Fall Style Essential: Velvet

Fall is quickly approaching and I have my eyes set on a trend that was all over the Fall 2013 runway during fashion week– Velvet.  Velvet has been huge for the past few seasons and it will continue to live on this fall (According to Vogue and many other fashion sources).  Sure, velvet might remind you of tacky ’80s fashion or Scarlett O’Hara’s iconic green velvet curtain dress, but its texture adds an interesting element to any outfit.

The best part about this trend is that it is extremely affordable if you are on a budget and worried that the trend won’t last.  Because velvet was huge in the ’80s and ’90s, it’s all over thrift shops and vintage stores! I found an awesome velvet blazer for less than $5 at Goodwill. An item like this can dress up any casual outfit and add an edgy element.

My velvet blazer paired with palm patterned pants. Taken from my instagram: @oliviahayhoe

My velvet blazer paired with palm patterned pants. Taken from my instagram: @oliviahayhoe

For a more casual look, try velvet leggings or shorts.  Velvet or crushed velvet leggings are great when paired with combat boots and a tank for a daytime look.  If you live in a hotter climate, like myself, velvet shorts are an interesting way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe without overheating. Check out Velvet and Leather by Jean J. on Lookbook.nu for a cool, casual outfit inspiration.

If you are looking for a nighttime look, a velvet minidress is perfect for you.  It’s a great combination of dressed up and playful.  Pair it with some studded heels for a super edgy look!

If you want to try this look but are a bit afraid of it, start with a velvet hair bow or velvet loafers.  Once you feel comfortable rocking the accessories, move up to a bolder piece.

A great location to purchase all of your velvet essentials brand new is American Apparel. Online and in-stores, they have so many colors and styles of velvet.

This trend works in all climates depending on the pieces you choose to style and is very affordable.  Although it has been around for several seasons, velvet is a trend that will continue to be very popular this fall.


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