Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Enough said, right? (Editor's note: Just a joke!)

Enough said, right? (Editor’s note: Just a joke!)

Even if you’ve got your own personal shopping habits and interests covered, it can still be a little difficult to know what to get your mother, grandmother or significant other (or all three!) for Mother’s Day. Well, that day is quickly approaching (mark your calendars for May 10, in fact), so the team over at The Style Guide has put together a handy little guide for the sorts of gifts that convey thought, meaning and a little bit of fun. Of course, this is all dependent on who you’re giving the gift too, so the below suggestions might not work for everyone. If you need more general gift suggestions, head here. And in the meantime, best get to shopping if you haven’t already!

For The Homemaker: Dreambirds Dessert Plates — $16

Buy just one, or buy the whole set — your call.

Buy just one, or buy the whole set — your call.

These dessert plates come to you courtesy of Anthropologie. They’re small, functional and decorative, plus they’re a nice touch if you have a recipient in mind who enjoys nature and a touch of quirky color. While just one on its own is $16, a duo or a trio of plates could be the way to go. The Web site and physical Anthropologie store itself (if you happen to be near one) also stock all manner of excellent goods for the stylish women in your life, from smart & colorful bags to tech accessories that combine the stylistic touches of chic jewelery.

For The Small-Business Shopper: Silver Wrist Bracelet — $10 (via Etsy)

Small, understated and made using fine attention to detail.

Small, understated and made with fine attention to detail.

Etsy really has turned into a remarkable source for all manner of goods, from slim bracelets like the one pictured here to neat notebooks and other design-minded accessories.  The best part about shopping through Etsy is perhaps the feeling and knowledge that you’re supporting a small business focused on personal touches and craftsmanship — some of that is lost by buying through other, larger retailers. A combination set featuring another simple piece (like a fun notepad or small picture frame) could make for a nice gift set.

For The Bookworm: The Girl on the Train — $14.82 (Hardcover) And a Local Flower Delivery


One of the more popular books this year to date.


Across the past few months, I’ve heard more about The Girl on the Train than perhaps any other. And if the mom(s) in your life are really into literature (or just enjoy a good read) and haven’t gotten around to picking it up yet, this would be the perfect opportunity to do it for them! While this tome is also available for purchase via the Kindle, it’s sometimes nice to hold a physical, sturdy book in your hands. The addition of flowers from your local florist would certainly be a fine complement to any of the gifts listed here — and it’s yet another way to buy local.

For The Entertainer: Monthly Wine Club Membership — $50/Month

A monthly wine club membership — the gift that keeps on giving.

A monthly wine club membership — the gift that keeps on giving.

A monthly wine club membership is an excellent way to recognize the recipient’s love of entertaining, fine wine and often, fine dining. Club W and other sites offer specific ways to customize the membership, including the method delivery and the inclusion of a special note. $50 is quite a lot for just one month (so one year does shoot up in price quite a bit), and in that case, a nice bottle of wine itself could perhaps be a good alternative. The WSJ Wine Club does offer a better price if you want to go the club route, however.

What do you think of these suggestions? Any categories or gifts you would add? What are you picking up for Mother’s Day this year?

Editor’s note: Looking to pick up something for yourself? Head here for a blog post by yours truly on a great spring trend — luxe, laidback joggers!



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