Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo

A striped polo made with soft jersey knit fabric — both casual and able to be dressed up quite easily. Nice job, Mr. Reid.

One step outside is all it takes to remind you that we’re still slogging through summer — but as we always say here on the ole blog, that’s no excuse to not dress in style. And so it goes with today’s Style Pick of the Week, one that you should certainly add to your list of summer style essentials: The Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo. You very well might recognize it from a recent edition of The List, and it’s back today with good reason. For one, it’s a warm weather style upgrade that looks more polished than average — the Billy Reid Ombre Stripe Polo really can be worn just like your favorite T-shirt, pairing up easily with chino shorts and white sneakers on weekend days aplenty. Yet, it’s also got that classic Billy Reid sensibility. The Alabama-based designer takes American style staples and classes them up a bit, and the Ombre Stripe Polo is the latest addition to those ranks, what with its tailored cut and mother-of-pearl buttons. It’s also fairly priced for a premium polo — make no mistake, the Ombre Stripe Polo is certainly the sort of polo you could wear with a suit or a lightweight khaki blazer. Yep, that’s right — I’m suggesting you rock this stylish polo shirt with a suit! It can (and should) be done).

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a designer like Billy Reid, who makes classic pieces that are neither too fashion-forward nor too stuffy. That’s why the Ombre Stripe Polo can be worn like a T-shirt (with light wash jeans and white canvas sneakers) or like a more tailored dress shirt (with a navy cotton blazer and tan chinos) — it’s just that well-made and that well-designed.  You should certainly be looking to add more versatile style staples like the Ombre Stripe Polo into your warm-weather wardrobe — there’s still plenty of summer left to bust out a few unexpected menswear moves. You could even break out the Ombre Stripe Polo as an alternative to a tank top when heading to the beach — it’ll work more serviceably to wear with a tailored pair of swim trunks and some stylish slip-on sneakers for a few post-beach drinks. That’s just one of the many ways in which the  Ombre Stripe Polo from Billy Reid can help you stand out in a sea of baggy, flourescent polos this summer. Get yours while you’ve still got time, and then get out there.


The Friday Read: The Best Denim Jacket to Buy Now, Grimm Artisanal Ales and Sunday Brunch Style

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here on the blog, even outside of regular menswear writing pursuits and #NYFWM. Last weekend, I was excited and thrilled to be back in my home state of Michigan to celebrate the wedding reception of two great friends (congrats to the Vissers!) with my fiancée Laura in Bloomfield Hills! Of course, you probably saw that if you follow me on Instagram (wink, wink). It was a lovely evening complete with some fun dancing and plenty of Bell’s Oberon in the Michigan heat.

I wore my Thursday Boots Statesman Dress Shoes (shop them in this post!) and a charcoal Awearness Kenneth Cole suite, along with a crisp Todd Snyder dress shirt, while Laura looked absolutely stunning in a Forever21 cocktail dress! We capped off the weekend by visiting Belle Isle Park, home to the Belle Isle Conservatory and Aquarium (again, as seen on my Instagram!). It was a beautiful day to explore and get outside, even in the heat — it’s a good thing that we capped off the day with a trip to Batch Brewing Company in Detroit, located near the West Side Industrial area and featuring easily drinkable beers like the Berggasse 19, a Vienna lager with some rich flavor. As it were, that’s the brew Laura and I are hoping to serve at our nuptials next June! I’ll drink to that. In the meantime, I’m hoping your week is closing out nicely — I’ve got some brews to enjoy, and some menswear to write about. The rest of your Friday Read is below!

  • Haven’t been keeping up with our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series here on the blog? Then let me get ya updated on one of my favorite recent entries — last week, I told you all about how the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket can work as the perfect summer layer, able to pair with a rugged henley and chinos or an Oxford shirt and slim chino shorts in equal measure. Read the post here.
  • It’s hard to find but delicious to drink — I’m talking, of course, about the coveted Lambo Door Double IPA from Brooklyn’s own Grimm Artisanal Ales. I’m looking forward to checking out their brand-new, permanent East Williamsburg location very soon, but for now, I’d say I’ll have to make do with re-reading my latest feature for GearMoose covering this excellent & uniquely crushable brew.

