The Sunday Sale: Get This Classic Flannel Shirt for Less Than $50 at Bespoke Post

Rhythm Woodsman Flannel Shirt

A rugged, sherpa-lined flannel shirt for all your fall and winter style pursuits.

Folks, thanks for taking time out of your Sunday to check out today’s Sunday Sale, where I offer up a standout sale pick (or picks) on everything from the best crewneck sweatshirt for fall to, in the case of today’s post, a deal on the best flannel shirt for the season. That’s a mighty high bar to clear, given that the market is packed with flannel shirts aplenty these days, but for my money’s worth, one of the best flannel shirts just so happens to be available for less than $50 (yep!) from Bespoke Post. In fact, it’s the Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt, and it’s yours for the taking ASAP. It’s got plenty going for it, including the fact that the body of the shirt is lined in warm sherpa fabric. Now, if you follow the blog on the regular, you know that the Bespoke Post Sale section is packed with all kinds of the best men’s gear, from bar essentials to pieces like this rugged flannel shirt. In short, it’s the perfect place to go to stock up on the best gear for men, and the Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt is a highly underrated style steal in that regard.

SHOP: The Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Best flannel shirts for men

An easygoing, dependable flannel shirt made for fall weekends.

The Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt  is a downright bargain at under $50, and it’s the kind of piece you need to pick up ASAP, particularly given that plenty of sizes are available right now. What’s more, the cotton construction should be easy to layer over your favorite henley or a graphic T-shirt (similar to this #OOTD), and you’ve got to love the seasonally friendly Maple colorway and plaid pattern. It’s the kind of classic flannel shirt you’ll have for years to come, and again, given that it’s on sale right now at Bespoke Post, it’s a highly worthy purchase. Happy shopping, and happy fall, my friends.

SHOP: The Rhythm Woodsman Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt


Style Pick of the Week: American Giant Classic Full-Zip Hoodie

American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

An incredibly durable, essential casual hoodie for perfect fall weekend style.

Folks, as often seems to be the case around this time of year, I’m urging you to reconsider your casual wardrobe in today’s Style Pick of the Week, and I’m specifically calling for you to pick up one of the best men’s hoodies on the planet. If this year’s pandemic didn’t already cause you to seriously step your casual fall weekend and at-home style, it’s high time you upgraded your hoodie with American Giant and the American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie. They’re just the brand to take your laidback fall looks from “good” to “great … and seriously cozy.” American Giant has been a favorite of your humble Brooklyn menswear author for some time, owing to the fact that they meticulously craft some of the best casual menswear on the market, from a classic trucker jacket (as featured on the blog this past winter), to one of the best crewneck sweaters on the market. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

To top it all off, they’ve got nearly a decade of experience producing American-made menswear (and women’s wear!), and they’re also socially engaged through the American Giant Delta Project. What’s more, and perhaps most importantly, American Giant also makes protective face masks here in the States. Talk about using your powers for good. But back to one of the best men’s hoodies, ehh? It’s an essential you’ve simply got to have these days.

SHOP: The American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

Best men's hoodies

It’s available in an array of colors, like this limited-edition Oxblood.

The great thing about finding one of the best men’s hooded sweatshirts is that, as you would expect, it’s improved in every way from your typical hoodie. In this case, that means the American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie is made from a custom-developed heavyweight fleece and combed ringspun cotton — this makes it durable to wear in blustery fall weather (either on its own or with a waxed trucker jacket), yet warm and soft to the touch on the inside.

Freemans Sporting Club

It’s a tough-as-nails hoodie that the brand calls “the best hoodie ever made,” and I’ve certainly got a mind to believe ’em. It’s made in North Carolina and features custom hardware like a metal zipper, eyelets and drawcord tips, meaning no stone goes unturned in the making of the best hooded sweatshirt for men — seriously. Even better? It brings dependable weekend style to your wardrobe, thanks to eight color options (including three limited-edition colorways, such as Oxblood). In that respect, it could be the best hooded sweatshirt to wear with jeans and your favorite T-shirt … or with chinos and a henley for a casual outing. When something as seemingly simple as a hooded sweatshirt gets the American Giant treatment, you can expect great things. Do yourself a favor and get your new favorite hoodie (or two, or three!) today.

