Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans-The Best Men’s Jeans for Summer

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We’ve talked a lot on here about the best brands for men’s denim, including favorites like Mott and Bow, and it’s always worth mentioning another brand that makes some of the best men’s jeans: That’d be Buck Mason, of course. If you keep up with the blog and if you’ve been shopping around for a pair of lightweight, durable, dependable and summer-ready jeans, then you’re in luck today. The Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans are everything you could hope for in a pair of summer denim, and then some. As a guy who wears denim more often than not, even in the summer heat, I’m always looking for men’s stretch jeans that offer up comfort and cushioning without overdoing it. That’s where Buck Mason’s Maverick Jeans enter the equation.

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Built with 1 percent stretch for just enough mobility, it’s the Natural Wash Maverick Jeans that have caught my eye this season in particular. Fear not, though: This isn’t a pair of blindingly bright white jeans. These jeans have a natural wash finish, unlike cotton denim that’s been dyed with rich indigo. So, they’re more of an “off-white” or beige than anything, and that’s great news indeed if you’ve been meaning to switch up your denim rotation ever so slightly. Plus, they’re made with Buck Mason‘s guarantee of quality and durability, and that’s just the start of what makes these some of the best men’s jeans for summer.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans

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Believe it or not, the Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans are reasonably priced for the quality and versatility you’re getting (they’ll run you $145 at Buck Mason), and the specs are certainly on-point as far as the best men’s denim for summer is concerned. Again, the 13oz. denim weight isn’t overly heavy nor overly flimsy, and touches like nickel hardware and a button fly amp up both the hard-wearing construction and classic appeal of the Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans. The fit also strikes a happy medium between modern and timeless. It’s a slim-straight fit, neither too skinny nor too relaxed, with a mid-rise finish and a tapered cut from the knee down.

Satchel and Page

All of these touches come together seamlessly to make what’s perhaps your new favorite pair of denim to wear with, well, anything. The Natural Wash finish means these slim men’s jeans pair up seamlessly with one of the best T-shirts from Buck Mason, not to mention a Buck Mason polo or a rugged Buck Mason denim shirt. And last but not least, you can certainly rock the Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans with a classic summer blazer from Buck Mason when the occasion calls for something a bit more polished. When you want jeans that work 24/7, all summer long, in plenty of style situations, you want a pair of the best men’s jeans for summer from Buck Mason.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Maverick Slim Jeans

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