  • I’m all about upgrading your style in unexpected ways for everyday situations — take Sunday brunch, for instance. Your focus should be on dressing in a way that’s casual and comfortable, yet also distinct and versatile — hence, my latest feature on what to wear for Sunday brunch over at The Manual! Who else wants a Bloody Mary now?
  • Not in the mood to pack away your boots even as the thermostat climbs? Then, the OluKai Nalukai Boots, as covered in last week’s Style Pick of the Week, are the lightweight option you need to buy now, and wear now.

Loyal Style Guide readers, thanks for sticking it out until the end today! Join us again tomorrow for a brand-new Style Pick of the Week, and let’s all try to stay cool out there. Until then!


See Now, Buy Now: The Viberg Service Boots are the Best Boots You Can Buy Right Now

A rugged pair of boots you would do well to invest in now — yep, even in summer.

We’re back at it today on The Style Guide, and yes, you’re absolutely right that I’m calling for you to buy the Viberg Service Boots … despite the fact that it’s July. You’re likely more interested in the best sneakers to wear right now, but that doesn’t mean your favorite leather boots should be relegated to the back of your closet. No, sir. As a a matter of fact, you’d  be surprised at how investing in a pair of quality footwear can pay dividends months down the line — such is the case with the rugged construction and standout durability of the Viberg Service Boots. But I digress. Why are the Viberg Service Boots some of the best boots on the market right now? Well, the quantity can be scarce as heck to find — that’s gotta mean something, right? It also comes down to quality, construction and toughness — something Viberg as a brand offers in spades (in fact, you might recognize Viberg from my Instagram).

At any rate, if you haven’t yet given the brand a chance, now is as good a time to start as any. The handsome, beautifully made Viberg Service Boots feature U.S.-sourced, oil-tanned roughout leather that’ll age very, very nicely over time. And on another note: The wheat color looks plain great with plenty of your favorite style essentials, everything from indigo denim to olive chinos. In terms of other specs, the resoleable stitchdown construction on the Service Boots also lends them an extra touch of durability and quality that really can’t be topped. The Viberg Service Boots are finished off with brass tacks from England, plus a heavyweight insole from Spain and some pretty stylish, rugged leather across the board. In my humble opinion, that makes the Viberg Service Boots an absolutely essential purchase … even in the middle of July. That’s all there is to it!

Are you going to be investing in the Viberg Service Boots soon? 

#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Boots, Even in Summer

Although I can nearly hear an audible gasp coming from the assembled crowd now, there’s still plenty good reason for you to wear a pair of rugged leather boots … even in the summer months. It can be done, and it all comes down to time and place. So, that’s where today’s #OOTD is taking us — should you add leather boots to your list of summer style essentials? I, for one, think so. And believe you me, you’re going to want to wear the stylish leather boots featured below as much as you can once you feast your eyes on ’em. The Viberg Service Boots as seen below are truly the exception to the rule when it comes to stowing away your boots for the summer months. If you’re heading out on a camping trip, rocking your way through a music festival — like The National’s Homecoming Festival! — or simply knocking back beers at your favorite microbrewery, there’s something to be said for breaking out a pair of hard-wearing leather boots, particularly on days and nights when the heat isn’t too overwhelming. The other key comes in how you wear these durable leather boots — thus, a classic pocket tee, rugged dark denim and a lightweight overshirt (for a breezy evening) are the pieces we’re calling into duty alongside the Viberg Service Boots. Still skeptical? Follow me.

