The Thursday Buy: The Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is a Breezy Summer Style Pick

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer.

Is the search for summer menswear essentials ever really complete? At times and in my experience, it feels like it’s a never-ending quest, or at least a fun journey, to find picks that surprise and delight in terms of your wardrobe.

Everyone’s summer menswear favorites tend to look a bit different based on where you live and how your day-to-day shakes out, but it’s the tried-and-true picks that keep us all going, right? I’ve found that whether I’m working from home and wearing a breezy pocket tee, or heading to a rooftop cocktail event, the good folks at Taylor Stitch always tend to come through in the clutch.

Best camp collar shirt for men this season.

Of course, you might prize pieces that are a touch more classic or straightforward, like one of the best men’s polos or a Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt. And yet, your wardrobe should leave a little bit of room for interpretation: That’s where one of the best camp collar shirts is ready to shake up your menswear rotation just ever-so-slightly.

That shirt, my friends, is part of the always-engaging Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section, and the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt offers up retro and modern style in spades. It’s modeled off camp collar shirts of decades gone by, and you’ll notice that the collar lays flat in a more casual fashion, akin to something you might have seen Don Draper wear.

Retro camp collar shirt for men.

Crucially, the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt harnesses that same sense of casually cool style (without some of Don’s more questionable habits), and it’s every bit as well-designed as you’ve come to expect from Taylor Stitch. In my experience with the brand, texture and fabric is really where the San Francisco brand stands out, and the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is no exception.

It’s available in two dusty, pleasingly summer-friendly shades, Orchid and Sand Jacquard, with 100 percent organic cotton washed fabric that should feel remarkably soft on the skin. So, why a camp collar shirt? Well, the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is a touch more easygoing even when compared to a polo (thanks to the lay-flat collar and straight-hem, standard fit), so it’s a nice change of pace on breezy summer evenings.

Best new summer shirt for men.

The shorter hem also makes it easier to wear untucked, although I’ve found that most Taylor Stitch shirts can be worn untucked without missing a beat (including the brand’s stylish Oxford shirts) Even still, the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is another much-needed, laidback style swerve on the hottest summer days.

Plus, the medium weight means you can wear the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt on your own, or you can style it as I would — unbuttoned over a heather grey T-shirt. Effortlessly cool style is the name of the game with the throwback-inspired camp collar shirt, and the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is a worthy example to add to your wardrobe ASAP.


See Now, Buy Now: Lace Up Amberjack Dress Shoes for Your Next Summer Wedding

Best dress shoes for a summer wedding for men.

We’ve all been there during a summer wedding (or indeed, any extra-long day on your feet at the office or on the road). Your shoes, well, they’re killing you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Actually, my good friend, there is indeed something that can be done about it before it’s too late.

Waxed Canavas Milled In Scotland

Step into a pair of the best men’s dress shoes, or rather, an ultra-comfortable, stylish pair that’s been called “the most advanced dress shoes” out there (shoutout to GQ for that one).

The shoes in question are hitting your wardrobe via Amberjack, a brand that I’ve tried out and certainly vouch for if you want to upgrade your rotation of stylish men’s dress shoes.

In my personal experience with Amberjack dress shoes and Amberjack’s stylish Chelsea boots, the brand lives up to its billing: The right combination of performance technology, plus standout style for your next summer wedding — or again, any time you’re facing the prospect of hours upon hours standing up.

Amberjack dress shoes review.

To wit: The Amberjack Original Shoes feature the familiar silhouette of classic Oxford dress shoes, with open lacing and a streamlined silhouette that still offers some nice space in the toe and throughout the shoe. That’s where they differ from most other men’s dress shoes on the market. The key with the Amberjack Original Shoes is the athletic outsole, plus a heat-activated insole that delivers energy, rebound and cushioning.

Amberjack dress shoes for men.

