Product Review: ‘The Knottery’ Patterned Watch Strap

As the weather warms up, spring brings with it all sorts of opportunities for cool experimentation with colors. With brighter sunshine and (eventually) flowers in bloom, spring’s the perfect time to bust out some alternative styles and try on a different color or two. Although underrated and often overlooked, small pops of color can be a perfect, refreshing accent to an ensemble. And given that guys don’t often get many chances to show off flashy accessories, something like a watch strap can often be the perfect complement to an outfit. NATO straps have military roots (highly functional), but are now a welcome and widely accepted fashion upgrade.Whereas bracelets and rings are often too much when piled on with each other, a simple change of watch strap is an understated style move that can often feel like putting on a whole new watch. Canvas straps also seem more appropriate for spring and summer given the sportier feel and the ability to swap out straps so easily (especially on something standard, like a Timex Weekender).

Use a watch strap to inject some color into a look on sunny days.
Use a watch strap to inject some color into a look on sunny days.

That’s why it’s so great to see what The Knottery has done with their latest round of watch straps, all of which are priced below $20 (a big bonus, especially if you’re looking to cut costs). Released near the end of last year, the canvas straps have plenty of refreshing, bright looks perfect for spring — or any time color needs to be injected into your wardrobe. Picked up recently from the company’s online site, the patterned paisley watch strap certainly fits all the criteria of a refreshing spring style change. The strap itself feels sturdy and somewhat stiff, and could actually use some breaking-in time. It’s just long enough for my wrist, and doesn’t run too long. The mix of colors also means it can go with a white or black-dial watch.

The Knottery's patterned paisley watch strap. Watch by Timex Ameritus.
The Knottery’s patterned paisley watch strap. Watch by Timex Ameritus.

The pattern when seen up close is quite eye-catching when contrasted with a crisp dial. It can also serve as a standout piece on its own when worn with other neutral colors. I took the watch strap for a spin earlier this week with a white henley, grey cardigan and lightwash jeans — all fairly color-neutral pieces. The watch provided just enough of a pop against a neutral palette, and actually served as a cool conversation piece, too. See the result for yourself here.

The full patterned paisley NATO watch strap.
The full patterned paisley NATO watch strap.

The rest of The Knottery’s line is just as unique as the paisley strap — some smaller pindot and plaid offerings, along with a more intricate flower pattern strap. When worn with the right color combinations (could be useful to keep some of these ideas in mind), the strap could be one of the more vital or interesting pieces of an outfit — just be sure to wear it in the right situations. It seems like these straps are more useful for providing some contrast in a neutral-colored, casual outfit, versus rocking it on the red carpet. But with a lighter-weight blazer and some jeans, a casual (yet patterned) watch strap could actually inject a nice dose of cool to your ensemble. Keep this style move in mind for the spring.


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