SHOP: The American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

mandarin woods 300x250


The Friday Read: USA-Made Boots from FRYE, Faherty Gives Back & A New Bespoke Post Jacket

The coolest denim jacket for a fall weekend — or a winter weekend.

Folks, I’m here to tell you as we kick off today’s Friday Read that I think I’ve found it. What exactly is it? Well, it’s nothing less than the best denim jacket for fall and winter, the Line of Trade Montana Winterized Denim Trucker Jacket, a standout new addition to the Bespoke Post Web site that you should shop ASAP. As it were, I’m going to be reviewing this Line of Trade denim jacket very soon, and in fact, I had the chance to check it out virtually via Zoom as part of the Bespoke Post Holiday Preview last week (the days of menswear events are far off in the future, sadly!). The great news is, this jacket is available right now in advance of colder weather. And let me tell you this: Right now won’t be the last you hear of this stellar denim jacket, and you can even spot it in an upcoming #OOTD post on this very site in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned, folks.

In the meantime, today’s Friday Read is packed with a heck of a lot of the best gear for fall, so I know you’ll find picks aplenty in the meantime. As for me, I’m going to stay busy this weekend working on my newsletter — The Style Guide In Brief — and you should be sure to subscribe if you want a twice-weekly (Tuesday and Saturday!) dose of menswear, gear, craft beer & naturally, indie rock. It’s all in a day’s work, folks. If you want more seasonal style content, be sure to check out my bylines at Maxim and GearMoose, too. For now, I’m off to take a fall stroll in search of a classic fall beer — and lest we forget, my beloved Michigan State Spartans return (safely, I hope!) to the college football gridiron this weekend. Go Green! It’s the theme of the weekend, after all. Here’s the rest of the Friday Read below.

Perfectly rugged boots that also go towards a good cause.

  • Here’s some great news for you if you like your purchases to give back AND look great at the same time. FRYE, the brand you know and love from this blog (and elsewhere!), is donating $10 to Feeding America for every pair of Made in USA shoes sold in October. My favorite styles include picks like the rugged-yet-ever-so-slightly-dressy Logan Cap Toe Boots and the tough-as-nails FRYE Prison Boots for all-day style this fall and winter. They’re both investment-level boots, but assuredly worth it — for both style and a good cause.
Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

More stylish menswear that gives back, thanks to Faherty.

  • But wait, there’s more when it comes to giving back and looking great while doing so.  Faherty Brand, a personal favorite of mine for classic pieces like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt as seen above, is donating 100 percent of proceeds from indigenous-inspired print menswear to Doug Good Feather’s Lakota Way Healing Center — how’s that for a deal you can get behind this season, ehh?
  • Let’s ease into a fall weekend with a perfectly crafted seasonal sipper, shall we? I’ve recently been testing out Spiriban’s Clement Barrel Rhum, a longstanding Caribbean rum favorite you can enjoy in simple rum cocktails or better yet, as an after-dinner sipper. Of course, there’s good news: You can get some of fall’s best rum delivered to you via alcohol delivery service Drizly.
  • We’ve talked spirits, we’ve talked menswear, we’ve talked boots … let’s talk about men’s grooming essentials. I’ve also had the chance to test out the highly effective Disco Face Moisturizer, and it’s with dry fall weather on the way that I’m recommending you check out this brand now. They’re making unique grooming picks with innovative ingredients like eucalyptus, all the better to nourish your skin and reduce inflammation. Pick up some now and look sharp, even as cold weather rolls in.

Before I let you head off into the weekend, dreaming of a rum cocktail or a new winterized denim jacket, allow me to offer up one more fall buying guide. Perhaps a fall road trip is in your future, yes? In that case, check out my guide on how to dress for a fall road trip, featuring stylish sneakerboots, a tough denim jacket and so much more. And here’s one more reminder to hit Subscribe on my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, in time to get my Saturday dispatch (and next Tuesday’s of course). To connect with me further for weekend style tips aplenty, feel free to give me a follow on Twitter. OK, folks. Have a great one!

