The Thursday Buy: This Rugged Faherty Shirt Jacket Is Your Favorite New Spring Layer

Best men's shirt jacket for spring.

Shifting into a new season is all about preparation, curating a wardrobe filled with spring style essentials that you can reach for at a moment’s notice without thinking twice about it. That means shedding the bulky layers of winter in favor of something more light and airy, yet no less rugged and durable. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but that’s what Faherty Brand does so well.

The brand specializes in pieces like the best everyday shirt, made with super-soft fabrics and plenty of stretch. That carries through across the entire Faherty line, particularly when it comes to the Faherty Jersey Shirt Jacket.

When you want to leave behind your winter parka in favor of a grab-and-go classic, look for a piece like the Faherty Jersey Shirt Jacket — the brand says it “blends the best of two worlds,” with soft cotton jersey fabric and yet the hard-wearing design of a traditional military overshirt. The Surplus Olive color is ideal for spring, especially when paired up with your favorite blue jeans, of course.

Oversized matte military buttons give it a true shirt jacket feel, a casually rugged piece you can wear buttoned up over a henley or unbuttoned atop your favorite graphic T-shirt. The flap chest pockets also lend the Faherty Jersey Shirt Jacket a highly useful look and feel, as do the side seam pockets — talk about a perfect amount of storage space for your everyday carry, right?

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Naturally, the Faherty Jersey Shirt Jacket also boasts contrast textured fabric detailing at the collar and cuffs, an extra detail that proves Faherty doesn’t cut corners. When spring rolls into town in earnest, you’ll be nothing short of prepared with the Faherty Jersey Shirt Jacket — that’s one heck of a great way to welcome spring.


See Now, Buy Now: This Outerknown Pocket Sweatshirt is the Laidback Layer You Need This Spring

Best sweatshirt for men.

If you ask me, part of the fun that comes with building a wardrobe of menswear essentials is stumbling across a piece that looks like it’s already a much-loved favorite, already a piece you’ve had for years on end. Take the Outerknown Sur Pocket Sweatshirt. It’s got plenty of the right style details going for it, starting with the garment-dyed finish for what the famed sustainable brand calls a “soft, lived-in feel.”

That alone makes it one of the best sweatshirts for men, especially in terms of laidback spring style, but as with all things Outerknown, there’s plenty more to love about this ultra-sustainable brand.

Hopefully, you’re at least a bit familiar with Outerknown, the brand founded in part by surfing legend Kelly Slater — and founded with a fierce mission to produce some of the best sustainable menswear on the market, no less. They’ve done that through using upcycled and recycled fabrics, plus eco-friendly materials, including hemp (which grows with far less water than other crops) and organic cotton (which cuts out harmful chemicals in the production process).

Both of them are front and center in the Outerknown Sur Pocket Sweatshirt, and you can also find a similarly sustainable approach when it comes to the famed Outerknown Blanket Shirt and one of the brand’s stylish polos, to name but two Outerknown must-haves.

Best sustainable menswear.

The entire Outerknown Men’s Collection is focused on that sustainable approach, which just so happens to yield some seriously stylish results, for good measure. The Outerknown Sur Pocket Sweatshirt, available in five pleasingly faded colors for utterly classic warm-weather style, looks just like a classic sweatshirt you’d find tucked away in a lakehouse closet or at a vintage shop, with all the right details (including raglan sleeves and that useful chest pocket).

It’s made from a 55 percent hemp-45 percent organic cotton blend, with the kind of soft, easygoing feel that pairs up perfectly with everything from tailored joggers to chino shorts for a spring bonfire. It just doesn’t quite get better than the Outerknown Men’s Collection, this sweatshirt very much included, so upgrade your spring layering game in eco-conscious fashion right now.

The Tuesday Steal: Get These Under-$100 Sneakers from Bespoke Post for Spring Right Now

Best spring sneakers for men.

I’m of the opinion that the time is always right to save on the best spring style essentials, especially as a new season starts in earnest — and particularly if you can find those essentials in question at Bespoke Post. The NYC-based brand offers up one of the best subscription boxes for men, of course, but if you’ve taken the time to glance around the Bespoke Post Shop, you know they’re so much more than that.

