The List: Here’s All The Gear to Buy This Coming Black Friday

Hey there, Style Guide readers — let’s get right into the latest edition of The List! Namely, we’ve got Black Friday and holiday shopping right (literally, RIGHT) around the corner. So today, we’ll walk you through the best menswear to buy on Black Friday … and far beyond that, of course. We’re talking the best winter gear for men and we’re also talking some Black Friday deals, folks. It’s prime time to start adding gear to your own holiday wish list, too. And for all those tricky-to-buy-for folks on your list (including … yourself), maybe these picks for the best men’s gear will jumpstart your brain a bit. As always, quality and affordabiltiy are top of mind — let’s get after it.

Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket — $188
Flint and Tinder
Available in an array of neutral colors, this shirt jacket calls to mind throwback style.
Looking forward to bundling up around the fire this holiday season? The handsome, pleasingly rugged Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket is the stylish shirt jacket to buy now via Huckberry.
Hardcore Hammers Carpenter’s Hatchet — $45
Hardcore Hammers
Just what you need to take care of yard work or get some extra firewood ready. Be careful!
What is late November and early December if not a time for stoking the fire and perhaps getting to work around the yard a bit? The Hardcore Hammers Carpenter’s Hatchet should get the job done (and you can sign up for Bespoke Post while you’re shopping there!).
Taylor Stitch Longwing in Natural Shell Cordovan — $698
A remarkable pair of stylish dress shoes from Taylor Stitch. A little early holiday gift, maybe?
Here’s perhaps the ultimate splurge gift for yourself … or someone else … this season. Even when it comes to stylish men’s dress shoes, Taylor Stitch makes some of the best. Perfect for a holiday party, no?

Stock Mfg. Co. Red Buffalo Plaid Flannel — $79.98

Stock Mfg. Co.
An ideal shirt to wear a ton as it gets colder.
Stock Mfg. Co. comes through with what could be the perfect fall shirt — yes? I think so. Buy this one now, then wear it all through December. Oh, and check out my other tips on how to wear a flannel shirt while you’re at it.
Beckett Simonon Alba Sneakers — $149
Beckett Simonon
I see your stylish dress shoes … and I raise you durable, handsome sneakers.
These Beckett Simonon sneakers … wowza. If ever you’ve wanted to invest in a stylish pair of leather sneakers without paying an arm and a leg … the Alba Sneakers are the way to go.
Zodiac Sea Wolf Super 53 Compression Watch — $1,195
Your next splurge purchase … or someone’s lucky holiday gift, ehh?
We said you should add to your holiday style wish list early, right? The Zodiac Sea Wolf Super 53 Compression Watch is gorgeous, well-made and … quite pricey, as it were. It’s a rugged, casual watch to place as a gift under the tree (wink, wink).
CIVIC The Jack Shirt in Olive Merino Chambray — $128
A chambray shirt for holiday parties and casual weekends … significantly upgraded.
Everyone loves a stylish chambray shirt, right? The CIVIC Jack Shirt takes that staple piece and does it up in travel-ready fabric, ideal to wear on a Christmas road trip (planning ahead is key, folks!).
Levi’s Wool Engineer’s Coat — $198
A remarkably durable coat made with premium wool — ideal for winter layering.
Levi’s does more than just make stylish denim — they make essential winter outerwear like the workwear-inspired Wool Engineer’s Coat. Plus, the brand offers free everyday shipping on purchases of more than $100. Best get to it, yes?
Bespoke Post Bloom Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)
Bespoke Post Bloom Box
Making a great cup of coffee is as easy as picking up the Bloom Box.
Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee, ehh? The Bloom Box gives you plenty of morning coffee essentials … including the coffee itself. Get ready to kick back with your morning paper around a crackling fire with a nice cup of joe.
Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans — $195
Billy Reid
Remarkable fall and winter trousers that are as easy to wear as slim denim.
Can Billy Reid do anything wrong? These slim Moleskin Jeans are practically as nice as your best pair of trousers, yet they feature the design of your favorite pair of jeans.
Flint and Tinder Soft Washed Oxford — $98
A premium Portuguese cotton fabric that’s washed for softness? Sounds like a great shirt to me.
Stylish fall shirting is the name of the game for Flint and Tinder, and the Soft Washed Oxford belongs in your closet this season — or perhaps, nicely gift-wrapped for the fellow #menswear lover on your list?
 Grayers Bayswater Fleece Shirt — $98
A durable shirt that’s also a jacket, in keeping with today’s focus on stylish fall shirting.
Is the Bayswater Fleece Shirt more of a shirt? More of a jacket? Who’s to say — but it’s an essential winter layering piece either way.

