Style Pick of the Week: Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses

A pair of stylish sunglasses that are just bold enough to work in all manner of summer style scenarios.

My friends, the search for stylish sunglasses for men seems to be an ongoing one, does it not? Sure, there’s a plethora of options out there, yet finding a pair of sunglasses that manage to blend subtle design, plus standout functionality and that hard-to-find “old-school cool” factor, can be difficult. Or is it merely a question of digging a little deeper in your quest for the perfect pair of sunglasses? If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you’ve spotted the brand featured in today’s post — that’d be Electric, makers of summer style essentials aplenty. They’ve certainly come through this time around. That is to say, the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses have just about everything you should be looking for when it comes to your new favorite pair of sunglasses. Is that high praise? Heck yeah. Can the Knoxville XL Sunglasses back it up? I sure think so.

The square frame of the Knoxville XL is more unique than your classic aviator sunglasses or the retro look of Wayfarers, but that’s all the better for wearing with a new crop of seasonal menswear essentials. We’re talking ensembles like a rugged short-sleeve henley and rolled light wash denim, ideally paired with classic chukka boots — that’s where the Knoxville XL is going to stand out quite nicely.

The Knoxville XL are also available with a cool, sleek Black Matte frame.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses to stand out quietly on your next summer road trip — or even your commute — you’d do quite well to slap the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses on your noggin. Polarized polycarbonate lenses ensure durability and crucial protection from the sun’s rays, while the Italian-made quality of the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses is going to go a long way in ensuring they look great and last all summer long (and well beyond that, of course). Your Style Guide editor is partial to the Matte Tortoise iteration of the  Knoxville XL, all the better for wearing with a slim white Oxford, tan chinos and leather loafers for slightly elevated business casual look. If you want something a little sportier and more sleek? Reach for the Matte Black version of the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses, as seen above. Either pair are going to put in plenty of work as you dress for an outdoor summer party or your next BBQ — that’s just a small sampling of all the fun you can have when accessorizing with the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses. Yes, folks … you just found that ever-elusive, essential pair of summer sunglasses. Bingo. Now, grab me a beer, will ya?

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The Friday Read: TRIWA Watches, Adidas Sneakers and New Summer Style Essentials from Huckberry

It’s a rainy Thursday evening in New York as I sit down to type this post, but luckily, I’ve got plenty of memories of a sunny, amazing Florida trip to look back on this past weekend (if you follow me on Instagram, you’re well aware of the trip!). At any rate, it’s nice to be closing out a long work week on the fashion PR grind. That brings me quite nicely to my next point — with the Fourth of July falling in the middle of next week, it’s high time you loaded up on summer style essentials for the holiday. To help with that quest, I compiled the best deals from Huckberry this week, from camping gear to new menswear. They won’t last long — count on it. Alternatively, you’d also do quite well to shop this week’s edition of The List, a shopping series that’s packed with men’s style essentials for rugged getaways and easygoing vacations alike.  Lastly, if you’re struggling with what to wear for the Fourth of July, I’d point you toward our #OOTD series here on the ole blog.

  • It’s time to throw on the summer shirt you didn’t know you need — the easy, versatile, breezy popover shirt. I’m in need of a stylish popover shirt myself, and this list of the best popover shirts for men from should prove quite helpful.

  • Sneakerheads, here you go — for an agreeable price, you can get sporty, lightweight summer style courtesy of the Adidas F/22 Primeknit. Learn more via my latest footwear feature for GearMoose (wink, nudge).
  • Perhaps my favorite summer knit might be the trusty, rugged short-sleeve henley. There are plenty of great brands making nice iterations out there, and it’s with that spirit in mind that I wrote about the best short-sleeve henleys for The Manual this week.

  • TRIWA is a new watch company — to me at least — that stands out from the pack. Quite stylishly, too. Here’s the gist: They make durable timepieces with, among other products, recycled plastic. And they’re at it again with a new launch — the TRIWA x HUMANIUM METAL Watch is a new favorite of mine (you know that if you’ve checked out my Instagram Stories this week!). Soon enough, you can get your hands on one for yourself — at least, if you pre-fund the partnership now. This tough, hard-wearing, rugged watch will be made from destructed illegal firearms and will serve as a solution to gun-related violence in conflict-torn societies — that’s pretty neat, right? Right.

