See Now, Buy Now: Step Out in Style This Winter With Stylish Men’s Chelsea Boots from HELM

When a great thing comes along — like, say, a pair of stylish men’s Chelsea boots from one of your favorite boot brands — it’s always a wise bet to give them a good, long look, right? That’s my philosophy, and like a moth to a flame, whenever HELM Boots releases a new pair of stylish men’s boots, I’m first in line to check them out.


In fact, that’s particularly the case with the HELM Finn Boots, the brand’s just-launched pair of Chelsea boots, and a design more than five years in the making. I’ve had the chance to check out these seriously cool Chelsea boots around my home neighborhood of Brooklyn since they launched last week, and allow me to step right up and say: These are some of the best men’s boots to buy now, period.

Best black leather dress boots for men.

They’re built very well from the ground up with double-stitched, resoleable Blake stitch construction, and HELM’s signature white midsole is a visually appealing touch on either the black Krumenauer leather or one of two additional, handsome shades: Sienna and a rich Brown leather, another HELM Boots signature. The Sienna pair looks especially appealing, with rich texture to complement plenty of winter outfits.

These boots are sturdy yet supremely comfortable right out of the box, an experience I’ve also had with other HELM men’s boots in the past. Note that the Black leather pair is also fully lined in soft black leather.

And crucially, the custom rubber lug sole adds plenty of traction and grip on slick city streets. I appreciate the sleek, dressy black leather colorway of the HELM Finn Boots, perhaps a wise purchase to make as you shop for winter dress boots this season. The reinforced pull tab also feels sturdy yet supple, while small touches like a soft shoe bag and the brand’s custom sock liner quote within the boot really round things out in a premium way.

In summary: Searching for a pair of the best new boots, or a set of stylish Chelsea boots to round out that winter footwear rotation? You know where you’ve got to go… to HELM Boots now to get your new go-to pair of Chelsea boots. Cheers, my friends!


The Tuesday Steal: Gift This Stylish Cashmere Beanie for Under $100 Right Now from Todd Snyder

Best cashmere beanies for men.

Shopping for the best gifts for the stylish man in your life is difficult enough, right? After all, there’s a plethora of options when it comes to the best luxury menswear essentials, but few that are actually agreeable in terms of price (and it’s also difficult enough to shop for the man who seems to have everything). That’s where the Todd Snyder Gift Guide can help you cruise through your shopping list as you search for the best gifts for men. Witness today’s standout pick, the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie.

You might think of it as checking all the right boxes when it comes to the best beanies for men (not to mention the best affordable gifts for men), and it’s yet another example of how Todd Snyder gets so many things right on the menswear front. You could certainly splurge with one of the best shirt jackets from Todd Snyder, for instance, but why not shop a bit more affordably, yes? And it’s truly possible to blend affordability with refinement and style from one of the country’s best menswear designers.

Best winter beanie for men.

To wit, the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie hits the right notes in terms of utility (every guy needs a standout winter hat, yes?), as well as luxe design. The Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie is made from wool and recycled cashmere, as the name would imply, and it’s crafted in Italy for under $100.

That’s a downright steal considering the quality and style points you’re getting in one relatively affordable stocking stuffer for the stylish guy. Bonus points for the fact that the Todd Snyder Italian Recycled Cashmere Beanie is available in 11 — yes, 11 — seriously cool colors and patterns. Think of it like one of the best affordable gifts for men, and consider picking one up for yourself, too.

The Thursday Buy: The RAEN Wiley Sunglasses are Some of the Best Men’s Sunglasses Under $200

Best men's sunglasses to buy now.

Bear with me here today, my friends, because we’re going to talk about an unlikely accessory you should still keep handy as part of your everyday carry essentials heading into early fall. The accessory in question? Of course, it’s a pair of the best men’s sunglasses — yes, I really do mean it.

Shop Western Rise!

And although you might think of shopping for men’s sunglasses as a pursuit best undertaken in the spring and summer, the right pair of stylish shades can still work wonders for your look and of course, the comfort of your vision come fall (and winter). That leads me to the California-based eyewear masters at RAEN, purveyors of specs like the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses. What makes this pair some of the best sunglasses for men? My friend, I’m glad you asked.

Best stylish men's sunglasses.