Thanks for reading,


The Thursday Buy: This Western Rise Shirt is the Most Versatile Men’s Shirt for Fall

Western Rise AirLight Buttondown Shirt

The time is upon us for you to upgrade your fall wardrobe — both for style at home and on the road, and the easiest way to do that? Why, that’d be with the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt, one of the best men’s shirts for fall. That seriously counts for something, even if these days, you’re more inclined to put on something like this Western Rise shirt for a Zoom call as opposed to a day at the office. But the adage holds true: Whether you wear it on a day of fall adventures (I see a distillery visit or a quick beer garden stop in your future) or a day at home, you can’t go wrong with the Western Rise AirLight Shirt. In fact, it’s an equally fitting compliment to, say, the Western Rise Evolution Pants (as previously seen on the blog), so it’s worth upgrading your fall shirting if only for that reason.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt

Western Rise review

What separates the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt from the rest of your fall shirting? My friends, I’m so glad you asked. It starts with the comfort stretch fabric, engineered to resists stains and odor (crucial during these busy work-from-home days, if you ask me). The AirLight cloth blends nylon and polyester for a comfortable look, fit and feel, and the styling of this shirt means it’s tailored but not overly tight. To me, that makes it the perfect shirt to wear at home, out on the road or in the field (preferably layered up with a waxed canvas jacket, right?). Yes indeed, the Western Rise AirLight Shirt is a subtly stylish, performance-minded shirt that checks all the right boxes — it’s easily one of the best men’s shirts for fall, and it’s now yours for the taking.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt

See Now, Buy Now: Get This Everlane Flannel Shirt to Get Into Fall Style

Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt

This is the perfect new flannel shirt to buy for fall, guaranteed.

What is fall if not the perfect time to find and buy your new favorite flannel shirt … right? If you’re on the hunt as cooler weather arrives and approaches, then might I point you towards the Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt, one of the coolest fall shirts around. It’s made with the sort of radical transparency you’d expect from Everlane: That means the brand takes you step-by-step as to where and how this rugged flannel shirt is made (in this case, it’s made in Shengzen, China) It’s an approach the brand has stuck with since they launched back in the early 2010s (it’s still strange to reference that!), and it’s an approach that’s worked well when it comes to sustainable fashion — and stylish results. On that note, the  Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt is certainly the perfect candidate to add to your wardrobe if you want to shake things up ever so slightly when it comes to your rotation of fall shirts.

SHOP: The Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt

Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt

One of six cool color and pattern options for this rugged flannel shirt.

Made with soft 100 percent cotton that’s been brushed for a soft finish, this is the best flannel shirt for men when it comes to layering atop, say, your favorite T-shirt or a classic henley. It’s a reliably casual option with a fit that’s tailored but not too tight, meaning you can throw this on and then put on a waxed trucker jacket over top with relative ease. Of course, you can certianly wear this slim flannel shirt all on its own, too. It’s suited for fall bonfires, socially distanced road trips and casual fall mornings at home. Even better? The Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt retails for under $80, making it one of the most affordable flannel shirts on the market. All of which is to say: You should add this newly classic flannel to your shopping cart ASAP.

SHOP: The Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt


#OOTD: How to Wear the Best New Boots for Guys This Fall

Seeing as we’re cruising through fall, there are a couple things that are pretty clear in my mind in terms of men’s style essentials. For starters, you need a pair of the best boots for men on your feet ASAP. What’s more, you need a functional pair of boots that also happen to look great — while also offering what you might call more unique style. And above all else, you need to know how to wear boots this season, especially when the boots in question are the rugged-yet-refined Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots out of New York City. Featuring the cut of a hiking boot but some of the refined touches of your favorite dress boots, you’ll recognize plenty of versatile complementary pieces to help you get ‘out and about (safely) this season.

From a tough field jacket to a rugged men’s henley, the layers on your top half are every bit as “ready for anything” as your new favorite boots. And on your bottom half, you’ll recognize classics like slim dark blue denim and perhaps the best leather belt and the best men’s socks, all compiled with an eye toward helping you navigate the city, head upstate, get out on a day hike and grab a cold beer at an outdoor (socially distanced!) beer tent afterwards. How does that sound? This #OOTD is nothing if not versatile, so you should keep on scrolling to check it out below. When you build from the ground up with a pair of the best boots for men this season, darn near anything is possible.

Pair up versatile hiking boots with casual, rugged classics for fall.

