See Now, Buy Now: The Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boot Is Perfect for Versatile Spring Style

A durable pair of boots that channel both classic hikers and high-top sneakers.

Even as we reach the end of April, there’s still a pair of shoes every guy — including you — needs in his wardrobe (and on his feet). And in the case of today’s See Now, Buy Now series entry, that pair of shoes happens to be a dependable-as-heck pair of hybrid sneaker-boots … specifically, the Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boot. The ideal shoe for fighting through spring rain and eventually transitioning toward sunny days, outdoor drinking and music festivals aplenty, the¬†Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots¬†are a dependable and stylish pair of spring boots that are worth a second look if you want to switch up your footwear rotation this spring. Your humble Style Guide author always advocates for sticking to tried-and-true classics in the footwear department, from classic high-top sneakers to a timeless pair of chukka boots, but there’s something to be said for giving the more unique¬†Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots¬†a try. That process starts from the ground up with a waterproof lining, so you know the guts of these boots are on point. But they come in mighty handy in matters of style, too.

That is to say, if you want to swap out your white canvas sneakers or suede chukka boots for a hearty park walk or a long, grueling day checking out multiple breweries (a tough job!), the¬†Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots¬†are the ones to wear. They’ve got the comfort and cut of a pair of high-tops, with the durable touches of a rich leather pair of boots. Features like speed lacing and four cool color options (I like the Java color the best) make the Heritage Boots a reliable standby with casual outfits — like a classic chambray shirt and dark denim, or a slub pocket tee and faded light wash jeans. The price point on the¬†Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots¬†is almost¬†too¬†agreeable, as well — currently under $130. That’s a must-buy at any time of year, but especially right now.

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Style Pick of the Week: Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans

Classic denim in a modern fit — plus a spring-friendly wash. The perfect pair? You decide.

If you pass through The Style Guide regularly, then you’ll surely recognize the importance of seasonal style essentials — in this case, spring style essentials — that help you fully embrace this time of year and all of its potential. Bar crawls. Barbeques. Park strolls. Weekend festivals. It’s all on the table, and you need the right gear for every situation. When you feel like completely refreshing and revamping your wardrobe, these essentials are the pieces to which you can always turn. That brings me to the star of today’s post — the Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans, a lovely pair of stylish light wash denim that simply belong in your closet (and on your legs) this season. They check all the boxes in terms of the perfect pair of light wash denim with which to switch up your rotation of dark, inky blue denim. That’s right: Every so often, I’m recommending you set aside your deep, dark blue denim for something with a bit more spark — a slim pair of light wash denim like the extremely well-made, timelessly stylish¬†Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans. In a cool Pilot wash and made with a slim-straight fit, you truly can’t top this pair of denim. And if you’re somewhat new to the whole “light wash denim” game, you might as well invest in the best and pick up a pair you can wear all through the spring and summer, and next spring & summer … and every spring and summer well after that, too. Folks, again … that’s what the¬†Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans¬†bring to the fold.

I’m a big fan of the striking, visually pleasing Pilot wash, the sort of finishing touch that nods toward spring but doesn’t go too far down the “stonewashed retro” path. Small touches like the yellow-gold stitching contrast quite nicely with the rich, pleasingly faded blue of the¬†Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans¬†in particular. This is a pair of classic light wash denim that I could see working quite well with a rugged short-sleeve henley and classic suede boots for a round of beer and cider at your favorite brewery. The slim-straight fit is also flattering but not too tight or too loose — a good go-between when it comes to finding the right balance between casual and sloppy. That means the¬†Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans¬†work in a variety of style situations, even ones that are business casual. Seriously, try pairing the¬†Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans¬†with a dark navy cotton blazer and a striped merino henley (plus suede chukka boots) for a high-low, transitional spring style combo. Stylish light wash jeans that you can wear to the office and to the bar? Your list of spring style essentials just got a little longer.