Lace up your boots, throw on your dark denim and get ready to go, folks.
  • The Denim: Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in Cone Mills Selvedge, $98 — A beautiful pair of stylish dark denim from Taylor Stitch is the perfect base for this casually rugged outfit. Break in these bad boys ASAP.
  • The Overshirt: Finisterre Lerwick Shirt, $83.98 — For when summer nights get a little breezy, keep the well-crafted Finisterre Lerwick Shirt handy. It’s a perfect match to layer over a classic T-shirt. On that note …
  • The Tee: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee in Natural, $45 — More Taylor Stitch gear? Yessir. The well-fitting, durably made Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee is a tough, essential base layer.
  • The Boots: Viberg Service Boots, $690 (Huckberry Exclusive) — Ahh, yes. Here are the rugged leather boots in question, my friends. These Viberg boots sure will break in nicely over time — wear ’em for plenty of summer adventures.
  • The Belt: Line of Trade Veg-Tanned Leather Belt, $55 — A richly crafted, stylish leather belt is one of the more underrated accessories a guy can own — get yours with this Line of Trade belt, now.
  • The Socks: Anonymousism Wigwam Jacquard Crew Socks, $20 — Mark my words, you can’t beat a good pair of subtly stylish Anonymousism patterned socks. These are some of the best out there, in any season.
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Chronograph, $118.98 — Simplicity and rugged style in one affordable package is what you’re getting with this Timex leather chronograph — the perfect foil for rugged leather boots.
  • The Everyday Carry: J. Stark Prospect Briefcase, $295 — Want an extra-tough, extra-durable bag that’s going to help get your everyday carry in order? You want the J. Stark Prospect Briefcase.
  • The Hat: Corridor NYC Cap in Indigo, $45  — What’s better than a stylish, casual ballcap? A ballcap made from cool indigo denim. It’s a fitting topper to this casual-yet-unique ensemble.
  • The Grooming Essential: GOA Purifying Face Cleanser, $36 — For fighting the effects of your vices (I.E. Mass beer consumption) on your skin, the GOA Purifying Face Cleanser is premium and very well-made.
    So. that’ll wrap up today’s #OOTD. What’s your favorite part of this look? Hopefully, it’s opened up your mind to the potential that a pair of rugged leather boots can bring to the table in terms of style, even in the summer. If you keep the rest of your basics simple and functional, yet visually interesting, like the Finisterre Lerwick Shirt  and the tough Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, you’ll surely be in good shape when breezy summer days and nights roll into town. And much like your leather boots, a pair of stylish dark denim from Taylor Stitch will break in quite nicely over time — so there’s that. Everyday carry essentials like the J. Stark Prospect Briefcase and a functionally minded Timex leather chronograph are also important components of any summer style ensemble, much less one that could go from a farmer’s market trip to a park stroll to a brewery — who’s with me on that? Small touches, like apair of Anonymousism patterned socks or an indigo cap, are cool, unexpected and ready for anything, too. And again, you’re not going to regret investing in a pair of the Viberg Service Boots  — trust me on that. At any rate: It’s time to get out there and explore! Cheers and thanks for reading.

The List: Stay Stylish and Cool with these Summer Menswear Picks

Take a quick look around you — it’s still summer, folks. And even in these overwhelmingly hot & long days, it still behooves you (yes behooves you!) to shop for, wear, use and try out as many summer style essentials as you can. It makes sense, then, that the focus in today’s edition of The List centers around versatile, tough gear — from classic men’s boots to a refreshingly crisp and flavorful IPA to a new pair of stylish summer sneakers that’ll take you from point A to point B. OK, so without further ado … let’s get to it!

Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee — $29
The classic navy tee that you’ve been waiting for.

Looking for a stylish pocket tee to wear on the weekends (and perhaps to the office under a lightweight blazer)? The Flint and Tinder Slub Pocket Tee checks all the right boxes: Excellent fit, quality fabric and the sort of easygoing versatility you only get with a classic navy T-shirt.

