The List: Shop the Best Winter Menswear and Gear at UNCRATE This Week

UNCRATE Supply Shop

The best menswear and gear is up for grabs this week at UNCRATE. Shop accordingly.

Spend any time perusing the pages of this here blog, and you’re bound to come across gear picks at UNCRATE, from James Bond’s Danner boots to the best wool hiker boots around. But let’s really get into it as we roll through winter and you deal with weather that’s not exactly all that nice (if you’re in a warmer climate, you should still stick around — never know when you’ll need a gear upgrade!). At any rate, the relatively new year still calls for the best menswear for hanging at home and getting out on the road, and that’s what you’ll find at the well-appointed UNCRATE Supply Shop. You should also check out my picks for the UNCRATE Surplus sale section, but let’s get right to the rest of my selections ASAP. Cheers, folks!

Danner Arctic 600 Chelsea Boots — $200

Danner Arctic 600 Chelsea Boots

Some of the coolest and most affordable winter boots you can buy.

Want some of the most versatile men’s snow boots, the kind that combine crazy futuristic style with a standout price and modern materials? You’ve just found ’em, all thanks to Danner.

Barbour International x Steve McQueen Shawl Sweater — $220

Barbour International x Steve McQueen

Possibly the coolest cardigan for men that you’ll buy for some time.

Looking like a style legend doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t come cheap, but that’s what makes this rugged shawl cardigan, inspired by McQueen’s wardrobe and his love of Barbour International, so darn cool.

Bread & Boxers Organic T-Shirt — $35

Bread & Boxers Cotton T-Shirt

Pick up a classic white T-shirt or get a multi-pack of organic cotton T-shirts for layering in all seasons.

Can you get away with wearing something as simple as one of the best men’s white T-shirts underneath, say, your Steve McQueen cardigan? In my book, you sure as heck can.

Timex Q Reissue Rose Gold Watch — $189

Timex Q Reissue Watch

The sort of retro cool timepiece you’ll want to wear all the time.

The good folks at UNCRATE have a knack for stocking and selling the best watches for men, some at wild prices (more on that in a moment!), and yet, they also stock some of the most affordable men’s watches, like this Timex Q Reissue (a personal favorite).

Triumph & Disaster Gameface Moisturizer — $55

Triumph & Disaster men's grooming

The right menswear and the right moisturizer to help jumpstart your routine.

The seriously cool thing about UNCRATE is that in addition to all that you see here, they also stock and sell the best men’s grooming essentials on the planet, including one of the best moisturizers for men (in incredible packaging, too).

National Athletic Goods Warm-Up Sweatshirt — $125

National Athletic Goods Warm-Up Sweatshirt

A rugged and easy-to-layer take on the classic crewneck sweatshirt.

Now, I previously wrote about this classic crewneck sweatshirt right here last year on the blog, but it’s back again today because it’s a great example of the type of timeless, modern menswear you can find all over the place at UNCRATE. Layer up accordingly this winter, folks.

Barbour International Duke Jacket — $415

A tough new jacket that’ll soon become an essential.

Back again with more rugged Barbour International menswear, I see? Yes indeed, and for good reason. The Barbour International Duke Jacket is a sleek-yet-rugged biker jacket to wear anywhere at all this season.

Hard Graft Overhead Bag — $1,100

Hard Graft Overhead Travel Bag

Quite simply one of the best men’s travel bags you’ll ever buy.

Now, as you can see, the thing with gear stocked and sold by UNCRATE is that it often doesn’t come cheap — to say the very least. Take one of the best leather travel bags, shown here — invest in it now, then use it for every trip on your bucket list.

Outerknown Ambassador Jeans — $128

Outerknown Ambassador Jeans

Go right ahead and pick up your new favorite pair of men’s denim.

If it’s the perfect pair of men’s jeans to wear with your Barbour International Duke Jacket  that you’ve been searching high and low to find, then these slim black jeans are your best bet.

Sunski Andiamo Sunglasses — $89

Sunski Andiamo Sunglasses

Just about the best sunglasses for men your hard-earned cash can buy, folks.

Let’s talk about some of the most affordable men’s sunglasses out there, shall we? These retro men’s sunglasses are wearable even in the winter, but they’ll look their best when worn with spring and summer style picks.

