The Thursday Buy: Try American Provenance Natural Deodorant for a Refreshed Grooming Routine

There are crucial decisions a guy has to make every day, like the kind of deodorant you’re wearing (and yes, let’s be honest, you’ve got to be wearing deodorant as we re-enter the world). In that case, go with one of the best natural deodorants from American-made, aptly named American Provenance. We talked about the brand last week in our Style Pick of the Week series, and it’s always worth revisiting a brand that makes some of the best men’s grooming essentials, especially Stateside. Think of American Provenance like you might think of the brand that makes your favorite USA-made boots, for instance. Extra care and attention to detail, plus ethical working conditions, lend themselves to some pretty stylish results (and in this case, effective) results, particularly if you want to upgrade your grooming essentials. That’s where American Provenance Natural Deodorant enters the fray (and of course, your medicine cabinet). Any American Provenance review has lots to praise, and I say this as someone who’s been testing the brand consistently (thanks to AP for providing a full lineup of products for testing!).

Take your pick from 13 scents, including personal favorites like Wintergreen and Cedar Natural Deodorant, and rest assured knowing that American Provenance is doing more than just coming up with a range of clean, crisp, masculine and yet versatile scents. The best part is, you can either try out one stick for just $10 or get a three-pack of natural deodorant for $25.

SHOP: The American Provenance Natural Deodorant

As luck would have it, American Provenance Natural Deodorant‘s real power lies in its unique formulation (made in America, of course). It’s made without harmful parabens or sulfates, and it also forgoes aluminum and preservatives. Your typical drugstore deodorants are packed with all sorts of these ingredients, but again, the American Provenance Natural Deodorant is just built different, no matter which of the 13 scents you pick up. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of natural deodorants, according to some reviewers, but overall, most customers seem mighty pleased with this handy, useful and USA-made American Provenance Natural Deodorant (consider this an endorsement from me, and a positive American Provenance review). Try it out, let me know in the comments if you dig it, and be prepared to shed light on a new addition to your grooming routine.

SHOP: The American Provenance Natural Deodorant


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