That’s going to do it for me today, folks. Up next this week: Potentially, a show by revered British shoegaze pioneers Slowdive at the Brooklyn House of Vans this weekend … maybe. In the meantime, I’ll be tracking down some iced coffee, shopping for a bit of menswear, and generally enjoying life! Beer in hand, ideally.

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Shop These Summer Deals from Huckberry Right Now for the Fourth of July

Guys — it’s true. We really do love Huckberry here at The Style Guide. Huckberry is a one-stop E-commerce site and lifestyle brand — they’ve really got it all for guys who live a curated, well-considered and diverse lifestyle. That’s particularly true when it comes to the gear you need for the Fourth of July. There are rugged picks aplenty, to go along with tons of summer style essentials. With that in mind, your humble editor pulled together a quick list of some great deals and steals from Huckberry, all of which are going on as we speak! Let’s get to it.

United By Blue Summer Apparel — 25% Off (Through July 3rd) 

Just a few of the style essentials you can pick up from United By Blue on sale.

The folks at United By Blue are up to their old tricks — designing stylish and sustainable summer gear, that is. Get 25 percent off all United By Blue menswear — my favorite pick might just be the Kinghorn Plaid Shirt.

Native Shoes — 25% Off (Through July 1) 

Easy to wear, easy to style and perfect for summer travel.

Lightweight, comfortable and very easy to pack or wear for summer travel — that’s what you’re getting with Native Shoes. Your stylish summer sneakers are here, folks.

GrowlerWerks Growlers — 15% Off (Ongoing) 

A growler that serves up tasty beer and looks great in the process? Sign me up.

I really do love me an ice-cold, fresh craft beer — who doesn’t? You can serve up your favorite beers for the Fourth of July and beyond with a handsome, essential beer growler from GrowlerWerks. Cheers!

Nemo Equipment — 25% Off (Through July 3rd) 

The functional, useful camping equipment you need now.

I’m admittedly not big on camping, but if I were, I’d use dependable, functional gear from Nemo Equipment — you can pick up some nice deals now, my friends.

Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit — $100 Off (Through July 3rd)

Take $100 off this cookout and bonfire essential.

Take $100 off this durable, easy-to-use portable fire pit from Solo — that’s a heck of a deal in time for your next summer party.

DemerBox Speakers — 20% Off (For 48 Hours)

Durable Bluetooth speakers that pack a heck of a punch.

Want your speakers to pack a punch visually and in terms of stellar audio? You need the rugged, go-anywhere DemerBox speakers, available right now for a great deal.

OtterBox Coolers — 25% Off (Through July 3rd)

The only cooler you need for spring and summer.

Perhaps the most durable, toughest coolers on the market come from OtterBox — that’s all there is to it. Load up an OtterBox cooler for your Fourth of July party, ASAP.

SpikeBall — 15% Off (For 48 Hours)

Innovative water games for your next weekend trip. Available for a nice deal right now.

Yep, that’s right. SpikeBall. Your boating excursions and weekend lake trips just got a heck of a lot more fun, thanks to this innovative water game. Once again, for the people in the back: SpikeBall.

Are you ready to do some shopping? I, for one, think these deals from Huckberry are too good to be missed. Which of these picks are your favorite? I’m truly a sucker for United By Blue menswear, for one. Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading.


#OOTD: How to Dress for the Fourth of July This Year

Gentlemen (and ladies), let’s get ready for the Fourth of July — we’re letting the figurative menswear fireworks fly today, so to speak. If that strikes you as an odd proposition, what with the Fourth of July being so casual, bear with me for a moment. Just like dressing for a casual summer Friday or upgrading your weekend style, stepping out for a scenario like the Fourth of July calls for paying a bit more attention than usual to your outfit. That extra attention to detail definitely pays off, because it pays to look your best, always … even if your friends or family are taking it easy. Make no mistake, I’m not talking something way over-the-top — no, sir. Today’s #OOTD starts with a military-inspired jacket, features a mighty fine pair of slim grey chinos from Taylor Stitch, and finishes with classic brown leather sneakers — see, there’s nothing overly fancy about that. Just good, clean, all-American style that’ll look great at a BBQ or bonfire, and especially stylish for fireworks later on. What say you? Let me know on Twitter whether or not you dig this look.

A tough jacket, a classic T-shirt and slim chinos are staples any day of the week — especially for the Fourth of July.