It’s all about the right blend of style plus utility in terms of sunglasses for men, and the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses pack a nice wallop when it comes to both categories. Available in a seriously cool nine frame and lens combinations (all polarized for maximum visibility), your new favorite pair of sunglasses are crafted with a frame handmade from zyl acetate.

The construction is meant to be lightweight yet durable, and sturdy five barrel hinge hardware should only bolster the long-term wearability of the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses.

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

As if that wasn’t enough, the frame shape is squared-off and clean, the right sort of design if you want a more casual pair of sunglasses to wear with laidback looks like the best pocket T-shirt and lightweight jeans (topped off by a stylish bomber jacket, of course).

Perhaps the biggest benefit to snagging the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses right now? Of course, the multi-season wearability — and the affordable sub-$200 price. Are the RAEN Wiley Sunglasses some of the best men’s sunglasses under $200? Try ’em out yourself and let me know in the comments.

The Friday Read: Le Alfre Oxford Shirts, The Western Rise Warehouse Sale & Olivers Apparel Shorts

Best new Oxford shirt for men.

Do you ever get the feeling like your menswear wardrobe could use a bit of a shot in the arm (aside from my standout style picks, that is)? If so, the launching point in today’s Friday Read is right up your alley. Back in May, I had the chance to connect with Brandon Snower, founder of upstart, classic-meets-modern New York outfitter Le Alfré.

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

Over beers at Brooklyn’s Wild East Brewing, we had the chance to chat menswear and to catch up about his one-man operation, a brand shaking up the world of men’s shirting and loafers right here in Manhattan. Perhaps you’ve seen the brand over at Gear Patrol or elsewhere on the World Wide Web — if not, read on, my friends.

Best modern Oxford shirt for men.

The idea behind Le Alfré is simple: Take the classic buttondown shirt and mix it up a bit, using a cool contrasting collar — like an old-school banker’s shirt — but doing it in a fun way with fresh colors and the best material in the business. The result is Le Alfré, making some of the best men’s shirts on the market at a 66-year-old Portuguese shirtmaker meticulously researched by former Wall Street man Snower himself. His operation is also focused on sustainability through ethical production processes and it helps that these modern Oxford shirts are sharp yet easy to dress up or dress down.

I’d urge you to take a look today if you want a stylish men’s shirt that’s as ready for the office as it is for, well, a happy hour brewery hangout. We’ve got plenty more to cover in today’s Friday Read, and this won’t be the last time you hear about Snower’s brand, either. Here’s to the weekend ahead, folks!

Most versatile shorts for men.
  • Looking for a refresh when it comes to both your activewear and loungewear rotation? You’re in luck, because as of yesterday, the fast-selling, highly versatile and extremely well-made Olivers Apparel All Over Shorts — a true fan favorite for guys on the go — are back in stock in a variety of colors and sizes. These durable, moisture-wicking, water-repellent stretch shorts can pull double-duty as some of the best workout shorts or heck, just a pair of the best lounge shorts, if you so choose. Consider them an easygoing alternative to the Olivers Apparel Compass Pants, which you can also wear, well, just about anywhere you please.
  • Speaking of a summer wardrobe refresh, your luck just got even better if you want to stock up on versatile, durable gear that works for hot summer days, weekend getaways and even a work-from-home Zoom call or two. That’s because the Western Rise Warehouse Sale — running through the end of the month is giving you up to 50 percent off select styles. The brand, known for its performance shirting for men and dependable stretch pants, doesn’t often offer its gear on sale, so this is one to shop early and often.
  • In the spirit of getting ready for early fall — as we’ve talked about time and time again here on the blog — you should never be caught off guard when the season hits. That’s where my latest guide for comes into play, seeing as I’m talking about the best sweaters for the season ahead. Shop now, my friends.

I’ll leave you with one last early fall style recommendation, my friends: If you want to lace up in style in the weeks to come, you’d do well to check out my post on the best men’s boots from TAFT. The rugged-yet-refined TAFT Rome Boots are dressy and versatile, ready for the office or a visit to your favorite whiskey distillery in equal measure. That’ll do it for me today, folks. As ever, check out my Instagram to stay connected to the latest in my neck of the woods. Cheers!

