The Tuesday Steal: This Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater Is 30 Percent Off Right Now

Best men's sweater for winter

Although the days are positively flying by this winter, perhaps you’ve noticed one thing: It’s still bitterly cold out there, and that means you still need to bundle up in winter menswear essentials aplenty. Naturally, that’s where my friends at Taylor Stitch can help, and in a major way if you shop early and often this week. Now, as you’ve no doubt seen in shopping the brand, the Taylor Stitch Last Call section is something of a hidden gem, giving you instant access to an entire range of winter men’s style moves at discounted prices.

And while rugged picks like one of the best men’s jackets are always worth shopping at full price from the San Francisco brand, it’s the Taylor Stitch Last Call section that really delivers some serious bang for your buck. Case in point: Today’s featured deal, the chance to save 30 percent on the rugged Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater. It’s quite simply a standout deal for a classic men’s sweater, in this case made from modern, temperature-regulating merino wool in a thick, chunky fisherman-style ribbed knit.

Did I mention the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater comes in two timeless colors for pairing with everything from tan chinos to inky blue selvedge denim? Yes indeed, and for good measure, the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater boasts a double-knit ribbed neck for maximum warmth and coverage on blustery winter days.

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And again, it bears repeating: The Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater is 30 percent off for a limited time, with a solid range of sizes available. The next time you need to layer up this winter, reach for the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater — and save some hard-earned cash in the process.


See Now, Buy Now: Upgrade Your Tailoring with This All-Season Wool Blazer from Huckberry

Best all-season blazer for men.

Even as we roll through 2023 and move ever closer to March, it can still feel like a bit of an odd sensation to dress up in one of the best men’s blazers, right? Of course, you very well might have been back in the office a while ago, but dress codes are ever shifting, formal events seem somewhat less formal and yet, there’s still the need to put your best foot forward. What’s a guy to do? My suggestion, of course, is to head over to the good folks at Huckberry and shop your new favorite blazer.

Yes, that’s right — Huckberry. The retailer seems to nail the perfect balance between rugged and refined gear: You can shop your favorite waxed trucker jacket one minute, then swap it out for stretch chinos and something as polished as the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer, and you can do so at a moment’s notice… without missing a beat. Made in part from a blend of wool and elastane, this stylish men’s blazer boasts comfortable stretch (as so many menswear essentials do these days), yet it’s backed by the experience of Huckberry’s Portuguese tailoring partners.

Best wool blazer for men.

That means you can order the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer in your regular suiting chest size, and it arrives with hand-finished details like collar and front placket stitching, plus a half-canvas construction for improved drape, structure and durability. Buying a blazer online can be tricky, but if the reliability, service and performance of Huckberry gear is to be believed, then the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer — which also comes with matching trousers — should certainly hold true.

It features standard flap suit pockets and a medium-width lapel for a classic look and feel, while the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer boasts a single rear vent (like the suit coats most recently worn by James Bond), which is a bit more modern and sporty in terms of design. Crucially, you can pick up the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer in timeless colors like Grey and Heather Navy, but more distinctive colors like Heather Bourbon are a way to nod to current suiting trends without overdoing it.

Satchel and Page

And if you pair up the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer with its matching trousers (also available in an agreeable range of sizes), then you’re getting both a fairly classic suit and sportcoat for just over $500 for the two pieces. That’s versatility and timeless style that can’t be topped, so shop your new go-to blazer today at Huckberry.

The Sunday Sale: Head Back to the Billy Reid Winter Event to Save 40 Percent Off Sale Items

Best flannel shirt for men.

Thanks for joining me on this fine late winter Sunday, my friends. If today’s headline looks a bit familiar as you scour the market high and low for the best menswear essentials, there’s a good reason for that. You see, we’re heading back over to Billy Reid to shop the famed Alabama-based designer’s Winter Event, the jam-packed yet fast-selling sale section that we talked about as recently as last month on the blog.

Pieces like one of the best men’s shirt jackets are still up for grabs, as is the handsome knit shirt from Billy Reid you see above, but those deals just got even better. How so, you might ask? Well, it’s the Billy Reid Sale On Sale currently running now through March 6th, which gives you up to 60 percent off (including 40 percent off already on-sale items). To save even more at Billy Reid’s Winter Event, just use the code EXTRA40 to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Billy Reid Winter Sale

There’s a bit of everything up for grabs from the award-winning designer’s namesake brand, from some of the best sweaters for men to Billy Reid henleys, the aforementioned knit shirt and much more. Again, this “sale on sale” — boasting some of the best winter style essentials for men, no less — runs through March 6th, so outfit yourself accordingly while saving more than a few bucks in the process. Shop now, thank me later and get ready to dress in style to close out winter, folks. Stay stylish out there!