Take the fact that they curate and sell stylish men’s sneakers from brands like Shoe The Bear. Then, consider the fact that some of the best sneakers for men on the market right now are just $95 on sale (that’s nearly 40 percent off the purchase price of $150). How’s that for a Tuesday Steal, ehh?

The Shoe The Bear Babtiste Leather Sneakers hit the right notes for a spring footwear refresh, starting with the design itself: It’s based on retro tennis sneakers, always a worthy source of classic design inspiration. The blend of leather and canvas works nicely with the textured toe design. and the overall profile is sleek, not clunky. They also come in colors like Green and Orange, with hits of that contrasting color at the ankle — another welcome design detail.

That means you can wear this pair of the best men’s sneakers with everything from rolled light wash jeans and your favorite henley to dark blue jeans and one of the best Oxford shirts at the office. They’ll work perfectly well to carry you into summer with stylish chino shorts and one of the best polos for men, too. Throw in the fact that they’re just about 40 percent off, and you’ve found the perfect way to shop and save on your new favorite sneakers this season. Sounds like a plan to me. How about you?

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Chambray Shirt is a Timeless Spring Style Move

Best chambray shirts for men this spring.

If you ask your favorite Brooklyn style writer (ha!), I think every guy’s wardrobe should be filled with heavy hitters, reliable menswear essentials that can work in practically any style situation. Take the classic chambray shirt, for instance. Originally a workwear staple, the textured chambray fabric is at once rugged and yet versatile, more casual than your favorite Oxford shirt yet easier to wear (in terms of comfort) than a starched dress shirt.

And the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is a prime example of the style, and yet another way in which one of your favorite menswear brands delivers, well, some of the best menswear essentials.

It’s part of Buck Mason’s ongoing Menswear Spring Preview, an assortment of picks new and old made to be mixed and matched for practically anything your upcoming calendar throws your way. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Buck Mason already makes one of the most rugged spring jackets, along with dependable pieces like stylish men’s chinos and the best men’s henleys. Helpfully, this chambray shirt falls right in that same wheelhouse.

Best men's chambray shirt for spring.

The Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is one of two pleasing, timeless washes in which you can snag this soft, 100 percent indigo yarn-dyed cotton chambray shirt. It’s outfitted with a buttondown collar and chest pocket for casual style points (unlike a traditional dress shirt, which usually forgoes a chest pocket).

Beyond that, the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is just an utterly classic option, made to be layered over a Buck Mason henley and jeans, or styled with Buck Mason chinos and leather loafers at the office. If that sounds like an agreeable spring style combination, I’d urge you to move forward with picking up a new spring favorite.

The Sunday Sale: Save Nearly 30 Percent On these Rugged Chukka Boots from Huckberry

Best chukka boots for spring

When the time finally comes to stow away your hard-working winter boots in favor of something more lighter and easier to wear, well, you’re going to want to be prepared. What’s a guy to do? For starters, you’re likely aware (if you read the blog on the regular!) that you can head over to Huckberry to stock up on all your spring style essentials.

Beyond that, you’re going to find precisely what you need within the affordably priced, well-stocked and yet fast-selling Huckberry Sale section. And let’s take it one step further: You’re going to find the Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots — some of the best chukka boots for men — within that sale section, and up for grabs at a discount right now for more than 25 percent off.

Best men's chukka boots for spring.

That knocks the price of the Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots down to $131 from $175, a downright steal in terms of the right blend of quality and affordability. Crucially, like other Rhodes Footwear styles (including a pair of rugged Chelsea boots), the Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots hit all the right marks in terms of spring-ready boots, from the versatile ankle boot chukka design to the sturdy yet comfortable rubber wedge sole.


Beyond that, the Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots boast a refined toe shape that puts them right at home with either the best men’s blue jeans or your favorite chinos and an Oxford shirt, while the waxy leather will develop its own unique patina over time.

The sole itself on the Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots is also slip-resistant, while the overall look is about as versatile and high-quality as it gets for the price. Again, the Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka Boots can be yours for just about 25 percent off, and that’s as worthy a deal as any this season. Lace ’em up and we’ll see you out there.

