Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo – The Best Summer Polo for Men

Best men's summer polo.

When it comes to your rotation of summer style essentials, the classics really are quite simply, the very best sometimes. And when it comes to the work being done by Buck Mason, you can bet that they know their way very well around utterly timeless classics. That brings us to today’s must-buy Style Pick, the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo — it’s an upgraded take on a seasonal style move with plenty of rugged character and refinement.

All of the hallmarks of a timeless Buck Mason style move are there, much like the brand’s take on one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer, or one of the coolest lightweight jackets for men. Think of the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo like a revamped look at a warm-weather staple, this time featuring yarn-dyed cotton jersey fabric for lightweight breathability. That’s not all the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo has going for it — keep scrolling for more, my friends.

Best new polo for men to wear this summer.

The specs, as one might expect with Buck Mason, are on-point, including a three-button placket that’s both dressy enough to sit nicely under a blazer and cool-looking enough to be worn on its own. Another reason the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo looks so darn cool on its own? The indigo dip-dye process, with a yarn-dyed finish that results in fading over time the more you wear it.

It’s a polo that you’ll find yourself returning to time and again, all thanks to that easily wearable slim fit — team it with your favorite chino shorts or even light wash denim and some of the best summer sneakers any day of the week. And because it’s Buck Mason we’re talking about, the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo offers up plenty of bang for your buck — it retails for $68, a nice steal given its versatility. Add it to your summer wardrobe ASAP.

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Memorial Day Sale, The Best Everyday Carry Picks & The Best Summer Sunglasses

Folks, can you believe it’s already here?? I’m talking, of course, about Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer and the chance to stock up — naturally — on the best summer menswear. Now, we’ve covered plenty of seasonal style staples as of late on the blog, including the best casual T-shirt and the best new summer shorts from Huckberry, but now’s your chance to really make these picks work for you. How so? Well, the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale is well underway, with the chance to take up to 35 percent off the best summer menswear across the board — this is one sale you’re not going to want to miss out on.

So, that’s my one recommendation to get your weekend rolling the right way — of course, I’ve got other style reads for your perusal below. And as for me, I’ll be enjoying the long holiday weekend right here in Brooklyn after several weeks of media trips (and one bachelor party!), which you’re well aware of if you follow me on Instagram. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Here’s to taking some time off, taking the time to honor our nation’s heroes and taking the time to shop some stylish menswear and sip some cold beer. Cheers and thanks for reading!

Best everyday carry essentials
  • What exactly makes up a great everyday carry? You know, those items you simply can’t leave the house without on the daily, be it your trusty pen, a notebook, a watch or your favorite pair of sunglasses? Over at SPY, I took a deep dive into the best EDC essentials to ensure you’re never without the right tools you need to take on your day-to-day adventures.
  • Despite my travels, I’ve been staying plenty busy on the writing front, all in the name of ensuring you gear up the right way for summer. With that lofty aim in mind, I wrote all about the coolest sunglasses for summer over at Maxim, and I got to shout out some of my favorite brands.
  • Here’s one more sale deal to get you primed and ready for the weekend. Just earlier this week on the blog, I wrote about the chance to save 30 percent on a standout Timex x Todd Snyder watch, the kind you can wear from sunrise to sunset and beyond this season. Shop accordingly, my friends.

That’ll do it for today’s edition of the Friday Read. I hope this weekend, you get some time off, you get a chance to reflect and rest, and of course, I hope you get ample opportunity to shop and save on the best summer menswear across the board. As always, thanks for reading!

The Thursday Buy: Amberjack Chelsea Boots Are the Most Comfortable Boots To Buy Now

Most comfortable Chelsea boots for men.

Do you ever feel in need of a style shake-up at times — a new take on a tried-and-true classic, or else for example, perhaps just… a mighty fine pair of the most comfortable Chelsea boots on the planet? In that case, meet Amberjack, makers of some of the best Chelsea boots and the best men’s dress shoes on the planet — all made with wildly comfortable technology to give you some lightweight spring in your step.

Unfamiliar with Amberjack as of yet, or with the Amberjack Chelsea Boots? Fear not, because we’ll give you a style crash course in good time. Amberjack boots and dress shoes blend the experience of its entire team at brands like Cole Haan and Allen Edmonds to make what you might call a better dress shoe (and yes, perhaps some of the best Chelsea boots for men on the market), using sustainably certified leather and Portuguese craftsmanship to deliver stylish boots and shoes that are a cut above the rest — I should know, I’ve tried ’em myself.

Best casual dress shoes for men.

With Amberjack, things are both simple and subtle yet technologically advanced. The brand offers just two styles of shoe right now — crisp Oxford dress shoes and stylish leather Chelsea boots, my personal favorite. Take your pick from four versatile, rich leather or suede colorways among the Amberjack Chelsea Boots, and then be amazed at the light and airy yet durable construction they’re delivering.