So, that’s it. That’s today’s #OOTD. It’s a versatile combination of both adventure gear — heck, just check out that exceptional Ollech & Wajs Pilot Watch — plus gear picks that can do a bit of everything (naturally, the centerpiece Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots get the job done). The rest of this ensemble works well in or out of town, especially around a backyard bonfire on a crisp fall night. You’re staying warm with one of the best men’s henleys from Buck Mason, and you’re layering up in rugged, classic fashion with the Filson Field Flannel Shirt for timeless fall style — how about that? Classic slim blue jeans from Mott and Bow tie things together in a way that’s just a bit more versatile than technical hiking pants, and the epically cool Todd Snyder Made-in-New York Field Jacket looks great, provides tough functionality and works with anything in your fall wardrobe.

Naturally, your supporting cast is what’s going to set this #OOTD apart, so the best leather belt from Billykirk is a reliable style move. To keep your feet comfortable in style, I’m a huge proponent of the American Trench Merino Activity Socks — and to ease into your evening with some bourbon whiskey in hand, how about switching on some of the best Bluetooth headphones from the good folks at Master & Dynamic? Taken together, this ensemble provides rugged style, performance, durability and some seriously cool style for fall — can it get any better than that? I don’t think so. If you pick up any of these pieces, feel free to let me know on Twitter. Happy fall, my friends!


The List: Add to Your Fall Wardrobe with the Best Men’s Style Picks Right Now

Faherty Brand Review

Just one of the many rugged layers we’ll be covering today.

Folks, if you’re just now joining us on your search for the best fall style essentials, well, you’re in luck. Today’s post is positively packed with ’em, most of the rugged fall layering variety, including the Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt you see above.

After all, it’s high time you geared up for fall in the right way, and that includes everything from your new favorite boots to an epic shearling jacket from the good folks at MR. PORTER, plus your new favorite jeans. Many of these picks are of the “investment” variety in terms of quality (and price!), but they’ll pay off — trust me. It’s all yours for the taking below, so be sure to let me know on Twitter what picks you end up going with.

Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt — $178

Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

Your new favorite shirt jacket for fall, easily.

This unstoppable shirt jacket is one of the coolest layers for fall I’ve seen in some time — cool in matters of style, but warm in terms of functionality. Wear it atop a rugged henley for a casual fall weekend.

MR. PORTER Shearling Houndstooth Bomber Jacket — $595

Mr P. Shearling-Trimmed Houndstooth Wool-Blend Bomber Jacket

Yes indeed and as promised, here’s your new favorite fall jacket from MR. PORTER. Make no mistake, this shearling bomber jacket is absolutely an investment, but it’s one that’s going to pay off in spades through chilly temperatures this fall.

Everlane Slim Fit Stretch Organic Jeans — $72

Everlane Organic Jeans

Slim blue jeans with comfort and stretch built right in.

For fall and well beyond, every guy needs a pair of slim blue denim with a classic look and feel. These Everlane Organic Jeans are just what the doctor ordered.

Flint and Tinder Black Denim Trucker Jacket — $198

Flint and Tinder Denim Jacket

One of the most stylish denim jackets you can layer up with this fall.

Want to go rugged and edgy with double denim alongside your Everlane Organic Jeans? Then you need this black denim jacket from Flint and Tinder, my friends.

Ollech & Wajs Pilot Watch — $1,245

An unbeatably cool, investment watch that looks great with anything.

Let’s go from your new favorite jeans to assuredly your new favorite watch. It’s an investment-level watch with the goods to back it up. The Ollech & Wajs Pilot Watch is modeled after a cockpit control panel, with all the bells and whistles you need to keep track of the time on your fall adventures.

FRYE Bowery Lace-Up Boots — $358

Some of the most rugged men’s boots for the fall season.

It’s really hard to go wrong with FRYE, makers of some of the best men’s boots on the planet. The FRYE Bowery Lace-Up Boots in particular are incredibly well-made.

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket — $350

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket

One of the most iconic jackets on the planet. Simply rugged, durable and ready for anything.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. To really tie things together, I’d say you should wear this classic Filson jacket (seriously, the Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket is the stuff of legend) iwth your FRYE Bowery Lace-Up Boots, your favorite henley and a pair of Everlane Organic Jeans. How’s that for fall style, ehh??

American Giant Roughneck Pants — $144

American Giant Roughneck Pants

Possibly your new favorite everyday pants. Well-done, American Giant.

