The Friday Read: The Filson Winter Clearing Sale, New Gear at UNCRATE & Deals on Myles Apparel

Winter Clearing | Take 40% Off Select Filson Goods

My friends, welcome to a holiday Friday and New Year’s Eve, if you can believe it or not! I’m ever so grateful you’ve taken time out of your holidays — and your work day, and your weekend — to read this blog throughout the year and particularly today. When I started this blog back in college eight years ago, I had no idea where it would help take me (I.E. New York City for fashion PR and freelance writing). I could go on and on, but for now, thank you and Happy New Year! Let’s close out the year the right way. For me, that means keeping a weather eye out on the best menswear deals, especially the deal at the top of the page: The Filson Winter Clearing Sale, a rare chance to get 40 percent off select goods through January 17th at one of the best online menswear stores. A sale like this doesn’t come around very often, to be sure. Of course, my Filson reviews have covered the brand’s legendary array of hard-working goods, and these offerings are no different. How’s that to close out one year and start the next, right? Sounds pretty ideal to me.

So, you’ve got a menswear sale to shop. What’s on your the rest of your agenda today for New Year’s Eve? If your plans include a safe seasonal gathering to end the year, you might want to check out my guide to what to wear on New Year’s Eve for The Manual, particularly if your plans involve a refined evening party. Time to suit up, folks! Before the evening rolls around though, I’ve got just a few more picks for you to read about and shop today as we close out 2021. Here’s to an “onward and upward” start to 2022, and here’s to a safe, happy and healthy New Year’s Eve. Cheers!

Men's Style | Uncrate
  • In search of one of the best watches for men to start the new year, or really, are you on the hunt for any of the best men’s gear right now? I’ve talked about this resource before, but undoubtedly, the UNCRATE Supply Shop is my recommendation for covetable, drool-worthy and investment-level menswear in each and every category you can dream up. Consider this another reminder as we start the new year that UNCRATE serves up the coolest gear for men.
Myles Apparel | Activewear | Workout Clothes, Shorts, Shirts, Joggers
  • Let’s dive into one more winter style pick to send you off into your weekend, shall we? The naval-born peacoat, a staple of the high seas, is one of the coolest and best men’s jackets for winter you can buy, with all the warmth and style you could dream up. With that being said, I wrote about the best peacoats for men over at Fatherly, featuring an appearance from a personal favorite, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. Time to bundle up, folks!

Well, my friends, that’s all I’ve got for you as we (incredibly) close out 2021 and look towards a better and brighter 2022. Thanks so much for reading, for shopping the blog and for supporting my work — again, it means the world! And with that being said, here’s but one more reading item for you to peruse as we roll into a new year. The best leather boots for men, especially a pair from HELM, come in mighty handy in all situations, especially this blustery winter season. I wrote all about the Austin-based brand, making footwear that’s assuredly part of stepping into a new year in style. Once again, Happy New Year and here’s to a stylish 2022!


The Thursday Buy: Wellen’s Quilted Sweatpants are the Best Men’s Sweatpants to Buy Right Now

If you ask me, we’re still in the midst of the holiday season, or at the very least, we’re still in the midst of the perfect time of year to stock up on some of the best men’s sweatpants. I’m talking, in this case, about the best men’s sweatpants to buy now, especially as we head into what should be a very laidback, very relaxed post-holiday, pre-2022 weekend. Of course, the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants will still serve you mighty well through the rest of winter, and that’s why you’d do very well to pick them up right now. They’re part of an entire line of sustainable style essentials delivered to you courtesy of Wellen, the in-house brand at Huckberry that focuses on using regenerative fabrics to craft the coolest menswear around. The fact that Wellen menswear is also often ideal for laidback lounging and luxury is an added bonus in my book. When it comes to the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants, the difference is in the details, and in the best way possible.

And those details are every bit as exceptional as you might expect, including the use of soft organic cotton that results in a comfortable fit and feel like no other. Yes indeed, the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants are just about perfect in every which way, and it helps that the quilted design itself is both visually interesting and a step up from athletic logo sweatpants. You shouldn’t be surprised, because Wellen menswear is different in the best possible ways.

