The Tuesday Steal: Get 20 Percent Off a Classic Leather Watch at Bespoke Post

Best leather watch for men.

When putting together an #OOTD, I’ve always been of the mind that it’s the details that make the difference, be it finding a stylish piece of outerwear on a breezy day, topping off a spring or summer look with a minimal, classic ballcap, or putting on one of the best watches for men right before you head out the door.

And if you can save a buck or two in the process of putting together that #OOTD? That’s all the better, and that’s where today’s Tuesday Steal is going to help you out in a major way. That’s because we’re heading over to standout men’s lifestyle retailer Bespoke Post to shop the acclaimed site’s sale that just so happens to feature one of your new favorite watches.

Now, we’re coming off a busy weekend of Memorial Day sales, but the chance to save 20 percent on Nixon men’s watches is too good to pass up, is it not?

And while Nixon also makes a standout selection of everyday carry gear for men, I think it’s the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch that should be on your radar right now for about 20 percent off. Crucially, it’s a streamlined, relatively minimal leather watch with a crisp dial that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Case in point: Pair it with everything from your favorite pocket tee or cotton polo and chino shorts to navy trousers and a classic Oxford shirt at the office. Yes indeed, the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch is that versatile, my friends.

Nixon leather watch review.

In my experience, Nixon leather watches are both durable and affordable, priced nicely and designed with versatile style in mind. That’s crucial in this day and age, especially if you want to upgrade your watch collection without spending an arm and a leg.

And the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch (priced below $150 when on sale) boasts useful details, from a day and date window to a nicely sized 42mm case that should work on most wrists.

Beyond that, the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch comes in handsome combinations like Gunmetal and Black, or Brass and Brown (my personal favorite). Upgrading your wrist game on a budget just got easier, so don’t sleep on this post-Memorial Day sale from Nixon.


See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Eagle Harbor Trunks are a Rugged Summer Adventure Essential

Best new swim trunks for men.

Every so often, I like to scour the market for something with both a touch of retro appeal and modern functionality, sort of “what’s old is new again” approach that works especially well for plenty of menswear essentials. Especially as we roll into the summer months, that approach could apply quite well to your new favorite pair of swim trunks. And believe me when I say you can find those swim trunks at a heritage-minded brand, as surprising as that might sound. Yessir, Filson is making your new go-to swimsuit for the summer. Or rather, it’s a hybrid between a swimsuit and hiking performance gear, and that’s also a solid find to keep handy.

In my experience, the best men’s summer shorts are becoming a bit more retro, with a more streamlined cut and a more stylish approach than the baggy cargo-style swim trunks of my youth. That’s certainly on display with the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks, which certainly call to mind throwback swim trunks while delivering a dose of modern, rugged utility.

How’s that for some of the most versatile men’s shorts to shop now, ehh? And since it’s Memorial Day, perhaps you’ve had your eye on a new pair of swim trunks or hiking shorts — well, consider these as fine an option as any. What separates the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks from the pack?

They’re a touch unconventional, for one, which is never a bad option to have on hand — especially if your summer pursuits are less about hanging out by a pool and more about rafting, hiking, camping or some combination of all three.

Heck, even if you only wear the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks to your local lake, they’ll still perform as well as any pair on the market. Of course, as with any number of Filson menswear essentials, this newfound warm-weather staple is built to last. The Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks are made from sturdy waxed cotton that’ll break in nicely over time, so they’re almost a hybrid between swim trunks and hiking shorts (the fly is even gusseted like old-school boxing shorts for ease of movement).

Plus, that cotton construction resists water absorption, while the pockets are made from mesh for water drainage. You can even wear them out of the water, back on the trail with one of the best Filson short-sleeve shirts, too. If versatility and rugged appeal is the name of the game, Filson is the heritage brand you need to shop this summer.

The Sunday Sale: Save 50 Percent On Stylish Sunglasses at The Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Best men's sunglasses for summer.

I don’t know about you, but when I stumble across the best menswear deals, I’m awfully tempted to take advantage of that deal right this very second (especially on a holiday weekend). That’s certainly the case with the Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale, which is nearing its conclusion — but still offering some outstanding savings on the best menswear essentials in the meantime. And there are certainly plenty of deals to be had, but one caught my eye in particular.

