Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Twill Officer Pants – Your New Pair of Go-Anywhere Summer Pants

Best men's pants for summer

If you stop by the blog often, you’re well aware of the fact that I’m all about making classic menswear essentials work for you across multiple seasons — the more often you can wear a staple piece, the better-served your wardrobe will be, after all. For my money’s worth — and hopefully yours! — there’s not a brand that tends to do this better than the Americana style masters at Buck Mason, makers of everything from the best men’s T-shirt to, well, the best men’s pants for summer (as shown above!). Let’s count the ways that the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants can work for you, shall we?

As far as the best men’s pants for summer are concerned, the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants are precisely what I mentioned above: A classic menswear pick you can wear across multiple seasons, yet especially when the thermostat rises and you still want to look polished. Made from an 8.9oz. cotton twill that’s got a slubby texture for a soft feel and finish, they’re both substantial and durable, like classic men’s chinos, yet lightweight enough to wear in the heat with, say, a classic Buck Mason T-shirt off-duty — or with one of the best men’s Oxford shirts at the office. The Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants only get better from there.

Crucially, the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants feature a timeless mid-rise design and a slim, tapered-but-not-too-tight fit, all the better to wear more casually with your favorite summer sneakers or more formally with dressy, sharp leather loafers.

The Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants also feature a classic Hollywood waistband, which means the waistband is naturally part of the pants, rather than being sewn on. It’s yet another traditional touch that separates Buck Mason menswear from the pack, and it’s also just part of what makes the Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Pants some of the best pants for men this summer. Give ’em a look and see for yourself, my friends. Happy shopping!

The Friday Read: A London Trip With Dickies Workwear

My friends, if you can believe it or not, the headline above isn’t a typo or a mistake — I really am writing to you from the very hip confines of Shoreditch in London, one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods (as seen above!), where I’m in the midst of yet another press trip! The brand in question for this lifetime trip? Ever-popular workwear and streetwear stalwarts Dickies, a huge brand Stateside in Texas and an even bigger brand abroad, thanks to its popularity among skateboarders and stylish youths — and of course, writers like myself! Dickies is celebrating 100 years, and invited myself and Gear Patrol Editor Evan Malachosky along for the ride.

On the docket so far this week? A celebration of a century of Dickies workwear, including a lovely dinner at the very on-brand The Bike Shed in Shoreditch, a preview of the brand’s upcoming Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 offerings, and a special documentary premiere at London’s Steel Yard nodding to 100 years of heritage and history. In the meantime, I’ve had the chance to explore London and Shoreditch on foot, enjoy a classic Full English Breakfast or two, and take in a couple pints at cool local spots like The Royal Oak. Needless to say, it’s already been a lifetime “work” trip for which I’m extremely grateful!

You can — and should! — keep up with the rest of the fun on my Instagram, because I’ve got a busy London weekend ahead, too (including a legendary concert — stay tuned!). For now, I’ve got some more coffee to down and some workwear to write about — expect a full dispatch for one of the many sites for which I write in the weeks ahead. Cheers, Godspeed and thanks for reading, as ever!

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is the Best Henley to Buy Now

Best men's henley for summer

If you read the blog on the regular, hopefully, you know that sometimes, the best style moves are the most subtle and classic. Take the idea behind wearing one of the best men’s henleys, after all. It’s a simple yet significant upgrade over wearing even one of the best men’s T-shirts, one that signifies a touch of rugged, classic and yet casual style — and for my money’s worth (and yours!), the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is one of the most stylish men’s henleys you can rock right now.

It’s got plenty going for it, from simple style points to tech specs, and it’s worth diving in just a bit more this fine Thursday.

Mack Weldon already excels at mixing things up nicely — like making a polo that’s as soft as a T-shirt — and they’ve done just the same here with this modern take on a classic style. The henley shirt started, after all, as a shirt worn by rowers in Henley-on-Thames, with the button placket providing both extra coverage and ventilation when needed, and the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley carries on that lineage nicely.

The use of super-soft pima cotton makes this shirt ultra-comfortable and breathable, while the three-button placket on the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is another classic henley design touch. Color options like Sand Heather and True Navy team up nicely with everything from olive chinos to grey stretch chino shorts, while the agreeable $42 price tag isn’t a bad deal at all given the quality and summer-friendly versatility on offer. When you want casual style that steps things up just a notch, snag the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are the Perfect Shorts to Wear All Summer

Best hybrid shorts for summer.

