The Friday Read: Toronto, Aztech Mountain and How to Dress for the Holidays

As each week flies by in December, I’m … well, a bit stunned at how quickly time is passing! Wouldn’t you agree? It’s certainly the holiday season in full force here in Brooklyn & NYC, from the lovely Bryant Park Holiday Market to cool decor all lit up around downtown Brooklyn. Are you excited yet?! I sure am. What’s on your holiday style wish list? Hopefully, some great winter gear. If you haven’t done so already, you can certainly take care of your men’s gift guide shopping, and your women’s gift guide shopping, while you’re perusing the pages of this site! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend after capping off a busy week — I trekked to Toronto this past weekend to see my favorite band, The National, and loved checking out the city’s craft beer scene and fine shopping (Filson & Frank and Oak were among my stops!). Earlier in the week, we also talked about how to dress for holiday travel, so I hope you keep those tips in mind in the coming weeks. As for me, I’m taking a bit of a trip of my own –I initially meant to take this trip in November, but as it were, I’m heading upstate to the lovely town of Beacon and the famed Dia: Beacon museum for a day trip. Be sure to follow along on Instagramfor more on that. For now, it’s high time we closed out this week — onto the best #menswear news and notes! Cheers!

  • The holidays are filled with tricky dressing situations aplenty, seemingly around every corner. Let’s say you’re traveling to meet your significant other’s parents for the first time (yikes!) this season. Let’s make a great impression, yes? How can you do that? By dressing the part, of course. And that’s where Stitch Fix comes in. If you follow me on Instagram you might be familiar with the brand’s model, which I’ve tested out this past season. In short, a personal stylist provides you with a box packed full of stylish menswear, from layering pieces to shirting and pants, all geared to fit your personal taste (all you need to do is sign up and provide some background info on your style — which I have no doubt is impeccable). You pay for what you keep, and you return the rest for free. It’s like getting a custom outfit picked out for you by a stylish psychic, nearly. Holiday dressing is solved, I’d wager.
  • Know a guy who loves to hit the slopes — in style, of course? If you’re not familiar with Aztech Mountain — a function and fashion-minded brand featuring the input of alpine legend Bode Miller on the brand’s team — then you’d best update yourself now. The brand’s Loge Peak Ski Shirt is handsome, refined and technically savvy, all in one; it’s the perfect splurge gift for the guy who has everything.
  • Code of Bell is wrapping up the last few weeks of a Kickstarter campaign geared toward minimal, functional pieces for your everyday carry, including a line of travel-ready packs that you would certainly do well to check out in advance of the brand’s Spring 2018 product shipment. Read more at the brand’s site, folks.

    Holiday 2017

    OK, that’s all the news and notes I’ve got for you this week — enjoy the weekend, and look for our Style Pick of the Week tomorrow!

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    Holiday 2017


See Now, Buy Now: The Bespoke Post Moment Box Will Keep You On Time This Season

A stylish watch and an essential daily organization notebook — that’s about all you need for the holiday season, right?

What exactly do you get the guy who has everything this holiday season? Particularly if he’s a fan of stylish leather watches galore? Why, you get him the Bespoke Post Moment Box. The sharp, classic Moment Box is the latest addition to our See Now, Buy Now series, and I’ve got good news: It’s the perfect #menswear wish list item for yourself, too. Like other great Bespoke Post boxes — surely among the best subscription boxes for men — the Moment Box packs a ton into one stylish, easy-to-ship and easy-to-gift package. You, or the lucky recipient of the Bespoke Post Moment Box, gets one stylish Breda leather watch, a functional, effective and crisp watch that’s versatile enough for casual weekend style and more than able to help you suit up this winter. And what’s more important than staying on time in style for the holidays this season? Not much. The right watch goes with anything, and that’s more than enough reason to make the Moment Box your next purchase from Bespoke Post. Oh, and the kicker? Well, if you’re not familiar with the extremely well-curated men’s lifestyle site, know that when you sign up for Bespoke Post, you can get the Bespoke Post Moment Box for just $45. Yep, that’s a heck of a deal.

Plus, the Bespoke Post Moment Box is handy for another reason. In addition to your pick of four essential strap-and-dial combinations, the Moment Box also comes with a handy, simply titled Task Organizer. It’s a small, crisply designed notebooks with plenty of room for to-do lists, your own men’s style holiday wish list and of course, your list of other holiday shopping to get done (Editor’s note: Check out my guide to the best gifts for women this year in the meantime). OK, are you still with me? That’s a stylish leather watch, plus a handy  everyday carry essential, all for the low price of $45 … who’s sold? Ehh? Someone’s bound to be real happy opening this box come Christmas Day … even if that someone happens to be you.

Is the  Bespoke Post Moment Box going to make its way into the hands of the men’s style fan in your life this Christmas? Let me know on The Style Guide Facebook page! 