Let’s keep it rolling when it comes to rugged American menswear, alright? These durable canvas work pants actually have more in common with your favorite chinos than regular work pants, making them durable enough to wear in the field and stylish enough to wear back in town. American Giant does it again, folks.

Buck Mason Heathered Twill Vintage Terry Crew — $75

Buck Mason - Saguaro Sunfade Heathered Twill Terry Vintage Crew

This classic, casual crewneck sweatshirt is destined to become a new weekend favorite.

We’re going to keep it rolling with another one of the best American menswear brands. This Buck Mason crewneck sweatshirt is expertly crafted and perfectly casual — it’s ideal to wear with, yes, your American Giant Roughneck Pants for a fall weekend getaway.

Todd Snyder Italian Mustard Plaid Flannel Buttondown Shirt — $178

A refined, yet versatile, flannel shirt to wear all season long.

Let’s amp things up just a bit with this perfectly crafted, stylish flannel shirt from NYC’s Todd Snyder. This is the kind of classic flannel shirt you can wear on cabin weekends or with crisply pressed slim chinos (because hey, you’re going to have to get dressed again someday).

MWC Classic Retro Military Watch — $79 via Cool Material 

MWC Classic Retro Military Watch - Cool Material

A durable, vintage-inspired watch to wear all fall.

Looking for one of the coolest affordable watches out there? Maybe a military watch that blends serious style with rugged functionality? The MWC Classic Retro Military Watch is the one to buy from Cool Material.

United By Blue Organic Canvas Work Pants — $98

Men's Organic Canvas Work Pant | United By Blue

Durable work pants that don’t look half-bad, either.

When you want rugged work pants for a cold fall morning, a day hike or a country or coastal vacation, you want these United By Blue work pants. They’re sustainable, stylish, rugged and pleasingly cool to wear with darn near anything in your fall wardrobe.

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Boss Duck — $188
The Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Boss Duck | Taylor Stitch…

Quite possibly your new favorite jacket for fall, my friends.

See, I told you we’d be going heavy on the best jackets for fall today, did I not? If you can believe it, the incredible Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket just got even better, thanks to the use of Indigo Boss Duck fabric.

HELM Boots Hollis Boots in Teak — $350

HELM Boots Hollis Boots

Shop some of the coolest men’s boots for fall ASAP.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of the best men’s gear for fall without me recommending some of the best boots for men, right? As you well know if you read the blog, HELM Boots (out of Austin, Texas) produce some of the most rugged men’s boots around.

American Trench Merino Activity Socks with Silver — $19.50

silver socks – American Trench

Stylish, durable men’s socks that look great with all your fall style essentials.

Seeing as you’ve now got your eyes on some HELM Boots, you’re going to need some of the best boot socks for men, are you not? I might be biased, but I think American Trench makes some of the best men’s socks, period, including the Merino Activity Socks.

Barbour Weldon Wax Jacket — $400
Barbour Weldon Wax Jacket

Make sure you pick up your new favorite fall jacket ASAP, folks.

Head to Huckberry to get a classic Barbour jacket — in fact, this rugged waxed jacket is assuredly one of the best jackets for fall, no questions asked.
Veldskoen Heritage Suede Chukka Boots — $135.99
Veldskoen chukka boots

Sustainable, ethical chukka boots out of South Africa.

Let’s circle back to keep talking about some of the best men’s boots for fall, shall we? To be more specific, the Veldskoen Heritage Suede Chukka Boots are casual and cool, handcrafted from ethically sourced materials to wear all season long. In fact, I’d pair ’em up with your Everlane Organic Jeans for perfect weekend style.
William Murray Golf Keep ‘Em Coming Polo — $78
Keep 'Em Coming Polo

A fun polo to wear on the course or at home this fall.

Let’s end things on a fun note, shall we? William Murray Golf is, as you might have guessed the clothing line dreamed up by Sir Bill Murray himself — it’s fun, it’s festive and pieces like the Keep ‘Em Coming Polo are a pretty neat way to spruce up your armchair sports viewing and beer drinking this fall. And if you fancy getting out on the course safely? Go for it while wearing this stylish moisture-wicking polo.

Ready or not, it’s time to close out today’s edition of The List. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of some of these picks, many of which are quite simply among the best jackets for fall. It’s hard to pick a favorite, whether you fancy a fun golf polo from William Murray Golf or, say, the MR. PORTER Shearling Bomber Jacket covered at the top of the page.