Here’s the scoop, at least according to this Brooklyn menswear writer: When you find a summer style essential that can do more than one thing very, very well, it’s in your best interest to snap up that style staple. And when that menswear pick comes from the good folks at Taylor Stitch, you can rest assured it’s the proper style move to make now. The San Francisco brand, a longtime blog favorite and makers of some of the best men’s shirts for summer (among many other items) now offers up the best men’s hybrid shorts for the season: the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts are going to take you from the trail to the beach and beyond — keep scrolling for more, of course.

Again, for the summer months, versatility is absolutely critical, and the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts have that versatility in spades. They’re cut like one of your favorite pairs of shorts, featuring an 8-inch inseam that should hit above the knee on most guys, yet they’ve got all the features you’d expect from some of the best hybrid shorts, too.

That means they’re made from a hard-wearing blend of organic cotton, nylon and spandex — you get the tailored appeal of organic cotton shorts, yet the durability of nylon and the comfort of spandex. The Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts really check off all the right boxes, and you can wear ’em to the beach or on the trail — or out to your favorite brewery — with ease, especially in a neutral and easy-to-style Olive colorway.

Most versatile shorts for men this summer.

The back patch pockets on the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts also feature drainage holes, like on your go-to swim trunks, so you can wear them into the water and back on land (note how quickly the fabric dries!) without worry. When you need rugged shorts that can do everything with style and functionality in mind, make the Taylor Stitch Adventure Shorts your next purchase. And hey, given that you’re getting a pair of functionality-minded shorts for under $100 ($92, to be exact), that purchase just got even better.

The Tuesday Steal: Save Nearly 40 Percent On These Hybrid Shorts from Faherty Brand

Best summer shorts for men.

Any time you can find an in-season summer style essential on sale — especially as sold by a lauded retailer like the good folks at Huckberry — it’s always a wise bet to stock up, yes? That’s the idea behind today’s Tuesday Steal, a standout way to save on some of the best shorts for men. Of course, the savings are coming from a brand you can trust — Faherty Brand — and the savings themselves are outstanding (try nearly 40 percent off — 36 percent, to be exact). Yes indeed, the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts are the sort of shorts you can wear, and wear, and wear, all without missing a beat this season.

The specs on the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts are nearly unbeatable, especially with a price tag that drops below $65 on sale. The 9-inch inseam is an agreeable length for shorts that should provide some extra coverage on the trail or in the water — keep in mind, the fabric is quick-drying and durable at the same time, giving new meaning to the name Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts. As ever, you’ll find them in Huckberry’s well-curated Sale section, but that doesn’t mean the quality is lacking — far from it, in fact.

The fact that the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles? That’s just icing on the cake, as is the versatility behind the easily wearable Olive color at the top of the page. Heck, the exterior of the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts is even coated in DWR finish, so they dry quickly and can go just about anywhere with ease. And lest we forget, yes, the fact that the Faherty Brand All Day Hybrid Shorts are on sale right now is impressive in its own right. Make sure they end up in your wardrobe this season, will ya?

See Now, Buy Now: The Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket Is Going to Be Your Favorite Summer Blazer

Best men's blazer for summer.

Join me today on the blog as we jump back to summer 2021, when I sung the praises of the Buck Mason Carry-On Suit as the best men’s suit for summer. We’re here today, though, to talk about only part of that equation, so to speak — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes, which is why I’m here to refresh your memory and tell you that the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is the best jacket for summer. That’s right (at least in my humble opinion), so let’s dive on into it, shall we?

Granted, not every summer style situation is going to call for throwing on a jacket like the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket, but not every summer style situation is going to call for ultra-laidback style (like wearing, say, one of Buck Mason’s famed T-shirts). Simply put, when you’ve got to step things up just a touch, the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is the right way to go about doing so — the key is the use of stretch cotton twill for plenty of lightweight comfort in the heat, yet a polished finish.

The jacket is designed as a “three-roll-two” — it features three buttons, but the top button rolls, leaving only two buttons showing on the front of the jacket. It’s a nice touch that reflects the premium nature of Buck Mason menswear, with durability and versatility top of mind. That’s the name of the game with this all-American brand, as luck would have it, so make sure the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is your go-to summer tailoring move — be it with expertly faded light wash jeans or Buck Mason chinos. Stay cool and stylish out there, folks.

The Sunday Sale: The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt Can Be Yours for 30 Percent Off Now

Best men's shirt for summer.

It can be fairly rare for one of the country’s best menswear designers — in this case, Billy Reid — to offer up some of the best menswear on sale, but that’s what today’s Sunday Sale is all about. That’s right, folks: Billy Reid’s Men’s Sale section has more than a few picks up for grabs right now, a rarity given the premium quality (and price points!) you’ll often find on the digital (and physical!) shelves of the Alabamba-based designer’s well-curated operation.