Style Pick of the Week: Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts – Summer’s Best Boardshorts

Best men's swim trunks for summer.

Back in the day, years ago, boardshorts used to get a bit of a bad rep, did they not? You know the ones I mean: Baggy boardshorts with way too many pockets, the kind you might have worn growing up (no harm, no foul!). But that’s all changed: The best men’s swim trunks for summer, like the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts, are both better-fitting, more mature and just cooler (seriously!) than the pairs you might have worn back in the day, and that makes them a worthy candidate for today’s Style Pick of the Week.

It all comes down to the fact that the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts boast a vintage-inspired cut that streamlines things from a pair of early 2000s boardshorts, and that’s a great thing for all involved. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying, lightweight fabric also gives you added mobility in the water and on land, another major benefit of upgrading your boardshorts in a modern manner. Above all else, the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts add some serious style points to your summer swimwear rotation.

They’re also part of Huckberry’s sustainable in-house brand Wellen, another major benefit if you want to upgrade your style the right way this season. Plus, you get your pick between sun-faded color options aplenty when it comes to the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts, and they retail for the agreeable price of $68, meaning you can pick up more than one pair with relative ease if you so choose. The next time you get the feeling your boardshorts need a style upgrade, snag the Wellen ’66 Stretch Boardshorts.

See Now, Buy Now: Shop for Your New Favorite Summer Shorts from Buck Mason

Best casual shorts for men.

Are we out of the woods yet when it comes to dealing with blustery spring weather? Let’s hope so, which is where the best men’s shorts gradually start to come into play in your wardrobe. If you keep up with the blog, perhaps you know where this is going. To upgrade your ensembles for a new season, turn to a brand you can trust — a brand like Buck Mason, makers of some of the coolest old-school-meets-modern menswear on the market. They’ve been one of my favorite brands for a good long while, with a full lineup of the best menswear essentials up for grabs — including today’s featured style pick, the Buck Mason Deck Shorts. There’s never been a time like right now to snag some of the best shorts for men, and since the calendar reads April and not May or June, you’re well ahead of the game.

What exactly qualifies the Buck Mason Deck Shorts as some of the best men’s shorts? Like other Buck Mason style moves (including your new favorite T-shirt), the key here lies in versatility and high-quality design. Let’s start with the fabric: It’s a stretch cotton-poly blend, making them more comfortable and more quick-drying than most cotton chino shorts on the market. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts are also available in two inseam lengths. a 6-inch inseam and an 8-inch inseam — both should work out for plenty of different guys. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts only get better from there.

Buck Mason men's shorts.

The Buck Mason Deck Shorts are equipped with plenty of helpful features to keep you moving on the go in style this summer. The drawcord waist is plenty comfortable and allows you to go sans belt, which is helpful for many a spring and summer adventure — on the trail, at a campsite or exploring a new favorite watering hole. I mean that literally, because the quick-drying nature of the Buck Mason Deck Shorts means you can wear them like a regular pair of the best men’s shorts, or like stylish swim trunks. I’d most likely wear these shorts as more of a set of beach or boardwalk shorts when you won’t be in the water for hours at a time, but in a pinch, the Buck Mason Deck Shorts can get wet and dry quickly.

The rest of the time, they wear quite well with plenty of different spring and summer style staples. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts come in four different colors, each of which teams up stylishly with everything from a grey or navy polo to a breezy beige cotton tee or a white Oxford shirt. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts would probably look best with your favorite pocket tee and casual canvas sneakers for seriously easygoing seasonal style. Best of all, these wear-with-anything shorts retail for under $90 and are built to last all spring and summer long. That sounds like a new menswear must-have to me.

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Archie Jacket is the Best Spring Blazer to Buy Now

The best men's blazer for spring.

It feels to me like we were just talking about the best moleskin jeans for winter, among other seasonal style essentials, from the retailer in question today, the great Billy Reid out of Florence, Alabama. And yet, the time has now come to upgrade your seasonal wardrobe in a new way with some of the best spring style essentials we’ve seen yet from the famed American menswear designer. Sure, you know Billy Reid’s bestsellers by heart, I would hope: We’re talking rugged denim shirts, hard-wearing selvedge jeans and of course, the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, but the designer also does a number when it comes to more refined spring menswear essentials. Take the Billy Reid Archie Jacket, one of the best blazers for men and a special standout as we move into breezy spring and summer dressing situations.