That’s going to wrap up this Thanksgiving holiday-centric edition of The List — do you have your credit card ready for Black Friday? What’s your favorite pick from the above? I personally love those Moleskin Jeans from Mr. Billy Reid. Feel free to weigh in on Twitter — thanks for reading!



#OOTD: How to Wear Chelsea Boots for Fall and Winter Weather

Ahh, yes — we’re back for another #OOTD here on The Style Guide, and here’s the even better news: We’re really digging into tailored menswear for colder weather. You’re going to love it, or your money back. Stylish men’s Chelsea boots are an essential that shouldn’t be slept on, even if you haven’t yet shopped around for the perfect pair yet.  They’re a style of shoe that’s at once sleek and refined, yet edgy — there’s a reason rock stars love these boots. Now, we’ve previously talked the best pair of Chelsea boots to buy for fall, and we’re upping the ante a bit here today. The Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots are just the ticket, and they’re potentially among the best men’s Chelsea boots. Specifically, we’re looking at how you can wear your new favorite Chelsea boots with a bit of tailored edge. So, think a stylish cardigan, slim wool trousers and of course,  a classic dress watch. You’re going to recognize plenty of other winter style essentials in this #menswear look, too — from an American-made cashmere scarf to surprisingly stylish men’s socks. If that all sounds great to you, then read on. Let me know your feedback in the comments, and I’m always up to chat on Twitter! Talk soon.

Sleek Chelsea boots done up in refined, sharp fashion. Perfect for fall and winter, no?

The Chelsea Boots: Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots, $230 — Here’s the centerpiece of this outfit — a pair of stylish, sleek Chelsea boots. Crafted from rich, dark brown leather and featuring no-frills styling potential, the Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes couldn’t have come into your wardrobe at a better time.

The Cardigan: Mollusk Surf Shop Jeffrey Sweater in Cloud Grey, $180 — What better way to offset a pair of refined Chelsea boots than with a slightly rugged, stylish shawl collar cardigan? This is the kind of classic cardigan that a fella like James Bond might wear.

The Shirt: Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, $159.98 — Quite simply, Corridor NYC makes astonishingly beautiful, classic shirting right here in NYC — the Check Flannel Shirt is a nicely tailored, dressy complement to this ensemble (and it features a winter-friendly wool blend).

The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers in Navy Donegal, $178 — While you can really wear your favorite Chelsea boots any way you want, slim wool trousers — especially the handsome Telegraph Trousers from Taylor Stitch — are a perfectly tailored move.

The Scarf: American Trench Cashmere Scarf in Red Flecked, $180 — Although you could certainly throw on a slim topcoat to finish off this outfit, a cashmere scarf from American Trench is a cool way to layer up in style while adding visual interest to a classic shawl collar cardigan.

The Socks: Anonymousism Boucle Mix Socks, $18 — As I always say here on this blog, don’t sleep on stylish accessories — particularly well-made socks from Anonymousism. Simply designed, well-made and stylish, the Boucle Mix Socks are a refined finishing touch.

The Watch: About Vintage 1815 Chronograph, $349 — What’s the one small accessory — besides stylish socks — that can both define an outfit and add quite a lot of style to said outfit? A classic men’s dress watch. This vintage-style About Vintage Chronograph is sharp and refined.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Standard Belt, $104.98 — Last but not least, we can’t forget a simply designed, durable men’s belt — especially not the excellent Standard Belt from Tanner Goods.

