#OOTD: The Best Way to Layer Up with a Shawl Cardigan This Season

So, another cold winter day dawns, and there you stand, looking at your closet inquisitively. It’d be nice to have a sweater that  mixes things up from the routine, something that stands out quitely and stylishly for its versatility and toughness … my friends, I’ve found that classic sweater for you. But what to wear it with? That’s why we’re here today to talk how to wear a shawl collar cardigan, and specifically, the excellent Faherty Brand sweater shown below — it’s refined enough for the office (more on that in a second), yet equally at home when out and about this winter. The best shawl collar cardigan on the market? Well, it’s certainly up there. The rugged shawl cardigan is a layering favorite of menswear luminaries like Daniel Craig (we’re big fans of his here), and we’re drawing a bit of inspiration from him as to how we style your new favorite sweater this winter. So, you’re going to find handy cold-weather essentials like a rugged waxed quilted parka, plus must-haves like the best men’s pants for winter weather (but they’re far from snow pants, rest assured). Other winter-friendly pieces, like the remarkably tough Nicks Boots Falcon Boots, are going to carry you through the season handily and in style. But as we’ve said before, you’ve got to kick it off the right way — with perhaps the best shawl collar cardigan around. From there, the possibilities are endless. OK, let’s dive in.

A cozy cardigan goes very well with other rugged, winter-ready menswear picks.


From the small accessories that make a big difference (like the best winter gloves for men) to the small details that actually come in quite handy (witness one of the more durable everyday bags out there), I’d say this #OOTD is primed to take on the season in style. From the office — thanks to the Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt — to the speakeasy and your favorite coffee shop, wearing one of the best shawl cardigans really can take you  just about anywhere. The key here is ensuring you’re looking sharp both in and out of the elements, so a tough winter jacket like the Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Field Jacket is going to be your best friend when it comes to winter layering. Naturally, winter-ready boots are going to keep you safe and dry, no matter how snowy it gets out there. Of course, the seemingly insignificant details shouldn’t be overlooked — that’s why you’re wearing one of the toughest casual watches, after all. And when you mix it all up with some of the best men’s pants for winter weather, your entire look is complete in a way that’s both office-friendly and yet rugged & adventure-ready. But going back to what we’ve said before, the right shawl cardigan makes it all go round. Check it out for yourself, then let me know how you feel on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Dress for a Business Casual Office This Winter

How are you dressing for the office this winter? Perhaps you’ve been layering up for some time and are starting to hit a bit of a rut? That’s where today’s #OOTD comes into play. We’re going to have some fun with this one by shaking up the rugged layers you’d normally wear on a fall or winter weekend (including a classic flannel shirt), and we’re going to translate them to your 9-to-5 grind (especially if you work in a business casual office). That seems to be the case with most office environments these days, so that’s why we’ll kick it off with an office-ready flannel shirt and go from there. To wit: The same Faherty Brand flannel shirt you love to wear on the weekend (seen below) works in perfect harmony at the office when paired up with other favorites (like a casual knit blazer for a bit of polish and laidback cool). Other essentials are also critical here, including a classic pair of men’s denim for the ultimate in business casual style. The great thing about these picks is that, yes, you can also wear them during off-duty hours, too. But when you need to pull it all together? Once again, today’s  #OOTD makes it all happen. It’s cozy, it’s casual, it’s cool … and it’ll still turn heads (the right way) at the water cooler. Let’s get to work.

Layer up with a cozy flannel shirt and a classic knit blazer for all your winter office style needs.