Online Shopping Picks: Buy These Boots to Take on Winter in Style

There’s a heck of a lot of gear you need to take on winter in style, from the right pair of socks to a rugged henley for layering to a stylish and warm jacket. These are areas that certainly aren’t to be overlooked, and the same can be said for the boots you throw on this winter. We talked just a few months ago on The Style Guide about the best men’s boots to buy for fall, and winter calls for similarly rugged, functional style — yet with a bit of twist. Your stylish winter boots need to be able to take on blustery winds and drifting snow, and you need to be able to navigate to and from work, your favorite bar and that holiday or New Year’s Eve party. Trust me, it’s a lot … that’s why I think you’re going to dig the rugged leather boots we’ve got on tap today, from the remarkable Mark Albert Traveler Boots to a classic pair of shearling boots from Rancourt & Co. If you think I missed any brands or styles, hit me up on Twitter or drop a line in the comments below, and if you want to see how I’m wearing my boots this winter, check out my Instagram. Happy shopping!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, from which a small commission might be earned on purchases. All opinions are the author’s own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support The Style Guide!

#1. Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot — $280

Goodness gracious — Huckberry and Original Chippewa are back at it with these stellar boots.
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Original Chippewa and the brand’s classic Service Boots, so the Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot is a ready-made winner in my book. These exclusive Service Boots feature a Vibram sole and a Goodywear welt for extreme traction and durability, even in the snow — and they’ll look particularly great underneath some American-made denim. Yes indeed, the Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot is that elusive pair that can take you all around town and through the snow, then right on into happy hour.

#2. Red Wing Merchant Boot in Ebony — $320

Can Red Wing improve upon a classic? Trick question — they just did.
Is it possible to take a classic boot silhouette, one that dates back decades, and quite possibly make it better? Red Wing Heritage has done that with the Merchant Boots, a modern update to a throwback pair of boots that looks simply exceptional. The Red Wing Merchant Boots are based on a bestselling style from the brand way back in the 1920s, featuring rich mohave leather, tough brass hardware and classic Goodyear welt construction. Wear the Red Wing Merchant Boots with slim blue denim and your favorite shawl collar cardigan for timeless winter style.

#3. Mark Albert Traveler Boots (Huckberry Exclusive) — $345

A pair of boots that are stunning, stylish and just as functional as you need this winter.
We mentioned the Mark Albert Traveler Boots earlier, and with good reason. The Traveler Boots are what some might call the perfect pair of boots — if you’re into rugged, classic style. These exceedingly stylish leather boots feature full-grain Horween leather, an oil-resisting Vibram sole and the sort of construction that avoids slips and slides on snowy ground. The Mark Albert Traveler Boots even feature USA-made laces for an added dash of quality construction. Wear them with navy corduroys and a tan herringbone blazer for a blend of rugged and tailored style.

#4. Blundstone Super 550 Boots — $157.98

A unique take on the Chelsea boot from a classic brand. No complaints when it comes to getting around in the snow.
Let’s combine the look of a slightly more rugged Chelsea boot with the functionality of a dependable pair of snow boots, and … boom! The Blundstone Super 550 Boots are what you might get. The Blundstone silhouette is definitely unique and a bit quirky for some folks, but there’s no denying the traction-ready outsole and the brand’s Poron XRD sole technology. The Super 550 Boots are certainly a little more casual, and thus weekend-ready — style the Blundstone Super 550 Boots with your favorite bomber jacket.

#5. Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boot — $310.98

Rancourt & Co.
From the shearling lining to the comfortable padded collar, your feet are going to thank you for these boots.
Here’s your new favorite pair of winter boots — maybe, just maybe. The Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots from Rancourt & Co. pack a ton of winter-ready functionality into one pair of boots, from the shearling lining — of course — right down to the sturdy Lactae Hevea sole. The Dresden Boots feature plenty of warmth and style points, plus handsewn construction and that classic moc toe upper. That’s an old-school combo that makes these Rancourt & Co. boots perfect for wearing on the weekend with a classic crewneck sweater and a faded pair of dark blue denim.

#6. Taylor Stitch Cap Toe Moto Boot in Black Steerhide — $315

When Taylor Stitch makes boots, the brand does it the right way. Oh, man.
Taylor Stitch doesn’t misstep … seemingly ever, right? And that goes for when the brand puts its mind toward crafting a uniquely stylish pair of rugged men’s boots, too. Simply put, the Taylor Stitch Cap Toe Moto Boots are well worth your time and money. The Cap Toe Moto Boots are made with durable storm welt construction and feature rich black full-grain steerhide leather, and that’s not even where the good stuff ends — they come with a pair of waxed cotton laces and a pair of antique leather laces for a bit of versatile styling potential. However you end up wearing the Cap Toe Moto Boots, they’re going to treat you just fine.