Will you be purchasing — and wearing — the¬†Raleigh Denim Graham Jeans? Check in with me via The Style Guide Facebook page.¬†


The Friday Read: The National, Cincinnati and Your New Favorite Field Watch

It’s Friday, and I know what that means for me — as we speak, I’m en route to Cincinnati for the long-awaited, much-hyped Homecoming festival, curated and headlined by my favorite band, The National! The weekend brings these award-winning indie rockers back to their hometown for a weekend of music, excellent beer from Cincy’s Rhinegheist Brewery, and neat accompanying exhibitions (like a photography exhibition of the band on display at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. Other performers on the docket include personal favorite likes Alvvays, Future Islands and Julien Baker, plus intriguing sets from Father John Misty and rockers The Breeders. Oh, and The National are playing their seminal 2007 album “Boxer” in full on Sunday night. Whoa. Am I excited? Heck yes. If you have any must-hit spots or recommendations for Cincy, feel free to let me know on Twitter! And in the meantime, we’ve left you with a ton of stylish content to peruse this weekend and beyond. Check out this week’s #OOTD on how to style a white tee, or shop what could be your new favorite spring shirt. At any rate, it’s sure to be an action-packed weekend. Follow along with all the fun via my Instagram, and be sure to tune in to the blog tomorrow for our weekly Style Pick. Cheers!

  • Valet, a favorite lifestyle read around these parts, tells you all about the color that‚Äôs a magnet for compliments. I myself prefer to wear, well, blue … and more blue, but it’s worthwhile to consider switching up your color scheme every now and then (for instance, to different shades of blue!).
  • Let’s talk about watches for just a second.¬† Helpful as ever, Gear Patrol is giving you the scoop on the American-made field watch that you need to buy now. Like, right this instant. Besides, who doesn’t love shopping for some new spring style essentials?
  • I‚Äôm now inclined to point you toward last week‚Äôs Style Pick, which covered an extraordinary spring jacket from Taylor Stitch.¬† It’s got a bit of workwear style, it makes use of a classic color, and it pairs up with plenty in your closet. Yessir, it‚Äôs your new favorite spring jacket.
  • I’ll leave you this week with a very cool read that ties in quite well with this weekend’s Homecoming festival in Cincinnati. If ever you’ve wondered what it’s like for The National to coexist as band members¬†and¬†brothers (who hasn’t!?), then this excellent interview sums it up nicely.

That’ll do it for today’s Friday Read. Want something else to peruse? Shop for new spring style essentials here on the blog. And here. And here. That’s just a start!

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See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt is Your Daily Style Move

A crisp navy shirt in a tailored fit … from a standout menswear brand, no less? That sounds like an essential spring style move to me.

Every guy needs a perfect everyday shirt they can reach for in any situation — I mean, any situation. Situations ranging from, “I woke up late for work but still need to look great,” or, “I can’t pick out what to wear on this date,” or “What the heck should I wear to travel nowadays, anyway?” Seriously — any situation. And folks, that shirt is here. That shirt is … *drumroll please* … the Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt, in the brand’s famous Jack fit. The Washed Poplin Shirt is the latest and greatest from perhaps my favorite brand. The great folks at Taylor Stitch focus on excellent fabrics, timeless silhouettes and a classic sensibility that you can take anywhere, and the Washed Poplin Shirt¬†is a prime example of that. What sets apart this shirt from the rest of the pack? Plenty.

For one, it’s got that great navy color — a deep navy shirt is flattering on nearly any guy, but it’s still more visually interesting than a plain black shirt. Darker colors are slimming, for one, and the standout Taylor Stitch fit broadens your shoulders. The cotton poplin fabric used in the¬†Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt¬†is also a mighty fine fabric choice for spring and summer. It’s able to be layered with ease under pieces like a faded denim jacket (monochromatic style for the win!) or a crisp khaki blazer (preferably from the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Collection). And the versatility of the¬†Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt¬†doesn’t stop there. Navy goes with more traditional staples like olive or tan chinos, and it’s also a top pick for wearing with more unconventional pieces. For instance, a dark shirt and dark jeans work mighty fine together (see The National’s Matt Berninger for how this look is best pulled off — casually and at a rock show). So, am I saying you should wear the¬†Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt¬†with black jeans to a music festival? Or really, any place else you need an essential spring or summer shirt? That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Rock on!