You also shouldn’t sleep on the Veldskoen Heritage Suede Chukka Boots for casual heritage style this season, and I’m a huge proponent of outfitting yourself with the right accessories, including the best boot socks for men from American Trench. On the investment front, of course, I also love the rugged style of the FRYE Bowery Lace-Up Boots, not to mention the expert craftsmanship behind the Ollech & Wajs Pilot Watch. Whatever one of these picks might be your favorite, feel free to talk shop with me on Twitter. Thanks, as always, for reading!

The Sunday Sale: Take 30 Percent Off This Classic Todd Snyder x Champion Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder x Champion Crewneck

Score a great deal on a classic crewneck sweatshirt for a top NYC designer.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another edition of The Sunday Sale, where we dive into one great menswear deal (or deals) on everything from the best boots for fall to a cool jacket worn by James Bond, and all available at excellent discounts. Today’s pick is no less special or essential, seeing as it’s a stone-cold fall classic from Todd Snyder that you need in your wardrobe right now. That’s right: The Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt is here just in time for blustery weather, and it’s available for just about 30 percent off right now. The Todd Snyder x Champion line has been a longtime favorite of the blog, going back years, and it’s a rarity to see it on sale like this. If you read my piece on the best Todd Snyder sale picks earlier this summer, you  know that you’ve got to look far and wide to get discounts on the famed NYC menswear designer’s gear, and the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt is now a downright steal in that regard. How about that, ehh?

SHOP: The Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder x Champion

Just one of a few colors in which you can get this iconic sweatshirt.

As it were, the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt is quite simply one of the best sweatshirts for fall, featuring a heavyweight fabric blend, a neat and retro-inspired design, and of course, a range of cool, versatile color options to pair with style staples like Todd Snyder denim and classic leather boots. This stylish crewneck sweatshirt is available in classic colors like Navy, as well as the Salt and Pepper blend that happens to be my personal favorite.

It’s the kind of crewneck sweatshirt you can wear in a business casual way (atop a white Oxford shirt with tan chinos) or much more casually (with faded blue jeans and beat-up high-top sneakers. In short: There’s not another crewneck sweatshirt on the market like the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt, and that makes it an essential Sunday Sale pick-up. If you do snag it, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt

Style Pick of the Week: Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots

Season Three hiking boots review

Refined hiking boots for fall and beyond from Season Three.

My friends, note the date and the day of the week. It’s a Saturday in mid-October, and that means two things. First of all, you need to be wearing your new favorite pair of boots out and about today. And second of all, if you don’t yet have a pair of, say, the best hiking boots for your planned fall adventures,  you’re in luck. The Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots are some of the best men’s boots for on and off the trail this fall, crafted the right way and available this very instant at an investment-level price ($345 via Season Three — worth it, though!). Act quickly to add these surprisingly sleek men’s boots to your rotation, and rest easy knowing that this NYC-based upstart is going the extra mile to inject ’em with comfort, durability and style. How so? Stick with me here to find out why.

Season Three is a direct-to-consumer brand founded fairly recently (2018!) by two MIT grads who wanted to dial in quality and comfort when it comes to stylish men’s footwear (they also have plans to produce outewear). The fact that the brand is selling these quality, Italian-made boots directly to you means no mark-up that you’d find when buying through a traditional retailer, so you should know that the Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots are worth the price. From the waterproof 100 percent Italian calfskin leather upper to the sharp design, every detail has been considered.

SHOP: The Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots 

Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots Review

Sharp-as-can-be black leather hiking boots are also up for grabs via Season Three.

The great thing about the Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots is that they eschew the typically bulky build of your average hiking boots, giving them a more refined look that works with ease in the city or out on the trail. These aren’t a pair of hiking boots in name only — the Goodyear welted Vibram wedge outsole is seriously well-crafted and should prove every bit as comfortable as, say, a pair of Danner hiking boots. Did I mention the fact that these stylish hiking boots come in a range of colors, from crisp Black to casual Sand and a dressy Midnight Navy? Because that’s as cool as it gets, and that means you can even wear them with tailored trousers and a merino cardigan.

