See Now, Buy Now: Pact Organic Is Making the Perfect Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for Casual Fall Style

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If you thought style only applied to those times you’re actually getting dressed to, y’know, leave the house and head out into the real world, think again. Style can apply to casual days at home, and that’s where one of the best men’s long-sleeve T-shirts comes into play. Think of it like this: You’re upgrading your work-from-home style (and your weekend style) in a big way with Pact Organic, and more specifically, with the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee. And if you thought of your long-sleeve T-shirts as an afterthought, something to be thrown on in a hurry and then forgotten about, think again. Pact Organic, also makers of one of the best men’s lightweight overshirts, has pulled out the right stops to make this stylish long-sleeve T-shirt much more than just a basic tee, starting with the introduction of both slub cotton fabric and the helpful pocket, which makes this more visually interesting and suitable to wear on its own than just a standard T-shirt.

It also ties in with Pact’s dual approach: It’s both stylish and sustainable, and that’s a major bonus if you could use a little of both in your life. The Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee is made with organic cotton and crucially, what it’s made without is just as important: It’s made without toxic chemicals and crafted using 91 percent less water than a traditional T-shirt. Yes, that’s right: 91 percent less water. It’s a remarkable innovation and it all comes together to make one of the best T-shirts for men, especially with fall layering season in full swing. It gets better from there though, so stick with me.

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It’s all in the details with the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee, and those details definitely hold up under scrutiny. Is this the kind of long-sleeve shirt you can wear with tailored joggers at home? It sure is, and yet, it’s also the kind of shirt you can wear out of the house with your favorite pair of blue jeans, perhaps layered underneath a rugged shawl cardigan or your favorite chambray shirt. But crucially, the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee is a great reminder that getting dressed nicely needn’t be reserved simply for fall outings like leaf-peeping or Oktoberfest beer sampling. This sustainable long-sleeve shirt, especially in the ever-versatile Maritime Navy colorway, is a new casual style staple, guaranteed.

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And of course, the Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee should fit nicely (true to size, neither too relaxed nor overly tight), making it ideal for comfortable lounging or seasonal outings aplenty. The next time you want to harness casual, laidback style with sustainability in mind, turn towards Pact and the never-not-comfortable Pact Organic Textured Slub Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee.

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Pact Organic delivers sustainability and style

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