The Product Review: Tretorn Nylite Canvas Sneakers

A great pair of white sneakers. T-Shirt by Bonobos. Jeans by Levi's. Watch by Stuhrling. Sneakers by Tretorn.

A great pair of white sneakers. T-Shirt by Bonobos. Jeans by Levi’s. Sneakers by Tretorn.

Nothing beats a crisp, casual sneaker in the summer. Especially when days are hot, the ground is free of crazy winter weather, and you’re in need of something cool on your feet, few things are more ideal than the right canvas sneaker. While styles like the Converse Jack Purcell are plentiful in many places (as well as classic), sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit with another pair of the best men’s sneakers. Particularly in the past few years, we’ve seen the classic white sneaker get a high-fashion upgrade, popping up outside runway shows and on menswear blogs with alarming regularity and with all different kinds of outfits. Now the great thing about classic white sneakers is that you don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars to snag the perfect pair — variations and price points abound, especially in this category. In particular, Tretorn’s done a great job separating itself from the pack, and their Nylite Canvas Sneaker fits the definition of the ideal pair of crisp, white kicks — all for an astonishingly low price. You can also find other picks for the best sneakers for men right here. Among other white sneakers, I also love sneakers from Huckberry.

The breathable canvas exterior is surprisingly comfortable -- perfect for a day walking around NYC.

The breathable canvas exterior is surprisingly comfortable — perfect for a day walking around NYC. Watch by Stuhrling.

While on a recent spin through the men’s section at Club Monaco (a fun trip all on its own), I stumbled across just the pair of shoes I’d been looking for this summer. Tretorn’s canvas sneakers have gotten a lot of play across the Web recently for their clean styling and versatility (for more on their other sneaker offerings, see this review from Dappered). And this pair certainly meets my expectations. The sneakers are incredibly lightweight and breathable, perfect for strolling around sans socks.

Sneakers by Tretorn. Jeans by Levi's. Holding up very well so far.

Sneakers by Tretorn. Jeans by Levi’s. Holding up very well so far.

For being a low-cut sneaker, they wear very comfortably — they don’t feel flimsy at all, unlike other types of ankle-high canvas sneakers. The solid rubber sole seems pretty durable, something you’d expect from a company that originally started making car tires. After three consecutive days of wear across the past weekend and into the week, the shoes have held up quite well. And surprisingly for being all-white, they seem to resist dirt and stains pretty well. Stylistically as well, these sneakers are on-point. Without the clutter of additional colors or lines, they’re totally streamlined. Unlike a higher-cut sneaker (like the ALDO Gia), these pair more naturally with cuffed chinos or jeans and without socks. And they add a casual, yet crisp, flair to other outfits, too. The sharp white color helps ground more outlandish prints, including that shirt in the link from Saturdays Surf NYC (a personal favorite).

On top of their casual versatility (wearable with T-shirts, polos, printed short-sleeve shirts and shorts alike), these kicks could more than hold their own with something like an unstructured navy blazer (like this one seen here) and perhaps some light grey washed chinos and a heathered oatmeal henley. While that outfit might seem a bit odd at first thought, the surprising thing about a clean pair of white sneakers is the flair they lend to any outfit — sharp, and sophisticated … yet they’re still a sneaker — a nice sneaker, at that. When seeking out some new kicks, there’s no need to spend lavish amounts on a luxury brand. These Tretorn sneakers (and other ones in that range), are the ideal white sneaker for the price.

Again, if you’re still looking for suggestions for the best sneakers for men, click that link.




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