See Now, Buy Now: The Thorogood Beloit Boots are the Best Winter Boots You Can Wear Now

Rugged leather boots for winter weather.

Yes, folks — I said it. The best winter boots to buy right now come from one brand, and one brand only (up for debate, but let’s roll with it). That brand, as you might be able to tell from the above photo, is Thorogood, and the rugged leather boots in question are the Thorogood Beloit Boots. That’s it. End of post. No, not really — just kidding! We’ve got plenty more to say about these highly stylish leather boots. If that sounds agreeable to you, then keep reading. The Thorogood Beloit Boots check all the right boxes when it comes to versatile, dependable style and performance. They’re made in America, for starters, and with that approach comes the kind of attention to detail that not many other brands can provide. The use of genuine Horween Chromexcel leather in a variety of colors — perhaps the best leather in the world — puts the Thorogood Beloit Boots in a league of their own, too.

Shop Faherty BrandSHOP: The Thorogood Beloit Boots 

One of multiple leather options when it comes to the Thorogood Beloit Boots.

What’s more, these classically designed leather boots feature Goodyear welt construction, meaning you can resole ’em and keep on wearing them year after year … after year. Yes indeed, the Thorogood Beloit Boots really do get the job done on multiple fronts. The plain toe design makes them ideal to wear in plenty of different style scenarios — wear them with a navy cotton blazer, a white Oxford shirt and black jeans to the office, or team these classic leather boots with a rugged crewneck sweatshirt and expertly faded denim on a blustery winter weekend. And when you consider that the price point on a pair of USA-made leather boots can run quite high, the Thorogood Beloit Boots are a pretty darn good deal at $300 via Huckberry. So, that’s quite the list of positives, is it not? Try them for yourself, and I think you’ll realize they just might be your new favorite leather boots.

SHOP: The Thorogood Beloit Boots 

Shop Faherty Brand

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