That’ll about do it for this tailored men’s style ensemble — do you have a better idea of how to wear Chelsea boots this season? The Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes are an excellent starting point for a sleek and tailored #OOTD — at least, that’s what I think. This look gets even sharper when you throw in winter-ready, dressy staples — take the Telegraph Trousers from Taylor Stitch, for instance. And similarly weather-ready shirting, like the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, also helps you get the job done in terms of seasonal dressing.  Lest we forget, a classic cardigan is going to act as a reliable stand-in for a classic blazer. That combo will be all the warmer with an American-made cashmere scarf and stylish Anonymousism socks, too. Of course, you can’t leave a stylish dress watch off your wrist, and that’s where the terrific About Vintage Chronograph is going to help you stay on time in style. What’s your take on this #OOTD? Will the Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes be finding their way onto your feet this season? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


See Now, Buy Now: The Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. Is Your Next Style Upgrade

Inspired by the Rolex Submariner, this pleasingly rugged, versatile timepiece could become an everyday go-to.
Our See Now, Buy Now series here on The Style Guide covers a lot of ground — we’re continuing that today with a durable timepiece that could maybe, just maybe … become your new favorite everyday watch. Give thanks for that on this day, of all days (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!). But back to the business at hand. We’re talking about the exceptional Vague Watch Co. Black Sub Watch from our friends at Huckberry, a heck of a stylish casual watch with plenty in the way of functionality. Adding to a growing (or just-starting) watch collection can be a daunting task, what with the need to seemingly fill so many different categories in terms of your everyday watch. Luckily for the watch lovers and novice collectors among us, the Vague Watch Co. Black Sub Watch makes things substantially easier. For one, the Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. has that elusive blend of rugged good looks and straightforward style. In short, it’s an easy-to-wear accessory alongside more casual outfits (think a slim shawl collar cardigan and classic blue denim) or more business casual ensembles (including a classic winter blazer).

And the Black Sub Watch draws quite helpfully on a style that’s still just as wearable now as it was decades ago — the Rolex Submariner. Yet … it’s far, far more accessible in terms of price. Again, those style points are just critical, though. The Black Sub Watch can be worn day in and day out — that’s the sort of versatility you need when building a watch collection, my friends. That unique wearability even extends to the strap on the Black Sub Watch. It comes packaged with either a natural leather strap or a black NATO strap, a  two-for-one deal that only helps you look better in more style situations. You can wear the Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. out for beers with buddies as easily as you can wear it to the office with an American-made Oxford — if that doesn’t qualify as your favorite everyday watch, I’m not sure what does.

Are you a fan of the Black Sub Watch from Vague Watch Co. ? Let me know if you’ll be picking it up as a post-Thanksgiving or Black Friday treat! 

Thanks for reading,


Style Pick of the Week: Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt

A refined shirt that’s hearty and versatile enough for plenty of wearing occasions through fall and winter.

There are brands that make nice #menswear right here in America, and then there are brands like Corridor NYC — making its line of stylish men’s shirting, outerwear and the like in New York City (and in the case of this classic flannel shirt, Philadelphia). That’s a cut above the rest, to be sure, and that makes the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt potentially your new favorite flannel shirt, my friends.  November is simply an excellent time to break out those fall style essentials that seem to have sat in our closets for longer this year, what with slightly warmer weather creeping later into the season. But now, well … the Check Flannel Shirt deserves your attention as our latest Style Pick of the Week (and as one of the best flannel shirts out there).  It’s made with wool-blend fabric and features a handsome fit that’s not too tight, yet pleasingly tailored. Corridor NYC  certainly has the pedigree to churn out reliable basics like this. The brand wants to make “engaging yet classic pieces,” from outerwear to shirting — and it would appear they’re succeeding quite nicely. Heck, the Check Flannel Shirt is but one in a stellar line of rugged, versatile menswear — like the tremendous Corridor NYC Waxed M-65, for instance. With a similar attention to detail and remarkable quality, the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt  sits in a class of its own (that goes for style as well as substance).

