Online Shopping Picks: The Best Gifts to Buy For Mother’s Day This Year

OK, guys — remain calm. If Mother’s Day crept up on you this year — or you just didn’t know what to buy for the occasion, The Style Guide is here to help today. And luckily for all of you shoppers out there, we’ve got not only a little bit of time before Mother’s Day (it’s this weekend!), but also plenty of options in this year’s Mother’s Day gift guide. Read this post, and I guarantee you your gift-giving conundrum will be solved. Just as with buying a Christmas or birthday gift, it pays to dig a little deeper, past the ordinary — simple and beautifully made gifts with character are the way to go, no matter the mom you’re buying for. And we’re making it even easier this year, with categories ranging from fashion to jewelry. So with all of that being said, I won’t waste another minute of your time. Unless, that is, you feel like shopping for yourself and perhaps crossing an item off your spring style wish list … in that case, procrastinate away! In the meantime, good luck finding that perfect Mother’s Day gift — tell me how it goes over on Twitter or via The Style Guide Facebook page.


Jewelry: Julia Szendrei Horizon Diamond Slice Necklace — $99

Julia Szendrei

A simply stylish, understated addition to Mom’s jewelry collection.

You know what’s the great thing about shopping frequently via Huckberry? You get well-acquainted with the fact that they’ve got a neat, unique and well-curated selection of women’s gifts — including the Julia Szendrei Horizon Diamond Slice Necklace.  It provides just the right amount of visual interest, and certainly looks more unique than other necklaces Mom might have in her jewelry rotation. Simple, understated and classic.

Accessories, Part 1: Sofia Ramsey Silver Coco Bracelets — $16

Made with hand-painted coconut wood and bright metal beads, these would be a unique, thoughtful gift.

Less a statement piece of jewelry and more a thoughtful accessory, these Sofia Ramsey bracelets blend a spring and summer-friendly color with carefully constructed quality and the type of chic looks that the mom — or moms — on your gifting list might appreciate. Perhaps even better than the eclectic style of these bracelets? Supporting two local businesses in the process (one of ’em being my favorite Brooklyn shop, Upstate Stock!). Plus, you can combine this gift with a little more personal touch — thoughtful flowers, a nice candle or a great book. Speaking of books …

The Combination Gift: Elizabeth W. Aromatherapy Candle — $23.98 AND a Great Book [“Days Without End” by Sebastian Barry, $26 on]

The unbeatable combo of a great book and a nice candle.

What better way to welcome spring and summer than with an intriguing beach read? If you’ve got a book lover on your list, they very well might appreciate “Days Without End,” a richly crafted, fascinating tale of immigration, the old American West and in short, a momentous time in American history. It’s got a lot of buzz behind it, and it’s certainly among the best books for Mother’s Day (I think). It should be a gripping read — and that’s where the relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Candle comes into play. See, two great gifts and an easy one-two punch.

Clothing: Taylor Stitch Catherine Buttondown — $118

Taylor Stitch Women's Apparel

A simple, well-made buttondown — match with your gift receipient if you wish!

Lest you thought Taylor Stitch only made your favorite clothing, think again. They make a nice selection of finely textured, well-made and understated pieces for the woman who values effortless style. Whoever that might be on your list, a premium shirt like the Taylor Stitch Catherine Buttondown could be a nice complement to something like a day of pampering or her favorite flowers — see, it’s the little things that count. And seeing as Taylor Stitch has thought of all the details possible with its Catherine Shirt, that’s great news as you shop for Mother’s Day.

Oxfords under $50 CAD_728x90

Footwear: Nisolo Sofia Slip-on — $188


A clean, well-made slip-on perfect for the mom who loves — I mean, LOVES — shoes.

Just as with Taylor Stitch, Nisolo does far more than make stylish gear for guys (like the Emilio Chukka Boot). Indeed, the Sofia Slip-on is yet another unique, refined and understated pair of footwear to consider buying for the mom who considers herself a fashionista. And regardless of her footwear tastes, a chic pair of leather slip-ons should work reliably well through the warmer months — so while you buy the Nisolo Leon Weekender for yourself, buy the Sofia Slip-on for her, will ya?

Sutro Shoes Inc.

Accessories, Part 2: Bellroy Carry Out Clutch — $168.98



For the mom who appreciates refined, essential accessories — here’s the gift to give.