As Wellen says, the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants are “endlessly comfortable, effortlessly cool,” and one glance should prove that quite handily. The garment-washed finish makes ’em comfortable and easy to wear right out of the box, especially with your favorite henley and some cozy house slippers. Of course, the tapered cut and elastic cuffs turn the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants into a pair of sweatpants you can actually wear out of the house, and that’s no joke. When it comes to these, some of the best men’s sweatpants, take your pick from the crisp Navy option or a breezy Moss version, each of which should wear well with neutral style staples like a grey crewneck sweater or a thermal shirt.

Even the smaller points on the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants are admirable, including recycled polyester buttons to really drive home the brand’s trademark sustainability. No matter which option you select when it comes to the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants, you’re getting one of the very best pairs of durable, sustainable and stylish sweatpants on the market, and that’s just a fact.

See Now, Buy Now: The HELM Boots Jakob Boots are the Best Pair of Boots to Lace Up Now

Who among us can pass up the chance to buy some of the best leather boots for men, right? I know I certainly can’t turn down the chance to both shop and buy a fresh new pair of rugged leather boots, especially to end one year and head into the next in style. If you ended up with some extra Christmas cash, for instance, then investing in some of the best new leather boots from Austin-based HELM is never a bad decision. I’ve long been a fan of HELM’s richly crafted leather boots (check out my HELM boots review for the full scoop), and with the HELM Jakob Boots, it looks like they’ve done it once again.

What exactly does “it” mean when it comes to the HELM Jakob Boots? Well, it’s both simple and yet not quite so simple. It starts, of course, with the work boot silhouette, a tough-as-nails style originally introduced into the HELM line in 2018. Now, the HELM Jakob Boots are back in the mix, with the same silhouette, the very same standout rubber cushion sole and the same handcrafted quality.

The HELM Jakob Boots also really lean into the brand’s penchant for high-quality, rugged and extremely dependable boots. In this instance, that means they use Blake Rapid Welt Stitch construction, which sews the upper of the boot onto a two-part lower half: A midsole sewed onto a rugged outsole. This gives it another layer of toughness and durability, ensuring that the HELM Jakob Boots aren’t messing around when it comes to tough performance and seasonal appeal. Make no mistake though, the HELM Jakob Boots aren’t ultra-heavy or clunky. The lightweight, cushioned yet dependable rubber outsole makes them some of the best boots for men, providing traction and workman-like performance on slippery city streets.

It also helps that the HELM Jakob Boots feature rich, gets-better-with-age Krumenauer leather in Brown (Krumenauer has been around for well over 100 years). Yes indeed, the specs on the HELM Jakob Boots are undeniably cool and built to withstand plenty of wear and tear. And although these are a work boot style, they’re streamlined enough to be worn with your favorite pair of chinos, plus a rugged denim trucker jacket (to name but one style pairing). They can also be worn readily with broken-in blue denim and your favorite henley, but a classic Oxford shirt is a prime style move, too. Throw on a shawl cardigan and you’re ready for a winter day at the office or beers at your favorite brewery. That’ll work just fine, won’t it? Lace up the HELM Jakob Boots to ring in the new year and the rest of winter in style.

The Tuesday Steal: Shop the Huckberry End-of-Year Sale for the Best Menswear Deals Right Now

Shop the Highly-Anticipated Huckberry End of Year Sale - InsideHook

If you read the blog regularly, you know how much I love Huckberry as one of the best online stores for men, and the ante has been upped even further with the best menswear deals through the Huckberry End-of-Year Sale right now. In fact, the Huckberry End-of-Year Sale gives you up to 40 percent off, believe it or not. The San Francisco and Austin-based retailer stocks and sells some of the best gear for men on the planet, from the best winter men’s style moves to the most rugged men’s boots, and it only gets better from there when you consider the deals available in the Huckberry End-of-Year Sale. What exactly is up for grabs? Well, how about a little of everything, from the Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses for under $25 to cashmere crewneck sweaters from Wills for under $200.