Style Pick of the Week: HELM Boots Zind Burgundy Boots – Your New Go-To Leather Boots

Best lace-up leather boots for men.

There comes a time in every season, like right now, in the depths of winter and with spring on the horizon, where something is so eye-catching and unique, so different, as to stop you in your tracks. Take a pair of the best men’s boots, for instance. A pair like the stunning HELM Zind Burgundy Boots, a pair of stylish leather lace-up boots entirely different from the hard-working pairs you’ve been wearing all winter. A word to the wise: The Burgundy Boots are selling quickly, but other styles of HELM boots are just as wish list-worthy.

Yes indeed, after a long winter of stomping your way through snow and slush, a pair of stylish leather lace-up boots — especially a pair that stands out from the pack — could be just the way to go, don’t you agree? Now, I don’t doubt that you recognize the perfectly rugged-meets-refined Austin-based bootmaker from the pages of this blog, where I’ve sung the praises of the brand for making some of the best Chelsea boots for men, but these sleek, sharp leather boots are just as worthy of your consideration and your hard-earned cash.

HELM boots review for men.

Naturally, you can find the HELM Zind Burgundy Boots — and other stylish HELM boots — at a discount if you’ve never shopped the brand before. In fact, you can save 15 percent on your first purchase by signing up for the brand’s E-mails — but even at full price, these durable lace-up boots are worth the squeeze, so to speak. They’re made from a full-grain brush-off leather with a classic, dressy shine, one that’s different from plenty of other pairs of men’s boots on the market (and the difference, my friends, is in the details).

That design approach makes the HELM Zind Burgundy Boots the kind of stylish men’s boots you can “pair with jeans on the weekend or a suit at the office during the week,” as the Texas bootmakers so wisely note. Of course, it helps that these leather boots are built on the brand’s more streamlined 415 last, giving them a dressy look and feel (know your size and shop carefully, folks).


Antique brass eyelets play handsomely off the rich leather of the HELM Zind Burgundy Boots, while the Fineline sole is low-profile (compared to a traditional lug sole) and yet should offer solid traction. It’s worth noting that while this style is flying off shelves, it seems that HELM Boots always has plenty of other styles available to suit the modern man such as yourself, so shop with a careful eye — you’ll be rewarded in kind.

The Friday Read: Back in Brooklyn & Manhattan’s Best Haircut

Taylor Stitch shirt review.

Well, folks — here we are again rolling into another weekend, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m back in Brooklyn and back in the New York groove after a quick yet relaxing, sunny Florida vacation. It was just the break I needed before powering back up my freelance writing pursuits (although I stayed plenty busy with writing for and Maxim in Florida all the same!).

Satchel and Page

Of course, returning to Brooklyn has me thinking about the changing seasons and some new (early, early) spring style essentials… like the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt as seen above. Is it too early to think about shopping spring menswear essentials? Folks, if you ask me, it’s never too early — hop to it with some time ahead of you this weekend.

And before I send you on your way this weekend, I want to spotlight another way to refresh and recharge, especially if you find yourself in New York City. That old adage that a fresh haircut can change your perspective is certainly true in my book. Yes indeed, there’s no reset quite like a new look, especially if that new look comes complete with an extensive, impressive and ultimately, very relaxing experience like that at NYC’s Pisterzi in Soho.

Best men's grooming essentials.

I recently had the chance to sample the Italian luxury grooming atelier’s entire lineup of products and services, including essential men’s grooming items that really amount more to a work of art than a typical grooming experience. The atelier boasts just two private salon booths at its Soho location (all the better for a more customized experience). Each is handsomely appointed with blue leather and sleek furnishings, and each is ready to deliver everything from a classic haircut to a beard trim.

The space also offers product and styling consultations, and I found my 90-minute experience (La Dolce Vita) to be nothing short of blissful. Unwind with a deep cleansing, soothing facial and beard treatment (plus a haircut and beard trim), and relish the experience of multiple hot towels and the company’s rejuvenating cleanser and Face and Eye Guard Treatment. The even better part?

If you’re not in New York City itself, you can still get the Pisterzi experience from home by ordering its standout lineup online. Would I call it the best haircut in Manhattan? I certainly would, and I encourage you take the weekend to dive more into the atelier’s next-level, luxurious men’s grooming treatments. For now, here’s to a Brooklyn weekend — cheers, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: This Flint and Tinder Waxed Jacket Is On Sale for 20 Percent Off

Best waxed jacket for men.