Who doesn’t appreciate a great addition to their everyday carry  — right? While Mom’s daily carry might look a bit different than yours — I’d wager she doesn’t carry around a small pocket knife, for example — there are still additions to be made. And one of those additions should likely be the Bellroy Carry Out Clutch, a subtly stylish clutch that should be easy to slip into a tote bag or carry on its own. Hey, maybe check out some other Bellroy leather goods for yourself? You know, as a reward for your shopping prowess.

And with that … we’ve reached the end of this year’s Mother’s Day gift guide. Was it helpful? Useful? Or was it a complete waste of time and you’re still scrambling to find a gift? In that case … I do apologize. But if you found a simple, timeless and classic gift to give — like the Bellroy Carry Out Clutch or the Sofia Slip-on — that’s what we’re going for! Indeed, it all comes down to playing toward Mom’s tastes and interests; in that case, something more unexpected, yet well-made — like the Taylor Stitch Catherine Buttondown — could be a prime gift to give. Don’t forget small touches, like an engaging book or a nice candle. So, what do you say? Let me know what you’re buying for Mother’s Day this year in the comments below.

Good luck, stay stylish and thank you for reading — as always!


Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Editor’s note: For more gift ideas, check out last year’s women’s style holiday gift guide.

So, you’ve looked at the ole calendar and realized it’s December, ehh? In a bit of a gift-giving panic (and if not, maybe soon)? Well, fear not — The Style Guide is here to set you up with excellent holiday gift-giving advice for all the stylish ladies in your life. Hopefully, they strike the right chord — if you don’t see any suggestions to fit your gifting needs, shoot me an email and we’ll help you out. Whether you’re buying for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or grandma — or likely that whole group, and more — there are plenty of picks below to get those gears turning. In fact, the list is expanded and divided into a few helpful categories. Last year’s Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide might also help you out in a pinch — but that’s just this writer’s opinion. The biggest key is thoughtful gift-giving — while you might love a framed NFL jersey, your wife might not appreciate said gift (I kid, I kid). It’s never an easy process — so read on, shop away and leave any questions in the comments below.

Home Goods: Luvhaus Ceramics One-Of-A-Kind Turqouise Tumblers (Set of 2) — $64.98

Luvhaus Ceramics

Unique tumblers that add a little spark to your kitchen.

Let’s get this kicked off with a helpful nudge — if you find yourself shopping Huckberry quite a bit, you can kill two birds with one stone. The site’s excellent Huckberry Gift Guide is packed with gifts for everyone from your father-in-law to your son, and the site’s Huckberry Women’s Collection is a veritable treasure trove of outstanding finds both big and small. That includes the very cool set of Luvhaus turquoise tumblers seen here — talk about a neat addition to your kitchen, and the perfect set of tumblers for occasions throughout the year.

Jewelry: Sword and Plough Brass Bar Necklace — $69

Made from a 50-caliber shell casing, this unique piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.

Made from a 50-caliber shell casing, this unique piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.

The folks at Sword & Plough get a lot right when it comes to their production and design of stylish men’s and women’s accessories, starting with their support of veterans through every step of design and production. In particular, the Brass Bar Necklace is unique, subtly stylish and a perfect, understated finishing touch. This neat necklace is made from a 50-caliber shell casing, and it’s done in partnership with Bang Bang Ballistic. Co-founder Shanna Rodenberg is a disabled veteran who first experimented with making jewelry out of spent ammo after eight years serving in Afghanistan — you won’t find another piece of jewelry with that pedigree and history this season.

Footwear: Nisolo Oliver Oxford in Brandy — $134.98

Nisolo Oliver Oxford

A chic, refined and well-made pair of shoes that everyone can appreciate.

Now, you certainly don’t have to be a “fashionista” to appreciate a chic, well-made and versatile pair of shoes — right? Nisolo handcrafts its beautiful men’s and women’s shoes in Pereu, and the Oliver Oxford is the brand’s interpretation of a classic men’s Oxford. The sheep leather insole provides comfort atop a stacked leather heel, and the slip-free rubber heel cap provides an added dash of functionality. They’re a more unique take on women’s footwear, but hopefully appreciated by those who love great design.

 Headwear/Accessories: Goorin Brothers January Breeze Felt Hat — $60

Goorin Brothers women's hats

A classic, chic hat for the woman who favors unique, neat style.