Corridor NYC
Elegant fabric, quality construction and subtle style set this Corridor NYC flannel shirt apart.

The Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt is nearly a go-anywhere type of flannel shirt, just casual enough to wear with cordoroys and a crewneck sweater — yet sharp enough to pull double duty during the work week. It also features a spread collar, making this the type of flannel shirt that works as well with American-made denim and rugged leather boots as it does with your best fall and winter blazer. Yes indeed, the Check Flannel Shirt will set you back nearly $160 … but I guarantee you don’t have another shirt in your closet like it. The blue-and-brown stripe combo is handsome and refined, but just unique enough to stand out quietly. It’s a piece that you can buy now, and wear through March or April thanks to that versatile color combo and subtly stylish pattern. The Check Flannel Shirt is also hearty enough to pair with a wool or knit tie — plus your favorite fall blazer. Have you caught on to the fact that the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt is simply, quite possibly … your next flannel shirt for fall and winter? Helpfully, it’s available now — before Thanksgiving and Christmas — and it’ll reliably give any holiday party look a bit of a shot in the arm (and it goes without saying that it’ll upgrade your casual weekend style, too). It’s just up to you to make the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt a part of your wardrobe. What do ya say?

How would you style the Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt? Is it worthy of your style wish list? 

The Friday Read: Early Holiday Gift Ideas, A New Timepiece and Craft Beer

Hey there, my friends — let’s raise a glass to the weekend, yes? It’s been a jam-packed week in NYC, from a media event at my day job at NYC’s Coyne PR to some excellent rock shows on the side, including a long-awaited retun from my pals in the West Coast-based indie rock band Mainland. They played the legendary Mercury Lounge on Wednesday night as part of a sold-out tour alongside fellow rockers The Wrecks — talk about a great night of guitar-driven jams. And for what it’s worth, the latest Mainland release, the anthemic “I Found God,” is an excellent, high-voltage song packed with power and a poignant, moving music video to go along with it. A heck of a way to spend a Wednesday night, certainly! This weekend promises more fun, too — I’m heading upstate for a quick day trip to the lovely town of Beacon, home to the world-class Dia: Beacon art museum. It’ll be a nice getaway after a busy week, and I’m bringing my favorite fall style essentials with me, of course. For full coverage, be sure to check out my Instagram. What’s on the docket this weekend for you? On the style front, I’d say you should prep to dress for your next tailgate in style if you’re heading out to a ballgame. Taking things just a bit more casually? We’ve also got you set when it comes to weekend style essentials. Again, I hope you enjoy the weekend — and I hope it’s filled with great coffee, great brunch and great beer!

  • It’s never too early to start shopping around for the best men’s holiday gifts — right? Right? Luckily, our pals at Huckberry have darn near everything you need for a great stocking stuffer (and beyond). Some initial favorites of mine? Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes, the cool and cozy Acorn Astronaut Slippers, Fulton & Roark Shave Cream, and of course, the Be Home Copper Bar Set. Fear not, though — we’ll cover plenty of holiday gift suggestions and Black Friday deals in the week ahead.
  • If you’re on the hunt for a new timepiece — which you certainly should be — your search might just be ending … well, today. Martenero lovingly crafts durable, striking timepieces with heritage quality and a modern edge. The Kerrison, the brand’s latest effort is A) Assembled in New York and B) Made with some seriously cool design touches. We’re talking a crisp, simple and stylish everyday watch. It’s available for pre-funding on Kickstarter now and if I were you … I’d hop over to that page and hand over some money.
  • While we’re talking all things Kickstarter, how about upgrading your everyday carry? Maybe with something as simple as the Minimal Mechanical Pencil? From Modern Fuel, this excellently designed mechanical pencil is simple enough to be essential — in short, it’s a pencil you’ll want to pre-fund now … before you find yourself using it all the time, everyday. Plege $340 or more and get the Collector’s Set, featuring one of each pencil. Tell me that’s not a great deal, ehh?
  • Now, aside from menswear writing and live music, I’ve got another passion — that of excellent craft beer. It’s easy to find so many great spots serving up richly crafted beer in NYC, but October (a recently launched beer and music-centric publication) delves into a cool question: What if you only had two taps at your restaurant or bar? What would you serve? The examples seen in this feature are pretty neat, to say the least.

