The Sunday Sale: Score a Standout Deal on this Rugged Shirt Jacket from Howler Brothers

Quintana Quilted Flannel

There’s a time and a place to stock up on the most rugged fall menswear, and well, folks, that time and place is right now. Sure, today happens to be Halloween, and in that spirit, I’ve got a deal that’s spooky good on one of the best flannel shirts for the season (that’s the last of the Halloween puns, I promise!). Head over to Austin-based Howler Brothers and hit up the brand’s always well-stocked Howler Brothers Last Call section (as talked about previously on the blog) to find yourself a standout deal on a rugged shirt jacket (among other excellent discounts, that is). The shirt in question? It’s the Howler Brothers Quintana Quilted Shirt, the perfect blend of form and function for autumn — and a very hot-selling shirt, too. Crucially, it’s available for just over $60 right now at Howler Brothers, and it’s moving fast. Not to fear though, because Howler Brothers is jam-packed with plenty of other dependable, durable and stylish gear across the board. If you do decide to take the plunge on the Howler Brothers Quintana Quilted Shirt before it sells out, you’re getting one heck of a great deal.

It’s exactly the kind of deal and the kind of essential that makes the Howler Brothers Last Call such a great destination (and of course, a very popular one). The Howler Brothers Quintana Quilted Shirt is made from a blend of polyester flannel and cotton, giving it both stretch and a hard-wearing finish. The quilted shoulder yoke adds both distinctive style and a tough, fall-ready look to your wardrobe, so it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the best flannel shirts to wear right now — if you manage to snap it up before it’s gone, that is.

With oversized chest pockets finished off with snap hardware, it’s definitely more of a shirt jacket than a plain old flannel shirt, which makes it ideal to wear on day hikes, brewery visits or fall road trips. It’s helpful that those are all the sort of pursuits that the Howler Brothers team loves the most. They specialize in gear made for action, adventure and great times, and it’s also worth giving the new Howler Brothers Fall 2021 collection a look as you peruse the fast-moving Howler Brothers Last Call section. For now, the Howler Brothers Quintana Quilted Shirt should prove a highly versatile layer when thrown on over a classic henley and your favorite pair of blue jeans, for instance. You can also wear it unbuttoned over a Howler Brothers graphic tee for laidback, distinctly cool seasonal layering. Any way you choose to wear it, the Howler Brothers Quintana Quilted Shirt delivers in matters of style and substance, my friends.


Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Canfield Sport Watch – The Best Watch to Wear All Fall and Winter

From this Brooklyn writer’s point of view, there are assuredly small style essentials that go a long way towards upgrading your overall look. Have you ever heard the adage that people notice both your shoes and your watch first? Well, make that first impression a great one: Get one of the best men’s watches — the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch — and wait for the compliments to roll in. But why Shinola, and why now? I’m glad you asked, my friend. A quick history lesson: The Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is so named for the West Canfield Historic District in Detroit. Not bad at all! Now, this certainly won’t be the last time you hear about the Detroit-based maker of watches and leather goods this season and beyond, so let’s step forward into the future on time and in style. For starters, Shinola makes some of the best accessories for men (and women!) on the market, striking a tricky balance between premium, refined style, rugged appeal and fine, precise craftsmanship. The Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is a prime example of that dedication, with well-made details any watch lover will appreciate, and plenty of style points regardless, particularly if you’re just tipping your toe into the world of men’s watches.

What’s a chronograph watch, for starters? A chronograph watch features sub-dials within the main watch dial. Here’s the kicker: As the main dial tracks the time itself, and the three chronograph dials (on the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch in particular) can be used to track details like one-tenth of a second, as well as minutes or hours. It’s an added bit of functionality that’s made watches like the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch prized for their utility in travel, road racing (or road trips) and more. At the end of the day, all Shinola men’s watches perform readily under pressure and look mighty stylish either way. It only gets better from there.

The Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is especially well-suited for fall and winter because it’s built to handle just about anything. Unlike a NATO strap watch, typically worn during summer and often featuring a smaller-size case diameter (as NATO strap watches are often made for the field), a timepiece like the handsome Shinola Canfield Sport Watch features a larger 45mm dial diameter. This means that the watch is going to stand up stylistically to the more rugged, burlier fall style essentials you’re wearing, from a thermal henley and flannel shirt to your favorite waxed trucker jacket and a tough denim shirt. Yes indeed, the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch simply is firing on all cylinders.

