Style Pick of the Week: New Movements Model NM Sneakers

Meet some of the best new sneakers you can get your … feet … on this season.

It’s official — the above New Movements sneakers are part of a quickly growing crop of new menswear essentials you can get your hands (or feet) on this season, and that’s a fact. The New Movements Model NM Sneakers are some of the best men’s sneakers to buy right now, and it’s all thanks to the unique design & silhouette, sure to shake up your footwear rotation just in time for the end of summer and the start of (early) fall. If you shop the digital pages at Huckberry, it’s no secret that the lauded menswear retailer puts an emphasis on gear that’s both style-forward and sustainable — these New Movements sneakers fit the bill quite nicely in that regard. But something that’s a little less well-known? Portugal is a hotbed for great footwear at the moment, and that’s where the New Movements Model NM Sneakers are made. What makes these so special? Let’s start with the fact that the outsole is made from recycled tires — sustainable through and through. We also mentioned the silhouette — these sneakers are bold enough to make a statement, thanks to the thicker, rippled outsole. Yet, these aren’t fashion-adjacent “ugly sneakers” in the slightest — the New Movements Model NM Sneakers are sleek & versatile, for starters.

SHOP: The New Movements Model NM Sneakers

One of four highly versatile colors in which you can buy these stylish men’s sneakers.

And again, that sleek design and versatile approach is exactly what you should be looking for when searching for the best sneakers for men — particularly as we close out summer and move into early fall. On that note, these stylish sneakers can do it all, from that last summer BBQ (paired with chino shorts and your favorite T-shirt), all the way through to a visit to your favorite brewery (denim jacket & black jeans on lock). The Italian leather upper also gives them an air of business casual readiness; try any colorway of these New Movements sneakers with tan chinos, a white Oxford shirt and a navy blazer. What could be more important than all of those qualities? Why, the sustainability quotient we mentioned earlier. On that note, New Movements excels — the purchase of a pair of New Movements sneakers means that the brand will pledge to remove a kilogram of microplastics from the world’s oceans. Plus, as mentioned above, the use of recycled and all-natural materials can’t be beat. Yes indeed, these New Movements sneakers are going to carry you from summer into fall — with ease and style, at that.

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See Now, Buy Now: These New Rancourt & Co. Carson Sneakers are An Everyday Essential

A new take on the classic leather sneaker silhouette.

Still on the hunt for critical end-of-summer gear via our See Now, Buy Now series here on the blog? Good thing, then — we’ve got exactly what you need in store today. Crucially, we’ll tell you all about a must-have pair of the best men’s sneakers, and one crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail right in the United States — the Rancourt & Co. Carson Low just so happen to be that pair, in fact. These stylish leather sneakers are so much more than a typically minimal pair of sneakers — they’re packed with substance and character, and they’re the perfect sneakers to wear as summer heads toward Labor Day. Does that sound like a lot of hyperbole? Perhaps, but again … the Rancourt & Co. Carson Low Sneakers are truly one-of-a-kind. We’ve talked in the past about Rancourt & Co. on the site, particularly about the brand’s rugged, made-in-Maine leather boots, and you can rest assured that this particular pair of kicks live up to the Rancourt name more than ably.

SHOP: The Rancourt & Co. Carson Low

These handsome leather sneakers are precisely the kind of pair you’d expect to be sold as a Huckberry exclusive, given their rugged styling potential and use of materials like rich bison leather from Maine’s own Tasman Tannery. The Rancourt & Co. Carson Low also feature construction that’s more akin to your favorite pair of boots, thanks to the Vibram Strighton outsole, solid brass eyelets and a soft leather lining. That rich craftsmanship also lends them an air of versatility — you can wear them with dark blue denim, a classic Oxford shirt and a navy cotton blazer to the office this month, then keep ’em handy to pair up with a rugged crewneck sweater and tan chinos come early fall. Indeed, these are some of the best men’s sneakers you can find — but you’d best act quickly, seeing as they’re sellilng pretty fast.

Do you plan to pick up a pair of the Rancourt & Co. Carson Low? How would you style them for late summer and early fall? Let me know on Twitter

The List: Fight the Dog Days of Summer with these Essential Menswear Picks

The very embodiment of the type of versatility you need heading through August into September.