That’s going to do it for this week’s Friday Read — enjoy a nice weekend, shop a few of my fall men’s style essentials, and see you tomorrow for the Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!


See Now, Buy Now: Taylor Stitch’s Slim Chinos Are The Classic Pair You Need In Your Closet

Classic, easily wearable chinos made with great quality in mind — just add stylish leather boots and other essentials for cold weather.
Another day, another stellar product from Taylor Stitch — is it boring when a menswear brand is this great? Not in the slightest, my friends. In fact, the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki are as good as it gets when it comes to an everyday pair of classic men’s chinos. Ya dig? Good, ‘cuz you’re in for a heck of a ride today on The Style Guide. If you’re not familiar with the work being done by San Fran-based Taylor Stitch,  fear not — the brand just knows how to make quality men’s style essentials. The brand’s rather-famous Slim Chinos are no exception. As it were, the Slim Chinos in British Khaki might be the best of the bunch, featuring a rich color, excellent fabric and the type of versatile styling potential that works with stylish men’s dress shoes and a chambray shirt or a rugged crewneck sweater and classic leather sneakers in equal measure. Oh, and more casually rugged pieces like a Taylor Stitch henley? The Slim Chinos in British Khaki will work there, too.

They feature a tailored fit that’s not too tight — a crucial first step in finding that perfect pair of chinos — and all the customary touches one expects from Taylor Stitch. We’re talking a 9.5oz. brushed Spanish twill fabric in a rich color that’s going to look great with a shawl-collar cardigan and rugged tan leather boots on cool fall days. And the real kicker? Taylor Stitch has made these slim chinos with cool details like vintage map pocketing featuring the brand’s home town of San Francisco. How neat is that? Quite neat. The Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki aren’t your father’s khakis, that  much is true. Cut slim and without pleats, they’re easily wearable with all your favorite fall and winter style essentials, and in plenty of different situations. Thanksgiving, a fall trip, a weekend with the family or a busy day at the office … yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki are the pair to buy now. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were among the best men’s chinos out there. But you’ll have to see for yourself.

Are the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in British Khaki making their way into your shopping cart? Let me know in the comments!

Online Shopping Picks: Add to Your Wardrobe with the Best Men’s Socks for Fall and Winter

OK, let’s take stock of what’s on your feet in today’s new Online Shopping Picks entry — no, not your stylish leather boots. Instead, let’s look at … your socks. Yep.  Stylish men’s socks are quite the underrated part of an outfit, it seems; at the very least, they can be an afterthought. But rest assured, no matter whether you’re lacing up classic leather sneakers or classic chukka boots, your socks are just as important as the rest of your outfit. That’s especially true during the chilly fall and winter months, as the right pair of socks can add warmth and comfort — plus serious style points — to your rugged style ensemble. That goes for dressing in casual weekend style just as it does with getting dolled up for a day at the office. And y’know what? We’ve got some excellent pairs on tap for any occasion today, from brands you know (like Anonymousism) and brands that might be a bit newer (take CHUP, for instance).  Either way, you’re going to be stepping out in style this season. If you’ve got feedback or picks of your own, you can hit me up on Twitter. Cheers!

#1. Anonymousism Slub Crew Sock in Brown — $18

Finely crafted socks that are stylish enough to work at the office and laidback enough to wear on the weekend.