Whenever you dive into an incredibly well-stocked and incredibly cool online store for men like the UNCRATE Supply Shop, it’s always, well, tough to narrow down any roundup of the best gear for men in any season, let alone winter. That’s because, as you can see, UNCRATE is packed with top-notch gear across the board, be it some of the most affordable men’s sunglasses, the perfect pair of men’s jeans  or even a classically rugged and cool Steve McQueen cardigan.

But of course, the basics are all right there for the taking, including something as subtly stylish as one of the best men’s white T-shirts. The next time you need crisp and timeless gear to go the distance, get to the UNCRATE Supply Shop (and let me know what you think over on Twitter).

The Thursday Buy: This Standard Issue Leather Duffel Is a Winter Getaway Essential

My friends, let’s get to business: It being Thursday and all, today’s Thursday Buy will have you primed for that post-New Year getaway — or any winter getaway, for that matter. I’m talking, naturally, about one of the best weekender bags for men, a new (and very fast-selling) addition to the Huckberry line of in-house goods that assuredly takes the cake when you want standout style and durability. The Standard Issue Leather Duffel is the perfect mix of rugged and refined, sized just right to take all your winter style essentials on a quick getaway upstate, to the coast and beyond. The latest and greatest is part of the new Standard Issue Leather Goods collection at Huckberry, a “vintage-inspired” offering that the brand worked to create with great care from fine leathers from Mexico’s best tannery. And if you know anything about Huckberry, it’s that when the crew sets its mind to achieving something, they certainly deliver.

SHOP: The Standard Issue Leather Duffel

Standard Issue Leather Duffel

In the case of this rugged-yet-refined weekender bag, you’re getting 45 liters worth of carrying capacity (enough to take some versatile gear out on the road for a few days), plus the sort of great looks only Huckberry can provide. Heck, the leather itself is gold-rated, indicating high quality and sustainable production methods. And what’s more, it’s helpful that the Standard Issue Leather Duffel fits right in with the rest of the line itself, which includes everything from a messenger to handsome leather belts and dopp kits. Load up those accessories in your weekender bag, grab your favorite Oxford shirt and leather chukka boots, then bundle up and hit the road. The Standard Issue Leather Duffel is going to be with you every step of the way.

SHOP: The Standard Issue Leather Duffel

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Tin Cloth Jacket

Filson Tin Cloth Work Jacket

A new go-to work and casual jacket with all the proper style points you need.

Well, my friends: If your New Year’s style resolutions included a commitment to buying less but buying better, and a commitment to focusing on heritage-quality gear including the best men’s winter jackets, you’re in luck. The Filson Tin Cloth Jacket is a perfectly rugged, tough-as-nails and winter-ready jacket to help you kick off 2021 in style, and that’s just a fact. We’re big fans of Filson here on the blog, makers of pieces like the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket and of course, some of the best men’s gear around. That’s where the Filson Tin Cloth Jacket comes into play, because it’s been around the Filson line for years and years (with the rugged construction and great looks to prove it). The Filson Tin Cloth Jacket gets it right from the get-go as far as taking on tough weather: It’s made from the Seattle brand’s rain-repellent, abrasion-resistant Tin Cloth fabric, the kind that’s been helping adventurers, explorers and commuters face the elements for more than a century. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. This jacket is made to hit below the hip for more coverage on the go, and it helps that the back is cut so you can move around with ease.

SHOP: The Filson Tin Cloth Jacket 

Filson Tin Cloth Jacket

An utterly dependable, classic and tough jacket you can mix up with some classic Filson accessories.

This rough-and-tumble jacket really has the capabilities of multiple jackets, especially when you consider that you can team it with Filson liners for extra warmth in chilly winter weather. Because the Filson Tin Cloth Jacket retails for nearly $300, you’re going to want to get as much wear out of it as possible. By that, I mean you should wear it with everything from a denim shirt, faded black jeans and a rugged Filson henley (off-duty) to a thermal shirt and some Filson Dry Tin Pants the next time a grueling outdoor project calls. If you order yours alongside a Filson wool liner, you’ve got a virtually unstoppable outdoor jacket with plenty of room to layer. Sounds more than ideal for tough conditions out there, does it not? Snap front buttons are made with classic Filson hardware for rugged performance, while a front chest pocket offers some space for critical EDC essentials. When it gets really chilly out there, flip up the virgin wool collar for even more protection in the great outdoors. When it comes to the Filson Tin Cloth Jacket, don’t delay picking it up as you start off 2021 in classic, heritage-ready style.


