See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Trucker Jacket Is Your New Go-To Fall Layer

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We’ve been talking for some time now here on the blog about the importance of stocking your wardrobe with, among other essentials, one of the best men’s jackets for fall. Or rather, at least one. And that’s where the new Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket comes into play. It really is a perfect essential for these in-between times, as nights start to get breezy and cold weather picks up slowly but surely. It’s part of the Buck Mason collection of jackets that really hit the sweet spot for fall, made with durable fabrics in classic silhouettes. None are too heavy nor too light right for these times: All are just right, you might say, so you’re sure to find your new favorite fall jacket on offer. But back to the Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket, yes?

Throw on this Buck Mason trucker jacket now

It’s a perfect transitional fall layer

The trucker jacket is about as timeless a style as you’ll find, modeled for the open road and quite ready for your next fall road trip. And here with the Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket, the much-loved brand (first inspired by the all-American, rugged and hard-working gear found in cities like Cleveland), Buck Mason really has done it again. Think of it like the perfect weekend jacket for brewery and coffee runs, or consider it in place of a blazer, but it’s as multi-faceted as can be. As with the rest of Buck Mason’s menswear essentials, it all starts with quality construction and materials.

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What makes the Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket so darn essential for the time when you’re likely to be crunching leaves underfoot? That’s easy: Especially in these increasingly casual times, it’s a true go-anywhere jacket. The Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket, available in a highly versatile Pumice or Black, “looks and feels like a sweatshirt,” according to the brand, but that fabric is actually a super-soft cotton twill (as the name implies). That means you can wear it atop a Buck Mason T-shirt when the sun goes down, but it’s not going to cause you to overheat if you layer it over your favorite Buck Mason henley (news flash: You should certainly do both).

Satchel and Page

The Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket‘s exterior has been brushed with pumice stones for added softness (perhaps why they chose the fitting name of the not-quite-summer, not-quite-fall Pumice color), yet it’s been finished off with metal shank buttons. This means it’s durable and sturdy enough to wear on the road and haul your everyday carry, yet it’s not so stuffy as to feel uncomfortable for hours at a time. Throw it on casually atop a crewneck sweatshirt if you need yet another layer on that fall road trip, and rest assured that it’ll get better and better the more you wear it. When you need dependably rugged style this season, layer up with the Buck Mason Twill Trucker Jacket.

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