Bespoke Post Hair Care Kit — $86
Everything you need to keep your ‘do looking very fresh this season.
Just as essential as staying cool in the summer heat? Keeping your hair on-point. The Bespoke Post Hair Care Kit is an A-to-Z approach to doing just that.
Viberg Service Boots — $690 (Huckberry Exclusive)
Exceptional leather boots from an exceptional brand.
We mentioned above that we’d be talking about the stylish leather boots in which you should invest now — although we’re in the dead of summer, I’d wager you’re going to be very glad you bought the Viberg Service Boots when fall rolls around.
Zodiac Titanium Super Sea Wolf Watch — $1,295
Beautiful, dependable and astonishingly high-quality.
Dropping a grand on an investment-worthy watch like the Zodiac Titanium Super Sea Wolf isn’t feasible for all of us … but hey, can’t a guy dream?
Filson Feather Cloth Short-Sleeve Shirt — $68
Rugged, tough, dependable — everything you could want from Filson.
As all-American and summer-friendly as can be, this pleasingly rugged Filson short-sleeve shirt has been a favorite of mine these past few weeks — I’ve worn it with dark denim and classic suede chukka boots just as easily as it’s been paired with laidback light wash denim and white canvas sneakers.
SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll in Railroad Stripe — $62.98
A neat pattern and low-profile design make these sneakers a summer must-have.
I’m always an advocate for comfortable, affordable and well-made sneakers — the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll checks those boxes quite nicely, my friends.
Penfield Lassard Shirt — $76.98
Your next summer shirting move.
The camp-collar shirt continues to make a serious comeback, and the Penfield Lassard Shirt might just be the epitome of a stylish retro-inspired shirt, what with a neat print and breezy midweight cotton construction.
Leatherman Skeletool KB Pocket Knife — $25
Perhaps the best pocket knife on the market, and a Huckberry exclusive, to boot.
Granted, I’m not a big camping guy or one who frequently loads up with outdoor gear — yet, I do love me a good hike through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and I also appreciate the handy utility brought by the durable, well-crafted Leatherman Skeletool KB Pocket Knife. Better yet, this Leatherman pocket knife is a Huckberry exclusive.
American Giant Roughneck Shorts — $79
Well-crafted shorts that pack a serious punch in terms of style and versatility.
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been traveing a fair amount this summer. And what essential pair of summer shorts have I brought with me? The American Giant Roughneck Shorts. The blend of tough Richochet cotton canvas and stretch fabric, plus a tailored fit, plays nicely with all manner of summer essentials.
Upslope Brewing Citra Pale Ale — Price Varies
Cheers to summer, my friends. A job well-done by Upslope.
Last but not least … y’all know I love a great craft brew, right? If you find yourself out West in Colorado, you’d do well to track down some beer from Upslope Brewing. A Certified B Corporation dedicated to protecting the environment and meeting stringent quality and production standards, Upslope has done quite the nice job with its Citra Pale Ale, which I’ve had the chance to test out over these past few weeks. Cheers!

OK, my friends. I’m curious to know — which of the above summer style essentials are you digging? I positively love the Viberg Service Boots — that’s all there is to it. Let me know on Twitter! And thanks for reading, as always.

Style Pick of the Week: Olukai Nalukai Boots

Lightweight leather boots to wear with light wash denim and other essentials for summer.

Does it feel counterintuitive or strange to be talking about stylish men’s boots in the middle of summer? Like the OluKai Nalukai Boots as pictured above? This time, after all, is normally reserved for shopping for and wearing things like classic high-top sneakers and the like — not heavy leather boots, right? Well, I’m here to try to prove you wrong, and to tell you to give some rugged leather boots a shot; who knows, you might even discover that this particular pair is your favorite pair of leather boots. On that note, I present to you for your consideration the Nalukai Boots, made with durability, good looks and an easygoing sensibility in mind. The word “nalukai” is pretty fitting, too — it translates roughly to “weathered by time,” and rest assured that the OluKai Nalukai Boots are going to break in quite nicely, to say the least.

The OluKai Nalukai Boots are the sort of A-to-Z boots you can wear with plenty of summer style essentials through plenty of summer weekends and well into fall. If your weekend adventures fall on the more casual side of things — y’know, a farmer’s market trip followed by a park walk and a patio lunch — the OluKai Nalukai Boots are your go-to pair. It starts with the small details, including the unlined, burnished leather upper — that means there’s no bulky, hot lining here. So, that’s a big plus if you’ve been looking to switch up your summer footwear rotation in an unexpected way. Some rugged leather boots are just what you need, in fact.

Yet another cool color in which you can pick up the OluKai Nalukai Boots.

The OluKai Nalukai Boots are available in multiple different rich leather iterations, including a dark grey Husk/Silt as pictured above (and available for purchase here). But for my money’s worth, you can’t top the deep brown leather Fox/Bone Nalukai Boots, which would pair perfectly with slim light wash denim and a white henley, for instance. The lightweight EVA footbed and EVA midsole provide a heck of a lot of all-day comfort, while the octopus-inspired printed footbed is a neat design touch that you might appreciate. The waxed cotton laces on the OluKai Nalukai Boots also lend these boots a slightly more polished touch — feel free to wear ’em with tan khaki chinos, a white Oxford and a lightweight navy blazer for a casual day at the office if you want something more comfortable than traditional leather dress shoes. That’s right, I’m continuing to call for you to wear a pair of stylish men’s boots this summer. What say you? Let me know on Twitter if they tickle your fancy! Thanks for reading.

