Style Pick of the Week: Duckworth Powder Hoody

A cozy, classic hooded sweatshirt for winter weekend layering.

Can you believe it’s time to close out 2017 and our Style Pick of the Week series? I hope you’ve enjoyed the gear we’ve covered along the way, from a pair of rugged winter boots to classic flannel shirting and plenty more. We’re taking things a decidedly more casual, laidback direction today — the Duckworth Powder Hoody is the casual, laidback-yet-stylish sweatshirt you probably didn’t know you needed in your closet (or on your back). Particularly in the winter months, comfort and good looks are key, which is what makes a minimal, stylish hooded sweatshirt a nice (if unexpected) move. Now, I’m all about dressing your best as often as possible … but there are certain weekend days where you might just feel like throwing on the Duckworth Powder Hoody and some slim sweats — then calling it a day. I’m with you there. If you’ve forsaken hooded sweatshirts in favor of a classic winter cardigan, I applaud you. However, there’s still a place for the cozy, comfortable hooded sweatshirt — *cough* the Duckworth Powder Hoody — in your casual weekend wardrobe rotation. That’s why it’s worth shelling out more than $100 for it; it’s just that versatile, comfortable and winter-friendly.

The Powder Hoody incorporates a tailored fit and raglan sleeves for some visual interest and sporty style, yet it’s the fabrication on this hooded sweatshirt that sets it apart. The Duckworth Powder Hoody features Montana-grown merino wool for what the brand calls a tough exterior — in short, this hooded sweatshirt is going to work wonders when layered under something like the durable Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket. The interior of the  Powder Hoody, on the other hand, features soft, brushed fabric — all the better for wearing around your house or apartment if (and when) it gets drafty. Of course, the technical construction of the Powder Hoody, plus the name, feasibly means you could even wear it as a mid-layer when out on the slopes … carving through some powder. Ya dig? It’s a versatile, stylish hooded sweatshirt that’s worth your consideration if ever you want a casual layer to wear with your favorite broken-in denim and your best pair of winter boots. That’s about all there is to it.

Lastly — thanks for reading The Style Guide this year. I hope you’ve found it a fun and worthwhile journey, and I’m looking forward to more #menswear in 2018! The Style Pick of the Week series is definitely coming back, and we’ll be talking 2018 men’s style resolutions here on the blog on Monday. See you then!


The Friday Read: Menswear Pieces That Get Better with Age, Recapping 2017 and The Best Winter Accessories

Does it seem at all possible that we’ve come to the very last Friday Read of 2017?? It’s pretty wild, if you ask me. From week to week, time has just flown by around here, particularly with a busy slate of fall and winter travel for yours truly. From a September trip to Portland to an early fall excursion to Nashville and a December concert weekend in Toronto, I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to pursue my passions for menswear and music! And that doesn’t even begin to cover other highlights this year, from NYC’s Panorama music festival to Governors Ball 2017 — that’s just a few highlights on the music front! I also traveled to Florida for everything from Memorial Day weekend to Thanksgiving and Christmas, making some great memories along the way. And my other travels included an upstate weekend in Beacon, along with a trip to Boston to see my favorite band — it’s been a heck of a busy year, that much is for sure!
Holiday 2017
Elsewhere, I’m really thankful for the continued opportunity to build this blog, and whether it’s your first time perusing these pages or you’re a repeat visitor, well … a big thanks for reading! In the new year, there’s plenty more in store in the way of useful and (hopefully) helpful #menswear content, from continuing this site’s #OOTD series to more entries in The List, covering the best men’s gear to buy for the year ahead. If you’ve got suggestions for content, brands or pieces you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to chime in via The Style Guide Facebook page! After all, style is an ongoing, evolving journey — I’ve realized that much each time I sit down to pen a new post! It’s been a busy, fun and at times, exhausting ride this year. And that being said, there’s lots more where that came from! For now, check out a few choice reads below, and thanks for reading!

  • Best Made will be transitioning their limited-time Gift Tent — located at 232 Elizabeth Street here in NYC — to a Surplus Sale running from January 5-14, with items up to 60 percent off. The Gift Tent features a ton of great menswear and hoome goods, including Sleepy Jones blankets and Best Made blades, axes and apparel. Think of it like rugged-yet-refined gear that goes the distance and looks great doing it.  Did I mention you can get those pieces up to 60 percent off? Yes and yes.
  • Always on top of things like these, Gear Patrol just updated its list of 20 menswear staples that get better as they age — I’m in total agreement with all of the picks on this list, from rugged leather boots to classic blue denim. I think you should be, too.
  • Last but not least, ’tis the season … to bundle up in style. With that in mind, I’d urge you to check out my roundup of the best men’s accessories for winter for this site — it can’t help but come in handy during the weeks and months ahead!

