#OOTD: How to Wear a Crewneck Sweatshirt for Winter

Make no bones about it, folks: The new year is, as we’ve been saying, the best time to take stock of the men’s style essentials you can’t live without, and how you can make ’em all work for you in one seamless and stylish #OOTD. That’s where today’s main attraction comes into play: The Todd Snyder + Champion Crewneck Sweatshirt, a seemingly simple piece that’s as versatile as you make it. And believe me, you can make it plenty versatile when it comes time to brush up on how to wear a crewneck sweatshirt for winter. Life is still plenty casual for most of us, so this look is going to pull lots of duty this season, from Zoom calls to layered park strolls and the occasional to-go brewery outing. That’s why you’ll see it paired with other classic men’s style picks that you probably already have in your wardrobe, from a rugged quilted jacket to a timeless Oxford shirt. It all comes together in an ideal mix of classic looks, just enough cool style and plenty of functionality for blustery winter weather. If you live in a more temperate climate than your Brooklyn-based style writer, you can ditch the top two layers and wear the Buck Mason Oxford shirt as is. Any way you slice it, this look is as solid as it gets for a new year and a new you (or just an improved and more stylish you). Check out my Instagram account to see how I’m getting dressed in style this season with pieces much like the below.

A classic crewneck sweatshirt is just what the doctor ordered as far as winter layering.

  • The Sweatshirt: Todd Snyder + Champion Crewneck Sweatshirt, $98 — Here it is, one of the best crewneck sweatshirts for men on the market, if not the best. An undisputed *champion* when it comes to winter layering, folks.
  • The Jacket: Relwen Windzip Jacket, $258 — Stay warm in style with this rugged quilted jacket, an ideal casual-yet-versatile layer atop your Todd Snyder crewneck.
  • The Shirt: Buck Mason Classic Oxford Shirt, $95 — This timeless Oxford shirt for men is a stone-cold classic — unbutton the collar and roll up the sleeves for a bit of laidback, devil-may-care style this winter.
  • The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in Organic British Khaki, $98 — It’s official: You’re keeping this outfit rolling the right way with a pair of the very best chinos for men, and that’s all there is to it.
  • The Chukka Boots: Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukkas Boots, $219 — These classic leather chukka boots are a hot seller, and for good reason. They’re also the best chukka boots you can wear with this versatile, everyday outfit.
  • The Watch: Timex Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, $139 — This crisp, laidback-yet-sharp Timex leather watch is a highly affordable timepiece to pick up and wear as often as you can.
  • The Socks: Dozy Sleepy Waffle Socks, $38 — Don’t skimp on the details, especially when it comes time to take off your chukka boots. These well-made men’s socks from Huckberry are the right way to go.
  • The Everyday Carry: Filson Medium Rugged Twill Field Bag, $350 — For all the EDC essentials you need these days, get this tough Filson tote bag, then use it for years and years to come.

That’s going to wrap up today’s versatile and ready #OOTD. It blends the best of the best when it comes to both basics (like those comfortable and cool Dozy Sleepy Waffle Socks) with, of course, the ultimate centerpiece: The Todd Snyder + Champion Crewneck Sweatshirt,  as ideal a crewneck sweatshirt as you’re apt to find these days. And when you layer it up with an iconic Oxford shirt for men, you’ve got the makings of a business casual, Zoom-ready outfit or a casual weekend ensemble in equal measure. The two real keys here are the rugged quilted jacket as a top layer (a jacket that’s more than ready for winter excursions), as well as your classic Taylor Stitch chinos for even more go-anywhere style. Toss on a pair of classic leather chukka boots to keep that stylish versatility and rugged appeal rolling right along, then accessorize accordingly with a Timex leather watch. And whether it’s a day trip or a safe return to the office, your EDC essentials are safe and sound (in style!) with a rugged and aptly named Filson tote bag. The next time you need an all-day outfit, look to these gear picks, my friends. See you out there!

#OOTD: Here’s How to Wear Men’s Style Essentials To Start the New Year

Thanks for swinging by for the very first #OOTD of 2021, if you can believe it. It feels pretty bizarre to be typing out that date still, doesn’t it? But 2021 hopefully signals brighter days ahead in many facets, chief among them starting the year healthy and in style (naturally). That’s what we’ll focus on throughout today’s ensemble, with a hearty focus on how to wear classic men’s style essentials from some of your favorite brands. Consider these the tips and tricks you need to start a new year off right, and then keep it rolling from winter into spring (as far off as it might be). These are picks you’ll want to wear, well, just about anywhere (you’ll see why in a bit).

The best new men’s gear will come in handy when it comes time to tackle winter weather, yet some of the more classic pieces shown here can be mixed and matched across the seasons. That’s what it’s all about, right? Right. So, you’ll recognize silhouettes you know and love, like your new favorite Oxford shirt, teamed up with classic leather chukka boots and your new favorite peacoat. That’s just a brief start, though. The full look is below — and to see how I’m dressing this winter, you can (and should!) give me a follow on Instagram. Here’s to a stylish 2021!

