Style Pick of the Week: Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

A rugged jacket patented more than 100 years ago.

Folks, let’s be honest. Does Filson need any introduction? Furthermore, does the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket need any introduction? Probably not, and yet here we are, so rest assured that today’s post gets right down to business, and it’s anything but spooky (Happy Halloween!). No sir, the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket is the kind of rugged jacket you buy now and wear, well, forever, and that’s why the lauded, century-old Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter is among the best menswear brands out there. They’ve of course got plenty of history helping explorers and frontiersmen, woodsmen and the like with gear to get the job done, but pieces like this one prove that they’ve got an eye toward heritage style for the modern man (that’s you and me both). The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket is  a burly, tough jacket, crafted from the brand’s famed wool, the type that just so happens to be naturally water-repellent. That alone makes it one of the best men’s jackets for fall, but there’s so much else that it’s got going for it. Now, if you read the blog or subscribe to my newsletter, this jacket might look familiar but if not, consider this your lucky day.

SHOP: The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket 

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser

Details really do make the difference when it comes to this epically cool jacket.

The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket really does have all the bells and whistles you need, whether or not you tackle a ton of yard work and projects in the field, or are just looking for the right jacket to wear on a fall day hike. It’s quite possibly your new favorite casual jacket, with plenty of styling potential alongside, say, a Filson henley and your favorite pair of jeans, and that alone makes it worth considering. It’s also the type of classic jacket you can throw on and forget about — it’ll stand up to the elements, it’ll more than keep you warm, and it’ll look truly great all the while.

And for those who value versatility, you can pick it up in colorways like a bold Buffalo Check or a classic Forest Green. Plus, you’ll have the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket for years and years — and years — to come, and that’s something worth investing in now. Are you sold yet? If you end up picking up this rugged, iconic jacket, be sure to let me know on Twitter. We’ll see you out there, folks.

SHOP: The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket 


The Friday Read: Jack Black Grooming Sets, New Wolverine Boots & A New Shinola Watch

Jack Black men's grooming

Filling you in on the best men’s groming picks from Jack Black right now.

Folks, if you can believe it, we’re back once more with another edition of the Friday Read, and on top of that, it’s the final edition of … October. Wow. Color me shocked, right?? It’s been a momentous and busy few weeks here at The Style Guide’s Brooklyn HQ, if you will — a couple weeks back, I filled you in on how you can get a discount on your new favorite weekender bag from Boarding Pass NYC (use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70!), and this week, I’m similarly looping you in onto some great fall deals. Let’s talk about the best men’s grooming essentials for a second, shall we? The other week, I had the chance to chat with the team at Jack Black about the Dallas-based grooming brand’s 20th anniversary, to go along with plenty of the best men’s grooming sets. I mentioned Jack Black in a previous edition of the Friday Read, but how about a refresher (literally)? From beard oil to the much-loved Most Wanted Gift Set, the brand is an outstanding resource for the best men’s grooming picks, not to mention the best men’s gift sets and stocking stuffers aplenty. Yes, stocking stuffers. It’s never too early to plan ahead, folks!

On that note, I’ve been busy elsewhere this month writing about the best Christmas jumpers for The Manual, to go along with writing about rugged Taylor Stitch boots at GearMoose. Yes indeed, my friends, if you want to plan ahead for this season and the next, I’d say I’ve got you covered (I’m biased, though!). Aside from menswear writing, I’m looking forward to getting some R&R this weekend and watching — strange as it might sound — some college football, as my beloved Michigan State Spartans take on hated rival Michigan on the road in Ann Arbor. It’s the sort of game that makes me miss Michigan in the fall, but I’ll make the best of it all the same with a cold Oktoberfest beer at a sidewalk bar. Follow along with my writing and my off-duty pursuits via my Instagram, and let’s dive into the rest of the Friday Read below.

Stylish packaging and great coffee? Sign me up.