Alright, my friends — that’s all we’ve got today! Cheers!


Holiday 2017

#OOTD: What to Wear On New Year’s Eve This Year

It’s the last #menswear hurdle of the year, on the last day of the year — New Year’s Eve, and all the trappings that come with it. So, we’re coming at you with a special Wednesday #OOTD. As we all know, that tricky search as to what to wear on New Year’s Eve can be, well … tricky. It depends, of course, on where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Although some traditions fall by the wayside, I’d say this: People still LOVE to get dressed up on New Year’s Eve. If that’s what you’ll be doing this year, you’re going to like this suitably tailored winter style suggestion. Keeping it more casual or staying in? I hope you got a few items from your holiday style wish list to make it classy and comfortable all the same. Oh, and for rolling out of bed the next for football and some much-needed brunch, reach for casual weekend style. But before that … we’ve got the main event, New Year’s Eve. So, read the rest of this #OOTD, add some gear to your shopping cart and get ready to raise a glass … in style, naturally. Let me know what you think of this #menswear look in the comments or via The Style Guide Facebook page. Cheers!

A classic suit in winter-friendly fabric, plus slick Chelsea boots and all the right accessories.

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in Navy Donegal, $278Taylor Stitch, the brand that makes your favorite rugged menswear, also makes a workhorse suit. The Telegraph Jacket is the perfect way to set the tone on NYE.

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch The Hyde Shirt in Sky Brushed Melange, $125 — The best way to complement something as sharp as the Telegraph Jacket? The equally sharp Taylor Stitch Hyde Shirt, done up in unique fabric.

The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers in Navy Donegal, $178 — At this point, we’re nearly obligated to break out the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers. This classic suit is cool, sharp and just a bit less dressed-up than formal black tie — the perfect way to go at a classy (but not too classy) New Year’s Eve party.

The Tie: Pocket Square Clothing Castillo Necktie in Grey Tweed, $56 — This Pocket Square Clothing tie features winter-friendly fabric and a neutral color, balancing the navy suit and the light blue shirt. Cheers!

The Pocket Square: Neck & Tie Co. Aster Floral Pocket Square, $26 — The right accessories — subtle and refined, yet visually interesting — make all the difference, and this Neck & Tie Co. pocket square gets it done.

The Boots: Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots in Black, $230 — Get to and from your party without slipping and sliding on slick winter streets — the Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes provide traction & sharp style.
The Socks: Wigwam Merino Silk Socks, $23 — As we always say, stylish socks should never be an afterthought. The Wigwam Merino Silk Socks are durable and comfortable, geared to keep your feet warm in the winter.
The Watch: Tsovet JPT CC-38 Watch, $375 — Last but most certainly not least, a stylish dress watch can make or break an outfit. Luckily, the TSOVET JPT CC-38 Watch is crisp, tailored and refined, ideal for the evening.

Holiday 2017

Are you counting down to midnight yet? Dressing in style is all about dressing to suit the occasion, and if it’s refined, classic style you’re going, you could do worse than to start your outfit off with the Telegraph Jacket and the Telegraph Trousers from Taylor Stitch. Made with premium fabric in a fit that’s tailored but not too tight, the outfit exudes sharp style, as should the accompanying Taylor Stitch Hyde Shirt. When you accessorize with pieces that strike the balance between refined and visually interesting — we’re talking the Neck & Tie Co. Aster Floral Pocket Square and the grey tweed Pocket Square Clothing tie — you’re going to stand out quietly and stylishly. Functional, stylish Chelsea boots from Hudson Shoes are but one way you could finish off this outfit, and you’re going to be ready for hours on your feet with comfortable Wigwam Merino Silk Socks. Certainly, you didn’t think we’d forget a classic dress watch, did you? The TSOVET JPT CC-38 Watch is striking, stylish and well-made — exactly what the refined man (that’s you!) needs to wear on New Year’s Eve. Let me know what your plans are for the evening via Twitter or the comments — let’s close out this year the right way!