  • The Jacket: Buck Mason Navy Melton Admiral Peacoat, $345 — Leave the classic peacoat in the hands of Buck Mason, and get ready to step out with comfort and timeless looks at the forefront.
  • The Sweater: Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Dark Honey, $298 — The new year is nothing if not the time to splurge on a handsome sweater in a rich color, the kind you’ll have for a long, long time.
  • The Oxford Shirt: Wills Brushed Cotton Oxford Shirt, $128 — Invest in one of the best Oxford shirts for men, made from perfectly seasonal fabric (the kind you can even rock over a T-shirt as a light spring and fall layer this year).
  • The Dark Denim: Flint and Tinder All-American Stretch Denim, $128 — Mix it up ever-so-slightly with a pair of faded jeans that play nicely off your classic navy peacoat.
  • The Chukka Boots: FRYE Paul Chukka Boots, $298 — These classic leather chukka boots are as good as it gets if you want a reliable, everyday pair you can wear for seasons (and years) to come. Invest wisely.
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Leather Weekender, $108 — A classic leather watch with a crisp and versatile dial is a perfect menswear move to start the new year.
  • The Hat: Upstate Stock American Mohair Beanie, $32 — When inclement winter weather hits, I know just the thing you need: An American-made beanie cap, of course.
  • The Everyday Carry: Standard Issue Leather Messenger Bag, $275 — Your focus on classic menswear can extend even to your stylish leather messenger bag. This one — from Huckberry’s new accessories line — takes the cake, folks.

Folks, doesn’t this ensemble have just about everything you need to take on the days ahead this winter and beyond? To me, it all starts with an utterly classic peacoat, the kind that’s going to carry you through cold and blustery winter days in style. A great peacoat is nothing without a supporting ensemble however, and that’s where pieces like a stylish cashmere sweater come into play — the color is rich and eye-catching, and it’ll perfectly play off the classic Oxford shirt shown above (grey, navy and honey — think about it!). Of course, the hits keep coming. An expertly faded pair of slim blue jeans helps this outfit stay fresh and comfortable, yet versatile. To me, these are the kind of picks you can wear out and about on a weekend (safely, of course!), or you can take this #OOTD around to the office.

It gets better, though: A classic leather watch works mighty well with, you guessed it, classic leather chukka boots from a trusted heritage brand. Right on down to the small details, including your stylish leather messenger bag and your American-made beanie cap, it’s all taken care of. You’re going to look great, you’re going to get where you need to go, and you’re going to have invested in nothing but the very best to start off this year. Cheers, my friends!

#OOTD: Here’s How to Dress in Refined Style This Winter

Did the end of 2020 creep up on you? I know it certainly did for me, but that’s all the better as we turn the page on this year (in style, of course) and look toward 2021. With that being said, you’re probably looking for way to shake up your style in the new year (or perhaps, you’re looking for ways to dress for New Year’s Eve). Well, you’re in luck today, my friends. Think of this #OOTD as style inspiration for New Year’s Eve (even if your plans look a heck of a lot different this year), or think of it as a nice guide when it comes to dressing in refined style for the rest of winter. Either way, we’ve got you covered. The key pieces here, as you’ll see, really do a lot of the heavy lifting for the season, from the classic suede bomber jacket shown below to a few Todd Snyder menswear essentials (flannel shirt and slim corduroy pants among them). Of course, it wouldn’t be a festive winter #OOTD without versatile leather Chelsea boots, a seasonally friendly beer and your best stainless steel watch. Heck, even if you choose to hang at home on Zoom for New Year’s Eve or other special occasions, this look is refined enough to shake things up on the daily. To see how I’m taking on the winter in style, be sure to check out my Instagram.

A classic suede jacket, a tried-and-true flannel shirt and corduroy pants … what’s not to love, ehh?

  • The Jacket: The Jacket Maker Eaton Brown Suede Bomber Jacket, $265 — Go with refined style at its best with this classic suede bomber jacket, available for a highly agreeable price.
  • The Shirt: Todd Snyder Italian Red Tartan Flannel Shirt, $178 — Get a sharp-yet-versatile, stylish flannel shirt to nail the perfect mix of refined, casual style this season.
  • The Pants: Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Italian Stretch Corduroys, $168 — Step out in style (or dress up at home!) with these slim-fit corduroys, made with comfort, stretch and great looks in mind.
  • The Boots: FRYE Bowery Chelsea Boots, $328 — For navigating slick city streets or a slick back deck as you hang out by the fire pit, get rugged-yet-versatile leather Chelsea boots to balance form and function.
  • The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Wool & Silk, $29.50 — Invest in the best men’s socks on the market with this handsome and exceedingly comfortable pair to complement the rest of your #OOTD.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT, $1,795 — Break out this investment-level, incredibly cool watch for each and every special occasion you’ve got on the horizon this year.
  • The EDC Essential: Taylor Stitch Wine Key, $48 — Whether you go with a nice bottle of wine or a classic winter beer to sip on, this Taylor Stitch Wine Key is essential to have on hand.
  • The Winter Beer: Sierra Nevada Celebration, $21.99 (12-Pack) — Bring along an iconic and much-loved beer for yourself, your host or your guests to enjoy (but be sure to drink responsibly!). Better still, get it delivered via Drizly.
  • The Grooming Essentials: Oars + Alps Face Kit, $59 — Look your best no matter the occasion with the handy Oars + Alps Face Kit. Plus, you can use the code BEAU15 to get 15 percent off on your first purchase.

