See Now, Buy Now: Accessorize This Winter with the Best Men’s Hats from Storied Hats

Sometimes, the best style moves are all about the little details, or the pieces you might not think of right away — like one of the best men’s hats, of course. That’s where Storied Hats comes into play, an upstart company determined to shake up the way you wear your new favorite hat. After all, if you’ve already taken plenty of care into building the rest of your ensemble, from the best trucker jacket to a pair of the best blue jeans for men, then the accessories — yes, like one of the best hats for men — are just as important.

And it’s all the better if you can find a lineup of stylish hats for men made with patterns and fabrics that call to mind traditional menswear suiting fabrics, like the Storied Hats collection of stylish wool ballcaps for winter — but I digress. Scroll on!

Best wool ballcap for men.

Upgrading your casual everyday wardrobe is certainly where Storied Hats comes into play. What’s Storied Hats all about? Reader, I’m glad you asked. The brand truly does things differently, and that approach extends beyond just style points (although logo-free, crisp, subtly fashionable hats have that going for ’em, too).

They’re also a member of the 1% For the Planet organization and focus on sustainable manufacturing, like using recycled wool to craft custom-made designs in ethical factories. Still not sold? Read on, my friend, to find out more about the best hats for men.

Crucially, Storied Hats offers a variety of designs to suit every style, with each type of hat sticking to the company’s core values of ethical, sustainable production. Whether you pick up a stylish wool ballcap for winter — one of my personal favorites — or one of the brand’s colorful, retro-minded activewear hats, you’ll find touches like plant-based leather adjustable back straps and soft interior liners.

A new year calls for new adventures...check the national parks off your list as you go!

Plus, Storied Hats uses careful design practices (including dozens of prototypes tested through offices in San Fran and Portland), and the end result is some of the coolest hats for men across the board. The right ballcap can take even the most laidback looks from relaxed to great (for example, when you toss on a stylish wool ballcap for winter with a casual crewneck sweater and dark blue jeans).

Your Brooklyn style writer is looking forward to testing out the Storied Hats Black and Charcoal Wool Hat in the weeks ahead, and if I were you, I’d check out the entire assortment of seriously cool designs from Storied Hats as soon as possible. No doubt about it, this won’t be the last time you hear about the brand.


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