You’ll also find the best corduroy pants, a rugged Flint and Tinder workshirt, and even — incredibly — a waxed Barbour jacket for 25 percent off. You can also get the best men’s sneakers for under $100, not to mention a cozy Huckberry hoodie for under $100, too. When the opportunity arises to take up to 40 percent off at the Huckberry End-of-Year Sale, you should certainly jump on it this week. I’ll wrap things up early right now — you’ve got some shopping to do. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater is the Cozy Winter Layer to Shop Now

Although 2021 is winding down, we’re certainly not out of the woods yet as far as needing to dress in cozy winter style is concerned, and that’s where one of the best men’s winter sweaters simply needs to enter your wardrobe right now. And as you might have guessed, you’re not going to be able to go just anywhere to get said winter sweater. Head over to Taylor Stitch and revel in the wonder that is the perfectly rugged, classic and carefully crafted Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater, one of the best sweaters for men and an outstanding addition to the Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section as of late. Now, you should also shop the jam-packed Taylor Stitch Workshop, but the great news is, this sweater is available for purchase right now. It’s got just about everything you should look for in a sweater to wear once the going gets tough (AKA frigid, blustery and snowy), starting with a rich and eye-catching thick knit that calls to mind old-school sweaters that a certain writer (perhaps Hemingway himself) might have enjoyed wearing.

If that’s not enough to convince you, well, rest easy knowing that the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater has plenty going for it beyond just epic throwback looks. It starts with its 100 percent merino wool construction, the sort that provides both extreme warmth and yet moisture-wicking, anti-microbial properties. How can one sweater do all of that at once? Well, it’s the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater we’re talking about, after all.

Simply put, the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater doesn’t mess around when it comes to providing incredible protection from the elements, plus top-notch layering potential. Style the crewneck design of the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater atop an Oxford shirt or a chambray shirt for the office or for a more casual winter soiree. You could even wear it underneath a waxed field jacket for exceptionally rugged, go-anywhere seasonal style in the elements. And it nearly goes without saying, but the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater‘s handsome Burgundy colorway is the stuff winter style dreams are made of. That color in particular pairs well with indigo denim or tan corduroy pants in equal measure, so make sure your menswear rotation is well-stocked.

And the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater is, crucially, available for purchase right now, so rejoice in the fact that you can get it delivered to your door with free shipping and free returns. Like other Taylor Stitch pieces worth buying, the Taylor Stitch Wharf Sweater doesn’t exactly come cheap (it retails for $238 at Taylor Stitch), but this is a bold and near-perfect winter sweater to buy now and wear as often as you can this season. Act accordingly, my friends. And thanks for reading!

The Sunday Sale: Shop the Year-End Sale Right Now at Western Rise

Western Rise Evolution Pant for Men. Lightweight, Breathable, Stretchy and  Moisture Wicking. at Amazon Men's Clothing store

Christmas *just* flew by, but the best menswear deals are still up for grabs, starting with one of the best performance menswear brands, Western Rise. The Colorado-based brand specializes in durable shirts, pants and accessories made with highly flexible, weather-ready fabrics, for starters. Any Western Rise review should also call out that the brand makes one of the best short-sleeve shirts and some of the best shirt jackets on the market, to name but a few standout style picks. There’s never been a better time to shop (as cliche as that might sound, after all). How’s that? Well, here it is: Get 20 percent off sitewide at Western Rise with the code YEAREND, now through December 31st. This is a limited-time sale in every sense of the word, and it’s only to your advantage that the sale covers every single item on the site.

I’m personally a big fan of the lightweight warmth and rugged durability of the Western Rise AirLight Long-Sleeve Shirt for everyday wear (at the office and while working from home). I also love the Western Rise Diversion Pants, featuring four-way stretch and yet the same fit as your favorite pair of office-ready chinos. What could be better than that? Well, how about the chance to truly outfit yourself from head-to-toe via the Western Rise Year-End Sale? I’m talking, of course, about the chance to get the wear-with-anything Western Rise Versa Hat (a packable hat made with quick-drying fabric), as well as Western Rise Merino Athletic Socks. When you want the ideal mix of style, durability, performance and versatility, it’s Western Rise you want. And to drive it home once again, it’s the Western Rise Year-End Sale you want to shop now (Remember: 20 percent off with the code YEAREND now through December 31st!). Let’s close out the year the right way: Saving on standout style gear for the rest of the season.

Style Pick of the Week: Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots – The Best Classic Boots for Men

1000 Mile Plain-Toe Original Boot, Brown, dynamic

If you’ve found yourself shopping for or wearing a pair of the best men’s boots at any point in the past decade or so, there’s more than a good chance you’ve looked into (or currently own!) the utterly classic, rugged-as-can-be Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots. There’s a ton to love about these rugged, durable leather boots, which themselves are a contender for the best classic boots for men. And seeing as it’s Christmas Day, well, what better time to shop these boots and treat yourself than right now? You very well might be dealing with inclement winter weather as we speak, and while the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots aren’t typically thought of as traditional snow boots like the L.L. Bean boots to which you might be used to wearing, they’re a mighty fine pair of rugged and utterly dependable, stylish leather boots to wear as often as you can (holiday and dressy winter style situations included).