#7. Hudson Shoes Fernie Boots — $240

A pair of boots that’ll help you fight the snow and look positively great when wearing a suit.
For the fella who appreciates a bit of tailored winter style to go along with weather-ready dependability, might I recommend the Hudson Shoes Fernie Boots? The Fernie Boots have been a bit of a hot seller this season, so you’ll have to act now to snag a pair — but rest assured, you’re getting a rugged and refined pair of captoe brogue boots done up in handsome brown leather. They just might be the perfect pair of boots to wear with a suit, as a thick rubber sole will help you combat the winter weather.

#8. Thorogood Beloit Boots — $229.98
Can you tell we love brown leather boots here on the blog?
Last but surely not least, I give you the Thorogood Beloit Boots, just one pair among many pairs of stylish men’s winter boots that you’re going to want to add to your shopping cart this season. Handmade in Wisconsin the right way, the Beloit Boots are about as rugged as it gets, crafted with Horween Chromexcel leather and a unique cork outsole for a comfortable fit (not to mention durable winter style). The Thorogood Beloit Boots are perhaps best worn with tough chore pants and a classic field jacket for simply getting things done this winter.

 Well, that’s one heck of a list of perfect men’s winter boots, if you ask me. I kid, I kid. And yet … from the Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot right on through to the Hudson Shoes Fernie Boots, there’s surely something for everyone from top to bottom. If it’s dependable, workman-like style and performance you seek, try out the Thorogood Beloit Boots. Want something with a bit more edge? Take the Taylor Stitch Cap Toe Moto Boots for a spin. Need to stay extra warm and stylish? The Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots from Rancourt & Co. are your best bet. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though — the Blundstone Super 550 Boots offer up unique looks and snow-ready toughness, while the Mark Albert Traveler Boots are practically one-of-a-kind in terms of stellar style. What’s your favorite pair on this list? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


#OOTD: How to Dress for Holiday Travel This Year

OK, Style Guide readers — who’s ready for today’s #OOTD? It’s a special — and especially busy — time of year, what with holiday shopping at a fever pitch and Christmas on the way. If you’re still shopping for a gift for her, or a gift for him, I’m sure this site’s guides can definitely help out. And if, in the meantime, you want to know how to dress for holiday travel this year? The below #menswear look is going to get you set up nice … real nice. Dressing for winter travel is all about maximizing both comfort and style, from a classic striped sweater right down to the best weekender bag to bring with you (yes, your weekender bag should certainly be stylish).The rest of this look centers around basics done right, including an everyday chambray shirt — the workhorse of your wardrobe — and versatile, travel-friendly chinos. Trust me, this look will work in nearly any holiday travel style situation, from heading home to see your parents to hopping on a cross-country flight to visit your current (or future) in-laws. Have any additional thoughts or questions? Get at me on Twitter or via The Style Guide Facebook page. Let’s get to it!

The right combination of travel-friendly style and casual comfort.

The Duffle: Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel in Tan, $400 — Let’s start with the good stuff, yes? The rugged Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel is a bit less in-your-face than an athletic duffel, and it’s certainly more stylish — perfect for a long weekend away.

The Sweater: Grayers Athletics Palmer Fleece Stripe Crew, $78 — The Grayers Athletics line blends easygoing style with vintage inspiration, making the Palmer Fleece Stripe a serious upgrade in a sea of airport hoodies.

The Chambray Shirt: Taylor Stitch The California Shirt in Blue Everyday Chambray, $118— A classic chambray shirt is, as we always say here on the blog, a four-season essential — and that’s certainly true when plenty around you might be wearing sweats or logo tees. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray is a winner.

The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos in British Khaki, $128 — What better pair of classic men’s chinos to throw on than the aptly named Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos? Much sharper than sweatpants — and the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos are also just as travel-ready.

The Shoes: Astorflex Greenflex in Dark Khaki, $145 — While you could certainly throw on classic leather sneakers and call it good, a pair of stylish suede chukka boots are appropriate leaving your home & arriving at your new destination with style and ease.
The Socks: American Trench The Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock, $19.50 — What’s perhaps more important than the right pair of footwear? The right pair of socks. No holes to be found in these American Trench socks, at once sporty and stylish.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt in Cognac, $100 — Alright, I know you’ve got to slip off your belt when you go through security … but at least the Tanner Goods Classic Belt looks great, right?