Once again, no matter what occasion comes across your social calendar these days, I hope you’ll find these pieces useful and highly versatile. There aren’t all that many places where a classic suede bomber jacket won’t fit right in stylishly, so it’s a wise winter outerwear pick-up regardless. And even if you’re only hanging out on Zoom for your next gathering, a stylish flannel shirt is a proper seasonal style move, made all the better with slim-fit corduroys for a bit of refined-yet-comfortable style to ring in the new year, the weekend or a Zoom happy hour. When it does come time to step out into the elements, make sure you’re outfitted accordingly with leather Chelsea boots that can take a beating and look great in the process this winter. A pair of the best men’s socks are all the more crucial when it comes time to throw on your favorite dress boots (or slip them off, for that matter). This look also gets one heck of a shot in the arm with one of the best stainless steel watches out there, no questions asked. Bring along the Taylor Stitch Wine Key to pop open the bubbly or simply pop open another bottle of your choice beer (in this case, the Sierra Nevada Celebration should get the job done nicely). Accent it all with the Oars + Alps Face Kit to help you look and feel your best, and you’ve got the perfect #OOTD for refined-yet-laidback style situations aplenty. Happy shopping, my friends!

#OOTD: Here’s a New Way to Layer Up with A Shirt Jacket This Winter

Let’s talk winter layering in today’s #OOTD, shall we? To be more specific, let’s talk about how to layer up with a shirt jacket for the season ahead. Think of a shirt jacket like the versatile layer you didn’t know you needed, with the ability to be worn as an outer layer atop a henley (in the case of today’s #OOTD) or as a mid-layer in the right conditions and the right fit.It helps quite a lot if the shirt jacket in question is in fact one of the best shirt jackets for men, and that’s certainly the case with the rugged-yet-refined Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jackettoday’s featured pick and one heck of a well-made shirt jacket (or shacket, if you will). The rest of today’s gear picks certainly pull their own weight, too, from one of the best men’s henleys to some brand-new, incredibly well-made Filson indigo denim (just wait until you see ’em, folks). Of course, a rugged leather watch and a unique Taylor Stitch x Stetson hat do their fair share of lifting when it comes to both style and functionality. Taken altogether, this ensemble works quite well for rugged winter weekend adventures around town and on the trail, and of course, at an outdoor beer garden. Check it all out below, layer up accordingly and stay safe out there, folks.

A seriously cool, rugged-yet-versatile #OOTD for all your winter dressing occasions.

  • The Shirt Jacket: Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket, $268 — It all starts off with a crucial layer, one of the best shirt jackets for men that you’re apt to find these days.
  • The Henley: Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley, $52 — A great winter #OOTD is nothing without a proper base layer, as in, one of the best men’s henleys on the market.
  • The Denim: Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans, $145 — Yes, that’s right. The makers of some of the best heritage gear on the planet are now making your new favorite jeans, guaranteed.
  • The Boots: FRYE Corver Chelsea Boots, $298 — Invest in the best with these expertly crafted leather boots, made for all kinds of tough winter weather.
  • The Belt: Billykirk No. 117 Mechanic’s Belt, $99 — The best accessories, like a rugged leather belt, really bring an outfit together, so act and shop accordingly.
  • The Watch: Luminox Field Automatic Day-Date Watch, $990 — Add in one of the best leather watches to really seal the deal on this stellar #OOTD, will ya?
  • The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Wool and Silk, $29.50 — The best leather boots on the market call for some of the best boot socks, no doubt about it.
  • The Hat: Taylor Stitch x Stetson Packable Lane Splitter Hat, $118 — Here’s where this ensemble really gets a shot in the arm, courtesy of this seriously cool Taylor Stitch x Stetson hat.

Now then, who’s ready to layer up the right way this season? For taking on winter in style, it really doesn’t get any better than, say, the Todd Snyder Italian Quilted Liner Jacket, a rugged and versatile layer that’s going to provide crucial protection and warmth in the elements. It only gets better though, thanks to one of the best men’s henleys for another crucial dose of warmth and style points. I think you’re going to love the rugged design and construction of Filson indigo denim in this look, and I’d say it’s also quite difficult to go wrong with FRYE leather boots for winter-ready performance and dependability. Add in critical touches like a rugged leather belt to really seal the deal, and make sure you’re outfitted accordingly and ready for anything with one of the best leather watches, in this instance from Luminox. Keep cold feet at bay with some of the best boot socks, and top it all off with a truly one-of-a-kind, ready-for-anything Taylor Stitch x Stetson hat. With all those rugged gear picks in hand, you’re going to be more than ready for your next winter weekend adventure. Now, how about that?