Stylish socks can be just as critical as other more essential fall style picks when it comes to adding texture and seasonally appropriate color to your ensemble. Take the Anonymousism Slub Crew Socks. Featuring neat texture and a color that’s very ready for fall and winter, the Slub Crew Socks should fit right in as they peek out from beneath slim blue denim and classic suede lace-up boots. $18 is definitely a fair bit of change to drop on socks, but Anonymousism makes it worth your time & money.

#2. American Trench Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere — $33

Another pair of socks worth your money, if only for the great pattern and quality.

Let’s keep this list rolling with yet another pair of investment-worthy socks. Yes, investment-worthy is certainly something that applies to well-made American Trench socks like the Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere. Why the high price tag? Well, American Trench works with family factories to source the materials and produce some of the best men’s socks out there. The fact that the Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere just so happen to add some cool pattern to any outfit is just a bonus. Wear these with slim charcoal trousers and a navy cardigan for fall-friendly style.

#3. CHUP Vivienda Socks — $35

Japanese-made socks that are the real deal in terms of excellent design and great quality.

You very well might recognize CHUP from our #OOTD series here at The Style Guide — the brand’s reliable socks are unique, carefully made and packed with cool patterns. These Japanese-made socks are made using time-tested methods on stocking frame knitting machines, one of the first types of knitting machines invented. So, the Vivienda Socks have got quite a lot of quality packed in. And when it comes to looks? The CHUP Vivienda Socks blend an intricate pattern with a neutral gray base — the perfect socks to wear when you want to stand out quietly.

#4. Arvin Goods Crew Socks (Three-pack) — $23.98

Simple socks for simple style, particularly on a fall or winter weekend.

There are times you just need a casual pair of socks that look sharp while providing comfort. Nothing fancy — just function with a dash o’ good locks. That’s where the Arvin Goods Crew Socks enter the mix, folks. Equal parts sporty and casual, these Arvin Goods socks are made, like the rest of the brand’s line, with sustainability and style top of mind — good news for us eco-conscious style fans. Wear these with slim sweatpants and stylish leather sneakers, plus a rugged grey crewneck sweater, for your next weekend brunch.

#5. Wigwam Cypress Trail Socks — $26

Functionally minded socks made with outdoor adventure in mind.

We turn once again to simple, understated socks that work in a pinch — especially when you need a durable pair of socks for fall and winter exploration. Thankfully, the Wigwam Cypress Trail Socks come in quite handy in that regard. Namely, if you need a pair of “get-the-job-done” socks to wear alongside rugged leather boots and the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants on your next hike, the Cypress Trail Socks are the way to go. Every guy needs a go-to pair of tough socks in his closet, right?

#6. American Trench Sawtooth Argyle Socks — $29.50

Crisp socks with a dressier look and feel than other options on this list — yet another job well-done from American Trench.

You knew weren’t done recommending American Trench socks, right? Just as with the brand’s Fair Isle socks, the Sawtooth Argyle Socks feature the comfortable and exceptionally well-made blend of merino and cashmere, all the better to keep your feet feeling great. In fact, that fabric blend is engineered to prevent odor and keep your feet dry at the same time — not a bad job from American Trench here. The Sawtooth Argyle Socks are slightly dressier — feel free to punch up your worsted wool navy suit and stylish men’s dress shoes with these American-made socks this fall and winter.

#7. Etiquette Clothiers Sherpa Boot Rib Socks — $24

The perfect wool socks to wear with leather boots in chilly weather this fall and winter.

As previously seen in an edition of The List — featuring rugged fall style picks galore — the Etiquette Clothiers Sherpa Boot Rib Socks are quite possibly your new favorite socks to wear with …. your favorite fall boots. If ever there was a pair of thick, durable socks to stand up to harsh weather while still looking great, I’d say it might be the Sherpa Boot Socks. Made in Italy from a wool-acrylic blend and done up in a fall and winter-ready color, the Sherpa Boot Socks  would fit right in with black denim and tan leather boots, and they’d also add a shot of vintage-inspired style to charcoal herringbone trousers and chunky wingtip boots (plus a rugged field jacket for a bit of high-low style).

