirting, outerwear and the like in New York City (and in the case of this classic flannel shirt, Philadelphia). That’s a cut above the rest, to be sure, and that makes the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt potentially your new favorite flannel shirt, my friends.  November is simply an excellent time to break out those fall style essentials that seem to have sat in our closets for longer this year, what with slightly warmer weather creeping later into the season. But now, well … the Check Flannel Shirt deserves your attention as our latest Style Pick of the Week (and as one of the best flannel shirts out there).  It’s made with wool-blend fabric and features a handsome fit that’s not too tight, yet pleasingly tailored. Corridor NYC  certainly has the pedigree to churn out reliable basics like this. The brand wants to make “engaging yet classic pieces,” from outerwear to shirting — and it would appear they’re succeeding quite nicely. Heck, the Check Flannel Shirt is but one in a stellar line of rugged, versatile menswear — like the tremendous Corridor NYC Waxed M-65, for instance. With a similar attention to detail and remarkable quality, the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt  sits in a class of its own (that goes for style as well as substance).

Corridor NYC

Elegant fabric, quality construction and subtle style set this Corridor NYC flannel shirt apart.

The Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt is nearly a go-anywhere type of flannel shirt, just casual enough to wear with cordoroys and a crewneck sweater — yet sharp enough to pull double duty during the work week. It also features a spread collar, making this the type of flannel shirt that works as well with American-made denim and rugged leather boots as it does with your best fall and winter blazer. Yes indeed, the Check Flannel Shirt will set you back nearly $160 … but I guarantee you don’t have another shirt in your closet like it. The blue-and-brown stripe combo is handsome and refined, but just unique enough to stand out quietly. It’s a piece that you can buy now, and wear through March or April thanks to that versatile color combo and subtly stylish pattern. The Check Flannel Shirt is also hearty enough to pair with a wool or knit tie — plus your favorite fall blazer. Have you caught on to the fact that the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt is simply, quite possibly … your next flannel shirt for fall and winter? Helpfully, it’s available now — before Thanksgiving and Christmas — and it’ll reliably give any holiday party look a bit of a shot in the arm (and it goes without saying that it’ll upgrade your casual weekend style, too). It’s just up to you to make the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt a part of your wardrobe. What do ya say?

How would you style the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt? Is it worthy of your style wish list?