That’d be the chance to save 50 percent on the Walden Eyewear Pinion Sunglasses, which were dreamed up and designed by the Huckberry team. They’ve been selling like hotcakes, so to speak, ever since Walden Eyewear debuted last fall, and this deal through the Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale knocks the already agreeable price of $124 down even further (to $62, precisely).

Most stylish men's sunglasses to shop now.

That’s quite the deal, no? Of course, the sale selection itself is too good to pass up, but it’s those Walden Eyewear shades that I find particularly impressive. The brand was designed with military inspiration and classic style in mind, and the Walden Eyewear Pinion Sunglasses were modeled after pilot’s shades for an added touch of rugged durability and tough style.

Huckberry Memorial Day Sale 2023.

They boast mineral glass ‘G15’ sun lenses and acetate temple tips for a comfortable, no-slip fit, and the frames are made with recycled steel and bio acetate for a sustainable touch. It’s worth keeping top of mind that you’re getting all of this (plus the assurance of shopping with Huckberry!) for an outstanding 50 percent off.

Go forth, close out your long weekend the right way, and score a pair of the Walden Eyewear Pinion Sunglasses for a standout deal through the Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Happy shopping, my friends!

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Curved Hem Henley – A Rugged Summer Style Classic

Best short-sleeve henley for men.

From time to time, you’ve simply got to keep classic menswear essentials at the forefront of your wardrobe (and your shopping search). For instance, in the heat of summer, there are ways to step out in style that are visually appealing and different from the everyday, like opting for a stylish curved hem henley as opposed to a classic crewneck tee or even a pocket T-shirt.

It’s a classic move, it’s the epitome of rugged style, and there’s one brand in particular you should trust to outfit you accordingly. That brand, of course, is Buck Mason, and if you read the blog on the regular, I’d hope you know them very well indeed.

What makes the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley a must-buy? There’s plenty going for it, especially as we move into the hotter climes of summer. The sporting roots of the henley shirt are a nice touch, to be sure, while the button placket frames the face and can be customized with any particular number of buttons (see how Ryan Gosling wears his favorite short-sleeve henley, for instance).

Best short-sleeve henley for men to buy now.

Now, we can’t all be as suave as Ryan Gosling, but any time a celeb of such esteem wears a rugged style classic, it’s a move worth emulating — and the even better news is, you needn’t spend an arm and a leg on the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley. Sure, it’s decidedly more expensive than a standard 3-pack of T-shirts at $68, but if you’ve tried out Buck Mason men’s T-shirts, you know that the quality is worth the extra investment. And with the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley, it all starts with the fabric itself.

It’s a long-staple pima cotton for an exceptionally soft hand feel and a touch of durability, and this rugged henley is available in both classic colors (like Black, Heather Grey and Heather Oat), as well as an even softer Venice Wash option in a breezy, versatile Olive. And of course, there’s the curved hem itself — it’ll prove flattering on multiple body types — as well as the cuffed sleeves, a retro touch that also flatters your upper body and arms.

If it seems like the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley checks all the right boxes, that’s because, well, it does. In my experience, the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley fits exceptionally well, drapes comfortably and retains its shape, and feels super-soft to the touch. That sounds like a summer menswear essential to buy now, does it not? Get out there and shop accordingly, my friends.

The Friday Read: Heading to the Indianapolis 500 with Tag Heuer

Well, my friends. Here we are. We sit on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend, always an absolute blast in my book — that is, if it’s filled with sunny weather, cold beer, great times with family and friends, and a healthy dose of the best menswear deals. News flash: The weekend is indeed filled with those things in bountiful quantities, along with some time to rest up and reflect on the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes.

For me, it even means a little something extra — although I of course wholeheartedly recommend you shop the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale, among many others. to kickstart your Friday. But for now, to the next order of business.

As part of my many freelance writing pursuits, which have taken me everywhere from Las Vegas to Morocco to the Kentucky Derby, I’m attending another spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. Starting today, I’ll be at the Indianapolis 500 with none other than Tag Heuer, the Official Timekeeper of the Indy 500 — arguably the most famous auto race in the country. It’s part of my work covering the watch industry for, and it’ll be my first Indy Car race.

Make no mistake, I’m undeniably grateful for the opportunity! For posterity, Tag Heuer recently released the official Tag Heuer x Indy 500 watch to commemorate the occasion, and it’s a timepiece that expertly blends form and function. Naturally, you can expect much more on that watch from yours truly following this weekend.