The Thursday Buy: This Buck Mason Peacoat Is One of the Best Men’s Winter Coats Around

An easy-to-layer peacoat you can wear with just about anything you’d like.

Ever wondered to yourself what the perfect peacoat looks like? Especially the perfect peacoat to buy to close out the year (Happy New Year’s Eve, by the way!). Well, it could just be the Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat, one of the best men’s winter jackets when it comes to providing classic style, hard-wearing functionality and timeless appeal. Yes, that’s right: This handsome men’s peacoat does all that and more, and at a price that’s not half-bad. It’s the latest addition to the Buck Mason rotation of utterly timeless and rugged menswear, and it’s only fitting that this classic navy peacoat fits in rather nicely with the rest of the brand’s offering. What I mean to say by that is, you can wear this rugged navy peacoat atop your favorite Buck Mason denim shirt and Buck Mason jeans without missing a beat. That’s great news as far as winter layering is concerned. Heck, this is also a perfect jacket to layer with if you’re looking for insight on how to dress casually for winter, for example. But let’s get to the specs of this coat and see if that’s really what sells you on it.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat

Buck Mason Admiral Melton Peacoat

The perfect way to wear this peacoat? Very nearly — try it and see for yourself.

For starters, let’s talk about the melton wool fabric blend, which also mixes in recycled fibers for added durability and sustainability. It’s a modern update of the way peacoats were made in years past, and this jacket is all the better for it. The navy color is also true to the way peacoats were made in days gone by, and that makes it incredibly versatile and just plain cool. The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat is also wind-resistant and yet heavier than traditional peacoats, all the better to stand up to tough winter conditions.

The fit is tailored but should be relatively easy to layer, meaning you can rock it with everything from your favorite henley to a Buck Mason cardigan. The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat is also lined in Japanese satin for a smooth and soft finish, and the nautical-inspired buttons are just one more throwback-inspired touch that puts this jacket over the top. The next time you need one of the best men’s peacoats, consider your problem solved by snagging the Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat.

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt is An Unstoppable Winter Shirt

Pick up a tough Filson shirt that you’ll have for years and years.

Folks, we sit here on the cusp of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself, so the window of opportunity has likely closed to get in those very last-minute gift orders. And yet, perhaps you’ve got an inkling that a gift card is in your future, or a nice cash gift, or what have you … and that’s what this post is for: To help you gear up for the rest of winter in style with one of the best men’s winter shirts. To get right down to the nitty gritty of it all, in fact, the Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt is one of the toughest and most rugged shirts on the market, a stone-cold classic that gets the job done in fine style. It’s been part of the ever-well-stocked Filson Holiday Gift Guide this season, so perhaps you’ve already gone ahead and bought it for yourself (or someone else!), but if not, now’s the best time to stock up on what could be your new favorite shirt.

SHOP: The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt

Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt

One of three timeless color options in which you can snag this moleskin shirt.

Heck, Filson men’s shirts really are legendary, bringing forth more than 100 years of history and heritage into the modern age. That’s great news if you could use a shirt that wears like a jacket, or a shirt you can layer atop a rugged henley or a thermal shirt. The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt checks all the right boxes, from a range of classic color options to the fact that it’s wind-resistant and durable. Consider it the perfect workshirt for early winter mornings, or else take it for a spin in between now and the new year (or else, into *gulp* winter 2021). When you want uncompromising quality and dependable style, you want a shirt from Filson: That’s just a fact.