Did mid-August sneak up on you? Well, you’re not the only one — where did the summer go?? I’ll leave the answers to that question to people much smarter than me, because we’ve got plenty of new men’s gear picks to cover in today’s edition of The List. As we look toward the end of summer and the start of early fall, I think you’ll find that bridging the gap between seasons is easier than one might expect — especially if you pick up the Wellen Stretch Chore Coat as seen above (and below). More picks await, my friends — enjoy!

Wellen Stretch Chore Coat — $128

Made with hemp, this chore coat is both rugged and also ready to replace your favorite blazer.

Although this Wellen chore coat has proven a hot seller through summer, it’s worth considering adding it to your late summer/early fall outerwear rotation — it’s a classic chore coat that serves as a cool stand-in for your typical blazer.

Pro-Keds Royal Hi — $65

The classic high-tops to take you from August into early fall.

Summer might be close to winding down on the calendar, technically, and yet there’s no wrong time to buy classic high-top sneakers, especially a pair like the Pro-Keds Royal Hi, which you can wear with a classic Oxford shirt and dark denim come early fall.

Taylor Stitch Natural Camp Pants in Organic Selvage — $148

Surprisingly versatile camp pants from Taylor Stitch in classic fabric.

Make no mistake, we’re not done with Taylor Stitch yet in today’s edition of The List, but these rugged camp pants (a fast seller) are the perfect starting point. Wear them off the trail or to your favorite brewery, especially with classic suede chukka boots.

Lum-Tec M84 Automatic Watch — $1,095

A rugged-yet-refined watch that gets the job done on the daily.

If you’re the type of guy to look for an investment-level watch to wear every day, the kind that can seamlessly move from one season to the next, the absurdly well-crafted Lum-Tec M84 Automatic is one of the best men’s watches on the market (as previously seen on the blog, naturally).

Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Ash Gingham — $125

A versatile, terrifically well-made Taylor Stitch shirt.

It might just be a fact that there’s no bad time to wear the nearly legendary Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt, an excellent-fitting men’s shirt that you should wear with everything from olive chinos to navy shorts as summer winds down (eventually). The gingham pattern is a winner, too.

Housefish Pocket Desk — $764.98

A beautiful desk to upgrade your home office with ease.

Make no mistake, we’re not all about menswear here. There’s something about the impending start of fall that I find fits well with settling down at a classic wooden desk on a crisp day with a hot cup of coffee and a warm cardigan … that’s the dream, and the Housefish Pocket Desk could help you achieve your own. Right??

Rhodes Dean Boots — $220 

The perfect leather boots to step from August into September.

Now, you’ve surely seen iterations of the Rhodes Dean Boots in editions of The List more concerned with winter style essentials, but I think you’ll find these sleek leather boots are going to be nice to have on hand heading through August, too. Try them with slim light wash jeans and a rugged short-sleeve henley, to start.

Flint and Tinder Defender Denim — $138

The rough-and-tumble denim you can wear every single day.

You know the dark denim we mentioned earlier? This is the pair your author had in mind, a set of classic men’s dark blue denim made from rich Japanese selvedge and featuring aramid fibers woven in for a remarkably durable fit and feel.

Free Fly Cruiser Henley — $60

The classic henley you’ll find yourself using as a critical, transitional base layer.

For breezy summer nights and surprisingly cool days, you can’t go wrong with a rugged henley, especially one that’s surprisingly affordable from Free Fly. Perfect to wear with … you guessed it, classic men’s dark blue denim.

Stetson The Chapman Hat — $155

Yet another handsome, classic Stetson hat to add to your arsenal.

 Stetson hats are legendary for their tough construction and rugged quality, and the Stetson Chapman Hat is no different. Keep it handy this fall, trust me.

Peak Design Travel Duffel — $130

A travel bag that packs a heck of a lot into one design for an affordable price.

The upcoming start of a new season means you should evaluate your travel plans — and your durable travel gear — accordingly. With that in mind, the Peak Design Travel Duffel is highly functional and ready for anything.

LEMS Shoes Leather Boulder Boots — $150

The right pair of packable, tough leather boots from LEMS and Huckberry.

To close out this post, let’s focus on a rugged pair of leather boots that’ll transition with surprising ease from August on into fall — the LEMS Shoes Leather Boulder Boots are a new take on the style, made to be packed up and then worn for days on end for rugged exploration.


To be sure, it was mighty tough to narrow down this version of The List, what with rugged, versatile picks like a Wellen chore coat  and the LEMS Shoes Leather Boulder Boots on offer. If I had to pick just one, I might recommend snapping up the Peak Design Travel Duffel … or the Lum-Tec M84 Automatic. OK, so I guess those are actually my top two. What about you? Let me know how you’re closing out summer over on Twitter.