The Friday Read: New York Fashion Week: Men’s, Timex x Todd Snyder and Grand Rapids

Phew — it’s Friday. It’s not just any Friday, though — it’s the first Friday following my ENGAGEMENT! Yes, that’s right! If you follow along on my Instagram, perhaps you already saw the news (check it out!) — my amazing girlfriend Laura and I are set to tie the knot in June 2019!!! I simply couldn’t be more excited, happy or thrilled!! We spent a lovely long weekend with friends and family in Grand Rapids prior to getting engaged, dining at Leo’s Restaurant on Saturday night and staying at the lovely J.W. Marriott downtown, too. What more could you possibly ask for?? What an amazing weekend.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it was followed by one of busier times of the year for yours truly — that’d be New York Fashion Week: Men’s! Now, if you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you kept up with that action. If not, come along for the ride! Coming off the Fourth of July holiday, it was quite a way to jump back into the fray of NYC with New York Men’s Day, a series of showcases celebrating up-and-coming designers on Monday morning. A mix of edgy and classic brands — led by the seriously cool Krammer Stoudt and tailoring impresario David Hart  — headed up the pack at the morning showing I attended. With athleisure and futuristic, surprising silhouettes aplenty, it’s different than what I normally wear or see — and that’s not a bad thing at all!

Oh, and there were traditional shows, too — like that of lauded American menswear designer Todd Snyder on Wednesday night, a personal favorite who sent a collection of breezy tailoring and sportswear down the runway. Talk about a serious highlight! I also loved checking out the beautiful luxury leather goods from Mark Cross, billed as “America’s first luxury leather goods brand,” one with serious cache at that. The wares are very expensive, to be sure, but very beautiful (take the Baker Overnight Bag, for instance).  All of that being said, it was quite hectic to balance at all — particularly when my Tuesday night also included the chance to check out a special concert by French indie pop-rock luminaries Phoenix! Across a decades-long career, Phoenix captured my attention way back in 2009 with seminal album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” and 2017’s “Ti Amo” is just as beautifully crafted and enjoyable to listen to — especially with a cold beer in hand! But again, phew. It’s Friday. I’m engaged! And I’m heading back to Michigan for the weekend, too! So. Let’s get to the Friday Read!

  • There’s a darn good chance that by the time you read this, this watch will be sold out. To which watch am I referring? That’d be the elegant, affordably priced Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Marlin Watch, a beautiful and highly attainable timepiece to wear with your best suit to a summer wedding.
  • By now, I’d wager most of us have listened to and enjoyed some tracks off rapper Drake’s new album, “Scorpion.” If you’re a Spotify user, you’ve also seen his image on many, many playlists on the platform. Why is that? As what you might call a devout music nerd, I found this piece from Pitchfork quite enlightening, even if I’m not the biggest hip-hop fan.
  • Last but not least, I’m going to point you toward a recent menswear shopping entry on this site, seeing as we could all use some guidance (or new ideas?) when it comes to summer style essentials for this season. There’s still plenty of time to stock up, so get to it accordingly.

Folks, that’s going to do it for this (somewhat short) Friday Read. Wishing you all a great weekend! For me, that means it’s time to hit the road. Cheers!


See Now, Buy Now: The Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Is the Perfect Layer for Summer Nights

A rugged, timeless classic — fit for layering on summer nights and keeping in your rotation come fall.

Ahh, yes. Summer time. The living is easy, the beer is cold, and the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket rests comfortably on your shoulders as you hit the road for another trip. What’s that? You don’t have the Denim Trucker Jacket from Flint and Tinder in your closet yet? Let’s change all that — ASAP, preferably. It’s darn near essential for a well-dressed guy like yourself to have a classic denim jacket on hand, especially in the summer months. Light layers reign supreme, and the Denim Trucker Jacket from Flint and Tinder is one piece you can throw on with virtually anything, particularly as you head out on a summer trip or another happy hour (tough life, I know). A rugged denim jacket can be the outer layer you didn’t know you needed — it’s casual, it’s cool and the Denim Trucker Jacket in particular has hip pockets and a button-flap chest pocket, all the better for storing your everyday carry.

A classic American style staple, made in the U.S.A.

