The Thursday Buy: FRYE Is Making Some of the Best Men’s Boots for Fall

It’s a lofty goal to achieve: Making some of the best boots for fall, and doing so consistently for seasons and years at a time. If you can believe it though, that’s what FRYE has managed to do for well over a century, and although the legendary bootmaker is using different methods and modern materials than days gone by, that heritage and history still stands out. It all comes together at once in a pair of boots like the FRYE William Boots, some of the best and most rugged lace-up boots you’re apt to find on the market. And the timing has never been better to add a new pair to your rotation, seeing as we sit on the cusp of October and the promise of crisp, breezy fall weather. Where to start with these boots? Well, there’s plenty to love.

Add FRYE men’s boots to your rotation

Rugged style awaits with heritage-quality boots

First things first, it’s worth noting that FRYE boots are an investment, and yet one that’s going to pay off handsomely over time (and you can also find some FRYE boots on sale if you know where to look). In the case of the FRYE William Boots, the stage has assuredly been set when it comes to rugged, dependable performance and serious style. The rich brandy leather is practically the perfect shade of leather for fall, easily worn with tan or navy chinos, burgundy corduroy trousers or your favorite pair of broken-in blue denim. Of course, the right shade of leather is nothing without proper construction and durability.

If you want sleek construction and comfort in spades, plus that winning style we know is so crucial for fall, then the FRYE William Lace-Up Boots are the pair to buy now. That rich brandy leather (my personal favorite) sits atop a rubber outsole for added durability, crucial as you stomp through the city on blustery fall days. And your new favorite pair of leather boots has quite a few other things going for it, naturally. They’re Goodyear-welted, an extra step in terms of craftsmanship that means these boots can be resoled after years of wear. They’ll certainly only get better with age, too.

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And the FRYE William Lace-Up Boots feature some smaller touches that make them streamlined and able to be worn with even a tailored wool suit. Note the fact that the eyelets for these boots are hidden, and the laces are made from rounded, waxed cotton — this is a another design detail that makes them a more slimmed-down, sleek pair of boots. As I called out before, the FRYE William Lace-Up Boots won’t come cheap — they’ll run you $328 at FRYE, but they’re more than worth that price tag. They’re also a fast-selling pair of leather boots for fall, so be sure you get yours while they’re still around.

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