The Product Review: Invicta Pro Diver Watch

I’ll be the first to say I’m no watch expert by any means. There’s certainly a significant debate out there on the quality and value of an automatic versus a quartz watch, and there are positives and drawbacks to each side of the conversation.

Being able to throw on a timepiece and have it virtually operate itself (if you wear it long enough) is a pretty neat feat of machinery on the part of automatic watchmakers. And some swear by the price of a nice quartz watch. At the end of the day, however, both do the same thing: tell time. And more importantly, a well-constructed timepiece can complete an outfit, regardless of how it runs. It’s that accessory that doesn’t seem to be found on a lot of wrists these days, and the right watch can set the tone of an outfit: A Timex Weekender (featured here in the Under $250 Budget Challenge) is inherently more casual. It’s a cheap watch that can go anywhere and do anything. A dress watch (say, with a nice leather strap and minimalist design) in either brown or black covers the bases when it’s time to suit up.

The rest of the time though, there’s hardly a watch more versatile than a stainless steel dive watch.  If the shine on the links is low enough and the design isn’t too gaudy, a dive watch could function well with everything from a henley and jeans to a suit. Sure, they first started as a way to transition from the water to the clubhouse, but it works just as well even if you’re not hitting the ocean. The Invicta 8926 Pro Diver is certainly no different. I’ve only had it for about two to three weeks, but it’s treated me remarkably well. There are watches that are better-made, to be sure, but those watches also will set your wallet back a bit more. For the price, it’s one of the most affordable, best-looking divers on the market. It’s an automatic, and says it’s water-resistant to 200 meters. I haven’t run this one through the usual gamut of water-related activities, but I’d even considering wearing it to the beach – can’t be done, you say? Ask this guy.

Packaged in a solid, sturdy box with Invicta branding.

Packaged in a solid box with Invicta branding.

It feels sturdy and substantial, and wears about to size (the case diameter is 40 mm, about the sweet spot for most people — not too big or too small).The watch’s screw-down crown makes it easy to change the day and date. As for keeping time, the watch runs smoothly – it rarely loses or adds a minute throughout the day (which can be an issue with some automatics).

The watch on a fairly medium-sized wrist. Paired with J. Crew herringbone blazer.

The watch on a fairly medium-sized wrist. Paired with J. Crew herringbone blazer.

This timepiece is a great entry-level dive watch – it’s affordable if you save and spend wisely, and although some might say the black dial can’t be paired with brown shades of shoes, that doesn’t necessarily apply here – a stainless steel watch is one of the most versatile timepieces a man can own because of those links (no matching of brown leather watch strap to brown leather shoes necessary, for example). And starting with a cost-effective, well-made dive watch like this option is a perfect holdover while you save up for that Omega


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