The key is the dual-density TPU outsole for incredible cushioning, plus a memory foam, heat-activated arch support design — the technical specs are more than up to snuff with the Amberjack Chelsea Boots, to say the least.

Better still is the fact that the Amberjack Chelsea Boots feature soft sheepskin lining, so no break-in time is needed out of the box — seriously, no break-in time at all. The profile on the Amberjack Chelsea Boots is slim and sleek enough to wear with your favorite chinos or even with dress trousers, but these are also highly stylish Chelsea boots you can wear with jeans.

Satchel and Page

The hits keep coming, too: The Amberjack Chelsea Boots retail for the agreeable price of $195, while its hybrid, sneaker-like dress shoes will set you back just $179. At those prices, it’s more than worth getting accustomed to the style, versatility and affordability of the modern footwear being offered up by Amberjack — shop accordingly, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee is the Best Casual Summer Tee

Oftentimes, the best menswear essentials are actually the most seemingly simple and effortlessly versatile — like one of the best men’s T-shirts, for instance. The T-shirt was once only an undergarment, but those days are long gone — these days, a well-fitting T-shirt can stand out quietly on its own when paired with other top menswear moves (think of the classic jeans-and-a-T-shirt combination, after all). And that brings us to today’s subtly stylish, well-made pick: The Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee, one of the best T-shirts for men of the moment.

The idea behind the Forty-Five line of T-shirts at Huckberry is simple enough: Each tee is designed to be perfectly well-made to stand on its own, much like the power behind the 45 RPM, or 7-inch, record. One perfect song translates to one perfect T-shirt, does it not? Luckily, you’ll certainly find one of the best men’s casual tees within the digital confines of San Fran and Austin-based Huckberry, and this one starts with slub cotton fabric for a textured look and feel.

Better still is the fact that it’s priced at just $35 (or three for $95), making it a terrific style move and an affordable menswear pick-up. Sounds too good to pass up, right? So go on then, get the Forty-Five Slub Cotton Tee from Huckberry right now in as many colors as you can.

The Tuesday Steal: Save Nearly 30 Percent on This Summer-Ready Todd Snyder x Timex Watch

Best affordable watch for men.

From time to time, the best accessories (especially the best watches for men) stand out quietly and subtly, looking a lot more expensive than they are in reality. And no one seems to know this better than Todd Snyder, one of the best American menswear designers and but one part of the equation behind the excellent, ongoing Todd Snyder x Timex partnership. That partnership has yielded some of the coolest, most affordable men’s watches over time, from durable military watches to the dynamic, stylish stainless steel watch you see above. The best part of all? The Q Timex x Todd Snyder Watch is nearly 30 percent off right now.

That makes it as worthy of our Tuesday Steal spot as any in my book, especially given the sporty appeal of a dressy yet rugged and still casual stainless steel watch for summer. The throwback-oriented dial and 38mm case design of this stylish men’s watch are all callbacks to the smaller timepieces of yesteryear, while the quartz technology also throws it back to the 1970s — when quartz watches first came into vogue.

The important thing to know is that this watch wears well with everything from your favorite summer blazer and light wash jeans to the best USA-made T-shirt and stretch chino shorts. Shop accordingly now — hop to it!

See Now, Buy Now: Flint and Tinder’s 365 Cotton-Linen Shorts Are A Prime Summer Style Move

Best casual shorts for men.

Alright, my friends: We’re back at it with another See Now, Buy Now entry, this time covering a summer style essential you might already feel like you’ve got on lock: A pair of the best men’s shorts. And yet, I’m here to tell you that it’s always worth diving back in one more time when you come across a style move that shifts your expectations ever so slightly. In the case of today’s standout style pick, that switch-up comes at you courtesy of Huckberry, and via a brand you know and love, at that.

That’d be Flint and Tinder, and to get even more specific, the Flint and Tinder 365 Cotton-Linen Shorts take a tried-and-true silhouette and shake it up quite nicely.

How exactly is it possible to shake up the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts? Well, remember that this set of the best shorts for men starts with a classic 7-inch inseam, yet uses the same fabric typically found in the brand’s Flint and Tinder 365 Pants (those are among Huckberry’s Bestsellers, my friends).

Here’s the kicker: The Flint and Tinder 365 Cotton-Linen Shorts swap in a soft, breezy and supremely comfortable blend of cotton and linen, not to mention some suitably dusty and visually interesting colors, all the better to wear with the rest of your favorite summer style essentials. Certainly, you can now add the Flint and Tinder 365 Cotton-Linen Shorts to that list. Happy shopping, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: Get This Taylor Stitch Western Shirt for 50 Percent Off at Huckberry

Shopping for the best menswear essentials on the market, especially at a site like Huckberry, requires a keen eye for finding the gear that’s going to best serve you. So, while the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section right now has tons of cold-weather gear marked down to low, low prices, the real key is to look for some of the best deals on summer menswear that you can buy right now. In the case of today’s Sunday Sale, the summer menswear deal in question is a great one: 50 percent off one of the best men’s Western shirts of the moment from Taylor Stitch.