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Summerweight Favorite Shirt – A Must-Buy Shirt for Warm Weather

Best men's shirt for spring and summer.

There are times when you want to hit it right down the middle of the fairway, so to speak, in terms of your spring style essentials. Times when you want to look polished and crisp without overdoing it, without looking sloppy and without veering too far away from pieces that you know and love.

Take one of the best Oxford shirts, for instance. So named for the iconic fabric that makes up its design, the classic shirt is one that’s tough to improve upon — unless, of course, you’re Todd Snyder. And that’s where the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt does its job so handily.

The all-American designer already specializes in modern updates to rugged classics, like one of the best field jackets, and something as timeless as the Oxford shirt is a ready target for the New York company to take on — and improve, for that matter. As the brand itself says, it just might be time to “say hello to your new favorite shirt,” and the Todd Snyder Summerweight Favorite Shirt steps right up to the tee and knocks it down the middle of the fairway.

Best summer shirt for men.

It’s so named because the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt features the kind of details the designer himself appreciates, from small touches like the perfectly rolled collar and the front-button chest pocket to larger details, like soft and breezy cotton construction. Plus, the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt features cool details like a locker loop — you could easily see this shirt hanging on a wooden peg in a cool menswear shop, right? That’s all the better, because the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt is exactly the kind of effortlessly cool piece the namesake brand has perfected over time.

Plus, it’s available in nine color and pattern options, from a simple sky blue number to some distinctive stripes. Best of all is the fact that you can wear the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt untucked with expertly faded blue jeans, or else tucked in underneath your favorite blazer alongside crisp navy chinos this spring and summer.

And yes, the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt is an investment at nearly $150, but if you’ve tried Todd Snyder menswear, you know that it’s very much worth the price. Go on then — your new favorite shirt awaits.

The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Spring Essentials, The Best Merino Shoes & Spring’s Best Chore Coats

Best men's trucker jacket for spring.

Folks, thanks for swinging by The Style Guide here on this fine spring Friday. Last week, I was in Atlantic City seeing The Killers, but this week, it’s been all New York, all the time. Perhaps you’ve been keeping up with the fun on my Instagram, but it’s been an action-packed week featuring events with the likes of American Crew grooming in Brooklyn — a special VIP evening featuring hair styling sessions at the Crown Club at Barclays Center — not to mention some sports-related fun via Michigan State’s appearance in the NCAA Tournament in NYC. Talk about an ideal way to see your alma mater play!

Beyond that, I’ve been busy prepping for spring and testing plenty of new gear, from the best men’s Chelsea boots to one of the best popover sweaters for spring. With all that in mind, I hope you’ll find the rest of today’s Friday Read to your liking, including my recommendation here for the best new spring menswear from Taylor Stitch.

The new lineup at the famed San Francisco retailer includes the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket as seen above, a personal favorite of mine that should fit nicely into your wardrobe of spring menswear essentials. And if you’re still in search of other spring menswear picks, then a few of my choice reads below should be of assistance. Happy shopping and happy spring, my friends!

  • If you’ve been keeping up with this style blog, or else shopping the fine menswear at Huckberry, perhaps you recognize the above stylish men’s jacket. It’s one of my top picks for spring, assuredly, and that’s why I was pleased to include it in my latest Maxim guide on the best chore coats for the season ahead. Give it a look, and shop it right now at Huckberry in the meantime.
  • Speaking of spring style essentials, here’s one you might not have heard of, or considered: The best merino shoes for men. Merino wool is lightweight and warm yet breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, and found in plenty of the best merino menswear. But what about merino shoes? Yes indeed, that’s where my guide to the best merino shoes comes into play, as I wrote about this month over at AskMen.
  • I’ll leave you with one last stylish spring menswear selection, one right from the very pages of this blog. The Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo is a textured, visually appealing piece to shake up your casual style rotation, and you can read all about it right here, right now. Happy shopping, once again.

That’s all I’ve got for your Friday Read today, but I’d wager you’ve got more than enough to keep you occupied, from shopping the best new spring menswear from Taylor Stitch to hitting up your favorite brewery for a fresh spring beer this weekend. As always, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and we’ll see you then. Cheers!