Beyond that the Amberjack Original Shoes also boast buckskin lining for comfort — in my experience, they’re not too stuffy or flimsy to wear in the heat to a summer wedding or a day of meetings in the city. Plus, the Amberjack Original Shoes are available in a whopping range of colors and styles — 11 leather and suede options in total are available, delivering something for every taste.

Satchel and Page

I prefer the Amberjack Original Shoes in Chestnut Leather for maximum versatility in business casual style situations, but there’s also a handsome Slate Grey Suede option, not to mention a Grizzly Tan Suede style.

The Amberjack Original Shoes are, in my opinion, the perfect mix of sporty-meets-casual, comfortable-meets-stylish. You need them on your feet at your next summer wedding, and the rest of the season ahead, too.

The Tuesday Steal: Save Nearly 50 Percent On This Stylish Everyday Shirt at Bespoke Post

Best everyday buttondown shirt for men.

Some deals in the world of shopping for men’s style essentials can sometimes feel a little too good to be true, right? That’s often the case over at Bespoke Post, which regularly stocks and sells some of the coolest menswear (and home goods, and bar cart essentials, and outdoor gear!), often at outstanding prices.

Check out the Bespoke Post Sale section to be routinely blown away, for instance — and that’s where you’ll find your new favorite buttondown shirt. That’d be the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt, billed as an effortlessly versatile three-season, cotton-blend shirt — one that just so happens to be 49 percent off today, in fact.

Best casual buttondown shirt for men.

Line of Trade is one of the many brands dreamed up by Bespoke Post, bridging the gap between casual and classic style, and that shines through with the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt. It’s made from 100 percent cotton and finished off with resin buttons, giving it a bit of a shirt jacket-type feel on cool days.

The brushed End on End fabric should also feel plenty soft to the touch, whether worn unbuttoned over your favorite T-shirt or worn buttoned up alongside stylish stretch chinos at the office. Helpfully, the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt also boasts a casual chest pocket, which gives it more common ground with one of the best Oxford shirts, for instance.

And at its current sale price, it clocks in at under $40 — that makes the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt a downright steal for plenty of stylish, versatile everyday wear. Don’t waste another second thinking about it — just add it to your cart ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: These Wellen Corduroy Shorts are an Easygoing Summer Style Move

Best men's shorts for summer.

I’m willing to bet you’ve got more than your fair share of stylish summer shorts in your rotation already, right? But what about reconsidering your wardrobe ever so slightly, especially in pursuit of a pair of shorts that swerves from the ordinary?

Yes indeed, while it’s worthwhile to keep the classics well-stocked, like a pair of the best chino shorts for men, there’s something to be said for switching up from time to time. Take the Wellen Corduroy Easy Shorts, which harken back to corduroy shorts of the 1970s, yet in a way that’s tasteful and modern.

If you’ve never tried corduroy shorts, there’s no time like the present — these are also affordably priced via Huckberry at under $100, but that’s far from the only thing they’ve got going for ’em.

The Wellen Corduroy Easy Shorts were dreamed up by the design team at Huckberry, as Wellen is the famed retailer’s approach to breezy, sustainable and surf-inspired menswear. They’re made from 100 percent cotton with that characteristic corduroy texture, and the Wellen Corduroy Easy Shorts have also been garment-dyed for softness right out of the box.

Best corduroy shorts for men.

Two color options — Mushroom and Dark Sage — are also a nice stylistic change of pace in terms of color (pair up these stylish corduroy shorts with everything from a heather grey pocket tee to your favorite henley on breezy days).

And to make things even easier — and more easygoing, at that — the Wellen Corduroy Easy Shorts are sized from XS to XXL, complete with an elastic drawstring waist. When the time comes to get dressed for your next BBQ or summer vacation, opt for something slightly different from the norm via the Wellen Corduroy Easy Shorts — your wardrobe (and wallet) will thank you later.

The Sunday Sale: This Best-Selling Bonobos T-Shirt Is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best men's T-shirt for summer.