That brings the Taylor Stitch Western Shirt down to 50 percent off right now, just a shade over $60. Bear in mind that it’s made from sturdy 8oz. organic cotton, the kind that only gets better with age, so it’ll function nicely as an overshirt on breezy summer nights — yet you can also wear it unbuttoned over your favorite T-shirt atop stretch chino shorts plenty of times in the season ahead. Rest easy knowing that plenty of sizes are available right now, and then get ready to shop and save at Huckberry.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Hawthorne Shirt – The Best New Summer Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men to buy now.

The building blocks of a guy’s summer wardrobe should include reliable staples, no doubt about it, and some welcome changes of pace, too — take the best men’s short-sleeve shirts, for instance. Think of your classic polo or a short-sleeve buttondown, and then think of some slight variations to those tried-and-true staples — that’s where the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Hawthorne Shirt comes into play. Taylor Stitch has a way of taking the classics and switching things up, and that’s certainly what they’ve done with this organic cotton camp-collar shirt.

The camp-collar style is a throwback that’s quickly turned into both a modern trend and still a classic, with a lay-flat collar that’s easygoing and definitely laidback. The organic cotton is washed for a textured look and feel, and this stylish short-sleeve shirt also boasts a textured striped design. The real kicker, though, is the tailored fit, which lends it a polished air (unlike some more relaxed Hawaiian shirts).

The Sand color of this Taylor Stitch shirt wears well with just about anything (including your favorite light wash jeans or even off-white chinos), and the quality is second-to-none — as you’d expect from Taylor Stitch. It’s a stylish short-sleeve men’s shirt for summer that you can count on, and there’s no denying you need more than a few of those right now.

The Friday Read: Recuerdo Mezcal, The Strokes & The Best Double-Breasted Suits

My friends, it might be hard to believe, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know it’s the case — I’m on the road once again, and on my second jaunt to Mexico in just about six months! It’s a far cry from the pandemic times of last year and the year prior, and it’s every bit as exciting as my November trip to Tequila with Jose Cuervo. In fact, it’s different and yet the same, in some ways — I’m on the road to Oaxaca to experience the delight that is Recuerdo Mezcal, and I’m excited to take a deep dive into the brand for That’s worthy of a toast, is it not??

Prior to this trip though, I simply had to add in another dash of Mexico-centric fun, and it had everything to do with one of my favorite bands: That’d be The Strokes, as I wrote about for Esquire last fall. As luck would have it, the famed NYC rockers just so happened to play in Mexico City last nite, the absolute perfect way to kick off a momentous Mexico trip. Suffice to say, it’s a show I’ll never forget. And again, that’s worthy of a toast, is it not?? With that being said: I’ve got some mezcal to taste and plenty of fun on the horizon. Cheers and thanks for reading!

  • Well, my friends: Do you have a summer wedding on your radar in the months ahead? Are you looking to make a major splash? I’ve got just the style move up for your consideration today. Over at SPY, I dove into the history of the double-breasted suit, including my picks for the best double-breasted suits. Shop carefully and shake up your menswear wardrobe in a major way.
  • Let’s go a bit more casual, shall we? If you’re less worried about how to dress for a summer wedding and more concerned about how to dress for your 9-to-5 grind, fear not: The good folks at Huckberry have come up with the perfect lineup of the best smart-casual essentials to shop now, and I wrote all about it here on the blog.
  • Here’s one more unique spring and summer style tip to consider embracing right now. Have you ever given white jeans a try? While they’re quite the bold style move, they just might work for you if you snag the right pair — with that being said, give my latest for AskMen a read if you feel like upgrading your style in a major way with a pair of the best white jeans. How about it, ehh??

Alright, my friends. I hope those three style tips and reads above were helpful — to say the very least. Let’s gear up for summer in style, and here’s to a fun-filled weekend in Mexico — be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with each step of the journey!

The Thursday Buy: Line of Trade’s Churchill Seersucker Shirt is A New Summer Classic

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer

A guy’s summer wardrobe requires versatile options aplenty, the kind of menswear essentials that function like a Swiss Army Knife while taking you from the office to happy hour to the open road and back again. And among many sources you can go to as you search for the best men’s short-sleeve shirts, Bespoke Post is as fine a source as any. You perhaps already saw my guide to the best new denim shirt from Bespoke Post and the site’s Line of Trade in-house brand, which brings us to today’s must-buy pick: The Line of Trade Churchill Seersucker Shirt, a breezy option that’s a bit more cleaned-up than a denim shirt.

The use of monochromatic seersucker, as opposed to contrasting stripes, gives it more of a polished look and feel, turning it into an office-ready shirt on casual days. The fit is tailored, the cotton seersucker is lightweight and breezy, and the fact that it’s garment-washed means it’s extra-soft and comfortable. And crucially, the Line of Trade Churchill Seersucker Shirt retails for under $70. It’s a new must-buy summer style move, no doubt about it.