#8. American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks — $19.50
Vintage-inspired socks that add sporty, old school looks to any outfit — particularly white leather sneakers, a classic cardigan and tan chinos.
Our last and final pick comes at you from … welp, American Trench. The brand continues to branch out into new, different directions in terms of products — the Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks are a prime example of that unique approach, with quality still at the forefront. The Kennedy Athletic Socks play off the same styles seen on icons like JFK, so think of these as more old school-style socks than a pair you’d wear to the gym. At any rate, the American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks should serve you just fine, especially when teamed with a stylish field jacket and durable chinos.

OK, my friends. Of the above pairs, which one did you like best? Or did you have more than one pair in your sights? Perhaps the sporty and vintage-inspired American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks will work for your weekend style pursuits? Or maybe the tough, rugged Etiquette Clothiers Sherpa Boot Rib Socks are more your speed — especially if you consistently reach for boots like the Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Boots. For straightforward style, casual function and comfort — an oh-so-important mix — the Arvin Goods Crew Socks are a prime pick-up, as are the trail-ready Wigwam Cypress Trail Socks. When it comes to dressy situations, a crisply made pair like the Sawtooth Argyle Socks from American Trench fit the bill nicely, and no list would be complete without essential, versatile socks like the CHUP Vivienda Socks. Oh, and what pair of socks to put on for everyday wear? Easy — the Anonymousism Slub Crew Socks are your go-to move. Have any picks you’d add to this list — or remove? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: What to Wear for A Casual Thanksgiving At Home (Or On the Road)

Here’s the thing, folks: Thanksgiving 2017 will soon be upon us, if you can believe it. And whether you’re hopping in the car for a crosstown drive or hopping a flight to see the family dressed in fall travel style, there’s a basic-yet-stylish #OOTD template you can take with you wherever you go. And mark my words, there ways to look laidback yet on-point, as we always talk about here at The Style Guide. Let’s say Thanksgiving is a more casual affair for your family than Christmas — that’s where today’s #OOTD is going to come in handy. For a long afternoon or evening of eating, drinking, parade-watching and pigskin-tossing, you want men’s style essentials that look great and help you move and … well, nap after all that food (and beer, let’s be honest). In short, that’s why we’ve got reliable pieces like a stylish sweatshirt, a classic Oxford shirt and stylish chinos on tap. At the very least, the slim chinos and classic men’s Oxford are going to serve as reliable building blocks for your holiday weekend — you can add or subtract a classic fall blazer, for example, as you see fit. Either way, fall style essentials should certainly be in play. So, that’s where we are this Thanksgiving — reliable, casual and stylish. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Let me know on Twitter. Enjoy!

The Sweatshirt: Flint and Tinder 10-Year Pullover in Forest, $89 — This Flint and Tinder pullover is assuredly very casual, even for a stylish hooded sweatshirt. It’s perfect for lounging around and playing backyard football, but you can swap in a tan herringbone blazer or a stylish V-neck sweater for a more polished look.

The Oxford: Taylor Stitch The Jack Shirt in Charcoal Everyday Oxford, $98 — A reliable move on any holiday, this classic Oxford shirt from Taylor Stitch is foolproof — just don’t spill any cranberry sauce on it.

The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos in British Khaki, $98Classic men’s chinos in a tailored-yet-mobile fit? From Taylor Stitch? Perfect for a simple-but-sharp Thanksgiving #menswear ensemble.
The Sneakers: SeaVees Huntington Middie (Huckberry Exclusive), $80 — Here’s area we’ll leave up to you. Go with comfortable, casual, classic men’s sneakers, easy to wear for travel or a laidback Thanksgiving at home … or swap in something along the lines of stylish Chelsea boots for more polished style.

The Socks: American Trench Fair Isle Socks in Merino and Cashmere, $33 — Hey, don’t skimp on stylish socks — particularly if you’re going to be padding around someone else’s house. These American Trench socks are a smooth (if pricey) move.