Thanks so much for reading,


Holiday 2017

A Southern Christmas: Fun in the Fort Myers Sun

Revisiting a Christmas classic & dressed in casual gear from Mack Weldon, Banana Republic & SeaVees.

There’s a certain stretch of year that’s probably my favorite, and no …. it’s not the Governors Ball music festival here in NYC. That favorite time of year would happen to be the holiday season, especially now that I’m further away from my family. I recently traveled to Fort Myers for Thanksgiving, and this past weekend brought me back to down South for a Florida Christmas–that’s on top of a recent early December weekend trip to Orlando and Tampa for the 97X Next Big Thing music festival! Yes indeed, I’ve spent plenty of time down south these last few weeks. In between my recent Florida trips, I went the complete opposite direction, traveling north to Toronto. Rest assured, the Florida sun is certainly much more welcoming. And from trip to trip, I’ve tried my best to bring along my favorite #menswear. Did you dress in holiday travel style this year? As always, I’d love to hear about your own travels over on Twitter. But for now, let’s soak up the sun and head south!

Holiday 2017

Enjoying fun in the Florida sun with my Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch & aviators from James Dean Eyewear!

Unlike past trips to Florida, where I’ve had to head right from the office to the plane, this trip gave me the luxury of heading from my apartment onto the plane. So, I packed up my Voyager Waxed Weekender from Boarding Pass NYC (formerly Owen & Fred), and I hit the road! I dressed for comfort and style, throwing on an all-new, super-comfortable Mott and Bow T-shirt, topped off with an easy-to-layer Mott and Bow denim shirt, two stylish pieces that provided comfort and just a bit of casual polish. For even more laidback comfort and mobility, my Proof Nomad Pants, with the construction of a chino and the mobility of a pair of sporty sweatpants, were just the ticket. They teamed more than readily with a pair of classic chukka boots from Astorflex, as perfect a pair of travel footwear as it gets. And to add a bit of visual interest and sharp style, my Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch proved effective and reliable. The great part about layering a bit? When I got to Florida, I simply ditched my Mott and Bow denim shirt and wore my Mott and Bow tee! How about that? Point being: The next time you want to head from a chillier locale to a warm one, dress with casual, cool layers in mind — add some mobile chinos, classic chukka boots and a stylish, casual watch.

Holiday 2017

Enjoying the day with my United By Blue Wenlock Chambray Short, Timex x Todd Snyder Blackjack Watch and my trusty Huckberry Explorer’s Cap … plus a great brew!

It’s always nice to get home, get settled and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather — Friday had plenty of that, and it was the perfect segway into a long weekend that proved filled with holiday cheer and relaxation. On Saturday, that meant we enjoyed a relaxing Florida day and an afternoon beach trip, no early wake-up needed! For venturing into Fort Myers, I stepped out in exploration-ready but casual style, starting with my United By Blue Wenlock Chambray Shirt and my Mack Weldon Board Shorts, essential for soaking up some Florida rays. A pair of Reef men’s sneakers proved durable and more than able to take me around town, while my sporty Timex x Todd Snyder Blackjack Watch felt speedy and retro. On the accessories front, keeping my eyes safe from the sun — but doing so in style — was top of mind. My James Dean Eyewear Aviators were my pick, equally classic and modern … plus, well-suited for grabbing a post-beach brew. Days on the water are hard to come by in NYC, as one might imagine, so I relished the chance to get some Florida sun.

Sunday brought with it … well, Christmas Eve, for starters! It’s a Hayhoe family tradition to head to the movies as a family, and after a relaxing morning, that’s just what we did — “The Greatest Showman” was a fun, enjoyable ride . I don’t know if the excitement of Christmas with family will ever quite get old, so I appreciate the chance to keep old traditions going — and of course, I never pass up the chance to dress in style! As seen at the top of the page,  I threw on a casual Banana Republic graphic tee (Cheers!) and paired it up with the Mack Weldon Active Shorts, a frequent favorite when I travel to Florida given the blend of comfort and stretch. A crisp, well-made Timex x Form-Function-Form watch helped me get around in style, featuring rugged good looks and easy wearability — seriously, Timex x Form-Function-Form watches are not to be missed. For striking style and protection from the sun, my James Dean JDS105 sunglasses were the way to go, and classic SeaVees sneakers (in this case, a bright blue take on the SeaVees Hermosa Regatta) proved effective and comfortable on the accessories front. Again, it never gets old when I get the chance to savor family traditions, and that goes for our post-Christmas Eve dinner of shrimp and salad, followed by Christmas Eve presents (pajamas for everyone!) and a traditional reading of “The Night Before Christmas.” After that, off to bed!