Naturally, the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is also dressy enough to be worn in business casual situations, especially with one of the best men’s Oxford shirts, sleeves rolled up, this fall and beyond. There are several varieties of the Canfield watch, but the blend of a rich cognac leather strap and a cool-as-can-be black dial is pretty inviting, is it not? Pick up any version of the Shinola Canfield Sport Watch, and wear it as often as possible: You won’t be disappointed in matters of style or versatility.

The Friday Read: A Dispatch from the Outside Lands 2021 Festival

Outside Lands to Require Proof of Vaccine or Negative COVID Test at 2021  Festival - mxdwn Music

My friends, we’re coming to you live from San Francisco with a shorter-than-usual dispatch for your regular Friday Read installment, where I normally get into things like the best men’s style essentials to carry you through your weekend. But if you follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my twice-weekly music and menswear newsletter, you might know that I’m doing things a bit differently today. You might also know that I wear a heck of a lot of hats, including writing about rugged menswear, covering whiskey, craft beer and of course, music. Which brings me to my San Francisco trip, already off to a fine start. I’m here writing about the always-excellent Outside Lands Festival, for Atwood Magazine, a celebration of great music (with a hearty helping of regional beer and cuisine) at Golden Gate Park.

It’s my first time to San Francisco in seven years, if you can believe it, and the festival is hotly anticipated for a number of reasons. I can’t wait to see lifetime heroes The Strokes play tonight, and I also expect stellar sets from indie stars like Sharon Van Etten. It’s going to be an action-packed weekend, so again, I’d call out that you should follow me on Instagram to get the full lay of the land (you should also check back here to read tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week in the meantime). As for me, I’ve got some photos to take and some more writing to do, but this time, on music and not menswear. Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, and if you’ve got any San Francisco recommendations (like the incredible Anchor Brewing, which I visited yesterday!), be sure to drop me a line in the comments. Cheers and let’s rock!

The Thursday Buy: Faherty Brand’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket is the Coolest Jacket for Fall Layering

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you always take any chance you can get to wear your favorite denim jacket. Well, what if I told you there was a way you could keep wearing said denim jacket, but in a way that’s a bit more ready for the chilly climes of fall and winter? Enter the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket, one of the coolest men’s jackets on the market, and one that’s more than ready for whatever fall throws your way. From cabin getaways to day hikes, pumpkin beer sipping sessions, morning coffee and beyond, this is one of the best men’s trucker jackets and then some, to say the very least. While the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket looks on the surface like your average denim jacket, it’s got all the specs you could ever ask for in terms of durability, warmth and expert fall style.

The family-owned, NYC-based brand draws heavy inspiration from the great outdoors, coastal nature and good living, and believe it or not, the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket wraps a bit of each of those pursuits into one handsome and rugged jacket. It starts with the use of organic cotton, which has been faded to look like you’ve had this jacket for years. The recycled polyester sherpa lining will prove cozy and warm on the inside, and you can’t beat that cool faded denim on the outside.

The Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket also takes the details a step further, which is never a bad thing if you’re on the hunt for some of the best fall menswear and gear (spoiler alert: Faherty Brand has you covered). In this instance, the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket features branded buttons in a custom design, a small touch that design lovers should certainly appreciate. It’s also a huge bonus that the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket is made from sustainable materials, giving you some bang for your buck in terms of price (it’ll retail for $298 at Faherty).

Beyond that, the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket is the right kind of in-between jacket for these times, when it’s cold and blustery but not yet cold enough for a thicker parka. Wear the incredible-looking Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket atop your favorite Faherty flannel shirt or a warm thermal from the brand, or else wear it as an extra layer atop a crewneck long-sleeve T-shirt or a chambray shirt. The rugged appeal of the Faherty Brand Indigo Sherpa Stormrider Jacket never gets old, does it? Because this is a trucker jacket-style offering, it’ll hit above the waist and features a more relaxed silhouette, all the better for layering with the best fall style essentials. When you need outerwear that mimics your favorite denim jacket but goes a step further, Faherty is the brand you need in your closet. Happy shopping and happy fall, folks!

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Is Back In Stock and Better Than Ever

How James Bond's Peacoat Changed Billy Reid's Business | GQ

There are certain menswear essentials that always mark the true start of fall and winter with their arrival, and in the best way possible. Take the much-loved and always popular, quick-selling and simply incredible Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. So named for the famed menswear designer (and Style Guide favorite) Billy Reid’s Bond Street store in New York City, you likely recognize it these days from the big screen. Famously, it’s the peacoat worn by James Bond in “Skyfall,” part of an instantly classic set of men’s style moves by Bond that you can now emulate yourself. Beyond that, it’s simply one of the best men’s peacoats — and indeed, one of the best men’s jackets, period. It’s got all the standout styling potential and details you’d only expect from one of America’s best menswear designers — there’s more than one reason Bond wears this sleek, classic peacoat.