Just when you thought you had your rotation of the best men’s outerwear all figured out, another Huckberry style essential enters the fray. At least, that’s what this style writer thinks when it comes to the chance to score the famed Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket for the standout discount of 20 percent off at Huckberry right now. We’re still working our way through winter and plowing ahead through spring, and for these frigid few weeks and a blustery start to March (and beyond), this rugged, handsome jacket is a downright essential.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

Of course, we’ve talked about how the Flint and Tinder Hudson Jacket is one of the coolest jackets for fall, but rest assured that it’ll serve you just as readily in late winter and on into spring. Part of the always well-stocked Huckerry Sale section right now, this modern take on British hunting coats is packed with bells and whistles aplenty, starting with its weather-resistant coconut-waxed British Millerain exterior.

In a word, that means the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket is as tough as it gets, built to last and ready for winter weather and spring breezes.

Best men's waxed jacket.

Helpfully, Huckberry has built the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket with every last bit of the same care and consideration as the Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket (the jacket worn by Pedro Pascal in “The Last of Us,” for good measure). The exterior fabric is durable and yet made to break in and develop a handsome patina over time, while the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket is, naturally, lined with cotton flannel and boasts corduroy cuff and collar trim for a classic touch.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

Snap hip pockets secure your EDC, while the snap cuffs provide a customizable fit and added wind protection. And true to form, the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket features a rear game pocket in a nod to classic hunting and field jackets. Better still is the fact that you get all of this at a stellar discount, and the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Hudson Jacket is available in four timeless colors. However, sizes are moving quickly, so act now to secure a rugged jacket you can wear right into spring.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up with this Western Rise Merino Tee

Best merino T-shirt for men.

There are times when the solution in your search for the best men’s style essentials really is quite simple. Think of all you’ve still got to juggle these days: Work From Home style, Zoom calls and casual days back in the office, plus time on the road and in the great outdoors. The solution? At least in the case of today’s post, is to wear one of the best merino T-shirts. And the T-shirt in question today — the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee — offers plenty of ways to wear it, plenty of minimal, sleek style and plenty of utility for the modern man.

Merino in its own right is an essential fabric for any wardrobe, what with natural moisture-wicking and insulating properties, a soft handfeel and the ability to act as an insulating base layer in the cold, or a moisture-wicking outer layer on breezy spring (or temperate winter) days.

And this stylish merino T-shirt from Western Rise checks all the proper boxes, and then some. Now, you might recognize Western Rise from making one of the best men’s long-sleeve buttondowns, but they’ve applied that same innovation to a more casual long-sleeve tee, too.

Best merino long-sleeve tee for men.

The Colorado-based company with a penchant for the outdoors bills the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee as the “only long sleeve shirt you need,” and it’s hard to argue with that take. The jersey Merino wool fabric is temperature-regulating and of course, moisture-wicking, boasting a soft handfeel and a fit that makes it easy to move around in and easy to layer up with as your base for a casually rugged outfit. The split side hem also offers nice added mobility.

It’s better still that the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee features a streamlined design with no branding. That means can rock it under an unlined blazer at the office for a mix of high-low style, you can team your new favorite long-sleeve tee with tapered joggers for a laidback weekend look, or you can style the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee underneath a denim jacket with tan chinos for the ultimate mix of comfort and classic style.

Waxed Canavas Milled In Scotland

And when you need to hit the trail or the road, the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee delivers moisture-wicking comfort and performance. Take your pick from colors like Dune, Midnight or Black, then get ready to wear this shirt as many ways as you can dream up.

The Tuesday Steal: Layer Up with Nearly 50 Percent Off This Tecovas Henley

Best classic henley for men.

From time to time, I’d say the world of men’s style comes down to going just a step further beyond the ordinary. For example: Austin-based Tecovas makes some of the best Western boots for men on the market, sure, but they also do an outstanding job as of late making rugged Western apparel for guys — the sort that pairs perfectly with the brand’s stylish Western boots, of course.

And that brings us to today’s Tuesday Steal: A deal on one of the best henleys, one that brings a classic pick to nearly 50 percent off. Yes indeed, 50 percent off on a menswear essential you can buy now, wear now and then continue to rock into spring? That’s about as good as it gets. It’s the Tecovas Last Call section where you’ll find the henley in question, a cotton slub henley for nice texture and breathability, plus an eye-catching Brick color that can help shake up a wardrobe filled with shades like navy and grey (guilty as charged!).

Best men's cotton henley.