These rugged hiking boots are also made to be worn with everything from tough hiking pants to waxed work pants and of course, your favorite pair of dark denim. Up top, you can mix in your favorite fall style essentials, from a classic Oxford shirt to a thermal henley and a warm shirt jacket. Add in the fact that the Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots are lined with sustainable New Zealand merino wool, and you’ve got yourself an incredible pair of fall and winter boots. Another fitting finishing touch? Functional and durable paracord laces and a D-ring lacing system for a snug fit. I’m not saying these are your new favorite pair of boots — regardless of how much you plan to hike — but I’m saying they could be pretty close. Try ’em and find out for yourself.

SHOP: The Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots 

The Friday Read: Boarding Pass NYC, The Timex Q Reissue Watch & the Best Fall and Winter Sunglasses

Running on into the weekend with Boarding Pass NYC — and a special discount just for you.

My friends, we’re going to do things just a bit different today to kick off the Friday Read. In fact, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite brands — gear and travel accessories brand Boarding Pass NYC — run by my buddy Mike Arnot, out of Brooklyn. You should also keep reading to get a discount on Boarding Pass NYC (In short: $10 off any purchase over $70 with the code BEAUKNOWS). I’ve known Mike for years through the menswear trade show circuit in NYC and beyond, and in fact, Boarding Pass NYC was one of the first brands to send me some gear for review way back in the day (2015!). The roots run deep, and it’s with great pleasure that I caught up with Mike recently to talk Boarding Pass NYC’s past and future. Mike combined his background in marketing and communications with his passion for aviation, travel and his own Canadian military college background to launch the brand in 2012.

“I started it kind of as a hobby … if you’re wearing a business casual outfit, you don’t necessarily want to have the (gym) duffel bag to wear with your gear. We have purposefully created more stylish duffel bags … not made of plastic, made of good quality materials, stylish (and) with colorways that are more evergreen.”

If you like what you hear, again, here’s a reminder that you can head to the brand’s Web site and use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70 — my first recommended pick is the aptly named, affordably priced “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel Bag, one  of the best weekender bags for fall trips. As it were, the bag retails for the excellent price of $79. And if you’ve followed Boarding Pass NYC for a while, you might also recognize the brand’s famed luggage tags. Boarding Pass NYC also sells through sites like J. Crew, with a strong E-commerce base. They also gained crucial early support from outlets like GQ, so you know they can deliver the goods.

The “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel is a great pick-up from Boarding Pass NYC, no doubt about it.


As Mike says, “it evolved over time to be more carry-oriented products. We’re making lifestyle products for all of your journeys,” from the subway to the airport and back. Speaking of the airport: Mike’s passion for aviation runs deep, seeing as he has his pilot’s license and is quite confident flying (I should know — I’ve been up in the air with him!). That aviation focus extends to some seriously cool vintage travel-themed accessories on the site, too. But back to that promo. If you want an affordable, stylish, functional duffel bag, you want Boarding Pass NYC. This promo is running through November, and this certainly won’t be the last you hear about the brand.

Once more before you click through the rest of the Friday Read, use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70 at Boarding Pass NYC. And now: Here are a few other choice picks for your fall weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy, my friends!

You can’t top this incredibly cool, affordable watch.

  • Let’s talk about an utterly classic fall beer, shall we? In fact, you can enjoy the Rogue Dead Guy Ale just about any time of year (with the exception of the high heat of summer, perhaps), but it seems to me that this Maibock-style beer would do exceptionally well for the colder months (Take my word for it — I’ve tried it!). And best of all? You can get this beer delivered to you via Drizly in a matter of hours. Cheers to that!
  • Eyecare remains critical through fall and winter — trust me on that — and it’s with this in mind that I covered the best fall and winter sunglasses for With picks ranging from Persol to Oakley, there really is something for everyone on that list, and that’s a guarantee from yours truly.

It’s with fall style on the brain that I’ll leave you with two final tasks for your weekend. Task no. 1: Head over to this post to shop the Schott NYC Cafe Racer Jacket at UNCRATE, and be prepared to get your hands on a leather jacket you’ll have for years and years to come. Task no. 2: Head over to my twice-weekly newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, and hit “Subscribe” to get dispatches delivered to your inbox covering everything from menswear and gear to indie rock and craft beer (all my passions, and hopefully some of yours, too)! With both those tasks accomplished, I’d say your fall weekend is ready to start right now. Cheers, my friends!