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#OOTD: How to Style a Classic White Tee for Spring (And Beyond)

Lest you think the¬†classic white tee¬†is too plain, simple or boring for you, know that the white T-shirt in question today can be styled pretty darn effectively for spring. The key comes with picking out a T-shirt that’s a step above your normal white undershirt or V-neck. Something with some texture, some substance and some wearability. Do you follow? It took me a second, but I think I found the perfect white tee for today’s #OOTD. That tee, my friends, would be the¬†Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee.¬†Made with quality fabric and featuring that always-flattering Taylor Stitch fit, a crisp white tee is the perfect building¬† block for what I think you’ll find is a simple, yet stylish spring outfit. The accessories include a casual field watch and even a grooming essential to help you get cleaned up. We’re rounding it out with classic chinos, a pair of rugged 2-eye moc shoes, and a ridiculously well-made Flint and Tinder shirt. That ensemble is going to work wonders for your off-duty style — seriously, consider breaking out your chinos even when you’re not at the office. And again, where does it all start? It all starts with a¬†classic white tee, a style move that’s more than worth your time. Read on for today’s #OOTD — you’ll notice the format is slightly different (bullet points!), but the quality is (hopefully?) still the same. Cheers!

A crisp tee from Taylor Stitch, layered up with other easy-to-wear spring picks.


  • The T-Shirt:¬†Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee, $45 — When is a classic white tee more than¬† just a white tee? When it’s crafted by Taylor Stitch using quality materials, that’s when.
  • The Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch Athletic Slim Officer Chinos, $72 — A white tee and classic chinos are utterly timeless outfit building blocks that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • The Shirt:¬†Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown, $128 — Your outfit could use an extra layer, particularly on breezy spring nights. The Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown is that layer.
  • The Shoes:¬†New England Outerwear 2-Eye Chukka Moc, $270 — When you start an outfit off with chinos and a white tee, something as timeless as the 2-Eye Chukka Moc should fit the bill nicely.
  • The Watch:¬†Jack Mason Field Camp Watch, $195 — Durable, field-ready and stylishly casual for the weekend — that’s what you get with the Jack Mason Field Camp Watch, folks.
  • The Socks: Little River Sock Mill Textured Herringbone Crew Socks, $20 — Incorporating casual texture and a decent quality-to-price ratio, these are versatile spring socks.
  • The Wallet:¬†Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet in Brown, $58 — Make no mistake about it, your everyday carry essentials need a shot in the arm. The Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet is the one to do that.
  • The Grooming Essential: Barber & Co. Classic Pomade, $22 — Add a bit of this classic pomade for some shine and a refined touch. It’s as easy as that.

Don’t sleep on the necessity of owning something as simple and yet as polished as a classic white tee, especially from a brand like¬†Taylor Stitch. A staple that seems so simple can be worn so many ways — you could even ditch the¬†Flint and Tinder Check Buttondown¬†in favor of wearing the Taylor Stitch Triblend Tee all on its own, sleeves slightly rolled. Either way, the combo is going to be finished off nicely with timeless chinos from Abercrombie & Fitch, along with the handsome, rugged¬†2-Eye Chukka Moc. Accessories like the¬† Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet¬†add sleek style and essential functionality to this #OOTD, as does the¬†Jack Mason Field Camp Watch. These are picks that are going to work on the daily this spring, but they add a little something extra to an ensemble that doesn’t have many frills — just solid, classic style. Throw in¬†classic pomade¬†for an even more classicaly styled ‘do, then call it a day. Well, don’t call it a day — head out and get yourself some coffee at your favorite shop this weekend. Who’s with me?

Any thoughts on this #OOTD? Let me know in the comments below!