Perhaps you’re already well-aware of the prowess of Wolverine’s boots, including the Michigan-based brand’s more tailored efforts at making some of the best Chelsea boots for men, for instance. Of course, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots are much more rugged but no less wearable in a wide range of style scenarios, be it at the office (with tan chinos, a chambray shirt and a shawl cardigan) or at your favorite brewery (with some of the best men’s blue jeans and your favorite henley, naturally. Yes indeed, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Boots can do it all.

1000 Mile Plain-Toe Original Boot, Cordovan No. 8, dynamic

It’s not hard to see, in my estimation, why the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots are so essential and much-loved, and a truly timeless style classic, at that. Let’s start with the materials and the craftsmanship, naturally. Rich Horween leather is used to make up the bulk of these boots, which blend the best of handmade skill with rugged durability for a pair of boots unlike anything you’ve ever worn. Sure, that means the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots might be a bit stiff out of the box, but for my money’s worth, this Wolverine review of sorts is nothing but positive. In a word, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots will only get better (and even cooler-looking) the more you wear them. The Vibram heel drives home that long-lasting dependability, and the fact that the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots are modeled after a 1914 pair from the legendary bootmaker is too historic and neat to pass up.

You can get the downright iconic Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots in four beautiful shades of handsome Horween leather, the kind that stands out stylishly underneath rich indigo blue jeans or chinos in equal measure. And while they’re fit for work or play, they’re a reliable pair of boots to wear any day of the week, and with anything from trusty work pants and a waxed trucker jacket to olive chinos. Buy ’em now, get a ton of wear out of them this winter, and be sure to rock the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots right on into spring. They’re your new favorite pair of boots.

The Friday Read: Christmas Eve, A Taylor Stitch Sale & The Best Holiday Menswear Deals

Folks, before we get started: Wishing you a very Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas (Eve)! I’m spending the holiday safely in Florida with family and wishing you a great weekend with some rest, relaxation, some of the best craft beer, terrific holiday traditions, and of course, some of the best menswear around. Let’s start, briefly with the goings-on at Taylor Stitch, one of my favorite brands and a highly reliable source for the best gear in multiple categories. That includes a new line of Taylor Stitch ballcaps as seen above, part of a jam-packed Taylor Stitch New Arrivals rotation. But here’s the real scoop at Taylor Stitch right now: Through January 2nd, take up to 30 percent off sitewide, with deep discounts on the Taylor Stitch Workshop and Taylor Stitch Last Call sections. Plus, you’ll get $20 back in Common Club credit on orders over $100. How’s that for one heck of a deal this weekend, right?? I’m all about it.

Of course, in addition to shopping the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale, I’ll also be kicking back and taking time to enjoy the weekend with family here in sunny Florida (be sure to follow me on Instagram to get the full rundown!). What’s on your agenda? I hope you’ve got some time to unplug, but I’m also going to point you in the direction of some of the best holiday menswear sales below. As I said, here’s to some fun in the sun (or snow!), with plenty of chances to get together (safely!) with family and friends. Merry Christmas and thanks for supporting The Style Guide!

Everyday Short in Eventide Gray Blue | Athletic Shorts | Myles Apparel | Myles  Apparel
  • In search of a super last-minute gift for the gourmand in your life? Consider a digital gift card to TRUFF, makers of some of the best hot sauce and other gourmet pantry staples on the market. They deliver to the recipient’s inbox in just seconds and allow full access to some of the best gourmet food staples around. It’s a done deal!
  • Let’s talk about another one of the best holiday menswear sales to shop this weekend. Starting December 26th (mark your calendars!), get up to 50 percent off at the Billy Reid Winter Clearance Event, allowing you to shop plenty of stylish on-sale items via Billy Reid, one of the best menswear designers in the country. It doesn’t get better than that, folks.
  • Here’s one more shopping pick for you, especially as we layer up in cozy fashion this holiday season. Over at AskMen, I wrote about the best retro fleece jackets for bundling up, staying warm and looking great all the while. Happy shopping, my friends.