The Watch: Vague Watch Co. Brown GMT Watch, $290 — In the realm of underrated travel accessories sits the stylish leather watch. Better-looking than a sports watch (and pricier), the Vague Watch Co. Brown GMT gives you all-day style.
Did the above #OOTD make packing and dressing for holiday travel just a bit easier? That’s the goal, anyways. When you set out for a great holiday with the Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel, I’d argue things are off to a heck of a good start — keep that in mind the next time you pack up. And if you complement that stylish weekender bag with the Palmer Fleece Stripe, you might even just impress whoever’s picking you up from the airport — in-laws included. The Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray is a tremendous upgrade over the standard logo tee or hoodie, while the equally versatile Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos are the pair of pants you didn’t know you needed for holiday travel. The same can be said for the Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots, a pair of classic suede chukkas that stand out stylishly at the airport and work just as well at the local watering hole. In the way of accessories, the Tanner Goods Classic Belt is going to work all weekend in situations both casual and more dressy, as is the supremely stylish Vague Watch Co. Brown GMT. Before we depart, don’t forget the Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks — they’re way better than wearing an old pair of socks to the airport, I guarantee it. If you put all those pieces together, you’re going to be plenty ready for holiday travel … and whatever comes next.
Thanks for reading, and safe travels out there!

North of the Border: Heading to Toronto to see The National 

Layered up with my Grayers Edgevale Moto Jacket & Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt to fight the Toronto chill.

If you read The Style Guide with any regularity, you’re perhaps familiar with my love of live music, here in New York City and elsewhere. Even in these past few months, I’ve had the chance to pack up my favorite #menswear and hit the road to Portland (to see synth-pop rockers Future Islands) and Nashville (to rock out with Cold War Kids and Young the Giant). One of my latest Style Guide road trips also took me north to Boston, then back down to NYC, to see my favorite band, indie rock heroes The National. So, what did this past weekend bring? Why, a trip north of the border to see none other than The National, of course! They’ve been putting together a masterful tour packed with new jams, cool covers and old favorites as part of the September release of “Sleep Well Beast,” one of the year’s best albums. All told, the time was quite ripe for me to head to a brand-new city for an excellent weekend filled with delicious food, great coffee, stellar music and … my favorite #menswear! Join me for the ride (if you haven’t caught news of the trip on my Instagram, that is). Let’s rock!

A trusty Grayers moto jacket and thermal shirt helped me hop north of the border for a great weekend of live music and exploration.
My early flight into Toronto absolutely necessitated a crucial stop for refreshments at Rooster Coffee House, a unique blend of the rustic and modern complete with reclaimed wood furnishings and eclectic lighting. To navigate through the airport, across the border and right into a busy day of exploration, I dressed accordingly in some of the best men’s gear I could pack (and wear). That meant throwing on a versatile, travel-friendly men’s jacket — the edgy, cool Grayers Edgeware Coated Corton Moto Jacket, complete with plenty of room for everyday carry essentials. I layered it over the Grayers Arrowcrest Thermal Stitch Crew, a cozy, comfortable piece that nicely accented my Flint and Tinder All-American Jeans (made from stretch selvage) and a pair of classic suede chukka boots from Astorflex. The combo was simply perfect for travel-ready style. To get from Rooster Coffee House across Toronto to the seriously cool Graffiti Alley – a renowned “living canvas” alley protected by the city government — I wore a stylish Timex watch (in this case, a durable Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chronograph). The next time you need to navigate a new city and an international flight, I’d urge you to reach for a durable watch, a slick, travel-ready jacket and versatile denim

My day in Toronto wasn’t finished yet, though — not even close. I eventually made my way over to the renowned Kensington Market, a jam-packed 10-block neighborhood packed with market stalls and tasty food aplenty (enough to wow even the most discerning traveler). It was a busy, bustling area filled with diversity and the sort of authenticity it can be tough to find in bigger cities — with all that walking, I was glad my Astorflex chukka boots proved comfortable and stylish. I also managed to pop in the positively massive, music-filled Sonic Boom Records — it helped set the tone for a weekend packed with hit songs by my favorite band.
 As the day turned to night, I made my way to Union, renowned cocktail bar & eatery with a quaint-yet-rugged, comfortable vibe — perfect for happy hour in Toronto. That wasn’t my only stop of the evening. Being the massive Harry Potter fan that I am, it was practically a Toronto requirement that I visit The Lockhart, a Harry Potter-themed bar that’s nothing short of delightful. It features stylish, cool decor and plenty of touches that nod to the books, the perfect place to spend some time with a tasty, tequila-and-cinnamon “betterbeer” and the aptly named Shacklebolt, a tasty concoction made with rum and ginger beer. From the subtle, detailed decor to the themed bathrooms, it’s a must-visit for HP fans.
Holiday 2017
It was high time to keep things rolling with dinner at Otto’s Bierhalle, a German-style beer hall that certainly caught my eye for its approach to delicious brews and entrees like the rich beef tenderloin. The next time you’re in Toronto, I’d suggest you hit up Otto’s, without a doubt. It was quite the long day, but I was glad I dressed in versatile style. In fact, several of my new favorite men’s style essentials came in handy, including my tough Grayers jacket and classic chukka boots.