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See Now, Buy Now: This Corridor NYC Shirt is a New Seasonal Favorite

Cool stripes, cool fabric and a cool color — what more do you need for spring?

Finding the right shirt for spring and summer can take some time and patience. It’s all about nailing the proper fabric, the proper fit, the proper construction and … y’know what. Hold the phone. Because there’s one shirt that nails that checks all of those boxes quite nicely, and it’s the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt. Made from seriously cool 100 percent cotton, the Raindrop Stripe Shirt is pricey, yet essential, if you’ve yet to find a shirt you can wear consistently this spring and summer. Which brings me to my next point. The right short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer should be easy to wear on its own, particularly with seasonal essentials like slim tan chinos and leather loafers. However, it should also be easy to layer — leave the bulky flannel at home in this instance, because the¬†Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt¬†is going to layer up quite nicely underneath a cotton denim jacket or a slim rain jacket in equal measure.

And it’s got plenty going for it in terms of looks, too. The raindrop stripe pattern is unique and eyecatching, all the better to stand out against neutral spring style staples like light khaki chinos and white sneakers. And the construction is all business, too. Corridor NYC builds its pieces carefully and in small quantities, which means the $185 price tag is perfectly agreeable when you consider the work that’s gone into the¬†Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt. Helpfully, the¬†Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt¬†is far from a novely short-sleeve shirt, too. That is to say, the cool striped pattern stands out in a way that’s stylish and understated, all the better when it comes to wearing it to a music festival, a backyard BBQ or a bar crawl. Yes my friends, the¬†Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt¬†is the spring shirt you really, truly didn’t know you needed.

Are you going to be picking up the Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt? Let me know in the comments! 

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket

A French workwear silhouette meets the kind of quality and style that only Taylor Stitch can provide.

There are certain spring style essentials that, until you see ’em, you didn’t know you needed ’em. What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking, my friends, about the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, a stylish spring jacket that sits neatly in the middle of that tricky intersection between style and functionality (not to mention throwback looks and modern wearability). Yessir, the Ojai Jacket has tons going for it — would you expect anything less from Taylor Stitch? Surely not. Like most stellar, stylish Taylor Stitch menswear, the¬†Ojai Jacket¬†nods to the past yet works for the modern man (ahem, you!). How so? It’s an updated version of a French workwear jacket, with a deep indigo color and 100 percent cotton construction to match. They’ve even done it up in premium Japanese sateen that should age nicely over time — all the better, since you’re going to want to wear the¬†Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket¬†as often as you can this season. Lower patch pockets give this jacket the look and feel of a casual patch-pocket blazer, making it wearable with everything from a classic blue Oxford and slim tan chinos to dark blue denim and a grey slub T-shirt. The¬†Ojai Jacket¬†really is that versatile. It practically solves nearly all of your spring outerwear problems — heck, you could even layer it under a¬†classic rain jacket¬†(see this option from Triple Aught Design) and still get to and from the office in sleek (and dry) style.

Natural Corozo buttons and beautiful Japanese fabric lend a premium air to this jacket.

As one would expect with nearly any item from the endless bevy of¬†Taylor Stitch menswear, all the details are considered on the¬†Ojai Jacket. Corozo ring-back buttons add durability and a dash of premium quality — the brass pin and ring on the back of each button are quite neat, not to mention handy for your everyday carry essentials. A single chest pocket even gives you space to carry your favorite pen — because every guy should have a favorite pen, right (For the record, mine is the Fisher Space Pen). At any rate, the¬†Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket¬†is a spring jacket that’s just going to get the job done. The deep indigo color pairs well with faded light wash denim for some high-low contrast, it matches up with chinos in shades from olive to grey to light tan, and it looks at home alonside a crisp white tee, a classic light blue chambray shirt or a (slightly) more formal white Oxford. With just those building blocks along, you can make plenty of excellent spring outfits using the¬†Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket¬†as a stylish starting point. Ya dig? Good.

Let me know on Twitter how you’d style the¬†Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket¬†this season (and beyond!)

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