SHOP: The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket

Check your watch, check your calendar and check the weather, because winter is speedily bearing down upon us. With that being said, perhaps you’re scrambling to layer up accordingly ahead of a major snowstorm — fear not, though. Your winter layering problems are solved, thanks to one of the best men’s shirt jackets available on the market. Yes indeed, NYC’s finest — Todd Snyder — comes through once again with the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket for standout seasonal style. The designer already makes one of the best men’s field jackets, to go along with accessories to match via the Timex x Todd Snyder partnership, and early indications show that this rugged shirt jacket is every bit as high-quality as you might expect. Consider it a premium upgrade to your typical shirt jacket, starting with the use of Italian nylon to craft an exterior that’s luxurious and yet ready for winter weather. The interior specs also pass muster, to say the very least, with PrimaLoft filling that offers comfort and warmth. The insulated filling also means you can wear this tough shirt jacket as an outer layer in its own right (perhaps as part of an #OOTD featuring a henley), or use this shirt jacket as a mid-layer beneath a classic peacoat. It gets better, though.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket

As with other Todd Snyder menswear picks, the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket isn’t exactly cheap (just a shade under $300, to be precise), but you’re getting a unique blend of both luxury and functionality. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ve got your pick of three colorways, from the city-ready Black to the classic Olive shown above — and a bright Orange shade for a bit of bold style. Wear this classic shirt jacket in place of a blazer atop an Oxford shirt, team it with the aforementioned henley or go casual atop a Todd Snyder x Champion graphic T-shirt. Throw in the fact that you’ve got two snap chest pockets for your EDC essentials, and this is a winning style pick through and through. And given the tailored yet easy-to-layer fit, plus those neutral colorways, the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket works well with everything from crisp blue denim to slim black jeans or even tan chinos. Talk about a layer that’ll become a wardrobe workhorse in a hurry (and not a moment too soon for the holiday season). Sounds pretty ideal to me — how about you?

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket


The Thursday Buy: Upgrade Your Holiday Sweater Game with this Classic Grayers Cardigan

Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan

A classic shawl cardigan to rock all winter long.

Lately, we’ve been talking quite a bit on the blog about the best sweaters for men, the sort of critical layer you practically need by the closetful these days. With a casual and laidback holiday approaching quickly, let me be sure to add another rugged and classic winter sweater to your rotation: The Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan could become a new seasonal go-to. It’s the subject of today’s Thursday Buy for good reason, seeing as it blends all the hallmarks of Grayers (classic silhouettes, modern cuts and great fabric) into one easy-to-wear sweater. Heck, it’s one of the best men’s cardigans if you want timeless style to wear at home or on the road. And if your holiday plans are much more scaled-back and casual, you can easily rock this cool cardigan in a small gathering or on a Zoom hangout without missing a beat.

SHOP: The Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan 

Just one way to wear this standout casual cardigan for top-notch winter style.

The great thing about the Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan is that it’s the type of sweater that works any day of the week, holiday weekend mornings included, and it does so with durability and style in mind. Your new favorite cardigan is made from a warm and hefty 17oz. French terry cotton fabric, akin to your trusted hooded sweatshirt yet with that much more polish. The upgraded silhouette means you can wear this atop a crisp white Oxford shirt alongside tan chinos day in and day out, yet you can also rock the Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan atop a graphic T-shirt or henley with your favorite pair of faded blue jeans. To me, that sounds like an ideal uniform for a day of relaxing on the couch, college football on TV and beer in hand. How about that, ehh? Get yourself a cardigan that can do all of that — and much more. Get yourself (or someone you love!) the Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan this year.

SHOP: The Grayers Birch Shawl Cardigan 

Style Pick of the Week: Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan

Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan

One of the best men’s cardigans you can layer up with all winter long.

As chilly weather really starts to roll through in earnest, one thing is pretty clear (at least to this Brooklyn style writer) — you need the right layers for winter weather, and to be more specific, you need one of the best men’s cardigans for the ultimate in warmth and quality layering. Luckily, I’ve got just the ticket in today’s Style Pick of the Week, and that would be the Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan as shown above, a classic and rugged cardigan from the makers of some of the best leather jackets on the planet. It’s a fitting addition to your wardrobe and to the Schott line of utterly classic, reliable menswear, and it could even be a standout gift for the style enthusiast in your life this year, too. This is the kind of rugged cardigan you can wear on the daily, but especially on chilly winter mornings as you stoke the fire and brew another pot of coffee. It’s got the sort of old-school appeal that looks great with darn near anything, too (more on that in a second). And because it’s sold by Huckberry, you can be sure it’s one of the best sweaters for men this season, seeing as only the best of the best passes muster at Huckberry.