You already know you can turn to Billy Reid for everything from one of the best on-sale men’s shirts to the coolest fall sweater, so why not really up the ante with a peacoat sure to sell out soon? The specs on this peacoat make it both refined and yet incredibly functional in chilly fall and winter weather, starting with the use of smooth, soft-yet-thick melton wool. That wool is made in Portugal into a truly iconic jacket that won’t be around on the site’s digital shelves for very long. If you’ve been on the fence about the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, now’s the time to take the plunge.

As if the specs weren’t enough to convince you, well the option to go with either classic Navy or Black should provide plenty of versatile styling potential, especially if you go like Bond and wear the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat atop a crisp white dress shirt (also found at Billy Reid) and a pair of slim grey wool trousers. Notably, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is finished off with cool, iconic touches, like a leather undercollar and horn buttons, all the better to provide long-lasting, timeless style for years to come. The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat can be worn simply, atop the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt with faded jeans, for instance, or in dressy fashion (See Bond, James Bond).

Get James Bond’s peacoat now

It’s the perfect way to layer for fall

It’s worth noting that because it’s one of the best men’s peacoats, it’s going to prove a pricier investment than a fast-fashion item. Clocking in at a shade under $700, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is built to last and made to get better with age. It’s durable enough to wear in snow storms, but for a blizzard or unexpected rain, you might want to turn instead towards a waxed parka. The great news is though, most days, the exceptional Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is your new favorite winter peacoat, to say the very least. Dressing like James Bond just got a little bit easier, but act quickly, because this peacoat won’t be around forever. Stay stylish, folks!

The Tuesday Steal: Invest in the Best with A Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

The Story Behind The Runwell Automatic | The Journal

Today’s Tuesday Steal might seem a bit out of the ordinary — after all, if you’re investing in something as nice as one of the best men’s leather watches, isn’t that not quite exactly a steal? Well, perhaps that’s the case, but when it comes down to Shinola watches, it’s actually quite easy to get a lot of bang for your buck. That’s because Shinola men’s watches are packed with intricate details, quality construction, style points aplenty and much more for what you’re ponying up. The Shinola Runwell Watch, in its many iterations and in the timeless design shown above, hits the nail on the head, to say the least, making it as fine a purchase as any this season (and well beyond). Note that the original Runwell features a quartz movement, but you can also track down the Shinola Runwell Automatic. OK, onward!

Now, if you’ve read my blog over the years, you’ll know that I’ve long admired Michigan-based Shinola for its commitment to accessible quality, iconic designs and a nice blend of rugged and refined design. Note that the brand uses Swiss parts to make its watches in Detroit, but it’s still more than worthy of consideration when you want to dive into the best American watch brands.

What exactly makes the Shinola Runwell Watch such a solid purchase if you want standout style that delivers plenty of versatility and rugged appeal? That, my friends, is pretty plain to see. The Runwell clocks in with a case diameter of 41mm, highly wearable on most wrists, and uses a striking dial design that’s somehow classic and just a bit mid-century-modern, and yet undeniably fresh. It’s made with a high-accuracy quartz movement, one of the reasons why those who prefer more expensive, mechanical watches might not prefer the brand. But when you consider the handsome and frankly iconic design of the Shinola Runwell Watch, plus the price — a more than agreeable $595 for some models of the Shinola Runwell Watch — you start to see why this is a true Tuesday Steal in every sense of the word.

And if you’re the type of guy who’s just entering the world of watches, then something as accessible and highly wearable as any number of Shinola men’s watches is a great place to start. With the right mix of rich leather straps and bold, contrasting designs, plus options like chronograph functionality (for tracking other, smaller units of time aside from the main watch dial), Shinola men’s watches are a seriously cool and useful bet. Plus, you can wear a design like the Shinola Runwell Watch with everything from a navy wool winter suit to your favorite henley and faded blue jeans (I should know — I’ve done both). With any option you buy, the Shinola Runwell Watch gives you standout wearability and classic looks, no matter what.

Invest in the very best with a Shinola Runwell

This watch is the right way to go, any day of the week

See Now, Buy Now: This Grayers Shirt Jacket is the Most Classic Fall Layer to Shop Now

The dawn of a chilly fall day is no time to be left out in the cold, literally or figuratively speaking. That’s why you need one of the best men’s shirt jackets, and that’s where Grayers — masters of blending prep and modern style — can help you out in a big way this season. The Grayers Fremont Rugged Twill Shirt Jacket, you see, is the perfect blend of rugged and classic, the sort of shirt jacket you should have close at hand on drafty cabin days or afternoons in front of the fire at home in equal measure. It’s all part of a jam-packed Grayers New Arrivals section featuring super-soft fabrics, expert designs and just the right blend of old-school and current.