#OOTD: My Guide to Wearing a Chambray Shirt This Month — Or All Year

As you’ll see below, there might never be a bad time to wear a chambray shirt like the one we’re about to discuss today. We’ve mentioned it time and time again on the blog, but the best men’s chambray shirt (and there’s a difference between good and great), is a true four-season essential, as wearable now as it will be come September, October, November … you get the picture. But sometimes, getting through the seasonal doldrums that we find ourselves in right now isn’t as daunting as it might seem at first. In fact, it’s sometimes about taking tried-and-true men’s style essentials and having some fun with them. In the case of the classic chambray shirt on display today in our #OOTD series, that means it’s being worn with equally classic style picks that fit in regardless of season (yes, even in the sweltering August heat). Witness, for instance, the stylish slim chinos and the classic chukka boots in this ensemble, not to mention the positively rugged, investment-level watch — all worn with ease and casual cool for a look that’s as ready for happy hour as it is for a Casual Friday. Throw in accessories like a slim leather wallet, and you could even wear this look out on a date. See, the doldrums of summer aren’t a time to throw away style principles — stick to yours, wear this classic chambray shirt, and get ready for what lies ahead.

Mixing and matching classic picks with an essential chambray shirt.

  • The Chambray Shirt: Proof Strong Shirt, $128 — The best men’s chambray shirt? The chambray shirt to rule them all? I’ll leave that to you to decide, but there’s a good chance that … yes, yes it is.
  • The Classic Chinos: Wellen Easy Chinos, $88 — Keep things casual yet surprisingly polished with these stylish slim chinos, made sustainably in a classic color.
  • The Chukka Boots: Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots, $165 — There’s absolutely never a bad time to wear classic chukka boots, even in the middle of August — trust me on that. Astorflex gets ’em right.
  • The Watch: Lum-Tec M84 Automatic Watch, $1,095 — I’m admittedly not a huge watch snob, but there’s no question the Lum-Tec M84 Automatic (while pricey!) might just be one of the best men’s watches we’ve featured on this site. That’s it!
  • The Belt: Macondo Belts Inca Belt, $105 — Granted, you might not think of a stylish leather belt as a place to stand out in terms of pattern and design — change that with this number from Macondo Belts.
  • The Everyday Carry Essential: Tanner Goods Journeyman Wallet, $65 — Be it on the go to the office or to an evening dinner, a slim leather wallet carries only what you need.
  • The Daily Cologne: Ranger Station Birch Bark Cologne, $69 — This cologne from Ranger Station is pleasing, crisp & not too heavy for daily wear.
  • The Grooming Essential: Jack Henry Face Toner, $24 — I can’t recommend this lightweight, refreshing, functional toner from Jack Henry enough after using it every day for weeks. It’s a men’s grooming essential you need ASAP.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, sometimes, the best men’s chambray shirt is all you need to build a great outfit (or at least, the foundation of a great outfit). And it gets even better and even more seasonally friendly when you throw on easygoing Wellen chinos (it’s right in the name, after all!), plus classic chukka boots — granted, these are picks that work any time of the year, but they’ll do more than fine in August as we look toward (gasp) Labor Day. The right accessories elevate the chambray shirt from good to great, as well. Take the Lum-Tec M84 Automatic, a beast of a watch that’ll stand out stylishly as you roll up the sleeves on this shirt.

Couple that with the equally eyecatching stylish leather belt on display here, and this #OOTD is ready to be worn the office, shirt tucked in (or untucked — do as you please, of course). For keeping thing streamlined and smooth, grab your slim leather wallet from Tanner Goods — it’ll fit nicely in the front pocket of your chinos, and it’ll age the more you use it. All those little details stand out quite easily, too, including what should be a fantastic Ranger Station cologne (making this ensemble ready for date night). And in the way of a men’s grooming essential you shouldn’t go without, I’m a big fan of Jack Henry’s Face Toner (a  great outfit is nothing without a little T.L.C for your face, ehh?). Are you sold on the utility and versatility of the chambray shirt? You should be. Have questions? Drop me a line on Twitter. Cheers!

The Friday Read: The Strokes, Lollapalooza & the Best Everyday Carry Gear

An undeniable pair of rugged leather Chelsea boots for a summer weekend — and a music festival?