  • The Jacket: Relwen Sailcloth Tanker, $252 — There’s a chance that the Fourth of July could be slightly chilly or breezy, especially if you spend it near the water. The tough Relwen Sailcloth Tanker is a perfect travel jacket, and rugged enough to do it all.
  • The T-shirt: Faherty Brand Indigo Pocket Tee, $51 — Nothing wrong with throwing on a classic T-shirt here. The Faherty Brand Indigo Pocket Tee features excellent fabric and a modern fit — ideal for layering.
  • The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in Ash, $98 — While you could easily throw on slim shorts here, these Taylor Stitch chinos provide you with more versatility (not to mention protection from bug bites).
  • The Sneakers: Nisolo Diego Low Top Sneakers in Tobacco, $148 — Stylish leather sneakers, especially ones with slightly more rugged design details, offer mobility and comfort. Nisolo’s Diego Low Top Sneakers get the job done. Better than flip-flops, right?
  • The Socks: CHUP Volant Socks, $32 — Particularly if you’re visiting friends or relatives, you want look sharp even without shoes on — the CHUP Volant Socks are tasteful and quite stylish.
  • The Belt: Cause and Effect Leather Belt in Vintage, $130 — Thanks to the aged leather and high-quality construction, Cause and Effect has come up with what could be one of the best leather belts out there — ideal for standing apart from the crowd, in the best way, on the Fourth of July.
  • The Watch: Timex Archive Navi Watch, $135 — Sporty, durable and ideal for wearing on or near the water, the Timex Archive Navi Watch harnesses all-American style for July 4th.
  • The Essential: Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife, $68 — You never know when you might need the Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife around your Fourth of July campfire or fireworks celebration. Right?
  • The Hat: Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo, $45 — Last but certainly not least … the Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo keeps the sun of your face while providing understated, made-in-America style. Not bad at all.

As with any #OOTD, the keys to getting it right often start with the basics — fabric, fit, quality … you know the drill. For dealing with breezy evenings and potentially some rain (not ideal for the Fourth!), the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker is a tough-as-heck, stylish-as-heck top layer. The Faherty Brand Indigo Pocket Tee perfectly accents the more rugged nature of your outerwear pick — it’s laidback, easygoing and cool enough to wear on its own at the beach or pool. They’re certainly a bit dressier than you might expect for the Fourth of July, but the Taylor Stitch chinos shown here pack a serious punch if you want one pair of pants to wear for holiday travel … and then post-travel happy hour. Plus, the seriously cool, rich leather on the Nisolo Diego Sneakers helps set ’em apart from other sneaker options out there — always ideal if you’re trying to pack light for a weekend trip. I’m also all about high-quality socks, like the CHUP Volant Socks, a perfect example of getting the details right. That’s also why an eye-catching belt, like the one from Cause and Effect shown here, is such an essential piece for a casual holiday. And although the Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife might not be the first thing that comes to mind when dressing for the Fourth of July, you might be surprised at how versatile it can be if needed. Finish off this casual, rugged look with the Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo — a perfect “dad cap,” even if you don’t happen to be a dad. So, tell me: How are you dressing for the Fourth of July? Weigh in over at The Style Guide Facebook page. Cheers! 


The List: Shop These Men’s Style Essentials for Summer … As Soon as You Can

Folks, we’re coming at you today with a plea to stock up on men’s summer style essentials. OK, not a plea. Rather, a friendly nudge in the right direction. As we love talking about here at The Style Guide, versatility and timeless style are must-haves, no matter the season. That’s equally true during summer, and that’s why today’s picks in this edition of The List include go-anywhere staples like a classic Oxford shirt, rugged suede boots and even a stylish leather wallet. Check it all out below — summer adventures await.

Flint and Tinder Soft Washed Oxford — $98

Soft-washed fabric, a stellar fit and classic style — everything you need this summer.

Right off the bat, here’s that stylish Oxford shirt we talked about. As you might expect, it’s made with exceptional fabric from the folks at Flint and Tinder. Wear it with dark denim and suede chukka boots for Saturday night.
Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife — $68

A tough-as-heck knife from the makers of your favorite apparel and footwear. Not bad, ehh?

A drop point knife? On a list of menswear essentials? Sure, why not. You never know when your next project might call for it. Especially when it just so happens to be the Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife. Carry it in your Taylor Stitch light wash jeans, for good measure.
Mott and Bow Benson Jeans in Straight Fit — $118

These light wash jeans fit a bit more relaxed — all the better for staying cool.