It’s the Grayers way, after all (if you’ll recall, Grayers was the term given to gray flannel trousers worn by British prep school students). Peter Georgiou co-founded the brand with his wife Joanna, and turned his love of history — and 11 years of design experience at Ralph Lauren — into a brand that does things its own way, and the right way. Yes indeed, the ever-so-rugged Grayers Fremont Rugged Twill Shirt Jacket belongs in your corner (and on your shoulders) this season.

The Grayers Fremont Rugged Twill Shirt Jacket does more than just look super-soft and cozy. It lives up to its name, using a 9oz. yarn-dyed cotton twill with a stone-washed finish to provide burly warmth and tough layering potential, especially over, say one of your favorite henleys for fall. It’s also built like a true shirt jacket, with two front-button flap chest pockets to hold your everyday carry essentials, plus slash hip pockets to warm your digits on chilly fall and winter days. And since it’s one of the best shirt jackets for men, well, that means you can wear it for work or play, on a day hike or splitting wood, or simply lounging by the fire. It falls right in line with the entire Grayers collection, which features everything from warm flannel shirts to tailored chinos.

If you felt so inclined, you could wear the Grayers Fremont Rugged Twill Shirt Jacket atop a white Oxford shirt alongside tan Grayers chinos — the Insignia Blue color gives it a suitably dressy finish, after all. When the day dawns cold and clear, you’ve now got the perfect layer to reach for time and time again. Make it the Grayers Fremont Rugged Twill Shirt Jacket, and plenty of warm fall and winter days await.

The Sunday Sale: Enter this WESN Goods Giveaway to Get the Best Everyday Carry Gear on the Market

Every WESN product

Welcome back to another fine edition of the Sunday Sale, where I help you dive into the best deals on the best menswear, and in this case, the best deals on the best everyday carry gear. Here’s the lowdown: If you read the blog, perhaps you’re familiar with the rugged EDC gear being made by WESN Goods, a Detroit-based brand first launched on Kickstarter and now best known for its WESN Microblade and a well-curated, well-designed offering of EDC goods for men and women. The brand’s name means “West, East South, North,” fitting for adventure-minded gear offerings. While the brand is certainly worth shopping if you need upgrades to your daily carry for yard work, road trips, camping and more, there’s an even better way to step things up with your everyday carry essentials. Now through October 29th, enter the WESN 4-Year Anniversary Giveaway for a chance to win the brand’s entire product range. What exactly does that get you? A heck of a lot, from the famed WESN Microblade to the WESN Allman Knife, a handy carabiner and more.

Click through to read more about the WESN 4-Year Anniversary Giveaway, which was designed to celebrate the brand’s inspirations, its journey from a Kickstarter campaign to a prominent Detroit brand, and much more. You can also score quite a few additional entries to the WESN 4-Year Anniversary Giveaway by reading the fine print, so to speak, but it’s worth checking out the rest of the brand’s highly durable, incredibly handsome and well-designed product assortment in the meantime. For now, enter the WESN 4-Year Anniversary Giveaway now through October 29th to give your everyday carry a serious shot in the arm. Good luck out there!

Gear up right now with WESN Goods

The best EDC picks are within reach

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Storm Stopper CPO Jacket – The Most Rugged Fall Jacket to Wear Now

There are folks who say “‘Tis the season” as it relates to the holidays, and then there are those, like myself, who say it in reference to the best fall menswear, and the chance to finally, properly layer up. That time is upon is now, which is why the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket belongs in your rotation of the best fall style essentials right now. It’s but one seriously cool, rugged and dependable offering on-hand at the moment in the always-well-stocked Buck Mason New Arrivals section. The brand, which draws heavily from all-American workwear, delivers when it comes to hard-wearing gear of all sorts, from soft-yet-strong T-shirts to waxed jackets, Oxford shirting and plenty more. The Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO is a breed all its own though, built with all the hard-wearing design you’d expect from a brand that’s built its reputation on delivering when you need it the most (like on blustery fall days and weekend mornings). If you know Buck Mason, founded more than a decade ago, you know exactly what the means. The fabrication delivers, the design is versatile enough to go just about anywhere, and the pricing is often more than worth it for what you’re getting.

In this case, that means the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket is made from a cotton-twill blend that’s also been treated with a Durable Water-Resistant finish, then filled with PrimaLoft for added warmth. Those specs are only the beginning though, as it were.