For me, there are certain men’s style essentials that are actually, well, festival style essentials — like a rugged pair of leather boots. In fact, the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chelsea Boots are as ready for a weekend in a favorite city as they are for the festival itself. And with all this talk of music festivals, it’s only fitting that I’ll be in Chicago this weekend for the one and only Lollapalooza, one of my favorite festivals on the planet. I previously visited Lollapalooza 2017 to see luminous rock bands like The Killers, and last night’s kickoff headlining set by NYC rock legends The Strokes at Lollapalooza 2019 was also as good as it gets — truly legendary. It’s the second time I’ve seen them play this summer in fact, seeing as I headed to London in May for the excellent All Points East Festival and another legendary weekend abroad. What does the rest of this weekend hold?

Well, another trip today to Lollapalooza to see Tame Impala, plus the extraordinary Maggie Rogers and iconic acts like Death Cab for Cutie — to say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement! I also hope to check out the quickly growing Chicago craft beer scene, including a personal favorite, Half Acre Beer Company. To keep up with all the fun, check out my page on Instagram. As you start your own weekend, I’d also point you toward today’s Friday Read below, and tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Happy style shopping!

  • I often say that the small details are the most underrated and oft-overlooked — correct? Correct. And when it comes to the best everyday carry gear, there are certain brands you can absolutely count on — like The James Brand, and specifically, The James Brand Holcombe Carabiner as I covered for GearMoose. Particularly if you’re heading to a music festival, you’ll never misplace your keys again.
  • Speaking of dressing for a music festival, well, I’m going to point your toward my guide on how to wear a short-sleeve shirt for summer. Especially as the thermostat climbs and the music ramps up, this #OOTD is going to be the way to go.
  • Because this weekend is all about music, and because The Strokes were one heck of a way to kick off Lollapalooza, well, you’d do well to explore “Is This It” by The Strokes in just five minutes via Pitchfork. Turn it up while you’re at it, will you?

OK, we’ve got one last item to wrap up the week and head into the weekend. Namely, I’m going to point you in the right direction when it comes to the best new men’s style essentials — check out this recent edition of The List to get outfitted for the days to come.

The List: Shop My Favorite Menswear Picks for August Right Now

An all-season shirt that’s particularly well-suited to close out summer.

If you check out the digital pages of this site on the regular, you’re well-acquainted with The List, my ongoing rundown of the best new men’s style essentials, often with a seasonal tilt. But some pieces, like the Proof Strong Shirt —  deserve to be worn in multiple seasons, the dead of summer included. We’re right on the verge of August, and summer is absolutely going strong, so the below crucial menswear picks offer up versatility, rugged functionality and a bit more summer adventure for the taking. Shop on.

Shop Mott & Bow Today!
Proof Strong Shirt — $128

The classic chambray shirt you can wear from now until the end of the year.

Now, we’ve talked in the past on the blog about the Proof Strong Shirt, one of the best chambray shirts out there — easily. It’s an all-season classic, especially as we move through August into (gasp) fall.

Beckett Simonon Yates Oxford Brogues — $199

Sleek, stylish and custom-made — Beckett Simonon gets it right.

Looking for the best pair of dress shoes to wear to that last summer wedding? You’ve found them courtesy of Beckett Simonon. Wearable with everything from a khaki cotton suit to chambray trousers and a navy blazer (or dark denim and a white Oxford at the office).

SYMBOL Audio Dovetail Record Crate — $225

A handsome way to store your favorite records.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re aware that I’m a huge fan of live music — and that I’ve got a slowly growing record collection. Although I’ve got the Tanner Goods Record Rack myself, I’d recommend you pick up this surprisingly stylish record crate for your collection.

Lum-Tec M82 Automatic Watch — $1,095

A beastly watch to wear as you close out summer. Perfectly rugged.

From stylish dress shoes to an investment-level watch? Yes, absolutely — Lum-Tec makes some of the best men’s watches on the market, and this timepiece is built to last all through August and well into fall.

Gramicci Shell Packable Shorts — $78

The durable, packable shorts for the end of summer.

Speaking of durable outdoor gear and the best men’s watches, allow me to introduce you to some of the best men’s shorts on the market, a field-ready pair you should have no problem wearing to a brewery or out on a day hike.

SeaVees Mariner Oxford — $117.98

Extremely dependable SeaVees sneakers, as one would expect.

