Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Canfield Messenger Bag – Best Bag for Your Everyday Carry

Best leather messenger bag for men.

As the new year dawns, perhaps you’re like me and enjoy taking stock of those style essentials you can’t live without — and for this Brooklyn writer on the go, that means one of the best leather messenger bags is a must-have. But let’s get more specific on this, the last day of 2022: Let’s talk about the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger, one of the best bags for your everyday carry and a very worthwhile upgrade to your daily haul as we head back into the office next year.

It’s coming at you courtesy of Detroit-based Shinola, long one of my favorite brands — and for much more than just the best leather goods or one of the best watches for men (period!). Yes indeed, the all-American company has built a true lifestyle brand in every sense of the word, and that extends beyond just your wrist and right down to the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger as you transport your daily gear from point A to point B.

Best everyday carry bag for men.

Crucially, the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is all about durability, starting with its Wisconsin leather from Seidel Tannery. Known as Navigator leather, that material means the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger will only get better with age (and hey, don’t most leather goods look just a bit better with a bit more wear on ’em?).

This stylish leather messenger bag boasts two interior pockets, one for your phone and one for other EDC valuables, and only gets more useful from there. The Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger also boasts a padded laptop sleeve and a card pocket for, perhaps, a stylish Shinola leather wallet.

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

Beyond that, it latches with a magnetic closure for ease of access on the go, while the gunmetal brass hardware on the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is a cool, refined touch. The shoulder strap adjusts with ease (and can even be removed if you so choose), turning the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger from a bag fit for work into a bag fit for, well, a little bit of everything. To head back to the office and hit the road in 2023, make sure the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is right by your side.


The Friday Read: Cheers to 2023 & A Thank You From Brooklyn

Pappy Van Winkle whiskey.

My friends, it seems like just days ago I was clocked in and talking to you about starting 2022 in style — and yet, now we sit on the verge of 2023. How about that, ehh? It was a momentous year for The Style Guide, if I do say so myself, with a daily publishing schedule and plenty of opportunity to spotlight favorite brands and retailers, be it Todd Snyder or Billy Reid or Buck Mason — the list goes on, of course.

Through it all, throughout another full calendar year of freelance writing pursuits & world travels via my Instagram, consider this a heartfelt, deep and true THANK YOU for your support of The Style Guide!

I launched this blog way back in 2013 in my college bedroom with a desire to better understand the basics of versatile, everyday menswear from denim to boots to Oxford shirts — and along the way, I hoped to perhaps impact a few fellow readers who felt the same about great style. My blog helped me dive into the world of fashion, land fashion PR internships and fashion PR agency jobs, and eventually, build a freelance career doing what I truly love. If that sounds a bit too simple, well, trust me when I say I can’t quite believe it either… most days, at least.

And on that note: Thank you for reading and for engaging with my work! If this blog has helped you improve your wardrobe in any way, large or small, that’s more than I could ever ask for… and I mean that sincerely!

Of course, there’s still one more 2022 headed your way tomorrow (my weekend Style Pick, naturally). In the meantime, perhaps you’ve got your mind set on stepping into a new year in style with on-sale menswear from Taylor Stitch or else the Huckberry See You Out There Sale — I can vouch for both, trust me on that. Either of those sales are more than worth your time, and perhaps even worth a toast of coveted Pappy Van Winkle whiskey to ring in 2023.

In fact, I wish I myself could raise a glass of the good stuff to the devoted readers of this small Brooklyn blog — I don’t have any Pappy in my home bar cart, but consider this a toast all the same. From me to you: Happy New Year, cheers to good health, great times and great style, and we’ll see you… next year!

The Thursday Buy: Start Your Year Off with the Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

Best stylish leather watch for men.

We haven’t yet hit 2023 yet, but if I were you, I’d take this time to start planning for the new year with a few choice style upgrades: Like the chance to step up and buy one of the best leather watches for men from a trusted brand. The brand in question, of course, is one you know and love if you read the blog on the daily: Detroit-based Shinola, at once a rugged-yet-refined lifestyle brand and an American-focused designer and builder of some of the best watches for men, period.

Yes, they also make reliable style picks like some of the best leather wallets, not to mention one of the best investment-level watches on the market, but there’s something to be said about a sub-$600, classic, crisply designed watch like the fan-favorite Shinola Runwell 41mm Watch.

The trusty and retro-leaning (yet modern!) Shinola Runwell is a flagship design for the brand, and it’s the kind of stylish men’s watch that checks plenty of boxes for today’s gentleman (like you!). Let’s look at what makes this thing tick, yes?