So, who’s ready to head back to the office? OK, perhaps you’re not mentally ready to dive into work after a long holiday … but ideally, this #OOTD  will get you in the right frame of mind. Again, it’s all about taking pieces you’ve got in your rotation and then updating them for the office — that means your go-to top layer is the casual knit blazer from Grayers for a bit of easygoing yet office-minded style. It’s a nice complement to an office-ready flannel shirt from a brand that makes each and every piece with comfort and yet modern refinement in mind. Crucially, that whole combo works quite nicely with some of the best men’s denim — it’s a surefire business-casual winner, no doubt about it. Of course, things only get better when you step out with some of the best men’s dress boots, a pair uniquely suited to the office and the commute. The same can certainly be said of the Zodiac Grandville Watch you’re wearing for your next day at work — it’s a perfectly versatile everyday watch, and you can keep it handy for the weekend, too. Lest we forget, the reason this whole ensemble works so well is that you really CAN wear it outside — that’s where one of the best men’s winter parkas comes into play. When you round it all out with a pair of CHUP socks and Duke Cannon’s Proper Cologne, you can be sure your accessories are sealing the deal in terms of this office-ready #OOTD. Like what you see? Let me know on Twitter — and good luck at your day on the job.

#OOTD: Step Out in Classic Winter Style This Season With Your New Favorite Gear

So, my friends — here we are. The last day of 2019 — can you believe it?? Make no mistake, you can still roll your favorite style essentials (like this #OOTD) into 2020. In fact, I highly recommend it. Now, as I’m sure you know, it’s New Year’s Eve. Presumably, you’re prepared for the big night? But we’re going to look ahead a little bit, with the sort of winter style essentials you can wear beyond just tonight (although if you still need some help with what to wear on New Year’s Eve, you should check out that post as linked there). We’re talking about gear that’s fit for a casual office or a weekend happy hour in equal measure. Heck, if your New Year’s Eve is going to be more casual, then this should provide some inspiration, too. That being said, you’ll recognize the right men’s style gear for winter regardless, from a classic crewneck sweater to your new favorite flannel shirt and beyond. Again, the emphasis is on gear that you can wear beyond just a fancy New Year’s Eve, and I think you’ll be mighty pleased at the versatility we’re giving you to start 2020. Yes, that includes rugged leather boots and a tough casual watch, as well as plenty of new everyday favorites. So, how about it? Let’s show you how to start 2020 the right way. Like what you see? Head to my Instagram for more real-time men’s style tips. 

Taking the classics you know and love, then amping them up just a bit for winter.

  • The Classic Sweatshirt: Birdwell Beach Britches Garment-Dyed Raglan Crew, $89.95 — The folks at Birdwell Beach Britches have been making classically rugged-yet-laidback gear for decades now, from swim trunks to essential winter style picks like this classic crewneck sweatshirt in a handsome shade of indigo. The perfect winter sweater (I should know, I’ve been testing it courtesy of the brand!).
  • The Shirt: Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt, $119 — A classic crewneck sweatshirt like the onne seen above can be layered up with just about anything — especially this stylish flannel shirt from Western Rise. It’s moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable, and this is also a uniquely office-ready flannel shirt.
  • The Jacket: Flint and Tinder Golden Bear Leather Jacket, $998 — Now, is this classic leather jacket well-suited for, say, the polar vortex? Not quite — but the rest of the time? Yes indeed, this is one of the best leather jackets your menswear writer has seen in some time. In fact, one could say every guy needs a leather bomber jacket in his rotation, and this is the one to buy.
  • The Pants: Duluth Trading Co. DuluthFlex Ballroom Slim-Fit Khaki Pants, $59.50 — This is a classic pairing all the way through — slim, surprisingly durable chinos and one of the best leather jackets never fails. These Duluth Trading Co. khakis are made from pre-washed cotton twill and spandex for comfort and durability; they’ll also provide great mobility thanks to the Hidden Crouch Gusset®.
  • The Boots: HELM Boots Marion Color No. 8 Boots, $395 — For rugged style that’s fit for winter weather and the office, you need some of the best men’s boots — like these absurdly beautiful HELM boots made with color No. 8 Horween chromexcel leather.
  • The Watch: Martenero Kerrison Watch, $595 –The only way to round out this outfit is with a tough casual watch. In fact, Martenero has quite the habit of making some of the best leather watches on the market. This is the one you need.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon Solid Cologne, $25 — Yes, you need some Duke Cannon Solid Cologne in your life. Some of the best men’s solid cologne can give you as much confidence and style as, say, one of the
  • The Everyday Bag: Filson Ballistic Nylon Duffel Backpack, $245 — Whatever your day calls for, be it punching the clock at work or heading across town to grab a coffee, your everyday carry essentials need this tough Filson bag.