#OOTD: How to Dress for the Holidays This Year, At Home or On The Road

It’s been the theme of these last few weeks and months: Chiefly, the holidays are going to be mighty different this year, to say the very least. And yet, dressing for the situation and dressing the right way are still tentpoles you can hang your hat on, and that’s why we’re talking about how to dress for the holidays in style — at home or on the road. Hosting a handful of people, hitting the road for a distanced getaway or Zoom-ing through the holidays, getting cleaned up is a small way you can seize the occasion the right way, no matter how different things might look. That’s why today’s #OOTD has everything you need to blend comfort, travel-ready versatility and long-term style in one ensemble. From a comfortable and stylish overshirt to your new favorite henley, the bases are covered when it comes to casual layers. And as you’ll soon see, stretch pants get the job done for holiday dinners, days on the couch and days behind the wheel. The same can be said for stylish slip-on sneakers and premium men’s socks, not to mention one of the most affordable weekender bags (if you do decide to carefully hit the road, that is). Although your plans are probably different than expected, keep in mind that dressing for the occasion is one way to make things more normal — wishing you all the best this season, and scroll on through for the full look below.

The right casual style picks for the holiday season, to say the very least.

  • The Overshirt: Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt, $178 — Wear this laidback-yet-polished shirt on its own or layered up accordingly. Just know that it’ll look polished for hanging out at home, hopping on a Zoom call or hitting the road.
  • The Henley: Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley, $62 — Ideal for lounging at home or wearing as a base layer on a cold evening in front of the fire, this is one of the best men’s henleys out there, folks.
  • The Stretch Pants: Western Rise AT Slim Pants in Sand, $128 — Comfortable stretch pants that feature durable fabric, a tailored fit and polished-yet-functional style? Sounds perfect for the holidays to me.
  • The Sneakers: GREATS Wooster Suede Sneakers in Olive, $149 — Because you’re likely either traveling by car or hanging at home (or keeping it casual with a small group of family), some stylish slip-on sneakers are a nice upgrade from slippers themselves, but without the formality of dress shoes.
  • The Watch: Lum-Tec M88 Watch, $575 — Go with a rugged-yet-easy-to-wear leather watch that toes the line between too casual and too formal, then wear it to plenty of small holiday gatherings.
  • The Socks: American Trench Cashmere Athletic Stripe Socks, $119.50 (Three-Pack) — For padding around your house or someone else’s, get these premium men’s socks (and more than one pair, at that) for the holiday season.
  • The Getaway Bag: Boarding Pass NYC “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel, $79 — If you do end up hitting the road, use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off your purchase of $70 or more. That makes this bag one of the most affordable weekender bags on the market.
  • The Grooming Essential: Jack Black “Jack’s Most Wanted” Grooming Kit, $65 — No matter whether you hit the road or stay at home, keep your face looking fresh as can be with one of the best men’s grooming kits.

Now then, who’s ready for the holiday season? And in a different way than before, perhaps? You might have planned on rocking sweatpants (not a problem if they’re stylish ones!) but this #OOTD, to me, steps things up just a notch while keeping comfort and great looks at the forefront. It’s all about looking as best as you can while reading the room (sometimes literally!) the right way. To wit: The Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt is always available when you want to add some casual polish to even a rugged henley, while some comfortable stretch pants deliver the great looks of chinos with the fit and feel of, yes, sweatpants. Your stylish slip-on sneakers work well on the road or at home, and it’s best to pair them up with premium men’s socks when the time does come to slip off those shoes. Packing up just got a whole lot easier thanks to one of the most affordable weekender bags, and no matter where you go, you’re destined to look great if you pack up (or simply purchase!) one of the best men’s grooming kits. It’s all accounted for in this holiday-ready #OOTD, so make sure you rise to the occasion this season. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Layer A Cardigan for Men This Winter

Folks, let’s get one thing straight. If it’s a cold and blustery winter day, then you need one of the best men’s sweaters — to say the very least. That’s what today’s #OOTD will cover, diving into what exactly makes the Buck Mason Shawl Cardigan seen below so essential these days. It’s a premium upgrade to a classic silhouette, one that’ll provide a ton of warmth and plenty of style points for the months and weeks to come (even if the time ahead finds you hanging at home, bourbon in hand). You might say that “the gang’s all here” when it comes to time to dig into how to wear a cardigan for guys this winter, so the supporting cast shown here also includes plenty of other winter style essentials. To wit: We’ve got one of the best men’s flannel shirts up for the taking, plus a pair of Western Rise pants for maximum versatility and dependability in winter weather. As you’ll soon see, the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket gets the job done in stormy winter weather, while a pair of the most stylish men’s boots provides functionality and traction on slick winter streets and sidewalks. Complement it all with one of the coolest everyday carry essentials around, and you’ve got the makings of a mighty fine winter #OOTD. Check it all out below, then follow me on Instagram to see how I’m dressing this winter.