Best leather strap watches for men.

With the truly timeless Shinola Runwell — a personal favorite of this Brooklyn style writer — it all starts with the specs, like Shinola’s Argonite 1069 movement. Keep in mind that the movement of the Shinola Runwell is assembled in Detroit from Swiss parts, so you’re getting the best of all-American craftsmanship and Swiss watchmaking precision (in my humble opinion!).

The 41mm stainless steel case on the Shinola Rundell is nicely sized for most wrists, not too bulky or too slender — just right for casual, everyday style scenarios like wearing with your favorite henley and the best men’s blue jeans, for instance. Naturally, the Shinola Runwell is an exceptional business casual watch as well, a stylish pairing with one of the best winter blazers (or a lightweight cotton blazer come spring and summer).

Of course, the Shinola Runwell hits the mark in matters of style, too: Note the handsome leather strap with contrast stitching for a distinctive touch. In fact, the entire Shinola Runwell Collection offers up something for everyone, quite literally, whether you’re in the market for one of the best chronograph watches or whether you want the Shinola Runwell 47mm in a beefed-up design.

Is there a better, more stylish everyday watch than the Shinola Runwell? I’ll let you be the judge, so choose carefully to start 2023.

See Now, Buy Now: This Rugged Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt Is On Sale Right Now for the Rest of Winter

Best winter shirt for men.

In need of a surefire style upgrade heading into the new year? The kind of style move you can rely on day after day, week after week as cold weather bears down relentlessly this season? You’re in luck with the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, and your good fortune is only improving by the day: You can shop your new favorite shirt over at the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale right now through January 1st, and it’s an opportunity not to be missed as far as upgrading your winter style essentials.

Especially in a rich Cardinal Check color like the option seen at the top of the page, the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is a downright dependable, stylish, hard-working style steal, the kind every guy can use in his wardrobe this season. It’s assuredly a cold-weather upgrade compared to your everyday Oxford shirt (although don’t sleep on the utility of that style this season, either).

Yet when the polar vortex rolls through town, it’s the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt you’ll want to have at the ready — either as a cozy, comfortable shirt to wear in front of the fire or to work from home, or as a mid-layer when duty calls in the great outdoors.

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

Helpfully, the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale makes this rugged, dependable shirt an even bigger deal, literally: That end-of-year discount drops it down below $90, a solid bargain compared to a full-sale price of $128 for the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt. It’s the details that really make the difference though, be it the handsome, warm yet supple custom organic cotton twill fabric or the stylish, distinctive pattern.

The Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is also more versatile than you might expect: Wear it as an overshirt atop your favorite henley, for starters. The substantial, unique “California” collar frames the face pleasantly, while a chest patch pocket and a front button chest pocket on the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt deliver maximum EDC storage potential.

For good measure, the tail on the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is shorter, making it an easy shirt to wear untucked through casual winter style scenarios (preferably with a pair of stylish Taylor Stitch jeans). Think of it like a well-designed, well-considered fashion upgrade for the season ahead — and it’s all the better that it’s on sale this very instant. You know where to shop and save today.

The Tuesday Steal: Get Up to 30 Percent Off Sitewide at the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale

Best winter menswear from Taylor Stitch.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the news — and if not, hold onto your hats. Taylor Stitch, the famed San Francisco retailer on a quest to outfit your entire wardrobe, is running one heck of a sale to end the year, and trust me when I say it’s really a great one. We assuredly talk about the best menswear sales for winter (and beyond) quite frequently on this blog, but when a brand like Taylor Stitch serves up a hefty discount, it’s worth diving in — 100 percent, no questions asked.

Taylor Stitch menswear.

The Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale (as we talked about on this very blog last Friday) is here, with the potential to be one of the best winter menswear sales you shop in some time. Here’s the scoop: Head on over to Taylor Stitch before January 1st to get up to 30 percent off sitewide, and throw in $20 in site credit on orders of more than $100.

It’s a tough discount to top, especially when you consider the brand’s prowess at crafting a bit of everything stylish guys need (and want), be it the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket (now 48 percent off!), the timeless Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt or any number of rugged Taylor Stitch men’s jackets.

Lest we forget, a whole lineup of Taylor Stitch men’s boots are also on sale, starting at 20 percent off. Sure, it might sound too good to be true, but stay with me on this. Without a doubt, the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale is the stuff of dreams — and it’s yours for the taking until January 1st. Happy holidays, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Shawl Jacket is the Perfect Men’s Coat for Winter

Best winter jacket for men.