We’re keeping things rolling for the fashionable woman (or women) in your life here today. When it comes to versatile, well-made hats, Goorin Brothers is tough to top. On top of classic wool flatcaps and leather fedoras for men — as seen in my recent upstate travel post — the brand also makes a slew of stylish women’s hats, both more unique and more traditional in nature. If the lady in your life needs a new hat to go along with her leather Oxfords, the January Breeze could be the one to gift. Its shape is classic and easily wearable in breezy winter temperatures, and it makes a neat addition to a travel wardrobe — at least in the eyes of this author.

Accessories: Tanner Goods Vanguard Saddle Bag in Hickory — $249.98

A beautiful bag made from premium materials, from the same brand who makes your favorite belt.

A beautiful bag made from premium materials, from the same brand who makes your favorite belt.

If you follow along with this blog regularly, you know that we love ourselves some Tanner Goods gear. The brand’s belts and wallets are investment-worthy, and now, the brand is carefully crafting some amazing women’s accessories as well. Take the incredible Tanner Goods Vanguard Saddle Bag in Hickory. It’s a lovely bag, able to work all through the day and night in a beautiful Hickory color and all-leather construction. The Vanguard Saddle Bag is also made in America — as the brand does with its men’s lifestyle products — features what the brand calls “graceful lines” for a premium look and feel. If you tend to agree, surely the woman in your life will appreciate it.

Accessories, Part 2: Scarf Shop Giant Cotton Scarf — $49.98

Scarf Shop Cotton Scarf

A refined, wearable and stylish cotton scarf for the holiday season.

So, us guys value stylish, functional winter accessories — and it stands to reason that the ladies in your life do, as well. This cotton scarf certainly isn’t built for taking on a snowstorm, but it’s a neat, textured cotton piece that you might call an “indoor scarf” — ideal for layering with a sweater or cardigan in front of the fire or at a New Year’s Eve party. And if you’ve got someone in mind who likes that type of thing, I’d suggest you pick up the Scarf Shop Giant Cotton Scarf.

Home and Bath Goods: Herbivore Spa Day Beauty Set — $79.98

Herbivore Spa Day Set

A refreshing, responsibly made and affordable spa set for her.

Who knew that Huckberry offered spa products? Certainly not this guy. But if your wife or girlfriend wants a nice way to relax — at an affordable price point for you — then the Spa Day Beauty Set is just what you need to purchase this holiday season. It features calming bath salts, an exfoliating rose body polish and jasmine body oil for a complete package made with premium ingredients and care. The Spa Day Beauty Set  is also all-natural and non-toxic — it’s a winning situation all around.

Frank & Oak
Now, I suppose that’s that. Hopefully, the above picks represent a broad spectrum of gift-giving selections for all the fine women in your life. If you’ve got a gift you want to run by a trusted fellow style fan, I’m the man to see. From the fashionista to someone who loves to entertain, stylish, premium gifts like leather Oxfords or a set of unique tumbler glasses fit the bill perfectly. Of course, the above gifts are just a smattering of the gifts you could buy — and supplementing a style-minded gift with something more personal (a new book or tickets to a favorite play, perhaps?) are always great to keep in mind. With that being said, let me know how your holiday shopping is going — and keep an eye out for our Friday Read and Style Pick of the Week entries later this week.

Happy shopping, and stay stylish!


Style Q+A: United By Blue

The interior of the seriously cool (and ethical!) United by Blue flagship store and coffee shop.

The interior of the seriously cool (and ethical!) United by Blue flagship store and coffee shop. Photo courtesy of United By Blue.

Editor’s note: To check out other Style Q&A pieces, head here.

In recent years, it seems that consumers have been paying more and more attention to the little things: how and where (and why) their clothes are made, for starters. And the type of impact that clothing companies have on the world outside the style and fashion sphere has grown increasingly important, too. During a stop at the outstanding Pop-Up Flea trade show and exhibition earlier this spring in NYC, I came across an eyecatching booth outfitted with rustic décor, durable chore coats and soft T-shirts. It quickly became apparent that United By Blue wasn’t any ordinary clothing company schilling at trade shows, though. Founded in 2010, the brand aims to create a direct impact through the sale of each and every product by removing one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through clean-ups organized by the company. It’s a rather astonishing and inspiring mission, and it goes without saying that the product they sell to make it happen is pretty neat, too (I’ve previously written about their Stillwater Board Shorts for GearHungry). They also stock an extremely well-curated selection of home goods , bags and outdoor gear while simultaneously running a coffee shop at the brand’s Philadelphia flagship, among other Northeast-based retail locations. I caught up with co-founder Brian Linton via email for a few brief questions to learn more about the company’s roots, what makes the brand tick and what plans they have for the future.