It’s the kind of blazer worth investing in, one that can be worn more casually with some of the best jeans for men — note the more laidback patch pockets — or in dressier situations with some of the best Billy Reid tailoring out there. Now, unlike on-sale menswear at Billy Reid’s Clearance Sale, this jacket is brand-new and full-price at just a shade under $600, but like most things Billy Reid, it’s worth spending a bit more to get one of the best men’s blazers.

Best casual spring blazer for men.

The design of the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is exactly what you would expect — in a great way — from a designer that knows how to toe the line between ultra-casual and ultra-versatile. The aforementioned casual patch pockets make it easy to wear the jacket casually with light wash jeans or sans tie, with a chambray shirt, as part of a full suit. It’s made from lightweight, garment-dyed 100 percent linen for a breezy feel and finish on hot spring and summer days — if you’re looking for insight on how to dress for a summer wedding, starting with the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is but one way to go.

That fabric is then garment-dyed for an even softer look and feel, right out of the box. The Billy Reid Archie Jacket could very well be one of the most comfortable blazers you’ve ever worn. It’s lined in cotton, with cotton-blend sleeve lining for an easy-on, easy-off design. It’s also unstructured and looks better when worn with a more casual edge (again, skip the tie and wear a rugged denim shirt for a change of pace). The Billy Reid Archie Jacket is finished off with premium pick (or raised) lapel and pocket stitching, a sartorial touch that separates this blazer from the pack. The fit is modern and tailored, with plenty of size options available. For my money’s worth, and yours, the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is one of the best men’s blazers out there, period. Find out for yourself now before wedding season begins in earnest.

The Tuesday Steal: Get the Best Men’s Chinos for Spring for Under $100 at Bonobos

As we cruise through a new month and a new season, I would hope you’ve got your sights set on some of the best spring menswear, and specifically, the best men’s chinos. To get even more specific, I would hope your go-to chinos brand is going to be NYC-based Bonobos, long-running makers of some of my favorite chinos (and jeans, and soft buttondown shirts, and so on). And to dial things in even further: The Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 are a revamped pair you need now, with the proper quality and comfort you’d expect from a brand founded on perfecting the style. And in the spirit of today’s Tuesday Steal, these unbeatable chinos are available for under $100 ($99 to be exact) right now. Yes indeed, there’s lots to love with a comfortable durable pair of workhorse chinos, and Bonobos has you covered. You already know the brand makes everything from retro cardigans to classic Oxford shirts, so why not amp things up with a new pair of the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0, right? This new design features non-iron, 4-way stretch fabric, all the better for constant wear this season.

Without a doubt, you’ve probably already read a Bonobos review or two on this blog, specifically on a pair of the best chinos for men from this very brand, but this new edition is back in spring-ready colors and with plenty of that same comfort and stretch you’ve come to expect.

The best chinos for men.

Take your pick from a whopping 19 different colors and three (or four) sizing options in terms of fit, plus a wide range of inseam and waist measurements. The Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 check off all the right boxes, as any good pair of chinos should do. The best chinos for men, after all, are the perfect hybrid between your favorite jeans and tailored dress pants — wearable at the office or on the weekend, yet with more spring-ready comfort and mobility than wool dress pants, for instance. Especially when it comes to the relatively tailored cut of the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0, they’re wearable with your favorite blazer and an Oxford shirt, yet you can also style the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 with an easygoing pocket tee (it definitely helps that Bonobos sells all of the above menswear essentials, does it not?).

Styling potential is nearly limitless with the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0, and given the fact that they’re available right now for a shade under $100 — and potentially lower, if you shop the Bonobos Sale Section — they’re a deal not to be missed. And again, just because Bonobos menswear is on sale doesn’t mean it’s of inferior quality; in fact, it’s a great opportunity to get high-quality gear while saving some dough. And for my money’s worth, the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 should be the first purchase you make right now.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat – The Best Winter Blazer for Men

It always helps to have a reliable rotation of the best menswear brands in your closet when you need to get dressed in style in a pinch, especially through the frigid days of winter (at least where I am, in Brooklyn). Today’s menswear brand in question is a longtime favorite here on the blog: The great folks at San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch, purveyors of several “best-in-class” menswear picks, including a new essential you might not have considered from the brand. That new essential? One of the best blazers for men, or rather, one of the best sportcoats for men, and one that’s done up in a handsome plaid pattern for winter.