That’ll wrap up today’s Christmas Eve edition of The Friday Read: I hope you’ve found enough of the best holiday menswear deals to add to your shopping cart and your wardrobe while saving a few bucks. But let’s also keep in mind the spirit of the season: Community, family and friendship, to name but a few. Again, Merry Christmas, thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Style Guide! Keep it tuned here tomorrow for a special Christmas Day edition of our Style Pick of the Week series. Cheers!

The Thursday Buy: The Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt is the Warmest Jacket to Buy for Winter

The search for one of the best winter jackets to wear as you fight the cold just got a little quicker and easier, if you ask me. That’s because the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt has just hit shelves at the revered heritage outfitter, and it’s here just in the nick of time to change up all of your rugged winter layering. It’s one of the best winter jackets for men for a myriad number of reasons, a veritable laundry list of positive attributes that only a brand like Filson — with a century’s worth of high-quality gear production — can bring to the table. It takes both your favorite puffer jacket and your favorite flannel shirt and blends them together in a way that’s performance-minded, up for anything and as reliable as it gets for winter weather.

The Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt is rooted in the past in terms of extreme warmth in extreme conditions, and yet ready for the present day with a relatively streamlined fit and next-level insulation. In fact, to hear Filson tell it themselves, they say that the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt is “virtually weightless and boasting the warmth of a parka.” How’s that for one of the best men’s winter jackets, right?

And it’s not hyperbole when it comes to the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt, either. The water-resistant 2oz. nylon (yes, only 2 ounces) is super-lightweight, yet treated to resist water, so rain, sleet and snow don’t stand a chance. Responsibly sourced and traced goose down gives the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt a ton of warm (yet still lightweight!) insulation, and this rugged shirt jacket should offer up a classic fit that’s easy to layer over one of Filson’s flannel shirts or another extremely warm piece, one of the best henleys for men from Filson. It’s like getting multiple jackets in one, since you can wear it over a flannel shirt and a thermal, or you can ditch the flannel and replace it with a crewneck sweater for even more winter warmth.

The Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt also looks surprisingly cool and stylish, thanks to the contrasting snap-front closure hardware and richly crafted colors like Dark Tan. Think of it like a more casual replacement for your puffer jacket, then feel free to wear it with slim dark blue jeans and rugged leather boots for casual style scenarios. Of course, the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt can also handle plenty of rough-and-tumble work when the going gets tough. For $250 at Filson, it’s a downright steal and one of the best men’s winter jackets to shop now. Here’s to the season ahead, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: This Rugged Schott Cardigan Is The Must-Buy Winter Sweater You Need Now

Sometimes, the best way to stay warm in winter is a blend of the old-school and the new-school. For instance, take a good look at one of the best men’s sweaters as shown above: The Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater is an ideal example of the benefits of both modern style and old-school appeal. It comes from Schott, after all, makers of some of the very best leather jackets for men, season after season and year after year. And they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater, a durable and dependable sweater made to the brand’s exacting specifications.

The shawl collar silhouette is also one that looks perfectly on-trend these days, yet harkens back to throwback style a la Steve McQueen, and even well beyond that, all the way back to the days when the best men’s cardigans were used in the most extreme conditions on the planet. So in your own world and for your own winter style pursuits, the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater can more than pass muster. Of course, that’s great news, considering it’s stocked and sold by the fine folks at Huckberry.

The Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater, as you might expect, switches things up from your traditional cardigan in a way that only the revered menswear makers at Schott can pull off. For starters (and as you might have guessed), this cardigan incorporates cotton and yak wool alongside polyester for a mix of stretchy, cozy comfort. The shawl design of the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater also provides extra coverage around your neck. This cardigan just might prove thick enough to replace a more lightweight winter coat if you layer it over one of the best men’s flannel shirts, for instance. Plus, the thick rib knit and oversized buttons ensure this is a cardigan that can withstand both layering and winter weather.

The bulky design should give you room to layer without being overly baggy, though. If you’ve been on the hunt for a cardigan like the one worn by Daniel Craig in the thriller movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” for instance, this is a close substitute to the rugged shawl cardigan he wears. And that’s style worth emulating, is it not? Now, the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater is both fast-selling and also priced more expensively than other options when it comes to the best men’s sweaters, and that’s OK, because it’s worth it (the sweater retails for $180 at Huckberry). Reliable performance and rugged style is the name of the game with the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater, and if that sounds like a sweater you need in your life, then I’d say you need to stock up accordingly.