Tag Heuer x Indy 500 2023

As to the race itself, it’s certainly a bucket list item as far as the world’s biggest sporting events are concerned — that’s no doubt an understatement, right? And when the chips are down (and the clock’s ticking), well, I certainly can count on a Tag Heuer timepiece to keep me moving forward at the proper pace (particularly as freelance deadlines are concerned).

What do your Memorial Day weekend plans entail? As I mentioned above, I hope some time off is in store, along with a few cold beverages of choice and some much-needed time with family and friends. You know the watch to keep you moving forward, right? Yes indeed, Tag Heuer certainly gets my vote this weekend.

To keep up with all the fun, head over to my Instagram (and tune into the 2023 Indy 500 on Sunday!). In the meantime, we’ll be here with our regular duo of weekend posts, starting with tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. And until next time, stay safe, stay stylish and thanks as always for reading!

The Thursday Buy: Shop The Huckberry Memorial Day Sale to Save Big on Rugged Menswear

Huckberry Memorial Day Sale.

If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that there’s no time quite like the present to shop and save on the best rugged menswear, especially when some of the best menswear deals roll into town to kickstart a long weekend. Memorial Day weekend beckons, as does the promise of a cold beer and some much-needed downtime, but first and foremost, you’ve got to take care of a few things.

Notably, you need to shop the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale. It’s just that simple. As you can see at the top of the page, the rugged, endlessly versatile retailer is offering up to 30 percent off, and it’s also worth checking out the always well-stocked Huckberry Sale section beyond that deal itself. So, what exactly is up for grabs at the famed retailer? There’s plenty, and that’s an understatement.

There’s a selection of Huckberry sunglasses, there are polos and camp collar shirts and shorts aplenty, there are stylish slip-ons… the list goes on and on, indeed. As I always say, these deals tend to go quickly, and the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale is certainly one you can’t miss. If you end up picking up a new favorite piece of menswear or gear, be sure to let me know in the comments. Cheers to this long weekend, and let’s get into it, in style.

See Now, Buy Now: Bonobos Is Making One of the Best Linen Shirts for Summer

Best linen shirt for men.

Folks, what’s a guy to do to beat the heat in the summer months? All the while looking polished while dressing for the office, perhaps wearing one of the best men’s shirts for summer? In my experience, it’s no easy task — not in the slightest, but that’s why I leave it to the menswear experts at Bonobos. The brand has been a longtime favorite of mine, especially for its exceptionally well-fitting jeans and chinos, not to mention a full lineup of some of the best men’s shirts — is there anything the NYC brand can’t do?

Well, I’ve tried out a little bit of everything from the brand over the years, and I’m just not sure there’s an area in which they don’t have you covered in terms of menswear essentials.

Witness the latest and greatest from the brand, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt. It lives up to its billing as a comfortable, ultra-breezy and yes, easygoing shirt, exactly the kind you need to stay cool while looking polished. If it sounds too good to be true, rest easy that, well, it’s not: It’s the Bonobos way, after all.

Stylish linen shirt for men.

Crucially, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts largely the same fit options as the rest of the brand’s well-tailored, classically designed shirts. Choose from Slim or Standard, then select from one of three shirt lengths to nail that optimal fit. But the real key when it comes to the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt might be that all-important fabric. A blend of cotton and linen gives this shirt both a lightweight, breathable feel and yet some nice shape to it. Beyond that, the use of cotton in the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt means that shirt won’t wrinkle quite as easily.

The rest of the details are on point: The Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts a point collar you can wear with or without a knit tie this summer at a seasonal shindig, and the style itself should look polished and appropriate worn tucked or untucked. And the best part about the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt? Of course, you can wear it with ease alongside practically any pair of Bonobos men’s pants or jeans, from light wash denim to stretch chinos. How’s that for staying cool in the heat this summer? Go forth and get to it, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: You Can Save Now On Your New Favorite Chelsea Boots from HELM Boots

Best Chelsea boots for men to shop now.

When you find a brand that works for you, I’m of the opinion that you should stick with it, and then some. Take HELM Boots, for instance. The Austin-based brand has been making some of the best men’s leather boots with careful craftsmanship in mind for well over a decade.

As someone with a few pairs of HELM men’s boots of my own, I certainly vouch for the quality, the supple-yet-durable leather, and the endless style points they bring to my wardrobe. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’d be wise to dive into today’s Tuesday Steal: A pair of the best men’s Chelsea boots, now discounted about 15 percent.


