Style Pick of the Week: Greys Wool Outdoor Slipper Boots – Best Slippers to Gift This Season

Best men's slippers for winter

‘Tis the season to be jolly, ’tis the season to make merry, ’tis the season to bundle up with a pair of the best men’s slippers. Yes, you heard that right. A twist on a seasonal classic though it might be, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your holiday slippers, and that’s not just hyperbole.

That’s because some of the best slippers for men (and anyone on your Christmas list, for that matter) are seriously upgraded from the days of yore. Fuzzy bunny slippers might be fun for the kids, but for the adults on your list — yourself included — a pair of Greys Wool Footwear from the good folks at Huckberry is just the ticket.

They’re a classic winter slipper at heart, featuring a soft, premium wool-blend upper, but it’s the rest of the details that set the Greys Wool Slippers apart. Available in iterations like both a boot style wool slip-on and a traditional slipper, the material is ultra-comfortable and the performance (yes, performance!) is unmatched.

In the same way that you upgraded your sweatpants during WFH days, you should look to do the same with your winter home footwear, and again, that’s where Greys Wool Slippers come into play.

Best outdoor slippers for men.

At heart, the Greys Wool Slippers are a fine pair of slippers to wear as you lounge by the fire, but as you can see above, they even look mighty stylish with a pair of jeans (perhaps slip into them when you’d rather not pad around in your socks during a holiday party).

In fact, the Greys Wool Slippers are even made to go beyond your front door, thanks to that grippy recycled rubber outsole. So, need to refresh the fire with more wood, or even head beyond the confines of your home? Sure thing, throw the Greys Wool Slippers on and your feet will assuredly thank you.

Even the eye-catching leather pull tab on the Greys Wool Slippers is carefully considered: They’re assuredly a Huckberry Bestseller for a reason. Sizes are running fast in all three types: The slide Mule design, the classic Slipper and the Wool Outdoor Boots, so act accordingly (and note that they also make women’s sizes). The Greys Wool Slippers have the Huckberry seal of approval, so shop ’em while you can to keep you feet toasty in style this season.


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