Style Pick of the Week: These Rugged Yuketen Boots are Exclusive to Huckberry – The Best Winter Boots to Buy Now

Your search for some of the best winter boots for men is over. Or rather, I think I’ve got one pair of boots in particular that check all the right boxes if you want rugged dependability, top-notch style, classic craftsmanship and much, much more. That’s certainly high praise, but the Huckberry-exclusive Yuketen boots featured today are going to get the job done in every way imaginable. They’re some of the best work boots you can lace up at the moment, with a price tag to match ($638 at Huckberry), but you certainly shouldn’t let that scare you away. In fact, take that higher price tag as a surefire sign of iconic construction and quality, and then make sure you wear the Yuketen Guide Boots as often as possible to really get some bang for your buck.

The specs on the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots are plenty remarkable when lined up next to other boots on the market, starting with the fact that they’re handmade in the U.S.A. using some seriously time-tested methods. They’re modeled after boots first worn by wilderness guides in, well, Maine, using moccasin-style construction and the durability of a work boot. I’d wager you’ve never seen anything quite like the hard-wearing Yuketen Guide Boots, made with (as Huckberry says), “Horween full-grain, flesh‐out leather and Chromexcel leather,” which they also wisely point out is a “buttery and malleable leather made with a double‐tanning process.” Long story short, the Yuketen Guide Boots are durably made and built to last using the finest materials on the market.

The Yuketen Maine Guide Boots easily take the cake as some of the best winter boots for men in terms of looks and reliable performance, seeing as they’re built atop a Vibram Christy outsole for traction and work boot performance. That means, in part, that there are a whopping eight layers — yes, eight layers — of rubber and leather cushioning your foot, which is quite the design process. It only gets better from there, if you can believe it. The vegetable-tanned leather insoles of the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots will form to your foot over time, and these boots also use steel shank reinforcements for added durability through the heel.

Yes indeed, the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots don’t cut any corners, and that’s truly underselling ’em. The handsewn process lends them an air of next-level craftsmanship that certainly makes these Yuketen Maine Guide Boots worthy of the Huckberry stamp of approval. And as for style points, these moc toe boots have that in spades, with a rugged profile you can pair with your favorite pair of blue jeans and a thermal henley, plus a Huckberry waxed trucker jacket. Then again, because you’re investing so much into the Yuketen Maine Guide Boots, I’d say you can wear them however you want this winter.


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