  • To power my freelance menswear writing, I’m often imbibing quite a bit of coffee. And lately, I’ve been digging what Equator Coffees is churning out (thanks to my buddy Micah for allowing me to test the brand!). Here’s the scoop: Sustainable, high-quality coffee delivered in cool, bright red packaging — always a plus! — and made with a focus on giving back (check out the B’Cause Blend Voting Project, for starters). They also offer subscriptions and gift sets, always a bonus if you or someone you love is BIG into great coffee on the daily. The next time you want great coffee for a great cause, get yourself some excellent beans from Equator Coffees.
  • The headline of this post mentions a new Shinola watch, and that’s exactly what I had the chance to cover recently for Maxim. The Shinola Ice Monster is a burly, rugged and yet stylish watch that draws design inspiration from Michigan’s frigid winters, which I can’t help but remember (sometimes fondly, sometimes not so fondly). It’s here in time for fall and winter, so act accordingly.

As far as today’s Friday Read goes, well, we’re just about wrapped up around these parts. I’ll leave you with one final buying recommendation for fall, and that’s to pick up the season’s most versatile shirt from Western Rise. Head to my blog post here to check out the the Western Rise AirLight Shirt, a shirt that’ll fit right in both on a weekend drive or a weekend park stroll without missing a beat. Make it yours, then reap the rewards. And while you’re at it, amp up your grooming game with the best men’s grooming sets and perhaps a new pair of Wolverine men’s boots to round out your style favorites.

Most importantly: Thanks for reading & stay safe!


The Thursday Buy: The HELM Boots Zind Teak Boots Are Your New Favorite Fall Boots

HELM Boots Review

Possibly your new favorite boots for fall, no doubt about it.

Make no mistake, I’m certainly of the opinion that you should invest in the best of the best when it comes to your daily fall style staples, including, most crucially, your new favorite leather boots. In fact, that’s where HELM Boots comes into play. Based out of Austin, Texas and a favorite of the blog for at least a couple years (read more about them here, for starters), they take great care in handcrafting boots right in Austin using time-honored techniques and some serious attention to detail. What it all boils down to is that the HELM Boots Zind Boots are your new favorite fall boots, and they’re here not a moment too soon to save your fall and winter wardrobe. How’s that sound? Pretty great, right? It gets better, though. Not only are the HELM Zind Boots some of the most rugged leather boots for fall, they also happen to be available for $50 off when you order your first pair from HELM Boots. You really can’t top that mix of craftsmanship and (relative) affordability, can you?

SHOP: The HELM Boots Zind Boots 

MH40 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

HELM Boots Zind Boots

A clean and classic profile make these some of the most versatile boots you can buy right now.

Of course, as you might expect from HELM Boots — and rightfully so — the specs of these handsome leather boots are on-point, from the construction to the craftsmanship and heritage. Despite the fact that HELM is just over a decade old, that’s mighty impressive. To be more specific, the Balthazar leather is rugged-yet-refined and should age quite nicely over time. What’s more, the narrow profile makes the HELM Zind Boots dressier, arguably, than others in your rotation. That means you should feel comfortable wearing them with everything from slim denim and a henley to a white Oxford shirt and tan chinos. Yes indeed, when opportunity knocks to pick up your new favorite leather boots, answer the call and get the HELM Zind Boots.

SHOP: The HELM Boots Zind Boots 

MH40 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

See Now, Buy Now: Get James Bond’s Danner Boots Today at UNCRATE

A James Bond-approved pair of rugged hiking boots from Danner.

Yes, folks. You read that headline right. You can now get the same pair of Danner boots as worn by James Bond in Spectre, and you can pick them up from an all-American brand at UNCRATE. The good folks at UNCRATE have an uncanny knack for stocking and selling the best gear for men across the board, including the Barbour jacket worn in Skyfall by the immortal secret agent, so it should come as no surprise that they’re now selling the best boots for fall … and with that added 007 appeal, too. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the next James Bond movie, No Time To Die, releases next month. But back to your new favorite boots. The Danner Mountain Light II Bond Boots check all the right boxes if you want a pair of rugged boots for fall, not least being the fact that the special all-black colorway was made especially for alpine scenes in Spectre. To top it off, they’ve got all the rugged appeal you could hope to want from Danner boots, including the use of a GORE-TEX waterproof lining and of course, that famous Danner construction.

SHOP: The Danner Mountain II Light Bond Boots at UNCRATE 

HELM Boots

Some of the coolest, most rugged boots you can buy right now.