Folks, let’s waste no time this weekend in directing you towards the menswear essentials you can make use of right now — and then the rest of the season. I’m talking, of course, about a handy deal and a tried-and-true essential that’s going to come through in the clutch: One of the best men’s T-shirts, naturally.

And the brand making your new favorite T-shirt? Of course, it’s Bonobos, the same brand that also makes your favorite classic chinos. In my experience, Bonobos can do no wrong — but allow me to expand on that.

The T-shirt is a staple in every guy’s wardrobe, no question — for conference calls (underneath a lightweight blazer), for summer travel, for fall and winter layering and for, well, every single style situation you can dream up.

And I’ve got just the T-shirt for you, one that’s available for 50 percent off right now. Yessir, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee delivers the goods, and it’s one of the softest tees on the market, for my money’s worth (as the name would imply). It’s regularly priced anywhere from $29 to $35, and available in a range of fits and sizes, so pay attention to your selection of choice (assuming this deal is too good to pass up for you!).

Now, let’s get into what makes the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee tick — it’s $15 on sale right now, and that’s a deal that doesn’t stick around forever. But is the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee worth it? Take it from me: It assuredly is, and it wears much better than its low sale price tag might indicate.

Sizes are moving very quickly, but the cotton-poly blend is the perfect touch in terms of the right amount of stretch and a soft handfeel. Plus, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee comes in breezy colors like Heather Beach, Heather Moss and Heather Apple, each of which should wear nicely on its own or underneath a Bonobos denim jacket.

The real selling point here, though, might be that absurdly excellent sale price. Yes indeed, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee delivers the perfect mix of standout style, affordability and comfort. That’s a T-shirt worth having in your corner.

Style Pick of the Week: Wills Wrinkle-Free Short-Sleeve Shirt – The Perfect Summer Weekend Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

Sometimes, simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to summer style essentials. After all, you assuredly want to beat the heat, first and foremost, and yet, you still want to look polished. An easy way to do that? Reaching for one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, and ideally, one from the fine folks at Huckberry. The Austin and San Francisco-based brand dreamed up the perfect way to stay cool and look great.

That’d be the Wills Wrinkle-Free Short-Sleeve Shirt, a worthy choice when you want more polish than a standard crewneck T-shirt and yet, a touch more comfort than a classic Oxford shirt, which might prove too hot on some days.

The key here is the breezy linen blend fabric, plus a classic fit that should prove flattering and not too constricting. And as Huckberry says, you can team the Wills Wrinkle-Free Short-Sleeve Shirt with everything from chino shorts to light wash jeans without missing a beat, and it comes in a range of cool, versatile color options. Yessir, looking great even in the heat just got a touch easier, thanks to this stylish short-sleeve shirt at Huckberry. Cheers, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Best Faherty Menswear, A New Tag Heuer Watch & Your New Summer Pants

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines as we race into another fine summer weekend. I’m back in Brooklyn after what proved to be a momentous Memorial Day back in the Midwest — Indiana, to be more specific, for the one and only Indianapolis 500 with Tag Heuer. And what a weekend it was! Astonishing and memorable doesn’t begin to cover it.

The trip was part of my many freelance writing pursuits, which includes covering new watches from Tag Heuer (and plenty more, as you know if you follow me on Instagram!). For the time being, I’m back in Brooklyn and looking forward to a touch of downtime this weekend as I work on stories for (among other outlets, of course!).

Along the way, I’ll be wearing one of my new favorite shirts from Faherty Brand, the fast-growing, NYC-based menswear brand that’s making a splash in the world of versatile, casual everyday style. I’ve been a fan of Faherty Brand for years, as you’ll see below, but consider giving the brand a look to roll into your weekend (in my experience, I’ve found that Faherty men’s shirts are super-soft and well-fitting).

For now, let’s dive into that brand specifically to start the weekend off the proper way — with a few other menswear updates to follow. Cheers and thanks for reading!

