New York Fashion Week: The “Death” of Menswear?

This year’s New York Fashion Week was somewhat of a watershed moment for the entire industry. More men are interested in dressing well than ever before, and there are more accessible and affordable ways to do it. But some designers might be getting lost in the shuffle, creating a pretty confusing situation for the average stylish male. A tremendous commentary by The New York Times targets this maddening trend pretty directly. On one hand, the line between what’s available on the runways and what’s available at common market stores seems to be shifting in perplexing ways. As the Times article notes, some designs seen on the runways could be had at budget locations for cheap, cheap prices.

And others were rather horrifying like, (as the Times notes), what appeared to be some sort of a zip-up dress on a model in the Hood By Air collection. Of course, there’s always a degree of wearability (or “un-wearability”) to fashion. Some designs are innovative and fresh (or shocking and hideous) and others, as the Times notes, aren’t fresh enough.  So are American designers running out of ideas, abandoning wearability, or too focused on brand building?

And why have some brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, only focused on women’s wear at New York Fashion Week as of late? All things worth considering.

With so many men seemingly interested in fashion and style,  what are the key takeaways from looking at runway products? Sometimes, a flashy addition to an outfit is better. Other times, tried and true Style Essentials do the job just fine. Color and pattern are your friends. Mixing high and low looks (like dressing down that suit), could be worth trying in the right setting. And some trends, like camo, have true staying power.

It’s never bad to come up with a personal uniform of sorts amidst all the confusion that Fashion Week can bring. Fundamentals and rules, too, make things easier for someone looking to improve their everyday style.

Most importantly, with the industry moving at the speed of light, it’s worth noting that seasonally appropriate clothing that fits well and looks great never goes out of style. 


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