A United By Blue clean-up taking place. Photo courtesy of United By Blue.

A United By Blue clean-up taking place. Photo courtesy of United By Blue.

The Style Guide: Talk to me about the founding of United By Blue and the ‘A-ha!’ moment that led to its creation?

Brian Linton, United by Blue: United By Blue started after I was running a brand that was donating a portion of proceeds to ocean conservation. It lacked impact because I wasn’t able to measure the environmental goodness of what the money achieved. United By Blue was a way to get our hands dirty. It is a brand created with a focus on creating the infrastructure and systems within a for-profit business structure that would normally only be present in a non-profit. We organize and host cleanups on an ongoing basis, all from within the company. We don’t outsource or donate money to others to do environmental good in our name.
Ernest Alexander

TSG: What has it been like to run a company equally focused on clothing and social/environmental good? Has it been difficult to merge the two?
UBB: Certainly it’s been a difficult but fun journey! Merging the two works because we consider ourselves an outdoor brand. And being in the outdoor industry, our customers love and care about the outdoors. Therefore, the overlap is more natural than it may seem. We are able to often partner with the retail stores that sell our products on cleanups in their local communities, mobilizing customers to become volunteers and attend a UBB cleanup.
TSG: Are there certain product categories the brand isn’t in currently that you’d like to expand in the future?
UBB: As a lifestyle brand, we are constantly expanding our offerings. This past season, we launched an awesome line of men’s board shorts and will be expanding the swim category in the future. We’ve also put a lot of energy and focus into developing more women’S dresses, which will be launching over the coming seasons. You can also expect more gifts and home goods later this year.
The brand's Asbury Park, New Jersey store. Photo courtesy of United By Blue.

The brand’s Asbury Park, New Jersey store. Photo courtesy of United By Blue.

TSG: Are there areas of the country where the brand would like to expand in terms of either a retail presence or stockists?
UBB: We are an East Coast brand and are therefore much more prevalent there.  Although we have some solid distribution along the West Coast, this is definitely an area that is a reflection of our brand vision and a place we would love to grow.

Ben Sherman US

TSG: Any upcoming collaborations or partnerships you might be able to discuss briefly?
UBB: We just launched a collaboration with Roots Canada that will be sold through our stores as well as their stores through Canada and the US.  It’s a line reflective of our shared passion for the outdoors and the importance of protecting it.
Check out United By Blue on Instagram if you have a hankering for beautiful lifestyle and scenery shots (paired with durable and stylish products), or give them a follow on Twitter, where they frequently run giveaways and other neat promos.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Enough said, right? (Editor's note: Just a joke!)

Enough said, right? (Editor’s note: Just a joke!)

Even if you’ve got your own personal shopping habits and interests covered, it can still be a little difficult to know what to get your mother, grandmother or significant other (or all three!) for Mother’s Day. Well, that day is quickly approaching (mark your calendars for May 10, in fact), so the team over at The Style Guide has put together a handy little guide for the sorts of gifts that convey thought, meaning and a little bit of fun. Of course, this is all dependent on who you’re giving the gift too, so the below suggestions might not work for everyone. If you need more general gift suggestions, head here. And in the meantime, best get to shopping if you haven’t already!

For The Homemaker: Dreambirds Dessert Plates — $16

Buy just one, or buy the whole set — your call.

Buy just one, or buy the whole set — your call.

These dessert plates come to you courtesy of Anthropologie. They’re small, functional and decorative, plus they’re a nice touch if you have a recipient in mind who enjoys nature and a touch of quirky color. While just one on its own is $16, a duo or a trio of plates could be the way to go. The Web site and physical Anthropologie store itself (if you happen to be near one) also stock all manner of excellent goods for the stylish women in your life, from smart & colorful bags to tech accessories that combine the stylistic touches of chic jewelery.

For The Small-Business Shopper: Silver Wrist Bracelet — $10 (via Etsy)

Small, understated and made using fine attention to detail.

Small, understated and made with fine attention to detail.