They’re exactly the sort of tactically minded, functional boots a secret agent might need when in the alpines, and that makes them some of the best men’s boots you can buy right now, from the Vibram outsole to the sleek black hardware. Much like, say the Filson x Danner Combat Hikers, these tough boots were made for all kinds of seasonal adventures (that waterproof lining certainly helps). Yes indeed, the Danner Mountain Light II Bond Boots will wear especially well with tan work pants and a rugged chambray shirt for fall day trips or brewery beer runs, and they’ll also work quite nicely with, say, black trousers and a black bomber jacket, a la Bond himself. You can’t go wrong with Danner boots, and when those boots are Bond-approved, that’s even better.

SHOP: The Danner Mountain II Light Bond Boots at UNCRATE 

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

#OOTD: How to Wear a Blazer This Fall, The Right Way

Today, my friends, we’re doing something that might seem a bit out of left field in these increasingly casual days. We’re going to tell you all about how to wear a blazer, and not just any blazer — a slightly bold, very sharp Todd Snyder Madison Suit Jacket that injects your next fall #OOTD with some serious style and a bit of flair. It’s one of the best men’s blazers for a reason, and you’ll see why below. To keep it casual — perhaps, as you head back into the office or head out of town for a socially distanced wedding or road trip (those are still happening, right??) — we’ll team it up with your favorite blue jeans and a pair of the best chukka boots for men for the ultimate in rugged, versatile fall style. After all, you’re going to have really get dressed again eventually, and if that timing has caught you off guard, you might as well go with tried-and-true classics to help get the job done.

Elsewhere, we’re talking all about one of the best weekender bags for fall trips, available at a discount from Boarding Pass NYC when you use the code BEAUKNOWS. How cool is that?? Naturally, classic picks like one of the best Oxford shirts help to ground this outfit even further, and in a way that’s cool and fall-friendly. When it comes time to look sharp and to look put-together, you really can’t go wrong with one of the best blazers for men, so let’s get you geared up for the occasion. How about it? And hey, here’s a reminder to follow me on Twitter if you like the look of this ensemble below.

The perfect way to wear a blazer this fall? You be the judge.

My friends, how are we doing out there? Are we ready, slowly but surely, to dress again in style for fall with one of the best men’s blazers, teamed up with perfectly casual and classic menswear picks? I know I sure am, and I couldn’t be more excited for you (any one of you!?) to try out, say, the Todd Snyder Madison Suit Jacket for a bit of bold fall style. Of course, it’s all grounded the right way with one of the best Oxford shirts, not to mention the best blue jeans for men and a fitting pair of the best chukka boots for men. Each of those pieces are so classic and so well-made, you can wear this look just about anywhere (but especially to the office or to a casual country wedding this fall). It all gets even better with one of the best leather belts for men, a critical pairing alongside a classic brown leather watch from Timex. And it really wouldn’t be a fall outfit without the best men’s socks to wear with boots, courtesy of my friends at American Trench. If you can believe it, it’s all tied together by the “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel Bag from Boarding Pass NYC, one of the best weekender bags for a trip out of town or a day on the road (don’t forget the discount code BEAUKNOWS for $20 off!). So, folks … what do ya say? Who’s ready for fall dressing in earnest? I know I am. As always, thanks for reading!


The List: Upgrade Your Fall with the Best New Menswear, Whiskey & Gear This Week

Rising Sun | Bourbon Cocktail Recipe | Legent

The best addition to your home bar cart this fall? Quite possibly.

My friends, it’s time to raise a glass to fall, well and truly, with one of the best bourbons of the moment (that’d be Legent Bourbon) and plenty more men’s style essentials for fall in today’s edition of The List. Thanks for joining us, and I hope you’re ready to gear up accordingly — I sure am. Consider The List your guide to all the best fall gear, layers, menswear, home audio and more, curated by yours truly. If you want an even easier way to stock, you can also head to The Shop By The Style Guide, where I offer up my top style picks in an easily shoppable format. For now, though … let’s get to work. Who’s ready?

Legent Bourbon — $41.99 via Drizly

Legent Bourbon Review

A perfect bourbon for chilly fall and winter nights.

Use alcohol delivery service Drizly to get your new favorite bourbon of the moment, an ambitious blend of bourbon aged in wine and sherry casks. It’s an excellent bourbon to enjoy all on its own, made all the better by the fact that Fred Noe of Jim Beam and Shinji Fukuyo (Chief Blender at Suntory) teamed up to craft it carefully. Is it one of the best bourbons for fall and winter? Quite possibly, in fact.