The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt in particular is a staple of the brand, made with a tailored-yet-not-too-tight fit, a blend of 99 percent cotton and one percent elastane for stretch, and a buttondown collar and chest pocket for a casual-yet-polished finish. Best of all? The fact that it’s up for grabs for 30 percent off right now. Make it yours ASAP — I’ll leave you to it!

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee – The Best Throwback Summer Style

Best men's shirt for summer.

For all the times you’re going to have to dress up this summer, I’d wager there will be plenty of days where you just want to dress in easygoing, casual style, perhaps wearing one of the best T-shirts for men, right? And that’s where today’s casual-but-premium Style Pick of the Week enters the fray, courtesy of one of the country’s best menswear designers. The Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee is not only one of the best men’s T-shirts of the season — something I can’t get enough of these days — it’s also a prime throwback style move that harkens back to, well, summers spent playing baseball, perhaps.

Although it might look simple on the surface, the Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee checks all the right boxes if you want perfectly casual style that’s still visually interesting and not sloppy in the slightest. The Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee is made in Peru from 100 percent organic cotton, a nice, an again, premium touch that looks great with everything from classic chino shorts to laidback cotton and linen shorts.

When the weather gets breezy, the Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee serves as an easygoing layer all on its own without missing a beat. It’s a bit of an investment as far as T-shirts are concerned (it’s $98, after all), but that kind of utility will help that price tag pay off in spades. Time to layer up, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Best Summer T-Shirt, A New York Wedding & New Luxury Scotch

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, perhaps you remember my May jaunt down to Philadelphia for my longtime friend Drew’s bachelor party — well, the day is finally upon us (or at least, it will be come tomorrow). It’s high time to celebrate Drew’s New York City wedding this weekend on the Aqua Azul, about as unique and lovely a setting for a wedding in the Big Apple as I’ve seen in a long time.

It wraps up a busy week for me around these parts, what with events with the likes of The Balvenie (a Scotch tasting) and Rough Trade Records (a concert showcase at Mercury Lounge). With all that being said, I’ve got more work to do yet for sites like Maxim — more on that in just a second — and then, of course, a wedding to enjoy this weekend. Follow along with all the fun on my Instagram, and in the meantime, let’s dive into the rest of today’s Friday Read.

  • Speaking of Scotch just moments ago, here’s something to add to your wish list or mood board. It’s an out-of-this-world partnership between heritage distiller Bowmore and Aston Martin, the maker of some of the finest cars on the planet. The end result? A futuristic decanter and gift set containing iconic Scotch, all with the price tag to match: Try a whopping $125,000. It’s out of reach, to be sure, but a guy can dream, and I got to dive into this seriously cool partnership over at Maxim.
  • If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, hopefully, you’re aware of the importance of curating a well-stocked closet of summer style essentials. That’s what I talked about just yesterday, in fact: The importance of upgrading your basics, like shopping one of the best T-shirts for men. Head over to this blog post to get the full scoop.
  • I’m all about the importance of getting the small details correct when getting dressed on the daily, like wearing a great watch. You don’t have to break the bank to make this style move work for you, though: In fact, you can (and should!) head over to to check out my guide to the best cheap watches. It’s really that simple, folks.

That’s going to do it for me today as I wrap up the work week and roll into an NYC wedding weekend. Be sure to keep up with the fun on my Instagram, of course, and stay safe (and stylish!) out there.

The Thursday Buy: Buck Mason’s Tough-Knit Classic Tee Is A Casual Summer Essential

When is a classic style essential so much more than just a straightforward, timeless piece? When it’s made by the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason, that’s when. We’ve sung the praises of this brand time and time again here at The Style Guide, be it the brand’s ability to make one of the best men’s polos or one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts. But truly, the Buck Mason story begins with a focus on the classics, like the humble T-shirt — first a military-issue undershirt, and now, a tried-and-true style staple. And for my money’s worth (and yours), the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee is one of the best men’s T-shirts to buy right now — seriously.

The Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee is so much more than just a T-shirt, believe it or not. It’s got all the specs you should look for in a stylish tee you can rock all on its own, starting with the 100 percent cotton construction for a sturdy feel and fit. The midweight cotton is heftier than the brand’s classic Pima cotton, so this stylish T-shirt should drape and wear well all day.

Note that the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee features a straight hem, unlike the brand’s famed Curved Hem Tees — some of the best T-shirts for men out there, mind you — and classic colors like Midnight go with darn near anything you can dream up (Buck Mason jeans included). The next time you want a timeless tee for daily wear, grab the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee.