What’s New and What’s Next

Hi there!

Your Brooklyn-based style blogger (and PR pro) coming at you this morning. If you’re reading this — great, thank you! If you’re new, welcome! And if you’ve read content here since it was a .Wordpress address (not the fancy .com it is now), welcome back!

For nearly two years, this site has provided, at various points, a mix of both men’s and women’s style content, including combo outfit posts and other style suggestions.  Starting next week (that’s the week of April 20), things will be different though — and not in a bad way! Expect an exclusive focus on men’s style content, most importantly reflected in a new name: The Style Guide (that’ll be The-Style-Guide.com, in fact). The content will stay largely the same as what’s published now — a mix of online shopping selections geared towards style on a budget, profiles on great brands, product reviews  and other value-added features like fashion and lifestyle event coverage, weekly reading downloads and style selections. The name change and category/menu realignment will simply provide more opportunity to get exactly what you want from the site.

You should still be able to access this blog from the old URL (working on that at the moment), but know that all of this site’s previous content will still be out there for your reading pleasure. If, however, the layout looks different the next time you drop by, don’t be alarmed.

Most importantly: What would you like to see from this new set-up? Specific features? Certain company profiles? A different approach to any facet of the writing, photography, reviewing or brand-profiling process? Shoot me an email with all questions or suggestions here.

As always — Stay stylish.




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