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

SHOP: The Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan

Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan

High-quality fabric and durable details that make a difference this season.

Needless to say, the Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan has plenty going for it, including a wool-nylon fabric blend for durability and ease of layering atop a rugged chambray shirt or a flannel shirt. I’d say you can call that “not missing a beat” when it comes to incorporating this shawl collar cardigan into your sweater rotation. Plus, the shawl collar design itself provides added protection from the elements and makes this a nice choice to layer underneath, say, a waxed field jacket. On its own back at home, it’ll wear equally well with tailored joggers and your favorite henley for cozy winter weekend style, and yet, the Schott NYC Wool-Blend Cardigan is going to be at its best when worn with classic dark blue denim and rugged brown leather work boots. Suffice to say, I’d wager you’ve just found your new favorite winter sweater, and it’s more than ideal that it’s available for well under $200 at Huckberry. If you do end up picking this one up, be sure to let me know on Twitter. Cheers to winter layers, and thanks for reading!

The List: Here are the Best Gear Picks for the Holidays at Huckberry

One of many cool-as-can-be gifts from Huckberry to buy this season: A sharp blazer for the guy who’s big into style.

My friends, similar to what we talked about last month on the blog, I’m once again using today’s edition of The List to update you on the best gear to buy now from Huckberry. Holiday shopping season is in full force, to say the very least, so take this time to stock up on gifts and gear for your loved ones (and yourself, of course). Huckberry has you covered with uniquely curated gift guides full of the best gifts for guys, like gifts for the style icon, so you know there’s something for everyone contained herein (and it won’t be the last time we talk about the retailer this season, either). I’ve sorted through some favorites below — as ever, happy shopping and happy holidays!

Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch — $189

Huckberry x Timex Cola Sport Watch

Nothing less than one of the coolest men’s watches to buy right now.

File this handsome and eye-catching sport watch in the “gifts for the impossible to shop for” section at Huckberry, and then be sure to snap it up while it’s still available.

Wills Cable Knit Wool Sweater — $138

Wills Cable Knit Wool Sweater

A classically cool sweater to buy for yourself or the guy who simply can’t get enough of cozy winter sweaters.

Hey now, here’s another seriously cool and unique gift offering from the “gifts for the impossible to shop for” section at Huckberry, and it helps that it’s also a perfectly rugged sweater to wear on plenty of winter weekends (for you or someone else in your life).

Flint and TInder Moons Wayfarer Blazer — $298

A heritage-quality wool blazer, perfect for the guy who’s basically got everything.

Let’s shift now to the aforementioned Huckberry guide to gifts for the style icon, featuring this iconic wool blazer made from some of the best fabric on the planet. Talk about a surefire winner.

Smithey Ironware Co. No 12 Cast Iron Skillet — $200

A gift that’ll only get better with age and with each delicious dish.

Know someone who’s a budding kitchen enthusiast or experienced chef? Gift them the gift that keeps on giving via one of the best cast iron skillets out there.

Nomad Base Station Wireless Charging Hub — $125

Nomad Base Station Wireless Charging Hub

Stock up on a well-designed, tech-friendly gift for the guy on the go.

Consider this the best gift for the tech-savvy guy, or at the very least, the guy who always needs some extra juice in his devices. It helps that it’s mighty stylish to look at, too.

Flint and Tinder American-Made Flannel — $98

Flint and Tinder American-Made Flannel Shirt

Anyone out there would love this stylish flannel shirt for Christmas and beyond.

Who doesn’t love an American-made flannel shirt, right? This number from Flint and Tinder is sure to become a mighty fine and much-welcomed wardrobe addition this Christmas.

Lum-Tec M88 Watch — $575

A rugged watch that can’t be topped for standout everyday style — in this season or any other season, for that matter.

Maybe consider this more of a splurge for yourself — or for the guy who quite literally has everything — but either way, you’re getting a world-class watch at a not-so-terrible price.