Diamond Barware Set — $90 via Cool Material 

Diamond Barware Set

Some of the best barware for your home bar and your new favorite whiskey.

Let’s be honest — if you’re drinking one of the best bourbons for fall and winter, you’re going to need cool barware. This refined Diamond Barware Set is the way to go.

Tivoli Audio Music System Home — $749

Tivoli Audio Music System Home

A seriously cool upgrade to your home listening experience.

Consider the Tivoli Audio Music System Home the perfect companion alongside your Legent Bourbon, no doubt about it. It’s a crucial home audio upgrade that should provide crystal-clear sound quality and a serious touch of style when on display in your office or den.

Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket — $595 via UNCRATE

The perfect jacket to wear for all of your fall adventures, no doubt about it.

Head over to UNCRATE to get an iconic Belstaff jacket, here just in time for fall and made to layer up with ease for road trips and adventures off the grid. The Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket won’t let you down — it’s one of the best men’s jackets for fall, after all.

Myles Apparel Tour Pants in Crimson — $128

A stylish, functional pair of men’s pants for fall.

From the color to the durable, stain-resistant stretch fabric, the Myles Apparel Tour Pants could be some of the best pants for fall, and that’s just a fact. Plus, you can get free shipping on orders of $100 or more in the U.S. … not bad, right? 

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket — $395

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

One of the very best jackets on the planet, seriously.

Invest in the very best with the legendary Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket. The brand says it’s the most popular jacket in its history, with the sort of rugged style to keep you warm all fall and winter. Again, sounds like another one of the best men’s jackets for fall to me.

Mott and Bow Slim Mercer Jeans in Blue — $118

Slim - Mercer - Blue

Possibly your new favorite pair of everyday jeans, no doubt about it.

Alright, so you’ve got one of the best men’s jackets for fall on lock — why  not complement it perfectly with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans, ehh? Mott and Bow always delivers, IMO.

Buck Mason High Desert Flannel Vintage Shirt — $105

Assuredly one of the best men’s fall shirts, what with flannel fabric and a classic pattern.

We’ll keep adding style staples to your rotation with ease, including one of the best men’s shirts for fall via the rugged heritage menswear purveyors at Buck Mason. The High Desert Flannel Shirt is a new launch for the brand, featuring Japanese flannel and a cool pattern.

Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in Everyday Denim — $98

The Slim Jean in Everyday Denim - Classic Men's Clothing…

Yes indeed, let’s dive on in once more with some of the best men’s denim, this time from Taylor Stitch. You really can’t go wrong with Taylor Stitch Everyday Denim, featuring a highly agreeable price and a great look and feel.

Todd Snyder Workwear Snap Jacket in Khaki — $188

Todd Snyder Workwear Jacket

Make this workwear jacket your new favorite layer for fall.

Yes indeed, Todd Snyder makes one of the best workwear jackets out there, turning the hard-wearing staple into a reliable, everyday favorite — call it one of the best overshirts for fall.

Oakley Holston Sunglasses — $156

Seriously cool sunglasses to wear on all kinds of fall adventures right now.

Don’t skimp on the importance of finding the right pair of sunglasses for fall and winter. The Oakley Holston Sunglasses blend style and functionality with ease.

FRYE Waterproof Union Workboots — $298

Some of the coolest men’s boots you can buy this fall, guaranteed.

Yes indeed, FRYE men’s boots are some of my favorites here on the blog, and with good reason. The FRYE Union Workboots are rugged, dependable and exceedingly stylish, too.

Billy Reid Tuscumbia Buttondown Shirt — $195

Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt

One of the coolest men’s shirts for fall, without a doubt.

Now, Billy Reid shirting is seriously nothing to scoff at, in terms of quality or price. This classic men’s shirt has the potential to be, well, your new favorite shirt.

Bamford GMT Mirage Watch — $1,295 via UNCRATE

One of the best men’s watches of the moment, easily.

Hey, it’s called an investment watch for a reason, and the Bamford GMT Mirage Watch has all the subtle style and rugged functionality you could ever want in a favorite everyday watch.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones — $199

Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones

Some of the most stylish, best headphones out there.