Zoomed product image

Helpfully, the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket is fit for work or play, with the potential to layer up nicely over a Buck Mason thermal shirt or henley. You can then wear that combination out and about for all manner of pursuits, be it fall weekend yard work or a laidback porch coffee-sipping session. Front-button chest pockets offer up a bit of space for Buck Mason accessories as needed, and the Desert Khaki color wears nicely with faded Buck Mason denim or even navy chinos.

Get your new go-to shirt jacket here

Buck Mason’s CPO Jacket is the best move now

And hey, if you work in a more casual office, you can wear the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket atop a white Oxford shirt with navy chinos as a casual and cool blazer replacement. It’s cut with enough room to layer over a denim shirt, so it wears more like a proper jacket for fall road trips. And because it’s got the potential to be worn casually or a bit more dressed-up, the Buck Mason Desert Khaki Storm Stopper CPO Jacket is going to prove more than worth the price tag ($195 at Buck Mason). Does that sound like it checks all the right boxes as far as the best fall menswear is concerned? I’d say it does, but give it a shot and let me know for yourself on Twitter or in the comments below.

The Friday Read: Horse Soldier Bourbon, The Best Fall Jeans & A New Bonobos Sweater

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon | Third Base Market and Spirits | Third  Base Market & Spirits

This Friday caps off a very special, very busy week, one notable in more ways than one (and one notable beyond even one of the best whiskies for fall and winter as seen above). From Monday through Wednesday of this week, I traveled to the beautiful state of Kentucky with NYC’s Magrino PR for something well beyond just a whiskey tasting. I was on hand in the rolling hills of Somerset, Kentucky with the Horse Soldier Bourbon team for groundbreaking festivities (and my, were there festivities) related to the new Horse Soldier Farms facility, a sprawling, $200 million planned expansion of the Horse Soldier Bourbon brand — you might have read about the trip in my newsletter earlier this week. It was a momentous trip filled with patriotism, community and faith, all principles of the remarkable Horse Soldier brand. If you want a taste of the brand, you can get their excellent whiskey delivered to your door, but it’s about so much more than whiskey.

Founded just about three years ago by a group of Special Forces veterans — horse soldiers and Special Forces members who served bravely in Afghanistan and elsewhere — the company operates a lovely tasting room in Florida and distills product in Ohio with partners, but the Somerset facility is going to become a true destination in every sense of the word, with a massive lodge, cabins, a chapel, an amphitheater and much more set for the beautiful space tucked away in Somerset’s rolling hills. In fact, it’s not far from where members of the Horse Soldier team were training when terrorists attacked the U.S. on September 11th. It was a true homecoming celebration packed with tons of significance and emotional moments, capped off with a night in Louisville and a special ceremony at the Frazier History Museum welcoming Horse Soldier Bourbon to the famed Kentucky Bourbon Trail. I’ll have much more to say on the trip and on the groundbreaking soon, but it was an incredible, passion-filled trip (right down to the breathtaking stay at Louisville’s 21c Museum Hotel), and I couldn’t have been more honored to be on site for such a special occasion. For now, I’ve got some other deadlines to knock out yet this weekend (as I sip on my new favorite bourbon, of course), but I’ll still take you into the weekend with my normal guide to menswear’s best reads and buys. Happy shopping!

  • So, here’s a shopping pick to get your weekend started off right. In fact, I can vouch firsthand for the durability and versatility of classic slim blue jeans from Mott and Bow, seeing as I wore two pairs throughout my trip to Kentucky. These jeans are packed with helpful stretch and washed just enough to give them plenty of comfort right out of the box, so consider giving Mott and Bow (and the site’s free shipping and returns) a shot heading into fall. They are the best fall jeans, after all.
  • Fall is nothing if not the season for taking care of chores and taking care of business, literally, and that involves everything from splitting wood to hauling brush to simply pouring up some more Horse Soldier Bourbon as you sit around the bonfire. Whatever your pursuits might be this season, my guide for The Manual on the best barn coats for doing chores is sure to keep you warm and toasty in rugged style.
  • Here’s one more for you today when it comes to fall layering. Bonobos, long one of my favorite brands, has also long been known for its stylish and slim chinos. That notoriety levels up a step further though when it comes to one of the best sweaters, too. I wrote about said sweater on the blog earlier this week, so be sure to gear up accordingly, folks.

That’ll wrap up my trio of picks for the best menswear you can shop this weekend, but allow me to provide you with one more recommendation: It always pays off to get a nice discount on a Taylor Stitch leather jacket, and you can read all about how to do that here. I’ll let you go forth and shop stylish menswear, sip excellent whiskey and plan your Bourbon Trail getaway. Enjoy it, my friends!