The Tuesday Steal: The Taylor Stitch Workshop is Packed with the Best Menswear On the Market for 20 Percent Off

The Trench Boot in Whiskey - Classic Men's Clothing | TS

Do you have reliable brands you reach for over and over again, the kind of companies you can assuredly trust to design classic-yet-modern pieces in reliable fabrics and fits? Maybe pieces that strike the right balance between rugged and refined, consistently? I sure hope you do, especially if you read this blog on the regular — and if you do, you’re assuredly aware of San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch, the decade-plus-old brand first founded on making some of the best men’s shirts. Now, they deliver some of the best menswear of all sorts, and they do so year-round. It’s always worth a reminder that they’re a brand to keep an eye on though, and that’s no more true than when you check out the Taylor Stitch Workshop. If you haven’t taken a pass through the Workshop lately, consider this a refresher. It’s where the brand crowdfunds some of the coolest new gear you’ll find, from classic men’s sweaters to stylish leather boots and beautiful leather jackets.

The Taylor Stitch Workshop is constantly refreshed with new designs, new fabrics and more. All you need to do is pre-fund your pick of choice, then wait about 2-3 months for the frankly incredible results to arrive. Some of (perhaps) your favorite styles started in the Workshop before joining the rest of the brand’s rotation of ever-so-stylish gear, which isn’t such a bad thing at all. Most importantly, the Taylor Stitch Workshop gives you the chance to pre-fund the best men’s style essentials at 20 percent off — that makes a big difference when you’d normally drop close to a grand on one of the best leather jackets, for instance. It only gets more impressive from there, though.

Outdoor Aesthetics – A platform for outdoor gear & beautiful places |  mission-workshop-taylor-stitch-28 - Outdoor Aesthetics - A platform for  outdoor gear & beautiful places

Now, if you’re a devoted fan of Taylor Stitch, then why is it worth the reminder on the stylish and well-priced nature of the Taylor Stitch Workshop? One quick glance through its wares recently reveals warm shirt jackets, durable boots, cozy sweaters and more. It’s not a stretch to say you could outfit yourself using only gear from the Taylor Stitch Workshop, in fact. And again, the fact that pricing takes a 20 percent drop when you pre-fund is only a positive thing, right? Naturally, you can shop the full Taylor Stitch Web site at the same time as you please, but hey, who doesn’t love a standout deal? That’s what I thought.

The timing is also apt, because at this point, you’re bound to get some nice gear for a winter refresh when you invest in the very best from the Taylor Stitch Workshop, and that’s but another benefit of shopping early and often within the stylish digital confines of the revered brand. There’s not much else out there that’s quite like this model, at least not at such a large and impressive scale, so go forth and invest in some new favorites through the standout design of the much-loved Taylor Stitch Workshop. If you love what you end up with, let me know in the comments. Cheers and happy shopping!


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