Unwrapping some incredible gifts, including a new Todd Snyder shirt, a classic Orvis leather belt and a Newgate clock (via Bespoke Post). Hope you enjoyed your day with loved ones in your life!

Christmas in the Hayhoe household is another tradition I always enjoy — how can you not?? It’s very special to spend the day with family, curled up with great coffee and most likely, a choice Christmas read. We also always enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls and egg casserole. And it’s an important reminder to slow down and take it all in, especially as we close out a busy year. 

I was truly fortunate to receive some amazing gifts, from a Ticketmaster gift card (more live tunes!) to a lovely Todd Snyder dress shirt (seen above!), the terrific book “Manhattan Beach” (by Jennifer Egan) and a classic Orvis belt from my grandparents. Those gifts will absolutely come in handy all year long, and I was so thankful to spend the day relaxing with family in the Florida sun! The trip wasn’t done yet, though. 
Luckily, I had a full day in Florida to take in a last few rays of sunshine in style. I dressed in easygoing, travel-ready gear for the occasion, from my Abercrombie & Fitch Langdon Denim to a Mott and Bow denim shirt. I also layered up for the flight home with a classic Bridge & Burn T-shirt — these new tees are soft, well-tailored and well-made. In short, you can wear these easygoing men’s T-shirts all day without worrying about whether they’ll stretch out. One place you do want a little stretch for both comfort and style? Your jeans. That’s why I reached for my Abercombie & Fitch denim. The A&F denim features a light weight, a pleasingly faded wash and a slim fit — ideal to pair with my classic suede chukka boots from Astorflex. I teamed the combination with my Timex Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Chronograph, a visually interesting watch with a rugged leather strap. I also threw on my reliable-as-ever Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, and finished the look off with stylish sunglasses from James Dean Eyewear.

The next time you’ve got a few hours before your flight, be sure to wear casual style essentials — like a classic denim shirt and stylish suede chukkas that are ready for both travel and adventure in equal measure. As I always say, my trip came to an end much too soon — I always cherish being able to get away from NYC and enjoy time with family, especially during the holiday season. I feel recharged and energized to take on the rest of 2017 and the start of 2018, and I hope you  do, too! More importantly, we’ll have plenty of style content coming at you to get you ready for New Year’s Eve, including a helpful #OOTD that covers, well … what to wear on New Year’s Eve! Look for it tomorrow.

In the meantime, Merry (belated) Christmas and thanks for reading!


Holiday 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Style Guide!

My dear friends and Style Guide readers … you know what today is, yes? Christmas! In the spirit of the season, we’re taking just a bit of a break today on the blog — and I hope you’re finding the time to kick back and relax, ideally surrounded by family, friends, your holiday style wish list and a great Christmas craft beer. If you’re out on the road, I hope you dressed in holiday travel style. If not? I hope you’re still enjoying yourself, wherever you might be. I’m taking in the day with my family in lovely Fort Myers (where I also spent Thanksgiving in style). It’s been a relaxing and rejuvenating trip, and you can expect a full holidayl travel style post tomorrow (plus the requisite updates via my Instagram). After that, we’ll get back to our #OOTD series to help you close out the year in style.

Starting The Style Guide from my college house a little over four years ago has been a labor of love, and quite the tough thing to keep going at times, what with my day job in fashion PR here in the city. It’s something I genuinely enjoying sitting down to work on, and I hope you find it useful, engaging and maybe even … fun? If ever you’ve taken the time to read a post on this site, offer up a comment, check out what I have to say on Twitter or via The Style Guide Facebook page … I thank you for your support! It’s all the more worthwhile to think that maybe, just maybe, you decide to spend a bit of your time on this site every now and then. For that, I’m very grateful this Christmas! Don’t forget to keep dropping by in the months ahead — there’s plenty in the works, from the continuation of our men’s gear series The List to plenty of seasonal style suggestions, a New Year’s men’s style resolution and our Style Pick of the Week entries. With that being said, I’m going to kick back, relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

From The Style Guide to you — Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and as always … thanks for reading!