What to wear with your classic white Oxford? Stylish light wash jeans from Mott and Bow, of course, done in a fit that’s a bit more loose than what you might wear normally. It’s summer, after all — keep cool out there.
OtterBox Trooper LT 30 Soft Cooler — $269.99

Take this cooler to the beach or on your next camping trip — it’ll go anywhere.

Let’s get right to business. No more cheap Styrofoam coolers to head out on summer adventures — the OtterBox Trooper Cooler is as good as it gets.

Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Boots in Roughout Amber Suede — $365
Wolverine 1000 Mile

Beautiful suede boots that you can buy now … and wear now, on cool summer nights.

Should you buy a pair of rugged suede boots in the summer? Yes. Should you wear these Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots in the summer? Yes. Test drive ’em with light wash jeans and a pocket tee to head to your favorite brewery.

Wingback London Card Holder — $56

Sleek, refined and sure to get better with age.

Whether you wear breezy linen trousers, slim black denim or rugged canvas shorts, keeping your leather wallet slim and streamlined — rather than bulky and overstuffed — is crucial this summer. Wingback London has your back.
Taylor Stitch California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid — $125

A rich indigo shirt in breezy cotton — perfect versatility from Taylor Stitch.

Fear not — Taylor Stitch is here with the beautiful California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid. The perfect collar and the perfect fit. Wear it untucked with olive chinos and stylish brown leather brogues to the office this summer.
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch — $1,195

As good as it gets! Pricey, but worth it.

I’m certainly all about keeping things affordable here on the blog, and yet … what’s #menswear without a little wish list? The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is a timeless watch, chock full of terrific specs and great looks.
Corridor NYC Indigo Denim Cap — $45

A stylish upgrade over your typical ballcap.

Searching for a ballcap that’s got just a little something different? This Corridor NYC Indigo Cap is made from the material as your favorite jeans — wear it with a white slub tee and classic khaki chinos to a bonfire this season.

Jack Mason Nautical Chronograph Watch — $275

Stylish, sporty and dependable. Nice work, Jack Mason.

Another watch? Yessir. The handsome, slightly rugged and yet ever-so-refined Jack Mason Nautical Chronograph Watch works, even if you don’t own a boat.
Victory Sportswear Speed Runner — $220

“Ugly” sneakers? Hardly. The Speed Runners are sleek and versatile.

Stylish retro sneakers are all the rage right now — the Victory Sportswear Speed Runner is a nice, slightly understated way to dip your toes into that trend. Wear the Speed Runner with a classic White Oxford & light wash denim.
North & Mark Howard Waterproof Stretch Trench — $325

A timeless trench coat, updated with modern fabric for maximum mobility.

When’s the best time to stock up on stylish outerwear for the rainy season? Arguably, when it’s, well, not rainy. This stretch waterproof trench allows you to get around easily while keeping you dry. Bonus points for the classic trench style.

So, having a tough time deciding which of these summer style essentials is your favorite? If I had to pick, I’d go with those handsome Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots … or perhaps the insanely cool, stylish Zodiac Super Sea Wolf. Or heck, maybe even that stylish Oxford shirt from Flint and Tinder at the top of the page. At any rate, hopefully, you found something that caught your eye! Thanks, as always, for reading.

Style Pick of the Week: Penfield Callahan Shirt


From the retro camp collar to the use of seersucker fabric, I think this shirt is just what you need in terms of style that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Finding summer style inspiration can actually be surprisingly tricky at times. After all, it’s incessantly hot, it can take a lot to get around (especially if you’re a city dweller sans car), and it often feels easiest to resort to a T-shirt and shorts. Make no mistake, that can certainly be done stylishly (Editor’s note: This stylish Taylor Stitch T-shirt is a great place to start!). But there’s another way to stay cool and look great, and it’s the Penfield Callahan Shirt. Yep. Simple as that. OK, maybe it’s not that simple. But seriously, a stylish short-sleeve shirt like the Callahan Shirt, especially one that incorporates a vintage-inspired camp collar, is something you really didn’t know you needed in your closet … right? I’m tellin’ ya, if you want a visually interesting, retro-inspired shirt that’s a cut above a slub T-shirt or a polo? The Callahan Shirt from Penfield is your go-to, particularly for a weekend happy hour, a summer party or an easygoing-yet-stylish Sunday brunch. Crucially, the Penfield Callahan Shirt rids your body of excess fabric and heat, and every bit counts in that department. In short, it’s as easy to wear as a T-shirt, yet with the upgraded style you’d normally get from a classic polo shirt. All the while, it’s that much more stylish and just plain … cool. That’s true in a literal sense (it’s made with seersucker fabric), as well as a figurative sense.