You already know you can turn to the West Coast retailer for a little bit of everything, including a jam-packed rotation of the best jackets for men, but this recent introduction takes things up a notch in terms of refinement and tailored appeal. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat is precisely the upgrade you need when the situation is more formal than simply throwing on one of the best shirt jackets, for instance. You might normally turn to Taylor Stitch for more casual menswear offerings, but the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat proves they can do slightly more formal selections with just as much quality top-of-mind. Of course, they haven’t overdone it, though.

The Sheffield Sportcoat in Coal Slub Check | Taylor Stitch

That’s a difficult balance to strike, but it’s one that Taylor Stitch manages to finetune correctly with the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat. Take the construction, for instance. The elegant yet classically “Taylor Stitch” sportcoat features a poly-cotton lining and minimal padding for a fit that’s tailored yet modern without overdoing it. It’s cut to move with you, not restrict you, as a heavily padded suit jacket or blazer might do. And the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat perfectly fits the definition if you want explore the difference between a sportcoat and a blazer. The Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat features a plaid pattern reminiscent of when sportcoats were actually worn in the field — like hunting jackets — while a traditional blazer is solid in color (among other differences). In this case, it’s more technical, but it’s always useful to know the difference, ehh? The patch pockets on the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat also nail the “casual-yet-refined” vibe perfectly.

Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat is one of the best men’s winter blazers (or rather, sportcoats), able to be worn seamlessly with Taylor Stitch chinos or a pair of the best blue jeans for men and your favorite winter boots. This blazer, with its modern fit and winter-friendly wool fabric, also wears well at the office with the aforementioned blue jeans and leather boots, or with corduroy pants and a crisp white Oxford shirt to hit the town. The Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat can go anywhere you’d normally wear a regular blazer, or anywhere you want to project an air of casual, stylish and slightly rugged confidence. That makes it a must-buy winter jacket, does it not? Here’s to dressing for the rest of winter in style with the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat.

The Thursday Buy: This Billy Reid Shirt Jacket is the Rugged & Refined Winter Layer You Need

I always say that it pays to have brands you can trust in your rotation of the best men’s style essentials, brands that don’t miss a beat when moving from season to season. As it turns out, Billy Reid is one of those brands, a reliable company that delivers some of the coolest menswear as dreamed up by one of the country’s best menswear designers. And as luck would have it, the Billy Reid New Arrivals section is packed with some of the best winter gear for guys, including one of the best shirt jackets for men. Billy Reid already has you outfitted for those occasions when things turn more formal, including a selection of the best men’s shirts for all occasions.

And I’m more than willing to bet you also know Billy Reid from the frankly incredible, widely coveted and fast-selling Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, which just so happens to be the type of heirloom piece you’d do well to buy now and wear often. But let’s talk more about the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket, one of the best men’s shirt jackets to wear when situations toe the line between rugged and refined.

Where does the magic come from with the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket? It starts with the warm and winter-friendly wool-blend exterior, reinforced with nylon and polyester for durability and stretch. It’s then filled with an insulating poly fill made with recycled polyester for an extra shot of sustainability. So, the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket delivers when it comes to comfort and performance. But it’s the small details where Billy Reid elevates things even further. Whereas more technical shirt jackets might use a cheaper style of button, here, the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket uses antique brass hardware and a handsome leather locker loop, the sort of touch you can use to display this handsome and functional shirt jacket on a coat rack rather than tossed in the laundry room.

These touches make the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket more of a style piece than a performance move. I’d shy away from wearing this on long, grueling hikes and reserve this rugged-yet-refined shirt jacket for park strolls and brewery beers. The rich dark navy plaid pattern makes the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket a superb style move when worn atop one of your favorite henleys and some slim blue jeans, and you can even wear the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket atop one of Billy Reid’s denim shirts for the ultimate blend of durability and style points. To shake up your winter layering, get the handsome and ever-versatile Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket — you won’t regret it.