My trusty Viberg boots have carried me through at least a few amazing shows by The National this year — other style essentials helped with my trip, too!

After quite the busy Friday getting around Toronto, starting Saturday off with a jolt of much-needed caffeine at Rooster Coffee House was once again critical — as was layering up with with a Kenneth Cole topcoat, a sleek piece of warm outerwear that more than stood up to the challenge of a crisp Toronto day. Oh, and as it was the day of another great concert by The National, my LSTN Sound Co. headphones from Bespoke Post were a crucial companion.  I paired up the jacket with the Taylor Stitch Indio Star Jack Shirt, a longtime favorite that provides reliable style and go-anywhere looks — you can wear the Indigo Star Jack Shirt tucked in or layered up on your next trip, too. I accented the combo with handy everyday carry essentials — including a handsome plaid Banana Republic scarf — and my Abercrombie & Fitch Langdon Slim Jeans, featuring a tailored-yet-mobile fit. That combo proved durable and versatile for more on-foot exploration, this time through Toronto’s ultra-cool Distillery District. For lunch and a tasty brew, Mill Street Brewery was among my stops during the day, featuring deliciously rich food like the Smoked Meat Poutine and brews like the 100th Meridian, an organic amber lager. It was tough to keep moving after all that great food, but I managed … somehow.

The day still held plenty of promise before an amazing show by The National — I had to squeeze in some menswear shopping undoubtedly! That meant making my way to the seriously cool Lost & Found, a clothing store-coffee shop hybrid that stocks Style Guide favorites like The Hill-side alongside excellent coffee and a cool vibe. With my fill of menswear for the day, I set out for one last pit stop at Amsterdam BrewHouse (I recommend the BoneShaker IPA or the 3-Speed Lager). Filled with great vibes, delicious craft beer and the promise of an extraordinary show by my favorite band on the horizon, the beautiful Sony Centre for the Performing Arts was my next stop. Once again, The National absolutely did not disappoint. I’ve been fortunate enough to see several shows by The National recently, from two intimate performances at Basilica Hudson (an old glue factory in upstate New York) to the historic Forest Hills Stadium in NYC — the Sony Centre held a different type of modern splendor, making for a very special evening.

 A timely seat upgrade put me just five rows from the stage, and I wouldn’t  have it any other way. The National powered through a slew of hits and fan favorites, including gems like “Slow Show,” “Graceless,” “Conversation 16” and “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” The venue felt surprisingly intimate, complete with great acoustics and an excellent view. It was, in short, an absolutely  banner night, made all the more unforgettable by the encore closer, an acoustic take on the amazing “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.” Talk about a lifetime night! 

The right gear to take on a rugged, chilly day in Toronto — led by beard balm from Duke Cannon, a rugged Frank & Oak twill shirt and an essential Original Penguin cardigan.
Sunday gave me time to indulge a few more of my passions before hitting the road home. I layered up in suitably rugged winter style for an extremely chilly December day, starting with a Frank and Oak flecked overshirt and a cozy Original Penguin Shawl Collar Cardigan. On the footwear front, I had to reach for durable leather boots once again given the chilly weather. My Thursday Boots Grizzly Wheat President Boots proved a stylish, versatile pair for getting around Toronto, and they matched up quite nicely with my Original Penguin Stretch Five-Pocket Pants. The combo was more than ready for a delicious coffee at the quaint Red Rocket Coffee near my AirBNB — my classic Timex watch again proved helpful when it came time to head to stop number two … brunch. The hearty, rich spread at Rose and Sons called to mind a classic diner done right. If you go, get the All-Day Breakfast, featuring three eggs, schmaltz hash and sausage — it was amazing (and filling!).

Holiday 2017

My day wasn’t done yet — I managed to pack in yet another craft beer-centric stop! Never one to pass up a great pour, I made it a point to hop over to the acclaimed Blood Brothers Brewing, a Toronto staple that brings a workman-like approach to craft beer. In short, I was right at home enjoying a rich and rustic  IPA or two. It was time to head back to NYC all too soon, though — the flight back proved so quick, I had the urge to turn right around and head back! Toronto was a lovely city, complete with eclectic, diverse food, cool and unexpected menswear and of course, plenty of standout music by The National. It was neat to experience the city as so many think of it — during a chilly winter. And the backdrop was made all the more enjoyable by the chance to pack my favorite travel style essentials while seeing my favorite band! It’s not the last time I’ll be seeing The National on this tour, either … but more on that later!

For now, stay tuned for tomorrow’s new #OOTD post and enjoy your holiday travels!

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Style Pick of the Week: Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt

A classic flannel shirt made with a unique jaspe weave — Grayers checks all the right boxes when it comes to your new flannel shirt for winter.