While there are assuredly some men’s style essentials that are a bit more straightforward, like one of the best shawl cardigans or one of winter’s best blazers, there are other menswear picks that blur the lines between the two — in a way that’s rugged, stylish and seriously cool all the while. Take the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket, a near-perfect mash-up of two standout style picks for men this winter (the aforementioned blazer and shawl cardigan).

You’ll find it, of course, in the Buck Mason New Arrivals section, and it’s here just in time for a little post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s dressing (and well beyond that, naturally). The Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket is the sort of piece that, like the brand’s classic Oxford shirts or timeless blue jeans, sits in both the past and the present, with a wear-anywhere quality that works back at the office, on the road or on a Zoom call from home.

That’s because of the hybrid style, of course, and the high-quality specs (keep scrolling for more).

Best shawl cardigan sweater for men.

You see, the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket manages to be easy to layer — thanks to the brushed back French Terry cotton fabric — as well as relatively warm at the same time. You should certainly be able to layer the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket over one of the brand’s expertly cut and washed shirts, while the shawl collar provides extra protection at the neck (wear it inside the house on drafty days or use it as a mid-layer beneath your favorite peacoat when temperatures plummet).

The Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket also features some more appealing visual details that make it one of the coolest casual men’s jackets out there, like hip patch pockets (similar to a blazer). Double-needle stitching adds a nice dash of durability, while articulated sleeves make it easy to move around even when layered up.

And of course, the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket is nothing if not timeless in terms of color, be it the Classic Grey option or deep Jet. Either would wear well with some Buck Mason men’s jeans or chinos, any day of the week and any time winter weather hits. Your search for a go-anywhere winter jacket is complete, thanks to the arrival of the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket. You know where to find it, folks.

The Sunday Sale: Save Up to 50 Percent Off the Standout Faherty Brand End Of Year Sale

Best on-sale winter menswear.

My friends, first of all: Merry Christmas! Thanks for joining me in a special edition of The Sunday Sale. In the mood to splurge on yourself? Well, here we go — and you’re in luck, because there’s a flurry of year-end menswear sales hitting the market, with plenty of your favorite brands getting in on the fun. That includes pricier designers like Billy Reid and Todd Snyder, and it also includes a slate of more accessible, yet still premium retailers like my pals at Faherty Brand.

The great news if, you’ve timed it just right if you’re looking to get, say, one of theĀ best flannel shirts for winter (or any other winter style essentials!) via the standout Faherty Brand End Of Year Sale. There’s no time like the present to upgrade your winter wardrobe, and of course, New York-based, family-owned Faherty Brand delivers the goods.

That’s the case if you’re seeking the brand’s best-selling Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (marked down to $109 from $178), or something warm, rugged and versatile like the Atmosphere Shirt Jacket (now 52% off at $129). Even the trusty Faherty Knit Alpine Shirt gets a very nice markdown (31% off, down to a very agreeable $109).

And just in case you really want to round things out the right way, the Faherty Traveler Pants are a whopping 53% off right now through the Faherty Brand End Of Year Sale. That’s just a small selection of some of the best winter menswear sales on the market, so head on over to the good folks at Faherty Brand and really make the season bright. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Wool Shawl Cardigan – Winter’s Most Rugged Sweater

Best shawl cardigan for men.

Building a proper menswear wardrobe is all about keeping things well-rounded, about having reliable pieces that can function well in multiple situations — and of course, it’s about finding men’s style essentials that are, well, fun to actually wear (on Christmas Eve and well beyond!). Imagine that, ehh? One of the best cardigans checks those boxes, as you might be able to see above — it’s retro, it’s rugged, it’s easy to layer and it’s just a classic men’s style pick from one of America’s best menswear designers. Let’s carry on, shall we, and dive into the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan — and why? Because it’s a standout example of the style, my friends.

Especially in the winter months, when grey, cold weather is the norm, it’s worthwhile to invest in a few cozy, rugged, comfortable pieces that can actually make dressing for the cold weather just a bit fun, or at the very least… more stylish. For my money’s worth, the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan hits all the right notes.

One of the best shawl cardigans for men is assuredly an indisputable winter style essential and a personal favorite of this writer when the thermostat plunges in Brooklyn. Helpfully, the Todd Snyder Boiled Wool Shawl Cardigan is just about everything you need in the style, from quality to rugged appeal — and yes, it’s fun to layer up like Daniel Craig in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo every now and again!

The specs on the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan set it apart from the pack — and yes, they make it very much worth your while when it’s time to invest in one of the best sweaters for men this winter. Sadly, you won’t find the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan in the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, but don’t let that discourage you.