  • Now, I just nodded toward my love of Faherty Brand above — let’s take that just a touch deeper, shall we? In fact, I got an even better look at what makes the ever-popular Faherty Brand tick, as I covered my five favorite essentials of the moment over at Fatherly. Its stretch chinos, ultra-soft T-shirts and expertly cut buttondowns are rugged in terms of looks, but super-comfortable in terms of feel, and that’s a balance I can get behind. Read more at Fatherly and see for yourself.
Best men's adventure pants for summer.
  • Sure, the good folks at Faherty Brand offer up plenty of stylish menswear for summer, but allow me to recommend another brand I think you’ll enjoy if you love mixing style and performance this season. You can view that brand above here briefly: That’s Western Rise, the Colorado-based outfitter that mixes durable performance fabrics with modern silhouettes, like its abrasion and stain-resistant, stretchy five-pocket pants. They blend the look of a chino with the durability and rugged appeal of the best hiking pants, and you can read more about the Western Rise Evolution Pants here in this recent Western Rise review by yours truly.
  • I just mentioned that I also had the chance to visit the Indianapolis 500 with Tag Heuer, but that’s not all. Across the pond & within the luxe confines of Monaco, Tag Heuer sponsored the iconic Monaco Grand Prix last weekend — for good measure, they released three new watches to celebrate 80 years of the race, and I wrote about all three over at Maxim. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, indeed.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

That’s just about going to do it for today’s Friday Read — did you find something to kickstart your weekend in a fashionable way, be it a short from Faherty Brand or perhaps something more outdoor-minded from Western Rise?

If so, be sure to let me know in the comments, and just know that there’s certainly more where that came from… if you stop by tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week or the Sunday Sale, that is! Again, thanks for reading and we’ll See You Out There.

The Thursday Buy: The Filson Oil Cloth Tin Duffle Is an Investment-Worthy Summer Getaway Bag

Best duffle bag for men to buy now.

Hitting the road this summer? I’d wager you’re not the only one (I’ll See You Out There!), but before we can both pack up to hit the road, it’s worth taking stock of what exactly you’re bringing with you. Or rather, it’s worth taking stock of the rugged duffle bag you’re packing up.

Fear not: If you’ve not quite got the proper bag to meet the moment, then you’ll like what’s in store today. In my experience, one of the best duffle bags for men can start your trip off on the proper foot even before you hit the road. After all, if the bag you’re hauling doesn’t quite offer enough space or utility, well…that’s just no good, my friends.

Rugged duffle bag for men.

To get a touch more specific: That’s where the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle amps up your everyday carry in a major way. I’ve long been a fan of Filson, the Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter with a penchant for delivering uncompromising, unfailing goods — including luggage like the Filson Large Rugged Duffle.

And if you’ve tried out the brand — as I have over the years — or if you read the blog on the regular, then it should come as no surprise that the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle more than passes muster.

Rugged Filson duffle bag for men.

The specs on the seriously cool, investment-worthy Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle fall right in line with other heritage-quality Filson men’s gear, especially the brand’s durable-as-can-be Tin Cloth waxed canvas. That canvas stands up to wear and tear, bumps and abrasions, weather and more, and it gets better with age each time you pack up to hit the road.

Plus, the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle is accented with iconic Filson touches, including Bridle Leather handles and a shoulder strap that will also break in handsomely over time. Even the brass zipper is rustproof — how’s that for a touch of rugged appeal?

And for good measure, the colorway of this particular Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle is a limited-edition offering. In my experience, limited-edition Filson goods tend not to stick around forever, and that’s reason enough to add another rugged Filson men’s bag to your EDC.

How about it? If you end up packing up the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle to hit the road this summer, let me know in the comments below.

See Now, Buy Now: The Western Rise Evolution Pants are the Perfect Pants for Summer Adventures

Best men's pants for summer.