A mix of rugged and refined essentials to pair with your new favorite cardigan.

  • The Cardigan: Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan, $225 — The perfect #OOTD starts with one of the best men’s sweaters, like this rugged and warm Buck Mason cardigan.
  • The Shirt: Gitman Vintage Country Plaid Shirt, $220 — Invest in one of the best men’s flannel shirts for winter in a handsome plaid pattern to stand out the right way this season.
  • The Jacket: Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket, $325 — You’re going to need a rugged and warm jacket for chilly winter weather, and the iconic Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket should certainly suffice.
  • The Pants: Western Rise Evolution Pants, $149 — Add both versatility and style to your winter rotation with these durable, easy-to-wear Western Rise pants with plenty of stretch.
  • The Boots: Taylor Stitch Moto Boots in Weatherproof Snuff Suede, $348 — Step out in style functional style with some of the toughest and most stylish men’s boots on the market, courtesy of Taylor Stitch.
  • The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Wool and Silk, $29.50 — Some of the  most stylish men’s boots around deserve some of the best boot socks for men, do they not? Indeed.
  • The Watch: Shinola Runwell Watch, $550 — This newly iconic watch is the stuff of legend, made to be worn as often as you can (including in this #OOTD).
  • The Everyday Carry: Boarding Pass NYC Flight Brief, $175 — Get this handsome flight brief for daily use, and better still, use the code BEAUKNOWS to knock $10 off your purchase. Consider it one of the best EDC essentials around.

While this #OOTD is packed with the best gear around, it all really starts with one of the best men’s cardigans, worn in an essential manner with plenty of other winter style picks for maximum warmth. The Buck Mason cardigan shown above brings a nice mix of rugged and refined style to your daily dressing rotation, especially when worn with, for example, one of the best men’s flannel shirts. Throw in some Western Rise pants to help you get around on the go easily and in style, and ditch the cardigan if it gets too hot indoors. Of course, the ever-reliable Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket is here to help you layer up in the worst conditions imaginable, while a pair of the toughest and most stylish men’s boots is up for grabs to help you stay on your feet on slippery streets. To ensure you stay comfortable on your feet, some of the best boot socks for men are a critical accessory. It’s all pulled together by the simply incredible and classic Shinola Runwell Watch, a perfect balance of dressy and rugged in its own right. Last but not least, pick up the Boarding Pass NYC Flight Brief at a discount using the code BEAUKNOWS, and get ready to get out there in style this season. Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Bundle Up for Winter In Style This Season

Folks, it’s as they say: When you know, you know. When you see a winter storm rolling in or feel it in the air, it’s time to gear up without hesitation. That brings me to today’s #OOTD, covering how to dress for winter in style this year. Whether you deal with a ton of snow on the daily or just need to be prepared for the occasional polar vortex, the right gear is assuredly a must. In this case, we’ve got all the right picks on hand to help you get around in style, be it to pick up brewery to-go beers, chop firewood or brave the cold on a morning walk. Up for the taking today? A rugged Filson parka as your top layer to battle the elements, plus a full supporting cast of stylish-yet-functional picks. Also along for the ride: A classic shawl collar cardigan and your favorite henley, plus dependable snow boots from Huckberry to really drive things home. All told, this is the kind of outfit that simply won’t quit, and that’s great news indeed if and when you need to face the music (and the snow). Check out the full ensemble below.

The toughest, best menswear on the planet for braving the snow this winter.

  • The Parka: Filson Granite Falls Down Parka, $695 — This rugged and extremely tough Filson parka is the perfect way to combat chilly winter weather, no doubt about it.
  • The Cardigan: Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan, $225 — Here’s a burly shawl cardigan that’ll serve as yet another ideal layer to protect you from winter weather (plus, it’s got that Steve McQueen look about it, too).
  • The Henley: Wellen Slub Henley, $62 — This rugged henley is as cool as can be, with the sort of easy-to-layer vibe that you need this winter.
  • The Work Pants: Flint and Tinder Mill Pants, $118 — Think of these like tougher, more stylish snow pants than the kind you had as a kid — plus, they look great when you’re indoors at your favorite brewery, too.
  • The Snow Boots: Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots, $188 — These dependable snow boots from Huckberry have proven a hot seller this season, so consider yourself lucky if you can get your feet into a stylish, durable pair.
  • The Socks: CHUP Nordic Wool Socks, $38 — The right snow boots call for some of the best winter socks, and this pair right here just so happens to be highly effective and stylish.
  • The Gloves: Hestra Utsjo Elk/Fleece Gloves, $165 — Hestra has long made some of the best gloves for men out there, and this durable pair is practically a winter style essential.
  • The Cap: Huckberry Beanie, $28 — What better way to cap things off than with a stylish winter hat from the good folks at Huckberry, right? Right.