Featuring stretch cotton denim and a cool-as-can-be light wash, the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket takes the cake in terms of a reliable layer on chilly summer nights — or breezy days, for that matter. Wear it over a classic indigo shirt with khaki chinos for a dose of go-anywhere casual style, and feel free to pair the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket with a rugged merino henley, black jeans and tough brown leather boots for a rock concert or music festival — that’s just for starters, mind you. The essential and cool-as-heck styling potential of the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket is nearly limitless. It’s going to look excellent with a white slub T-shirt and olive chinos — plus classic suede chukka boots — for a weekend brewery visit. Heck, the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket will even work as a blazer replacement when worn with slim tan chinos, a white Oxford and stylish brown leather dress shoes at the office — I’m serious about that, folks. And if you’re serious about looking great no matter the summer style scenario, do yourself a favor and snag the Denim Trucker Jacket from Flint and Tinder. Let’s go!

Tell me: How would you wear the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket? Tell me on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Wear a T-shirt With A Blazer for Summer

We do our best to get you up to speed on how to best wear your favorite summer style essentials, no matter the situation or the season. Sometimes though, that approach needs a bit of refining — like when it’s, quite simply, hot as hell outside. That’s why today’s #OOTD — all about how to wear a T-shirt with a stylish blazer — is going to be both unique and remarkably handy in the weeks ahead. We’re starting to hit the dog days of summer, when it can feel simply impossible to step out of the house without dripping sweat immediately. That’s why we’ve got a sort of mini-style hack of sorts. Take your favorite cotton blazer, then pair it up with something unexpected — not your classic Oxford shirt, but instead, a lightweight T-shirt that’ll offer breathabilty and a nice mix of tailored, polished style. This is the sort of combo that’s going to work both at the office and out for drinks on the weekend — exactly the right way to mix up your summer style essentials as these hot days drag on.  I think you’ll be surprised at the versatility and sharp style you get with an #OOTD  like this — to say the least! Let’s go on, shall we?

The basics, done right and elevated in a big way for summer.
  • The T-shirt: Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Tee, $29 — Here’s your secret summer style weapon — a slim T-shirt made with excellent fabric from Flint and Tinder. Breathable, cool and comfortable.
  • The Blazer:  Taylor Stitch Telegraph Blazer in Everyday Navy, $348 — A stylish navy blazer is a four-season essential, and the versatile fabric and excellent color of the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Blazer makes it summer-friendly.
  • The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki, $98 — One way to elevate your tee-and-blazer combo? Reaching for slim chinos, also from Taylor Stitch. The brand knows what’s up, quite simply.
  • The Sneakers: Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid Sneakers, $185 — Switch things up from the norm with classic high-top sneakers from Rancourt & Co. — anonther secret summer style weapon.
  • The Socks: Anonymousism Anchor Jacquard Crew Socks, $20 — While you could certainly wear no-show socks here, I think you’ll appreciate the cool looks and comfort of these Anonymousism socks — even in summer.
  • The Belt: Cause and Effect Belt in Vintage, $130 — As I always say, the difference is in the details when it comes to accessories — a stylish leather belt is going to add a touch more visual interest to this ensemble.
  • The Grooming Essential: O’Doud’s Custom Grooming Package, $66 — One package, tons of men’s grooming essentials for summer and well beyond.  That’s a job well-done by O’Doud’s, certainly.
  • The Watch: Nezumi Studios Bailene Watch, $500 — An ensemble such as this one, which is equal parts and casual and polished, calls for a stylish leather watch that fits those same vibes. The Bailene Watch does that.
  • The Sunglasses: RAEN Wiley A Sunglasses, $160 — No outfit, especially one that’s casual and cool, is complete without an essential pair of stylish men’s sunglasses — like the unique RAEN Wiley Sunglasses.

How’s that for a new way to rethink your next summer #OOTD? I’m telling you, it’s possible to stay cool and still look sharp this season, and it often starts with the right summer style essentials — take, for instance, the colorful Flint and Tinder tee shown at the top of the page. That tee then gets a major upgrade alongside the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Blazer, an easy-to-wear staple that very nicely complements the handsome, slightly rugged Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki.  To switch things up even further, I’d call for you to throw on a pair of classic high-top sneakers from Rancourt & Co.— they’re the ultimate style swerve when worn with printed Anonymousism socks and a stylish leather belt. Your grooming also deserves an easy-to-make summer style upgrade — the O’Doud’s Custom Grooming Package more than ably provides that. And since you’re following the blog regularly, you know that I absolutely advocate for wearing a stylish leather watch— the Bailene Watch is simply perfect in that regard.  Last but not least, give this outfit a final shot of cool with the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses — we’re talking standout style from head to toe. Ready to face the summer heat?  Of course you are.