Style Pick of the Week: Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses

A pair of stylish sunglasses that are just bold enough to work in all manner of summer style scenarios.

My friends, the search for stylish sunglasses for men seems to be an ongoing one, does it not? Sure, there’s a plethora of options out there, yet finding a pair of sunglasses that manage to blend subtle design, plus standout functionality and that hard-to-find “old-school cool” factor, can be difficult. Or is it merely a question of digging a little deeper in your quest for the perfect pair of sunglasses? If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you’ve spotted the brand featured in today’s post — that’d be Electric, makers of summer style essentials aplenty. They’ve certainly come through this time around. That is to say, the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses have just about everything you should be looking for when it comes to your new favorite pair of sunglasses. Is that high praise? Heck yeah. Can the Knoxville XL Sunglasses back it up? I sure think so.

The square frame of the Knoxville XL is more unique than your classic aviator sunglasses or the retro look of Wayfarers, but that’s all the better for wearing with a new crop of seasonal menswear essentials. We’re talking ensembles like a rugged short-sleeve henley and rolled light wash denim, ideally paired with classic chukka boots — that’s where the Knoxville XL is going to stand out quite nicely.

The Knoxville XL are also available with a cool, sleek Black Matte frame.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses to stand out quietly on your next summer road trip — or even your commute — you’d do quite well to slap the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses on your noggin. Polarized polycarbonate lenses ensure durability and crucial protection from the sun’s rays, while the Italian-made quality of the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses is going to go a long way in ensuring they look great and last all summer long (and well beyond that, of course). Your Style Guide editor is partial to the Matte Tortoise iteration of the  Knoxville XL, all the better for wearing with a slim white Oxford, tan chinos and leather loafers for slightly elevated business casual look. If you want something a little sportier and more sleek? Reach for the Matte Black version of the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses, as seen above. Either pair are going to put in plenty of work as you dress for an outdoor summer party or your next BBQ — that’s just a small sampling of all the fun you can have when accessorizing with the Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses. Yes, folks … you just found that ever-elusive, essential pair of summer sunglasses. Bingo. Now, grab me a beer, will ya?

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