If I had to give this ensemble a rating, I’d call it a perfect 10/10. OK, maybe not quite that, but it’s got all the best picks for dressing for winter weather, if I do say so myself. It all starts off with that ever-crucial rugged Filson parka to help you combat winter breezes and snowy weather, while pieces like an equally rugged henley team up ever-so-stylishly witth a classic shawl collar cardigan for the ultimate in winter warmth and classic looks. That’s true no matter how bad it gets out there, but when you throw in accessories like some of the best gloves for men, it only gets easier to take on a bruising winter storm. Consider the fact that dependable snow boots from Huckberry could be some of the coolest and yet most functional boots you own, and things get even better. Other standout picks include some of the best winter socks, not to mention the ever-durable Flint and Tinder Mill Work Pants, like a newer version of more stylish snow pants. And as mentioned, we’re capping it all off with an appropriately cool and well-made, stylish winter hat from Huckberry to bring things full circle. If you’re asking me if I think you’re ready for a winter storm, I’d say my answer is a definite yes.

#OOTD: What to Wear for a Casual Holiday Weekend This Year

Folks, we’re back in business with a new #OOTD that covers a prime question this time of year. We talked last week about what to wear for Thanksgiving this season, so let’s stick with that theme right now, as we dive into what to wear for a casual holiday weekend this year. When I talk about the holidays, I mean, of course, the imminent Thanksgiving weekend and of course, the rest of these next weeks to come. Whether you hit the road wearing one of the best shirts for fall travel or whether you keep it laidback and socially distanced at home via Zoom, this #OOTD is the right way to go (trust me on that). And how exactly are you going to do that? Allow me, because it’ll get all the easier (and more laidback, and comfortable) when you wear one of the best men’s cardigans from Buck Mason — more on that below, but consider the rugged shawl cardigan your best friend when you want to look put-together and yet casual and cool all the same. Elsewhere, some exceedingly comfortable lounge pants are the right style move to keep it even more easygoing, and, well, you’ll just have to scroll through for the rest of this #OOTD below. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe & cheers!

A classic shawl cardigan teamed up with the right #OOTD picks for the holidays.

  • The Cardigan: Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan, $225 — A classic shawl cardigan is your new go-to layer for blustery, breezy holiday weekends at home and on the road.
  • The Long-Sleeve Tee: Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Long-Sleeve Jersey Tee, $78 — Head to Todd Snyder to get one of the best long-sleeve T-shirts for casual weekends aplenty this season.
  • The Joggers: Grayers Frank Joggers, $88 — Folks, bear with me, because these slim jogger pants are anything but sloppy. In fact, for hanging out on Zoom, none will be all the wiser, thanks to the cool navy colorway. Not bad, right?
  • The Sneakers: GREATS Royale Knit Gum Sneakers, $189 — Once more, whether you’re at home or on the road, some classic casual sneakers are a nice change of pace from either dress shoes (not with this look!) or slippers.
  • The Watch: Timex Q Reissue Rose Gold Watch, $189 — Just because we’re keeping it casual doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of retro flair to this laidback #OOTD with the much-loved Timex Q Reissue Watch, right? Right.
  • The Grooming Essential: Oars + Alps Face Kit, $59 — Stay refreshed and on-point with your grooming this season, thanks to Oars + Alps. Use the code BEAU15 for a 15 percent discount, while you’re at it.
  • The Weekend Sipper: Anchor Christmas Ale, $12.99 — The legendary Anchor Christmas Ale returns this year, and not a moment too soon. Get a six-pack delivered to your door (or your host’s house!) via Drizly as soon as you can.
  • The Getaway Bag: Boarding Pass NYC “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel, $79 — If in fact you do hit the road for a safe getaway, bring along one of the best weekender bags for quick trips. Be sure to use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase of $70 or moreCan’t beat that, right?
  • The Home Essential: U-Turn Audio Orbit Special, $549 — On chilly fall and winter days at home, there’s nothing more I love than kicking back with a record on a high-quality record player like this one from U-Turn Audio. How about you? Can’t beat it.

As you no doubt have realized by now, the holidays are going to look mighty different this year for plenty of us, and yet, that’s no excuse to let your style slip. Hanging at home can be every bit as fun and stylish as a normal holiday, if you start out your look the right way: In this case, with a classic shawl cardigan from a trusted brand for the right blend of laidback style and comfort. Things stay polished and yet laidback with one of the best long-sleeve T-shirts, the kind you can even wear all on its own to put on another pot of coffee (seriously, Todd Snyder gear is that great). And if you’ve got to dash out of the house, you’ll be prepared no matter what with classic casual sneakers from GREATS Brand and of course, some cozy-but-not-sloppy slim jogger pants will tie it all together in prime casual style. If you ask me, the Timex Q Reissue Watch is an unexpected addition to this look, and it’s a nice move alongside, say, a bottle of the ever-delicious Anchor Christmas Ale for casual football viewing and hearty holiday meals this year.