Now, bear in mind that HELM boots don’t go on sale all that often, and when they do, they tend to sell quickly, so it’s worth trying to snap up a pair of the HELM Pablo Boots, a streamlined-yet-rugged Chelsea boot you can wear plenty this spring (and seasons to come, of course).

Best leather Chelsea boots for men.

The handsome full-grain Balthazar leather should break in wonderfully over time, with a rich texture that’ll develop patina the more you wear them. And the YKK side zipper gives the HELM Pablo Boots a distinctive, slightly edgy touch (think of the zip boots worn by rock n’roll guitarists, yet imagine these as being dressier and more heritage-minded).

Either way, the HELM Pablo Boots are also finished off with the Austin-based company’s distinctive touches, like a white contrast midsole, hard-working Blake stitch construction. They’re also fully leather-lined, and the poured rubber insert should provide a nice mix of grip and comfort. Crucially, the HELM Pablo Boots are now on sale for under $250, and for a pair of boots you can wear with blue jeans on the weekend or comfortable stretch chinos back at the office, that’s a downright steal. Get to shopping ASAP, folks.

See Now, Buy Now: These New Taylor Stitch Shorts are A Seasonal Must-Buy Right Now

Best shorts for men to buy now.

It’s always refreshing, at least in my book, when one of your favorite menswear brands switches things up and introduces a fresh twist on classic menswear essentials. That could mean a new fabric, a new silhouette or some combination of the two, and there are certain companies that do it better than others.

Take my friends at Taylor Stitch: Be it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer or one of the coolest denim jackets on the market, these modern menswear masters are doing things just different enough, and that’s also true with a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. The shorts in question are the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts, which harken back to ’50s and ’60s dockside shorts in a way that only a brand like Taylor Stitch can do.

Of course, it’s the rugged-yet-soft organic cotton fabric that gives them a perfectly summer-ready feel, but they’ve got even more going for them beyond that.

Most stylish men's shorts for summer.

The key here with these shorts is the use of a few different stylistic touches, including a cuffed and tacked leg and a slight front pleat. Yes, that’s right: The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts boast a front pleat, but they’re not like the baggy pleated pants of decades gone by — the pleat is more streamlined and gives them an eye-catching sort of look, one that’s different (and more casual) than other of your favorite pairs of chino shorts.

The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts are also pigment-washed for an even softer and more retro look right out of the box, while the 8-inch inseam works on multiple body types, even for the taller among us.

Sizes are also available in two dusty, washed-out colors, each of which you could pair up with everything from a Taylor Stitch chambray shirt to the famed Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. Casual yet cool summer style in the heat just got an upgrade via an old-school-meets-modern pair of the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts — shop accordingly this season, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Save 60 Percent On these Rugged Spring Rain Boots from Huckberry

Best spring rain boots for men.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that by the time you need to prepare for what’s out there — inclement weather, rocky terrain, a breezy day or some combination of all three — it’s often too late. That means having rugged menswear essentials aplenty on hand, including a pair of the best rain boots.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

Where’s a guy to go to get those essentials? Well, that’s easy: The good folks at Huckberry have you covered, and it gets even better from there: The All-Weather Duckboots are already as durable and dependable as it gets when it comes to the best spring rain boots, but the All-Weather Duckboot Low takes thing in a slightly more streamlined direction while still delivering rain-ready performance.

You might very well be wondering if there’s a catch, but I’m here to tell you there’s no catch — other than the fact that the All-Weather Duckboot Low are actually on sale right now for an astonishingly low price: They’re marked down 60 percent, which brings them to $59 (as opposed to $148). That’s a deal that’s nearly too good to pass up, right? I couldn’t agree more.

Best men's rain boots to buy now.

Crucially, the All-Weather Duckboot Low boast plenty of the same features that made the original lace-up Duckboots so essential and downright dependable, including that durable sneaker boot design, a cushioned midsole for plenty of spring in your step, and 100 percent waterproof construction. The All-Weather Duckboot Low also use full-grain leather paired with that contrasting duckboot rubberized rand, and the entire shoe rests above a hard-wearing Vibram outsole for maximum traction.

Going off-trail, hitting the road for a camping excursion or even dashing around town on a rainy day just got a lot more affordable and performance-focused with the All-Weather Duckboot Low — score them now for 60 percent off, but know that sizes are going quite quickly at the moment.