The fun thing about taking stock of the men’s style essentials you’ve got in your wardrobe — or perhaps, the ones you need to add — really starts when you realize the versatility you’ve got at your fingertips. How so, Beau? Well, this outfit has a bit of everything, including a classic crewneck sweatshirt that gets a dressier update thanks to the way you layer it up with a stylish flannel shirt. That makes this combo both office and weekend-ready, and it only gets better — it’s helped along by surprisingly tough Duluth Trading Co. chinos that work from Monday through Sunday. The real unsung hero might be that classic leather jacket from Flint and Tinder — seriously, can you ever go wrong with one of the best leather jackets, especially when it’s warm, cozy and durable? Of course, no outfit in cold winter weather is complete without some of the best men’s boots, particularly when they’re made with remarkable color No. 8 Horween chromexcel leather. See, we’re bringing together plenty of what you already have, including a tough Filson bag and naturally, one of the best leather watches you can throw on your wrist. Wrap it all up with Duke Cannon Solid Cologne, then be prepared for the compliments to head your way … non-stop.

#OOTD: How to Dress for a Casual Christmas This Year

Your search for the best winter style essentials — and more specifically, your search for what to wear during a casual Christmas this season — is coming to a close with today’s #OOTD. Or at least, that’s the goal of today’s post, anyways. The best gear for the holiday toes the line between casual and polished, and it’s anything but sloppy. After all, the holiday season can call for anything, from marathon football viewing sessions to unexpected dashes through the snow for craft beer, to a laidback brunch in town — mark my words, stylish sweatpants are going to work for all those situations (truly!), as will a rugged henley and more favorites as seen below (not to spoil anything, mind you!). These are pieces similar to gear you’ve already got, but with a few exceptions — namely, we’re ditching your old-school college tee (cozy as it might be!) for something that’s going to look good for hanging around the in-laws (or *gulp* future in-laws). Again, we’re striking a balance between cozy and relaxed, yet cool — hence, the handy indoor-outdoor boots shown below, paired up with the truly versatile Relwen Micro Pile Pop-Zip. Add to it all a rugged casual watch, a cozy beanie cap and some craft beer (and craft beer-themed reading!), and you’re all set to have the coziest, most stylish Christmas and holiday season you’ve had in recent memory.  If you like the look of this #OOTD, or have questions on how to dress for the holidays, check in with me on Twitter.

Cozy-yet-polished style essentials made for a casual Christmas (most of them from Huckberry). Cheers!

  • The Stylish Sweatpants: Todd Snyder x Champion Slim Jogger Sweatpants, $118 — Yes indeed, there is such a thing as stylish sweatpants, and for a casual, cozy Christmas, it’s hard to go wrong with Todd Snyder x Champion and these classic Slim Jogger Sweatpants.
  • The Henley: Flint and Tinder Raglan Waffle Henley, $62 — The right way to dress for a laidback day at home (or with family and friends) starts with a rugged henley. It’s a step up from your old athletic tee, it’s still put-together enough to dash out of the house, and above all, well, this is just one of the best men’s henleys for the season.
  • The Sweater: Relwen Micro Pile Pop-Zip, $168 — Although we’re keeping things very casual and easygoing, you’re still going to want a stylish, warm sweater to layer over your rugged henley, agreed? The Relwen Micro Pile Pop-Zip is assuredly the one to buy.
  • The Watch: Huckberry x Lum-Tec B44-H GMT, $595 — Make no mistake, the right casual watch can take your look from good to great – and yes, that’s the case even if you’re only hanging out at home. This rugged casual watch from a recent Huckberry x Lum-Tec partnership takes the cake.
  • The Slip-Ons: Greys Outdoor Slipper Boots, $108 — Alright, so are these Greys shoes … slippers? Or boots? Well, they’re both. Wear these indoor-outdoor boots around the house, wear them to stoke the fire on the back deck, heck, wear them to go pick up some more Anchor Christmas Ale. They’re some of the best slippers on the market for stylish guys like yourself.
  • The Hat: Topo Designs Watch Cap, $22 — Let’s say you only need to throw on this stylish winter hat to dash out to grab more firewood (or again, more Anchor Christmas Ale) — it’s still worth keeping handy.
  • The Essential Reading: “Drink Better Beer” by Joshua Bernstein, $18.99 — More on some excellent craft beer in just one moment, but if you or someone you love happens to be a beer aficionado and could use a truly insightful and fun craft beer read around the fire this year, pick up this book by beer expert and my Twitter pal Josh Bernstein. Cheers! Speaking of …
  • The Holiday Ale: Anchor Brewing 2019 Christmas Ale, Price Varies — The Anchor Christmas Ale, done in a new iteration every year, is a certified classic holiday beer (even if you don’t normally enjoy beer, it’s worth try a sip or two). This year’s brew features notes of cocoa and pine, plus rich, roasted malts. Guaranteed to brighten your Christmas, no matter what.