There are shirts that you wear when you want to dress casually, and there are shirts you wear when you want to stay warm through winter — the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt is here to help you do both. Now that we’re plowing through December (can you believe it??), a classic flannel shirt is undoubtedly the one style you need to keep handy at all times (especially if you find yourself in an increasingly chilly locale like New York City). Much like another recent Style Pick of the Week, the equally weather-ready Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt blends easily wearable style with high-quality fabric. And when it comes time to take on a winter work day or a winter weekend, it’s helpful to start your ensemble with warm base layer — the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt is made with jaspe flannel fabric. perfect for when wind and snow start to pick up out there. It’s comfortable, soft and warm, yet you can still reliably throw a thermal shirt or a rugged men’s henley on underneath. Grayers takes extra care with each item in its growing #menswear stable, and that reflects itself in the fabrics they use — the fabrication on the Melbourne Flannel Shirt is a custom job, and should be extremely soft.

Small details make the difference with the Melbourne Flannel Shirt.

Grayers uses a jaspe weaving technique, twisting the yarn together to create a cool, unique fabric — there isn’t another brand out there making the pattern found on the Melbourne Flannel Shirt. What does that mean for you? It means you’re getting a classic, easy-to-wear shirt that stands out from the crowd, particularly when layered with a rugged winter cardigan or worn with a quilted field jacket and slim jeans. The details are done right on the Melbourne Flannel Shirt, too. We’re talking chambray detailing on the placket, yoke and cuffs, so when you roll up those sleeves to get some work done, you’ll be able to show off just a bit. And the visually interesting color combo on this shirt makes it versatile for situations both casual and more polished. Rest assured, the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt is more than ready to wear with a navy herringbone blazer and slim tan chinos this winter, and it’ll help you look quite put-together on a weekend coffee run. Oh, and the price isn’t all that bad for a high-quality shirt that you can wear with other style staples already hanging in your closet. It’s available for just under $1o0, comparable to what you might find at a place like Bonobos. That sounds like a worthy purchase to me when it comes to wearable winter style — who else wants in on this action? Let me know in the comments if you plan to pick up the Grayers Melbourne Flannel Shirt.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend!


The Friday Read: Frank & Oak’s Latest Launch, Craft Beer Gift Ideas and The National

My friends and Style Guide readers — greetings from the North! Today’s post is coming to you live from the chilly city of Toronto, if you can believe it. That’s where I’m spending the weekend exploring, checking out excellent #menswear & craft beer, and most importantly … seeing another lifechanging live show by my very favorite band, The National! I recently traveled to Boston to see this stellar band as part of their tour for “Sleep Well Beast,” one of the year’s best albums (and a personal favorite). In addition to catching their October show in NYC, I also had the chance to see them play two stellar shows at the rustic, unique Basilica Hudson in July — it’s an old glue factory that the band turned into a “concert-in-the-round” setting for two fabulous nights. And the tour rolls on here this weekend at the Sony Centre!

Holiday 2017

I couldn’t be more excited to be here, and I’ve got lots planned. From visiting the famed Graffiti Alley and Kensington Market to checking out Otto’s Bierhalle and hitting up the famed Bellwoods Brewery, there’s plenty that I want to see. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me a note on Twitter! Of course, it goes without saying that’ll be imbibing at The Lockhart, a seriously cool cocktail bar that pays homage to my favorite book series, Harry Potter — how cool! And I’ll be doing it all from an AirBNB that doubles as a cool barbershop studio — I’d suggest you hop over to my Instagram to follow along with my IG Stories! In the meantime, we’ve got a full slate of holiday style tips on lock for you here, from what to wear to a holiday party to our annual holiday gift guide for men and of course, a handy holiday gift guide for women. I hope it’s helpful this season. So, shall we get to this week’s men’s style news? I think we should. Check back here on Monday for another travel style recap, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!

Holiday 2017

  • Can’t get enough Frank and Oak? Neither can I. The brand has been a consistent favorite over the years for its monthly collection launches, which make shopping simple, easy and affordable. They’re also quite the socially aware brand, as evidenced by the release of its new And Collection, a unisex capsule that recognizes “the distinctions and differences between human beings while supporting Canada’s longstanding commitment to inclusion, equality and diversity on a global level.” Good stuff, yes? In addition to collaborating with Montreal-based organization Petites-Mains to directly support immigrant women’s integration into the job market, Frank and Oak also partnered with Equitas, recognized for supporting equality and human rights, by donating $5 to the foundation for each sale from the collection. The full collection includes an And-printed white t-shirt (available for under $30), as well as And-embroidered fleece sweaters in black and grey. Easy to wear for casual weekend style, yes?
  • Alright, we’re well into prime holiday shopping season. I know you’re working your way through your own holiday wish list, but just in case you’re buying for the beer lover in your life, I’d suggest you check out this great GearMoose guide on what to buy for the beer drinker. Bingo!
  • We talked about this last week, but it’s worth repeating for all you shoppers out there. Nisolo, makers of stellar styles like the Nisolo Andres Boots, has teamed up with four other stellar brands on both a men’s holiday gift bundle and a women’s holiday gift bundle. Now through December 24th, once again, you can spend $35 to  get $250 in the way of shopping credit at “bundle” brands. As I mentioned last week, that’d be five brands and five gift cards good for $50 at each brand, including the rugged purveyors at United By Blue, the tailoring masters at Ledbury and stylish men’s boots from Nisolo. Seriously, how can you not love the men’s gift bundle? Right? Right?? Through December 24th, the men’s holiday gift bundle and the women’s holiday gift bundle are up for grabs.