You’ve got a lot to get ready for this summer, right? In my experience, dressing in style for the summer comes down to preparation — knowing what summer style essentials you need even before you need them, and that’s particularly true as you look to beat the heat.

That can take many forms: Staying polished and cool while heading to the office comes to mind, but so does finding a pair of the best men’s pants for summer adventures. From commutes to day hikes, happy hours to summer travel, I’ve found there’s one pair of pants that can just about do it all.

That’d be the Western Rise Evolution Pants, a personal favorite of mine and the ideal solution when you consider how to dress for the heat in style.

If you’ve cruised through the blog in recent years, perhaps you’re familiar with Colorado-based Western Rise, a brand that rests at the intersection of modern performance style. For instance, they make one of the best merino T-shirts, the sort of shirt you can wear to a brewery, or out on a casual park stroll or off-grid on a weekend camping trip (talk about versatility).

And yet, they also make one of the best buttondown shirts for warm weather, one that I personally love — and naturally, the Western Rise Evolution Pants check many of the same boxes when it comes to outstanding versatility, sharp looks and remarkable performance.

Western Rise Evolution Pants review.

So named because they sit at the “evolution” of jeans, these pants deliver that same critical versatility — they’ve got a five-pocket design, but the Western Rise Evolution Pants look and feel both slightly more polished and slightly more adventure-ready. From my personal experience, that’s a tough combination to crack, yet the Western Rise Evolution Pants hit the nail on the head.

The key is a lightweight, stain-resistant, four-way stretch fabric that feels super-soft to the touch, yet is designed to resist abrasions in the field and on the trail. Beyond that, the stretch fabric is crucial in these ever-more casual times.

Most versatile men's pants.

The Western Rise Evolution Pants certainly contain multitudes, and that’s why they’ve become my new favorite pair of pants over the years. They move seamlessly with you throughout the day, they work expertly as a pair of the best travel pants for men (thanks to the handy media pocket), and color options like Olive, Dune and Navy wear well with plenty of different shades in my own wardrobe (and yours!).

Searching for pants made to take you from the office to a long weekend and back? The Western Rise Evolution Pants can go anywhere you go, with ease.

The Tuesday Steal: Get 20 Percent Off a Classic Leather Watch at Bespoke Post

Best leather watch for men.

When putting together an #OOTD, I’ve always been of the mind that it’s the details that make the difference, be it finding a stylish piece of outerwear on a breezy day, topping off a spring or summer look with a minimal, classic ballcap, or putting on one of the best watches for men right before you head out the door.

And if you can save a buck or two in the process of putting together that #OOTD? That’s all the better, and that’s where today’s Tuesday Steal is going to help you out in a major way. That’s because we’re heading over to standout men’s lifestyle retailer Bespoke Post to shop the acclaimed site’s sale that just so happens to feature one of your new favorite watches.

Now, we’re coming off a busy weekend of Memorial Day sales, but the chance to save 20 percent on Nixon men’s watches is too good to pass up, is it not?

And while Nixon also makes a standout selection of everyday carry gear for men, I think it’s the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch that should be on your radar right now for about 20 percent off. Crucially, it’s a streamlined, relatively minimal leather watch with a crisp dial that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Case in point: Pair it with everything from your favorite pocket tee or cotton polo and chino shorts to navy trousers and a classic Oxford shirt at the office. Yes indeed, the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch is that versatile, my friends.

Nixon leather watch review.

In my experience, Nixon leather watches are both durable and affordable, priced nicely and designed with versatile style in mind. That’s crucial in this day and age, especially if you want to upgrade your watch collection without spending an arm and a leg.

And the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch (priced below $150 when on sale) boasts useful details, from a day and date window to a nicely sized 42mm case that should work on most wrists.

Beyond that, the Nixon Sentry Leather Watch comes in handsome combinations like Gunmetal and Black, or Brass and Brown (my personal favorite). Upgrading your wrist game on a budget just got easier, so don’t sleep on this post-Memorial Day sale from Nixon.