Etsy really has turned into a remarkable source for all manner of goods, from slim bracelets like the one pictured here to neat notebooks and other design-minded accessories.  The best part about shopping through Etsy is perhaps the feeling and knowledge that you’re supporting a small business focused on personal touches and craftsmanship — some of that is lost by buying through other, larger retailers. A combination set featuring another simple piece (like a fun notepad or small picture frame) could make for a nice gift set.

For The Bookworm: The Girl on the Train — $14.82 (Hardcover) And a Local Flower Delivery


One of the more popular books this year to date.


Across the past few months, I’ve heard more about The Girl on the Train than perhaps any other. And if the mom(s) in your life are really into literature (or just enjoy a good read) and haven’t gotten around to picking it up yet, this would be the perfect opportunity to do it for them! While this tome is also available for purchase via the Kindle, it’s sometimes nice to hold a physical, sturdy book in your hands. The addition of flowers from your local florist would certainly be a fine complement to any of the gifts listed here — and it’s yet another way to buy local.

For The Entertainer: Monthly Wine Club Membership — $50/Month

A monthly wine club membership — the gift that keeps on giving.

A monthly wine club membership — the gift that keeps on giving.

A monthly wine club membership is an excellent way to recognize the recipient’s love of entertaining, fine wine and often, fine dining. Club W and other sites offer specific ways to customize the membership, including the method delivery and the inclusion of a special note. $50 is quite a lot for just one month (so one year does shoot up in price quite a bit), and in that case, a nice bottle of wine itself could perhaps be a good alternative. The WSJ Wine Club does offer a better price if you want to go the club route, however.

What do you think of these suggestions? Any categories or gifts you would add? What are you picking up for Mother’s Day this year?

Editor’s note: Looking to pick up something for yourself? Head here for a blog post by yours truly on a great spring trend — luxe, laidback joggers!

Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide — For Guys!

Santa's on his way.... wait — SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!

Santa’s on his way…. wait — SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!

Even though the calendar’s drawing closer and closer to Christmas, there’s still plenty of time for the savvy shopper (that would be you, my stylish male friend!) to snag some great gifts for the women in your life — be it your girlfriend or wife, mom, sister or another relative. And if you read the Men’s Style section of this site, chances are you enjoy shopping for yourself — and others, too! Shopping for a great woman in your life doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive though — a lot of it comes down to your knowledge of that person (thus, these are only humble suggestions). Even better, it can be done online at the click of the button, allowing you to narrow your selections and find that perfect gift. Read on for some (hopefully) great picks below!

For Your Girlfriend or Wife: Kate Spade Tied Up Pave Studs — $48

A pair of earrings that offers lots of styling potential — all at a nice price.

A pair of earrings that offers lots of styling potential — all at a nice price.

Kate Spade has built its reputation as a chic, stylish and nicely priced brand that lots seem to like — and depending on what sort of earring collection your partner has, this pair would hopefully be a worthy addition to their lineup. If your partner doesn’t have her ears pierced or doesn’t wear earrings that often, a simple bangle bracelet could be a good alternative. The price is just right on these earrings (not too high or low) and the styling offers the opportunity to wear them with dressier pieces or a casual outfit — just like a great men’s style item! Now, not all are into jewelry or similar items — in that case, something fun for the two of you, like a class that interests both of you or a fun weekend trip, could be much better.

For Your Mom: Trinket Box Candle ($22) and a Handwritten Card

For a colorful, festive addition to the home, this candle lights the way (pun intended).

For a colorful, festive addition to the home, this candle lights the way (pun intended).

Anthropologie is another excellent source for gifts that won’t break the bank and also offer chic style. The store has a more bohemian vibe than Kate Spade, but that offers all the more opportunity to find unique gifts. While a candle isn’t by nature the flashiest gift, these have a neat, colorful design that should go with most types of decor while standing out in the right way. A few of them would work nicely as a set, too. And when you pair a gift like that with a colorful, handwritten card on some nice cardstock paper, your mom should be more than happy. If you feel that’s not enough, add a nice framed photo of yourself (see below).

For Your Sister: Urban Outfitters Lounge Colorblock Eternity Scarf — $34 

Two trends combined into one warm, stylish piece.

Two trends combined into one warm, stylish piece.

If your sister is into style or simply likes to look good (and stay warm), a thick scarf that combines two trends — the eternity loop and colorblocking — knocks both out of the park. Also available in black and lavender, each combo offers lots of possibilities for pairing with like colors. This is also another gift that won’t break the bank in terms of price, making it a worthy buy that should last for seasons to come.