The Tecovas Cotton Slub Henley features all the classic trappings of a henley made for both laidback comfort and a bit of work here and there: The brand says the pima cotton weave resists abrasions and wrinkles, while ribbed cuffs at the wrist deliver a snug fit. The Tecovas Cotton Slub Henley (marked down to $29 from $54) is a downright steal as a base layer beneath, say, your favorite denim shirt or a waxed jacket come spring — or right now — while the four-button placket is a nice change of pace from two or three-button henleys.

As a nice bonus, the hem on the Tecovas Cotton Slub Henley is curved ever so slightly for a flattering fit. And again, it’s worth keeping in mind that your new favorite henley is an absolute steal of a price, so you’d do well to ease this piece into your style rotation ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket is Your New Favorite Jacket

Best Harrington jacket for men.

The process of developing a wardrobe filled with menswear essentials should be fun, you should learn something along the way and yes, it also involves a bit of foresight. So, although we’re still squarely in February right now, you should certainly be thinking about stocking up with one of the best men’s jackets for spring, when things get a bit warmer out.

And the ideal time to do that is, in fact, right now — and perhaps the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket could be your next prime menswear move. Just like the classically rugged yet modern Taylor Stitch Field Jacket, this durable waxed cotton canvas jacket takes a timeless style and updates it seamlessly for today’s man on the go (that’s you!).

It’s the kind of jacket you can wear just about every day, especially if your day-to-day wardrobe leans a little more casually rugged. That’s because the new Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket plays off of the classic Harrington jacket, a style with a stand-up collar and a raglan-sleeve design popularized by style icons like Steve McQueen and first worn across the pond on blustery British days (check out my Fatherly guide to the best Harrington jackets for more insight!). And crucially, the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket has all of those same bells and whistles, plus a few touches well-suited for this year (and beyond).

Notably, the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket now features a two-way YKK zipper for a more customizable fit: Use the zipper to add more mobility and ease of movement around your waistline, as Mr. McQueen might have done when riding a motorbike. You’ll find the tough yet flexible waxed canvas moves well and stands up to temperate spring or even late winter breezes and rain, while the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket is also lined in organic cotton twill.

And for ease of movement when layering up over Taylor Stitch shirts, the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket features sleeves lined with recycled nylon (so your sleeves don’t catch). Perhaps the coolest part of the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket? That’d be the Blackwatch plaid color, a design found in the U.K. and one that looks seriously sleek with just about any other color in your wardrobe. Think well ahead right now, secure your new favorite piece of spring outerwear with the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket — it’s as good as it gets for bolstering your wardrobe.

The Sunday Sale: Get 30 Percent Off this Rugged Taylor Stitch Field Jacket Today

Best field jacket for men.

It’s not all that often that the chance comes along to save on the best menswear essentials from a brand like Taylor Stitch, especially in stock in plenty of sizes — right? Now, we talked just recently on the blog about the surprisingly well-stocked Taylor Stitch Last Call section though, and it’s time to go back to that well once again.

This time around, spend your Sunday (or the rest of your week) sorting through rugged Taylor Stitch outerwear like the outstanding Taylor Stitch Field Jacket, a highly functional and surprisingly stylish piece of outerwear that manages to call to mind old-school British hunting coats, yet a modern sense of style. In a deep, rich Midnight navy color, the Taylor Stitch Field Jacket is on sale for a whopping 30 percent off right now, and still available in the brand’s helpful range of chest sizes for a precise fit — and as I like to say, it only gets better from there.

You see, the Taylor Stitch Field Jacket is almost the perfect jacket for the brand’s home climate of San Francisco, which can certainly get quite cold and blustery. And for a more temperate winter of your own, or for spring’s unpredictable, wet and wild weather, the Taylor Stitch Field Jacket might be just the ticket.

Best waxed field jacket for men.

As you might expect, the Taylor Stitch Field Jacket is made with classic field jacket touches, like a corduroy collar, yet the fit is streamlined and modern. It really comes down to the body of this tough yet supple jacket, though: It’s made from hard-wearing 100% organic cotton waxed canvas custom-developed for the brand (as with so many stylish Taylor Stitch jackets). That cotton canvas will develop patina over time, and you’ll certainly want to wear this handsome field jacket as often as possible, since roomy hip flap pockets and a zippered chest pocket provide all the EDC storage space you might need.

The bi-swing action back offers plenty of room to move, so you’ll want to layer up this jacket as often as possible through the end of winter into spring. The list of positives stretches on with the Taylor Stitch Field Jacket, but the key is this: You need this durable, dependable jacket in your wardrobe for 30 percent off right now.