The Thursday Buy: These New FRYE Chelsea Boots Are Some of the Best Boots for Spring

Best Chelsea boots for men.

Stepping into a new season is sometimes as simple as, well, stepping out with the right pair of boots. OK, it might not be quite that simple — you’re still going to need a new spring polo and one of spring’s best jackets — but starting your search from the ground up can be a helpful strategy these days. Take FRYE, the long-running maker of some of the best boots for men, period.

You might know them for the Northeast-based company’s rugged lace-up boots for winter, but keep things a little more airy this spring with a streamlined pair of Chelsea boots. Crucially, the FRYE Seth Chelsea Boots hit on the right notes for early spring: Sturdy enough to take a bit of a beating, dressy enough to wear to the office or a cocktail party, and cool enough to wear with everything from olive chinos to light wash jeans and a pocket tee.

Best spring boots for men.

The FRYE Seth Chelsea Boots have all the hallmarks of a dependable pair of boots from the heritage bootmaker (they’ve been in business for well over a century). They start, of course, from the ground up with Goodyear welt construction on most of its boots (and your author assumes the same for the FRYE Seth Chelsea Boots, although it’s not listed online!).

From there, touches like hand-burnished detailing add a slightly rugged, edgy appeal. The Graphite color on the FRYE Seth Chelsea Boots is a nice blend of brown and charcoal, and suitable for spring (even with some of the best black jeans). The entire profile of the FRYE Seth Chelsea Boots remains sleek and dressy, yet undeniably cool. And while some sizes are selling quickly online, you can secure your new favorite Chelsea boots for under $280 right now. Spring has sprung, indeed.

See Now, Buy Now: Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe with the New Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo

Best men's polos for spring and summer.

Perhaps you, like me, are starting to feel it in the air: Spring is finally on the move, finally rolling into town, and you’re in need of some new spring style essentials. You’re in luck, my friends — Taylor Stitch has you covered, as seems to be the case season after season… after season. All one needs to do is check out the well-stocked, well-curated and incredibly well-designed Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section to see that the brand has you covered from A-to-Z, from denim to one of the best men’s polos, as seen above.

You see, the Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo takes what you thought you knew about the polo and flips it on its head in a way that only Taylor Stitch can. They’ve done the same thing with the rugged Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater, for instance, and they’re delivering again with the impressive Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo.

Best men's polos for spring.

What’s the key with the seriously cool Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo? It starts with the organic cotton fabric, nicely complemented by that organic cotton rib texture for some visual interest beyond a plain cotton polo (although there’s a time and a place for that, too!).

The tailored fit — in chest sizes, as with other Taylor Stitch menswear — is a nice style detail, while side vents offer a classic polo touch. The best part about the Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo might be color options like Storm and Ash Heather, both a nice departure from navy or black polos. When you want a slightly classed-up alternative to a T-shirt, but an option that works just as well with tailored chinos as it does light wash jeans, reach for the Taylor Stitch Jacquard Polo — you know Taylor Stitch won’t let you down.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 30 Percent On This Essential Relwen Popover for Spring

Best men's sweater for spring.

A well-rounded style rotation should be packed with the sort of pieces you look forward to wearing, day in and day out, all the time. Kind of like spinning a (figurative) wheel and hitting the jackpot… every time. And for casually rugged style this breezy spring season, there’s no place that gives you more options for spring style essentials than Huckberry. I’d wager you assuredly know that, but a reminder always helps — and consider this your reminder that the Relwen Windzip Popover (a personal favorite of mine) can be your new casually rugged, go-to spring layer, and it’s 30 percent off right now.

Naturally, you’ll find it in the Huckberry Sale section, which is packed with the sort of discounts on durable stylish gear (like this nylon jacket, filled with down) that every guy could use more of this season. The Relwen Windzip Popover is also a sort of two-for-one deal — it’s got the build of a casual quarter-zip, but the lining and fill of a lightweight puffer jacket, and it also features both a snap collar and a handy zipper for extra coverage.

Plus, you can’t beat the cool color-blocked design of the Relwen Windzip Popover, nor that sale price. Don’t fret over finding your next spring layer — you’ve secured it right now with the Relwen Windzip Popover