For Your Grandma: Anthropologie Pressed Glass Photo Frame (with a photo of yourself!) — $18 — $22

Giving the gift of a cherished memory.

Giving the gift of a cherished memory.

Now with these particular photo frames, two of the options aren’t available until righttt before Christmas (December 23, to be exact) — so if you have the opportunity to snag one of the options in store, that would be much more ideal than rushing a delivery last-minute. A photo of yourself is a surprisingly thoughtful gift that most of your older relatives would presumably love to have around — it allows them to see you every day, after all! And if the photo features you and said relative, even better!

If you have other people on your list who are more specific or more difficult to buy for, this excellent list from Dappered offers plenty of terrific additional suggestions. Check it out for more ideas!

What are you buying for your significant other and the great women in your life? Any places to check out or specific gifts worth buying? Let us know! 

A Night at the Theatre — Men’s and Women’s Style


The two minds behind Siblings With Style, Beau and Olivia Hayhoe, share their unique takes on stylish and sharp outfits for both guys and gals.
For an evening out at the theatre in NYC (or any other ‘fancy’ event, for that matter), going for a look with some polish is somewhat expected — for men and women alike. In this particular instance, from a men’s fashion standpoint, it’s tough to beat a classic navy blazer, blue shirt and grey pants, but with some subtle, slightly different finishing touches. The blazer seen here from J. Crew has become a workhorse for me in the hotter spring and summer months, as it’s got a slightly different texture to it thanks to the cotton twill — which, along with the brown buttons, distinguishes it from a standard gold-button navy blazer. It’s also very lightweight and breaths well, and the lapels hit a personal sweet spot. So the blazer itself is just different enough. And although the blazer is navy,  a light blue shirt (this one here is similar) works perfectly fine, as shades of blue definitely go together.

The standout accessory of the top half of my outfit is the navy floral pocket square — yet another blue-on-blue accent. That variety of pocket square can’t be found on the site, but this one is close.


On the bottom half of this outfit, light grey suit pants in an all-season weight are an ideal shade to pair with blue-on-blue accents, and the nice sheen on this particular pair dresses them up suitably next to a more casual washed blazer. As for footwear, mixing up the traditional confines of the blazer-and-pants combo can be done in just a few steps — as seen here with these suede double-monks from Banana Republic. Like the blazer, the double-monks are a warm-weather workhorse for me, pairing with everything from jeans and a pocket T-shirt to a slim polo and chinos for work days. A night out presented the ideal opportunity to break them out yet again.


10463775_10204277771932572_8573712118663596334_oFor ladies, the fashion possibilities for a theatre performance are endless, especially in NYC. Since I do not live in the city, I decided to go all out.  Crop tops and tight skirts are very “in” right now– so I decided to play off that style.  I bought a child’s size t-shirt from Joann’s and cut the sleeves off, and cut it shorter. As inspired by the song Fancy by Iggy Azalea (linked above), I designed in Photoshop a combination of letters from high-fashion brands and painted it on my crop top.  I added a Betsey Johnson necklace to actually make it appear fancy.  On top of that, I added a nice fitted blazer from H&M. This blazer has satin covered lapels, and looks similar to a men’s tuxedo jacket.

Processed with Rookie

One of my life mottos is “When life gives you New York patterned clothing, you take it and run”, and so I did. Last time I was in the city I wore my Times Square pants in Times Square, so it has become a tradition to buy everything that I find that is covered in a tacky New York pattern. I found this skirt for less than $10 at Ross.  It was quite long before, so I shortened it.  If you are looking for a skirt, dress, or pair of leggings in a fun pattern, try Black Milk. They are known for their high quality, fun designs. To finish my look, I stepped into a pair of black, patent leather, pointed toe heels from Nine West.  I wear these shoes for business casual events, as well as out on the town because of their versatile look. I paired them with a patent leather clutch that I scored at Goodwill.


Thank you to Teresa Kilzi for the awesome pictures!


Summer Style Suggestion: Patterned Shorts

My favorite look so far this summer also happens to be the easiest to style: patterned shorts.  These have been gaining popularity for a while, and for good reason! You can throw on some shorts, a loose tee and sandals in the morning for a daytime-casual look, and then switch into a crop top and flatforms or wedges for a night look. My favorite thing about these shorts are how comfortable they are. I prefer the looser cut so I can still move around in them.  Most of the patterned shorts have a wide color scheme, so you can wear almost any color with them.

Check out these specific pairs:

Urban Renewal Gauze Ruffle Short

Urban Renewal Gauze Ruffle Short









JOA Daisy-Trim Floral-Print Short

JOA Daisy-Trim Floral-Print Short

Urban Outfitters has so many cute options for patterned shorts, but these two were my favorite!

Nasty Gal It's a Trip Shorts

Nasty Gal It’s a Trip Shorts










Nasty Gal always has so many patterned shorts in stock.  I love this pair because the lace trim can help to dress up the shorts a lot!

Tobi Carrington Shorts

Tobi Carrington Shorts

Tobi, one of my favorite online shopping websites, has some great options as well! I love the ruffle at the bottom of this pair!

These shorts look great on so many body types, go with everything, and are super comfortable. They are all the rage, so almost any store in your price range will have some! If you are crafty, pick up a pattern and some cool fabric (vintage fabrics are great for these!) and sew them yourself!

That's what I did!

That’s what I did! Vintage fabric and tiny pom-pom trim!

Back-To-School Essential: Cambridge Satchels

Walking around campus or to and from your job requires more than just a plain bag — you need something eye-catching, functional and fashionable. Something lasting and timeless is great, too!

Whether you are going back to high school, college, or even entering the workforce, The Cambridge Satchel Company has a bag for you! They have so many different sizes, styles, and colors, you are sure to find exactly what you need.

I have been a huge fan of the company since I discovered them in the spring of 2012.  I used my first summer paycheck to purchase one of their classic 13-inch bags in pink.

Pink 13 inch Classic Cambridge Satchel

Pink 13-inch Classic Cambridge Satchel

The 13-inch is the perfect size for all of my daily necessities and it functions well as my carry on purse when traveling.  These bags are so structured and well-made-I’ve been using mine for over a year and it is still in perfect condition!

11 inch Sweet Pea Cambridge Satchel

11-inch Sweet Pea Cambridge Satchel

I also have the 11-inch satchel in Sweet Pea. This color is absolutely beautiful! With this picture I won Pic of the Week and I was featured on The Cambridge Satchel Company’s blog and social media outlets! The 11-inch is great if you don’t have many things to haul around with you. Tucking the shoulder strap inside the purse turns it into an adorable clutch for night!

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

The backpack is a great option for students who need to carry their laptop and notebooks to class. Their color options (red or brown) are traditional fall colors that will also carry over nicely to winter and spring.

The Music Bag or Batchel options are perfect if you are in the workforce. They are larger sizes that offer more space for paperwork, supplies and other necessities.

Although the bags are a bit pricey, I can assure you they are worth the price.  They are versatile, durable, and timeless.  They are a perfect gift idea, and you can even get your initials embossed on the front flap.  The Cambridge Satchel Company offers so many colors to choose from.  If you are willing to sacrifice some quality for a lower price, they have a clearance section featuring bags that have slight cosmetic flaws for a huge discount.  I am absolutely obsessed with these bags and they are a staple fall essential no matter your age!


Last Chance Summer Styles!

There are only a few weeks left of summer time, which means you only have a few weeks to test out some of the hottest trends. Whether you are headed to a music festival or just out and about, flower crowns are the perfect addition to an outfit. These crowns are so easy to DIY! Pick a few flowers from your yard or go to your local crafting store for a longer lasting option! These crowns add a feminine touch, as well as boho look, to any outfit. For a subtle look, use small flowers or if you are feeling bold, go over the top and make a Lana Del Rey-style crown!

My take on a simple crown!

My take on a simple crown!
Photo credit to Teresa Kilzi (

These crowns look even better paired with a sheer Kimono. These kimonos have been in style for a few years now, but the look is still hot! Again, they add a boho element to your outfit and pull everything together. These are fairly easy to DIY as well (check out this ThreadBanger how-to on youtube!). Look in your local thrift store (I’ve seen quite a few bathrobes that could be upcycled into summery kimonos) or if you aren’t into DIY-ing. Pair both of these trendy items with a pair of high waisted shorts for a simple look, or a maxi skirt to go all out boho! However you style them, you are sure to look and feel like a summer stunner! Check out these looks on for some inspiration!

Harvest Moon by Jennifer W.

Summertime Happiness by Piret P.

Festival by Victoria B.

K I M O N O by Laura V.