As I said earlier, we’re all about not skimping on proper style — even if you’re only hanging around the house or relaxing with friends and family. The beauty of this ensemble is that you could wear it out of the house without missing a beat if need be — the Todd Snyder x Champion sweatpants are nearly as well-cut as favorite pair of chinos, while the casual yet put-together nature of this #OOTD is on full display. That’s all thanks to one of the best men’s henleys for the season, plus the easy-to-layer comfort of the Relwen Micro Pile Pop-Zip — your old college hoodie, this is not. Lest we forget, whether you go with stylish socks or not, the surprisingly durable indoor-outdoor boots shown above are going to provide warmth, comfort & multi-faceted wearability. We’re going to tie everything together with a rugged casual watch from Huckberry x Lum-Tec, to go along with a weather-ready, stylish winter hat. And because you’re going to need something to sip on — and read — around the fire, why not reach for the exceptionally delicious Anchor Christmas Ale while thumbing through “Drink Better Beer” by Mr. Bernstein. Both are guaranteed to go over very well. Taken altogether, I’d say that once again, you’re going to have your most stylish Christmas yet. Cheers!

#OOTD: How to Dress for Your Next Holiday Party This Year

Now, I know what you might be thinking if you’ve got a boatload of holiday party invites: Well, what the heck am I going to wear to this thing? Dressing for your next holiday party isn’t quite as much of a chore as it might seem — that is, if you know where to start, and if you go into said holiday party with an open mind. Whether it’s your office get-together or a small dinner with friends, or a crosstown jaunt to a holiday house party, today’s #OOTD tackles what to wear to a holiday party … the right way, and with ease. To wit: The season should be fun, so throw on a stylish winter blazer, ditch your regular office-hours suit (as stylish as it might be), and step out in a classic flannel shirt, to boot. These picks are accessible and sharp, yet versatile enough for other occasions (if you’ve got a black tie holiday party, then you might want to stuck with that dress code). It’s all about stepping things up accordingly and working with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe, so you’ll also find some stylish Chelsea boots and a sharp leather dress watch along for the ride. We’re not going too far over the top, so this look is anything but stuffy. Crucially, we’re also avoiding a loudly patterned sweater — save that for, well … maybe just leave that one tucked in your closet. There are no novelties or gimmicks in sight here, just a great blazer, slim corduroys and other winter style essentials aplenty. OK, it’s time to get ready. Cheers!

The right combination of refined and accessible for your next holiday shindig.

  • The Blazer: Outerknown Ambassadoar Blazer, $325 — With its soft wool construction and easygoing-yet-polished silhouette, this stylish winter blazer is a surefire holiday party hit.
  • The Shirt: Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, $135 — You’re investing in the best with, well, one of the best shirts for winter. The check pattern is strong and unique, perfectly suited for a chilly winter’s night and perhaps, a sip or three of the best Old Fashioned.
  • The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants, $98 Slim corduroy pants in a rich winter color are about as good as it gets when it comes to holiday party style, right? Right. Flint and Tinder knows how to craft a mighty fine pair of stylish corduroy pants, indeed.
  • The Dress Boots: Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boots, $220 — Sleek, stylish Chelsea boots hardly ever go wrong — especially at a holiday party where the vibe leans more tailored and less casual. And even if you’re heading over to a friend’s house & ditching your shoes at the door, well, these Rhodes Footwear boots still deliver style and functionality the rest of the evening.
  • The Socks: CHUP Montana Socks, $35 — Don’t underestimate the style and power of a great pair of men’s socks, especially if you’re going to be slipping of your shoes at someone’s home. The small details matter, and CHUP assuredly makes some of the best men’s socks on the planet.
  • The Watch: Carpenter Watches G-4 Brooklyn Gent Watch, $724.98 — WIth a crisply tailored yet accessible #OOTD like this one, the best dress watch can make all the difference. And no matter where your holiday party happens to be, you want to look as sharp as possible — Carpenter Watches reliably knows this.
  • The Gloves: Hestra John Gloves, $150 — Staying warm no matter what is critical as you head to your next holiday party — don’t leave home without a pair of the best men’s leather gloves from Hestra, ya dig?
  • The Host Gift: Michter’s US 1 Toasted Barrel Finish Sour Mash, Price Varies — Although you might be more apt to keep this Michter’s whiskey for yourself — and it’s a prime pick-up if you’re hosting a holiday party — this is a fine and seriously premium whiskey for the true aficionado, made with a unique aging process using toasted barrels. The result is one of the best new whiskeys for the season, easily.

Maybe to you, dressing for your next holiday party doesn’t look that much different than any other set of winter style essentials you might find yourself wearing. But in the season of good cheer and giving thanks, it’s all about how you carry yourself, enjoy the evening and also, pull everything together. So the casually rugged flannel shirt you reach for on the weekends can pull double-duty here as a suitably stylish office party shirt, while the stylish winter blazer from Outerknown shown above is well-suited for both the office and post-work day festivities. Heck, you can even add a tie if you  need to step things up a notch, and your stylish corduroy pants also work quite nicely at the office and at that holiday party. For getting to and from the party, you’ll be staying light on your feet AND looking sharp to boot in a pair of stylish Chelsea boots, nicely complemented by some of the best men’s socks for the season — seriously, the small details matter. Because we’re going all-out, you’re going to be wearing the best dress watch on the market (at least, for less than $1,000, that is). Your accessories continue to make all the difference, too, thanks to some of the best men’s leather gloves from Hestra — you won’t miss a beat on any fronts. And whether you’re slinging cocktails with the boss or gifting your host, a bottle of truly excellent Michter’s whiskey never fails. That, to me, represents the perfect ensemble for the season — if you agree, let me know on Twitter! Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

#OOTD: How to Bundle Up for Chilly Winter Weather Right Now

It’s here, and we all know it: Winter’s onset calls for the right gear for blustery, snowy, cold weather — and if you’re not quite as prepared as you had hoped, or if you need one last critical piece of gear to complete your winter style essentials, today’s #OOTD can assuredly help. We’re starting things off with one of the best men’s parkas, then we’re only going forward from there with the best gear to help you fight off winter storms aplenty. If you happen to live in a warm climate, well, consider yourself lucky. If, on the other hand, you happen to live somewhere like me (a la the chilly confines of Brooklyn!), then you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of picks like the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt and mobile, versatile gear picks like the positively outstanding Proof Rover Pants. The really critical thing here is the fact that impending or ongoing winter weather doesn’t mean style goes by the wayside — far from it, in fact. Add in the right winter parka and rugged leather boots for extra functionality, and then the rest of your style picks will follow from there — this ensemble is about as far from a technical pair of snow pants and an overly bulky parka as you can get, and that’s a very good thing indeed. The point is, when you need to shed the rugged parka shown below, you’re going to look just as great as with the parka on. For exploring on the weekends, traveling upstate or heading to a casual holiday party (don’t forget the craft beer!), these rugged men’s gear picks can do it all — truly. If you’ve got questions on how to dress up when it’s just too darn cold, turn toward this ensemble, and be sure to give me a follow on Twitter.

The right gear picks to warm up your winter with ease.

