Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide 2017: What to Buy for Him This Christmas

Just as we came to you on Monday with this year’s edition of the Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide — which was so much more than just style, mark my words — we’re back at it with this year’s edition of the Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide! Think of these gifts as a great starting point for the guy who’s got everything, be it your brother, your father, your father-in-law, your partner … you get the picture. So, we’re talking investment-worthy outerwear from Taylor Stitch, handy everyday carry essentials (great as a stocking stuffer) and other cool gifts that anyone would be happy to receive (like the Shinola Runwell Watch — wink, wink). While we’re on the topic, our ongoing series of the best men’s gear (called The List), could also be quite helpful. Alright, are you ready to get shopping? I know I am.

Holiday 2017

For the Guy Who Has, Well … Everything: Taylor Stitch The Long Haul Jacket in Sand Waterproof Suede — $898
Taylor Stitch

An absurdly beautiful jacket that’s unlike anything Taylor Stitch has done yet.

Who exactly are you buying this exceptional Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket for? Well, I’m not sure — it could be your well-dressed brother, cousin, best friend … you name it, they’re going to absolutely love the Long Haul Jacket, this time done up in an all-new fabrication. Exceptional quality from an exceptional brand — pre-order it for them from Taylor Stitch, then draw up a cool postcard or fake “gift certificate” revealing the ultimate prize. Ehh?
For the Craft Beer Lover: GrowlerWerks 64oz. Limited-Edition uKeg — $185

A thoughtful gift for the beer lover in your life — and you can enjoy it, too.

What to get for the guy who’s tasted and tried a heck of a lot of beer? Why, something in which to store his favorite brew. The clean, crisply designed GrowlerWerks Limited-Edition Keg comes in a neat Black Chrome, perfect for taking up some counter space in the den or the garage. This GrowlerWerks keg is also perfect for tapping into as you
watch game after game after game this bowl season.
 For the Outdoor Enthusiast: The James Brand Serrated Chapter Knife — $275

A uniquely well-made knife that should prove mighty useful in plenty of situations.

Every guy can use a well-made knife, right? An extremely well-made knife, at that. Yes indeed, the James Brand Serrated Chapter Knife works well if you know a guy who’s always working in the yard or always out camping and exploring — you never know what jams you’ll get into out there, so maybe pick up a James Brand knife for yourself.
For the Style Lover: Taylor Stitch The Jack Shirt in Chocolate Micro Cord — $148 

A better buttondown shirt than the one your father-in-law normally wears, right?

Consider picking up this handsome, stylish corduroy shirt from Taylor Stitch for your father or father-in-law (or, y’know, anyone who appreciates great style). The Jack Shirt in Chocolate Micro Cord features the familiar look of a much-loved buttondown shirt, yet it’s got a dash more unique style and a better fit — heck, the Jack Shirt might be the type of shirt the lucky receipient puts on then and there.

For the Coffee Lover: W+P Design Brew and Pour-Over Press — $99.99

Two excellent gifts that can be put to use on Christmas morning — can’t you smell the hot coffee now?

This category also made an appearance in this year’s Women’s Holiday Gift Guide, for good reason. Know someone who really, really loves coffee? *Raises hand* Well, OK … that’s not a stretch for most of us. But this gift, the W+P Design Brew and Pour-Over Press Set, takes it to the next level. You get an excellent pour over coffee set, plus a heck of a neat book (“Brew” details everything you need to brew great coffee at home). I’d say anyone will appreciate that gift, won’t you?
For the Tailoring Aficionado: Bespoke Post Frost Box — $45  (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post

Two gifts that are essential as the cold weather closes in.

If you know a gentleman who loves to suit up — even in the winter — what might he be missing? Why, stylish gloves from the Bespoke Post Frost Box, of course. Complete with lambskin touchscreen leather gloves and a useful (and much-needed) hand salve, the Bespoke Post Frost Box is but one way to introduce your receipient to the wonders of this great subscription service.
For the Outdoorsman: Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket — $188

A great gift for the guy who favors rugged style and loves the outdoors.

While the other gifts on this list — including the James Brand Serrated Chapter Knife and the excellent Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — could certainly go toward the outdoorsman in your life, there’s something rugged and tough about the Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket.  I have no doubt that the Moleskin Shirt Jacket would be a great gift for the guy who can never seem to spend enough time outdoors … and I’d recommend you pick one up for yourself, too.

For the Watch Lover: Shinola Runwell Watch — $600

Is it “time” to open Christmas presents yet? Get it?

Told you we’d have something for everyone on this list, right? The investment-quality Shinola Runwell has long been a favorite of mine for its blend of classic, clean style and durable construction — the lucky guy who gets this thing is going to enjoy the Shinola Runwell for years and years (and years) to come.  Add this Shinola watch to your own wish list, too.
For the Frequent Traveler: Hook & Albert Leather Garment Weekender — $595 

The perfect garment bag and weekender rolled into one supremely stylish package.

Perhaps a handy companion to the Bespoke Post Frost Box for the guy who appreciates tailored style (and travels a heck of a lot), the exceptional Hook & Albert Leather Garment Weekender can hold up to two suits, in addition to carrying two pairs of shoes. Did I mention the Leather Garment Weekender is made from top-grain pebbled leather? A beautiful gift for the gentleman who loves the finer things.

For Your Father or Father-in-Law: “Ali: A Life” by Jonathan Eig — $17.34

A enthralling read that you just might want to take a look at afterward.

The story of Muhammad Ali is truly remarkable, a lesson in perserverance, talent, grace and style — to say the least. This well-reviewed book by Mr. Eig captures it all in full — an engaging read no matter who’s on the receiving end of this great gift on Christmas morning.
For the Runner: Decibullz Custom Fit Earphones — $29.99

A set of headphones that go above and beyond when it comes to excellent quality and fit.

Rather than gift the runner or hardcore trainer in your life another set of running shorts, give them an underrated gift that could come in handy — these seriously cool Decibullz Custom Fit Earphones. No more dealing with earbuds that fall out or fall all over the place — these mold quickly to the shape of your ears, ensuring a great fit and, as the brand says, no pain.

For the Footwear Fan: Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boot — $280

Huckberry x Original Chippewa

Know anyone who’s got a pair of leather boots like this? I bet not. As good as it gets.

If you — like me — positively can’t get enough of stylish leather boots like the Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boots, then perhaps you know someone else on your shopping list who feels the same way? These rugged leather boots are a Huckberry exclusive, making them all the more coveted (plus, stylish and durable).
My dear friends, that’s going to wrap up this year’s Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide. Did you find what you were looking for? More importantly, did you find a gift for everyone? What’s your favorite on this list, perhaps your own must-have? The Huckberry x Original Chippewa 6-Inch Service Boots are as good as it gets for yours truly. At any rate, I hope you take care of your shopping in good time this season. As to the rest of our holiday #menswear needs here on the blog, there’s plenty more where that came from — stay tuned!
Thanks for reading,

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