If you check out the blog regularly (which you should!), then you know about the SeaVees Mariner Boots — but what about the classic men’s sneakers from the same brand that share the same heritage? That’s the SeaVees Mariner Oxford for you.

Wellen Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt — $68

A printed shirt that’s surprisingly subtle? Sign me up.

Wondering what sort of shirt you can wear with your classic men’s sneakers? Answer: This stylish printed shirt from Wellen, an easygoing end-of-summer staple.

Native North Japanese Tencel Pants — $130.98

The durable, mobile pants you won’t want to change out of.

Summer is all about staying breezy and cool, even as we move through August — these slim summer pants are the right way to go about it.

Peak Design Travel Backpack — $220 

The best everyday backpack to bring with you … everywhere?

There are your normal, everyday backpacks, and then there’s the Peak Design Travel Backpack, very likely one of the best backpacks you’re apt to find on this site (and elsewhere). Carry it on your next summer adventure, and then on into the next season.

Upstate Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set — Starting at $258

The best linen sheets you can buy? You decide.

If you just can’t escape the summer heat or if you sleep hot, then there’s no time like the present to get some of the best new linen sheets from Upstate. Stylish, well-made and guaranteed to help you sleep cooler.

BioLite Fire Pit + Solar Cover Bundle — $219.98

Two handy pieces of gear to pack up on your next camping trip.

Let’s step away again from the menswear space and check out the best outdoor gear you need for that summer or early fall camping getaway — BioLite delivers two camping essentials in affordably priced package.

Quoddy Tender Boat Shoes — $269

The leather boat shoes you didn’t know you needed.

Thought the time had passed to shop around for stylish boat shoes? Think again. There’s still ample opportunity to wear these surprisingly rugged boat shoes from Quoddy.

Flint and Tinder Supima AirKnit Henley — $38

A rugged short-sleeve henley to wear anytime, anywhere.

A classic short-sleeve henley is the go-to essential you can wear underneath anything (try a denim jacket or a cotton blazer), and it also works darn fine all on its own. As always, Flint and Tinder nails it.

STANCE No-Show Socks — Starting at $10

Well-designed no-show socks for summer’s final month.

Affordably priced, high-quality no-show socks can be somewhat tough to find — but that’s not the case anymore with STANCE. They offer a range of options and colors, plus no-slip functionality and sleek design.

Shop Mott & Bow Today!

That’ll do it for today’s edition of The List, packed with all the best men’s style gear you can shake a stick at. Which of the above picks tops your own personal list? I think it’s hard to top durable sneakers like the SeaVees Mariner Oxford, and it’s also hard to pass up an investment-level watch from the likes of Lum-Tec. That’s my take, at least.  Happy shopping!



See Now, Buy Now: The Wellen Easy Chinos are The Breezy Chinos to Wear Everywhere

Breezy chinos fit for a summer weekend.

When you think of men’s chinos, do you tend to picture the pair you wore “back in the day” — maybe with a few too many pleats and not enough serious style points? If that’s where your mind goes, you’re not alone. Luckily, the best men’s chinos are here: The Wellen Easy Chinos, quite possibly a gamechanging pair that’ll make you rethink everything you thought you knew about, well, chinos. We’ve talked in the past about styles like the Flint and Tinder Cool Chinos and the Relwen Flex Chinos, which definitely lean more classic, but the Wellen Easy Chinos take that same premise and turn it into something even more laidback, if that’s possible. Make no mistake though, just because the Wellen Easy Chinos look different than your typical pair (thank the stretch elastic waistband for that), they’re no less versatile and ready to add to your list of summer style essentials.

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

SHOP: The Wellen Easy Chinos

Also available in Navy, these are some of the most versatile chinos you can buy.

And there are plenty more reasons why these Wellen chinos are some of the best men’s chinos, including the fact that they’re made with a summer-friendly blend of 68 percent organic cotton and 32 percent linen for both breathability and durability. That’s exactly what you want from a pair of chinos you can wear with a slub T-shirt and suede chukka boots as easily as you can pair it up with a hemp polo and a light wash denim jacket. Of course, versatility is the name of the game when it comes to color options, too — Navy and Olive ought to more than nicely do the trick as you consider purchasing the Wellen Easy Chinos. Side slit pockets drive home the classic chino silhouette, too. So, are the Wellen Easy Chinos … easygoing enough for you? If you pick up a pair, let me know on Twitter. Cheers!