For days working at home and hitting the road this fall, you need some of the best wireless headphones — go with the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones specifically, and get 10 percent off when you sign up for Master & Dynamic E-mails.

Luminox Atacama Adventurer Watch — $695

Luminox Atacama Adventurer Watch

One of the toughest watches on the market right now.

Another one of the best men’s watches up for grabs? Yes indeed — the Luminox Atacama Adventurer Watch is a masterclass in making one of the most rugged watches for men, and at an agreeable price.

Alex Mill Henley in Sueded Jersey — $65

Alex Mill Henley

Make this new your go-to henley for fall, folks.

You already knew this was coming, right? There’s never been a time like right now to pick up one of the best men’s henleys, and this Alex Mill henley takes the cake for casual, rugged style.

Freemans Sporting Club Chore Jacket in Brown Corduroy — $165

Freemans Sporting Club Chore Coat

Your new favorite chore coat for fall adventures.

Get a discount on quite possibly one of the best jackets for fall, courtesy of NYC’s Freemans Sporting Club. In fact, this rugged chore coat could become a new daily favorite.

Patagonia Tres Jacket — $499

Patagonia Tres Jacket

A highly rugged, durable men’s jacket to wear on the trail and back in town this season.

Hey hey, let’s keep it rolling with another one of the most functional men’s jackets out there this season. The Patagonia Tres Jacket delivers all the bells and whistles you need, including waterproof capability and down insulation.

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale — $10.49 via Drizly 

Can you ever go wrong with a classic craft beer for fall and beyond? Especially when said beer, the New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, is the perfect sort of sipper after a day on the trail wearing your Patagonia Tres Jacket? The answer is no, folks. Cheers!

Misc. Goods Co. V3 Leather Wallet — $58 via Cool Material 

Leather Wallet V.3

Perhaps the coolest leather wallet out there right now for your EDC.

Want one of the best upgrades to your leather wallet? Then you want this rugged leather wallet from Misc. Goods Co., a seriously cool and well-designed addition to your everyday carry. Of course, you can also get free shipping on orders of over $75 at Cool Material. 

Faherty Brand Knit Alpine Shirt — $148

Faherty Knit Alpine Shirt

A rugged and easy-to-layer fall shirt from Faherty Brand.

Stock up for the season with a whole host of essentials from the excellent Faherty Brand Fall Collection, some of the best menswear for fall. This Faherty Knit Alpine Shirt is perhaps the perfect shirt for these days — wear it atop your favorite henley or all on its own.


Phew — wow, well how about that?? Who else is even more ready for the season than they were before this post? Show of hands? Either way, I hope you’re fired up to stock up accordingly, because this post had almost too many personal favorites for me to count. Heck, when even something seemingly small, like a rugged leather wallet from Misc. Goods Co., is up for grabs, you know the getting’s gotta be good, as they say.

I can’t recommend picking up some Legent Bourbon enough, and I’m also a huge fan of the Myles Apparel Tour Pants and the rugged FRYE Union Workboots. Of course, I’m definitely a fan of investing in the best of the best with the Bamford GMT Mirage Watch, but my favorite of the bunch might be the Todd Snyder Workwear Jacket. How about you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: Get This Classic Flannel Shirt for Less Than $50 at Bespoke Post

Rhythm Woodsman Flannel Shirt

A rugged, sherpa-lined flannel shirt for all your fall and winter style pursuits.

Folks, thanks for taking time out of your Sunday to check out today’s Sunday Sale, where I offer up a standout sale pick (or picks) on everything from the best crewneck sweatshirt for fall to, in the case of today’s post, a deal on the best flannel shirt for the season. That’s a mighty high bar to clear, given that the market is packed with flannel shirts aplenty these days, but for my money’s worth, one of the best flannel shirts just so happens to be available for less than $50 (yep!) from Bespoke Post. In fact, it’s the Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt, and it’s yours for the taking ASAP. It’s got plenty going for it, including the fact that the body of the shirt is lined in warm sherpa fabric. Now, if you follow the blog on the regular, you know that the Bespoke Post Sale section is packed with all kinds of the best men’s gear, from bar essentials to pieces like this rugged flannel shirt. In short, it’s the perfect place to go to stock up on the best gear for men, and the Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt is a highly underrated style steal in that regard.