It boasts a classic fit, making it easy to layer over an equally rugged men’s chambray shirt or one of the best flannel shirts, and the shawl collar adds bulk, warmth and visual appeal (there’s a reason style icons like Steve McQueen loved the shawl cardigan, after all). The Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan comes in two crisp, classic colors (Olive and Navy), and it’s rounded out with three front pockets for visual appeal.

When you want a dependable, rugged, essential winter sweater, move the Todd Snyder Shawl Cardigan to the top of your seasonal shopping list, and get that credit card at the ready — again, it’s worth the investment.

The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Discounts, The Best Winter Whiskies & The Best Men’s Turtlenecks

Best Taylor Stitch menswear

Welcome, my friends, to a very special holiday weekend edition of The Friday Read, where I do my best to get you geared up for the days ahead in style. And although I’d hope you’ve got your Christmas shopping already wrapped up, allow me to point you in the direction of some additional shopping on your list: The Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale is here, with the chance to take up to 30 percent off some of the best winter menswear at your favorite retailer.

The San Francisco brand is, of course, a longtime top brand of mine here on the blog, with a knack for producing rugged gear by way of the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection and even better everyday essentials for any guy’s wardrobe. That’s what makes the excellent Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale such a treat, but shop carefully: It only runs through January 1st, but there’s a bonus beyond that.

Yes indeed, when you shop the Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale, you also get $20 in site credit on orders of more than $100. How’s that for a two-for-one deal? Hop on over to the Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale while you still can, and peruse the rest of today’s key style tips below. And as you’ve seen on my Instagram: Merry Christmas from Florida!

  • My friends, Mr. McQueen is in the building. That’s because, in my humble opinion, the turtleneck is back in a big way — and just in time for stylish winter dressing, no doubt. And here’s where your humble Brooklyn style writer comes into play: I wrote about the best men’s turtlenecks for winter over at Men’s Journal. Time to really start dressin’ this season, folks.
  • If you follow me on Instagram or keep up with my other freelance writing pursuits, then you’ll know I also write about some of the best whiskey on the market. With that in mind, here’s a fun one – I wrote about the best winter whiskey over at Maxim, with a special focus on whiskey I’ve tried as of late (excluding Pappy Van Winkle, sadly). Cheers to the season, folks!
  • In case you missed it here on the blog earlier this week, allow me to jog your memory with my guide to some of the best new Chelsea boots on the market. In fact, head over here to read about the HELM Finn Chelsea Boots, a super-comfortable, rugged-yet-refined pair of men’s leather boots that I’ve been wearing back in Brooklyn as of late. They’re exceptionally stylish and dependable out of the box, with no break-in period, and I can’t recommend ’em enough. Go to it, my friends.

It’s a particularly special winter Friday heading into what should be a lovely weekend (in Florida and elsewhere!), so here’s hoping you get the chance to kick back, enjoy a cold craft beer or some of the best winter whiskey, and spend time with loved ones. If these style tips help you along the way, that’s all the better. Fret not, though: You’ll still be getting two blog posts this weekend from yours truly, so bookmark ’em until Monday.

On that note: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and as ever, THANK YOU for reading The Style Guide!

The Thursday Buy: Shop the Huckberry End of Year Sale for Up to 40 Percent Off

Huckberry End of Year Sale 2022

It’s like I always say: Time flies when you’re shopping for the best men’s style essentials. That’s how it goes, right? OK, perhaps not quite, but as ever, there’s no time quite like right now to shop some of the best menswear deals on the market. And if you read the blog, you’re probably well-versed in where I’m about to send you. Drumroll, please…

Huckberry Whiskey Peaks glasses.

Yes, my friends: Head over to Huckberry to shop one of the best end-of-year sales. It’s another rare sale from a brand that wants you to get out there. Yes indeed, the Huckberry See You Out There Sale gets you up to 40 percent off, including up to 35 percent off Huckberry’s best jackets and of course, the best sweaters at Huckberry.

Best Huckberry boots for men.

That’s not all, of course — you can even shop home goods at Huckberry and rugged outdoor gear for (again!) up to 40 percent off. Even durable, hard-wearing boots like the ever-useful All-Weather Huckberry Duckboots are up to 30 percent off, so it’s clear to this Brooklyn writer that these deals aren’t to be missed. Here’s the catch, though: The Huckberry Year-End Sale only runs until December 31st.

You know what that means: It’s time to shop early and often for the best menswear and gear deals on the market from your favorite online retailer. Good luck, and happy holidays!