If you do decide to hit the road, you should assuredly bring along one of the best weekender bags from Boarding Pass NYC (remember that discount code: BEAUKNOWS). Last but certainly not least, if the holidays see you staying at home, you could do worse for your evening than spinning some of your favorite records on a high-quality record player. Who’s in the holiday spirit now? To see how I’m dressing for the season, head to my Instagram, and if you pick up any of these gear picks, let me know over on Twitter. Cheers, folks!

#OOTD: Here’s What to Wear For Thanksgiving This Year — At Home or On the Road

My friends, as you’ve all probably guessed, this year’s Thanksgiving is going to look quite a bit different. What once might have been a large, cross-family holiday gathering is going to be quite slimmed down, all because of, well … we all know why. That’s a major bummer, to say the very least — and perhaps it’s slimmed down your travel plans even more. So, how to dress for Thanksgiving this year? Things could either be plenty casual at home, or else safely gathered with a small group across town, or perhaps celebrated remotely — and I’ll tell you what, it’s still an occasion to (safely) celebrate.

Now that we’ve set the tone, here’s what you’re wearing. Because it’s likely cold out (or at least breezy at night), a rugged, winterized denim jacket is standing in for a blazer this year. From there, casual picks like a classic flannel shirt and the timeless, comfortable Flint and Tinder 365 Pants step right up. Leave the fancy dress shoes at home, grab some tough FRYE leather boots and the the best duffel bag for a weekend getaway (if you’re taking a quick drive out of town), then pour up a dram of The Macallan whiskey. There’s still time to prepare and time to celebrate (again, safely!), and this ensemble will get you heading in the right direction in no time.

The right accessories for a casual Thanksgiving — at home or on the road.

  • The Jacket: Line of Trade Montana Winterized Denim Jacket, $140 — Keep it casual and rugged at home and on the road with a winterized denim jacket from Bespoke Post. Take it from me: This is one of the best denim jackets you can snap up now (and wear even as it gets colder).
  • The Shirt: Gitman Vintage Cotton Tweed Check Shirt, $220 — This shirt might be tricky to pull off in a warmer climate (crank up the A/C!), but to me, this classic flannel shirt screams instantly iconic Thanksgiving style. Even if you’re spending the day at home, it pays off to look good, right?
  • The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, $98 — An ever-reliable pick-up from Huckberry, the famed Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are some of the best pants for the holidays, what with plenty of comfort and stretch built right in (note that they’re available in Slim and Straight fits).
  • The Boots: FRYE Bowery Moc Lace-Up Boots, $358 — Invest in some of the best leather boots right now, then be rewarded as you wear ’em all through the holidays (snowy weather included). When you need to slip them off, stylish socks come into play (more on that below, of course).
  • The Watch: Timex + Todd Snyder Art Deco Milano Watch, $128 — Yes indeed, we’re going with one of the best leather watches on the market here from Timex + Todd Snyder, one that’s both dressy and yet laidback enough to wear with a denim jacket. It’s sure to draw compliments from anyone you encounter this Thanksgiving.
  • The Belt: Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt, $89 — To wear with your FRYE leather boots, get a rugged leather belt that’s just sharp enough for the occasion.
  • The Socks: American Trench Color Pop Socks, $19.50 — You can always slide into slippers if you’re at home, but if not, you’re going to want some stylish socks that are in good shape (no holes!). These new American Trench socks are cool, comfortable and effective.
  • The Grooming Must-Have:Huron Face Lotion, $15 — The holidays can be rough on your face, what with dry, blustery air and an abundance of desserts (and beverages). Combat that with some of the best face lotion from Huron.
  • The Getaway Bag: Boarding Pass NYC “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel, $79 — Before you hit the road, stock up on the best duffel bag for a weekend getaway. Be sure to use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70 (note the price of this bag!).
  • The Holiday Sipper: The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old, $29.99 via Drizly — Get a surprisingly affordable deal on a refined whiskey for the holidays, a fine sipping Scotch that could be a perfect host gift (or a sipper for yourself at home).

As I said, Thanksgiving will be plenty different this year, but again, that’s no excuse to get sloppy. To wit: That Line of Trade denim jacket is as cool and functional a blazer replacement as you’re apt to find, and it wears surprisingly well atop a classic flannel shirt when the weather takes a turn for the worse. It’s all held together by some of the best pants for the holidays, a casual pair from Huckberry with just enough polish and stretch to meet the varied demands of the day.