Exactly where the Callahan Shirt might work best … surrounded by friends and a few rounds of tasty beers.

It’s style that’s noticeable, yet not over-the-top … that’s exactly the type of style I think we all should aspire toward as readers of The Style Guide, right? The great thing about the Callahan Shirt from Penfield is that it nods to current trends in a way that’s eye-catching, but also timeless. Again, a retro camp collar shirt is just the changeup your wardrobe might need going into the rest of summer. What better option to reach for than one that works with slim khaki chinos and white canvas sneakers just as well as it works with rolled ligh wash denim and leather loafers? The Callahan Shirt from Penfield gives you the best of both worlds, and it does so all while not breaking the bank (note the $90 price tag on the Callahan Shirt). To recap: The Callahan Shirt nails the right balance when it comes to killer style that’s also casual. It’s also affordable. And most importantly? It keeps you cool as heck — in more ways than one — this summer. That’s good enough for me.

What about you? Are you buying the Callahan Shirt? How would you style it? 

The Friday Read: Fort Myers, The Best Sunscreen for Men and Summer Denim

I don’t know about you, but your Style Guide author sure is ready for the weekend. It’s not just any old weekend, either. No sir, I’m headed to Florida — lovely Fort Myers, in fact — to spend time with my parents and my incredible girlfriend, Laura! If you don’t follow her blog, you absolutely should; it’s got something for everyone, from the best new music to style on a budget. I certainly enjoy reading it! Aside from our blogging pursuits, I know that we’re both looking forward to a little time off from our day jobs (Laura in marketing, mine in PR), along with soaking up some Florida sun. You can, of course, follow along with all of our adventures on Instagram in the meantime. It’ll be the first time I’ve been in Florida since a birthday weekend at Disney World, and I really can’t wait. If you’re hitting the road, might I recommend that you bring along a stylish carry-on bag for the occasion?  And if you need something to read, well, the below pieces ought to get your weekend started the right way. Cheers!

  • Taking care of your skin is as important as making sure your summer style essentials are on-point this season — seriously! That’s why I wrote about the best sunscreens for men over at GearMoose! Ch-ch-check it out.

  • I’m always a fan of the relatable, useful style content put together by the team at Valet — that’s why I think you’d do well to read up about how to wear a long-sleeve shirt this summer (and on a side note, you should absolutely check out my post here on how to wear a chambray shirt in the heat!).
  • Fancy starting your weekend with a little shopping? rounded up the best accessories under $100 — there really is something for everyone on this list.
  • Let’s wrap things up by talking about essential summer denim. If you, like me, simply can’t get enough of your favorite denim, you might want to check out my recent write-up on the Warren Denim from Mott and Bow — they’re lightweight and easy-to-wear, no matter the temperature.

That’ll round out today’s Friday Read, folks! Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, guaranteed to get you into the spirit of summer style accordingly.

Thanks for reading,


See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch California Shirt Belongs In Your Summer Wardrobe

Yet another standout summer style essential from Taylor Stitch. From the rich indigo color to the cool pattern, it’s just … excellent. Styled here with the terrific Timex x Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Watch & the “Hustle” Oxford Pennant.

As we all know here at The Style Guide, we preach quality over quantity, investing in timeless pieces and then, well, wearing the heck out of those pieces. From the perfect white T-shirt to a must-have short-sleeve shirt, Taylor Stitch is a brand that, at least for your humble author, makes a TON of those sorts of pieces. And the latest one for your consideration? Well, that’d be the Taylor Stitch California Shirt, as seen above. The California Shirt is absolutely a summer style essential that’s too good to be true. Well, nearly too good to be true. How’s that so? As I type I happen to be wearing the California Shirt — and it’s every bit as good as advertised. The California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid is, first and foremost, made from seriously cool indigo dyed slub cotton. That gives it a unique feel and texture, perfect for wearing on its own this summer, or else atop a striped tee or henley. Make no mistake, though — the California Shirt isn’t flimsy … nor is it overly heavy. It’s just right.