  • The Parka: Faherty Brand Polar Fjord Puffer, $498 — It’s not getting any warmer out there, so if you’re searching for one of the best men’s parkas, the key here lies in investing in the unexpected. Take this rugged puffer parka, done up in a functional-yet-stylish silhouette and a rich olive color — it’s also filled with thick insulation for extra warmth.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt, $135 — For the holiday season and winter weather in equal measure, there’s nothing quite like a rugged flannel shirt, especially if said flannel shirt happens to be the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt in a covetable Burgundy colorway. As stylish a flannel shirt as can be.
  • The Base Layer: Topo Designs Waffle Tee, $79 — If you’re heading out to run errands or simply grab coffee (or refresh your beer selection), you’re going to need to bundle up. This classic waffle tee from Topo Designs features a flattering, easy-to-layer fit that’s so sharp, you can even wear it all on its own, sans Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt.
  • The Pants: Proof Rover Pants, $98 — The snow and wind are no joke, so you need stylish pants that can take a beating accordingly — and come out the other side looking great. The Proof Rover Pants, what with their durable fabric and hybrid work pant design, are those pants.
  • The Boots: Wolverine Journeyman Boots, $170 — When the going gets tough, you need to reach for equally tough, do-it-all boots — like this pair from Wolverine. Even better? Five percent of proceeds from sales through the end of the year go toward the American College of Building Arts — and these are true working boots, with triple-stitching at the seams for extra durability.
  • The Rugged Watch: Luminox ICE-SAR 1000, $445 — The challenging winter weather calls for one of the best casual watches assuredly, one that can stand up to beastly conditions — Luminox comes through in the clutch.
  • The Hat: Upstate Stock American Mohair Beanie, $32 — For extreme warmth and a dash of style, nothing but the best men’s beanie cap will do — my friends at Upstate Stock make this version in New York State, to boot.
  • The Grooming Essential: Taconic Shave Solid Cologne, $15.99 — Wild winter weather is no excuse to let your  grooming game slide — this handy, easy-to-use solid cologne from Taconic Shave offers a fitting winter scent.

Winter weather calls for taking care of the essential details (such as scoping out the best men’s beanie cap) just as much as it calls for ensuring the larger must-haves are also accounted for accordingly (take, for instance, one of the best men’s parkas). And in the case of this #OOTD, every little thing is as it should be, blending style and functionality for snowy, blustery days and nights. The remarkable Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt takes care of both off-duty winter style and warm layering, and it’s a stylish-yet-rugged complement to a waffle tee from Topo Designs for when it’s exceptionally cold outside. And for matters of fashion and function in and out of the snow, you might not find a better pair of pants than the Proof Rover Pants — made to look as great as they perform. Lacing up rugged leather boots from Wolverine never fails, especially tough, triple-stitched work boots for classic style and dependability. On the grooming front, sharp solid cologne allows you to step up your grooming game in spite of the winter weather (hey, you might cozy up under the mistletoe with someone, am I right?). Even the watch shown here is about as good as it gets — this Luminox timepiece is ready for rough-and-tumble weather, yet also acts as one of the best casual watches when it comes to its design. Yes indeed, the details (big and small) are considered here. The next time snow starts to roll in, you know exactly what to wear — guaranteed.

#OOTD: Wear This Gear for the Perfect Thanksgiving This Year

Worried about what to wear to Thanksgiving? Worried you’re running out of time to put together an ensemble packed with fall style essentials? Folks, you’ve still got at least some time to get things together — and if you’re already on the road or packing up with one of the best weekender bags, well, consider this #OOTD some handy style inspiration all the same. Thanksgiving is a time to relax with family and friends, reflect on a year well-lived and enjoy some (hopefully) crisp and cool winter weather in style. That being said, the below Thanksgiving #OOTD is all about casual-yet-polished comfort and style — these are the kind of picks you can mix and match (from an American-made flannel to a stylish wool blazer), yet they’ll also look just right on your own. The key here comes in not overthinking it …  but in putting forth some effort all the same, even for a quick crosstown jaunt. In fact, the blazer featured below (from casual style masters Outerknown) could be the blazer to wear for Thanskgiving. And yes, we’re recommending you wear a blazer — we’re going cool and casual, but not sloppy. So, you’ll also find a pair of sleek Chelsea boots up for the taking, to go along with a stylish leather watch — the details matter, without a doubt. This look works for travel to your destination, plus a meal at home, and you can also repurpose the rugged flannel shirt to wear on Wednesday (the biggest bar night of the year, after all, ehh?). And for travel, the Outerknown Ambassador Blazer has plenty of space for your everyday carry, too. Think of this as a multifaceted, versatile & polished #OOTD  that works at Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season — but first and foremost, let’s get you ready for the holiday. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie! And have a great holiday weekend, folks.