So, that brings us to the end of this week’s Friday Read. Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


See Now, Buy Now: Step Out This Winter in the Danner x Tanner Goods Mountain Pass Boots

The right pair of boots for the winter season — and a fast-selling pair, at that!

There’s no doubt that your Style Guide team absolutely loves durable, rugged boots — especially boots like the Danner x Tanner Goods Mountain Pass Boots. You want a one-of-a-kind, stylish winter boot that performs and looks great at the same time? Perhaps some of the best men’s winter boots out there? Get these Mountain Pass Boots. You want a boot that combines the know-how and rugged style of two tremendous companies (both based in the Pacific Northwest, as it were)? Get the Mountain Pass Boots. You get the picture, right? We previously covered the Danner Mountain Light Boots on the blog — what with their James Bond-esque looks and alpine-inspired design — and the Danner x Tanner Goods Mountain Pass Boots carry with them a similar attention to detail and rugged style. It’s part of an ongoing partnership between the two brands that’ll have you reaping some serious benefits. The Vibram sole provides classic durability that you’ll surely need on slippery streets, while the suede leather upper looks cool and sleek. That’s fashion and function at work, assuredly. Yes indeed, the Mountain Pass Boots have a ton going for them.

And we haven’t even talked about the Ortho-Lite insole or the DRI-LEX lining — these aren’t a pair of old-school hikers without any technical specs. Plus, the waxed canvas collar is exactly the sort of rugged-refined detailing you might expect when a brand like Tanner Goods — renowned for the quality of its leather — gets in the mix with Danner. Of course, the resulting Mountain Pass Boots are the complete package, able to work with dark denim and a crewneck sweater or alongside burgundy corduroys and a denim trucker jacket. Now, all you need is a pair of stylish winter socks and maybe, just maybe … a rugged flannel shirt. Sounds like the perfect outfit for an afternoon spent by the fire or at your favorite brewpub, yes? Who’s with me on that?

Will the Danner x Tanner Goods Mountain Pass Boots be finding their way onto your feet this season? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter! 



Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide 2017: What to Buy for Him This Christmas

Just as we came to you on Monday with this year’s edition of the Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide — which was so much more than just style, mark my words — we’re back at it with this year’s edition of the Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide! Think of these gifts as a great starting point for the guy who’s got everything, be it your brother, your father, your father-in-law, your partner … you get the picture. So, we’re talking investment-worthy outerwear from Taylor Stitch, handy everyday carry essentials (great as a stocking stuffer) and other cool gifts that anyone would be happy to receive (like the Shinola Runwell Watch — wink, wink). While we’re on the topic, our ongoing series of the best men’s gear (called The List), could also be quite helpful. Alright, are you ready to get shopping? I know I am.

Holiday 2017

For the Guy Who Has, Well … Everything: Taylor Stitch The Long Haul Jacket in Sand Waterproof Suede — $898
Taylor Stitch
An absurdly beautiful jacket that’s unlike anything Taylor Stitch has done yet.
Who exactly are you buying this exceptional Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket for? Well, I’m not sure — it could be your well-dressed brother, cousin, best friend … you name it, they’re going to absolutely love the Long Haul Jacket, this time done up in an all-new fabrication. Exceptional quality from an exceptional brand — pre-order it for them from Taylor Stitch, then draw up a cool postcard or fake “gift certificate” revealing the ultimate prize. Ehh?
For the Craft Beer Lover: GrowlerWerks 64oz. Limited-Edition uKeg — $185
A thoughtful gift for the beer lover in your life — and you can enjoy it, too.
What to get for the guy who’s tasted and tried a heck of a lot of beer? Why, something in which to store his favorite brew. The clean, crisply designed GrowlerWerks Limited-Edition Keg comes in a neat Black Chrome, perfect for taking up some counter space in the den or the garage. This GrowlerWerks keg is also perfect for tapping into as you
watch game after game after game this bowl season.
 For the Outdoor Enthusiast: The James Brand Serrated Chapter Knife — $275
A uniquely well-made knife that should prove mighty useful in plenty of situations.
Every guy can use a well-made knife, right? An extremely well-made knife, at that. Yes indeed, the James Brand Serrated Chapter Knife works well if you know a guy who’s always working in the yard or always out camping and exploring — you never know what jams you’ll get into out there, so maybe pick up a James Brand knife for yourself.
For the Style Lover: Taylor Stitch The Jack Shirt in Chocolate Micro Cord — $148 
A better buttondown shirt than the one your father-in-law normally wears, right?
Consider picking up this handsome, stylish corduroy shirt from Taylor Stitch for your father or father-in-law (or, y’know, anyone who appreciates great style). The Jack Shirt in Chocolate Micro Cord features the familiar look of a much-loved buttondown shirt, yet it’s got a dash more unique style and a better fit — heck, the Jack Shirt might be the type of shirt the lucky receipient puts on then and there.