Holiday 2017

Style Pick of the Week: Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots

A durable pair of handsome brown leather boots made with Horween leather — not a bad pair to buy this winter.

Alright, folks — it’s another Style Pick of the Week, and we’re talking yet again about another stylish pair of rugged boots. Last week, it was the Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots. And this week? It’s the Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots, a heck of a pair of tough leather boots that just so happen to be exclusive to our pals at Huckberry.  And if you (or someone you love) still need a pair of winter boots? These might just be the ones to buy.  Based in Chicago, Oak Street Bootmakers provide standout quality and a classic approach to design and construction, helped along by beautiful Horween leather and the true Goodywear welt build on the Dainite Sole Trench Boots. The brand’s Elston last is surprisingly low-profile for a pair of leather boots, meaning you can more than easily wear these cuffed blue denim and  a classic shawl collar cardigan for style that’s at once sleek and slightly rugged. And the small details work out well for these stylish leather boots, too — the vamp has a calfskin lining for extra comfort and quality. So, if the specs are that good… that must mean the Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots have plenty of styling potential, right? Right.

The studded Dainite sole adds some extreme traction and toughness.

For one, the silhouette means you can easily wear the Dainite Sole Trench Boots with outfits that reflect a little bit more tailored winter style. So, a navy herringbone blazer and charcoal plaid trousers work quite nicely with these boots. Yet, the Dainite Sole Trench Boots can still team up quite nicely with your more rugged winter essentials, including a casual grey crewneck sweater and broken-in blue denim. Add a tough waxed trucker jacket and call it a day. OK, well … don’t call it a day quite yet — get out there and get to work! At any rate, the Oak Street Bootmakers Dainite Sole Trench Boots are going to prove dependable time and again this winter season (and through the spring, too). They’ll only get better with age; Horween leather is built to break in quite nicely. Now, you’ll have to pay for your investment — the Dainite Sole Trench Boots will set you back more than $400. But, as your Style Guide author always says … that extra bit of coin is definitely worth it. Do you agree?

Are you going to be picking up the Dainite Sole Trench Boots for the winter weather that’s bearing down on us? 

The Friday Read: The Best Winter Sweaters, Holiday Travel Style and Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Folks, can you believe we’re just three days away from Christmas? Just one weekend? I hope you’re wrapping up your work for the week, or the year, and getting ready to hit the road for some holiday fun. Be sure to check out my men’s holiday gift guide for any very last-minute gift-giving needs, and rest assured that our women’s holiday gift guide has you covered with picks for plenty of the women in your life. As for me, I’m doing my best to wrap up my work — #menswear-related and otherwise — as I hit the road today to lovely, sunny Florida for a few days with my family! I celebrated Christmas in Florida last year, and I can’t wait for this year’s festivities — it’s a welcome change of pace from the NYC cold. We’ll have our traditional Christmas Eve  movie and dinner, and I’m certainly looking forward to catching some rays and kicking back with a Corona. If you’re so inclined, you can check out my adventures on Instagram — and you can of course expect a full travel style post here on the site come next week. Oh, and lastly … be sure to dress in casual-yet-comfortable holiday travel style yourself this year, yeah? Before we log off totally, know that we’ll have an exceptional Style Pick of the Week incoming tomorrow. For now, treat yourself to The Friday Read — enjoy the weekend, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
Holiday 2017

  • It’s high time we started bundling up against the cold winter weather, and on that note, my latest roundup for The Manual focuses on the best sweaters to buy this season. Can’t go wrong there, can you?
  • Looking for a cool stocking stuffer that’s a neat gift for the woman who loves the outdoors (or just appreciates a cool hat)? The Six-Panel Structured Canvas Indigo Hat from Raleigh Denim is part of the brand’s new line of unisex accessories, featuring neat craftsmanship and quality. Is it on your shopping list?
  • In search of a quick grooming upgrade before the holidays? Might I point you toward EVENPRIME? This simple, minimal men’s grooming line takes a uniquely Korean approach to skincare, focused on quality ingredients, clean packaging and helpful, easy-to-use products. The brand’s Core Set is pared down to two, well, core essentials, a cleanser and a moisturizer that I think you’re going to like. I’ve been trying out the brand and enjoying it immensely for the refreshing hydration of the Moisturizer in particular — I think you’ll feel the same way!

Once again, I hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends! Thanks for reading!


Holiday 2017