It’s never too late to put together the perfect #OOTD for Thanksgiving.

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

  • The Blazer: Outerknown Ambassador Blazer, $325 — Is it too late to find the best blazer to wear for Thanskgiving? Not quite! Made with sustainable, unlined construction and featuring a tailored fit, this is the perfect casual blazer — not stuffy or uncomfortable in the slightest.
  • The Flannel Shirt: Flint and Tinder American-Made Flannel, $98 — While a rugged flannel shirt won’t work in warmer climates (simply swap in a stylish merino tee), this American-made flannel is as classic as it gets for the season. Plus, it looks great when you roll up the sleeves and shed the Outerknown Ambassador Blazer.
  • The Denim: Todd Snyder Slim-Fit Stretch Selvedge Denim, $198 — Want style that’s laidback and yet polished? Turn toward Todd Snyder’s selvedge denim — yes, you can wear jeans on Thanksgiving, especially if they’re made from rich Japanese selvedge fabric in a pleasing wash.
  • The Chelsea Boots: Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boots, $220 — For ease of getting to and from Thanksgiving dinner, and for equal parts functionality (traction on slippery roads) and style (sleek Chelsea boots never fail), reach for Rhodes Footwear this season.
  • The Stylish Dress Watch: Martenero Kerrison Watch, $595 — Both rugged and yet refined, this is the stylish leather watch to wear to Thanksgiving (and any holiday party, for that matter). Not too loud, not too subtle — Martenero has done things “just right” here.
  • The Grooming Essential: Lumin Moisturizing Balm, $29 — For a big holiday like Thanksgiving, you’ll want to look your best — clear, refreshed skin is a crucial part of that. With that in mind, Lumin’s Moisturizing Balm (as tested by yours truly recently) is some of the best on the market.
  • The Travel Bag: WP Standard Canvas Travel Bag, $298 — The best bag to pack for Thanksgiving? Very nearly. WP Standard comes through with a dependable travel bag that’s perfect for a long weekend.
  • The Host Gift: Cooper and Thief Bourbon Barrel-Aged Red Wine, Price Varies — If you’re able to check a bag or bring along a gift for your host, reach for a richly crafted bottle of red wine aged in bourbon barrels. It’s absolutely perfect for the holiday season.

Again, what’s the key in getting ready for a casual-yet-sharp Thanksgiving, the kind of holiday you can really enjoy in style? It starts with solid building blocks, including the perfect casual blazer for a bit of polished style. It works quite nicely when worn atop an American-made flannel for casual style that won’t quit — and again, that flannel is multi-faceted and versatile. It all comes together in terms of standout off-duty style thanks to slim denim from American menswear master Todd Snyder, as fitting a designer to wear on this holiday as any. Team it all with rugged-yet-sleek Chelsea boots for a sharp finish to the main components of this Thanksgiving outfit. Yet, we’re not done yet. Stay on time through your travels with the remarkably rugged Martenero watch shown above, and be sure to use Lumin’s Moisturizing Balm to freshen up your mug for the holiday. Naturally, Thanksgiving is all about travel — and with that being said, you need a dependable travel bag from WP Standard for the holiday weekend. Bring along some Cooper & Thief bourbon barrel-aged wine for your host, and you just might be the hero of Thanksgiving. And with that, I’ll send you out to finalize your outfit and travel plans — oh, and stay tuned for more Black Friday-centric content later this week. Thanks for reading — I’m very thankful!