For the Coffee Lover: W+P Design Brew and Pour-Over Press — $99.99

Two excellent gifts that can be put to use on Christmas morning — can’t you smell the hot coffee now?
This category also made an appearance in this year’s Women’s Holiday Gift Guide, for good reason. Know someone who really, really loves coffee? *Raises hand* Well, OK … that’s not a stretch for most of us. But this gift, the W+P Design Brew and Pour-Over Press Set, takes it to the next level. You get an excellent pour over coffee set, plus a heck of a neat book (“Brew” details everything you need to brew great coffee at home). I’d say anyone will appreciate that gift, won’t you?
For the Tailoring Aficionado: Bespoke Post Frost Box — $45  (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post
Two gifts that are essential as the cold weather closes in.
If you know a gentleman who loves to suit up — even in the winter — what might he be missing? Why, stylish gloves from the Bespoke Post Frost Box, of course. Complete with lambskin touchscreen leather gloves and a useful (and much-needed) hand salve, the Bespoke Post Frost Box is but one way to introduce your receipient to the wonders of this great subscription service.
For the Outdoorsman: Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket — $188
A great gift for the guy who favors rugged style and loves the outdoors.
While the other gifts on this list — including the James Brand Serrated Chapter Knife and the excellent Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — could certainly go toward the outdoorsman in your life, there’s something rugged and tough about the Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket.  I have no doubt that the Moleskin Shirt Jacket would be a great gift for the guy who can never seem to spend enough time outdoors … and I’d recommend you pick one up for yourself, too.

For the Watch Lover: Shinola Runwell Watch — $600

Is it “time” to open Christmas presents yet? Get it?
Told you we’d have something for everyone on this list, right? The investment-quality Shinola Runwell has long been a favorite of mine for its blend of classic, clean style and durable construction — the lucky guy who gets this thing is going to enjoy the Shinola Runwell for years and years (and years) to come.  Add this Shinola watch to your own wish list, too.
For the Frequent Traveler: Hook & Albert Leather Garment Weekender — $595 
The perfect garment bag and weekender rolled into one supremely stylish package.

Perhaps a handy companion to the Bespoke Post Frost Box for the guy who appreciates tailored style (and travels a heck of a lot), the exceptional Hook & Albert Leather Garment Weekender can hold up to two suits, in addition to carrying two pairs of shoes. Did I mention the Leather Garment Weekender is made from top-grain pebbled leather? A beautiful gift for the gentleman who loves the finer things.

For Your Father or Father-in-Law: “Ali: A Life” by Jonathan Eig — $17.34
A enthralling read that you just might want to take a look at afterward.
The story of Muhammad Ali is truly remarkable, a lesson in perserverance, talent, grace and style — to say the least. This well-reviewed book by Mr. Eig captures it all in full — an engaging read no matter who’s on the receiving end of this great gift on Christmas morning.
For the Runner: Decibullz Custom Fit Earphones — $29.99
A set of headphones that go above and beyond when it comes to excellent quality and fit.
Rather than gift the runner or hardcore trainer in your life another set of running shorts, give them an underrated gift that could come in handy — these seriously cool Decibullz Custom Fit Earphones. No more dealing with earbuds that fall out or fall all over the place — these mold quickly to the shape of your ears, ensuring a great fit and, as the brand says, no pain.

For the Footwear Fan: Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot — $280

Huckberry x Original Chippewa
Know anyone who’s got a pair of leather boots like this? I bet not. As good as it gets.
If you — like me — positively can’t get enough of stylish leather boots like the Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boots, then perhaps you know someone else on your shopping list who feels the same way? These rugged leather boots are a Huckberry exclusive, making them all the more coveted (plus, stylish and durable).
My dear friends, that’s going to wrap up this year’s Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide. Did you find what you were looking for? More importantly, did you find a gift for everyone? What’s your favorite on this list, perhaps your own must-have? The Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boots are as good as it gets for yours truly. At any rate, I hope you take care of your shopping in good time this season. As to the rest of our holiday #menswear needs here on the blog, there’s plenty more where that came from — stay tuned!
Thanks for reading,