SHOP: The Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Best flannel shirts for men

An easygoing, dependable flannel shirt made for fall weekends.

The Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt  is a downright bargain at under $50, and it’s the kind of piece you need to pick up ASAP, particularly given that plenty of sizes are available right now. What’s more, the cotton construction should be easy to layer over your favorite henley or a graphic T-shirt (similar to this #OOTD), and you’ve got to love the seasonally friendly Maple colorway and plaid pattern. It’s the kind of classic flannel shirt you’ll have for years to come, and again, given that it’s on sale right now at Bespoke Post, it’s a highly worthy purchase. Happy shopping, and happy fall, my friends.

SHOP: The Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt


Style Pick of the Week: American Giant Classic Full-Zip Hoodie

American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

An incredibly durable, essential casual hoodie for perfect fall weekend style.

Folks, as often seems to be the case around this time of year, I’m urging you to reconsider your casual wardrobe in today’s Style Pick of the Week, and I’m specifically calling for you to pick up one of the best men’s hoodies on the planet. If this year’s pandemic didn’t already cause you to seriously step your casual fall weekend and at-home style, it’s high time you upgraded your hoodie with American Giant and the American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie. They’re just the brand to take your laidback fall looks from “good” to “great … and seriously cozy.” American Giant has been a favorite of your humble Brooklyn menswear author for some time, owing to the fact that they meticulously craft some of the best casual menswear on the market, from a classic trucker jacket (as featured on the blog this past winter), to one of the best crewneck sweaters on the market. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

To top it all off, they’ve got nearly a decade of experience producing American-made menswear (and women’s wear!), and they’re also socially engaged through the American Giant Delta Project. What’s more, and perhaps most importantly, American Giant also makes protective face masks here in the States. Talk about using your powers for good. But back to one of the best men’s hoodies, ehh? It’s an essential you’ve simply got to have these days.

SHOP: The American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

Best men's hoodies

It’s available in an array of colors, like this limited-edition Oxblood.

The great thing about finding one of the best men’s hooded sweatshirts is that, as you would expect, it’s improved in every way from your typical hoodie. In this case, that means the American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie is made from a custom-developed heavyweight fleece and combed ringspun cotton — this makes it durable to wear in blustery fall weather (either on its own or with a waxed trucker jacket), yet warm and soft to the touch on the inside.

Freemans Sporting Club

It’s a tough-as-nails hoodie that the brand calls “the best hoodie ever made,” and I’ve certainly got a mind to believe ’em. It’s made in North Carolina and features custom hardware like a metal zipper, eyelets and drawcord tips, meaning no stone goes unturned in the making of the best hooded sweatshirt for men — seriously. Even better? It brings dependable weekend style to your wardrobe, thanks to eight color options (including three limited-edition colorways, such as Oxblood). In that respect, it could be the best hooded sweatshirt to wear with jeans and your favorite T-shirt … or with chinos and a henley for a casual outing. When something as seemingly simple as a hooded sweatshirt gets the American Giant treatment, you can expect great things. Do yourself a favor and get your new favorite hoodie (or two, or three!) today.

SHOP: The American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

mandarin woods 300x250


The Friday Read: USA-Made Boots from FRYE, Faherty Gives Back & A New Bespoke Post Jacket

The coolest denim jacket for a fall weekend — or a winter weekend.

Folks, I’m here to tell you as we kick off today’s Friday Read that I think I’ve found it. What exactly is it? Well, it’s nothing less than the best denim jacket for fall and winter, the Line of Trade Montana Winterized Denim Trucker Jacket, a standout new addition to the Bespoke Post Web site that you should shop ASAP. As it were, I’m going to be reviewing this Line of Trade denim jacket very soon, and in fact, I had the chance to check it out virtually via Zoom as part of the Bespoke Post Holiday Preview last week (the days of menswear events are far off in the future, sadly!). The great news is, this jacket is available right now in advance of colder weather. And let me tell you this: Right now won’t be the last you hear of this stellar denim jacket, and you can even spot it in an upcoming #OOTD post on this very site in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned, folks.