Bellroy Hide and Seek RFID Wallet — $90

Bellroy RFID Wallet

A crisp and performance-minded leather wallet for the guy who could use a new one.

If you want to track down gifts under $100 at Huckberry, here’s a great place to start. Talk about a handsome wallet upgrade (with plenty of functionality built right in) for the modern man.

Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket — $248

Flint and TInder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket

A rugged shirt jacket for the guy who loves the great outdoors.

Yes indeed, more gear from Flint and Tinder is up for the taking, all the better when you consider that pieces like this rugged shirt jacket are perfect gifts for the outdoorsman (or the style fan, or really … anyone, for that matter).

Easymoc Moccasins — $250

Easymoc Moccasins

These classic leather moccasins are a nice way to give an easily wearable gift.

For cold winter mornings stoking the fire or putting on a pot of coffee, some of the coolest leather moccasins around are quite the fitting and memorable gift, right? Right.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Grilling Pack — $212

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Grilling Pack

A seriously cool and delicious grilling pack for the grilling enthusiast.

Know a grillmaster or a guy who appreciates a great cut of steak? This Snake River Farms grilling pack is one of the coolest gifts you can give, in that regard.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt — $195

If you want a truly special gift that’ll be worn and enjoyed for years to come, it’s hard to go wrong with an investment-level denim shirt from Billy Reid. This number is a personal favorite of mine, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Good + Well Supply Co. Rainier Park Candle — $36

A great gift for the den or the home office, no doubt about it.

This outdoorsy candle could be a nice gift for anyone who loves getting off the beaten path, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty darn cool, too.

Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chelsea Boots — $240

Red Wing Heritage

The coolest leather boots you can buy for the guy who can’t get enough of ’em this season.

Let’s close things out with one final gift for the style-minded guy, or else a perfect gift for a guy who loves leather boots: Red Wing Heritage is assuredly the right way to go.

Folks, keep in mind that you’ve still got plenty of time to shop for the best gifts for men this season, and if you start now at a spot like Huckberry, you’ll guarantee even better results when the big day comes. After all, who wouldn’t be enthused about the likes of an investment-level denim shirt from Billy Reid or any number of gifts under $100 at Huckberry, right? Throw in gifts from the “gifts for the impossible to shop for” section for good measure via the lauded retailer, and you’ve nearly got your holiday shopping all set. OK, that’s all I’ve got for now. Good luck out there!



Style Pick of the Week: Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater

Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck 2

A classic and cool sweater made from top-notch materials.

On the hunt for one of the best sweaters for men this holiday season (and beyond)? If you ask me, I think your search just got a little less comlicated, because the Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater is here to solve your winter layering problems in effective, refined and surprisingly affordable style. We’re talking about one of the best sweaters under $100 for men here (it clocks in at $98), and it’s super helpful that said sweater is sold by Huckberry. That gives it a mark of quality and a high bar to clear, but again, the Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater is one-of-a-kind in its own right, from the premium fabric to the no-fuss crewneck design. The crewneck design, in fact, means you can wear this refined sweater on its own atop a long-sleeve T-shirt for a more laidback look, and yet it might be at its best with a classic Oxford shirt or a warm flannel shirt for added warmth and holiday-ready style. Yes indeed, a piece like the Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater is subtly stylish and yet seriously cool in its own way, and that makes it a highly covetable winter wardrobe addition.

SHOP: The Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater 

One of three versatile colorways in which you can snag your new favorite sweater.

As mentioned above, it helps that this versatile sweater comes in three highly adaptable colors, each of which could be the building block of a successful holiday ensemble. Team the Charcoal color with everything from tan chinos and an Oxford shirt to dark blue denim, brown leather chukka boots and a light blue chambray shirt underneath. Either of those looks should work swimmingly this holiday season. It’s also quite helpful that the Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater is made with, well, merino fabric for the ultimate in versatility. Merino regulates your temperature and acts as an anti-microbial fabric, all the better to ensure you get multiple rounds of wear out of this standout sweater. Again, you can’t top the sub-$100 price tag, either. And if I were you, I just might look to snag multiple colorways of what just might be your new favorite sweater. Who’s onboard with that? If you end up picking up this piece, let me know on Twitter. 

SHOP: The Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck Sweater