The Belt: Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt in Chestnut, $80 — OK, until at least your first plate at Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to wear the reliable Everyday Belt in Chestnut from Sturdy Brothers.

The Watch: Jack Mason Aviator Watch in Light Brown/Black, $205 — For essential Thanksgiving style, you’re going to want a casual leather watch that’s classically designed and durably constructed. Jack Mason has your back.

The Easy Travel Bag: Filson Tablet Briefcase in Navy, $275— Alright, this Filson Tablet Briefcase is moreso for those of us who are hitting the road. Use it as a small carry-on, or use it to haul handy everyday carry essentials — and maybe an extra bottle of craft beer — to and from dinner.

I can smell that turkey cooking now — can’t you? Starting any holiday oufit with the right pieces is going to put you in a great spot, and that’ll allow you to layer up in casual style with that Flint and Tinder pullover. Elsewhere, the Jack Shirt from Taylor Stitch is an everyday go-to, and perfectly acceptable to wear on Thanksgiving.  The same goes for the Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos, featuring a tailored fit that’s not too tight — so, you know, you can grab that second (or third) helping. Certainly, you could finish this outfit off in casual fashion with classic men’s sneakers … or you can go a little bit sharper with rugged leather chukka boots. Your accessories should, as always, stay sharp. That goes for the Jack Mason Aviator Watch, the pleasingly rugged Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt and the handy, durable Filson Tablet Briefcase — always be prepared with what you need to keep you, your significant other or your children entertained on a road trip, ehh? Oh, and socks … put on stylish socks without holes in ’em, like the American Trench Fair Isle Socks as seen above. No matter where you go, I’m wishing you a happy, fun and ultimately, thankful Thanksgiving. Can’t get enough of The Style Guide? Make sure to check out our See Now, Buy Now series for plenty of holiday gear, and be sure to shop The List for monthly dispatches on the best men’s gear for the season.

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See Now, Buy Now: Corridor NYC’s Indigo Overshirt is Your New Go-To Layer

The perfect fall layer? Very nearly. Easy to wear with a classic henley, a chambray shirt, some slim denim … you’re all good to go.

Follow me, Style Guide readers — today, we’re taking you through Corridor NYC and specifically, the brand’s stellar, stylish and rugged Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt. Previously seen in one of our fall style editions of The List — featuring rugged style essentials galore, the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is a one-of-a-kind layering piece that’s perfect for what lies ahead this season (and beyond, of course). Corridor NYC has deep roots in the city, with a focus on production in Manhattan itself — that’s pretty cool, and it helps make the Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt a unique offering in terms of construction. For instance: The clay-colored corozo buttons are even hand-dyed in the Big Apple. Make no mistake though, this isn’t a beefy jacket that you can’t move around in; in fact, it’s perhaps the opposite.  The Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is also made from — you guessed it — indigo-dyed canvas that’s enzyme-washed for softness. If you wanted a jacket to layer over a rugged henley, the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt should be your next purchase. And if you want a jacket that can do a little bit more than your average overshirt? The Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is the way to go.

The reliable fit — easy to layer over a classic chambray shirt, and just as easy to slide on under your favorite topcoat — also makes the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt a winning pick-up.You simply don’t see too many classically styled, American-made jackets like this one anymore. It complements the rest of the Corridor NYC outerwear offering, too — need a piece to layer under one of the brand’s Waxed M-65 Jackets? The Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is the way to go, my friends.  It’ll work just as well now as it well in the chilly early days of spring, especially when you throw it on over one of the best men’s T-shirts as you sprint out grab a coffee (OK, maybe “sprint” is the wrong word there). At any rate, the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt can do a heck of a lot when it comes to reliable style. Wear it with your favorite dark blue denim and a pair of classic leather boots for fall and winter style that’s essential & remarkably easy to wear … well, anywhere. Let me know in the comments if the Corridor NYC Duck-Dyed Indigo Overshirt is going to be making its way into your shopping cart! 

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