Naturally, a pair of the best leather boots is a fall must-have — no matter what, and especially if you’ve got to dash through some inclement weather to fill up at your local brewery. The combination all plays well with one of the best leather watches from a reliable standby brand in Timex + Todd Snyder. Your accessories are easily on-point, thanks to American Trench socks and a rugged leather belt, but lest we forget, you’ve got to keep your face in shape with some of the best face lotion (it’s the little things, folks). Even if just a quick getaway is in the works, be sure to A) Wear a mask and B) pack the best duffel bag for a weekend getaway from Boarding Pass NYC (remember that discount code, BEAUKNOWS, on orders over $70!). Last but assuredly not least? Well, with all of that in mind, pour yourself (or at least gift your host with) The Macallan whiskey to celebrate the day responsibly. Cheers, my friends.

#OOTD: How to Wear a Bomber Jacket This Season

Perhaps you’ve been searching high and low for a crucial fall jacket that can pass muster in terms of style points while also offering up critical functionality and dependability. A tricky balance to strike, right? Well, my friends, you’re in luck, because one of the best bomber jackets is exactly what you need, and that’s why we’re here. After all, the best #OOTD for fall starts with the best gear, and my friends, that’s just what we’ve got on tap today. Consider the bomber jacket a perfect go-between style right now — when it’s chilly and breezy, yet there’s no snow on the ground (in most places).

And as it were, the Buck Mason Sergeant Oil Cloth Bomber Jacket  is just what the doctor ordered as you search for one of the best bomber jackets, featuring a water-repellent finish that makes it a natural choice for fall outings aplenty. Especially if the occasion is casual (I.E. Outdoor, distanced patio beers or a coffee run, or a quick day trip), then a rugged bomber jacket is the way to go. And if you’ve been feeling like you haven’t gotten your money’s worth out of your favorite fall essentials, like a Todd Snyder + Champion sweatshirt or a classic Oxford shirt, just rest assured that those picks (and so much more!) are along for the ride in this ensemble. If you like the looks of this #OOTD, be sure to let me know on Twitter. Happy shoppping, folks!

A rugged bomber jacket worn in unstoppably classic, cool fashion.

  • The Bomber Jacket: Buck Mason Sergeant Oil Cloth Bomber Jacket, $225 — The right #OOTD starts with one of the best bomber jackets, a rugged and durable number that’s exceptionally easy to layer.
  • The Sweatshirt: Todd Snyder + Champion Lightweight Pocket Sweatshirt, $98 — It doesn’t get any more classic for fall than a Todd Snyder + Champion sweatshirt, right? Right. It’s the ideal layer beneath this Buck Mason bomber jacket.
  • The Classic Shirt: Everlane Japanese Oxford Shirt, $62 — Round things out nicely with a classic Oxford shirt you can wear with just about anything — including a bomber jacket and crewneck sweatshirt.
  • The Pants: American Giant WFH Pants, $148 — These wind-resistant pants, made from 4-way stretch fabric, are as good as it gets to work from home, and naturally, they also work if you want to hit the road, too.
  • The Boots: FRYE Bowery Light Lace-Up Boots, $298 — You know FRYE boots, you love FRYE boots and in particular, this rugged-yet-lightweight pair is perfectly suited for fall adventures. Some of the best men’s boots? No doubt about it.
  • The Socks: American Trench Merino Activity Socks with Silver, $19.50 — Accent your FRYE boots with a pair of the best men’s socks, period, from American Trench. Consider them a must-have fall style essential, easily.
  • The Watch: Luminox Atacama Field Watch, $990 — Get around with style and functionality in mind, thanks to this rugged stainless steel field watch.
  • The Everyday Carry: Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag, $225 — For hauling all your fall essentials (like a craft beer growler and a book, for instance), get the Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag. It really is that simple.

Are we feeling more ready to gear up and layer up for fall now? As you well know by now, starting off an ensemble with the best of the best really is key to helping you stand out subtly and stylishly, and the Buck Mason Sergeant Oil Cloth Bomber Jacket is one heck of a way to get the job done. It’s a functional and rugged pairing for fall weather alongside an iconic Todd Snyder + Champion sweatshirt, which gives the look a bit of classic flair and casual versatility. Go right ahead and unbutton the collar buttons on your classic Oxford shirt from Everlane — it’s a throwback movie that, say, JFK or Steve McQueen might approve (this is a great thing indeed). It gets even better and even more versatile for fall road trips aplenty with the American Giant WFH Pants, a comfortable pair of stylish stretch pants you can wear at home and out & about without missing a beat. Of course, no look is complete without a rugged stainless steel field watch, especially one that offers all kinds of performance and versatility. Crucially, you also can’t go wrong with a pair of FRYE boots for plenty of rugged fall style. It’s all accented nicely with a pair of the best men’s socks, and you’ll have plenty of chances to haul your gear in style with the Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag. How’s that for a head-to-toe #OOTD that just works, ehh? Stay safe, shop smart and I’ll see you out there.