It’s a shirt that manages to feel laidback and yet just ever-so-slightly refined — chalk that up to the brand’s perfectly-sized California collar (able to be worn with or without a tie). Plus, the perfect length allows the California Shirt to be worn tucked in or untucked. What does that mean for you, well-dressed fella? That means you should feel free to wear the California Shirt with all manner of summer style staples, from classic khaki chinos and white canvas sneakers to dark denim and stylish brown leather brogues. On that note, you can layer the California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid under or over darn near anything, too. The California Shirt works atop a slub T-shirt for a summer bonfire, or beneath a rugged military jacket on a breezy summer night. Don’t forget: You can also wear the California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid all on its own with slim light wash denim and suede chukkas, sleeves rolled up. For $125, that’s plenty of styling potential. In fact, it might be all the summer styling potential you need.

Are you a fan of the California Shirt in Indigo Pyramid? What say you of these styling tips? 

#OOTD: Wear This Gear to the Beach This Summer

We try to cover style scenarios aplenty here at The Style Guide, from how to wear your favorite T-shirt to the best way to wear a denim jacket this summer. Well, let’s take things a step further. Which is to say, even when you think looking stylish falls by the wayside, it doesn’t — not even at the beach. Yessir, heading to the beach for a relaxing day — or a series of days — calls for gear that’s situationally appropriate (leave the jeans at home), plus seriously stylish. I think today’s #OOTD covers all those bases, and then some. Think of it like, well, a sandier version of your favorite casual outfit.

So, tailored swim shorts that mimic the fit of your favorite pair of chino shorts, plus a rugged henley and an investment-level watch. Those are but a few of the essentials I think you might find handy the next time you head to the beach. Think of it this way: The best beach gear can have you feeling as sharp and stylish as you do when you throw on your favorite polo or a crisp pair of dark denim. If it fits well and looks great, it’s going to amp up the way you feel that much more. This is something of a Style Guide 101 principle, but it’s a helpful reminder for me as I plan for a beach vacation myself. At any rate, enjoy this #OOTD and let’s hit the beach!

Tailored swim shorts, a cool henley and a tough-as-heck beach bag are but some of the beach essentials you need.

  • The Swim Trunks: Onia Calder 7.5-Inch Swim Shorts, $78.98 — Crucially, these stylish swim shorts fit more like tailored shorts than the baggy, pocket-ridden trunks of days past — Onia has outdone themselves.
  • The Henley: La Paz Ribas Henley, $55 — A rugged henley like the the La Paz Ribas Henley offers cooler style and much more visual interest than a standard tee. Plus, it looks great when grabbing a post-beach beer.
  • The Shoes: SeaVees Baja Slip-On Portal, $68 — These stylish SeaVees slip-ons are the perfect grab-and-go sneaker. They keep your feet cool, and blend in (the right way) when heading to the beach.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch, $1,195 — Exceptionally durable and very well-made, the beautiful Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is the last watch you’ll need to wear to the beach — it’s worth the money.
  • The Lotion: Ursa Major SPF18 Daily Defense Lotion, $54 — While it’s not got the highest SPF to stand up to super-heavy rays, the Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion should be a reliable layer of protection to start.
  • The Beach Bag: Fishpond Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel, $400 — Is the Fishpond Thunderhead Duffel a beast? Yes. Is it perhaps a bit much for your average beach trip? Maybe. Can it handle absolutely anything you need to carry? Yes, it can.
  • The Sunglasses: RAEN Pierce Sunglasses, $140 — Never head to the beach without stylish sunglasses. The RAEN Pierce Sunglasses are durable enough to take on the sun’s rays, and exceptionally cool on top of that.
  • The Extra Beach Essentials: Pendleton Spider Rock Towel, $42.98 AND RBT Insulated Beer Growler, $60
    — A surprisingly stylish Pendleton beach towel is what you’re sitting on, and the RBT Insulated Beer Growler is what you’re using to sip on your favorite summer beer. Cheers!

