The Friday Read: Interpol, The Best Men’s Denim Shirts & Red Wing Chukka Boots

Bespoke Post

The right picks you need to enjoy your next craft beer … over and over and over.

My friends, did you survive Valentine’s Day alright? Hopefully, with some men’s style essentials handy — and perhaps something like the Bespoke Post Cheers Box, as pictured above? It’s one of the best ways to get into craft beer, in my estimation: It’s giving you everything you need, from stylish beer glasses to a nice growler. I’m certainly a fan. So, that’s out of the way, and we’re off to the races when it comes to this week’s best men’s style reads. I’ve got quite the exciting weekend lined up — shortly here on this fine Friday, I’ll be hitting the road to Washington, D.C. for a truly lifetime rock show!

Legendary NYC indie rockers Interpol, stalwarts of the early ’00s rock scene and makers of one of last year’s finest albums, “Marauder,” are set to play D.C.’s The Anthem! The venue itself has drawn widespread praise since it opened in October 2017 — and as for Interpol, well, the band’s history stretches back 20 years before that. These lauded NYC rockers (who met at NYU in 1997) are icons to me and plenty of others, namely for the revered 2002 album “Turn on the Bright Lights.” It’s one of the best debut rock records in the past few decades — there, I said it! Needless to say, I’m VERY excited for Friday night’s show — as well as a return to NYC on Saturday, followed by a second Interpol show at none other than Madison Square Garden that night! Talk about a whirlwind weekend of amazing live music, right? What’s on your weekend agenda? Hopefully, lots of relaxation, a bit of craft beer (courtesy of the Bespoke Post Cheers Box!?) and some excellent music (maybe Interpol?). Kick it all off with the below #menswear news items. Thanks for reading!

  • It’s no secret that I love a delicious craft beer — and of course, the process and nuance that goes into it. With that being said, you’d do very well to read up on (and hopefully sample!) the Summit Brewing Dakota Soul, a Czech-style pilsner I covered for GearMoose recently. Bottoms up!
  • Here just in time to shake up your winter layering, I  worked with my buddy John Jones at The Manual to cover the best men’s denim shirts (featuring picks from Flint and Tinder among others!) — the rugged denim shirt can be worn with everything from a tan herringbone blazer and slim black jeans to a thermal henley and classic Levi’s denim, and that’s a fact.
  • Versatille winter layering, as we just discussed, is vitally important to staying comfortable, warm & stylish this season. In fact, it’s crucial that you pick up a piece like the Proof Reversible Shirt Jacket ASAP — helpfully, I covered it for GearMoose!
  • Let’s close up shop today (well, nearly) by talking about the best leather chukka boots to buy now — they’re coming to you courtesy of Red Wing Heritage, and I’d urge you to hit that hyperlink to read about them — and shop them — ASAP.

OK folks, that’s going to do it for me today. I’ll leave you with one last item of necessary reading (and shopping), taking a look at the warmest winter jacket to buy right now. How could you not love that!? Cheers to the weekend.


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