#OOTD: Wear Your New Favorite Sweater Anywhere This Winter

You might have noticed something today on your calendar (and if not, have I got a surprise for you!) — well, it’s Christmas Eve! But today’s post isn’t necessarily about what to wear on Christmas Eve; you see, it’s a bit more versatile than that, but rest assured, this ensemble could also pull double-duty in terms of serving as some last-minute outfit (or shopping inspiration). That’s because we’re telling you all about how to wear your new favorite sweater, yet with an ever-so-casual, rugged twist — would you expect anything else, really? The sorts of pieces found below work right now, and on a casual New Year’s Eve, and right through the doldrums of winter when paired up the proper way. It’s all about meeting the demands of winter dressing head-on, and so you’ll find a classic corduory shirt for prime seasonal layering, to go along with one of the best winter jackets for crosstown holiday travel and well beyond. Add in the right stylistic touches — including a vintage-inspired leather watch — and I think you’ll find that yes, indeed … this outfit can take on any holiday challenge, or winter style challenge, for that matter. If you’ve ever been stumped for what to wear on Christmas Eve, this #OOTD is there for you, too. How are you celebrating the holiday? Will you be breaking out this look any time soon? Let me know on Twitter.

A classic winter sweater amped up with the right style essentials.

  • The Sweater: Mott and Bow Bergen Classic Cashmere Crew, $159 — Yes, the brand that makes some of your favorite jeans is also now making what’s quite possibly the perfect winter sweater. Luxurious-yet-accessible, ideal to wear on New Year’s Eve or anywhere else this winter.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Cinnamon Corduroy, $125 — Layer up your new favorite cashmere sweater with a seasonally friendly, classic corduory shirt from the folks at Taylor Stitch — talk about an excellent one-two winter style punch, ehh?
  • The Winter Jacket: Flint and Tinder Sherpa-Lined Waxed Ridge Parka, $398 — To stay warm this winter, you’re going to need one of the best winter jackets — this rugged parka, featuring cozy sherpa  lining from Flint and Tinder, is one such jacket. Plus, the subtle camo pattern is pretty neat.
  • The Pants: Proof Rover Pants, $98 –There’s a reason why the Proof Rover Pants are some of the best-selling pants at Huckberry — they’re tough & durable, yet versatile enough for the great outdoors … or indoors.
  • The Watch: Serica W.W.W WMB Edition, $540 — A classic leather watch is the only way to finish off an #OOTD, is it not? This unique, vintage-inspired leather watch stands out quietly … yet stylishly.
  • The Boots: Taft Boots Holt Boots in Honey, $275 — These stylish men’s boots might be the star of this whole outfit, what with the use of patterned fabric and a rich Tan color. A surefire winter winner made for both casual and dressy ensembles.
  • The Everyday Bag: Fjallraven Totepack #2, $175 — Every guy (yourself included) needs a great everyday bag, be it navigating crosstown holiday travel or your daily commute. Although this #OOTD is more leisure-inspired, the Fjallraven Totepack #2 comes through in the clutch. Speaking of leisure …
  • The Whiskey: Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock & Rye Whiskey, Price Varies — For the holiday season and beyond, maybe you want to change up what you’re drinking. If you’re searching for some of the best whiskey out there, made from a flavorful pre-Prohibition recipe and finished in a bottle that’ll look cool as heck on your bar cart, then reach for Slow and Low whiskey (I’ve tried it, and it’s exceptional).

So, we’ve just told you about the perfect winter sweater — and how to wear it … how we feelin’? These picks are at once cozy and casual, dressy and yet able to work at a laidback night of hanging out with friends (because, yes, you should look on-point for that, too). Versatile picks like a classic corduory shirt from Taylor Stitch add a touch of winter-friendly style and warmth, while the Proof Rover Pants are some of the most dependable pants you can buy — those building blocks mean this outfit is primed for winter, guaranteed. Sleek wingtip boots add a touch of dressy appeal for that last-minute New Year’s party you just found out about, and a classic leather watch helps get the job done, too. In the meantime, a rugged parka can keep you warm and toasty no matter the *frightful* weather, while the Fjallraven Totepack #2 is going to handle your everyday carry with ease. In fact, perhaps you’d like to haul some Slow and Low whiskey to your next winter gathering — take it in that tote, then reap the rewards when your friends ask for more. So, be it Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or anywhere else you want to go this winter, this #OOTD can get you there. Cheers!

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