Have you loaded up your beach bag yet? Better yet, have you loaded up the Fishpond Thunderhead Duffel with everything you might need for your trip? Upgrading your beach gear starts with nailing the basics, like fit and color. That’s what makes the swim shorts shown here from Onia so great — they’re subtly stylish and seriously cool. A rugged henley like the the La Paz Ribas Henley is but one outfit upgrade you’d do well to keep in mind, as opposed to an old high school tee or an athletic logo T-shirt. For my money’s worth, you still need to wear great shoes to the beach, if only for a little bit — stylish SeaVees slip-ons help you pass that test with flying colors. And I’d wager you won’t find a better beach watch than the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, packed with standout specs and style. Accessories also play a major role, and there might not be a more important one in your beach bag than the Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion — unless it’s the RAEN Pierce Sunglasses. I’d also wager that if you’re a fan of craft beer, you’re going to want to have one of your favorite tasty beverages handy; crucially, the RBT Insulated Beer Growler is the best way to do that. This list might seem a bit daunting at first, or like a bit much (ahem, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf), but these are all stylish choices that pay off in the end. You’ll look great, feel great and look forward to hitting the beach over and over this summer.

Of the above picks, which one is most essential for your next beach trip? Pay me a visit on Twitter to let me know! 


The List: Shop Our Favorite Summer Style Picks for Your Next Vacation

We’ve not yet reached the dog days of summer — far from it, in fact. So, shopping for summer style essentials should be top of mind. That’s especially true when you consider the fact that the Fourth of July is on the way in just a few weeks. With that being said, we’re recommending all manner of style staples, from classic khaki chinos to what just might be the perfect summer shirt. Read on below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram for even more #menswear.

Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo — $98

Wear this polo with tan chinos, a denim jacket and white leather sneakers to happy hour.

From the lightweight jersey knit fabric to the classic (yet not baggy) fit, this Billy Reid polo pairs with summer style essentials like slim light wash denim and white canvas sneakers. Quite easily, at that.
RAEN Pierce Sunglasses — $140

Just the right amount of bold and stylish.

Bold, affordably priced, and easy to wear with a classic polo shirt and tailored navy shorts — I present to you the RAEN Pierce Sunglasses.
Mollusk Surf Shop Khaki Chinos — $98

You need this in your summer wardrobe, and that’s that.

Constructed with durable fabric in an accomodating, yet cool, fit, these classic khaki chinos from Mollusk Surf Shop are an everyday workhorse, now and on into early fall.

Proof Performance Poplin — $128

Cotton, nylon and lycra, crafted into a tailored dress shirt ready for the office.

We wrote last month about the mobile versatility and effortless style of the Proof Performance Oxford — luckily, the Proof Performance Poplin has those same attributes baked right in, along with a dasy of easy-to-wear style.
Taylor Stitch Traveler Shorts — $88

It’s no surprise that Taylor Stitch excels at classic, stylish shorts.

Looking for stylish summer shorts to wear with that versatile poplin shirt? You’ve found ’em — the Taylor Stitch Traveler Shorts blend soft brushed twill with a tailored fit. Pair the Traveler Shorts with white sneakers for a summer BBQ.

Boarding Pass NYC “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel Bag — $99

Made with natural duck canvas, this bag blends sporty functionality with seriously cool style — perfect for hitting the road.

If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you’ve seen that I’ve been traveling a fair bit. Along the way, I’ve brought this dependable, tough-as-heck and casually designed Boarding Pass NYC duffel bag.
Taylor Stitch Trench Boots in Golden Weatherproof Suede — $348

Absurdly high-quality boots that pack a serious punch.

Now, we talked about Taylor Stitch shorts above … so why am I recommending the beautiful Taylor Stitch Trench Boots in the depths of summer? These rugged suede boots are worth your money now, if only to look forward to fall and winter.
La Paz Ribas Henley — $55

Casually rugged, classically stylish — that’s a great short-sleeve henley right there.

With its rugged styling potential and “tough guy vibes,” the La Paz Ribas Henley stands out nicely on its own or with a classic indigo denim jacket.
SeaVees Baja Slip-On Portal — $68

Meet your new favorite beach slip-on.

The SeaVees Baja Slip-Ons give you maximum “chill vibes” — they’re a set of stylish summer sneakers that can be worn to head to the pool or beach, and they don’t look half-bad with tailored navy shorts and, say, the La Paz Ribas Henley.
RBT Insulated Beer Growler — $60

Don’t leave home for your next BBQ without this growler.

You’ll be more than ready for your next cookout or picnic with the durable, subtly stylish RBT Insulated Beer Growler — yes, style is a factor when considering your next summer brew.
OK, my friends. Which of the above picks has caught your fancy? Although I dig the tasty utility of the RBT Insulated Beer Growler, I’d say my favorite is the Proof Performance Poplin — a tailored shirt that’s made to take on hot days aplenty. You’re going to need it, I’d wager.
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