In the meantime, today’s Friday Read is packed with a heck of a lot of the best gear for fall, so I know you’ll find picks aplenty in the meantime. As for me, I’m going to stay busy this weekend working on my newsletter — The Style Guide In Brief — and you should be sure to subscribe if you want a twice-weekly (Tuesday and Saturday!) dose of menswear, gear, craft beer & naturally, indie rock. It’s all in a day’s work, folks. If you want more seasonal style content, be sure to check out my bylines at Maxim and GearMoose, too. For now, I’m off to take a fall stroll in search of a classic fall beer — and lest we forget, my beloved Michigan State Spartans return (safely, I hope!) to the college football gridiron this weekend. Go Green! It’s the theme of the weekend, after all. Here’s the rest of the Friday Read below.

Perfectly rugged boots that also go towards a good cause.

  • Here’s some great news for you if you like your purchases to give back AND look great at the same time. FRYE, the brand you know and love from this blog (and elsewhere!), is donating $10 to Feeding America for every pair of Made in USA shoes sold in October. My favorite styles include picks like the rugged-yet-ever-so-slightly-dressy Logan Cap Toe Boots and the tough-as-nails FRYE Prison Boots for all-day style this fall and winter. They’re both investment-level boots, but assuredly worth it — for both style and a good cause.
Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

More stylish menswear that gives back, thanks to Faherty.

  • But wait, there’s more when it comes to giving back and looking great while doing so.  Faherty Brand, a personal favorite of mine for classic pieces like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt as seen above, is donating 100 percent of proceeds from indigenous-inspired print menswear to Doug Good Feather’s Lakota Way Healing Center — how’s that for a deal you can get behind this season, ehh?
  • Let’s ease into a fall weekend with a perfectly crafted seasonal sipper, shall we? I’ve recently been testing out Spiribam’s Clement Barrel Rhum, a longstanding Caribbean rum favorite you can enjoy in simple rum cocktails or better yet, as an after-dinner sipper. Of course, there’s good news: You can get some of fall’s best rum delivered to you via alcohol delivery service Drizly.
  • We’ve talked spirits, we’ve talked menswear, we’ve talked boots … let’s talk about men’s grooming essentials. I’ve also had the chance to test out the highly effective Disco Face Moisturizer, and it’s with dry fall weather on the way that I’m recommending you check out this brand now. They’re making unique grooming picks with innovative ingredients like eucalyptus, all the better to nourish your skin and reduce inflammation. Pick up some now and look sharp, even as cold weather rolls in.

Before I let you head off into the weekend, dreaming of a rum cocktail or a new winterized denim jacket, allow me to offer up one more fall buying guide. Perhaps a fall road trip is in your future, yes? In that case, check out my guide on how to dress for a fall road trip, featuring stylish sneakerboots, a tough denim jacket and so much more. And here’s one more reminder to hit Subscribe on my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, in time to get my Saturday dispatch (and next Tuesday’s of course). To connect with me further for weekend style tips aplenty, feel free to give me a follow on Twitter. OK, folks. Have a great one!

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The Thursday Buy: This Western Rise Shirt is the Most Versatile Men’s Shirt for Fall

Western Rise AirLight Buttondown Shirt

The time is upon us for you to upgrade your fall wardrobe — both for style at home and on the road, and the easiest way to do that? Why, that’d be with the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt, one of the best men’s shirts for fall. That seriously counts for something, even if these days, you’re more inclined to put on something like this Western Rise shirt for a Zoom call as opposed to a day at the office. But the adage holds true: Whether you wear it on a day of fall adventures (I see a distillery visit or a quick beer garden stop in your future) or a day at home, you can’t go wrong with the Western Rise AirLight Shirt. In fact, it’s an equally fitting compliment to, say, the Western Rise Evolution Pants (as previously seen on the blog), so it’s worth upgrading your fall shirting if only for that reason.

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Western Rise review

What separates the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt from the rest of your fall shirting? My friends, I’m so glad you asked. It starts with the comfort stretch fabric, engineered to resists stains and odor (crucial during these busy work-from-home days, if you ask me). The AirLight cloth blends nylon and polyester for a comfortable look, fit and feel, and the styling of this shirt means it’s tailored but not overly tight. To me, that makes it the perfect shirt to wear at home, out on the road or in the field (preferably layered up with a waxed canvas jacket, right?). Yes indeed, the Western Rise AirLight Shirt is a subtly stylish, performance-minded shirt that checks all the right boxes — it’s easily one of the best men’s shirts for fall, and it’s now yours for the taking.

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