#OOTD: How to Dress for Holiday Travel This Year

OK, Style Guide readers — who’s ready for today’s #OOTD? It’s a special — and especially busy — time of year, what with holiday shopping at a fever pitch and Christmas on the way. If you’re still shopping for a gift for her, or a gift for him, I’m sure this site’s guides can definitely help out. And if, in the meantime, you want to know how to dress for holiday travel this year? The below #menswear look is going to get you set up nice … real nice. Dressing for winter travel is all about maximizing both comfort and style, from a classic striped sweater right down to the best weekender bag to bring with you (yes, your weekender bag should certainly be stylish).The rest of this look centers around basics done right, including an everyday chambray shirt — the workhorse of your wardrobe — and versatile, travel-friendly chinos. Trust me, this look will work in nearly any holiday travel style situation, from heading home to see your parents to hopping on a cross-country flight to visit your current (or future) in-laws. Have any additional thoughts or questions? Get at me on Twitter or via The Style Guide Facebook page. Let’s get to it!

The right combination of travel-friendly style and casual comfort.

The Duffle: Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel in Tan, $400 — Let’s start with the good stuff, yes? The rugged Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel is a bit less in-your-face than an athletic duffel, and it’s certainly more stylish — perfect for a long weekend away.

The Sweater: Grayers Athletics Palmer Fleece Stripe Crew, $78 — The Grayers Athletics line blends easygoing style with vintage inspiration, making the Palmer Fleece Stripe a serious upgrade in a sea of airport hoodies.

The Chambray Shirt: Taylor Stitch The California Shirt in Blue Everyday Chambray, $118— A classic chambray shirt is, as we always say here on the blog, a four-season essential — and that’s certainly true when plenty around you might be wearing sweats or logo tees. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray is a winner.

The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos in British Khaki, $128 — What better pair of classic men’s chinos to throw on than the aptly named Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos? Much sharper than sweatpants — and the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos are also just as travel-ready.

The Shoes: Astorflex Greenflex in Dark Khaki, $145 — While you could certainly throw on classic leather sneakers and call it good, a pair of stylish suede chukka boots are appropriate leaving your home & arriving at your new destination with style and ease.
The Socks: American Trench The Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock, $19.50 — What’s perhaps more important than the right pair of footwear? The right pair of socks. No holes to be found in these American Trench socks, at once sporty and stylish.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt in Cognac, $100 — Alright, I know you’ve got to slip off your belt when you go through security … but at least the Tanner Goods Classic Belt looks great, right?

The Watch: Vague Watch Co. Brown GMT Watch, $290 — In the realm of underrated travel accessories sits the stylish leather watch. Better-looking than a sports watch (and pricier), the Vague Watch Co. Brown GMT gives you all-day style.
Did the above #OOTD make packing and dressing for holiday travel just a bit easier? That’s the goal, anyways. When you set out for a great holiday with the Tanner Goods Nomad Duffel, I’d argue things are off to a heck of a good start — keep that in mind the next time you pack up. And if you complement that stylish weekender bag with the Palmer Fleece Stripe, you might even just impress whoever’s picking you up from the airport — in-laws included. The Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray is a tremendous upgrade over the standard logo tee or hoodie, while the equally versatile Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos are the pair of pants you didn’t know you needed for holiday travel. The same can be said for the Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots, a pair of classic suede chukkas that stand out stylishly at the airport and work just as well at the local watering hole. In the way of accessories, the Tanner Goods Classic Belt is going to work all weekend in situations both casual and more dressy, as is the supremely stylish Vague Watch Co. Brown GMT. Before we depart, don’t forget the Kennedy Luxury Athletic Socks — they’re way better than wearing an old pair of socks to the airport, I guarantee it. If you put all those pieces together, you’re going to be plenty ready for holiday travel … and whatever comes next.
Thanks for reading, and safe travels out there!

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